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atomikuoh right01:28
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atomikuthis is where you get schooled01:28
jribryan_: what are you trying to do?01:28
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ryan_ok, im trying to install drivers for my wireless card because it wont recognize ine01:28
jribhave you checked the ubuntu wiki for ubuntu-friendly instructions?  or is that what you are using?01:28
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jribok then :)01:29
ryan_yes, im using that doc above01:29
jribryan_: notice that it may be easier for you to use gedit01:29
ryan_can i open this dat file with gedit and make the changes that i need01:30
jribryan_: that is what the document you linked to says (it gives you the proper switch for gedit right below the vi command)01:30
ryan_i put in this command: gksudo gedit --encoding=ISO-8859-15 /etc/Wireless/RT61STA/rt61sta.dat01:31
jribyep, that seems right01:32
ryan_then i went into the readme where it told me to use the vi command, and now im stuck01:32
jribryan_: what readme?01:33
jribyou need to give me context :)01:33
ryan_it came with the linux drivers i downloaded from ralink01:33
jribok so the readme has a vi command that is not in the ubuntu wiki?01:33
jribwhat command?01:34
ryan_Use "vi -b rt61sta.dat" to modify settings according to your need.01:34
jribryan_: ah but that is the same command as in the wiki, so you should be able to use that gedit command01:34
jribJust heed the warning in the ubuntu wiki to only use ASCII characters01:35
ryan_ok well i typed in the gedit command, and i dont see where to modify the settings01:35
ryan_gksudo: unrecognized option `--encoding=ISO-8859-15'01:36
ryan_i think i have a problem01:36
jriberm ok01:36
jribwe'll use vi then01:36
jribclose all vi instances you have open01:36
jribESCAPE :q!01:36
mauhey guys01:36
jribshould quit vi01:36
jribmau: hi01:37
ryan_i type "ESCAPE :q!"?01:37
maui'm not sure what the protocal is in irc... noob.  may I ask a question?01:37
jribryan_: well instead of ESCAPE, you hit the escape button, then you type  :q!01:37
ryan_lol, ok01:37
jribmau: sure, but you are usually better off starting in #ubuntu since there are more eyes there01:38
maugood call, thanks01:38
ryan_bash: :q!: command not found01:38
jribryan_: I mean in vi01:38
ryan_ahh, im so lost01:39
ryan_im sorry01:39
jribryan_: this is just to close any vi windows you have open so we can start over.  Are there any open?01:39
ryan_i dont even know what a vi window is01:39
jribwell your terminal will have a text editor01:40
jribryan_: if you don't see any then just type this command (in your terminal) and tell me the output:  ps -ef | grep vi01:41
ryan_ryan     10226  9958  0 17:41 pts/1    00:00:00 grep vi01:41
jribgreat, ok now what does the command 'pwd' return?01:41
jribok, and this one:  ls /etc/Wireless/RT61STA/rt61sta.dat*01:42
ryan_no such file or directory01:43
ryan_oops typo on my part01:44
ryan_in green01:44
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jribmy fault, it should be: ls /etc/Wireless/RT61STA/.rt61sta.dat*01:46
jrib(it's ok if it gives you an error or nothing)01:47
ryan_that time it said no such file or directory01:48
jribok so there should be no .swp file.  What happens when you use vi now?  sudo vi -b /etc/Wireless/RT61STA/rt61sta.dat01:48
ryan_cool i think that worked01:49
jribryan_: do you know how to do basic editing in vi?01:49
ryan_nope, lol01:49
jribryan_: if you want a good intro, run 'vimtutor' in another shell01:50
ryan_ok thanks01:50
jribryan_: but basically, if you want to insert text, press  i01:50
ryan_i think it said only to use ascii text, is an under-score okay?01:51
jribryan_: the warning is only if you use gedit01:51
jrib_ should be ok01:51
ryan_SSID is the name of a network right?01:52
jribno idea01:53
jribSSID=<SSID of your Access Point>   from the wiki01:53
ryan_yes, i guess they mean the name of my lan?01:53
jribryan_: give it a try01:54
ryan_how would i delete blank spaces from the vi01:56
ryan_blank lines*01:56
jribryan_: ESCAPE :g/^\s*$/d01:58
jribthat deletes lines with only space on them too...01:58
ryan_where do i type that02:00
jribin vi02:01
jribyou press the escape button then type in that stuff after02:02
ryan_when i do that i dont see anything come up02:02
ryan_i have to press i02:02
jribwell when you press : you should see a : at the bottom left and then what you type goes there02:02
jribanother happy vi user02:07
