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Kanohi, some things about your current kernel02:43
Kanoa) ndiswrapper is too old, remove or update - with 1.30 and installed usb wlan drivers you get a system lock02:44
Kanob) pata-sis is borken in git, -8- kernel worked02:44
Kanoif you want to fix some little things like hostap + via intel southbridge bugfix take a look here02:45
Kanondiswrapper 1.37 is not fully stable with 2.6.20 for me, will try to find a stable svn snapshot02:45
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mgalvincrimsun: any idea if/when the patch mentioned in #03:43
mgalvinhttps://launchpad.net/bugs/87253 will make it into feisty?03:43
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crimsunmgalvin: it's already in feisty's ubuntu-2.6.git; expect it in the next kernel upload (you'd have to ask Ben for an ETA)05:44
mgalvincrimsun: ok cool, thanks, as long as it make it's way in eventually I am happy :)05:46
mgalvincrimsun: i asked earlier and got an "i think so" but... do you know for sure if these are in or getting in... http://svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/mactel-linux/trunk/kernel/mactel-patches-2.6.20/05:51
mgalvini only ask again because if they are not I am interested in looking into it, it just don't want to waste time if they are already in or planned to be in05:52
crimsunI can only speak for audio [which I've addressed] 05:57
crimsunI'm afraid I don't have any additional time atm to check05:58
mgalvinok, np, thanks06:00
mgalvini can dig in myself and check06:01
crimsunbe aware that some of that code is already outdated06:07
crimsuncertainly the sigmatel diff is incomplete06:07
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mgalvincrimsun: thanks for the heads up06:10
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WhoopieBenC: Hi, will tp_smapi added to ubuntu kernel 2.6.20?12:25
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fforwI have a Dell Latitude D820 laptop and have been trying to get feisty fawn running on it. works fine so far but teh wireless drivers don't work.. found the driver (ipw3945) and followed the build instructions (involving replacing a module from the kernel source)02:05
fforwbut now I get some "no rule for target ubuntu/net/d80211/ieee80211.o" error.. (translated back from German)02:05
fforwany ideas?02:05
fforwthe module is ieeee80211, a prerequisite for ipw394502:10
neuralisubuntu ships ipw3945 in l-r-m; why did you build it manually?02:14
fforwbecause it did not work..02:14
neuralisyou'll have to be a bit more specific.02:15
fforwlooked around and found instructions to install a newer version of it including the new ieee80211 02:15
fforwlspci showed the device, the module was loaded but no activity.. everything seemed fine, it just can't find anything or connect to anything02:16
neuralisstrange. well, as long as you have the kernel headers and general build tools installed, compiling the new driver should simply work.02:18
fforwthe ieee80211 build process complains about a conflicting kernel version and wants to disable/outcomment it and add its own version02:19
fforwconflicting module version02:19
fforwin the kernel02:19
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[g2] BenC do you still need a dmes/lspci for the Kernel SATA boot issue ?07:38
BenCwhich boot issue?07:39
BenCbug number would be helpful07:39
[g2] BenC one sec07:45
[g2] https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.20/+bug/8496407:45
[g2] from my limited searching it still appears to be a critical bug07:46
[g2] basically the box doesn't boot without "irqpoll" on herd 407:47
kylemi think my crestline reproduces that.07:57
kylem[g2] , can you try booting with acpi=off or whatever and tell me if that helps? (it's what i did)07:57
kylem(booting with irqpoll didn't fix things for me, which is why i ask)07:58
[g2] kylem thx. I'm trying that now08:05
[g2] it's good to know that someone has reproduced the issue also08:06
