WrongwayE: Type 'restricted' is not known on line 7 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list12:03
WrongwayE: The list of sources could not be read.12:03
XzenomeWhat did you do to get that eror?12:04
Wrongwayapt-get source ffmpeg12:04
XzenomeOh, I see, restricted and multiverse have put themselves on new lines, put them on the same line as the line before them.12:05
Wrongwayline wraps are bad?12:07
XzenomeI've fixed my modified version ( http://michael-m.co.uk/sources.list ), so if you replace it again.12:07
XzenomeWrongway, yes they are bad. I blame nano is seems to randomly wrap.12:07
Xzenomenalioth, what did I do wrong this time?12:08
naliothafter you update your sources.list, Wrongway you should type "sudo apt-get update" before doing anything else12:08
Xzenomebut he should fix his sources.list first.12:08
=== Xzenome makes another coffee
naliothXzenome: right.12:10
XzenomeWrongway, done it yet?12:11
Wrongwaygot the line7 thing again12:11
Wrongwayso put the word restricted up a line12:11
Wrongwaytried the update thing12:12
Xzenomego to the 7th line down and put it on the end of line 6.12:12
naliothXzenome: hold up a minute12:12
naliothWrongway: please open a console12:12
naliothWrongway: or go to your console12:13
naliothWrongway: yes12:13
naliothconsole = terminal = shell12:13
naliothin the console, type "cd /etc/apt/" <enter>12:13
naliothnow type "sudo mv sources.list sources.list.bak" <enter>12:14
Xzenomenalioth, why does nano wrap like that?12:14
Wrongwaybacked up, gotcha12:14
naliothnano sucks  :P12:14
naliothWrongway: now type "sudo wget http://michael-m.co.uk/sources.list" <enter>12:14
Xzenomenow type "sudo apt-get update"12:15
naliothXzenome: hold up12:15
naliothWrongway: type "ls" <enter>12:15
Wrongwayapt.conf     sources.list      sources.list.d     trusted.gpg12:16
Wrongwayapt.conf.d   sources.list~     sources.list.save  trusted.gpg~12:16
Wrongwaysecring.gpg  sources.list.bak  trustdb.gpg12:16
Wrongwaythe two that are .d are in blue12:16
naliothcarry on as Xzenome directs12:16
=== PWill [n=paul@cpe-24-208-190-43.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-classroom
Xzenomenow type "sudo apt-get update"12:16
naliothXzenome: i use aee as a console text editor, i find it much simpler than nano12:17
Wrongwayhad to edit the sources.list yet again to fix the wraps :P12:18
Wrongwaybut it's doing it this time at least12:18
Wrongwaydid a whole bunch of stuff, ending with12:19
WrongwayW: Duplicate sources.list entry http://security.ubuntu.com dapper-security/universe Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/security.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_dapper-security_universe_binary-i386_Packages)12:19
WrongwayW: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems12:19
naliothand if i may . . . .12:20
naliothbackports are evil.12:20
XzenomeWrongway, now type "sudo apt-get build-dep ffmpeg" this will get all of the stuff that we'll need to compile/install ffmpeg12:21
naliothalso Wrongway if you edit the list again, do a find-and-replace and replace "universe" with "universe multiverse"12:21
naliothafter editing the sources.list, update your apt once more12:21
naliothwith multiverse you'll gain ~18,000 more apps to play with12:22
Wrongwaydoing the build-dep thing12:22
Xzenomenalioth, is ffmpeg illegal in a libdecss way or just not FOSS12:23
XzenomeWrongway, is it done yet?12:25
naliothXzenome: there are several closed source codecs that ffmpeg can use12:25
Wrongwayoyeah, on a codec related matter, I've been frustrated with no audio on .mov's, which is what my digicam takes videos in12:26
Wrongwaymplayer will now play the audio, but no other player can12:26
Wrongwaynot even vlc12:26
XzenomeWrongway, they probably use a codec like mp3 which doesn't come with ubuntu out of the box.12:27
XzenomeWrongway, I'm surprised VLC doesn't play it, it is normally so good but "mplayer pwns everything"12:27
