nysosymdamn, troy is away :-/12:23
nysosymkwwii: nice work in gdm, but why do u replace the background with the "old" style?12:24
nysosymand what do u think about that gtk style12:25
kwwiinysosym: I am just checking in whatever I happen to be working on at the time12:50
kwwiinysosym: the bg will probably be quite different12:50
kwwiiI have been working on gdm for a week now non-stop and it is breaking me12:51
kwwiiI just worked on something I thought was interesting and then I looked at it again and it is sticking it's toungue out at me12:51
nysosymkwwii: sure, u have my biggest respect for that!12:51
kwwiiactually inkscape just died12:52
kwwiiso I lost even that messed up crap12:52
nysosymhehe :D12:52
kwwiithe most important thing in doing artwork on linux is to remember to save often12:53
kwwiithat says a lot of the program12:53
nysosymyep, i have although lost my work for a half hour ^^12:53
kwwiiit died three times on me today12:53
kwwiiand I cannot save every few minutes12:54
nysosymkwwii: yes, here is the same...12:54
nysosymbut i think it isn't a linux problem ;)12:54
kwwiioh no, ai in vmware runs great12:55
nysosymhehe :)12:56
nysosymkwwii: why do u make your work in osx?12:56
kwwiinysosym: I haven't been12:57
nysosymohh sry, wrong question, "why u didn't make your work in osx?" is the right :)01:00
kwwiiand exactly the opposite ;-)01:24
kwwiiI didn't do it in osx because I try to work with the tools of the system I am working on01:24
kwwiitheoretically it should not effect my creative talent, only show my skill :p01:25
kwwiibut logistically it is teaching me to save often01:25
kwwiistrategically :-D01:25
kwwiihttp://sinecera.de/gdm_background6A.png <-- who is tired of doing gdm?01:26
kwwiiit's an ubuntu pirate sticking his tongue out01:29
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kwwiitroy_s: you missed the best part01:30
nysosymkwwii: wow, the gdm looks amazing! O.o01:32
nysosymhm i think it looks like a slit with a sheet of paper :)01:33
kwwiiyeah, that was the idea01:33
kwwii01:29 < kwwii> it's an ubuntu pirate sticking his tongue out01:34
nysosymhmm with a lot of fantasy :D01:35
nysosymbut i see it in my ghost eyes in launchpad "ubuntu sticks his tongue out!" ^^01:35
kwwiiyeah, it would happen01:36
kwwiitroy_s: 01:26 < kwwii> http://sinecera.de/gdm_background6A.png <-- who is tired of  doing gdm?01:36
nysosymkwwii: and when u made another line like this (baad quality)01:42
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kwwiihttp://sinecera.de/gdm_background6B.png is what I have done so far01:50
kwwiibut I am just playing with ideas01:50
nysosymmuch better than my idea :D01:51
troy_swhat is the best part?01:52
troy_sdid viper show up kwwii?01:53
kwwiitroy_s: nope01:53
kwwiitroy_s: no viper01:53
kwwiitroy_s: the funky pirate sticking his tongue out01:54
kwwiinysosym: you mean something like http://sinecera.de/gdm_background6BC.png01:56
nysosymkwwii: link doesn't work01:57
troy_sthe lower bar in http://sinecera.de/gdm_background6B.png seems to be an improvement on the current bar (options / etc bar)01:57
kwwiinysosym: try it again01:57
troy_smight be nice to extend that grad a bit...01:57
troy_skwwii -- i saw you signed up for the media center team01:57
troy_sif they are going to make a go of it01:58
troy_sperhaps we should collaborate and see what we can do01:58
kwwiitroy_s: actually, that is what I thought I could get out of the whole thing01:58
troy_sgiven a little bit more fre reign.01:58
kwwiithe lower bar01:58
troy_sthe lower bar is certainly made more polished simply by increasing its complexity01:58
nysosymkwwii: although not found :-/01:59
troy_sthe overarching presentation design of the GDM still leaves me asking questions like 'what is sabdfl trying to communicate via this presentation', as what he believes it communicates and what it _does_ are separated by the reality divide01:59
troy_skwwii have you been in touch with the media centre guys?01:59
kwwiitroy_s: nope, just subscribed to the list so far02:00
kwwiiwanted to add my name to the wiki page02:00
kwwiinysosym: it works fine for me02:01
kwwiitroy_s: can you confirm whether http://sinecera.de/gdm_background6BC.png works for you?02:03
nysosymkwwii: crazy, even "wget" says that  file not found02:03
kwwiiremove the extra B02:03
nysosymkwwii: no problem :)02:04
