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h4writerkwwii, are you there?10:42
h4writercan we talk about the help centre now?10:43
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h4writerkwwii, are you there?03:36
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troy_sgreets h4writer05:30
kwwiih4writer: now I am05:35
troy_sgreets green fuzzy fruit.05:37
troy_show be ye?05:37
kwwiitroy_s: actually, thanks to nintendo nobody asks me why my nick K-WorldWarII05:38
kwwiinow they ask me why I am so proud to own a wii05:38
troy_sthat's bloody hilarious.05:38
troy_si still think of the green fuzzy fruit.05:38
troy_sfizz boom the second makes me think of an old oil panting on the wall with you in some strange pose standing on a rhino and wearing a pith helmet.05:39
kwwiiso here is the mouth gdm: http://sinecera.de/ubuntu_feisty_screen19.png05:42
kwwiithinking about making a whole theme around that...makes me think of desert, egyptian kinda stuff05:42
kwwiiusing lighter colors though, more sandy colors05:43
troy_shas sab offered (*sigh*) thoughts on the work yet?05:44
h4writerhoi kwii05:45
h4writerI changed some of the layout of help centre05:45
h4writeris it good to give the forum post?05:45
troy_skwwii: But I do think that beginning to think along the higher level lines makes more sense -- although I don't know if the egyptian / desert motif will fly with sab.  Hell I have no idea if you could pitch a grad to sabdfl.05:46
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h4writertroy_s, kwwii: the last version I created: http://img377.imageshack.us/my.php?image=yelprb1.png05:52
h4writerI think I found a solution to the leftbar (so it looks more button-like) and I changed the color of the bar to orange05:53
troy_sslow as hell.05:53
h4writeris that faster05:54
troy_si got it eventually...05:54
h4writer(do I need to give the previous version and/or the version now in edgy?)05:55
andreasnh4writer: nice stuff05:56
andreasnhm, should probably open a bug to make the life-boy be picked up from the theme05:56
h4writer(previous one: http://img503.imageshack.us/img503/8122/helpcentregi3.png)05:57
h4writer(how it is now: http://img526.imageshack.us/img526/1420/oldhelpcentrewg6.png)05:59
h4writertroy_s: and what are your remarks?05:59
troy_si don't have any... they are all extremely minor tweaks.05:59
troy_si would say overall, they are an improvement and i would put them in.  that said, ...06:00
h4writerandreasn, that's my intention. So it get refreshed.06:00
troy_sthere is far too much twiddling over minor details in foss.06:00
h4writerShould I do what andreasn says, or ... and what do I need to do exactly06:02
andreasnh4writer: huh? make it themable? oh, I'll just ask shauwn about that06:03
h4writerandreasn, ok I guess that's no problem06:03
h4writerandreasn, so you will ask?06:05
h4writerdo you need some special files or something?06:06
h4writeror will the .png be okey06:06
andreasnoh, I was just referring to the life-boy illustration06:07
troy_sh4writer: He is talking about the image behind on the left.06:08
troy_sh4writer: It should follow the theme's lead and not be hard coded.06:08
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h4writerso that's called a life-boy ... Now I understand I was not with you06:09
andreasnI think it is, not sure, it's called livboj in swedish :)06:10
troy_slife buoy06:10
troy_si think is the term06:10
troy_spronounced "boy"06:10
kwwiih4writer: is this stuff already in bzr?06:10
troy_sh4writer: If you make your changes to the actual 'package' in bzr, it makes it easier for kwwii to add things06:11
troy_shttp://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bzr or one of the other tutorials.06:11
kwwiih4writer: so you'r output will be a tar.gz source deb pacakge?06:11
kwwiibzr makes it much easier with getting the latest version out, etc.06:12
h4writerI'm now installing it06:12
troy_sh4writer: Basically figure out what package the tweaks go into, bzr branch <package uri> mybranch06:14
troy_sthen make changes and push them back up to the server06:14
troy_sthen kwwii just does a bzr merge06:14
troy_s(as he is one of the only folks with write permissions to the official repos)06:14
h4writerokey, play time:p06:14
troy_sh4writer: It also helps you to get out of the mock mode -- let your get your hands dirty with actually making it reality, which the art team needs.06:15
h4writeryes it's nice I finally get to know how it works06:16
h4writerhow can I find the package uri?06:17
troy_sh4writer: Should be in that tutorial.06:18
troy_sdo a package search to find out where yelp is and such... andreasn might be able to help you with that as he is quite a wise fellow with gnome layout.06:18
andreasnand if I don't there is always people that know in gnome-hackers on gimpnet06:19
troy_sh4writer: Learning the loose package layout in Ubuntu is helpful as you can help others too.  I know a tad about it, but my knowledge doesn't extend into yelp.06:21
h4writeryeah, Indeed, you're wright06:21
troy_sh4writer: Luckily we have a few very knowledgeable folks who hang out here -- like andreasn -- and having him around is a massive asset.06:23
andreasntroy_s: dude, you're making me blush ;)06:23
troy_sandreasn: I also agree with that link you posted regarding the icon overuse... it seems people have made a meal out of the bloody things.06:23
andreasnwell, people are quite fond of their pretty pictures :)06:24
troy_sandreasn: It would be nice to see interfaces lean away from menus and icons ... unfortunately I doubt that will happen in the future.06:24
andreasnmaybe if we get better input devices06:24
