SnrWhippysorted whats this bit about? None of the pre-built vmmon modules for VMware Workstation is suitable for your12:37
SnrWhippyrunning kernel.  Do you want this program to try to build the vmmon module for12:37
SnrWhippyyour system (you need to have a C compiler installed on your system)12:37
SnrWhippyi take it i say yes then i have to find my c compiler if one is installed by default12:39
cbx33you need to compile12:39
cbx33this is what you do12:39
cbx33quit the config program12:39
cbx33and then do this12:39
cbx33sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers12:40
cbx33i think that's it12:40
cbx33ydon;t do that12:40
cbx33sudo apt-get install build-essential12:40
cbx33then do sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)12:41
cbx33then re run12:42
cbx33sudo vmware-config.pl12:42
cbx33and it should compile and load the module perfectly12:42
SnrWhippyok excellent i'll give it a shot12:43
SnrWhippybrilliant its the headers i didnt have that explains it12:45
cbx33all working now?12:46
SnrWhippyyour an absolute hero!12:52
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SnrWhippyarggg it just wont start01:05
a5benwilliswhat wont start01:05
SnrWhippyvmware just installed it01:05
a5benwillisdid you configure it?01:05
SnrWhippyyeah it all went ok01:05
SnrWhippyjust when i go to click on it in system tools it just whirrs a bit and stops01:06
a5benwillistry running it from sudo01:06
a5benwillishow did you install it? apt-get? or is it the beta version from tar.gz?01:07
SnrWhippysays its not corrects installed for this system arggg01:08
SnrWhippyback to the drawing boards01:08
a5benwillisIm running the beta01:09
a5benwillisworks just fine01:09
SnrWhippyTrying to find a suitable vmmon module for your running kernel.01:10
SnrWhippyNone of the pre-built vmmon modules for VMware Workstation is suitable for your01:10
SnrWhippyrunning kernel.  Do you want this program to try to build the vmmon module for01:10
SnrWhippyyour system (you need to have a C compiler installed on your system)? [yes] 01:10
SnrWhippyUsing compiler "/usr/bin/gcc". Use environment variable CC to override.01:10
SnrWhippyWhat is the location of the directory of C header files that match your running01:10
SnrWhippykernel? [/lib/modules/2.6.17-11-386/build/include] 01:10
SnrWhippydoes that look about right01:11
a5benwillismine did the same thing01:12
SnrWhippyahh i wonder if its to do with madwifi01:12
a5benwillisyou should still be able to install it.01:13
SnrWhippyall default settings?01:13
a5benwilliswhen it finishes installing it wall ask to run vmware-config01:14
a5benwillislet it run.01:14
a5benwillisthen run vmware with sudo the first time01:14
SnrWhippyjust says its not correctly configured01:17
SnrWhippyi'll have a mess about01:17
SnrWhippyi think its probably something to do with kernel version or the fact i've bridged the wireless with vmnet001:18
SnrWhippyand it fails bizarrly in the setup01:18
SnrWhippyhow do i check my kernel version?01:19
a5benwillissry Im back01:23
a5benwillislet me catch up01:23
SnrWhippyarggg yeah it is the damn wireless card01:24
SnrWhippyi disabled networking in the config and it starts no probs01:24
a5benwilliscat /proc/version01:24
SnrWhippycheers yeah version is right01:25
a5benwillismy wireless works, but, when I do vpn from my windows guest I have to use wired01:25
a5benwillisbut I have an intel pro card01:25
SnrWhippyyeah i've got a dodgy atheros01:26
SnrWhippyuses madwifi01:26
SnrWhippywhich is causing me some grief01:26
a5benwillisis this edubuntu?01:26
a5benwillishost or guest01:26
SnrWhippyi havent got to the guest stage yet01:27
a5benwillisi run ubuntu edgy on my laptop01:27
a5benwillisbut I do run edu in vmware01:27
a5benwillisI also have it running under vmware ESX server01:27
SnrWhippyive never used esx server is it any good01:28
SnrWhippyi'd love to see a proper vmware infrastructure working01:29
a5benwillisyes, ESX is the way to go if you have the hardware. Its very picky01:30
a5benwillisit runs on a modified Fedora kernel and uses very very little of the systems resources.01:30
a5benwillisI have it running on a dual Xeon 3.6 with 6GB ram01:30
