lizardkingtroy_s: Wonderful, btw I have some problem because the meeting is on the 26 Feb. It's Monday. I have basketball training at 23 pm UTC12:36
lizardkingtroy_s: damn! Perhpas I have just finshed the oransoda portin to oransun ;) now the theme is absolutly free yeah :D12:37
troy_sgood stuff.12:42
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joejaxxHello All02:30
joejaxxanyone about/non-idle?03:17
troy_sjoejaxx: go?03:43
joejaxxtroy_s: well i can here to see if anyone wanted to volunteer there time and help with the Fluxbuntu artwork :P03:47
troy_swhat is your position in it?04:01
troy_sjoejaxx: ?04:01
joejaxxi created the project04:02
troy_sah cool04:04
troy_sjoejaxx: How is the team going then?>04:05
joejaxxit is going well04:05
joejaxxthere are about 5 people developing it04:06
joejaxxand only two people doing artwork including myself04:06
troy_swhat are your ideas for it?04:06
joejaxxwe are going with a leaf theme for the artwork04:06
troy_sahh nifty... ideas in snapshots?04:07
troy_sdo you have a motivating image etc?04:07
joejaxxsure hold on04:07
joejaxxi am trying to find a screenshot with without something in the way of the background04:11
joejaxxthat is the default background04:11
joejaxxthere is a login theme too but it needs work04:12
joejaxxwe have not even touched the usplash04:12
joejaxxhttp://fluxbuntu.org/fluxbuntu_login3.png that is the login theme04:13
joejaxxit needs work though04:13
troy_sjoejaxx: Sorry, i was in the bathroom04:17
troy_slet me catch up04:17
joejaxxit is quite alright :)04:18
troy_sjoejaxx: Who's photo is the wallpaper?04:18
troy_sBecause if you are going to do a set, it would be nice to have custom components for all of them.04:18
joejaxxi forget the name of the photographer04:18
troy_sThe leaf is a great starting point for a motif though.04:18
troy_sAre there license issues with it?>04:18
joejaxxit might now ship default though because the photographer has yet to return my email04:19
troy_sWell you should get some imagery that you know is licensed04:19
joejaxxfor the usplash i was thinking of having a leaf animation04:23
joejaxxmimicking a leaf in the wind04:24
joejaxxbut of course on the usplash it would just be going back and forth04:24
troy_sit would need to be endless though...04:24
joejaxxacross the ends of the word fluxbuntu04:25
joejaxxtroy_s: is there not a way to repeat the animation?04:25
troy_swell yes, that is what i mean04:25
troy_sit repeats endlessly04:25
joejaxxah ok04:25
troy_sso floating from one to the other won't work04:25
troy_sit becomes problematic with a floating leaf back to forth ...04:26
joejaxxit would not?04:26
troy_swell it just will look kooky in all likelihood.04:26
troy_syou would need something a little more cyclical.04:26
joejaxxoh ok04:26
troy_sotherwise it ends up 'pacing'04:26
troy_swhich looks odd.04:26
joejaxxi was going to say have it float like a sine wave :P04:27
joejaxxwhich is pacing lol04:27
troy_sa little more 'american beauty' ish04:27
joejaxxi never saw that film :\04:28
troy_sjoejaxx: Go rent it.04:59
troy_sjoejaxx: It is a very impressive piece of work.04:59
troy_sjoejaxx: And when I chat you tomorrow, you will know _exactly_ what I mean.05:00
troy_sjoejaxx: I'd offer my help for Flux, but I am already quite swamped with standard life, u2, and several other elements.05:09
troy_sjoejaxx: I could very well, assuming I find some time, generate a series of photos for you.05:09
joejaxxit is quite alright05:09
troy_sThen we could work out what direction you want them to head etc... it might give you some ideas for the GDM etc.05:09
joejaxxi would appreciate that05:09
joejaxxtroy_s: yeah05:10
troy_sLet me see how my schedule works out over the next short bit.  Photography is a little easier than actual art and design as I don't need to go through the draw/scan/tweak cycle.05:10
troy_sjoejaxx: Can you handle large raw files?05:16
joejaxxi have not really tried before05:18
joejaxxis a pentium 1.6ghz with 1.25gb of ram enough?05:18
troy_syeah should be fine... they aren't hard to manage with, just a little large on the space05:19
joejaxxoh ok05:20
joejaxxyeah it should be fine then05:21
troy_skwwii I know you are not in right now, but check this link and let's see what we can do from the art end...05:41
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pmjdebruijnsay I could arrange for some great background photo's, how would they need to be licensed to be included in Ubuntu by default?12:48
pmjdebruijnis CreativeCommons acceptable?12:49
pmjdebruijnor does it need to be DFSG?12:49
pmjdebruijnI can get the photos at 1920x144012:51
pmjdebruijnfor example:12:51
pmjdebruijnand even if other licenses are acceptable, what license if preferable?12:53
pmjdebruijnI still need to negotiate the exact term with the author12:53
