gnomefreakasac: when you get back. did you say for thunderbird i needed the 10_visibility_hidden_patch.dpatch patch01:37
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pochuhello :)01:56
Admiral_Chicagohow did the meeting goL03:16
Admiral_Chicagoanyone have the minutes?03:16
pochuAdmiral_Chicago: aren't them in the wiki?03:30
Admiral_Chicago i could check, not sure.03:32
Admiral_Chicagono not updated yet03:34
pochuAdmiral_Chicago: don't you know where ubuntulog logs?03:38
Admiral_Chicagono, I might be able to check in -meetings but I can do that later, have to study atm03:39
pochuAdmiral_Chicago: :)03:41
poningrugnomefreak: are you packaging right now?04:16
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asacgnomefreak: yes ... definitly for ... fuer 2.0b i am not sure10:56
gnomefreakponingru: no i was sleeping at that time but yes i am01:58
gnomefreakasac: its for 2.0 ill try without it01:58
gnomefreakit looks like its built in tb 2.002:04
gnomefreakasac: it keeps failing and im not sure what it means so im creating a log for it i will post it somewhere02:19
asacbuilding fails?02:44
gnomefreakheres the log http://gnomefreak.youmortals.com/Thunderbird-Feisty/Thunderbird_2.0b2/02:49
AlexLatchfordWoop, just passed my driving test02:59
asacgnomefreak: can't ell ... i guess you miss some configure options03:00
asaccan take a look at what is listed in mail/config/mozconfig ... and maybe add anythiung you don't see in configure at debian/rules03:01
gnomefreaktheres no easy automated way of building a rulefile from the upstream source is there?03:06
gnomefreakok will look03:07
asactake a look and see if there is any default option that is in mail/.../mozconfig :)03:08
gnomefreakmk_add_options MOZ_CO_PROJECT=mail  isnt in rules how would i add it (and would it go into config options?03:11
gnomefreakor somwhere in make (mk im thinking is make)03:11
asacapplication=mail  ??03:13
asacshould be there?03:13
gnomefreakits in config03:13
asacin rules03:13
gnomefreak--enable-application=mail \ from rules03:13
asacthen its fine ... MOZ_CO_PROJECT is actually a checkout option, not a build option iirc. so don't bother03:13
asacthats right03:13
gnomefreakthise are the only 2 options in mozconfig03:16
gnomefreakoh crap03:20
gnomefreakthere are 3 configs in rules 1 all commented starts with work NULL 2 starts with word NULL but not commented than a smaller section in pink that doesnt have null03:21
asacin pink?03:22
asacplease post configure options somewhere03:22
asaccurrent ones :)03:22
gnomefreaksh -c "cd build-dir/mozilla; ./configure --host=$(DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE) \03:22
gnomefreakk i will post what i see :)03:23
gnomefreakif i am right i have to add it to the last part i pasted03:24
asacyes you have to add to CONFIGURE_OPTIONS03:30
gnomefreakah ok ty03:30
asacwhat do you want to adD?03:30
asacplease use --enable-cairo too03:30
gnomefreak--enable-application=mail \ added that to the bottom03:30
asacguess its --enable-system-cairo03:30
asacto use system cairo libs03:31
asacgood ... might help03:31
gnomefreakok ill try now03:31
asac-enable-necko-protocols=http,file,jar,viewsource,res,data  ...  guess that one can be dropped03:31
asacor set to =default03:31
asaclike with --enable-extension s03:32
asacah --enable-system-cairo is already there03:32
gnomefreaki dont see that one what section are you looking in03:32
asacalso exists03:32
gnomefreak# Add here commands to configure the package. sh -c "cd build-dir/mozilla; ./configure --host=$(DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE) \03:32
gnomefreakim adding them under the above line03:32
asacCONFIGURE_OPTIONS = \ ... ?03:32
asacnot there03:32
gnomefreakok added default to necko line03:34
gnomefreakyou want me to add --enable-extension switch?03:35
gnomefreakoh yes i see it03:36
asacbut all this does not solve the problem03:36
asaccan you please try if compiling the default fashion works?03:37
asacyou have to extract the upstream tarball somewhere03:37
gnomefreaki did03:37
asacno ... i mean the tar.bz03:37
gnomefreakhow do you configure03:37
asacok ... when done03:37
asacyhou have a mozilla directory?03:37
asacmozilla/ dir?03:37
asacinside that directory03:38
asacyou create a file called .mozconfig03:38
asacin it just place at top line:03:38
asac. $topsrcdir/mail/config/mozconfig03:38
gnomefreaki create that file in the moz dir?03:38
gnomefreakwith the . in the beginning?03:39
asacall the same I wrote03:39
gnomefreakcant save it let me try something03:40
asacok .... .mozconfig file should contain:03:41
asac. $topsrcdir/mail/config/mozconfig03:41
gnomefreakok done03:41
asacac_add_options --enable-default-toolkit=gtk203:41
asacand the --enable-extension option from current debian/rules03:42