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jribbigli: what does this command return: apt-cache policy libgl1-mesa-dev02:40
biglipaste bin or normal paste?02:42
jribhere is fine02:42
bigliroot@amir-laptop:/usr/share/emc/tcl# apt-cache policy libgl1-mesa-dev02:42
bigli  Installed: (none)02:42
bigli  Candidate: 6.5.1~20060817-0ubuntu302:42
bigli  Version table:02:42
bigli     6.5.1~20060817-0ubuntu3 002:42
bigli        500 http://archive.ubuntu.com edgy/main Packages02:42
jribooops, wrong package.  I meant: apty-cache policy mesa-common-dev02:43
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bigliroot@amir-laptop:/usr/share/emc/tcl# apt-cache policy mesa-common-dev02:44
bigli  Installed: 6.5.1-0.502:44
bigli  Candidate: 6.5.1-0.502:44
bigli  Version table:02:44
bigli *** 6.5.1-0.5 002:44
bigli        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status02:44
bigli     6.5.1~20060817-0ubuntu3 002:44
bigli        500 http://archive.ubuntu.com edgy/main Packages02:44
jribbigli: ok, the issue is, how did that package get installed?  Did you ever have any non-ubuntu repos in your sources.list?02:45
bigliprobably i had02:45
biglii am removing it02:46
jribk, but the packages from that repo will still be installed, and there are probably more than just that package02:48
bigliapt-get install  libgl1-mesa-dev02:48
biglii will check to find and remove02:49
jribbigli: at this point, you can try to downgrade mesa-common-dev, but be sure you have backups in case you end up with an unusable system02:49
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biglimy system is not very stable ;)02:50
biglii want to :apt-get remove libgl1-mesa-glx02:53
jribtry this:02:53
biglibut it want to remove 130MB of my packages02:53
jribsudo apt-get install mesa-common-dev=6.5.1~20060817-0ubuntu302:53
bigliseems to work downloading next packet02:57
bigliwhere are you from02:58
biglime from IRAN02:59
bigliwhat u thinks? your country will attack to iran or not?03:00
jribI hope not03:01
biglithe government is f**king us , and i want to plan to migrate to another country03:02
jribbigli: where would you like to go?03:03
bigliaustralia/ canada / usa03:04
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amir_jrib are u there?04:38
jribamir_: yes04:38
amir_i am the bigli04:40
amir_http://www.pastebin.ca/364987 line 22 i got an error04:40
jribamir_: I don't know what emc or minigl are, you'll probably need to compile both04:43
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Logicboxsup jrib06:03
jribLogicbox: so I take it you got no output?06:03
jribfrom  dpkg -L comix | grep comicthumb06:03
Logicboxi didnt even see that06:03
jriboh wrong person06:03
Logicboxdo i need to type that hehe06:03
jribfirst thing, don't use sudo if you are root06:04
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jribLogicbox: apt-get clean && apt-get udpate06:05
jribLogicbox: apt-get clean && apt-get update06:06
Logicbox:( i dont think that worekd either06:06
Logicboxbunch of faild06:06
jribLogicbox: has it ever worked?06:07
Logicboxuhhh ya no06:08
Logicboxi dont think so06:08
Logicboxi just have no idea what the dillio is06:09
Logicboxi mean if i go to http://archive.ubuntu.com in firefox i can hit it06:09
jribwell apt-get hits too, bzip just sees that the file is messed up06:09
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jribLogicbox: wget http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/edgy-security/restricted/source/Sources.bz206:10
jribfile Sources.bz206:10
jribwhat was the output06:12
Logicboxis that right06:13
LogicboxSources.bz2: bzip2 compressed data, block size = 900k06:13
jribLogicbox: lets comment everything that's not "edgy".  That means comment edgy-updates, security, edgy-proposed, medibuntu...06:14
Logicboxok how ?06:15
jribgksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list06:15
jribadd a # in front of a line in order to comment it06:15
Logicboxok my sources.list looks like http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/671906:17
jribLogicbox: unfortunately I have to go, try #ubuntu again, I actually didn't mean to pull you in here if I wasn't sure I could help, just mixed up the names.  Sorry about that.  I would try commenting out most of the repos and adding one by one to slowly troubleshoot the issue06:22
jribLogicbox: make sure you include the url for the pastebin with your errors06:22
Logicboxwell thanks again jrib06:28
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