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elkbuntupmjdebruijn, GFDL would work too, afaik12:59
pmjdebruijnand how do you feel about Creative Commons?01:01
pmjdebruijnthat might be the authors preference?01:02
darkmattermornin all01:02
pmjdebruijnfor example: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/01:04
elkbuntupmjdebruijn, that one is gpl compatible, afaik, so it is fine.01:04
pmjdebruijnelkbuntu, you mean without the NonCommercial clause?01:05
elkbuntuyes. the nc would prevent someone from making a commercial deritive, which the gpl maintains ones right to do01:06
pmjdebruijnI'll talk to the author01:12
pmjdebruijnbut as a sidenote01:12
pmjdebruijnif I were to assemble a pack of 3-10 great background, would they stand a chance of being included in Ubuntu?01:13
pmjdebruijnI'm not talking about Ubuntu themed backgrounds, but generic ones01:13
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elkbuntupmjdebruijn, providing they are of good quality and properly packaged, im sure they'd hit at least universe01:19
pmjdebruijnthat won't be a problem01:27
pmjdebruijnthough I'm aiming for inclusion into the LiveCD01:27
pmjdebruijn(at least ideally)01:27
elkbuntuprobably not likely, since space is a premium on it01:28
elkbuntubetter to aim for the dvd01:28
elkbuntubut then, not guaranteed01:28
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vdepizzolwill openoffice in feisty come with tango and human icon theme?01:41
elkbuntuvdepizzol, no clue, but im sure someone will take a look at them01:41
=== pmjdebruijn hopes font rendering is fixed in OOo for feisty
darkmatterhmmm... http://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=396546646&size=o <--- opinions?01:47
pmjdebruijnwhat about it?01:50
pmjdebruijndarkmatter, using a third party font?01:50
darkmatterpmjdebruijn, yes I am... and recompiled cairo n freetype with the patches for improved rendering01:51
pmjdebruijnit's hard to compare with another font :p01:52
darkmatterlol... I was just looking for input on the theme progress...sheesh :P01:53
pmjdebruijnis it a modified industrial?01:53
darkmatternope.... its currently just a "live mockup" using the bugfest pixmap engine... just easier to work out the look n feel that way... but soon it'll start getting cairo love as its own engine01:55
darkmatterbut yeah... its kind of a "neo industrial"... that was one of the sources of inspiration01:56
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arnasonAny one here?03:21
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kwwiiI'm here03:27
arnasonok... Where should I report an anoying "bug" in the new Launchpad BETA UI ? is there an IRC channel for the Beta testers?03:34
darkmattermorning kwwii :)03:39
darkmatterhttp://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=397661996&context=set-72157594488098254&size=o <--- appreciate any input you could give an the scroll troughs fella's.. they dont quite seem "right" to me03:41
kwwiiarnason: not that I know of03:52
kwwiiarnason: I guess reporting a bug would be the best03:53
kwwiidarkmatter: wow, that looks awesome03:54
arnasonkwwii: well... thanks anyway...03:54
kwwiidarkmatter: perhaps if you made them shallower03:54
kwwiiie. less dark gradient on the left03:54
darkmatterkwwii, yeah... was thinking they were a bit dark03:55
kwwiione thing that i notice is the selection in the menus03:56
kwwiiI think it looks too 3d-is for me03:56
darkmatterkwwii, yeah... was going to flatten, darken/saturate it slightly.. maybe indent it slightly *shrug*. save the actual "3d" for the buttons03:58
darkmatterthe 3d doesnt quite fit with the perforated paper menu thingy03:59
kwwiiexactly, the menus seems very light, which is nice03:59
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troy_skwwii did you get that post with the work that fellow did on the oo icons?05:54
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troy_skwwii ping me when you are in.06:12
troy_spmjdebruijn: Just to give you a heads up, photos are pretty out of scope regarding sabdfl.06:12
troy_sHe spent a good deal of money on a photo set once and was burned.  As a result, he is currently in a state of 'avoid all communication' with the design pattern (inferred)06:13
pmjdebruijnavoid all communication?06:13
pmjdebruijnwhy weren't the photos published?06:13
pmjdebruijnI can understand not including them06:14
troy_syou can find them06:14
troy_sthere are a few professional photographers in our midst06:15
troy_si don't think the issue is a lack of content06:15
pmjdebruijnif it's not easily accessible people won't find it :)06:16
=== pmjdebruijn goes out for food
troy_sthe point is that there are no photos for a reason06:16
troy_sit has nothing to do with the desire to have photos (aside from the functional issues regarding wallpapers of course)06:16
=== pmjdebruijn wonders about that reason...