kwwiiit's late, time for bed soon02:04
nysosymyes i like it :)02:04
troy_skwwii does it look like the project is going to fly?02:04
nysosymkwwii: personaly i think that bg6C looks better as bg6B :D02:05
kwwiitroy_s: I've another meeting tomorrow trying to start figuring out how to work things out02:05
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troy_smeeting with?02:06
nysosymkwwii: while, the shadow on the bottom has the wrong place in this version02:06
troy_sthe media center guys?>02:06
kwwiitroy_s: sorry, I misunderstood...no meeting on that, I heard about it from some other devs02:08
kwwiiI think it will turn into something02:08
kwwiiok, time for beddy-bye02:14
kwwiinight all02:14
nysosymkwwii: good night, sleep well ;)02:15
kwwiiyou too02:15
nysosymthx ;)02:15
nysosymsee u soon my friend :)02:15
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darkmattertroy_s, http://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=396546646&size=o <--- gahhhh!!!!! the buttons are to "milky"!!!05:21
troy_skwwii I don't know if your reply to the desktop effects icon bug clarifies your position on it.05:57
kwwiitroy_s: :p05:58
troy_skwwii I'm serious lol05:58
troy_sYour pronoun is lacking a relationship.05:58
andreasnwhat package installs desktop-effects?05:59
troy_sandreasn: No clue.05:59
kwwiisorry troy_s I was oversimplifying things06:03
kwwiiI meant that your version looks fine :-)06:03
kwwiireplied again, more clearly06:05
troy_skwwii I couldn't care less either way, but I thought I would inform you that the pronoun was a little 'shady' ;)06:10
troy_skwwii Any motion on the media center end?06:10
kwwiitroy_s: yeah, looking back it was very unclear06:10
troy_skwwii Or are you still dicking with the gdm?06:11
kwwiitroy_s: nope, I'm on the list, eventually I'll put my name on the wiki :p06:11
kwwiiyepp, still working on it06:11
troy_skwwii: How goes the GDM and such for Kub?06:11
kwwiitroy_s: it'll be mainly the same as edgy06:11
kwwiiI am working on updating the logo a bit06:11
kwwiithat'll go on usplash, kdm and ksplash06:12
troy_skwwii Have you seen e17 lately?06:13
troy_sIt simply clobbers all the other desktop environments, and does it in a cleanly implementated fashion.06:13
kwwiitroy_s: nope, the last screens I saw was months and months ago06:13
troy_sfeck my spelling stinks.06:13
troy_skwwii There are 64 bit repos now too... so trying it is quite easy.06:14
kwwiiI should look into that06:15
troy_sIt simply blows K and G right out of the water06:16
kwwiiyeah, enlightenment was my favorite for a while06:16
troy_sthe downside is that there are a few user interface elements missing for me to push it on the masses06:16
troy_sIt is rather annoying that K/U have decided to look at bloody existing crap like Compiz and Beryl06:17
troy_swhen you could EASILY implement ANTIALIASING, DROP SHADOWS, and FADES _without_ hardware accelleration06:17
troy_susing the xcomposite extension06:17
troy_s(or without -- as with e)06:17
troy_sFrustrating as feck06:18
troy_sonce again, missing the 'bigger' picture06:18
troy_sHell, you could use SDL and the hardware accelleration provided in almost every card (2D) would help it.06:18
kwwiiyeah, I've always said the compiz and beryl are just the beginning06:18
kwwiiin 3 years you probably won't even know what they are06:19
troy_swell they are crap06:21
troy_sbecause they are very reliant on the silly hardware06:21
troy_sif we are going to push this crap, it needs to be cross platform and very non exclusiory06:21
troy_sthe basic code that keith shot in xcompmgr is very easy to figure out06:21
troy_sand very easy to implement06:21
troy_sand it runs on _every_ platform06:21
troy_swith or without 3d accellerated drivers.06:22
troy_swhy can't we bloody agree that elements like _antialising_ of window edges to lower windows and drop shadows actually have a _useful_ place in interfaces?06:22
kwwiiyeah, good point06:22
troy_sIn fact, I have been attempting to port the xcomposite protocol to python in the pyxlib libraries06:23
troy_sto show just htat06:23
troy_susing pygame (SDL based) we could have a plethora of very simple effects that would ++greatly++ augment the end user experience06:23
troy_swithout overwhelming them with garbage beryl 'exploding window' crap uselessness.06:23