troy_sandreasn: The problem is that they are fond of _their_ pictures -- someone sitting down at a linux library terminal would be completely lost, and the pictures aren't helping at all.  It would be nice if this sort of thing would get addressed by the community at large.06:25
andreasnand the olpc is a step in the right direction06:25
troy_sandreasn: That is a wonderful little unit.  How have they improved on the interface?06:25
troy_sandreasn: On a side note, in terms of absolutely wonderfully targetted design, you should watch two six year olds with Nintendogs.06:25
andreasnwell, from the stuff Blizzard showed at Boston Summit it seems the managed to get away from:06:26
andreasn1. Windows06:26
andreasn2. Saving06:26
troy_sandreasn: I had the pleasure of watching that the other day and it was amazing that _none_ of the children needed help to setup a wireless connection.06:26
andreasn3. and the network stuff works in interesting stuff06:26
troy_sandreasn: Do you have a link to a more explanatory bit for luddites like me?06:26
troy_swho need to read the details before they understand it.06:26
andreasnthere should be some kind of design document somewhere06:26
andreasnlet me check what I can find06:26
troy_sthanks a mill06:27
h4writertroy_s, so I think the branch uri would be https://launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/+branch/yelp/main06:28
h4writercan you check if that's alright06:28
troy_sno, but you can... sorry i am chessing06:28
troy_susually the newer ones are feisty-*06:29
andreasntroy_s: I think this is the stuff: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC_Human_Interface_Guidelines/The_Laptop_Experience/Introduction06:29
kwwiih4writer: yes, that is right06:29
h4writerok thanks06:29
kwwiih4writer: branch that using bzr, makes your changes, update the changelog, makefile, etc. and then put it on a normal http server somewhere06:30
kwwiisorry, i am cooking a duck at the moment, kinda busy06:30
h4writerno problem06:30
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troy_sandreasn: WOW that is refreshing!06:34
troy_sandreasn: It is nice to see an abandonment of the old office files and folders paradigm that xerox started way back when.06:36
h4writerkwwii, can I see the change immediately. I main can I see the result?06:36
andreasntroy_s: absolutely06:36
andreasnwho knows, perhaps some of the stuff finds it way back to the regular desktop release06:37
andreasnspeaking of weird/interesting gnome-stuff: http://www.inference.phy.cam.ac.uk/cjb/moko.jpg06:38
andreasnwell, I better do the dishes, catch you later!06:39
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kwwiih4writer: not sure I understand correctly07:44
kwwii18:36 < h4writer> kwwii, can I see the change immediately. I main can I see the  result?07:45
h4writeryeah, can I build the package? So I can see the change immediately07:45
h4writerif I made I mistake07:45
h4writerif I'm good busy07:45
kwwiih4writer: well, once it is in a format to build, sure :-)07:46
kwwiih4writer: how did you change things now?07:46
h4writerno, I'm explorering the package07:46
h4writerit isn't that easy07:46
kwwiih4writer: did you take the source pacakge and edit that, or did you edit files on your running system?07:46
h4writerI did the bzr into a folder07:47
h4writerso I'm editing those07:47
kwwiicool, exactly :-)07:47
h4writerokey, I will come back within a hour of 2, to work further on it07:47
kwwiitheorectically you could build that packae once it is done07:47
h4writernow I'm of to my brother coming from ski trip07:48
h4writersee you07:48
kwwiisee you07:49
troy_shere is another piece of community work that might be worth integrating07:54
troy_sscroll down to the terminal server client portion07:54
troy_sshe actually has many little 'theme' updates that would probably go a long way to rounding out the human look.07:55
kwwiihehe, cool07:55
kwwiibut it is a "he"07:59
kwwiidoing dishes, bbl08:03
troy_sah well there you go08:08
troy_sanyways, most of that crap should probably just get dropped in.08:08
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nysosymhi there :)09:21
troy_sgreets nysosym09:27
nysosymhi troy_s, how are u? :)09:28
troy_shanging in there.09:29
nysosymtroy_s: why?09:31
troy_sjust running low on motivation09:31
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troy_sgreets coz_09:40
coz_troy_s, hey guy09:41
nysosymkwwii: on what do u working these time? :D10:10
kwwiinysosym: nothing - watching tv ;-)10:10
nysosymwell, that's a good thing, what is on tv? :)10:11
h4writerkwwii, are you there and do you have the time to show me how I can compile my version?10:20
h4writerfor testing?10:20
kwwiih4writer: not sure about building it myself...10:28
kwwiih4writer: try an autogen or whatever, and then configure and make10:28
kwwiih4writer: I am sure that there is a better way to build it though10:29
kwwiiin the end you want to do something like debuild or whatever10:29
kwwiiI spent 7 years+ working on rpm based systems, still getting used to debian10:29
h4writerkwwii, I didn't find information about autogen in combination with bzr. Can it be, you need to use debuild?10:47
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nysosymhi PingunZ__ :)11:06
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kwwiih4writer: if debuild works it is probably better to use it11:38
h4writerit isn't working at all:p11:40
h4writerbut I'm searching for the solution11:40
h4writerI don't know why, but I don't have pgp-agent11:40
h4writerkwwii and I want to try BzrBuildpackage11:44
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h4writerit is specially designed for building them11:45
nysosymgood night my friends! :)12:00

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