troy_sI think I loosely described why06:49
pmjdebruijnmaybe I'm not getting the first sentence?06:50
pmjdebruijnyour point being that the SAPDFL doesn't want anything in without being Ubuntu related?06:51
pmjdebruijnthen I definately don't understand. sorry06:53
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troy_sAll of art and design is entirely about communication ultimately -- much like any of the other forms of language.  When you choose a photo / image / etc., you are going to communicate in the destination audience's mind -- it is unavoidable.06:55
troy_sthat said06:55
troy_she got burned once on a poorly planned implementation06:55
troy_sand the overall result was to avoid all forms of communcation06:56
troy_s(or at least try -- and if you look at the current trend in default wallpaper / gdm, the results would bear that notion out)06:57
pmjdebruijnunderstandable, but a shame...06:59
troy_sOf course, once you resign yourself to the fact that effective art and design is going to communicate, and choose to follow that out, you need to decide overall what you intend to communicate and to whom.07:00
pmjdebruijnI understand the problem07:00
troy_sIf we start attempting to really direct art and design without considering those very real effects, the pattern is no better than where it currently is.07:01
pmjdebruijnbut that requires immense knowledge of different cultures07:01
pmjdebruijnwhich I severely lack07:01
troy_sYes.  That is one of the more fascinating issues regarding the nature of this situation.07:01
=== pmjdebruijn just wanted to have ready to rock pretty wallpapers
pmjdebruijnmy point being that Microsoft and Apple both supply out of the box cool wallpapers, and thus so should Ubuntu, to be at least on par with them...07:02
troy_sHave you read Diana Fong's blog?07:03
troy_sWell the wallpapers in BOTH of those07:03
troy_sare examined and evaluated by a very well educated set of artists.07:03
pmjdebruijnshe's from RedHat right?07:03
troy_sYes... there is an interesting post regarding her wallpaper (which is amazing) and contrast.07:03
troy_sIt is loosely the belief that I have for wallpapers too -- that a wallpaper isn't something like a picture.07:04
pmjdebruijnoh those are really sweet07:04
troy_sIt should be more like the wallpaper in your house -- not overwhelming -- enough to smatter all over your house or -- in the case of desktop wallpaper -- stare at for long periods without becoming too gaudy.07:05
kwwiitroy_s: pong07:06
kwwiitroy_s: can07:07
kwwii't see the screenshot on the OO icons07:07
kwwiiI'll install them later and check them out07:07
troy_skwwii yeah... it would be a sin if we found a community contribution that greatly07:10
troy_ssmoothed out human for gnome07:10
troy_s(as the long silly diatribe in that desktop effects thread explains)07:10
kwwiiif they are decent tango icons for OO then we should probably take 'em07:12
troy_si think they are Human07:24
troy_snot tango07:24
troy_sas tango and human, in my eyes, are pretty far apart -- what's your thinking on it kwwii?07:24
kwwiitroy_s: yes, quite different in certain aspects07:25
=== kwwii just pushed another gdm
troy_snot to mention colour tones being possibly the most recognizable07:26
troy_shuman is quite vibrant in Dave's choice of the default orange07:26
troy_skwwii you have a screenshot of the newer gdm?07:34
kwwiitroy_s: still working on things, have one in a bit07:37
kwwiiunfortunately inksacpe takes half an hour to render the bg07:40
kwwiibut that is much better than the desktop wallpaper ;-)07:40
troy_sThat is completely strange.07:41
troy_sOh I found out the source of your 2 != 1.995334999 SVG issue...07:41
