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rmd_well, it cycles through the tracks, trying to play them.  no tracks are played and i get no error message.12:29
the_eyehyper_ch: but if you say I don't need one because it's all self-explanatory then that's cool12:29
krielhey, i recently just got a new laptop and the sound dosen't work on it. I found a patch on alsa's bugtracking site. Could someone please help me apply it to my computer?12:29
hyper_chthe_eye: hmmm, I guess you know what language, keyboard layout and country you want to select12:30
rmd_i don't really want to use xmms12:30
rmd_it's ugly12:30
hyper_chthe_eye: the only "tough" part is the partitioner... but if you have partitioned your drives before and know what drive is waht then you won't have a problem12:30
rmd_but its the only thing that is actually *working* right now12:30
rmd_amarok just doesn't work, and doesn't tell me why12:30
hyper_chthe_eye: just remember a swap partition about 2x size of your ram12:30
hyper_chthe_eye: then a root partition about 10-15gb12:31
the_eyehyper_ch: i've installed various kinds of OSes before (including gentoo on sparc-boxes via netboot), i'm just new to ubuntu12:31
hyper_chthe_eye: and for the rest I recommend making a /home partition12:31
PuMpErNiCkLermd_: http://amarok.kde.org/forum/index.php?topic=13739.msg1772412:31
hyper_chthe_eye: then you won't have problems12:31
the_eyehyper_ch: cool, well then thanks.12:32
rmd_god that's hilarious12:32
the_eyehyper_ch: if I happen to find some anyway, I'll be back in here12:32
rmd_because someone else suggested that i use id3-v2 tags12:32
rmd_now how do i strip them?12:32
R[a] ndomrmd_, #amarok12:33
R[a] ndom?12:33
PuMpErNiCkLermd_: Second comment in that thread.12:33
rmd_i skipped over it because it was so short12:34
rmd_i'm such an ass12:34
=== rmd_ whistles and waits
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Eagle_101ok how do I try say KDE instead of xfce?12:47
blankyEagle_101: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop ?12:47
Eagle_101ah thats all?12:47
Eagle_101then I just logout and back in?12:47
=== erigby [n=erigby@cpe-065-190-197-056.nc.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
Eagle_101and is there a keyboard shortcut of some kind for opening a new terminal (I'm in one already using irssi)12:48
blankysorry don't know12:49
=== blanky [n=blanky@pool-71-104-188-153.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has left #xubuntu ["Bye]
R[a] ndomlol12:49
R[a] ndomyou can always ctrl alt f1-4 to get a terminal12:49
R[a] ndombut if you want to open a new window, dunno12:49
R[a] ndombind your own12:49
rmd_Eagle_101, if you're talking about console, then f1-4.  if youre in xfce4, you can alt-f2 and type xfce4-terminal12:50
rmd_or better yet, just use screen12:50
ffxrah... so its better to use XGL for your openGL calls rather than NVIDIA's support (for beryl)12:50
Eagle_101rmd_: thanks :D12:51
R[a] ndomyeah screen is great12:51
=== troudbal [i=Zobi@APoitiers-256-1-83-216.w90-11.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #xubuntu
=== Eagle_101 likes the keyboard
Eagle_101and what is "screen12:51
R[a] ndom!screen12:51
ubotuscreen is a terminal multiplexer. See http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2004/3/9/16838/14935 and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU_Screen12:51
Eagle_101oh duh, just ask that wonderful bot12:51
rmd_Eagle_101, imagine being able to switch from console to X and be able to take all your running console proccesses with you12:52
=== czer323 [n=czer323@cpe-71-66-230-94.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
rmd_it also removes the need for multiple console windows or the new technique of terminal tabs.12:52
R[a] ndomor from an ssh session to logged in at home12:52
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Eagle_101nice ;)12:52
rmd_oh yes.  for remote, as well.12:52
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n-iCeJust learning12:57
Eagle_101same here12:57
n-iCeI tried to install my print but fail :/12:57
=== R[a] ndom is a grand master
R[a] ndom:P12:58
=== R[a] ndom is now known as R[gone] ndom
n-iCeThen can you help me with my printer ?12:58
R[gone] ndom:)12:58
R[gone] ndom<-12:58
R[gone] ndomI'm not here :P12:58
=== R[gone] ndom is going out
R[gone] ndom!printer12:58
ubotuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows12:58
R[gone] ndomthats all I've got12:58
R[gone] ndom!botsnack12:59
n-iCelexmark 110001:00
n-iCeI tried everything01:00
rmd_describe what you have tried01:01
n-iCeread everything01:01
R[gone] ndomthat must have taken a while01:01
n-iCei didn't find how can i install it01:02
Eagle_101you sure you have the printer drivers?01:02
n-iCeI don't have them, i don't know , but i don't think because if i got them i could install the printer...01:02
R[gone] ndomhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrintersLexmark01:02
R[gone] ndomLexmark 110001:03
R[gone] ndomsupported: no01:03
R[gone] ndomworks: no01:03
R[gone] ndomcomments: Cups doesn't recognize the printer, and no print result after trying is getting successfully01:03
n-iCebut i read one say where said that could work01:03
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rmd_R[gone] ndom, you're supposed to be gone01:05
ffxrwhat does the section files do in xorg.conf?01:10
n-iCehow can i change my keyboard configurations ?01:10
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cycroi installed beryl01:10
cycroi dont like it :(01:12
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n-iCecycro,  why not ?01:14
cycrowell for one, i cant see my desktop01:14
cycroi have a pdf opened and it wont minimize01:14
n-iCedistro ?01:15
cycroberyl emerald?01:15
n-iCeare you using xubuntu ?01:15
n-iCehow did you install beryl in xubuntu ?01:15
cycroi was in the GNOME thing01:15
cycroand i installed it like that01:15
cycroand then i logged off01:15
cycroand then back into xubuntu01:16
cycrobut how do i minimize things?01:17
n-iCelook in the options01:17
Eagle_101cycro: look at the bottom bar, you should see an icon on the right hand side, push that01:18
Eagle_101*left hand side01:18
Eagle_101looks like a square01:18
cycrothe desktop one?01:18
n-iCecycro,  can you tell me how to install it '01:18
cycrodoesnt work01:18
Eagle_101pkill the app then :P01:18
cycrohow do i move hte cube thing?01:19
cycroas in switch desktops01:19
n-iCeyou need to able the options01:20
Eagle_101cycro: what cube thing?01:20
Eagle_101what is this cube I keep hearing about ;)01:20
cycrocant u rotate ur desktop in a cube?01:21
Eagle_101me? no01:21
n-iCeneed beryl01:21
n-iCeto do that01:21
Eagle_101then agian I don't have beryl :P01:21
Eagle_101nor do I think I want it on this slow laptop01:22
Eagle_101I'm trying KDE now, but I think it will be too much ;)01:22
rmd_kde is a waste01:22
rmd_ormiret, rather01:22
rmd_or rather01:22
n-iCecycro,  can you tell me the guide did you read to install it please?01:22
rmd_the whole desktop setup for kde is a waste01:22
ffxrhow do i check how much ram is on my video card? from the command line.. and what would qualify as 'lots of RAM?01:23
cycroi closed it01:23
n-iCehow can i add a repostery ? Add the Beryl repository in /etc/apt/sources.list01:23
n-iCerepository *01:23
cycroi found it01:23
n-iCein xubuntu is sumo mousepad /etc/apt/sources.list ?01:24
n-iCecycro,  but is for ubuntu01:24
cycroi did it for ubuntu01:24
cycroi have ubuntu and xubuntu01:25
n-iCeI want to do it in xubuntu01:25
Eagle_101rmd_: what you mean a waste?01:26
cycroso it wont work01:26
cycrotry it01:26
