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a5benwilliscan anyone help me with customizing the LDM login? What files do I edit?12:38
a5benwillis Not the login screen but the desktop for all new users who log in.12:38
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chinoLaserJock:  yes esactlly... i really think these IT guys at these schools dont know what there doing... this one guy had macs setup and said he loved it and unbreakable and that the winxp boxes got destroyed constantly... but the school district bought a whole bunch of cheap dells... so why dont i walk in and run a edbuntu live cd and show him what thin clients are all about and how it looks just as good at mac works just as good and the thin client has se12:46
cliebowor an ltsp live cd hooked to your lappie12:49
a5benwillischino: I dont appreciate that remark. Im an IT guy at a school.12:54
chinoheh ;] 12:55
chinosome IT guys12:55
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a5benwillisOne reason I don't use overpriced 'contractors' like you is because you think you know more than you do.12:56
cliebowi also am an it guy at school 8~)12:56
a5benwillisYet yocan anyone help me with customizing the LDM login? What files do I edit?12:57
a5benwillis Not the login screen but the desktop for all new users who log in.guys to ask you questions.u come here, where monst of use ARE school IT12:57
a5benwillisWell that didnt come out right.12:57
a5benwillisYet you come here, where monst of use ARE school IT guys to ask your questions.12:57
a5benwillis<--- steps OFF soapbox :-)12:58
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=== cliebow clieb ow waves to ogra..
a5benwillisHi ogra!01:18
a5benwilliscan anyone help me with customizing the LDM login? What files do I edit?01:23
a5benwillis Not the login screen but the desktop for all new users who log in etc.01:24
LaserJocka5benwillis: you really might have a better time emailing the edubuntu-users list01:24
LaserJockrather than posting in here every half hour01:24
a5benwillisI just emailed the ltsp list.01:24
a5benwillisLOL, sorry....01:24
LaserJockit's not a problem, I just don't want you to get too frustrated waiting for an answer here01:25
a5benwillisyou guys are usually ready to talk about this stuff though. Its been a slow day here.01:25
LaserJockyep, it is some days01:25
a5benwillisI do ask a lot of questions. But I usualy search the net in every possible way first.01:25
a5benwilliscliebow's just been letting me down today. No helpful answers at all!01:26
cliebow out of my league...01:35
LaserJockI'm no help at all01:36
cliebowjust havnt had it in production long enough to pull myself out by the bootstraps01:36
LaserJockone of these days I'll actually have to do a LTSP setup01:36
cliebowive just been *alls to the wall keeping everyting else up..01:37
a5benwillisjust giving you a hard time :)01:38
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cliebowmy one ubuntu/4.2 setup i havnt touched for six weeks..just "works" in a fifth grade class with a clueless teacher..01:39
cliebowtwo more edubuntu schools just waiting for a reason to put it in service01:40
a5benwilliscliebow: Shouldnt be long now for me to get a pilot in place. I just need to make sure that all the bells and wistles are in place.01:41
cliebowand there is cave hill started with libranet and ltsp ..moved to rh two years ago for the whole school01:41
a5benwillisHave you added any other software?01:41
cliebowat least he oones you know about NOW01:41
cliebowoh lord..tux*..ldap..01:42
a5benwillisEditing art Now to customize per school :-)01:42
a5benwillisLike the log in  text etc.01:42
a5benwillisAdding the school name to the logos.01:43
cliebowohhh i see..01:43
cliebowyes..i had an eagle on mine...prob two years since reinstall i havnt stuck it back in there01:43
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chinoa5benwillis:  who said im overpriced... who said i think i know things... only thing i said was i wanted to help companies mover over... jerk02:05
chinoa5benwillis:  get off your high horse just cause i made one statement... there is 32 poeple in here out of the entire planet.... and i meant nothing against you ...02:07
chinoyou guys obviously would be the type i like... ffs02:10
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Malay_LinuxI am using Kopete at Kubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft...02:11