asacac_add_options --enable-optimize --disable-debug03:42
asacac_add_options --disable-tests03:42
asacthat should be it for now03:42
asacplease post what you have in .mozconfig now03:42
gnomefreakthe --enable looks wrong03:44
gnomefreakah ac_add_options --enable-extension03:44
asac'\' is too much03:44
asacis needed in each line03:45
asacand no \ at the end03:45
gnomefreakits fixed03:45
gnomefreaki took it out of the file03:45
asacyes \ is too much03:46
gnomefreakok its out of file but i didnt redo it on pastebin03:46
asacmake -f client.mk build03:46
asacshould spin it03:46
asaclets see how far we get03:46
gnomefreakim done with the .mozconfig?03:47
asacfor now03:47
asaclater we have to add more03:47
asaclot more03:47
asacbut to see if it builds it should be enough03:47
gnomefreakits running03:47
gnomefreakhttp://gnomefreak.pastebin.ca/364949 last few lines03:55
asacthose lines contain no info ... but i guess its the same as before03:56
gnomefreakyep it is03:56
gnomefreaki have most of the "make" lines if needed or ai can pipe it to file if more help03:57
asacmaybe add --disable-elf-dynstr-gc03:58
gnomefreakhttp://gnomefreak.pastebin.ca/364951 here is what i have ill try that option also03:59
asacis important also03:59
gnomefreakin the .mozconfig?03:59
gnomefreakok added04:01
asacmaybe --disable-pedantic04:01
gnomefreakrun it again?04:01
asacbut as its in the debian/rules already, i doubt that this is it04:01
asacyes try04:02
gnomefreakok gonna run it again04:02
asactake care the you see it is configuring again at the beginning04:02
asacif it does automatically be make -f client.mk build04:03
asacthen fine04:03
asacyeah no configure04:05
asacmake -f client.mk clean ?04:05
asacthen build again?04:05
gnomefreakok trying it04:06
gnomefreakits not running configure for some reason now04:08
gnomefreakim cleaning again to make sure04:08
gnomefreakhttp://gnomefreak.pastebin.ca/364977 is the beginning after running command04:10
asacrm config.status04:10
asacthis should do the trick04:10
asacthen just run build04:10
gnomefreakok running build command again04:12
gnomefreakmuch better i see configure04:12
gnomefreakstill failing04:18
asachmmm .... then try to find build instructions for tbird 2 ... there must be a tweak or something ... will look as soon as i can, but probably not today :)04:20
asacmaybe there is discussion on mozillazine?04:21
gnomefreaki will look04:27
gnomefreaki didnt see anything pertaining to what im doing if you find something when you look let me know im gonna try to get fx3.0 out by morning if i can05:08
=== gnomefreak is away for a few hours
gnomefreakim her efor a minute. during the firefox 3.0 build i noticed there was no "archive" dir. does this mean i have to "merge" it?07:53
gnomefreakhere for*07:53
asacfirefox has no embedded tarball08:04
asacyou have to merge it08:04
asachave fun08:04
asacextract fresh tarball08:04
asactry to apply the whole diff.gz08:04
asachowever there should be several already applied ... and most need manual adaption08:04
asacat least upstream committed a good bunch of our patches to trunk already08:05
asacso maybe you just need to port very few08:05
gnomefreakthat means i have to make a debian dir. with the files08:05
asacyou can patch the debian dir08:05
asacjust apply only debian/ patches08:05
asacfrom diff.gz08:05
asacgunzip -c /tmp/patch.diff.gz | filterdiff -i */debian/* | patch -p108:06
asacor something like that08:06
asacsee man filterdiff08:06
asacin package patchutils08:06
gnomefreakok i think i can do that08:06
gnomefreaki will try tonight08:06
asacyeah ... give it a spin :)08:07
asacmaybe it really compiles :)08:07
asacwhich would be a great success08:07
gnomefreakyes it would :)08:07
asacbut i think you should switch to .mozconfig08:07
asacfrom manual configure08:07
gnomefreakit wont build .debs will it?08:07
asaci have a .mozconfig somewhere which is known to be valid for trunk08:07
asacit doesn't matter08:08
asacits just if you use .mozconfig you use make -f client.mk build instead of plain make in debian/rules08:08
asacmake install should be the same08:08
asacand that you don't need configure08:08
asacif you use .mozconfig08:08
asacanyway ... if I were you ... i would first try to do something more simple :)08:09
=== gnomefreak thinks i stepped beyond "simple" packaging into "hard as hell" packaging
asacits a better feeling instead of heavy lifting without much training :)08:09
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asacwhy not try to package the -lt locale?08:10
gnomefreakif tb .10 would hurry up i can have that done08:10
gnomefreak-lt local?08:10
asaci thinkn thats a task that would even be helpful for feisty :)08:10