a5benwillis400GB SATA Drives01:31
a5benwilliserm SAS01:31
SnrWhippydeary me01:31
SnrWhippythats a serious sytem01:31
a5benwillisits a dell poweredge 285001:32
SnrWhippyoh yeah i think our ibm's e series at work should be silimar apart from ram and hdd01:32
SnrWhippythey should be ok for esx perhaps but i need to convert the physical machine to a virtual before i can blank the server and start again01:34
a5benwillisI run the 2.5 version, havent tried the newest 3.0. Im not even sure what the new features are01:34
SnrWhippyis it not stupidly expensive01:34
a5benwillisIm sure it is ;-)01:35
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prgatorypetei'm having trouble setting up my wireless card with edubuntu06:53
prgatorypeteanyone have any advice?06:53
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cbx33 hey07:51
highvoltagehey cbx3308:02
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KetSi'm looking for a lighter vesion of edubuntu tu install in a group of computers that are going to be sent to Africa, do you know if there's an Edubuntu version with xfce of even lower desktop manager?01:58
stgraberthere was the idea to do that : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdubuntuXfceDesktop02:00
kgoetzKetS: not an 'out of the box', but you can DIY02:01
stgraberbut I don't know if someone did a cdrom for that02:01
stgraberotherwise you can still get a xubuntu cd-rom02:01
stgraberand update it to install the educationnal packages02:01
kgoetzor edubuntu+install xfce, which would proably be eaiser then xfce+edubuntu stuff02:01
KetSuhmmm i guess02:04
KetSthe problem it's that it should be installed in several computers and we don't have internet access there so we have to do it all manually in every desktop02:05
kgoetzKetS: why not make an install cd and use that to install all systems?02:06
stgraberso customizing an install cdrom should be the easiest way or maybe install a computer somewhere where you have internet and then do an image of the disk02:06
KetSkgoetz will be it very dificult? i've been long time using debian but don't know how to create an install CD02:06
kgoetzwhat i just did for work was install E16+standard ubuntu+extra apps then made mondo recover discs (2 cds for an install), its up to date, and has all customisations required02:06
kgoetz then the only major cost is making cds02:07
kgoetzhm. i also had +dist-upgrade02:07
kgoetzit takes a long time to make mondo discs, but its not hard02:07
KetSuhmmm do you have a guide (link)02:07
kgoetzi was takene aback by it doing a nagware trick at me, but i havent had a chance to investigate it yet02:07
cbx33w00t just finished our new website.... www.trinsite.co.uk02:07
kgoetzhm, no. you apt-get install mondo, then type 'sudo mondoarchive' and follow the prompts02:08
kgoetz(i did what a mate sugested, it worked without needing a guide)02:08
KetSokei, i'll try it, thanks very much02:08
kgoetzcbx33: neat site, fails validation ;)02:09
stgrabercbx33: looks great, just a little thing the bottom picture takes quite a lot of time to show there02:09
kgoetzgl KetS02:09
cbx33just about to work :002:09
cbx33refresh plz02:09
kgoetzooh, more stuff02:09
stgraberoo, we have the header now :)02:10
kgoetzcbx33: is nice, but heavy02:10
stgraberthe server seems to be quite slow to serve the pictures ...02:10
cbx33hmm seems ok here02:11
kgoetzstgraber: thats what i found02:11
kgoetzcbx33: whats your connection?02:11
cbx338Mb :p02:11
kgoetzi estimate about 500kb of images - is that correct?02:11
stgraber~32kB/s during the picture download02:11
stgraber(when I can download at 800kB/s :))02:12
cbx33we're just about to start compressing imge02:12
cbx33should speed things up02:12
kgoetzah cool02:12
stgraberok, good thing :)02:12
kgoetzcbx33: are you going to make it validate, or is it 'broken for a reason'?02:13
cbx33how does it fail?02:13
cbx33it gets a tick for standards complicane in firefox02:13
kgoetz3 div related errors, 4 alt tags http://validator.w3.org/check?verbose=1&uri=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.trinsite.co.uk%2F02:13
cbx33the checker falls foul of JavaScript too02:15