kylemi just tried without the piix ide driver built into the kernel at all, and it's still an issue, so i'm kind of confused.08:07
kylemlivecd boots are fine, after install boots are boned, which confuses the hell out of me. :\08:07
kylem[g2] , what is the symptom you see? i get "link down" on all sata links from ahci.08:08
kylemhmm, i should try with i386.08:09
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[g2] kylem without irqpoll or acpi=off it won't boot from cdrom08:40
[g2] that's i386 on a P4 with an intel 865 mobo08:40
kylemand edgy works flawlessly for you?08:42
[g2] kylem yeah08:42
[g2] edgy's installed on the hd08:42
[g2] I'm really looking forward to feisty as I want the updated ivtv drivers08:42
kylemcan you cat /proc/interrupts from your working system and /msg it to me?08:45
[g2] kylem sure is pastebin ok ?08:45
kylemi think i just found something in common between working and non-working on my system.08:46
kylemi figured my acpi bios was just broken, but if other people are seeing this, something more insidious might be happening (the box i'm seeing it on isn't production so.. :/)08:46
[g2] http://pastebin.ca/37064808:47
kylemah, no sata?08:48
[g2] yeah it's a sata drive08:48
[g2] but the sata driver isn't recognized08:48
[g2] with acpi=off08:48
[g2] well at least I didn't see it recognized08:49
[g2] I could reboot with irqpoll08:49
kylemahci uses msi for me, so even with pci=nomsi irqpoll i am still getting no luck.08:50
[g2] irqpoll allows me to boot08:50
[g2] boot from cdrom which is on ide08:51
[g2] I've got a sata dvd drive and I don't remember if irqpoll worked with that08:51
kylemhrm. ok.08:52
[g2] kylem did you want to see the edgy working system ?08:52
kylem/proc/interrupts and dmesg on pastebin would be fantastic.08:52
[g2] from edgy ?08:52
[g2] ok. sure08:52
kylemi'm adding some crap to my kernel to see if i actually get any interrupts from libata (it shares the irq with uhci, so it's hard to tell.)08:53
kylemfor a while i thought maybe uhci was stealing the interrupts but it seems not.08:53
[g2] http://pastebin.ca/37067608:57
kylemyeah, definitely looks like there's no interrupt.08:58
[g2] libata08:59
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BenCso is piix conflicting with ata_piix?09:07
BenCif that's the issue, I can fix it real quick09:08
kylemnot for me at least.09:09
BenCthe last comment is a different bug then?09:09
kylemit's entirely possible intel managed to fuck the acpi bios completely on this sdv.09:10
BenCI thought I had commented out the entries in piix that matched in ata_piix09:10
kylembut it's pretty similar, edgy/feisty cds work, first boot into installed system fails miserably and no disks get see.09:10
BenCa conflict between piix and ata_piix seems impossible09:13
[g2] kylem / BenC there's an oops in usb during the failed boot09:14
BenCoh wait09:14
kylem[g2] , oh?09:15
[g2] kylem yeah.09:15
kylemi don't think i see that. can you try booting, wait for the initramfs, cat /proc/kmsg and take a picture of the oops?09:17
[g2] kylem I can capture the boot on serial09:17
[g2] I'll boot with console=ttyS009:18
[g2] and capture it on my laptop09:18
[g2] i'll pastebin in a minute or two09:18
BenCkylem: This *_MODULE thing could be the cause of a lot of problems, so keep it in mind when you check bug reports09:19
BenCI fixed all the ones I had09:19
BenCkylem: The idea was that some of the pata drivers only had some of the matching PCI id's for the same IDE driver, so I had to keep the IDE driver enabled, but make it disable the matching PCI id's (so it would use pata)09:19
kylemi see. hmm.09:20
BenCbut I used "#ifndef CONFIG_ATA_PIIX", and it wasn't matching09:20
BenCit could account for this sort of thing (CD working, but normal boot isn't)09:20
BenCpiix, generic and siimage were the three drivers affected09:21
BenCpiix should only be used on a hand full of devices09:23
[g2] http://pastebin.ca/37070109:24
