elkbuntui hope we get to go :)12:25
Hobbseeyep :12:26
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transgressyeah i need some sort of test to show i changed ports01:03
PriceChildtransgress, be patient and an op will be with you in a minute or two... don't run! :)01:04
Hobbseetransgress: done, thanks :)01:05
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tonyyarussoHobbsee, elkbuntu: So I'm reading a book about visiting Australia, and he keeps going on about how many venomous creatures there are there.  Ever had an unfortunate encounter?01:50
Hobbseeoh, a couple01:50
Hobbseenothing major though01:50
naliothtonyyarusso: you are surrounded by venemous creatures all around you, have you ever been encountered?01:51
tonyyarussoHobbsee: So "nothing major" in Australian means like there are only funnel web spiders in three of the eight corners of my bedroom?01:52
Kamping_Kaisertonyyarusso, i have redbacks, do tehy count?01:52
tonyyarussoKamping_Kaiser: sure.  :)01:52
Kamping_Kaisertonyyarusso, then yes, only in 3 corners :)01:52
Kamping_Kaisertonyyarusso, what does 'unfortunate encounter' entail anyway?01:54
tonyyarussoKamping_Kaiser: dunno, some venom, a day or two in a hospital, last rites, that sort of thing.01:55
Kamping_Kaisernah, dont remember having died before01:56
naliothtonyyarusso: most folks you talk to here live in metropolises of various sizes. not so many venemous animals (just like in north america)01:56
=== nalioth thinks tonyyarusso is having a shoe sandwich
tonyyarussoa shoe sandwich?  chewy01:56
naliothi find your line of questioning insulting, actually.  perhaps i'm reading it wrong01:57
tonyyarussoOh?  Didn't mean it like that at all...01:58
naliothtonyyarusso: here in NorthAM, we have venomous snakes, lizards, spiders, and probably some other forms of life i can't remember atm.  just because you live in NorthAM, do you have to watch where you step all the time?01:58
tonyyarussonalioth: No, but we don't have as many.  The author is writing about this while in the suburbs of Sydney, btw.  Apparently they have a number of the "most poisonous _____" sorts of things.01:59
=== tonyyarusso was mostly joking, but is apparently being taken far too seriously today - sorry all
naliothtonyyarusso: go ahead and visit Australia.  I think you'll be fine (no matter what that author thinks)02:03
tonyyarussoI'd love to sometime.  Will probably do my dream trip of the north half first though (every country that touches the Arctic Ocean and/or Artic Circle)02:04
ubotuIn #kubuntu, b0rt said: ubotu: beryl is working really nice on aiglx, but emerald seems to have some problems to load windows decorations02:10
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ubotuIn ubotu, Bubblemanx said: where is console?02:29
ubotuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Manuals: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicCommands02:30
tonyyarusso!tell Bubblemanx about terminal02:30
Madpilottonyyarusso, remote control noob assistance. Cool. ;)02:33
tonyyarussoMadpilot: You should have seen the day I compiled and installed something for a guy via VNC while he was in the shower.02:34
tonyyarussoI had a root console on the machine of someone I didn't know - it was crazy.02:34
Madpilotthen went looking for his sekrit pr0n stash before he got out of the shower?02:35
Madpilota very trusting noob02:35
tonyyarussolol, there are some things I'd rather not know ;)02:35
Kamping_Kaiserpeople can be insanly trusting02:36
ompaulno people can be insane02:38
tonyyarussonalioth: You're the only person that I know has PPC machines.  It would be nice if I could have access to a PPC pbuilder, if that's a possibility through your or anyone else (either run by me or you, doesn't matter)02:49
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elkbuntunalioth, ubot3 is on the same connection as you?03:34
naliothyes, unfortunately03:34
naliothwhere did it go?03:35
naliothlooks like the bot is returning to its haunts03:35
elkbuntunowhere, it needs to do some ghost slaying as well03:36
tonyyarussonalioth: machine back up and ready?03:47
naliothstand by please03:50
naliothdon't make me grumble03:50
tonyyarussoHappy to do so - troubleshooting an issue I found anyway; might be a while.03:52
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arrenlex(20:22:04) bird603568 [n=bird@c-71-58-92-236.hsd1.pa.comcast.net]  entered the room.04:32
arrenlex(20:26:52) bird603568: you guys suck cock04:32
arrenlexCould you ban 'im?04:33
arrenlexYou didn't respond to the !ops...04:33
tonyyarussoarrenlex: He quit.04:33
tonyyarussoIf he comes back we will.04:33
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=== thc|work [i=20709a26@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ircatwork.com/x-d3361a3f8ef6f546] has joined #ubuntu-ops