a5benwillischino: I just took offense at your generalization of "IT guys in schools" and made my own geralization. Lets just leave it at that/02:15
chinoyea im sorry for doing that02:15
a5benwillisthat being said, you are right. Edubuntu would be great if pitched properly to school districts without the in house knowledge to do their own pilot.02:16
chinobut just the ones "i" know are nice guys but either thrown into the job and never wanted it and dont know what to do or ... like the other example i made, would rather use mac but got stuck with dells and xp, and doens't know what he could have02:16
chinoid really just like to consult and make some extra bucks helping the converngence02:17
chinoim tired of sitting around waiting for the change when i look around me and i could help the desktop change towards linux more02:17
a5benwillisI just battled throught intergrating Edubuntu and Netware authentication in my environment.02:18
chinoand ubuntu is looking to be the best desktop linux for regular people02:18
chinoyea thats a big thing that novell merging with suse is gonna help02:18
chinohave they not released their products outside of suse ?02:18
a5benwillisI love ubuntu, use it as my primary workstation everyday. I manage 6000+ clients and 16000 users.02:18
chinoidk i tried it once when it was first starting to get notice and the whole sudo thing smacked me in the face and i said ... yea its good desktop very easy but being a linux guy id rather stick iwth my slackware that i know and doens't use sudo which i thought wasn't that hot of any idea02:19
chinobut reading more and more about it now over the last 2 years and just seeing how many things work out of the box and how they are improving usuability is making me about to install it again on another box02:20
chinobecause running slackware on a desktop is more work than i have time to deal with these days02:20
chinoplus i realy wonna see beryl in action without recompiling x lol02:21
chinoso you run thin clients in your school02:21
a5benwillisI love my beryl on ubuntu.02:21
chinowell tel lyou truth i doubt the thin clients need such a full blown desktop with beryl02:22
cliebowi use a little slack..some rh ubuntus breezy up..i had a bad exp with breezy at first..with network-admin  in particular..02:22
a5benwillisWith twin 22" lcd's its great to have all of the workspace room02:22
chinoim hoping edbuntu supports clean low footprint desktops that have ability to load apps as they need it02:22
cliebowi use all dumpster dive stuff..monitors good for only 800x60002:22
chinoi just have to ask... isn't the whole sudo thing... opening the desktop for malicious programs that can simply run "sudo" to get root rights ?02:23
cliebowthin clinets  the state condemned02:23
chinowhat ?02:23
=== freet15 [n=freet15@] has joined #edubuntu
cliebowsudo is fine..just set a root pw if you need to..or it becomes a real pain in thebackside02:24
a5benwillisor do sudo -i02:24
chinoi haven't even realy looked into it but as far as i know any user on unbuntu can just sudo away and do anything right02:25
cliebowplus you cant just sudo unless part of admin group02:25
chinoi just dont want linux desktops to make mistakes and open the door for infections... users on unix type systems can allways install applications locally... what reason do they really need to ever be root ... except for the admin ?02:26
=== jack_wyt [n=jack@] has joined #edubuntu
cliebowubuntu is at least as secure as slack'02:26
chinoim not doubting that im just asking02:26
cliebowsudo is a very controoled apparatus02:26
LaserJockchino: newly created users aren't given admin right by default02:26
LaserJockchino: only the initially set up user does02:26
cliebowonly the user that created the install is given sudo..02:27
chinoso a5benwillis are you using thin clients in your setup or do you do mass installs remotely ?02:27
a5benwillisthin clients02:27
a5benwillisold machines02:27
cliebowchino: i have a hundred thins in the high school..never more than 40 on at a timew02:27
chinocliebow:  yea well ok so lets so joe shmo sets up his new crispy unbuntu box and keeps using his main user name al the time ... hes the main user of the pc... and he doens't know any better becuase hes just joe shmoe... so he runs a program or installer that takes advantage of the sudo...  is that not what could happen ?02:28