rmd_Eagle_101, I mean that they've got lots of software and some good ideas, but that every time I switch over to use it it performs like crap, looks like crap, and something crashes ever 45 minutes.  for me.01:31
Eagle_101rmd_: ow01:32
Eagle_101how fast is your computer?01:32
=== andres [n=10343E51@] has joined #xubuntu
rmd_Eagle_101, i'm talking about comparable to gnome or xfce.  and i'm talking about for the last 5 years.01:32
Eagle_101wow ok01:33
Eagle_101then how do so many people use it if its so buggy?01:33
rmd_i've just never had any luck with it01:33
Eagle_101heh :D01:33
rmd_i'm not saying it's buggy01:33
Eagle_101I'm just trying it to see how much eye candy there is :D01:33
rmd_I'm saying that on the systems I have installed it on during the last 5 years, its always been crap01:33
Eagle_101I see01:34
rmd_In terms of eye candy, it is unimpressive.  The translucent windows are fairly fast, but the window shadows look awful and the desklets are, to me, pretty bad.01:34
rmd_the "window fading" looked pretty good01:35
Eagle_101I can't even figure out how to put anything on the desktop on xfce :P01:35
rmd_Eagle_101, download adesklets01:35
Eagle_101just the toolbars (to which I've added a preformence monitor)01:35
rmd_but beware that, if you're using the compositor, they will not work correctly.01:35
Eagle_101whats the compositor?01:35
ubotuFor instructions on how to enable the compositor in Xubuntu, please see http://www.xfce.org/index.php?page=documentation&lang=en#xcomposite01:36
rmd_in xfce4 it is what makes your windows transparent01:36
Eagle_101ah ok01:36
Eagle_101and no I'm not using that ;)01:36
Eagle_101is there anything in KDE that xfce can't do :P01:36
=== Eagle_101 is just wondering
ffxrwat do u reckno this measured in VideoRam    671088640 that couldnt be Megabytes could it...?01:37
ffxr"VideoRam    671088640"01:37
ffxrbytes surely?01:37
Eagle_101kylobytes I think....01:37
ffxrfrom an xorg.conf..01:37
Eagle_101oh thats bytes01:37
Eagle_101has to be01:37
rmd_is there anything kde does that xfce doesn't?01:38
ffxryeah .. hahah yeah has my head scratching n all01:38
Eagle_101rmd_: I don't know :P but yeah thats my question01:38
Eagle_101ffxr:  if it were kilobytes, that would be ~670 GBs01:38
ffxrwell its a bitch to change the background of your panels & thunar to pixmaps : sp01:38
Eagle_101just hope that number is bytes :P01:39
ffxryeah.. right so bytes,,.? ist still a funny number aint it?01:39
rmd_that is something you would have to poke around and look for yourself.  i can tell you that i have never seen anything in kde that is "new" or "inventive" from what xfce offers.  but there are several different options, such an integrated "trash can" and various other things.01:39
Eagle_101well thats about 670 Mbs01:39
=== nottorus [n=eddie@pool-162-83-215-187.nycmny.east.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
Eagle_101rmd_: ah :D01:39
Eagle_101hi nottorus01:39
nottorusdo I un-install oppenoffice?01:39
Eagle_101sudo apt-get remove oppenoffice01:39
nottorusI don't find a package manager to un-install?01:40
rmd_nottorus, use synaptic01:40
nottorusi am there01:40
ffxrmmm yeah..  what graphics card has 670mb on board? wiurd01:40
nottorusjust uncheck that?01:40
rmd_click search and type in "openoffice.org"01:40
rmd_well i suggest you click it and chose "completely remove"01:40
nottorus670mb o.O isn't that a lot?01:41
Eagle_101yeah me thinks >.>01:41
ffxryeah its jsut a funny number.. 256 512....01:41
ffxrthen in his freakin signature Geforce 6800GS 256MB01:41
ffxrunless its about using shared RAM..01:41
ffxrll leave it out for the time being.. anyone ever seen any decent documentation for xorg.conf..?01:42
=== ffxr remembers 'man'
ubotuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type  sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart  in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto01:42
Eagle_101try that url :D01:43
ffxr: ta01:43
Eagle_101that bot is quite something :D01:43
ffxrthats the one rmd_01:45
ffxr: )01:45
nottorusunbelivable, this shit is like m$$01:47
nottorusfor the live of me I can't uninstall OO.org01:47
nottorusI wish ubuntu had the choice of using portage for christ sake01:48
=== nimrodg [n=nimrod@cpc1-cmbg5-0-0-cust807.cmbg.cable.ntl.com] has joined #xubuntu
nottorusis there a reason I can't un-install oo.org?01:51
rmd_nottorus, are you using the add/remove option or Synaptic?01:51
rmd_or apt-get or aptitude from the command line?01:51
nottorusnot command line01:54
rmd_nottorus, which one?  are you using "add or remove..." or "synaptic package manager"?01:56
PuMpErNiCkLeWhat error are you getting?01:56
nottorussynaptic package manager01:56
rmd_ok.  so are you getting an error?01:56
nottorusabout dependencies or something01:57
nottoruso I see I should use add/remove?/01:57
rmd_try again and tell us exactly what the error is.01:57
nottorusok, I gotta wait for a upgrade01:59
Eagle_101nottorus: what did you not like about open office ;)01:59
Eagle_101and on a related note, is there anything comparable to it?01:59
ubotua free and open source office suite, including word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, vector drawing and database components.  To install: "sudo apt-get install openoffice.org". User help available in #users.openoffice.org02:00
n-iCeHow can i add an icon to my desktop if is in the menu02:00
nottorusI am using a low processing computer02:00
n-iCeor to the panel02:00
Eagle_101nottorus: ah I see02:00
nottorusand it sitting largely un-used02:00
Eagle_101!word processor02:00
nottorusso it irks me that fact that's there02:00
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about word processor - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi02:00
Eagle_101nottorus: I get what you mean ;)02:00
n-iCeany idea?02:01
=== ffxr [n=ffxr@] has joined #xubuntu
Eagle_101ok, when I apt-get, where do all the files install to?02:09
PuMpErNiCkLeWherever they're supposed to go.  `dpkg -L packagename` to see them.02:11
Eagle_101PuMpErNiCkLe: thanks02:12
Eagle_101ok I guess I should clarify, how do I get a listing of all applications on this computer?02:14
PuMpErNiCkLeWhat do you mean by 'applications'?02:16
=== nottorus [n=eddie@pool-162-83-215-187.nycmny.east.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
nottoruswhat reason could I it be for Xubuntu to shutdown randomnly?02:17
Eagle_101PuMpErNiCkLe: programs that you get02:17
n-iCebad installation?02:17
nottorusI have gentoo and I leave it for days on and never crashes02:17
n-iCewrong installation02:17
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about composite - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi02:17
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about transparecy - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi02:18
nottorusok so a new installation would do it?02:18
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about xcomposite - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi02:18
nottoruswrong installation in what way?02:18
n-iCecheck error in the disc02:19
n-iCewhen you insert the disc and boot you'll see the iotion to check the disc erros02:19
nottorustrue, this is a fairly old putter02:19
PuMpErNiCkLeEagle_101: Yes, but what falls in that category, for you?  Are you looking for a list of all installed packages, all GUI applications, CLI and GUI applications, or what?02:19
ffxrgone tell that bot to wake up.. & see the link he gives for stuff about transparency..  its not right..02:20
nottoruscannot I check with Xubuntu installation  running?02:20
=== grazie [n=grazie@host86-139-111-219.range86-139.btcentralplus.com] has joined #xubuntu
Eagle_101ah, PuMpErNiCkLe pretty much everything02:21