troy_sIt is an option in Inkscape07:41
troy_sShip me your sources and let me try a render on my box -- I am running native 64 bit and I swear I have never seen rendering times that are like that.07:42
kwwiiI build it one or twice a week07:43
troy_sYeah, but you are running 32 bit yes?07:43
troy_sI would be interested to benchmark it against a 64 bit render.07:43
troy_sAnd see how much difference there is...07:43
troy_sWe could do an 'unofficial' benchmark based on your wallpaper.07:44
troy_sis your source in the wallpaper push?07:47
kwwiihere is the gdm: http://sinecera.de/ubuntu_feisty_screen17.png07:47
kwwiinope, no sources yet07:48
kwwiiwanted to clean things up first07:48
kwwiihere it is, if you want to play with it: http://sinecera.de/drawing1a.png07:50
kwwiierm make that svg07:50
troy_sUh that's the png though07:50
troy_syou have the svg there kwwii?07:50
troy_sI just want to test render speeds.07:50
kwwiireplace the png with svg in that link07:50
troy_sand that link gives 40407:51
troy_sNow where are you getting those times from?07:51
kwwiiexport as bitmap07:52
kwwiipage at 1600x120007:52
kwwiiI also did one 1920x1280 (or whatever the res is)07:52
kwwiiif you get times much less than 2 hours let me know07:52
troy_sgive me a second07:53
troy_s2 hours?07:58
troy_sit is approximately 1/3rd done now.07:58
troy_sso far about 1:30 has expired.07:58
troy_snow its half07:58
troy_sjust over half07:58
troy_sat 1920x144007:59
troy_sunder 2 mins.07:59
kwwiiI wonder why that is08:01
troy_sOk i am now timing it08:01
kwwiiwhich version are you using?08:01
troy_sjust a recent cvs pull08:01
troy_scompiled on the 20th08:01
troy_sbut i have NEVER had render times like yous08:02
kwwiimaybe they fixed it, it was a known bug08:02
troy_s30 seconds.08:02
troy_shold tight08:02
troy_si am also rendering it in the 1920 format08:02
troy_sso my times will be a little higher.08:02
troy_s1 minute elapsed08:02
troy_sOk so at 1920x128008:04
troy_sfinal render time is08:04
troy_s2 minutes 48 seconds.08:05
kwwiia bit quicker08:05
troy_skwwii try a recompile, and if it still happens, but as I said08:05
kwwiiyeah, I will08:05
troy_smine has always blazed08:05
troy_seven editing in standard resolution blurs/ etc08:05
troy_shas been quite manageable with quite a few layers.08:05
troy_s(although I have found I can decrease the complexity by providing custom shapes to blur as opposed to layers of objects)08:06
troy_sYou need several more layers in there to make editing that thing a little more manageable.08:06
troy_sIts a bit of a pig right now... lol.08:07
troy_skwwii -- you could probably reduce it a helluva lot by creating a custom shape for the tan blur portions and integrating them into one layer.08:07
kwwiitroy_s: yepp, like I said, I hadn't cleaned it up yet :-)08:08
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troy_skwwii are you doing a recompile?08:14
troy_seven with a recompile, the differences shouldn't be 2 hours.08:15
troy_sthat is bloody ridiculous.08:15
kwwiitrying it out now08:21
kwwiiit is much faster08:27
kwwiiabout 3 min08:27
kwwiimuch better than about 3 hours08:27
troy_sYeah, that seemed a bit silly.08:28
kwwiiok, tired of gdm...doing the kubuntu logo a bit08:30
=== msikma [n=Msikma@s55933ad4.adsl.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
kwwiipretty soon we can call this all kwubuntu08:33
troy_syeah it will blur into a big strange hybrid of gradients.08:39
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kwwiiok, one last change for gdm tonight10:36
kwwiinow I am done with it for a few days10:36
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