=== kgoetz cant deal with js, i just avoid it like the plauge
cbx33anyone used open laszlo02:16
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kgoetzhi edubuntugirl02:16
edubuntugirlhello, kgoetz!02:16
stgraberhi edubuntugirl02:16
edubuntugirlhowzit, stgraber!02:16
stgraberfinally back :)02:17
=== highvoltage reached his cap 3 hours ago
=== kgoetz wonders if fb in feisty has -cb by default
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a5benwillisgood morning03:02
rockprincessgood morning ;)03:06
rockprincessit's afternoon here ;)03:06
stgraberhere as well but good morning anyway :)03:08
a5benwillisYou guys ready for a tough question?03:08
rockprincessdoes anyone know how i could activate my 2nd network card? i just built it in....03:08
rockprincessthe 2nd network card is recognized by the system...03:09
a5benwillisis the hardware detected?03:09
a5benwillisdoes it show up under network-config03:09
a5benwilliswas it assignet an eth#?03:10
rockprincesswhere do it see if this is the case?03:10
a5benwillishold on a sec03:12
a5benwillisok im back03:18
a5benwillisif you go to System>Administration>networking03:18
a5benwillisdoes it show up there?03:18
rockprincessyes, i guess....but it says it's not configured...and the other one says DHCP03:19
rockprincessshall i configure the 2nd one to DHCP as well?03:20
a5benwillison the main screen is the little box checked or does it have a line through it.03:20
rockprincessit is checked03:21
a5benwillison the new card?03:21
rockprincessno the new one is blank, neither striked-through or checked03:21
a5benwillisoh ok, that makes sense03:22
a5benwillisgo to properties03:22
a5benwillischeck enable interface03:22
a5benwillisor enable this connection03:22
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a5benwillisthen click ok03:22
a5benwillisthen check that first box03:22
rockprincessconfiguration: automatic configuration (DHCP) right?03:22
a5benwillisas long as you have a dhcp server, yes03:23
rockprincessexcellent, thank you it worked :D03:25
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cliebow_what should i be using for a kernel in feisty?04:04
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cliebow_thank you04:21
a5benwillismornin cliebow_04:21
a5benwillisyour the nss expert right?04:21
a5benwilliserm youre04:22
cliebow_no..not really04:29
cliebow_i  mean i have an nsswitch.conf that works for ldap..but that is a no brainer./..04:30
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mathesishow can configure audio for firefox?08:40
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a5benwillisanybody here today?09:44
highvoltagemegabytes and megabytes of INPUT10:08
highvoltagejohnny five is alive!10:09
a5benwillisbeen slow here today I see10:14
a5benwilliscliebow_: SInce you're the nss expert ;-) lemme ask you a question10:14
a5benwillisI added an nss module to my nsswitch.config.10:15
a5benwillislike this: passwd:    compat ncp10:15
a5benwillisI also added it to shadow.10:16
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cbx33hi a5benwillis10:16
a5benwillisusers are being looked up properly now via NCP and the nss module. Yay!10:16
a5benwillishi cbx3310:16
cbx33excellent work10:16
a5benwillisbut I still get an error when I try to log into SSH. argh10:17
a5benwillisThe user is found via NSS/NCP10:17
a5benwillisAuthenticated successfully10:17
a5benwillisYou would think I had it licked at this point.10:17
a5benwillisThe last message I get in my auth.log is10:18
a5benwillisssd[6995] : debug1: do_pam_account: called10:19
a5benwilliswhen this happens the ssh client side accepts the password and just sits there.10:19
a5benwillisEventually another error is logged in auth.log10:19
a5benwillisFatal: Timeout before authentication for
a5benwillisDOes this make any sense to you guys? I can still log in with a local account BTW so SSH isnt broken completely10:20
a5benwillisI really thought I had it fixed. But this is almost as bad as before lol. SO close yet so far away.10:21
a5benwillisIf anyone has an Idea lemme know. I'll check back. Gonna go mess with it some more.10:28
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