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securebootcjwatson: did you have any ideas on the partman error that says "can't have a partition outside of disk"03:35
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secureboot_anyone know how to preseed with the first hard disk available?07:30
secureboot_i mean, make partman use the first hard disk available07:30
secureboot_the examples that do that are from dapper, and don't work07:30
secureboot_d-i partman-auto/disk string /dev/sda will work if i have an sda disk, hda works for hda, but i want something that works for both07:35
secureboot_any ideas?07:35
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secureboot_i've begun to think there's a bug in partman for PATA disks07:55
secureboot_the same recipes that work for hdas, don't work for sdas when you have PATA disks07:56
secureboot_I get "no root filesystem" when I try the same recipes07:56
secureboot_whereas they work fine on hdas (QEMU, for instance)07:56
cjwatsonfirst hard disk available> not possible in edgy; use dapper or feisty08:03
cjwatsonwell, only possible with grungy scripting08:03
cjwatsonor you could use Kickstart, which should be fine in edgy. See the documentation for clearpart08:03
cjwatsonif you're getting "no root file system" then your recipe is buggy in some subtle way; I'm pretty confident that partman couldn't care less whether it's hda or sda (and much less whether it's PATA) at that level08:04
secureboot_cjwatson: hmm - i use exactly the same recipe08:11
secureboot_cjwatson: you were mentioning something 2 days ago about this maybe being related to an error someone found08:12
cjwatsonyou were talking about "can't have a partition outside of the disk" which is surely different?08:18
secureboot_cjwatson: yes, that's true08:18
secureboot_cjwatson: you also said that recipe looked correct, however08:19
secureboot_cjwatson: i was wondering if there was just a whole class of problems on PATA disks08:19
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secureboot_http://pastebin.ca/378772 is what i'm using now08:22
cjwatsonproviding the disk is big enough, of course08:25
secureboot_cjwatson: it is08:25
cjwatsondid I already ask you for a DEBCONF_DEBUG=5 log? it would probably also help to add 'set -x' to /bin/autopartition and /bin/perform_recipe08:26
cjwatsontakes quite a while to debug this sort of thing unfortunately08:26
secureboot_cjwatson: huh - i'll try to do that - how do i add to /bin/autopartition?  where is that /bin?08:27
cjwatsonyou have to edit it from tty2 with nano08:27
cjwatsonI would suggest leaving the hostname unpreseeded, and then you'll be able to edit it while the installer is waiting for the answer to that question08:28
cjwatsonthen extract /var/log/syslog and /var/log/partman08:28
cjwatson(after the failure, obviously)08:28
secureboot_cjwatson: oh - neat.  I'll try to do that then08:29
cjwatsonfairly standard approach to this sort of probblem08:31
cjwatsonit's quite data-intensive and you need the code as a reference to work out what it means08:31
cjwatsonit's definitely useful to add DEBCONF_DEBUG=5 to the kernel boot parameters so that you get a debconf protocol trace in there too08:31
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secureboot_i didn't evne know /var/log/partman existed - i'll be happy to look at that08:51
CIA-4migration-assistant: evand * r38 migration-assistant/ (10 files in 2 dirs): Fixes for non-English systems.09:15
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