thc|workshit... why isn't it letting me in #ubuntu - this nick's registered04:43
tonyyarusso!proxy | thc|work04:44
ubotuthc|work: The #ubuntu channel and related channels ban users joining from anonymous gateways like tor/silenceisdefeat/cgi:irc because the abuse:useful ratio is close to infinity:nothing -- project cloaks will let you join, otherwise you should simply not use an anonymizer.04:44
ubotuAttention tor users.  You may think you are anonymous, but you are not.  Please visit http://tor.unixgu.ru/ and see for yourself.   Please evaluate your need to use tor here on irc.  If you wish anonymity, Freenode offers cloaks of many different types. http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks04:44
thc|worknah i know, i've been through this before but i thought i'd be allowed in with a registered nick04:44
thc|workand i'm connecting through port 800104:44
tonyyarussoYou can use a cloak, but a registered nick isn't enough for this particular issue04:46
thc|worki don't wanna be anon04:46
thc|worki just am because i'm using irc at work... no way round it04:46
tonyyarussoSo ask for an unaffil. cloak?04:47
naliothtonyyarusso: language please04:47
naliothtonyyarusso: won't work04:47
tonyyarussothc|work: You could also try #ubuntu-offtopic if it's a temporary sort of issue - either someone might know, or they might be able to relay to #ubuntu, since I don't think that chan blocks proxies.04:49
thc|workahh oki.. i only wanted to make general chat about it04:49
thc|worki'm a new user and just looking to soak up as much as i can04:50
nalioththc|work: #ubuntu-offtopic will work fine04:50
naliothwe don't allow gateway users in #ubuntu due to abuse04:50
thc|workthat's fair enough04:50
naliothafter you've been here a while and we see you interacting in other #ubuntu-* channels, sometimes exceptions can be made04:51
thc|workahh fair due's04:51
thc|workso you're taking the precaution incase i'm blagging you and trying to abuse ubuntu... fair enough lol04:51
thc|workyou can never take a man on irc by face vallue04:51
=== ericz [n=eric@ip70-174-127-4.hr.hr.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-ops
ericzeh.. i got redirected to #ubuntu-read-topic, now connected on port 8001, when will i be able to join #ubuntu?05:06
naliothericz: join me in #moderation please05:07
naliothericz: you can rejoin #ubuntu now. thanks for your patience05:09
ericzsure, no problem05:09
=== ericz [n=eric@ip70-174-127-4.hr.hr.cox.net] has left #ubuntu-ops ["Leaving"]
thc|worktell me nalioth, what's going on here?05:12
nalioththc|work: /msg ubotu exploit05:12
thc|workhmm but i did nothing wrong, nor do i plan to05:14
nalioththc|work: ubotu is an info bot05:15
naliothbe informed05:15
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ShanePI believe I'm in the wrong channel..what is the ubuntu support channel? I thought it was #ubuntu07:22
tonyyarusso!proxy | ShaneP07:23
ubotuShaneP: The #ubuntu channel and related channels ban users joining from anonymous gateways like tor/silenceisdefeat/cgi:irc because the abuse:useful ratio is close to infinity:nothing -- project cloaks will let you join, otherwise you should simply not use an anonymizer.07:23
ubotuAttention tor users.  You may think you are anonymous, but you are not.  Please visit http://tor.unixgu.ru/ and see for yourself.   Please evaluate your need to use tor here on irc.  If you wish anonymity, Freenode offers cloaks of many different types. http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks07:23
=== Smorg [i=Smorg@gateway/tor/x-8daf2bee9317563b] has joined #ubuntu-ops
ShanePhey smorg07:32
ShanePI guess using this irc gateway is banned from ubuntu07:32
ShaneP(with tor)07:33
Smorgyeah is there an actual ubuntu channel?07:33
Smorgyeah this is tor07:33
Smorg#kubuntu works07:33
ShanePyeah, i guess tor is banned07:33
ShanePthey say it's not completely anonymous yet my ip is hidden and that's enough for me07:34
SmorgIts basically completely anonymous if you use it properly07:34
ShanePbut i guess it's not with irc..that's what the links say07:34
ShanePdid it show you some links saying it was banned on here for you?07:35
SmorgAny sort of traffic analysis involves crude things such as data timeing correlation etc07:35
Smorgwhy wouldn't it be?07:35
Smorgits encrypted end to end07:35
Smorgany data will be anonymous with the exception of the exit node07:35
Smorgoh well they can detect you are a tor user07:35
Smorgthats easy07:35
Smorgthe exit nodes are all publicly known07:36
ShanePLet me know what you think of that link07:36
Smorgof course they have to be for tor to function07:36
naliothladies and gentlemen, this is not a social channel, if you want access to #ubuntu, Freenode offers cloaks for anonymity and it also offers "gpg-tor" access which is not shunned by some of the channels here07:38