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asaci already mentioned it ... there is a request to add the locale -lt to the thunderbird (or was it firefox) language pack08:10
asacthat would be useful to do ... and not that hard :)08:10
gnomefreakis the bug a wishllist?08:11
=== gnomefreak will search for it in an hour or so
asaci think thunderbird08:11
asacbug 6122908:12
UbugtuMalone bug 61229 in thunderbird-locales "Please provide missing locale (lt) for Thunderbird" [Wishlist,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/6122908:12
gnomefreakAdmiral_Chicago: can you give me access level 10 i have this feeling im gonna need it :(08:13
gnomefreakGuty == troll08:13
asacgnomefreak: i assigned to you and set to "in progress" :-P08:13
asacyou can assign back to me if you don't want to investigate ;)08:13
gnomefreakill try anything :)08:14
Admiral_Chicagognomefreak: you have it already08:21
gnomefreakno i dont08:23
gnomefreakChanServ(ChanServ@services.)- An access level of [10]  is required for  [OP]  on #ubuntu-mozillateam08:24
Admiral_Chicagognomefreak: i though you did, okay i'll set it up08:24
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gnomefreakty got it08:25
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gnomefreakasac: it should be as simple as adding the xpi to a file/folder in /debian/ dir change change log right? dont yell this is new to me here but i dont forsee it being all that hard08:28
asacsomething like that but slightly different08:31
asacat best take a look at the package08:31
asacand try to figure our ... e.g. where to place .xpi08:31
asacand what happens then etc.08:31
asacif you get stuck ... ping ... but try to figure out first ;)08:32
gnomefreaki will :)08:32
asachttps://bugzilla.mozilla.org/attachment.cgi?id=255533 ... does that apply to your mozilla-thunderbird with -p0 in build-dir/mozilla ?09:03
gnomefreakis this for 2.0 tb?09:17
gnomefreakok the tb-lt build in debian dir there is no folder containing .xpi's so im gonna look in upstream tar09:19
asacif you apt-get source enigmail09:23
asacthere should be .xpis somehwere09:23
asacof course upstream tar includes them too09:23
asacbut please start with apt-get source enigmail09:23
asacwhat did i tell :)09:28
asacmozilla-thunderbird is on topic here ... enigmail was in another terminal :)09:29
asacsorry for confusion09:29
gnomefreaki have never seen this patch before hte one you posted above09:29
asacapt-get source mozilla-thunderbird; cd mozilla-thunderbird-*/; fakeroot ./debian/rules patch09:29
asacshould do09:30
gnomefreakor diff09:30
asacyes ... its about bug 2931209:30
UbugtuMalone bug 29312 in mozilla-thunderbird "thunderbird UI useless for message with many attachments" [Medium,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/2931209:30
gnomefreakshould do what?09:30
asacshould bring you the extracted source in build-dir with all current patches apply09:30
asacthen go to build-dir and try to apply patch from above :)09:30
gnomefreakcan try09:31
asacme is now away :) bbiw09:31
asacthink i am back for a while09:53
gnomefreakwith this patch just patch as normal and build?09:54
asacjust try if it applies09:55
asacafter other patches are applies09:55
asacif it does09:55
asacwe have to make a dpatch out of it09:55
asacand then put it in debian/patches, 00list etc.09:55
asacu know09:55
asacotherwise your changes will get lost09:55
asacunfortunately dpatch-edit-patch does not work for thunderbird :)09:56
asackick me for that ;)09:56
asacplease just try if it applies09:56
asacok away again09:57
gnomefreakthe command failed to apply patch10:02
gnomefreakhttp://gnomefreak.pastebin.ca/365281 asac when you get a minute10:03
=== gnomefreak goes away for a while
asacinteresting ... then try fakeroot ./debian/rules binary ... and abort as soon as it starts10:12
asacbuilding properly10:12
asace.g. when configure runs10:12
gnomefreakfakeroot ./debian/rules binary?10:14
gnomefreaktar xjf archives/thunderbird- -C build-dir/10:16
gnomefreakit applied them all10:16
gnomefreaknow cd build-dir and patch p1 < attachment.bleh?10:17
gnomefreakwhen i go to apply it it asks me after each section what file to patch. example <|--- app/profile/all-thunderbird.js     17 Feb 2007 03:17:26 -0000      1.8710:24
gnomefreakFile to patch:>10:24
gnomefreak|+++ app/profile/all-thunderbird.js     18 Feb 2007 06:13:35 -000010:24
gnomefreakfull output is at http://gnomefreak.pastebin.ca/36531710:29
gnomefreakim away atm my head is killing me10:29
asacyou can figure it out :)11:05
asaclook at what the files are11:05
asacand where you are :)11:05
asacuse -p0 to apply11:05
asacand change directory to somewhere so the pathes exist11:05
asacok ... anything? will be gone in about 20 min for today!!12:02

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