chinoa5benwillis:  what about login... are users just using guest accounts or do you have the server piped into some central authentication system ?02:29
cliebowthe installer with sudo privs could do anything. no one else cold do squat02:29
a5benwillisthey are authenticated via Netware NDS servers. Theyre home directories are also mapped at login so nothing is stored ont he ltsp server.02:29
cliebownew users have few priviledges02:29
chinocliebow:  yes but joe shmoe at home installed the system so he has sudo02:29
LaserJockchino: he has sudo rights, not root rights02:30
LaserJockchino: so if something needs to be run as root it asks him for a password02:30
a5benwillischino: In ubuntu you do log in as the first user. Its a little different that regular nix02:30
=== jack_wyt [n=jack@] has joined #edubuntu
chinoa5benwillis:  yes thats what i was thinking of setting up... so you chose to support netware because your current infrastructure allready had it in place ?02:30
cliebowsure ..he has right to do anything..but sp doew the installer of slack ..or redhat..02:30
a5benwillisits like debian or freebsd even.02:30
chinoLaserJock:  oya you can setup a password sorry i forgot... but is that on by deafult ? does the installer warn at least ?02:31
a5benwillischino: Yes we are a BIG netware shop with windows workstations.02:31
LaserJockcliebow: right, but sudo is quite a bit better than running as root02:31
LaserJockchino: what?02:31
LaserJocksorry that was for chino02:31
a5benwillisalso theres more control with sudo, with sudoers etc02:31
chinoa5benwillis:  so how is the performance using roaming profiles ?02:31
LaserJocksay you want more than one person admining a box02:31
LaserJockwith a root account you would have to give the root password to all admins02:32
chinoa5benwillis:  so does novel for linux also have a new login manager that controls the whole loggin business like it did on windows boxes /02:32
cliebowchino: we limit roaming to just Desktop and My zDocs02:32
chinoLaserJock:  yes i get it you convinced me02:32
LaserJockwith sudo there is no root password02:32
a5benwillischino: I didnt use anything from Novel for this.02:32
LaserJockit's also logged02:32
chinoa5benwillis:  oh there is open source programs for novel support ? didn't ever look into it..02:33
LaserJockso you know *who* is running *what* as root02:33
cliebowb ut ldap rocks 8`)02:33
cliebowLaserJock, ood point02:33
cliebowgood even02:33
chinoi think today most clients i have seen are running windows domains for central logins though... so i was thinking for that type of setup to setup the thin client image to use ldap for authentication to connect to the ms domain server02:33
cliebowwhy mix the evil empire in?02:34
chinobecause thats life...02:34
LaserJockchino: we are working on LDAP support02:34
cliebowno..but ldap does it all02:34
a5benwillisI also have a MS AD Domain. But my file servers are NDS so I chose to leverage off of those. In the end I think that there are far fewer steps this way that using LDAP.02:34
chinoLaserJock:  i have allready setup a linux box to login to a ldap server ... so do what do you mean your working on it ?02:34
a5benwillisI can do all of this with a single PAM module. No scripting anything etc. :-)02:35
LaserJockwell, I think out-of-the-box LDAP/AD support02:35
chinocliebow:  if they have it in place allready then its good to offer the solution ... later you can port over in stages02:35
cliebowwe onlyh have an aged ms domain for authentication thru the firewall02:35
chinoLaserJock:  well can you seutp a ldap server side by side with a active directory server ? does this affect the domain some how ?02:35
cliebowthat is where we started02:35
chinoa5benwillis:  so you wrote your own pam module to handle the novel logins ????02:36
cliebowyou can have 1o domains there if youy like02:36
cliebowor 10 even02:36
chinowhere are you guys located ?02:37
chinoa5benwillis:  ?02:37
cliebowhotbed of ltsp02:37
chinowe should just setup a consulting group02:37
a5benwillisno I found an OLD ncp pam module, hacked, erm patches SSH and made it all work together.02:37
chinoim located in jersey...02:37
chinohes in maine...02:37
a5benwillisIm in SC02:37
chinoa5benwillis:  lol nice hack why dont you look into the novel support ?02:38
chinoa5benwillis:  South Carolina ?02:38
chinoi think we could all support each other and settup a nice consulting group and we each work in local areas of course but we have the backing of all of us02:38