Smorgah it just kicks you to this chan07:39
naliothhttp://freenode.net/irc_servers.shtml  Smorg07:40
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MyrttiI was just thinking, what's the policy on away messages currently07:47
tonyyarussoMyrtti: No public ones, generally.  (sometimes tolerated in smaller channels, but just don't)07:47
tonyyarussoUse /away instead07:48
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Myrttitonyyarusso: yeah. I asked because I tried to discuss the issue on a particular channel, but since no change was happening and I got frustrated everytime I saw public aways, I left the channel07:49
MyrttiI wasn't contributing there anyway so it didn't matter that I left07:49
naliothMyrtti: /away messages suck07:50
nalioth!tell Myrtti about guidelines07:50
Myrttithey really do, I know07:50
Myrttiand yes, I know the guidelines, it's me, you know ;-)07:51
naliothMyrtti: just sic ubuto on 'em  :)07:51
naliothor ubotu even07:51
Myrttiwell I didn't really want to rub it on people, I tried nicely with discussion07:52
naliothso /msg ubotu tell NICK about guidelines07:53
naliothit'll tell 'em who sent it07:53
MyrttiI don't particularly like using bots telling people what I can tell them myself07:53
Myrttiit's so... hmmm, so...07:53
MyrttiI like to talk to people with no proxies07:54
Myrttisince I still know how to type and think07:54
Myrttibut now I need to relogin, xfce has forgotten some of my settings07:55
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arrenlexCould we have a blurb about install.exe pointing you to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/install.exe/Prototype08:51
arrenlexPerhaps with many giant beta warnings?08:51
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elkbuntumneptok, they're talking about you on -motu, go scare them :09:47
elkbuntuwell drat, one of them's in here, that ruined it09:47
elkbuntubah. if you're having a good day so far, dont read sounder10:42
kgoetzyay for having unsubscribed yesterday :D11:18
elkbuntukgoetz, jbj suggested a... homebrew repo11:18
elkbuntuie, a cesspool of support nightmare11:18
kgoetzelkbuntu: what, another one?11:19
kgoetzor a united one ?:S11:19
elkbuntukgoetz, a united one11:19
elkbuntuhe's a tool, remember11:19
elkbuntui replied anyway, and somehow managed to keep the CoC intact11:19
kgoetzi forget fast, but less then a week since i nearly snapped over a post from him i think i remember ;)11:20
elkbuntui just reminded you in PM11:21
kgoetzoh thankyou *looks*11:21
Seveas@config channel plugins.mess.enabled True11:25
UbugtuEric Raymond was reborn; from a skinny lame kid with a flute into a shaman and a vessel of the Goat-Foot God, the Piper at the Gates of Dawn, the Horned Lord. The music was his first power, but not his last.11:25
UbugtuMr. T actually does sell sea shells by the sea shore. Mainly to support his $500,000 a day gold chain habit.11:27
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ikoniaanyone awake12:33
=== Hobbsee_ [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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=== tsmithe is awake, but he's not an op
elkbuntualready dealt, tsmithe12:38
=== Hobbsee__ [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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tsmitheelkbuntu, kk12:38
kgoetzeek. how many Hobbsee__ 's do we need :S12:38
elkbuntukgoetz, i know. one is more than enough12:38
=== kgoetz flail
=== elkbuntu tickles all the hobbsee's
=== Hobbsee tickles all the elkbuntu's
=== tsmithe hides from all the Hobbsees
Hobbseekgoetz: lots!12:39
=== Hobbsee chases tsmithe
elkbuntutsmithe, careful. they hunt like velocir raptors12:39
=== tsmithe outruns the Hobbsees
=== Hobbsee__ pounces on tsmithe
tsmitheelkbuntu, that's ok. i've dealt with them many a time12:39
=== kgoetz watches
tsmithehehe - Hobbsee__ pounced on my dummy!12:40
=== tsmithe gives elkbuntu a ticket to a typing lesson
HobbseeFetched 204MB in 6m22s (532kB/s) yay :)12:40
tsmithelucky beggar12:40
kgoetzHobbsee: thats a bit slow :P12:41
tsmithei get a tenth that12:41
=== Hobbsee is dist-upgrading one laptop, and installing the kde snapshot on the other
kgoetztsmithe: thats still twice as fast as my home connection12:41
tsmithethat is my home connection ;)12:41
tsmitheused to be 200 :'(12:41
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=== Hobbsee seriously cant believe how tiny this laptop screen is
kgoetz*hugs* Hobbsee* - now control that cloneing :P12:44
tsmithehow tiny is it?12:45
Hobbsee__1024x768 - it's not that small12:49
Hobbsee__but compared to my dell widescreen...12:49
=== kgoetz runs this lappy at that
=== Hobbsee__ waits...