Eagle_101I want to see what all comes with this OS02:21
PuMpErNiCkLeEagle_101: dpkg -l, then.  Beware, though, it's a very long list.02:23
=== s|k [n=bjorn@ip70-171-205-244.tc.ph.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
Eagle_101PuMpErNiCkLe: thanks :D and any ideas on how to narrow that down any?02:24
Eagle_101though I do appreciate that one :D02:24
=== ComputerHermit [n=computer@cpe-066-056-202-006.ec.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
nottorusglibc detected *** /usr/bin/dpkg: (): invalid pointer: 0xb79b1315 ***02:26
Eagle_101I have no clue what that means ;)02:28
Eagle_101well I have a clue02:28
PuMpErNiCkLeEagle_101: That one operates by name pattern.  Leaving it blank shows everything.02:28
Eagle_101just how to fix it :P02:28
Eagle_101PuMpErNiCkLe: ah ok thanks02:28
nottorusin preparing libwxgtk2.6-002:28
nottorusUnpacking replacement libwxgtk2.6-0 <--- is that supposed to take a long time/02:29
=== cycro [n=robert@CPE0040f4d45ca8-CM014130004988.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #xubuntu
n-iCeHow to use beryl in xubuntu  ?02:40
Eagle_101n-iCe: I have no clue02:40
cycrocan somebody help me recover lost files?02:41
=== Anakon [i=Zobi@APoitiers-256-1-83-216.w90-11.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #xubuntu
n-iCeor how can i change my keyboard ?02:41
n-iCeto latin02:42
Eagle_101n-iCe: a google search yields http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=33998002:44
cycroare there any linux live cds for data recovery?02:49
=== yendor [n=yendor@] has joined #xubuntu
=== solotim [n=frank@in224.opt2.point.ne.jp] has joined #xubuntu
cycroknow how i can recover lost data via live cd?02:58
=== s|k_ [n=bjorn@ip70-171-205-244.tc.ph.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
Eagle_101cycro: I have no clue03:00
Eagle_101a question of my own though, is it possible to use xubuntu to access files on a windows (NTFS) partition?03:01
ffxrwhere can i look at my bootsplash settings? sdurinhg the segment where i presume bootsplash is loading i get a black screen .. only output i get is on my monitor .. "frequency out of range"03:01
=== Stu_2 [n=Stu_2@mrtcfw1.mebtel.net] has joined #xubuntu
ffxryes it is Eagle_10103:02
=== ffxr tries to remember
=== duglas [n=douglas@cpe-24-58-207-250.twcny.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
Eagle_101ffxr: thanks agian03:05
ffxrno worries fella : )03:05
ffxri think that ntfs-3g is now out of beta now as well, so its *even* more reliable.. i used it for months writing to & from p2p programs.. so it works well : )03:07
Eagle_101cool, as soon as I can figure all this out :D03:09
cycrois this useful? http://man.linux-ntfs.org/ntfsprogs.8.html03:09
Eagle_101I'm just figuring out the whole concept ;)03:11
=== n-iCe [n=n-ice@] has joined #xubuntu
n-iCeHow can I add the menu in the panel again ?03:12
n-iCeisn't there03:12
Eagle_101the menu in the panel?03:13
Eagle_101you mean where it says applications?03:13
=== Eagle_101 is new at this as well :P
Eagle_101hang on ... I did something to that by mistake ;) let me find that again03:13
Eagle_101type in terminal xfce4-menueditor03:14
n-iCehow can i join to terminal03:15
n-iCeis isn't there the menu03:15
Eagle_101oh go to applications >> system >> terminal (remember where that sucker is, its useful ;) )03:16
=== ruarris [n=ruarri@comm700-a1701-dhcp016.bu.edu] has joined #xubuntu
n-iCeyou didn't understand me03:16
n-iCeI don't have the menu i don't have applications03:16
n-iCeHow can i show applications03:17
Eagle_101hang on ... what do you have ?03:17
Eagle_101n-iCe: do this...03:17
Eagle_101don't do it until I'm done ok?03:17
cycroalt + f203:18
Eagle_101damn :D03:18
Eagle_101that works :D03:18
=== Eagle_101 had a harder method
Eagle_101do that03:19
n-iCeThere what i need to write?03:19
=== s|k_ is now known as s|k
Eagle_101put that in there03:20
Eagle_101n-iCe: I've got a better way03:21
Eagle_101you have a menubar at the top right?03:21
Eagle_101right click it03:21
Eagle_101you should see something that says "add"03:21
Eagle_101then type in the find box there xfce menu03:22
Eagle_101drag that icon to the toolbar03:22
s|kwhat's a good rss reader in xubuntu?03:24
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about rss - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi03:24
Eagle_101why does it not listen to me :P03:24
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about aggregator - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi03:25
n-iCe<s|k> hrm thre03:26
n-iCedoesn't exist xfce menu03:26
Eagle_101n-iCe: does firefox not have one?03:26
n-iCeah ?03:27
n-iCei'm going to reinstall linux03:27
n-iCethankyou anyway03:28
cycrolinux ate 180gb of my data :(03:29
n-iCei did it !!03:30
pleia2s|k: I used sage in firefox for a while, works nice03:30
pleia2s|k: http://sage.mozdev.org/03:30
n-iCethanks Eagle_10103:32
=== vidd [n=vidd@static-72-86-132-131.phlapa.east.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== cycro [n=robert@CPE0040f4d45ca8-CM014130004988.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #xubuntu
viddgot a slight problem:03:42
viddi tried to apt-get install an app without removing the cd from my sourses list03:43
viddnow my terminal ([ctrl] [alt] [f1] ) is locked....03:43
Eagle_101cycro: not that I know of03:44
viddany way to break out of it so i can edit my sourses list?03:44
=== Buddha| [n=mike@adsl-230-143-226.gnv.bellsouth.net] has joined #xubuntu
Eagle_101vidd: :S03:44
vidd...without rebooting?03:44
Eagle_101n-iCe: welcome03:44
Eagle_101vidd:  not that I know of (I'm very new to this)03:44
=== vidd has tried escape...[alt] [esc] , no luck
cycrois tehre a reason i cant boot off of a live cd anymore?03:45
=== Buddha| [n=mike@adsl-230-143-226.gnv.bellsouth.net] has left #xubuntu []
PuMpErNiCkLevidd: ctrl+c work?03:46
viddcycro, is the cd damaged?03:46
cycronot at all03:46
cycroit just wont boot up03:46
viddPuMpErNiCkLe, let me try03:46
cycroit loads grub03:46
viddty PuMpErNiCkLe  that did the trick03:46
viddcycro, sounds like your system bios is set to boot hd then cd03:47
viddedit your bios toi verify03:47
cycrono, i jsut checked03:47
vidddoes the cd work on another system?03:48
cycrogood idea03:48
viddPuMpErNiCkLe, this was the first time i was trying to install new apts using CLI only....03:48
viddi usually just use synaptic03:49
n-iCeThank you guys , gracias !03:50
PuMpErNiCkLevidd: ctrl + c is just a generic cli 'break' key combination.03:50
cycrohow do i burn an iso?03:50
=== vidd recomends installing gnomebaker
viddbut im new to the wonderful world of CLI03:51
=== vidd is sure there is a lighter alternative, but he has know clue what it is or how to use it
cycroi see03:52
PuMpErNiCkLeThere's graveman, and for command line tools there's cdrecord.03:53
viddalot of hard liner Xubanites (=] ) prefer ultra-light options, but i go with what i KNOW works03:54
PuMpErNiCkLe(cdrecord has been forked, and the equivalent tool in Feisty is called wodim.)03:54
viddI just uninstyall gnomebaker after im done using it03:54
cycrohow bout xrecordf?03:55
cycroi mean03:55
PuMpErNiCkLeJudging by the number of complaints I see about it, that's perhaps not the best tool available.03:56
viddim sure it works...but i never had any luck with it....i just end up with a bunch of coasters03:56
viddgat yourself a brand new coaster?03:58
cycroa couple03:58
cycroluckily they're rw03:58
cycrowhat is the freeburn option?03:59
viddnot sure03:59
n-iCeRebooting brb03:59
=== vidd has a whole spool of cd-r coasters
cycroim using gnomebaker now04:00
cycromuch better04:00
cycrohas auto detect for speed04:00
=== vidd always selects 1x....
