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tepsipakkiok, drivers done10:24
tepsipakkineed to put them on display10:24
tepsipakkias usual..10:41
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tepsipakkiseb128: howdy, now all the drivers are at the usual place11:08
seb128hi tepsipakki, good11:24
seb128tepsipakki: have you seen than Debian did upload a lot of drivers package this morning and did update some to new version?11:24
tepsipakkidoesn't matter much11:26
tepsipakkiI had most of these ready, so.. :)11:26
tepsipakkiand updated some11:26
seb128did kylem work on some of them?11:26
seb128like upload11:26
tepsipakkifor instance debian has 10.14.1 of vmware, I did 10.15 which should have better performance11:27
seb128or I can pick anything to upload?11:27
tepsipakkinot yet11:27
seb128ok, no conflict then11:27
tepsipakkidebian has a snapshot of ati-driver, but versioned as 6.6.3 when in reality it is something like 6.6.9011:28
tepsipakkiafter these are uploaded we can cherry pick fixes from upstream if there are any11:28
seb128I've planned to do a round of "what patches FC is shipping and would be nice to have" when we are uptodate ;)11:29
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tepsipakkioh, forgot to say about the drivers.. I didn't build them, so those that had a new upstream release might need some work02:44
tepsipakkisaw a bugreport on debian-x about -vmware which could need some builddeps02:45
seb128tepsipakki: ok, that means those got no testing yet and it could be a good idea to test new ati driver on some boxes before uploading for example? ;)03:07
tepsipakkiwell, it's the same version in debian now, but we have some patches they don't03:07
tepsipakkiin experimental is the snapshot version03:08
tepsipakkiI merged with unstable03:08
tepsipakkiglad I did, since the upload to experimental was broken03:08
seb128will have a look now on your updates and let you know when I update something03:08
tepsipakkithey used the wrong ABIVER ;)03:09
seb128BTW did you spoke with them about using the Conflicts,Rename we need for Ubuntu?03:09
tepsipakki-1.1 not -1.003:09
tepsipakkiI mentioned it, but haven't asked for including it there03:09
tepsipakkimaybe that warrants an email to debian-x03:10
seb128because with it we could probably just sync most of drivers from Debian03:10
tepsipakkiyes, current situation is so bad it makes me sick :)03:11
tepsipakkiotherwise we'd need to keep them until the next LTS version03:11
seb128which is at least one other year03:12
tepsipakkiand I hope exactly one year ;)03:12
seb128we will see ;)03:13
tepsipakkitwo years between LTS's would be good03:13
tepsipakkithinking of the schools etc in northern hemisphere03:13
tepsipakkisummer is good time to do upgrades :)03:14
tepsipakkimid-term is not03:14
Treenakstepsipakki: tell that to the admins of my old schools :P03:14
tepsipakkiTreenaks: heh03:14
Treenaks(ok, that was 10 years ago.. but still :))03:14
tepsipakkisome just don't get it ;)03:15
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seb128looking the xserver-xorg-video-chips update now03:47
seb128cirrus update uploaded04:04
seb128cyrix update uploaded04:11
tepsipakkiwhee ;)04:11
seb128dummy update uploaded04:16
kylemseb128, want me to start from the other end of the drivers?04:19
seb128kylem: feel free to pick any you want and announce on the chan or start in the other direction, as you prefer04:19
seb128I'm looking a fbdev atm04:19
kylemi'll take -vmware.04:22
seb128an useful one ;)04:22
tepsipakkikylem: try to build it as well04:23
tepsipakkiit might lack builddeps04:24
seb128looking at glint04:25
seb128fbdev update uploaded04:30
seb128glint update uploaded04:30
seb128looking at i12804:30
seb128tepsipakki: i128, Debian has updated to 1.2.1 the xog 7.2 version, I'm syncing on them, or there is a reason you didn't update the version?04:32
kylemseb128, you just looking/testing then debsigning?04:33
kylemor are you regenerating src packages04:33
tepsipakkiseb128: I think I checked that there were no real code changes between them04:33
kylemtepsipakki, -vmware needs xinerama proto, added, (i'll leave your changes entry tho)04:34
seb128kylem: yes, looking, building to be sure it doesn't ftbfs and then signing and uploading the version downloaded04:34
seb128kylem: you can dch -r, it'll add you name for the entry and 04:34
seb128[ name from entry before dch ] 04:35
seb128* changes corresponding04:35
kylemseb128, ah, yeah, forgot about that. thanks.04:35