=== kgoetz puts 'get lappy to take to png' on todo list
kgoetzcloser... closer...12:52
kgoetz(and scarier too)12:52
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=== Hobbsee is back to torment...
ubotuIn ubotu, HymnToLife said: names is <reply> For info about why Ubuntu releases are named as they are, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DevelopmentCodeNames02:13
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about names - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi02:14
Pricey!search name02:14
ubotuFound: kernel, appsy, warty, username, alsa-source, tab, questions-#ubuntu-classroom-chat, scp, strigi, usernames02:14
=== kgoetz wonders if thats a 'still in there ' warty or serves a special purpose
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about waty - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi02:15
ubotuwarty was the first release of Ubuntu. Version 4.10, codename "Warty Warthog"02:15
Pricey!name is <alias> codenames02:15
ubotuIn #ubuntu-ops, Pricey said: !name is <alias> codenames02:15
Pricey!name is <alias> codenames02:16
ubotuIn #ubuntu-ops, Pricey said: !name is <alias> codenames02:16
ubotulogin: system login tools. In component main, is required. Version 1:4.0.16-2ubuntu4 (edgy), package size 306 kB, installed size 2776 kB02:16
kgoetzheh :/02:16
Jucatomaybe it only knows you as Price_Child?02:16
PriceChild!name is <alias> codenames02:16
ubotuI'll remember that, PriceChild02:16
PriceChildwoo :)02:16
=== PriceChild files a bug
gnomefreakwhat are you expecting?02:20
PriceChildgnomefreak, well when I use my "Pricey" alternate nick it won't accept me02:20
PriceChildSo hopefully the login can just look at the cloak instead of the entire thing02:21
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nixternalhey, can some one kill this turd in #ubuntu-meeting for trolling10:12
nixternal!ops damnit10:13
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ops damnit - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi10:13
=== imbrandon [n=brandon@ubuntu/member/pdpc.active.imbrandon] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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imbrandonheya fellas, whos got ops in #ubuntu-meeting10:17
imbrandonwe need a ban10:17
imbrandon15:16  * CgiSoft takes the code of conduct and flushes it down an open source toilet                                                                                                                 iwj10:17
imbrandon15:16 < atoponce> !ops                                                                                                                                                                               JanC10:17
imbrandon15:16 -!- CgiSoft [n=cgi-guy@c-24-127-89-75.hsd1.va.comcast.net]  has quit [] 10:17
nixternalthey are sleeping ;p10:19
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=== Rinchen [n=Rinchen@ubuntu/member/rinchen] has joined #ubuntu-ops
Rinchennixternal, did you report our CoCo breach here already?10:27
RinchenOk, Nix must be away10:29
RinchenFor any OPS who are monitoring, we had someone on #ubuntu-meeting trash the CoC and disrupt a meeting10:30
Rinchen* [CgiSoft]  (n=cgi-guy@c-24-127-89-75.hsd1.va.comcast.net): cgi guy10:30
Rinchen* [CgiSoft]  #ubuntu-us #ubuntu-meeting10:30
Rinchen* [CgiSoft]  irc.freenode.net :http://freenode.net/10:30
Rinchen* [CgiSoft]  idle 00:00:57, signon: Sat Feb 24 13:53:4010:30
Rinchen* [CgiSoft]  End of WHOIS list.10:30
PriceChildRinchen, it was reported but all the ops seem to be sleeping :(10:30
RinchenThe details about "flushing the Ubuntu CoC down the open source toliet" and other good stuff.10:30
RinchenThanks Pricey.10:30
PriceChildsorry I can't help :)10:31
RinchenNo worries. Just wanted to ensure someone logged it :-)10:33
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DBOping nalioth11:03
DBOping anyone11:03
DBOyou'll work fine11:05
DBOcan you do me a favor?11:06
PriceChilddepends what it is :)11:06
PriceChild!proxy > m00v11:06