viddcuzz i never know what system is getting the cd next04:00
cycroi use 24 max04:01
viddsome older (like pre-98 systems) cant read cd's burned at faster then 4x04:01
cycroi dont have nay04:01
cycrowhen i try to remove xfburn04:01
cycrousing synaptic04:01
cycroit says i also need to remove xubuntu-desktop04:02
viddand the el-super-cheapo disks i buy cant recoard faster then 4x04:02
viddxubuntu-desktop is a "grabber" package....04:02
vidd it dont DO anything ...just requires all the default apps04:02
viddyou remove a default app, you need to remove the dummy package as well04:03
viddand xfburn is a default app04:03
cycroso is it bad if i do that?04:03
viddnot at all04:03
viddxubuntu-desktop is only useful on first install04:04
viddif you read the discribtion in synaptic, it will tell you it is safe to uninstall04:04
cycrovery well04:05
cycromy cd is done04:05
cycroi shall reboot and see wat happens..04:05
cycrohopefuly i can recover some data04:05
=== soweto76 [n=jack@d226-43-189.home.cgocable.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== soweto76 [n=jack@d226-43-189.home.cgocable.net] has left #xubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
=== soweto76 [n=jack@d226-43-189.home.cgocable.net] has joined #xubuntu
Eagle_101ok, anyone have an idea on how to properly install twisted-python?04:11
PuMpErNiCkLe!info python-twisted04:12
ubotupython-twisted: Event-based framework for internet applications (transitional package). In component main, is extra. Version 2.4.0-2 (edgy), package size 8 kB, installed size 60 kB04:12
=== Eagle_101 blinks
Eagle_101how did you do that!04:12
Eagle_101I tried twisted-python04:13
PuMpErNiCkLeExperience with slightly off packagenames.04:14
PuMpErNiCkLeI only searched for 'twisted'.04:14
Eagle_101ah :D04:17
Eagle_101how did you do the search?04:17
PuMpErNiCkLeSearch function in Synaptic, but you can also do `apt-cache search twisted` for the same results.04:19
soweto76Eagle_101, check out: man apt-cache  .... search regex [ regex ... ] 04:19
soweto76          search performs a full text search on all available package lists04:19
soweto76          for the regex pattern given.04:19
soweto76well, perhaps that mess will give you a clue eh.04:20
Eagle_101soweto76:  ;)04:24
Eagle_101so I type man apt-cache search regex twisted04:24
Eagle_101and it will search?04:24
soweto76Eagle_101, not exactly but you're getting warm -- man apt-cache and do some research on regular expressions for fancy work -- apt-cache search foobar will be handy enough for most purposes.04:27
Eagle_101ah ok :D04:30
Eagle_101soweto76:  I know how to do regex :D04:30
soweto76comes in handy but I am out of practice myself04:31
Eagle_101\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3} would be one to find an IP address :D04:31
soweto76you're way ahead of me :)04:33
=== Prisoner_ [n=redstick@ip24-254-33-54.br.br.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
Prisoner_good evening04:34
Prisoner_anyone use a bittorrent client under Linux04:36
R[gone] ndomazureus04:37
Prisoner_is it GUI?04:37
R[gone] ndomyes04:37
R[gone] ndom!azureus04:37
ubotuazureus is a popular bittorent client written in Java, installation instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AzureusHowTo04:37
Prisoner_I was using Utorrent under Windows and I thought it worked well04:38
R[gone] ndomthen utorrent and wine04:38
R[gone] ndom!wine04:38
ubotuwine is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information.04:38
Prisoner_I know but I haven't tried it yet04:38
s|kwhat's a good ftp client for xubuntu?04:38
Prisoner_I'm fairly new to Linux, only been in it for a few weeks04:39
Prisoner_just got my Mozilla Thunderbird working under it04:39
=== DannyBhoy [i=blarg@] has joined #xubuntu
Prisoner_found instructions in the Ubuntu Forums on how to migrate Thunderbird from XP to Linux and it worked pretty well04:40
=== krash123 [n=krash@201-212-130-184.cab.prima.net.ar] has joined #xubuntu
=== ubuntu_no_worky [n=lordmayn@h184.86.82.206.ip.alltel.net] has joined #xubuntu
krash123hi all04:44
ubuntu_no_workycan someone here please help me04:44
ubotuDon't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)04:44
ubuntu_no_workythey are being real arses in #ubuntu04:45
ubuntu_no_workyI have an extra sata hard drive04:45
ubuntu_no_workyits ext3, and I want to automount it... but no one can tell me how04:45
ubuntu_no_workyjust edit the fstab n00b its easy... my grandma can do it your stupid kinda banter04:46
krash123so, for dual booting with win, win goes first ?04:47
ubuntu_no_workyno windows on this machine04:47
krash123im asking for me , lol04:47
PuMpErNiCkLekrash123: Installing win, then Linux, is by far the easiest way of doing it, yes.04:47
Eagle_101krash123: stick windows first04:48
Eagle_101thats how I did it04:48
PuMpErNiCkLeubuntu_no_worky: Which version of Ubuntu are you using?04:48
krash123eagle, so, how would you partitionate a 80gb disk for win and xubuntu ..?04:48
Prisoner_just downloaded Azareus, thanks04:49
ubuntu_no_workyim in ubuntu right now04:52
Prisoner_if you want to share files between XP and Xubuntu, set up a FAT32 partition in addition to the Linux partitions04:52
PuMpErNiCkLePrisoner_: That's not such a big issue now, thanks to ntfs-3g.04:52
Eagle_101krash123: well I've got mine split 50/5004:53
ubuntu_no_workyI heard its out of beta04:53
ubuntu_no_workyI hope feisty will include it04:53
=== Eagle_101 favored linux slightly more
Prisoner_I've never tried that program, I thought it was still experimental04:53
Eagle_101I've set the partitions up so that I have a swap twice the size of my ram04:53
Prisoner_that is a good idea04:53
crimsunubuntu_no_worky: it's already in universe.04:53
crimsunCandidate: 1:1.0-104:53
Eagle_101and I made a /home/ partition04:53
Eagle_101along with a /04:54
ubuntu_no_workyI hope its enabled by default...04:54
ubuntu_no_workyyeah but the repos always have outdated versions04:54
ubuntu_no_workyi don't like betas04:54
crimsunubuntu_no_worky: it won't be enabled by default AFAICS.04:54
crimsunubuntu_no_worky: and it's already in; I approved the sync myself.04:55
ubuntu_no_workyI hope they do a spin off04:55
ubuntu_no_workyfor a kernel module04:55
krash123i think it should be like 20 gb for win and win apps.. then 10gb for xubuntu, maybe 512mb for swap ,then 2gb for /home, and the rest fat32 accesible by both OS , is that right ?04:55
Prisoner_and sometimes installing stuff not in the repositories can be a pain04:55
Prisoner_I have 512mb RAM, I did a 2gb swap just in case I upgrade04:56
=== tonyyarusso [n=anthony@ubuntu/member/tonyyarusso] has joined #xubuntu
tonyyarussoI know about abiword and gnumeric - is there a smaller replacement for OOo Impress?04:56
Prisoner_btw, anyone tried XFCE 4.4?04:57
Prisoner_I think those two apps are OK, but I have OO as well04:57
ubotuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info04:57
ubuntu_no_workycrimsun? do you know a way to automount drives and mountpoints in edgy04:57
ubuntu_no_workyit didn't do it automatically when I reinstalled04:58
krash123maybe 1gb for swap04:58
tonyyarussoAlso, what are the differences XFCE-wise between Dapper and Edgy?  I'm not very familiar with the Beta vs RC changelog there.04:58
krash123let's se the numbers if they're ok04:58
tonyyarussoubuntu_no_worky: pmount with hal presumably is involved04:58
tonyyarussoDoes Xubuntu have the ability to have desktop icons?04:58
crimsunubuntu_no_worky: anything I need statically automounted is in fstab(5)04:58
ubuntu_no_workyugg I hate messing with config files because I always screw something up04:59
Prisoner_they need to fix XFburn so it'll burn from .iso files, and come out with a good DVD burning suite04:59
ubuntu_no_workyi like nerolinux04:59