Wrongwayis there any way to get vlc to play the audio?12:28
naliothin my opinion, ubuntu mplayer needs to be recompiled by hand to bring it back to full function12:28
Wrongwaybtw, the build-dep thing is done now12:28
naliothWrongway: if vlc doesn't play the audio, there is probably no way to play it (currently)12:29
Xzenomenalioth, I might make a crack at compiling mplayer with everything tommorow. I'll have a go at making it into a deb and I'll make it available on the net.12:29
XzenomeWrongway, now type "sudo apt-get install ffmpeg" this should install ffmpeg12:30
XzenomeNow run this sudo apt-get install liblame-dev libfaad2-dev libfaac-dev libxvidcore4-dev liba52-0.7.4 liba52-0.7.4-dev libx264-dev12:31
XzenomeIt will install a load of codecs12:32
naliothXzenome: what exactly are we attempting?12:32
Wrongwayhave done that before I came here12:32
Xzenomehttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/iPodVideoEncoding apparently.12:32
Xzenomenow, type "cd ~/" to get back to your home directory12:33
XzenomeThen do "apt-get source ffmpeg" so we can get the source code for ffmpeg12:34
Wrongwayk, that's done12:34
Wrongwayfollowing along the page now...12:35
naliothXzenome: just "cd" <enter> will also bring you home12:35
Xzenomenow just follow on with the page and tell us about any errors12:35
Xzenomenalioth: that's two things I've learnt today.12:36
naliothXzenome: /msg ubotu cli12:36
=== hybrid [n=x@] has joined #ubuntu-classroom
Xzenomenalioth, I know most of that.12:37
Xzenomenalioth, what country are you in? (Off topic I know)12:39
naliothTexas, USA12:40
jribyeah texas is kind of like its own country12:40
naliothhola, jrib12:41
XzenomeI'm in the UK, almost midnight. Jrib, I'd offer you another cup of something hot but I'm too lazy to get up.12:42
jribXzenome: it's ok, I'll just hit refresh12:42
Xzenomehe he12:42
Xzenome(For those who don't know this stems from a cup of tea the I made for jrib yesterday and upload)12:43
XzenomeWrongway, how's the install going?12:44
Wrongwaycopying the code into a file now12:45
XzenomeWrongway, where are you now?12:51
WrongwayUsually that means that input file is truncated and/or corrupted.12:53
Wrongwaylikely cuz it's on an ntfs drive though, eh12:54
XzenomeI see12:55
Wrongwaycopied it to my other drive, and it seems to be working now12:56
naliothntfs .... ugh12:56
Wrongwayomg.... it's making a .mov file12:57
Wrongwaydo those work for ipods?12:57
Wrongwayif so, then fine. I thought it was gonna be making .mp4's12:57
Wrongwaygonna try to get and use thinliquidfilm anyways12:58
Wrongwaybut had to have the mucked-with ffmpeg for that anyways12:59
Wrongwaythanks, eh12:59
XzenomeWrongway, the iPod probably plays .mov's because it is Apple's format.01:00
Wrongwayyeah, hopefully01:01
=== Xzenome boils kettle
nalioth .mov can be the same codec as .mp401:02
naliothso can .avi01:02
naliothif the codec is the same, any of those file suffixes will work on a PC01:03
Xzenomenalioth, what is your name derived from?01:04
naliothoh, my nick01:05
naliothit's a made up conjunction of two previous made up nicks01:06
Xzenomewhich were?01:08
naliothprefer not to say01:09
=== Xzenome learns hypnotism to force nalioth to tell him his name
Wrongwayapt-get hypnotism01:11
XzenomeYou mean, sudo apt-get hypnotism01:12
Wrongwaylol, yeah. I forgot simon says01:13
=== Xzenome laughs out loud
Wrongwayfound that pic and it got me hooked on that comicstrip01:15
XzenomeYes, you just hooked me.01:16
Wrongwaylol, excellent01:16
Wrongwayoyeah, I updated the sources.list by adding multiverse in the appropriate spots01:17
Wrongwaywhat am I supposed to do after that?01:18
naliothWrongway: enjoy ~28,000 programs01:18
Wrongway<nalioth> after editing the sources.list, update your apt once more01:19
Xzenometype "sudo apt-get update"01:20
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XzenomeSo, what brand of wireless card do you use?10:45