DBOcan you tell Seveas that I will be away from IRC and the online community in general for short time (a couple weeks) due to, erm, personal issues I guess11:07
m00vyes ?11:07
ompaulDBO, we can11:07
DBOmy private life needs some closer attention right now11:07
PriceChildDBO, you could always leave a memoserv perhaps?11:07
PriceChildm00v, see the private message from ubotu11:07
DBOI trust you people more =)11:07
PriceChildhehe ok :)11:07
ompaulDBO,you could mail him - he does read it - he does not see the memoserv11:07
PriceChildHope you sort it all out, cya soon!11:07
DBOompaul, I know, I was hoping to simply find him here11:08
DBOanyhow I hope you all will have me back when things are sorted on my end11:08
DBOthank you all11:08
ompaulmind yourself11:08
DBObye =)11:08
ompaulc ya l8r11:08
ompaulall well11:08
ompaulahh well11:08
=== Seeker` [n=cjo20@84-12-195-25.dyn.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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ompaulPriceChild, what was that about proxy?11:10
ubotuThe #ubuntu channel and related channels ban users joining from anonymous gateways like tor/silenceisdefeat/cgi:irc because the abuse:useful ratio is close to infinity:nothing -- project cloaks will let you join, otherwise you should simply not use an anonymizer.11:11
ubotuAttention tor users.  You may think you are anonymous, but you are not.  Please visit http://tor.unixgu.ru/ and see for yourself.   Please evaluate your need to use tor here on irc.  If you wish anonymity, Freenode offers cloaks of many different types. http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks11:11
tonyyarussore: earlier, very few people have ops in -meeting, so it can be hard to find one on the rare occasion that it's needed.11:11
PriceChildompaul, basically he got forwarded here from ubuntu because he has a tor connection11:11
ompaulPriceChild, k11:11
ompaultonyyarusso, I just filed a bug about that11:11
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tonyyarussoMajor lag here, so trouble taking on #ubuntu spammers :P11:14
PriceChildompaul, to the rescue11:14
ompaultonyyarusso, got it11:15
ompaulPriceChild, do -readtopic please11:15
ompaulif your not voiced11:15
ompaullet me know11:15
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tonyyarussoompaul: thanks11:17
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PriceChildompaul, ctrl+x closing xchat keeps catching me :'(11:28
=== ikonia has a request
ompaulask and you may be denied / granted11:43
ompaulikonia, ^^11:44
ikoniajust wanted to see if anyone was listening11:47
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ompaulI can't hear you :P11:48
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ikoniamy request is simple - I would like to request that the policy on using ubot output redirection is directed using a pm ">" rather than on screen as the ammount of ubot abuse (not bad - just over use) is making the channel very confusing, eg: constant !nvidia !wireless !mp3 !etc11:48
ikoniait would be nicer if the policy was !nvidia >$user11:48
ikoniaI appriciate its a big ask, and just request consideration11:49
ompaulthen you have to explain to the user what a PM is11:49
ompaulikonia, if you want to put it in as bug on launchpad but I don't think it would come to pass11:49
ikonianot really - with a minor change to ubot so the output is auto directed to > rather than |11:49
ikoniaI don't think it would either, I was just curious on you guys views on it11:49
ompaul I would be opposed to it11:50
ikoniaif it was just me that found it frustrating or if it was a genuine problem11:50
ikoniaahhh interesting, could you explain11:50
ompaulas I use this |11:50
ikoniaompaul: yes, but that still outputs to screen11:50
ompaulit means that people who don't know stuff can see it11:50
ompauland in a channel of 1k + users11:50
ikoniaeg: "!restrictedformats" is about 8 lines long11:50
ompaulthat is a bit over the top11:50
ikoniaompaul: yes, thats why I didn't put the bot on ignore11:50