ubuntu_no_workyeven though its closed source05:00
krash123it's 33gb with win xubuntu swap and /home.. but fat32 partitions can't be as big as 47gb right ? :S05:00
Prisoner_didn't know there was a Nero for Linux05:00
Prisoner_I had to convert this one video I had in Linux and burn it to DVD in Windows05:01
Prisoner_this program called DeVeDe helped me convert from MPEG4 PAL to DVD NTSC, then I burned it using Nero in XP05:02
Prisoner_will Nerolinux work in Xubuntu?05:03
ubuntu_no_workyI think so... I use it on ubuntu but had to make my own launcher05:04
krash123can you make big fat32 partitions ?05:06
krash123like 35gb..05:06
=== grazie [n=grazie@host86-139-111-219.range86-139.btcentralplus.com] has joined #xubuntu
Prisoner_I've had trouble installing stuff not in the repositories05:07
ubuntu_no_workydoes anyone here know how to automatically install sata drives without editing fstabs05:07
Prisoner_need to learn though05:08
krash123prisioner_, what problem did you have ?05:09
Prisoner_usually dependency issues05:09
Prisoner_tried to compile from a tarball and it bombed05:09
Prisoner_tried to install a .deb file and it didn't work either05:10
ubuntu_no_workyi didn't get any dependancy issues off the nerolinux deb05:10
ubuntu_no_workyjust no default launcher05:11
Prisoner_may have to try it05:11
krash123.deb should work easy..05:11
ubuntu_no_workyu can find serials05:11
ubuntu_no_workyif u know where to look05:11
viddPrisoner_, installing .debs SHOULD be rather easy.....05:12
Prisoner_when I installed OpenOffice 2.1 the first time using Alien, I had a real mess on my hands, had to uninstall everything OO and reinstall05:12
Prisoner_I tried to install the .deb file for TOR and it didn't work, not sure why05:12
viddyou download them to your desktop, then double click them and then click "install"05:12
tonyyarussoCan anyone recommend a slideshow/presentation tool that's lighter weight than OpenOffice.org's Impress?05:12
krash123in xubuntu is REALLY easy05:12
krash123if i could. anyone does lol05:13
Prisoner_I wonder if the problem I had with TOR was I didn't get the old version completely uninstalled05:13
viddfrom the CLI, you cd to the directory the .deb is in and type "sudo dpkg -i nameoffile.deb"05:13
crimsuntonyyarusso: to create and/or to view?05:14
ubuntu_no_workyits annoying05:14
ubuntu_no_workyI couldn't get tor to work05:14
tonyyarussocrimsun: both, yeah.  I want a drop-in replacement for it, essentially.  OOo takes a really long time to load up05:14
ubuntu_no_workyremade a windows box05:14
ubuntu_no_workyfor tor05:14
viddwhat ius TOR?05:14
ubotutor: anonymizing overlay network for TCP. In component universe, is optional. Version (edgy), package size 763 kB, installed size 1556 kB05:14
ubuntu_no_workyanyone know where to get openoffice 2.1 debs05:15
krash123what's tor ?05:15
crimsunubuntu_no_worky: for feisty?05:15
krash123ubuntu_no_worky, google :)05:15
Prisoner_I'll keep that in mind vidd, thanks05:15
ubuntu_no_workytor is like a proxy server05:15
crimsunno, but matthias made ones for feisty.05:15
ubuntu_no_workyexcept it uses encryption05:15
krash123oh, so the defition was correct :P05:15
ubotutor: anonymizing overlay network for TCP. In component universe, is optional. Version (edgy), package size 763 kB, installed size 1556 kB05:16
viddwhat does it do (or NOT do)?05:16
ubuntu_no_workyand jumbles around connections through multiple connections05:16
ubuntu_no_workyso no one knows who is doing what05:16
ubuntu_no_workyeven the proxy servers themselves05:16
ubuntu_no_workycloses thing to REAL anonymity you can get05:16
crimsunexcept there're lists of the proxy nodes.05:16
viddcloak and dagger type stuff05:16
crimsunso it's actually quite far from anonymity.05:16
ubuntu_no_workyi tried google05:17
ubuntu_no_workybut i only found guides on stuff how to use alien on rpms too much for me05:17
viddOOo doesnt have a .deb for its latest?05:17
=== vidd hopes on FF to check it out......
=== cellofellow [n=josh@] has joined #xubuntu
Prisoner_sometimes you just want to surf anonymously05:18
crimsunthere are feisty debs (see above)05:18
vidd*wave* cellofellow05:18
=== sunnz2 [n=zac@ppp115-5.static.internode.on.net] has joined #xubuntu
ubuntu_no_workyonly rpm05:19
krash123is it possible to connect to internet trough a win computer05:19
crimsunusing ICS? sure, if configured properly.05:20
Prisoner_there was a more recent version of .tor available in .deb, that didn't install05:20
krash123ubuntu_no_worky, what did you want ill search for you.05:20
ubuntu_no_workythe latest open office05:20
krash123crimsun, ICS? sorry..05:20
ubuntu_no_workythank u05:20
ubuntu_no_workyi couldn't find anything for edgy05:20
cellofellowkrash123: it'd be better to set up a proper *nix gateway than use Windows ICS.05:20
krash123ubuntu_no_worky, what's the last version ? lol05:20
viddICS= Internet Connectiion Sharing05:21
krash123so , my bro get his conexion trough the cable-modem , he runs win, i want to share files with him, and the conexion to..05:21
viddit the quickest, easiest, fastest way to spread infections across your home network05:22
cellofellowkrash123: most routers use linux these days. You could put together a router from old parts and use a gateway-specific distro or just debian to make a nice server/gateway/proxy machine.05:22
cellofellowget a router perhaps05:22
krash123no $$ lol05:22
cellofellowyou need a NAT between you and the internet anyway.05:22
cellofellowuse an old box and make one then05:22
cellofellowand a cheap switch05:22
krash123i got the switch..05:22
cellofellowput the gateway between the switch and the modem, and you'll be in bussiness05:23
krash123but its not comfortable to have 3 pcs running for 2 ppl :P05:23
cellofellowif the modem has a NAT built in, just use the switch.05:23
viddthe 3rd box needs no monitor, keyboasrd or mouse after setup05:23
cellofellowstick it in a cupboard and forget about it05:24
viddAND you can connect a printer to it and use it as a printer server to boot!05:24
cellofellowyou could also add apache and host your own website05:24
krash123with 128kbps ?05:25
cellofellowI didn't know cable went that low05:25
krash123i have that )=05:25
cellofellowsure, though. I've got 256kbps.05:25
viddsounds like DSL05:25
krash123but im about to change to 640kbps05:25
cellofellowmost likely your website will have low traffic and it won't matter.05:26
viddanother use for the 3rd box: media server....app server....05:26
cellofellowfile server05:26
krash123my brother says he read something about modems, and thinks that the speed restriction is in the modem,05:26
cellofellowI'd think it'd be the ISP.05:26
viddwho is your provider?05:26
krash123so you can "hack" the modem and have the max speed.. but..05:26
=== solotim [n=frank@in224.opt2.point.ne.jp] has left #xubuntu []
krash123is multicanal, a cable company from Argentina05:27
=== cellofellow doesn't worry, we're getting fiber-optic courtesy UTOPIA for christmas
viddoooooo fiber!05:27
cellofellowI can wait for that05:27
cellofellowfree physical fiber connection, big choice of ISP's.05:27
cellofellowyeah, woohoo05:28
krash123there's fiber here too, but its only in the Federal Cap. and its too exp lol05:28
cellofellowUTOPIA is some Utah government project. The telecom cables will be public like the freeways, and they'll be fast too.05:29
vidddieticians and 'net freaks agree...you can never have too much fibre!!!!05:29
cellofellowwell, right now I have dirt-cheap 256kbps DSL.05:29
cellofellowand christmas is a ways yet.05:30
viddcellofellow, how much is "dirt" in Utah?05:30
cellofellow$15 a month05:30
viddnot bad05:30
cellofellowor $20, can't remember05:30
=== cellofellow doesn't pay it
viddmy company sells it for 29.95....05:31
vidd*the company i WORK for*] 05:31