chinoa5benwillis:  no one is looking to be overpriced to me this would be a second job... but i just like ideas... the fct that they are saving money on license's and IT support and all these things... youll find that clients wont mind paying us more than normal IT guys because were saving them substantial amount of money in operations02:39
chinoand were a 1 time thing then we move out and were allways there for support if they  need us...  plus with linux lots of things could be done remotely02:40
a5benwillisno doubt02:40
chinoidk im planning on trying it out my self... and you guys are examples of real world proof of concepts02:40
a5benwillisSounds like you have a business plan.02:41
a5benwillisare you a consultant now?02:41
chinoif any of you guys would be interested in throwing together a white paper together ... we could present this to clients02:41
chinono im just some college grad who loves playing with linux and open source stuff02:42
chinoand the whole 9-5 really isn't my pill i believe in our generation we have lots of skills that other's dont and lots of change is present in the next few years02:42
chinowe can either help it happen and make a living out of it enjoying it02:42
cliebowchino:at least once a week..i think ishould consult..but then i listen tio what the smart guys are doing here..and i say :no way i know enough02:42
chinoor we can watch it blow bye and talk about it02:43
chinowhat are the "smart guys" doing ?02:43
chinothey are only smart because they spend their time totally doing that02:43
chinowhlie your running around dealing with an entire schools issues 9-502:43
a5benwillisentire school? LOL02:43
cliebowad these guys are more or less just doing 9-5..or is it 5-9\02:43
a5benwillisI have 16 schools02:43
a5benwillishow bout you cliebow02:44
cliebowplus supers offices02:44
chinoso your not some small dude02:44
chinolook at what you have accomplished02:44
a5benwillisbut I have 9 techs and one other net eng working for me... so its not all bad.02:44
chinoyea i went to school formally for networking02:44
chinoprogram and hack around with linux on my own for like 6 years02:44
cliebowlearning evry day..but i'm 57 and just out of 20 years on my own..02:44
chinooh so thats perfect dude...02:45
cliebownot all it si cracked up to be02:45
chinoyou work for a school your about to be retired and get your pension... then you can breeze away some time working on something like this02:45
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cliebowboatbuilder til i got hurt02:45
chinoyou gotta stay sharp!02:46
chinodont get lazy for next 20 years youll end up brain dead02:46
cliebowso someday ill retire and only work six days02:46
cliebowwhat keeps me sane is thre days a week summers skippering a boat02:47
cliebowand war-boating is kind of fun02:47
chinowtf ?02:47
chinoa5benwillis:  how old are you ?02:47
cliebowi get my email btween sand point and norwoods cove02:47
cliebowlike war driving ..but in a boat02:48
cliebowwireless antenna strapped to the searchlight02:48
a5benwillisthats funny cliebow, never heard of that02:48
cliebowbeen doing it for years02:48
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #edubuntu
cliebowive been working a coast guard license sins 197302:49
chinoanyway would any of you be interested in starting something ?02:50
cliebowwent as private skipper for former Sec of Navy for 1802:50
chinoi mean even if we dont make a company together just creating a mailing list on the subject and papers and such we can help each other grow02:51
cliebowi have to see how the new Tach Coordinator plays out this Spring02:51
cliebowbut sure..cant hurt to keep in touch..im on #ltsp most of the time02:51
a5benwillischino: I would suggest that you setup a test server yourself, you'll want to come here during the process anyway.02:52
a5benwillisWe're all hear everyday.02:52
chinoa5benwillis:  yes i will...02:52
a5benwilliserm here02:52
cliebowthere is awesome talent in this channel..and #ltsp..02:52
a5benwilliswell, I wouldnt include myself in that staement lol02:53
chinoa5benwillis:  im in the planning faze though really just hypothosizing i got a few other ideas in my head too... right now im really busy with a coding project that i want to pump out quickly... and my job keeps taking up my day :[ ... so im doing things one step at a time02:53
cliebowoh..Man you are on the road...02:53
