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seb128tepsipakki: ping?12:38
seb128tepsipakki: had a good weekend?12:49
seb128tepsipakki: ready for next round of updates? ;)12:50
tepsipakkiyes, managed to be offline for a while ;)12:50
tepsipakkiI'm on a lecture at the moment, but I guess we can continue with those at ~13.00UTC12:52
seb128ok, good, I'm around let me know when you are ready to work on that12:56
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tepsipakkiok, I need to get lunch first.. 15min ->02:05
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tepsipakkiok, where were we02:43
tepsipakkilibx11, xft, libdrm, mesa, xorg-server02:51
tepsipakkithose should be done02:51
tepsipakkiI've seen reports that the window minimize -action got slower, and it's true02:52
tepsipakkimouse freezes for a while when it does that02:52
tepsipakkiand another is font paths02:53
tepsipakkiit seems that the generated paths are bogus (/usr/share/X11/fonts, should be /usr/share/fonts/X11)02:53
tepsipakkiand the new server doesn't look in both of them02:54
seb128tepsipakki: all the hard parts now, that's it? ;)02:54
tepsipakkiyes, just about02:54
tepsipakkiwe maybe need to patch xorg-server to look in both places02:54
tepsipakkiperformance issues can be dealt with later02:54
tepsipakkinoticed that I have touched xorg.conf on my laptop last October, and already then the font-path for misc was changed, maybe by me02:55
tepsipakkiamazing that it has gone unnoticed02:55
tepsipakkioh, the xorg metapackage could be a tricky one as well02:56
tepsipakkithey differ so much02:56
seb128is there anything easy or than we can sync left?02:57
seb128what about drivers, they need to go after the server?02:58
tepsipakkiold drivers work02:58
tepsipakkithey can be merged later02:58
tepsipakkibut libx11 is ready, I've merged it, you can see the diff here: http://users.tkk.fi/~tjaalton/xorg72/new/03:01
tepsipakkidiff against -103:01
seb128ok, I'll have a look at that one next then03:01
jcristaure: libx11, there seem to be bugs in sun java which cause assertion failures in xlib/xcb (bad locking), dunno if you care about that03:03
jcristauthere was a thread "java and xcb" last week on xorg@lists.fd.o03:04
tepsipakkiI'll check that03:08
jcristaulibdrm, mesa and the server should be fine though03:11
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tepsipakkiseb128: you can sync libdrm from experimental, I'm preparing mesa03:25
tepsipakkilet's hold libx11 for a while03:25
tepsipakkiI'll try to reproduce that issue03:29
jcristautepsipakki: for the server, it'll probably be best to disable patch 42 for now, there's one report that it causes a regression03:37
tepsipakkiok, thanks03:40
jcristaualso I changed debian/rules to run configure --with-os-vendor=Debian, I guess you'll want to change that :)03:43
tepsipakkiah, indeed :)03:43
tepsipakkihmm, maybe I just need to add /usr/share/X11/fonts/{misc,cyrillic...} to --with-default-font-path03:49
tepsipakkihmm, no03:50
tepsipakkidoesn't solve anything :)03:50
jcristauprevious ubuntu releases use that path?03:50
tepsipakkibut there's nothing03:50
tepsipakkiin feisty03:51
tepsipakkibut configs point there03:51
jcristauthere's some code in xserver-xorg.postinst to modify font paths and replace the X11R6 paths into /usr/share/fonts/X11/foo03:53
tepsipakkiso maybe that could be modified03:53
tepsipakkithat's in xorg?03:54
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seb128tepsipakki: libdrm ok to sync then? ;) 03:58
seb128doing that now04:02
seb128tepsipakki: sync done04:07
tepsipakkihmm, I can't reproduce that problem with java04:14
tepsipakkidownloaded josm-1.3.jar and ran it04:15
tepsipakkiwith sun-java04:15
seb128tepsipakki: if there is just a bug with java we probably have time to fix it before feisty04:30
tepsipakkiyes, maybe04:31
tepsipakkiif people bump into it04:31
tepsipakkiI'm wondering if the --with-xkb-path=/usr/share/X11/xkb change is an issue04:32
tepsipakkifor xserver04:32
tepsipakkiused to be /etc/X11/xkb04:32
seb128well, we changed it so it should not be a problem no?04:33
seb128we can make it Breaks on previous package04:33
tepsipakkiindeed, xkeyboard-config uses /usr/share/X11/xkb04:35
tepsipakkibut xserver still had /etc/X11/xkb04:36
tepsipakkiso let's go with debian04:36
tepsipakkiok, I have mesa ready04:50
cjwatsoner, we already switched to /usr/share/X11/xkb04:50
cjwatsonearlier in feisty04:50
tepsipakkiwe did?04:51
seb128some months ago04:51
cjwatsonnote how everything in /etc/X11/xkb in current feisty is a symlink04:51
tepsipakkiso it seems04:51
tepsipakkianyway, it's safe to build xorg-server with --with-xkb-path=/usr/share/X11/xkb?04:52
cjwatsonoh, yes, it's a bug that it isn't already04:53
tepsipakkibecause the stuff is there04:53
cjwatsonpresumably there's already a Depends or Conflicts or Breaks or something?04:53
cjwatsonon xkb-data04:53
tepsipakkiRecommends: xkb-data :)04:54
cjwatsonthat doesn't help with upgrades04:56
tepsipakkithat's the old version04:57
tepsipakkiah, same with the new one04:57
tepsipakkiedgy was the first with xkb-data?04:58
cjwatsonis that important?04:58
cjwatsonthe server package should ensure that an incompatible version isn't installed - doesn't much matter what Ubuntu releases were involved04:59
tepsipakkijust to check the version.. edgy had 0.8.705:00
tepsipakkiso this should Depends: xkb-data (>=0.9.4ubuntu1) or similar05:01
tepsipakkioops, 0.9-4ubuntu105:01
cjwatsonI'm not sure it should Depends, if it doesn't have a dependency already05:02
tepsipakkiso Breaks or Conflicts05:05
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tepsipakkimaybe it's best to push the next uploads tomorrow, since I need to run to the choir practice. I'll take a look at xorg and figure out how to fix the font paths on xorg.conf05:13
seb128tepsipakki: what about libx11?05:14
seb128you have it ready for review?05:14
tepsipakkiah, indeed.. that and mesa is ready at http://users.tkk.fi/~tjaalton/xorg72/new05:14
tepsipakkiI'll be online in 3+ hours05:15
tepsipakkibut maybe it's a bit late then05:15
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seb128tepsipakki: ok, I might have a look at libx11 then05:17
tepsipakkiok, need to go ->05:18
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