krash123i pay like 35 $ a month, it'll be like 11.8 dollars lol05:31
cellofellowwe had 256kbps wireless b4 we moved for $15. The wireless was nicer than the telephone.05:31
viddthey'd let ME have it for 14 a month05:31
ubuntu_no_workyanyone here know how to automount drives on edgy05:32
cellofellowadd them to /etc/fstab05:32
ubotuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions05:32
krash123yeah this chanel looks off-topic lol05:32
viddi like the current icons in fiesty05:33
ubuntu_no_workythanks cello but is there a way to automatically do it05:33
cellofellowkrash123: so, seriously, try a linux gateway/server. you can use just kernel-level iptables as a NAT or you can use Squid for a proxy.05:33
tonyyarussoXubuntu can do desktop icons somehow, right?05:33
krash123what's nat?  :P05:34
viddtonyyarusso, yes05:34
cellofellowubuntu_no_worky: you add a line to fstab and it mounts that drive at boottime05:34
tonyyarussovidd: how?05:34
vidd... i dont remember.....05:34
ubuntu_no_workywell is their a program for this05:34
ubuntu_no_workyinstead of command line?05:34
viddsomething about launchers05:34
ubuntu_no_workyI thought their used to be05:34
ubuntu_no_workylike a disk manager05:34
ubuntu_no_workyI could have sworn there was05:35
cellofellowNetwork Address Translation, sometimes called IP Masquerade. It's a kind of firewall. One computer has an outside IP, which it splits into many inside IPs. Subnets and stuff.05:35
cellofellowubuntu_no_worky: that's in K/ubuntu05:35
cellofellownot xubuntu, sorry you make some sacrifices with the lightweight stuff.05:35
=== grazie_ [n=grazie@host86-139-111-219.range86-139.btcentralplus.com] has joined #xubuntu
krash123:O i saw IP Masquerade in win tcp/ip conf..05:36
cellofellowwell, Linux does it so much better.05:36
krash123i dont think i can make up a pc with parts .. :(05:36
krash123have only trash around here lol05:37
cellofellowI say use Debian, iptables, apache, webadmin, and a pc without a video card and two NIC's.05:37
ubuntu_no_workyhow do I use it in ubuntu?05:37
cellofellowoh, and dnsmasq too05:37
cellofellowyou should just read !fstab, it's not that hard.05:37
krash123without a videoo card ?05:38
viddya need a motherboard, hard drive and some network cards (2 i think)05:38
cellofellowcommand line required.05:38
=== ryno [n=ryno@rrcs-67-53-84-8.west.biz.rr.com] has joined #XUbuntu
ubuntu_no_workybut surely someone has written a program for noobs05:38
ubuntu_no_workyto do this05:38
cellofellowcommand line *not* required05:38
ubuntu_no_workyI can't find it on google05:38
krash123i think the micro is the problem.05:38
cellofellowthere may be some graphical perl or python script available05:38
cellofellowubuntu_no_worky: give me a minute05:39
viddkrash123, the micro?05:39
krash123micro.. processor :P05:39
krash123i dont know "technical" words in english )=05:40
viddyeah...one of those WOULD help....=] 05:40
viddyour english is fine05:40
krash123maybe i have the solution :P05:40
viddyou write it better then me sometimes05:40
vidd=] 05:40
krash123for a 5 year study .. lol05:41
cellofellowubuntu_no_worky: can you put your /etc/fstab file on paste.ubuntu-nl.org and tell us what the /dev node and fs type the drive is you're trying to mount?05:41
=== rmathews [n=rmathews@] has joined #xubuntu
rmathewsalsamixer identifies my card as SiS S7018, but sound isn't working.  any idea how I can fix this?  I'm on XUbuntu Edgy.05:41
=== L234 [n=email@] has joined #xubuntu
ubuntu_no_workyits k05:41
ubuntu_no_workyI will just do it in windows05:41
ubuntu_no_workyI'll use this drive in my other machine05:41
krash123i must give an exam this year, First Certificate :O05:41
krash123its too expensive )=05:41
krash123so if i fail.......05:41
cellofellowwhat sort of drive? internal IDE type drive? USB drives should show on the desktop.05:41
ubuntu_no_workymaybe feisty will fix this I hope05:42
cellofellowfix what?05:42
ubuntu_no_workynot autodetecting and mounting drives05:42
viddubuntu_no_worky, you are on Ubuntu...not Xubuntu...right?05:42
krash123yes :P05:42
krash123he said that in #ubuntu they didnt help him lol05:42
=== cellofellow thinks ubuntu_no_worky has a rather pessimistic name.
cellofellowyou have to have optimism, and patience, especially in #ubuntu05:43
ubuntu_no_workyive noticed05:43
ubuntu_no_workyive been called every name in the book05:43
ubuntu_no_workyyou n00b05:43
ubuntu_no_workyjust edit your fstab05:43
viddi guess ubuntu_is_making_me_angry was already taken?05:43
ubuntu_no_workyit as easy as quatum mechanics05:43
ubuntu_no_workymy grandma could do it05:44
cellofellowyou want the GUI way, you'll have to ask in #ubuntu. I know nothing of GNOME.05:44
ubuntu_no_workyyour stupid n00b05:44
ubuntu_no_workythe messages I think I will paste them05:44
ubuntu_no_workyand mail them to mark05:44
ubuntu_no_workybe like this is why linux is never gonna work05:44
cellofellowwell, maybe you should ask a different way or just pluck up the courage and do it.05:44
ubuntu_no_workyfor the masses05:44
krash123what's the lastest open office version ?05:44
vidd2.1 i think05:45
cellofellowremember it's easier to say "edit this file" or "run this command" than "a menu, b button, c dialog box."05:45
L234How to update xfce 4.4?05:45
cellofellowubuntu_no_worky: ^05:45
=== grazie [n=grazie@host86-139-111-219.range86-139.btcentralplus.com] has joined #xubuntu
cellofellowL234: install/upgrade too Feisty05:45
ubuntu_no_workyif there were a gui I don't think I woudl be asking for help though05:45
cellofellowactually, no05:46
ubuntu_no_workyI can get around gui's pretty well05:46
cellofellowit's much simpler to say "edit suchandsuch file" over IRC.05:46
krash123but feisty is stable  ?05:46
krash123"edit sandwich file" ?05:46
=== L234 [n=email@] has left #xubuntu []
ubuntu_no_workywell my point being... I wouldn't be on irc if I had a gui05:46
viddthen have you tried adding the "mount drive" taskbar ?05:46
krash123itll be like "eat sandwich file" :P05:47
ubuntu_no_workyhow do i do that05:47
=== cellofellow lets vidd take it from here
viddright click on the taskbar05:47
viddchoose "add"05:47
vidd"mount Device"05:47
viddclick "add"05:48
viddhave a coke05:48
ubuntu_no_workyi tried05:48
=== cycro [n=robert@CPE0040f4d45ca8-CM014130004988.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #xubuntu
ubuntu_no_workybut it only has options for a floppy05:48
cycrohello again05:48
viddtell the ubuntu channel "thanks for the 'help'"05:48
cellofellow(see my point? takes vidd like five lines to tell you the GUI way. A text way is much quicker.)05:48
krash123if you dont smile at the end it doesnt work..05:48
ubuntu_no_workyI think that would upset them05:49
viddlol cellofellow05:49
viddexactly my point05:49
vidddoes the mount drives thing show your drive?05:49
cellofellowUNIX USES FSTAB! BUCK AND THE COURAGE AND EDIT IT. Or I do believe that Ubuntu has a graphical utility for editing it.05:49
ubuntu_no_workyjust floppy and floppy105:49
cellofellowit's parsing fstab05:50
ubuntu_no_workyshouldn't that automatically do it though05:50
viddnot automatically05:50
cellofellowHAL will automatically handle USB drives and other hotplug stuff. fstab is for permanent things.05:50
cellofellowpermanent is NOT automatic, transient, like USB stuff, is.05:50
viddits a front end for "mount" an umaount" [i think] 05:50
cellofellowlooks like that to me, there's similar stuff for xfce.05:51
ubuntu_no_workycan i make hal do it05:51
viddthen write a hal script and add it to your autostarted apps05:51
cellofellownot without editing a dozen files. fstab will do it in one. besides, I'm sure there's a gui util in the System menu somewhere.05:51
=== vidd would be happen to install gnome and reasearch the solution......