chinoalso nx is a great tool for talking about publishing some applications from the server directly it has excelent compression and responsivness02:54
cliebowchino:c? or perl..python..ruby?02:54
chinocliebow:  what ?02:54
cliebowi do most of my remote with nx02:54
a5benwillischino: What do you do 9-5 niw/02:55
chinocliebow:  omg!!! its a life savor.... using vnc for more than 5 minutes gives me the runs.... but you throw on that nx and its like your sitting at the pc02:55
cliebowohh a5benwillis has worked his tail off on his project..he's come a long way02:55
cliebowdid my admin for Paris a cuople years ago..San zfrancisco..MOntreal02:55
chinoa5benwillis:  well a company that is literally "down the block" offered a position doing project management for phone / data installations... so i started off as that but they just switched me into their data department so now just relearning cisco and handling the data side of it all...02:56
chinocliebow:  what do you mean your "admin" ?02:56
ajmitchLaserJock: yeah I'd love to see out of the box LDAP/AD support, actually02:56
cliebowi have it worked out so i can nx to a school.then take over any terminal in the building02:56
chinoa5benwillis:  basicaly networking02:57
chinoon big scales02:57
LaserJockajmitch: RSN, right? ;-)02:57
ajmitchLaserJock: shut up :P02:57
ajmitchLaserJock: I'd like to know how it's going to be done, and what will be used to do it02:57
chinocliebow:  see this is great stuff if you had this documented some where... and then we took a5benwillis idea's about his pam hack.... and we pool all the things we've done together we'd end up with a nice white paper on th whole subject that would sell a client on our proposition in no time... especially with real world statistics on real installations that are still operating with happy customers02:58
=== ajmitch doesn't know if authtool will be useful at all, or if it'll remain just another niche universe package
LaserJockajmitch: Magic TM02:58
ajmitchright, explains a lot02:59
chinoa5benwillis:  im gonna setup a test system adn get my self knowledgable more but we should talk in time03:04
chinoperhaps a consulting group gives us the backing we need to start taking on huge projects across the country...03:05
chinocould be fun03:05
a5benwillissry got side tracked on another screen03:06
chinoyea im doing 500 things03:06
a5benwilliswell this chan and others are all about sharing knowledge.03:07
a5benwillisdive in and build a server. Only takes a few hours.03:07
chinoyea i know03:07
chinobut im talking about professional instalations and support03:08
a5benwillisneed to crawl before you walk if you know what I mean.03:08
chinoyae of course03:08
chinoim not worth anything other wise03:08
chinoill tackle my first client on my own but once i get a client under my belt03:09
a5benwillisI work on all kinds of things daily, only have so much time to devote to *nix. I deal with M$, Cisco, Novell and hundereds of educational software packages.03:09
chinowe can really talk about setting up a group and thinking bigger03:09
chinoyea i undersatnd03:09
chinoi like the freelance, consultant appraoch though03:09
chinoi wonna have things on the side that get me out of the 9-503:10
chinoso i can quit a job and still have income03:10
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Toddedmhey eveerryone, im trying to install Edubuntu, and its frozen... is this a common problem?07:39
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=== TeePOG greets everyone
LaserJockhi TeePOG08:48
TeePOGLaserJock: are you lagged, or am I lagged?08:48
LaserJocknot lagged, just not paying attention08:49
TeePOGbrb, need to install dvd writer in my machine08:49
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encompasscbx33 recomended I ask you guys something11:12
encompassI need to setup a system at a university for people to use.... but wtih one condition11:12
encompassall data and settings will be back to the way we set them at login11:13
encompassmy current solution is deleting the home/user/* and then letting the system restore itself each login... but there has got to be a better way11:14
encompassoh yes... and that users home dir would be a ram drive11:14
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cbx33hey encompass11:18
cbx33this is my normal hide-e-hole11:19
encompasshehe cool11:19
encompassdarn quite today11:19