troy_sDrop shadows for focused window feedback, antialised windows against lower elements06:24
kwwiiI *nead* my windows to burn06:24
kwwiierm, spelling06:24
troy_stwo things that should have been in ubuntu four cycles ago06:24
troy_slet's see... about 20 lines of code06:24
kwwiiall of that is a basic of any modern Os06:24
troy_s(maybe a bit of twiddling on the antialising)06:24
troy_sI imagine they should all do it through xcomposite for a clean implementation06:25
troy_sas it is pretty easy to do.06:25
troy_sDoes kwin do it?06:25
kwwiiyes, but not well06:26
troy_swell that would be a kludge06:26
troy_sbecause i suspect kwin isn't using xcomposite either06:26
kwwiiguess not06:27
troy_sxcompmgr runs on every bloody card -- i don't know why we don't just snip the fricking leaks out and focus on those two aspects.06:27
kwwiithen again, kwin is supposed to run on windows and osx too06:27
troy_sthere's some good thinking.06:27
kwwiiactually, some kde stuff is getting more use on windows06:28
kwwiiamazed me06:28
troy_suh like what?06:29
kwwiino idea...just heard lots of stuff about it06:29
troy_sms will go out of their way to break anything like that... i simply can't see it being even a remote possibility.06:30
troy_sanymore than running mplayer on osx/vista as an example (the latter I am sure will be borked)06:31
kwwiioh sure, I am not saying it will ever even come close to mainstream06:31
troy_skwwii did you have your meeting today?06:32
kwwiitroy_s: nope, it was postponed till tomorrow06:32
kwwiiman, if they paid people to break inkscape, I would be a good candidate06:35
troy_skwwii Inkscape is deadly stable on my end...06:38
troy_sare you reporting your issues?06:38
troy_sbecause that is sort of the deal with using free software remember? ;)06:38
troy_skwwii: You see this?06:39
troy_swow... check out the iconography on that dellideastorm website06:39
troy_sthat's a slick evolution.06:40
kwwiitroy_s: it is the gaussian blur stuff06:40
kwwiiwell known, I am afraid06:40
troy_skwwii Yes it isn't terribly mature.  Enough to do photorealistic illustration, but when you start doing big complex uns it gets borked.06:41
troy_sbut you should make sure.06:41
troy_slook at that icon trend06:42
kwwiiat small sizes you almost have to go comic06:42
troy_ssmall sizes are rather a product of the past.06:42
kwwiidon't I wish it06:42
troy_sthere simply aren't that many mainstream users who are going to rely on a small icon to06:43
troy_sconnote communication06:43
troy_sit's all the rage in the silly interfaces that abound in G and K.06:43
kwwiiI want to be able to rant to artists about how "in my day we didn't complain about 32x32!!!"06:43
troy_sThe fundamental idea behind icon metaphors and useage has completely been lost06:43
troy_sIcons are only useful to an average 'sit down and use the interface' type when they are subject to miller's short term memory work.06:44
troy_sand even then, it is questionable.06:44
kwwiiwith new interface ideas there is not such emphasis on icons06:45
troy_sapplications are so much more complex and feature laden than they were years ago that it is about time people took a step back and acknowledged that icons and menus are _very_ dated.06:45
troy_sthey don't work.  culturally they are borked.  render wise they are borked (communicating in 22 pixels is just a naff exercise in self-gratification). etc.06:45
troy_sIt's simply a dated byproduct of an era gone by.06:46
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kwwiiok, time to grill06:49
kwwiibe back later06:49
troy_sbefore you go06:51
troy_slook at this06:51
troy_shilarious when you get to the bottom06:51
kwwiiok, I'm out06:55
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lapohi there09:30
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nysosymhi there :)10:17
lapoyo nysosym10:18
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lizardkingHello everybody11:38
=== effraie [n=effraie@jem75-1-82-228-146-152.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
lizardkingtroy_s: hi troy. I was talking with Daniel Holbach to try to candidate me as Ubuntu member. I will be very glad to do that. Do you make a fanclub for my candidation?11:46
troy_si suppose i could11:57
troy_swhen is the meeting?11:58
troy_sdoubt that my opinion matters however lizardking11:58

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