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)05:52
viddbut this box would CHOKE to death on gnome05:52
krash123so, ANY pc should work as "router" like we talked before?05:52
cellofellowpastebin your fstab file and someone will edit it for you.05:52
=== BFTD [n=thomas@dialup-] has joined #xubuntu
viddkrash123, yep05:53
cellofellowkrash123: needs at least two network connections, but yes.05:53
cellofellow(my router is a little router machine, but I still have a fancy-dancy server.) (fancy is a pentium with 32MB RAM.)05:53
krash123with motherboard, micro-processor, 2 network cards.. and ? monitor for the setting up nothing else ?05:54
krash123disk :P05:54
cellofellowyou may want a monitor for the install, but not for use05:54
viddneed a hard drive05:54
cellofellowbigger the better05:54
cellofellowmy server has a measly 1.5GB, so I can't use it as a file server05:54
krash123cellofellow i put the monitor 05:55
viddcan it print for ya cellofellow ?05:55
krash123he's happy because his prints :P05:55
cellofellowyes, from linux. samba I still stuck on, so Windows can't print to it. at least, not win9x05:55
krash123dont it vidd ?05:55
krash123if i do that, the router thing, i should install .. ?05:56
krash123what distro ?05:56
cellofellowuse Debian net-install, and load onto it apache, webmin, ssh, dnsmasq, linux takes care of the NAT.05:56
cellofellowwith net-install, you get everything you need and nothing you don't. All apt-based05:56
krash123so ill learn a lot if i do that :D05:56
cellofellownot as much as if you were to use slack or gentoo, but lots yes.05:57
krash123i can try slack here then :)05:57
cellofellowyou'll have to read up on iptables.05:57
krash123read on where ?05:58
viddgoogle is a wonderful resource....05:58
krash123shittttt ,its raining )=05:58
cellofellowiptables is the utility that configures the kernel firewall.05:58
krash123kernel firewall.. yeah, ill learn a lot :P05:58
vidd!language | krash12305:58
ubotukrash123: Please watch your language and keep this channel family friendly.05:58
cellofellowit's used in startup scripts.05:59
krash123ouchhhhhhh, its raining )=05:59
viddMUCH better05:59
viddyer english is MUCH better then you let on.....05:59
vidd=] 05:59
cellofellowI say use dnsmasq for the server cause it provides DHCP and DNS services.05:59
cellofellowDHCP for IP addresses, and DNS for name-addresses.06:00
krash123yeah i know that :P06:00
krash123till that point..06:00
cellofellowit's uber-easy to set up06:00
viddso easy your mama can do it06:01
cellofellowall of two config files, /etc/hosts and /etc/dnsmasq.conf06:01
cellofellownot MY momma06:01
viddlol....mine either06:01
viddshe just got vista....06:01
viddtold her i will no longer provide her with free tech support06:02
krash123ubuntu_no_worky still here ?06:02
ubuntu_no_workysearching forums and google06:02
ubuntu_no_workystill nada06:02
viddbut i would be happy to slap linux on that shiny new lappy06:02
krash123nada is spanish 06:02
cellofellowwhat's LOL in spanish?06:03
viddi thought it was an English slang expression....06:03
krash123vista's trash lol its the same as the old win , with a simple effect06:03
ubuntu_no_workyive gotten the message get a refund message about 60 times now06:03
ubuntu_no_workyin the #ubuntu06:03
viddass in NADA dang thing06:03
krash123nada = nothing, in spanish06:03
ubuntu_no_workythe your a n00b about 1006:03
krash123lol , is not traduced, we dont make that type of "abreviations"06:03
ubuntu_no_workyand my grandma could edit fstabs in her sleep a few times too06:04
cellofellowI think you bumped into the crabby gang, if there is one, I don't hang around in #ubuntu06:04
krash123lol = lots of laughs ?06:04
viddlaugh out loud06:04
cellofellowthat's en-internet06:05
krash123en-internet ?06:05
cellofellowen-us is English, US.06:05
krash123oh :P06:05
ubuntu_no_worky<omegabeta> I ftabbed someone once my self.06:06
ubuntu_no_worky<omegabeta> then he echoed and went null06:06
viddi speak en-moron06:06
krash123"en" means "in" in spanish06:06
krash123like "EN la caja" = "IN the box"06:06
viddmy favorite expression is:06:06
=== __Krush [n=chatzill@] has joined #xubuntu
viddI speak two languasges....English and Moron-ese.....but my English is improving06:07
=== __Krush [n=chatzill@] has left #xubuntu []
krash123ubuntu_no_worky, in open-office's main page you can download a .tar ... for 2.1.0 version..06:08
viddubuntu_no_worky, you know what your system sees your drive as?06:08
krash123i think it's cheaper buy a router than a micro processor for the motherboard i have -.-06:09
ubuntu_no_workyi know06:09
ubuntu_no_workybut its not a .deb06:09
ubuntu_no_workyso I dont mess with it06:09
krash123so ?06:09
krash123neh download it :P06:10
viddkrash123, then get you a router06:10
ubuntu_no_workyif i cant do fstab u think I can do a /make /instal?06:10
=== posingaspopular [n=ubuntu@adsl-69-209-75-50.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net] has joined #xubuntu
cellofellowubuntu_no_worky: depends06:10
viddubuntu_no_worky, i think you would be amazed how what you can do if you try it06:10
krash123vidd, i dont want to expend money on a conexion i wll use for a short time... i mean most time ill be playing CS in win :P06:11
viddwhat is your system seeing your drive as?06:11
krash123vidd, linux is like a "hobbie" :P06:11
ubuntu_no_workyI just run 2.1 in wine06:11
ubuntu_no_workyit seems to run ok06:11
ubuntu_no_workya lot less headache installing that way06:12
ubuntu_no_workyits ironic06:12
=== vidd doesnt use wine...he's a recovering alcoholic!
ubuntu_no_workyI run most of my foss via wine06:12
ubuntu_no_workybecause the repos are so outta date06:12
krash123vidd, how do you talk like that ?06:13
krash123lol its like "juaz" in Arg :P06:14
=== vidd [n=vidd@static-72-86-132-131.phlapa.east.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
cellofellowubuntu_no_worky: dapper or edgy?06:15
=== vidd did [ctrl] [alt] [f1] and X crashed!
cellofellownot good06:16
cellofellowX should be on ctrl+alt+f706:16
krash123i think that does not work in my pc :S06:16
viddor will [ctrl] [alt] [esc]  restrart X?06:16
cellofellowf1-6 should be the virtual terminals, and f7+ the X sessions06:16
viddya...i know06:17
krash123ah xD06:17
viddyou can have more then one x session running?06:17
krash123ctrl alt F1 does work lol06:17
krash123what does not work is ctrl alt bacspace.. to "restart X"..06:17
viddyou are using the [alt]  on the right side of the keyboard?06:18
viddhmmm....it SHOULD work06:18
krash123let's try..06:18
viddcellofellow, does [ctrl] [alt] [esc]  restart X?06:19
cellofellowvidd: no, it runs xkill, which kills clients. ctrl+alt+backspace restarts X, if you're in X.06:19
krash123does not work for me :S06:19
cellofellowrestart X from console like this: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart06:19
krash123yeah i know06:20
krash123but its strange..06:20
viddwhat keyboard map you using?06:20
krash123ill have to do sudo apt-get dist-upgrade again after reinstall06:20
krash123i dont know06:20
krash123its genius06:20
krash123apt-get dist-upgrade delays like 3 hs 30 mins :@06:21
viddyou had to select the keyboard when installing....or did you do the auto-detect thing?06:21
cellofellowI wonder how well Linux supports dvorak keyboards. They're more ergonomic than qwerty keyboards. especially vi.06:21
cycrowat does this error mean?06:21
cycroW: GPG error: http://wine.budgetdedicated.com dapper Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 58403026387EE26306:21
cellofellowyou need to set up the apt-key stuff06:22
viddyou need to add the key to your keyring06:22
krash123| sudo apt-key add -06:22
=== cyt [n=cyt@linux.cs.ccu.edu.tw] has joined #xubuntu
krash123after de command for the pkg06:22
krash123cycro, what are you trying to install ?06:22
krash123so ill help06:23
krash123 :P06:23
krash123cause i can :P06:23
cycroty :P06:23
cycrocant i just search06:23
krash123its not hard lol06:23
krash123what have you done ?06:24
cycrodoin wat u todl me06:24
krash123put this06:24
krash123wget -q http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt/387EE263.gpg -O- | sudo apt-key add -06:24
krash123copy paste06:24
krash123in one terminal06:24
krash123sudo apt-get update06:25
ubuntu_no_workyI fixed it half way06:25
ubuntu_no_workyI had to make it fat3206:25
krash123now sudo apt-get install wine :D06:25
ubuntu_no_workyand use a windows mount script06:25
cycrodo u recommend using utorrent with wine>06:25
ubuntu_no_workyanyone know how to check to see how much space a fat32 drive has06:25
krash123utorrent ?06:25
krash123there are torrents for linux :P06:26
cycroyeah but utorrent is good06:26
krash123they're better than running wine with utorrent ..06:26
krash123i think06:26
cycrowell i was gona install azureues06:26
cycroi used it on windows06:26
krash123ask vidd..06:26
cycroright before i deleted everytin ..06:26
ubotuTorrent clients: Azureus (Java), BitTornado (Shell with python front-end), KTorrent (KDE/Qt)  -  Bittorent FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html06:26
=== cellofellow likes utorrent too, but never uses it.
