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beunotonyyarusso: hey there12:17
tonyyarussobeuno: hi12:18
beunohow are you doing?12:19
tonyyarussookay, mostly12:19
beunoI need help getting the UWN 30 out12:20
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beunotonyyarusso: did you get my msg?12:29
tonyyarussobeuno: I got "I need help..."  anything after?12:29
tonyyarussoI can do some, but not a lot :(12:30
beunoanything at all is welcome12:30
tonyyarussoI'll see if I can drop by for something - If my beats aren't done by someone else I'll start there, otherwise I'll grab something bitesize - spellcheck at least12:30
beunotonyyarusso: that would be great, thanks!12:31
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Mezwhoo :D03:53
Mezhehe :D03:53
MezGuess what guys?03:53
MezI managed to get Personal Computer world interested in doing regular "whats new in ubuntu" slots03:54
Mezwas at a press conference, was talking to a guy there who writes for them, we got into the stuff that I do and he was really interested in the linux stuff :D04:19
Mezand gave me his business card04:19
MezI soooo f**king need ubuntu business cards04:19
Mezanyone know where I can get some?04:20
Admiral_ChicagoMez: there is a link to create your own04:20
Admiral_Chicagolet me see if I can pull it up04:20
MezAs a Member you will get an email address @ubuntu.com and the right to carry Ubuntu business cards too, if you want them! (We'll supply the artwork, you print your own cards.)04:22
Admiral_Chicagoyup, there is a wiki page somewhere with the actual card, trying to pull that up04:24
Mezfound it04:24
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beunoMez: congrats!04:28
Mezbeuno, :D04:28
MezIt's kinda weird04:28
MezI went there for a conference for a new game company launch :D04:28
beunoheh, well, it sure was productive04:29
Mezand I have shiny copies of games04:32
Meznow to see if they work with cedega :D04:32
Mezand to email the developers and bitch at them to port to linux (it's based on ogre anyways!)04:32
=== rjian wow FOSS Fiesta this Month in Manila, Philippines :D
beunohahaha, sounds like fun04:34
rjiantogether with the UBuntu-ph team04:34
beunorjian: I hope to see pictures04:35
rjianbeuno: hehe u can come.. hehe its free and open.. hehe04:36
beunorjian: yes, but philippines isn't too close to me04:36
=== rjian "Conference on FOSS and E-Governance, FOSS Fiesta and Parallel Workshops on Joomla and Ubuntu, Manila, March 7-8, 2007"
rjianbeuno: hehe i forgot u place... Australia?04:37
rjiani mean ur place..04:37
beunosi seor04:38
rjianbueno tamen.. hehe04:38
rjianbeuno: ketal?04:38
beuno;D   bien, usted?04:39
rjianbeuno: hehe same.. our dialect here in Mindanao is a broken spanish04:40
rjianbeuno: like kosa 2 ta ase? hehe04:40
beunoyou lost me  :)04:40
rjianbueno: kosa tiene na argentina?04:41
beunoI live here  (not sure what the question is)04:44
rjianhahah yup...04:44
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mrevellhey! Is it too late to add something to today's UWN?11:11
elkbuntumrevell, afaik no11:15
mrevellelkbuntu: woohoo :)11:15
elkbuntuit's not as though we've been releasing on schedule lately anyway :(11:15
mrevellelkbuntu: you well? Long time no speak etc11:15
=== elkbuntu hugs mrevell
=== MenZa waves to elkbuntu
mrevellah, thanks :)11:15
elkbuntuyeah it is. mean launchpad stole you from us :(11:15
mrevellhaha :)11:15
=== elkbuntu hugs MenZa as well
MenZaelkbuntu: Your website's browser and OS detet system is evil11:15
=== MenZa huggles elkbuntu :D
elkbuntuMenZa, you're stupid enough to use inferior product whilst using my blog, you deserve the same!11:16
elkbuntumrevell, did you see my linux.com article? did you did you did you?11:16
mrevellelkbuntu: I saw it, yeah, and have it flagged to read. Nice work :)11:16
MenZaI like how it even has elinks icons though11:17
elkbuntuMenZa, i added the gnewsense icon because kamping_kaiser wouldnt stop pouting11:17
elkbuntumrevell, thankies :)11:18
MenZathat reminds me I haven't looked at my feed reader lately11:18
mrevellI'm going to edit the Launchpad section11:18
elkbuntumrevell, mind you half the work was getting stuff from ogra11:18
mrevellthat okay?11:18
mrevellof UWN I mean11:18
elkbuntumrevell, i guess so. usually it's it's for Christian to edit, but i suppose if you have the facts and permission from somewhere you can11:19
mrevellWow, I am out of touch11:19
mrevellOh right11:19
elkbuntuyou naughty11:19
mrevellYeah, it's my job to do that now11:19
elkbuntuok cool11:19
mrevellI think of him as Kiko11:19
elkbuntugo for it then11:19
=== mrevell engages edit mode
elkbuntumrevell, that's great. i didnt know his nick ;)11:19
mrevellI've re-added this channel to my autoconnect list :)11:21
=== elkbuntu does the 'we got matt back, finally' dance
mrevellhahah :)11:31
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dotwafflemrevell: seems like a long tiem since the creation of the MRP, that was the last time I saw you in here...11:40
mrevelldotwaffle: I think I was probably last here around November time, on a regular basis11:41
dotwaffleMedia Relations Project. I invented the name, I can invent acronyms too ;)11:41
mrevelloh right11:42
mrevellHey - are all you guys in the LP beta?11:46
MenZaI don't get to test little people11:47
dotwaffleI'm not, but I don't have the time atm.11:47
elkbuntumrevell, nope11:49
mrevellIt'd be good to get you guys on board. You don't have to do anything special, just use LP like normal.11:50
mrevellMenZa: :)11:50
mrevellJust having people use it helps us measure server load etc, even if you don't report any bugs11:50
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elkbuntuponingru, how did you go on the herd5 page?12:13
poningrupretty well... except for the screenshots12:20
poningrucause I dont have access to the live cds12:20
MenZamrevell: :o12:21
adamant1988hello all12:26
elkbuntuponingru, i did shots of the desktop for you, but i didnt know what else you wanted12:27
elkbuntu<elkbuntu> poningru, argh, all i've managed to get done is the two screenshots in http://geekosophical.net/random12:28
elkbuntuwhich is really just 1 screenshot :-/12:28
poningruelkbuntu: used that12:42
poningrubut need more screenies12:42
elkbuntuponingru, of?12:42
poningruhold on12:42
poningruthe network manager, with a vpn plugin installed and a connecting to a vpn12:43
poningruthe menu turning on of desktop effects12:43
poningruand apport .612:44
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elkbuntuoh. you might have to ask someone else, since i havent a vpn to connect to12:44
poningruI'll probably try to do that with edgy12:44
poningrups yeah right12:58
poningruer not12:58
poningruthat's a 2x negative12:59
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