researchsciit's a built in to my laptop, can't remember though10:45
researchsciit shows up on my network connections list, but i can't config it right10:46
XzenomeGo into System>Administration>Networking and tell me what the names of the devices are.10:46
researchsciWireless connection (wmaster0)10:46
researchsciWireless connection (wlan0)10:46
researchsciwired connection10:46
XzenomeWhich ones of them are enabled?10:46
researchscithose are the ones, i'm currently using wired10:46
researchscii have wmaster0 and wired conneciton enabled10:47
XzenomeI have wlan enabled, I don't know about wmaster so try wlan010:47
researchscihow should i have it set up, i want it to scan for ssids10:48
=== ryanakca [n=ryan@d226-26-139.home.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu-classroom
researchscii'm trying to put in the settings10:48
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researchscijust not sure10:49
Xzenomeresearchsci, do you know the ssid for your network?10:49
researchscijust a sec, i'm looking for it10:49
researchsciyeah, i dod the ssid and everything now10:49
researchsciare ssid and essid the same thing?10:50
Xzenomeresearcsci, yes I think so.10:50
researchscithnx much10:50
XzenomeDoes it work/10:50
researchscii'm setting it up now10:50
=== ryanakca [n=ryan@d226-26-139.home.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu-classroom
researchscii'm activating the network interface now10:51
researchscihow do i know it works, beside turning off my wired connection?10:51
XzenomeI think you just have to stop your wired connection. Sorry.10:52
researchsciokay, well if i drop off you'll know why. here goes nothing10:52
researchscican you still hear me?10:53
researchscii mean read me?10:53
researchscididn't work10:53
XzenomeI can hear you.10:53
researchscihuh, my browser still didn't work10:54
XzenomeWhat did you put a the network password? Was it something like 6F133A....?10:54
researchsciit was my wep key10:55
XzenomeBut the above format not something like salt53?10:55
researchsciwhat? i don't understand your question.... my wep key is 9784......10:56
researchscijust numeric10:56
XzenomeTry disabling the wired connection, then enabling wlan0. Wait for about a minute to make sure that the wireless has started then test it in the browser. Your WEP key is fine.10:57
researchscii'll brb then10:57
researchsciit's still not cooperating, I'll be back in about half an hour if you'd be still willing to help then11:00
researchscii have to help my fiance with something11:00
XzenomeI'll help if i'm still here11:00
=== Xzenome goes to get a coffee
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researchsciyou there Xzenome?11:15
researchscik, i'm back11:16
=== PriceChild [n=pricechi@ubuntu/member/pricechild] has joined #ubuntu-classroom
researchsciso, ne other ideas?11:16
XzenomeHmm, I'm going to go take a look a the ubuntu documentation and see if I can see anything relevant.11:17
researchscibecause at one time when i had ubuntu on this laptop (an older version) i could detect wireless networkds11:17
XzenomeWhat version of Ubuntu?11:17
researchscibreezy badger?11:17
researchscii thnk that's what it was11:17
XzenomeBecause you could install that and then upgrade from that using update-manager, that way you'd still have wireless support.11:18
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs11:18
=== ryanakca [n=ryan@d226-26-139.home.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu-classroom
researchscihuh, this is terribly frustrating11:19
researchsci /msg nickserv set email called4more@yahoo.com11:19
researchscii don't know why it doesn't work11:19
researchsciand since it's a laptop, i have to have wifi access on it11:20
XzenomeI know the feeling. I've stopped using Linux about 5 times because it didn't work flawlessly but I've got it working well this time.11:21