encompasseveryone must be programming for that great next release11:19
jsgotangcoyup i can sleep easy then11:21
stgraberencompass: there is a pam module to have a temporary user profile IIRC11:24
stgraberubotu: !package libpam-tmpdir11:25
cbx33see told ya ma homies would be abe to help11:25
encompasshmm, guess that one is beyond me though11:26
encompassgood job, but I have no idea how to implement something like that11:26
encompasslet me google it and see what I can learn11:26
cbx33go for it encompass11:27
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encompassand the /tmp/data is lost on each login?11:41
encompassso the data will be over written? or will it be used until reboot11:41
juliuxencompass, everything in /tmp is lost if you reboot11:42
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encompasshmm then I don't think that is the ticket11:44
encompassclose... really close11:44
encompasscause it has to be at each logout11:44
encompassI guess me best shot is /etc/gdm/PostSession and jsut type rm -rf /home/tempuser/11:45
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RichEd"Rock Hard! Ride Free! All day, all night" <- that sounds like bragging to me ... :P02:34
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rockprincesshello friends! :)04:38
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cliebow_anyone used edubuntu feisty on a Sony laptop? with 2.6.20 boot hangs after finding sda--memory stick drive with nothing in it t but dust04:49
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sbalneavogra: ping04:55
sbalneavhey cliebow04:56
sbalneavbut I'm having trouble04:59
sbalneavsomething shat SHOULD work, isn't04:59
sbalneavltsp-build-client --mirror file:///media/cdrom fails miserably04:59
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sbalneavogra: ping05:36
cliebow_you in Toronto?05:38
sbalneavWe're in the hotel room now05:40
cliebow_cool..im home..playing with sortof feisty05:41
cliebow_2.6.20 wont load05:41
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igorhi all!05:47
igori work in a bilingual institute. And we are looking for a solution to e-learning. We want to deploy, manage, interact online with our students. Anyone is experienced with this kind of tool here?05:48
igorI reading about some tools and OLAT seems a very good one. Someone has worked with it, or any other tool?05:49
sbalneavMoodle sounds like what you need05:50
sbalneavogra: ping05:51
igorsbalneav: moodle has built in forum?05:52
igorsbalneav: i want learn more about scorm and ead . do you know where I can read a introduction with good examples ?05:54
igorsbalneav: ok.. did you have worked with moodle?05:56
igorsbalneav: btw, thank you05:56
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sbalneavNo, I never have, although I know several of the developers05:58
sbalneavcbx33: hey pete05:58
cbx33hey sbalneav05:58
cbx33sbalneav, are you a C or a C++ man?05:58
igorsbalneav: :-) im new in e-learn but old in linux management.05:59
sbalneavcbx33: C05:59
sbalneavI've been programming in C since 198505:59
cbx33I've been coding in python since last august :p06:00
Laser_awayogra: eubuntu-docs MIR is approved06:11
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cbx33ping ogra Hehehehe06:19
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Burgundaviaanybody got any experience with nfs?06:41
juliuxBurgundavia, yes06:42
Burgundaviajuliux: I just moved my NFS server and now I get this: corey@victorianfs:~$ showmount -e06:43
Burgundaviamount clntudp_create: RPC: Program not registered06:43
Burgundaviasame subnet, same computers, same everything06:43
juliuxdid you restarted nfs?06:43
juliuxand is portmap running?06:43
Burgundaviayep, and I have restarted nfs06:44
sbalneavmountd running?06:47
Burgundaviayep, and portmapper06:48
Burgundaviaand the ldap server running on the same box works perfectly06:48
Burgundaviawhen I try and mount something I get: mount: RPC: Timed out06:48
BurgundaviaI checked hosts.allow/deny and that hasn't change, my subnet hasn't changed06:49
BurgundaviaI portscan the machine and it says nfs is up and running06:49
sbalneavgot anything in /etc/exports?06:51
Burgundaviaoh, wait, I think I know06:51
BurgundaviaI had a dirty shutdown06:52
Burgundaviamight there be a lock somewhere I need to cleanout?06:52
juliuxBurgundavia, are you sure portmap is running?06:52
Burgundaviaabsolutely sure06:53