ompaulI used to put the likes of that in on 1 line and point to a url11:51
ikoniabut the last few days everyone is !nvidia !help !wirless !etc and its just making the channel impossible to follow11:51
ikoniaits only been bad of late11:51
ikoniahence why its only just frustrated me11:51
ompaulwell I'll talk with seveas about making them shorter11:51
ikoniaI appriciate I'm one user, never hurts to ask though11:51
tonyyarussoikonia: so, /msg ubotu tell soandso about msg the bot  ;)11:52
ikoniaswap to the channel - in under a minute 3 people have done !worksforme11:52
ikoniatonyyarusso: could do - but every user ? hence why I was requesting a policy update11:53
ikoniaI was just curious to feedback if it was frustrating anyone else, or just me finding it a bit tiresome11:53
tonyyarussonot sure'11:53
ikoniajust thought it may be interesting to discuss11:54
ompaulthen lead by example with ! foo > user11:54
ikoniahappy to be wrong on this11:54
ikoniaompaul: I already do11:54
ompaulalso tell others verbosely in the channel11:54
ikoniaI try - but its not my place to11:54
ikoniahence discussion here11:54
ikoniahappy to be wrong on it, just thought I'd see what you guys thought11:55
ompaulplease stop saying happy to be wrong11:55
ikoniawell, I just didn't want to be "pushy" on it like I was moaning, I was just interested11:55
ompaulI wonder if you should to !msgthebot11:55
ompaul !msgthebot11:56
ubotuPlease investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (see also !Bot). Abusing the channel bots will only result in angry ops...11:56
ikoniaompaul: but then thats another !something on screen that keeps "appearing"11:56
ompaulmaybe I could expand that to usebot11:56
ikoniaI was trying to reduce the ammount of !noise on screen11:56
ompaulyou need to break eggs to make an omlette11:56
ikoniaeg: - look at this11:56
ompaulso if your !noise is towards11:56
ikonia<Pelo> !restricted11:56
ikonia<OCgraphikz> got the updates11:56
ikonia<ubotu> For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats11:56
ompaulI cam seeing it11:56
ikoniadidn't see you in channel11:57
ikonia!multimedia and !resolution 3 lines apart just flooded my screen11:57
ompaulyou made your point about 10 minutes ago11:57
ikoniaooh right11:58
ompaulso I tried to enter a discussion with you and you keep saying the same stuff11:58
ompaulnow can we work on this?11:58
ikoniawasn't sure it was clear how often its happening11:58
ikoniasure, happy to work on it11:58
ompaulmy idea is that I make a nice little short one11:58
ikoniathats a great step11:58
ompaulthat is like one line11:58
ikonialess is more11:58
ikoniajust the URL for example11:58
ompaulexplains how to tell a user using the bot11:58
ikoniamissed the point11:58
ompaulyou need to tell someone what they are doing11:59
ompaulso if you put a really detailed web page up11:59
ompaulexplaining a "full case http://wiki.ubuntu.com/goodbotuse11:59
ompauland we prefix this with11:59
mc44#ubuntu will be scrolling past too fast even without ubotu responses12:00
ompaulso it looks like: !goodbotuse > user12:00
ompauland that factoid says12:00
trollboyany word on the wrt54g's patching the bug yet?12:00
ikoniaompaul: that seems a reasonable step12:01
ompaulto use the bot better - have it message the information to the user - it is easier for them to access and does not create noise in the channel please see  http://wiki.ubuntu.com/goodbotuse for more information12:01
ikoniaompaul: I see where you're going12:01
ompaulthen say OI user read message from bot12:02
ikoniayes, thats a start12:02
ikoniacould see how it goes12:02
ompaulikonia, so I can leave that wiki page for you12:02
ikoniareview it at a later data12:02
ompaulthen come back to me12:02
ikoniaompaul: if you'd like me to write it, I'd be happy12:02
ompaulwell it is your idea I am just advising how you can achieve your goal12:03
ikoniaompaul: no problem, I'll write it12:03
ikoniathanks for the feedback12:03
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