researchscibecause i kind of have to have it for the research I'm doing11:21
researchsciand my gaming computer (desktop) will be staying windows until i decide to choke over the cash for crossover11:22
XzenomeI suggest you do "sudo apt-get install kwifimanger" it seems to be better than the one built in. You can launch it by typing kwifimanager.11:22
researchscinow it says that there are no access points available, while i'm sitting by one11:24
XzenomeOh. That is disappointing.11:24
researchscii wish it would just work11:24
researchscithis is where my question lies11:25
researchsciis there any way to just scan for networks without putting any info in under the network connections portion?11:25
researchscierrr networking11:26
researchsci(windows name, that's gonna take a while to get used to)11:26
XzenomeI didn't have to put anything in for kwifimanger11:26
researchscii'll retry it then11:27
researchsciit keeps just saying it doesn't work11:28
XzenomeMake sure that the device is already enabled in the networking dialogue11:28
=== PriceChild [n=pricechi@ubuntu/member/pricechild] has joined #ubuntu-classroom
researchsciit says that it's not configured, but here is the question in regards to that, why can't these tools just allow me to scan for networks, then put in the wep key for the one I choose11:29
XzenomeIn the networking dialogue it allowed me to select when I set it up. IT seems that Ubuntu doesn't really like your card. I think your best bet would be to ask on ubuntuforums.org.11:30
researchsciokay, i think it may be an atheros card11:31
XzenomeThis page may help, but I couldn't find anything helpful looking: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs11:32
XzenomeI'm sorry I couldn't be of more help.11:32
researchsciohhh i just found my exact card11:36
researchscii feel dumb11:36
researchscigigabyt gn-WI01GS11:36
researchscithat helpful?11:37
XzenomeIt isn't mentioned in the docs.11:37
researchsciand they only have windows drivers on there site11:38
researchscithere isn't anything about my card on there11:39
Xzenometype  lspci | grep "RaLink", what output do you get.11:40
researchscihow do i get the straight line to show up11:42
XzenomeIt is above one of the slashes. So use the shift key.11:42
researchscino output it just returns the command11:43
XzenomeOk, that proves that that topic I found is useless.11:43
XzenomeAre you using a Thinkpad?11:43
researchscino, it's made by a company called "Ibuypower"11:44
researchsciand I'm running 32bit Ubuntu, not 6411:45
XzenomeOh. I think your best be is asking on UbuntuForums.org11:45
researchsciokay, I'll do that11:45
researchscione more question11:45
researchscihow do i tell if i installed wine11:45
researchscii tried to but i can't find it11:45
Xzenometype "wine --version"11:45
researchscioutput is "wine-0.9.31"11:46
researchsciso, that' means i have wine installed?11:47
XzenomeWine is installed. So to run a windows program you do "wine path-to-windows-executable-here". Wine is installed11:47
researchscii'm gonna try to run WoW later this evening11:48
researchscii bet that's gonna be interesting.......but I'm sure there is plenty of documentation to do it11:49
XzenomeI've heard it works with Cedega11:50
XzenomeThis gives details and should help you: http://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?iVersionId=648211:51
researchscicedega costs money though, right?11:51
XzenomeYes I11:51
researchscihave you ever used it?11:52
XzenomeYes it does, but Wine is catching up with it now. It uses code taken from Wine when it was BSD licensed rather than GPL'd11:52
=== neuratix [n=lorents@] has joined #ubuntu-classroom
Xzenomeresearchsci, wine yes, cedega no/11:52
researchsciWell thanks for all the help11:54
researchscii'm sure I'll be back soon, as I'm new to this11:55
XzenomeOk. No problem.11:55

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