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Charles-AndreHi guys, I've tried all the afternoon to install Ubuntu from a live CD on my laptop. It takes half an hour to load, and when I double-click the "Install" icon, after like 10 minutes, it freezes without bringing the installer GUI. I checked CD-ROM integrity and RAM, everything's OK. My laptop has 256MB RAM. What is causing the problem? Thanks.02:51
pochuCharles-Andre: what ubuntu version?02:52
Charles-Andrepochu: Edgy Eft02:53
defendguinCharles-Andre: whats your processor speed?02:53
defendguincd-rom speed02:54
Charles-AndrePentium M02:54
defendguinare you sure it takes half an hour to load?02:55
defendguinthat seems a bit excessive02:55
defendguinmaybe the media is bad02:55
Charles-Andredefendguin: Yes, I can tell because I was watching on the TV a program that takes half an hour, and it was still loading...02:56
defendguinand with 256 MB maybe you should be using xubuntu02:56
Charles-AndreThanks. Can I install from the terminal?02:58
Charles-Andre(I don't want to launch the live CD)02:58
defendguinit takes about 2 min to launch the live CD here02:58
Charles-AndreSort of powering on the computer with the CD-ROM in, and starting a text-based installation... Is it possible?02:59
defendguindo you know for sure that the media is good?02:59
defendguini suppose i haven't tried in forever03:00
Charles-AndreYes, I checked its integrity03:00
defendguini'm sure the text install option must be on there03:02
defendguinespecially on an xubuntu CD because it is meant for people with minimal pcs03:02
Charles-AndreFrom the live CD, when I click the menu, it takes a minute to pop up03:03
defendguintry the CD on a different computer and see how long it takes03:04
Charles-AndreLet's see...03:07
Charles-Andredefendguin: On another laptop with 256MB RAM, it's working fine, the installer GUI shows up after around 30 secs.03:20
defendguindude i think something is wrong with that laptop or that rom drive03:21
Charles-Andredefendguin: ok thanks.03:22
defendguini wonder if you could try and external cdrom drive on that laptop03:22
Charles-Andredefendguin: Is it possible to boot off the network from a CD-ROM located on a samba share?03:25
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defendguincan't say for sure03:26
defendguini used to install of a nfs share with fedora03:29
defendguinftp share even03:29
Charles-Andredefendguin: Ok, I'm downloading the alternate build...03:31
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KismetHi All! To update information on LaptopTesting, should I use the new LaptopTestingTemplate or change the layout of the TestingPage to looks like this page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam/FujitsuAmiloM744003:42
KismetI prefer to change the layout of the page so that people will know that they can use the laptop better with some version than other,  also some tips to configure the laptop can be index and become available for user that has not moved to newest version03:43
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KismetHi All!02:51
KismetI've a questiona about LaptopTestingTeamTemplate02:52
Kismet..I want to update my testing survey of AmiloM1437G and I want to know if I can add extra column to the testing result table for edgy and festy or if I should drop all the column related to breezy and dapper02:53
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Kismet..I want to update my testing survey of AmiloM1437G and I want to know if I can add extra column to the testing result table for edgy and festy or if I should drop all the column related to breezy and dapper03:14
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metalheddi have edgy isntalled on my laptop, works great but my USB Mouse doesn't work when I plug it in. :(06:07
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AdvHertzHi all, anybody know how to enable the ene mmc card reader?07:36
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sacateranyone got a good laptop they are willing to sell for UK12010:11
pochusacater: I sell an acer aspire 1642zwlmi, but for a little more ;)10:13
pochu300 pounds :)10:13
pochusacater: if you are interested... :)10:13
pochuor anybody else!10:13
sacaterpochu: im 14, and i have only newspaper round money10:36
sacaterpochu: sorry, 120 is my limit10:36
pochusacater: :(10:37
pochusacater: if you earn more money and are interested, tell me ;)10:37
sacaterpochu: got jabber?10:37
pochusacater: sure :)10:38
pochusacater: pochu27@gmail10:38
sacaterpochu: cool, just re-counting my money to be sure im not off by 18010:39
sacaterpochu: know anyone else who may sell a laptop at that price?10:39
pochusacater: sorry, I don't know :(10:39
pochusacater: london?10:40
sacateron jabber now pochu10:40
pochusacater: :)10:40
sacaterpochu: 80 miles away why10:40
pochusacater: because I'm traveling to london in 3 weeks time, so if then you are interested... :)10:41
defendguinsacater: i have an old dell pentium 2 cpi A series i'll give you if you want to pay for shipping10:41
pochusacater: but if you are interested, I can send it to you :)10:41
sacaterdefendguin: for free?10:41
defendguinfor the cost of shipping10:42
sacaterwhat, so basically the laptop is free?10:42
pochusacater: yeah, but defendguin is from the moon, so it will be a little expensive :)10:43
sacaterdefendguin: where do you live, and how much is packageing10:43
defendguini'm in the US10:43
sacaterdefendguin: hmm, i expect it may be a little pricy, were talking air-mail i expect10:44
sacaterpochu: youre from england right>10:44
pochusacater: spain :)10:44
sacaterpochu: oh wow, nice10:44
pochusacater: I can't see you in jabber :S10:44
sacaterpochu: erm10:45
pochusacater: pochu27@gmail.com10:45
sacateradd me sacater@01welp.co.uk10:45
pochusacater: done :)10:45
sacaterpochu: what jabber client are you using?10:45
defendguinyou would need to find a power adapter10:45
pochusacater: gajim10:45
sacaterdefendguin: im less inclined now10:45
sacaterpochu: cool, im using 0.11.110:46
pochusacater: cooler! I packaged it :)10:47
sacateryoure pochu@gmail.com?10:47
pochusacater: pochu27@gmail.com10:47
sacaterwell i cant see you :(10:48
sacatersee me?10:48
pochusacater: nop :(10:49
sacaterhow weird10:49
sacatertry sacater@gmail.org10:49
pochudoing :)10:50
pochusacater: done :)10:50
sacateri see you10:51
pochuso do I :)10:51
sacaterdefendguin: sorry, i like laptops to have chargers, but add me on jabber anywat10:58
sacatersacater@01welp.co.uk sacater@gajim.org (if you are using gmail10:58
defendguini don't use jabber much10:58
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sacaterdefendguin: msn?>11:07
defendguinthats my msn name11:08
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