BurgundaviaI even restarted it to be certain06:53
Burgundaviaoh joy, /var/log/messages is filled with junk06:53
sbalneavlooks like you need to mkdir /var/lib/nfs/v4recovery06:57
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juliuxBurgundavia, ys76 said you should try to reboot your server07:01
Burgundaviadid that07:01
Burgundaviawould my date being off by 4 hours do it as well?07:03
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Burgundaviajuliux: further investiagation reveals that mount request is arrving07:10
cbx33hey Burgundavia07:29
Burgundaviahey cbx3307:29
cbx33Burgundavia, that sounds liek a dilly of a pickle you got there07:30
cbx33I've had that error before07:30
cbx33now what was it07:31
cbx33it's been working before fine?07:31
cbx33are the uids of the users the same?07:32
BurgundaviaI just checked my raid (I have /home on raid 0) and it is working fine07:33
cbx33tried mounting from antoher machine?07:34
cbx33does that work or fail?07:34
cbx33ok so it is the server that's at fault07:35
Burgundaviait looks like the nfs server is cannot contact the portmap: Mar  2 05:23:21 victorianfs kernel: [42950766.290000]  RPC: failed to contact portmap (errno -5).07:35
juliuxBurgundavia, did you check the time at your server and client?07:35
Burgundaviajuliux: the time on the server is 4 hours out07:35
Burgundaviawould that do it?07:35
juliuxBurgundavia, perhaps07:35
cbx33good job it's not kerberos authentication :p07:35
sbalneavAre you using kerberos at all?07:35
cbx335 minutes :p07:36
=== cbx33 had an issue with that the this week
cbx33a vmware machine was gaining time07:36
cbx33and kept throwing out the authentication07:36
Burgundaviasbalneav: no, no kerberos07:36
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Burgundaviaok, fixing the time did nothing07:43
cbx33google isn't your friend?07:43
Burgundavianot on this one07:43
Burgundaviaaccording to everything I read on google, it shoudl be working07:43
=== sbalneav [n=sbalneav@] has joined #edubuntu
Burgundaviahmm, the time fix solved the connection issue07:45
cbx33so it's working now07:45
Burgundaviano, the "rpc failed to contact portmap" one07:45
cbx33oh i see07:46
Burgundaviait is still refusing to mount07:46
cbx33logs reveal anything now?07:46
Burgundaviaonly thing remaining is that  NFSD: Using /var/lib/nfs/v4recovery as the NFSv4 state recovery directory07:46
cbx33does it do that every time you try to connect?07:47
=== sc0tt_ [n=sc0tt@cpc1-stok5-0-0-cust513.bagu.cable.ntl.com] has joined #edubuntu
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Burgundaviano, that is in /var/log/message07:47
cbx33what about hen you try to connect?07:50
cbx33any log messages there?07:50
cbx33can you run the nfs server in very verbose mode?07:50
Burgundaviayep, just a sec07:56
BurgundaviaI hate being an admin07:58
cbx33sorry Burgundavia07:58
cbx33any word from mako yet?07:58
Burgundavianope, not yet07:59
Burgundaviaok, when I shutdown the nfs server, the "cannto contact portmap" error comes back07:59
Burgundaviawhich leads me to believe it is a portmap error07:59
cbx33is port map running?07:59
cbx33can you run that in verbose mode?08:00
cbx33stop it from daemoning perhaps?08:00
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Burgundaviaok, that gives me nothing08:04
Burgundavialines and lines of: server: about do a switch08:04
Burgundaviaok, that is odd08:09
a5benwillistheres just something about the name edubuntugirl that I like ;-)08:10
Burgundaviayay, it was a hosts.allow issue08:11
cbx33is taht yay08:12
cbx33or nope08:12
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sbalneavogra: ping08:59
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cliebow_antone esle come across probs in feisty with boot and msc memory stick?09:16
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AMSmith42Is anyone here using Ubuntu in a classroom/lab environment?10:00
cliebow_i am10:02
AMSmith42How's that working for you?10:02
cliebow_seven terminals and little server in grade510:02
cliebow_works great10:02
AMSmith42I'm looking to make a lab of 25 thin clients.10:03
LaserJockwhat grades?10:03
cliebow_they do all their science and history research..and write papers..10:03
AMSmith42K through 610:03
AMSmith42The only problem is, they use the lab for certain apps.10:03
LaserJockcliebow_: did ever ask you for a list of apps you install after installing Edubuntu?10:04
cliebow_pxe boot?10:04
