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lewmnik_magicfab: http://wiki.ltsp.org/twiki/bin/view/Ltsp/LTSP-42-LocalDev12:33
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cbx33ping ogra12:55
cbx33any progress on Tcm?01:00
=== Yagisan [n=Yagisan@doomsday/developer/Yagisan] has joined #edubuntu
juliuxhey Yagisan01:06
YagisanG'day juliux01:08
cbx33hi Yagisan01:13
cbx33howz it going01:13
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Yagisancbx33, rather crap actually01:23
Yagisancbx33, about two weeks left to fnd a new place to live01:24
Yagisanand only dumps are available :/01:24
Yagisancbx33, and yourself ?01:37
BillMeLatergood morning01:37
cbx33sorry to hear that Yagisan01:44
cbx33I'm just going home - I'll chat to you when i get back if you're still around01:44
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=== cbx33 thought the meeting was today :S
RichEdhey cbx33 : it's tamarra ... and note that ogra and i will be travelling ... so it will be hosted by willvdl02:28
willvdlcbx33, I thought today was monday...02:28
=== cbx33 slaps willvdl 5
BillMeLaterthis place is violent02:29
willvdlwe learn the hard way02:29
cbx33not always02:29
BillMeLaterskool of hard nox02:29
=== cbx33 hopes everyone realised it was a hi5
BillMeLaterof course02:30
=== BillMeLater wears skeptical look
BillMeLaterdumb question: people here work in school districts?02:31
=== cbx33 works in a school as an IT manager
RichEdBillMeLater: some people ... educators, techies, developers, university students ... a range of peops02:32
BillMeLaterI'm a school board member who wants to evangelize FOSS02:32
BillMeLaterlooking for look-see-it-works-great cases.02:32
cbx33ahh i see02:33
cbx33well I can give you one, we use jabber server at my school02:33
cbx33all the staff have IM02:33
BillMeLaterSo I'll lurk.02:33
cbx33and can message each other02:33
BillMeLatervery good. ..02:33
BillMeLaterwhere r u?02:33
BillMeLaterI'm in Lawrence Township, New Jersey, US02:34
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BillMeLaterOur admin wants to upgrade HW so we can be ready for Vista, natch...02:34
BillMeLateru get the picture02:34
cbx33better to stay where you are02:35
cbx33for at least another year02:35
cbx33point him to the BECTA report about vista and office 200702:35
BillMeLaterOh - they're in no hurry - they just figure that's where we are headed because...02:36
RichEdBillMeLater: i've got a great US advocate for you ... will need yout email to send02:36
BillMeLaterjust because!02:36
BillMeLaterI'm all (virtual) ears02:36
RichEdhe was k12ltsp and is now a rabid edubuntu supporter ... mixed environment of MS and Linux ... he's a teacher and an admin02:37
BillMeLatersounds like the ammo I need02:37
RichEdBillMeLater: see /msg window02:39
BillMeLatergot it - I'm a lil slow02:39
BillMeLaterthank u02:40
BillMeLaterI want to accumulate a large group of references02:41
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TeePOGafternoon gents02:41
BillMeLatermornin' mate02:42
=== TeePOG checks clock
TeePOGnot from where i'm sitting02:42
TeePOGor i'd have this day ahead of me02:43
BillMeLaterI shoulda said "Yo!"02:43
TeePOGinstead of almost over02:43
RichEdit's the US time TeePOG : they're behind us like on the koyot agreement ;)02:43
TeePOGyar RichEd true02:43
=== BillMeLater slaps forehead
=== BillMeLater wheezes and gasps
=== RichEd has to dash out ... back in 30
TeePOGciao RichEd02:43
BillMeLaterc ya02:44
RichEdTeePOG: the please don't kill the planet with your 18 cylinder cars and disposable consumerism02:44
TeePOGtoxic culture02:44
=== BillMeLater goes outside to shut off his idling SUV
RichEdbut no offense intended towards BillMeLater ... even if the nick does imply use the resources now and BillMeLater (or my grandkids)02:45
BillMeLaterI can't get a break...02:45
=== RichEd ducks out to avoid being nuked or invaded or put on a terrorist black list
BillMeLaterI live in the Rodney Dangerfield of nations02:45
BillMeLatergotta tap your fones first02:45
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juliuxhey pirast02:54
pirasthi juliux02:54
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RichEdping BillMeLater : i'll need your email address now'ish ... leaving for a trip in a few hours03:23
BillMeLaterbill@cosi.com - see chat win for info on spam filter bypass03:38
BillMeLaterRichEd, see chat window for info on spam filter bypass03:39
RichEdokily dokily03:39
BillMeLaterthanx, Ned03:39
RichEdthe chat window is blank apart from my own text earlier ?03:40
BillMeLaterhmm ... I will email you in 2 mins03:40
RichEdyou must not be identified to the nick server, I mean you must, but right not, you prolly aren't03:41
BillMeLatertrue - I don't IRC enuf to stay familiar with the rigamarole03:42
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BillMeLaterRichEd, I emailed u03:48
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RichEdBillMeLater: thanks ... will check now03:49
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RichEdBillMeLater: replied with 2 names & addresses04:03
BillMeLaterthank u04:04
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barktpolarHello Edubuntu Users05:00
barktpolarWhich is better for dial-up, GNOME-PPP or KPPP?05:01
barktpolar!ubotu dial-up05:01
ubotuYou want to connect via dial-up? Read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DialupModemHowto05:01
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cbx33ogra, is there any difference in the ubiquity install in edubunut and ubuntu05:29
cbx33also does the desktop install install any LTSP/dhcp stuff?05:29
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willvdlcbx33, I doubt the desktop does any of that06:23
willvdlnot sure about ubiquity06:23
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juliuxhighvoltage, ping08:03
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Burgworkcbx33: need that question answered?11:13
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cbx33Burgwork, which one?11:13
=== cbx33 is so deep in stuff now I think my brain is about to fall out
=== caravena is now known as caravena|AFK
=== caravena|AFK is now known as caravena
cbx33Burgwork, oh the one about the desktop cd?11:19
BurgworkI have no idea11:19
cbx33oh you were just asking if I needed that question answered11:20
cbx33not giving me the answer11:20
cbx33I see now11:20
cbx33did you get my emails?11:20
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Burgworkcbx33: yes, but crazy busy right now11:28
cbx33np np11:29
cbx33just checking wasn't looking for a reply or anything ;)11:38

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