tepsipakkiheh, I had to get a newer i810 so that Lenovo TC M55 could get X up.. it works :)04:35
tepsipakkimeaning that I just built i810 and it seems to work at least on that hardware04:36
tepsipakkiseb128: experimental seems to be a bit mixed up now with the abiver-hassles04:36
kylemwe should really rename that to -intel, but it's probably too late for that for feisty.04:36
kylemsince they renamed it upstream.04:36
tepsipakkikylem: yes, with modesetting-branch04:37
seb128tepsipakki: yeah, I'll not grab those changes04:37
tepsipakkiI think it can still be done04:37
kylemthey released modesetting?04:37
tepsipakkibut later04:37
tepsipakkidon't know04:37
kylemwarning, `debian/xserver-xorg-video-vmware/DEBIAN/control' contains user-defined field `Original-Maintainer'04:37
tepsipakkikylem: ^^04:37
kylemfixed that too.04:37
kylemyou already did.04:37
tepsipakkibad copypaste04:37
seb128that's not an error, is it?04:38
seb128that's the new XSBC-Original-Maintainer thing, no?04:39
tepsipakkimaybe so04:39
tepsipakkiI tried to be careful but there could be errors such as that04:39
kylemseb128, i don't recall seeing a warning for having it.04:39
seb128I think I've seen that on several builds, I though that was normal04:39
seb128let me know if you find anything wrong though ;)04:40
kylemseb128, this is a dumb question i should already know, is it normal to have to specify -sa?04:42
seb128kylem: if it's ubuntu versionned yes04:42
seb128we should probably patch the magic to include source for -0ubuntu104:43
seb128as it does for -104:43
kylemvmware uploaded04:43
kylemworking on via04:43
=== kylem needs a local mirror. hehe.
seb128i128 uploaded04:50
seb128looking at i74004:50
=== kylem spanks tepsipakki.
kylemUploadError escaped upload.process: Unable to find distrorelease: unstable04:54
=== seb128 fixes uploads
seb128I didn't check that04:54
kylemreuploading vmware04:56
seb128BTW if you rebuild the source to change that use -v on the debian version we synced previously04:57
seb128so the .changes has the debian changes we are syncing04:57
seb128i128 reuploaded04:58
kylemvia uploaded04:59
kylemvga now05:01
seb128i740 uploaded05:02
seb128skeeping i810 for now, doing easy ones first05:02
seb128looking at imstt05:02
kylemwhat do we call the "unstable;" thing in the changes line? pocket?05:03
kylemvga uploadd05:06
kylemvesa now05:06
kylemvesa uploading05:09
seb128kylem: I don't think pocket is correct05:10
kylemi just put "dist"05:10
kylemi recall being told that wasn't the modern parlance though.05:10
seb128if people understand what you mean that's enough ;)05:12
seb128imstt uploaded05:12
kylemtseng uploaded05:13
kylemgod, i need pbuilder... using debfoster/build-dep to do chroot maintenance manually is super boring. :)05:14
seb128tepsipakki: mga has a, updating your 1.4.4 to that05:14
kylemseb128, i'm a muppet, i've been rebuilding src packages, will start copying the originals and not rebuilding...05:19
seb128you can do it either way, no real difference ;)05:20
cjwatsondistribution is the traditional name for that element of the changelog05:25
cjwatsonkatie calls it a suite05:25
cjwatsonsoyuz calls it a pocket of a distrorelease05:25
cjwatsondistrorelease => edgy, pocket => UPDATES05:26
cjwatsonor RELEASE05:26
cjwatsonor whatever05:26
seb128mga update uploaded05:33
kylemshould i just ignore the sparc-only drivers?05:34
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kylemi guess there's little chance they actually changed between 7.1 and 7.205:39
kylemok, i've got it on good authority they haven't changed in forever.05:42
seb128kylem: if the update is ready you can upload it, doesn't cost much05:46
kylemi've looked over all of them, they should be fine.05:47
kylemi'll take care of any build failures that result05:48
kylemsun* done.05:52
kylemsisusb now.05:52
seb128neomagic update uploaded05:55
kylemsisusb uploaded05:58
seb128looking at newport05:59
kylemsis uploaded06:04
UbugtuNew bug: #44499 in xserver-xorg-video-mga (main) "mga-driver KDE startup icons" [Medium,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/4449906:06
kylemsiliconmotion uploaded.06:08
seb128newport update uploaded06:11
seb128now ;)06:11
kylems3virge uploaded06:11
seb128looking at nsc06:11
kylems3 uploaded06:14
kylemlooking at rendition06:16
kylemrendition uploaded06:19
kylemseb128, i'll take nv, you take i810?06:19
seb128works for me06:19
seb128I've an i810 card on my laptop and an ati card on desktop, no nv handy to play with06:19
kylemi suspect both will take more effort.06:19
seb128that an ati06:20
=== kylem has an nv he can test.