cliebow_i have simply stock install..10:04
LaserJockand that works fine?10:04
AMSmith42Do you mean do I plan to pxe boot?10:05
cliebow_i tried to push tux* in k-2 but at the time we had macintosh nubus terminals in redhat10:05
cliebow_AMSmith42, yes..cuase depending on bios double boot is failry easy10:05
AMSmith42That is good to know!10:05
cliebow_some bios will let you hit f12 o bring up boot menu..10:06
cliebow_etherboot is even easier..just asks local or network10:06
AMSmith42I need to order some models from my vendor to play around with and setup a couple of servers to play around with.10:06
cliebow_or just grab  a junker and put an etherboot enabled card in10:07
AMSmith42I definitely want thin clients.10:07
cliebow_ayt lest toplay with10:07
AMSmith42I just don't know which model I want.10:07
=== lecaros [n=lecaros@77-14-223-201.adsl.terra.cl] has joined #edubuntu
AMSmith42But now I know I want one with a pxe boot-enabled bios.10:07
cliebow_disklessworkstations directly supports ltsp..but the prices are a little rugged10:08
cliebow_etherboot is nice as well 9~)10:08
AMSmith42If I have dual boot, will it let me choose from either a windows ts or a linux ts?10:09
cliebow_osx and ltsp10:09
cliebow_if you want to use ppc10:10
AMSmith42And either pxe or etherboot do that.10:10
AMSmith42Yes, I was considering throwing an Apple server in there, but we don't use Macs atm10:10
cliebow_for intel based yeshttp://cowbox.coe.uky.edu/stu/linux/apache/php.php10:10
cliebow_which is a good thing10:11
AMSmith42Good that we don't use Macs?10:11
cliebow_simplifies things10:11
AMSmith42Ah, yes.10:11
AMSmith42I do want some Macs for the high school journalsim/year book room.10:11
stgraberAMSmith42: As I understood you have a Windows TS on your network ?10:11
cliebow_my ltsp server has like five or six chroots and kernnels10:12
AMSmith42I do not yet have a Windows TS.10:12
stgraberok, if you really need some Windows software you can move your clients to Linux using LTSP and LTSP servers (Edubuntu) and then add a shortcut on the desktop10:12
AMSmith42Everything here is standalone and connects to the server to share certain apps and sometimes files.10:12
stgraberthat will run "rdesktop" to connect to a Windows TS server10:12
AMSmith42Oh, I see.10:13
cliebow_AMSmith42, in winders right?10:13
=== Burgundavia_ [n=corey@] has joined #edubuntu
AMSmith42Current all of our desktops are Windows, yes.10:13
AMSmith42This rdesktop technique might give me a transition phase though.10:14
stgraberAMSmith42: I've also tried some weeks ago a software you install on the Windows Terminal Server which allow to show only a single application not the whole desktop10:14
cliebow_just boot one of em check the bios to see if pxe support is ythere10:14
stgraberthat allows you for example to start Word, Encarte or anything in a window like any other software10:15
AMSmith42I just noticed today that UltraVNC can be setup to display just one app window.10:15
stgraberexcept it's in fact running on the server10:15
AMSmith42Possibilities abound!10:15
stgraberyes, but VNC takes a lot of bandwidth for a poor quality (only my opinion)10:15
cliebow_stgraber, i agree10:16
cliebow_you can intro linu on a winders desktop with vnc cygwin..or NX10:16
AMSmith42Among the various flavors, I like UltraVNC because it seems to be the fastest (and some of our vendor support uses it monthly).10:16
AMSmith42But, that is neither here nor there, I guess.10:17
cliebow_I use tightvnc..best for nx integratin10:17
cliebow_and i depend on the ivia-cmd function10:17
cliebow_which tight has10:17
AMSmith42Well, this conversation has given me hope.10:17
AMSmith42Thank you much.10:18
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cliebow_we double boot all our machines in one school thay defaults All to ltsp10:21
cliebow_cause of one educ app10:21
stgraberhttp://www.cendio.com/seamlessrdp/ <-- That's the thing to use rdesktop for only a single app10:22
AMSmith42Do you happen to have any DOS edu apps that you have to run?10:26
stgrabermaybe this app will work with dosemu+freedos10:27
AMSmith42Sound is the big issue.10:27
AMSmith42It wil mostly work without sound, but we're talking about kids.10:27
AMSmith42The need sensory overload.10:27
AMSmith42er, They10:27
AMSmith42I tried dosemu. I'm working on some keyboard layout error when it starts.10:29
cbx33nn all10:34
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