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tonyyarussoHey all, I'm trying to troubleshoot what the difference is between my debianized build of Nvu's successor (which does not work) and my regular build of it (which does).  When I try to run the version coming out of the .deb I made I get "Cannot find mozilla runtime directory. Exiting." - suggestions on where to look?02:12
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poningruok is officially out04:16
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dfarninggnomefreak, what are you doing still up05:07
gnomefreakim not05:07
dfarningGoing through all the bugs assigned team and changing them to -bugs05:08
gnomefreakgoing to bed again :) we need to talk this weekend about a "triager" remind me this weekend if you see me please05:09
dfarninggood night05:09
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gnomefreakanyone here?01:27
gnomefreaki think feisty -dbgsym packages were updated this retrace is grabbing alot of them02:25
gnomefreakunless its a newer crash maybe02:26
asacgnomefreak: will be here later03:19
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asachello hello :)08:44
ajmitchhi hi08:48
asacgnomefreak: you uploaded locale somewhere (feel like I have seen something like this in mailbox)08:52
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-mozillateam:asac] : Welcome to the home of the Ubuntu Mozilla Team | Web-Home is: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam | totem anti-crash preview is at: http://gnomefreak.youmortals.com/Totem/
crimsungnomefreak: you'll want to reroll that patch against the current totem source package, and use proper versioning09:32
crimsuni.e., 2.17.92-0ubuntu2~09:33
crimsunthat trailing tilde es muy importante09:33
asaccrimsun: ?11:00
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crimsunasac: so that it doesn't clobber 2.17.92-0ubuntu2.11:49
asacbut why tilde? i only know if from versioned depends/conflicts12:17
asacubuntu4 is fine ... we should have used ubuntu3.mt1 though12:17
asacubuntu3 is the current, isn't it`12:17

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