=== kylem yawns and reboots to test on amd64.
kylemworks. uploading nv.06:36
kylemlooking at ati06:38
kylemwon't upload until i find a tester.06:38
kylemdid -amd not get released with 7.2?06:46
seb128kylem: http://xorg.freedesktop.org/wiki/ModuleVersionsInXorgReleases06:49
kylemseb128, bookmarked, thanks.06:49
seb128kylem: testing that deb now, my desktop has a radeon card06:51
kylemok, cool06:51
kylemhmm, i could try it on parisc.06:51
kylemmy c8000 has a firegl somethingorother.06:52
tepsipakkiI can test ati06:55
tepsipakkiradeon8500 on my box06:55
tepsipakkikylem: heh, seems that I forgot to run another check for "unstable" ;)06:58
kylemit happens06:59
kylemi've uploaded shit to debian by accident.06:59
kylemby forgetting "ubuntu" on dput06:59
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tepsipakkiati works07:04
seb128/usr/bin/compiz.real: GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap is missing07:04
tepsipakkiseb128: ati?07:04
seb128compiz doesn't start with the ati update07:04
seb128tepsipakki: yep07:05
tepsipakkihmm, works for me07:05
kylemare you up to date with everything else?07:06
seb128I've installed fglrx some days ago to test a bug07:06
seb128it divers mesa and create that I think07:07
tepsipakkithey really should be able to coexist..07:07
kylemseb128, i'll wait for you to confirm before i upload07:07
seb128going to take me a min, brb07:07
tepsipakkiand I'll upgrade first07:07
tepsipakkislow network, so it'll take a while07:08
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tepsipakkishouldn't be that many updates though07:08
seb128works now ;)07:08
tepsipakkikylem: go for it07:08
seb128tepsipakki: "that many updates" for what?07:09
tepsipakkifor my box07:09
tepsipakkiupgraded it on wednesday I think07:09
UbugtuNew bug: #89275 in xorg-server (main) "Xorg crashes after dist-upgrade (nvidia)" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8927507:11
TreenaksI restarted my (nvidia, amd64) X this afternoon, no problems07:12
tepsipakkiI reinstalled my work-powerhouse with feisty.. almost no problems07:12
tepsipakkionce on reboot something went wrong and the display was corrupted, had to reboot when everything was fine again07:13
tepsipakkiand I don't see any slowdowns with metacity-animations or with compiz07:13
=== kylem has "interesting" issues with nv, so is using nvidia for now.
kylemmostly because my LCD can't do DDC worth a shit.07:14
kylemdisplay is fucked at 50hz, 60hz, works fine at 57hz. :)07:14
kylem(according to xrandr -r)07:15
tepsipakkiI have problems getting nv above 1280x102407:15
tepsipakkiso I don't use it..07:15
kylemyeah.. this is 1680x105007:15
Treenaksmy work machine is dual-head, so it needs nvidia07:16
tepsipakkiI had Dell 24" and now HP 30" so they were a no-no for nv ;)07:16
kylemat 50hz, the picture is right but fuzzy, at 60hz, the picture is utterly wrong.07:16
Treenakskylem: http://foodfight.org/zut/ati-breakage.ogg <-- that's what 'ati' does to my laptop :)07:16
tepsipakkiit still does?07:23
Treenakstepsipakki: yes..07:24
Treenakstepsipakki: that's 2028307:24
tepsipakkiremember seeing that07:24
kylemhmm, i haven't got any more accepted mails07:28
=== kylem suddenly moderately concerned he /did/ end up uploading to debian
kylemhmm, nope07:28
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UbugtuNew bug: #48318 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.15 (restricted) "ati xpress 200 black screen freeze when xorg is killed" [Medium,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/4831808:21
UbugtuNew bug: #89289 in xorg (main) "Wrong resolution on initial install - Radeon 9600 Laptop LCD" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8928908:25
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tepsipakkikylem: are you still around?11:32
tepsipakkiok, there was a patch in ati which got dropped because it was applied directly to the code.. (by Tollef :)11:33
tepsipakkiI'll roll a new version now11:33
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tepsipakkikylem: alright, it's here: http://users.tkk.fi/~tjaalton/xorg72/new/ati.debdiff11:53
tepsipakkithe author noticed it :)11:54

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