BenCg2: Can you pastebin "lspci -vv"?09:26
BenCand /proc/interrupts09:26
[g2] BenC sure. Do you want me to boot edgy ant past that ?09:26
[g2] or feisty with irqpoll ?09:26
BenCeither way should be fine09:26
[g2] both are fine with me09:27
BenClooks like your ICH5 and UHCI are sharing IRQ's, just wondering if anything else is on it09:28
[g2] http://pastebin.ca/37071509:32
[g2] the UHCI, IDE and SATA are all on irq 16909:36
BenCis this on edgy?09:36
[g2] yeah09:36
BenCok, irq's are routed to different numbers...09:37
[g2] 2.6.17-11-generic09:37
BenCI wish libata would use the driver name instead of just libata for request_irq() :/09:37
BenCweird, on this one ide, sata and uhci show same irq in lspci, but it's not showing that in proc/interrupts09:38
BenCah, 201 is the audio09:39
[g2] I'm guessing the ide is getting remapped09:39
BenCso libata is taking taking 169 twice, and uhci_hcd is taking it once09:39
BenCCan you do /proc/interrupts on feisty?09:41
[g2] sure09:41
[g2] BenC do you want me to boot with irqpoll or acpi=off  ?  Does it matter at all ?09:42
BenCtry without09:42
[g2] it doesn't boot without that's the original problem09:42
BenCbe better to see what it's doing with acpi irq routing09:43
[g2] ok so irqpoll ?09:43
[g2] BenC ok... I'm winding up in BusyBox in the initramfs (I'm guessing there's a race condition)09:50
[g2] in the initramfs /proc/interrupts has usb 18 with uhci_hcd:usb3, ide2 with 100K ints09:51
BenCah, ide209:52
BenCok, are you in busybox?09:52
[g2] ide1 is mapped to int 1509:52
[g2] yeah09:52
BenCrmmod piix09:52
BenCmodprobe ata_piix09:52
BenCsee if that does anything09:52
[g2] device or resource busy ?  -f ?09:52
BenCide modules are prone to being load-only09:53
[g2] device or resource busy.09:53
BenCok, boot with whatever options you need to get to 2.6.20 being up09:53
BenCrm -f /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/drivers/ide/piix.ko09:53
BenCupdate-initramfs -u09:53
BenCthen reboot without any options09:53
[g2] there is no piix in drivers/ide09:56
[g2] BenC this is from the LiveCD10:00
BenCAh, it's drivers/ide/pci/piix.ko10:00
BenCBut you can't do this from a livecd10:01
[g2] nod10:02
[g2] an yeah it is in ide/pci10:03
[g2] BenC ok. I powered off for a few minutes and booted feisty with irqpoll10:11
[g2] http://pastebin.ca/37076610:13
BenC[g2] : Ok, can you pastebin lsmod output?10:17
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[g2] http://pastebin.ca/37078010:22
BenCpiix is definitely loaded, and shouldn't be10:29
BenCdo you have feisty installed or are you doing this from livecd alone?10:30
[g2] BenC livecd, I'd like to get feisty installed10:31
BenCYou should be ok if you just rm the piix.ko driver10:31
BenCnext kernel upload will have that fixed10:31
BenCI think piix and ata_piix don't play well together10:31
[g2] ok10:31
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[g2] BenC / kylem thx -- Feisty's installed now11:02
BenCgetting rid of piix fixed it up?11:02
BenCor still using irqpoll?11:02
[g2] BenC no I just installed and rm'd piix.ko and booted11:03
BenCsounds good, thanks for testing11:03
[g2] so to be clear, no I'm not using irqpoll11:03
[g2] and yes I am not loading piix11:03
[g2] it's a pleasure testing :)11:04
[g2] thx for the great help11:04
BenC[g2]  next kernel update should be fixed without needing any special hacks11:04
[g2] next+1 :)11:04
[g2] I'm apt upgrading now so I don't think you mean that one11:04
[g2] BenC you don't really have a hardware lab to test kernels on correct ?11:05
[g2] heh... other than "the world"11:06
BenC[g2] : Lab, no, just the machines I have, and other developers have11:28
BenCwe have a support center that does testing for certain machines11:28
[g2] BenC how might one get a machine added to support center ?11:29
[g2] or do similar testing11:30
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BenC[g2] : Contact jbailey@canonical.com11:48

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