viddwhat is the command to see if a prograsm is in apt-cache?06:27
ubuntu_no_workyubuntu_no_worky, go back to microsoft06:27
cellofellowvidd: apt-cache search thepackage ?06:27
cycrowat does sudo apt-get clean do?06:27
cellofellowor dpkg -l | grep aterm?06:27
cellofellowcycro: clears out the .deb files in /var/cache something06:28
krash123ubuntu_no_worky, be patient...06:28
ubuntu_no_workyi fixed it06:28
krash123glxgears go slow :P06:28
ubuntu_no_workyI just wish I could see the drive06:28
ubuntu_no_workyin computer06:28
viddwell....night all06:29
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=== robert__ [n=robert@CPE0040f4d45ca8-CM014130004988.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #xubuntu
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=== cycro [n=robert@CPE0040f4d45ca8-CM014130004988.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #xubuntu
=== ubuntu_no_worky [n=lordmayn@h184.86.82.206.ip.alltel.net] has joined #xubuntu
ubuntu_no_workyIT WORKS06:38
ubuntu_no_workyIT WORKS06:38
ubuntu_no_workyIT WORKS06:38
ubuntu_no_workyits kinda silly I had to make it fat3206:38
ubuntu_no_workyand use a script06:38
ubuntu_no_workybut hey06:38
ubuntu_no_workyit works06:38
cellofellowfat32 is nice if you want your files to be easily acessable from any OS.06:39
cellofellowYou can easily hack Windows to read ext2/306:39
ubuntu_no_workyI really wanted it to be ext306:39
ubuntu_no_workybut the script wouldn't detect ext306:40
ubuntu_no_workyonly windows partitions06:40
cellofellowyou really, really don't want to edit fstab, do you?06:40
ubuntu_no_workyI really dont06:40
ubuntu_no_workyanything with the command line06:40
ubuntu_no_workyirks me06:40
cellofellowit'd be so easy, and work with ext3 or xfs or fat32 in fstab06:40
ubuntu_no_workyit feels like going back to dos06:40
krash123its twice simple06:40
cellofellowwho said anything about command line?06:41
ubuntu_no_workyand editing txt config files is the same06:41
ubuntu_no_workyI wantta gui06:41
cellofellowEVERTYTHING in UNIX is text configs.06:41
ubuntu_no_workyyeah but guis can be made to edit them06:41
krash123how can you make GUI's ?06:42
krash123by cli :P06:42
ubuntu_no_workywell pref someone else can use the cli to make guis06:42
cellofellowyou could learn perl or python and make GUI programs to edit them for you.06:42
ubuntu_no_workykinda defeats the purpose06:42
cellofellowprobably why there aren't more of those.06:42
ubuntu_no_workyis it possible06:42
ubuntu_no_workyto scandisk a fat32 part06:43
ubuntu_no_workyin ubuntu06:43
krash123first, ill learn cpp..06:43
krash123then maybe perl :P06:43
ubuntu_no_workyI think java will be my first language06:43
cellofellowdunno. I've tried defraging a fat32 fs from linux but doesn't seem possible.06:43
krash123java makes me remember cellphones, like trashy programs lol06:43
cellofellowFirst VB6, once upon a time, then C, that wasn't a good idea, now Python.06:43
krash123why not C?06:44
ubuntu_no_workyI think java is the way to go06:44
ubuntu_no_workybecause you can actually use up to date programs written in java on linux06:44
ubuntu_no_workyassuming your JRE is not 10 years old06:44
cellofellowwell, /The C Programming Language/ is not a good book to learn programming from. C, yes, if you know how to program, but not to learn how to program.06:44
cellofellowJava is FOSS now.06:45
ubotufreedom is important. Ubuntu is as free as we can make it, which means mostly free software. See http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/licensing06:45
cellofellowFree and Open Source Software06:45
cellofellowGPL or BSD stuff06:45
cycrohow do i install ubuntu ?06:45
krash123yeah i know those :P06:45
cycroparallel desktop06:45
ubuntu_no_workyis it bad06:46
krash123you mean gnome ?06:46
ubuntu_no_workyI run a seperate machine06:46
ubuntu_no_workyand connect to it via vlc06:46
ubuntu_no_workyto use it like a dualcore06:46
cycrohow do i install gnome?06:46
krash123its ilogical to install gnome06:46
cellofellowinstall ubuntu-desktop06:46
cycrowhy is it illogical?06:46
cellofellowand kubuntu-desktop for kde if you want06:46
cellofellowKDE rocks GNOME, and XFCE rocks both.06:47
krash123Xubuntu is supposed to be light - weight... so it doesnt use gnome, cause gnome consumes *too* many resources..06:47
cycroand kde?06:47
krash123if you have the resources,, then install Ubuntu lol06:47
krash123kde is worst than gnome lol06:48
cellofellowKDE uses QT instead of GTK, and has its own libs06:48
krash123KDE > gnome > Xface (talking about resources)06:48
cycroso i shud jsut stick to xface?06:48
krash123why not ?06:48
ubuntu_no_workywhat is your memory usage in xubuntu compared to ubuntu06:48
cycroi duno06:49
krash123why not sticking to xface ?06:49
cycroi liked ubuntu..06:49
ubuntu_no_workyI would go with xfce06:49
krash123so why did you change to Xubuntu ?06:49
ubuntu_no_workybut all the tutorials for noobs are written for ubuntu06:49
cycroi didnt06:49
cycroi got xubuntu for my gf06:49
cycroand decided to install it as well06:49
krash123well, actually Xface is great for me :D06:50
cycroyeah it seems good06:50
cycroi duno jack about linux though06:50
krash123Xface aiglx and beryl =A06:50
krash123you get that sweet cube :P06:51
cycrohow do u install beryl?06:51
krash123somebody told me that beryl didnt run under Xface... 06:51
krash123put this in the console.06:51
krash123glxinfo | grep renderin06:51
krash123tell me what you get ..06:52
cellofellowall desktop environments with a separate window manager, like gnome, kde, and xfce, and use Berly.06:52
cycrooh i did it before06:52
krash123but someone told me that 06:52
cycroand it said ok06:52
cycroi installed beryl before, but on ubuntu06:52
krash123but now it said ok to ?06:53
cellofellowyou can use beryl instead of xfwm406:53
cellofellowI like xfwm4 though.06:53
cycroyes it says ok06:54
ubotuxfwm4: window manager of the Xfce project. In component main, is optional. Version (edgy), package size 1192 kB, installed size 7476 kB06:54
cellofellowI tried beryl, it didn't like me for some reason. Said it couldn't find xgl even though it was running. I gave up then.06:54
krash123then go to beryl's page and there are tuto's for every video cards..06:54
cycroso how do i install it06:55
ubotuBeryl is a window manager that takes advantage of an OpenGL accelerated X environment. See http://forum.beryl-project.org/ - Help in #ubuntu-effects06:55
krash123cellofellow, you have an ati video card ?06:55
ubuntu_no_workyanyone found any debs for the new openoffice 2.1 for edgy06:55
=== Zambezi [i=Hideit@dns-cache2.tixit.se] has joined #xubuntu
krash123i used the last nvidia..06:55
cellofellowubuntu_no_worky: there are some in the Feisty repos.06:55
cellofellowkrash123: it's a RIVA TNT206:56
krash123i had a tnt2 before :D06:56
cellofellow!openoffice feisty06:56
krash12364 mb right ?06:56
cellofellowI think06:56
cycrook good night folks06:56
=== eclipse [n=eclipse@c-67-187-244-183.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
ubuntu_no_workywill they work for edgy06:56
cellofellowthe syntax for ubotu has changed recently06:56
cellofellowgo to packages.ubuntu.com06:56
cellofellowwhy do you NEED OOo 2.1? 2.0.4 works for me.06:57
eclipsehello. i resized linux partition and then installed xp on free space. is there a way i can fix grub from within windows?06:57
krash123when is supposed to release the feisty stable version??06:57
cellofellowbest way is to run grub-install from the livecd06:57
eclipsething is i lost cd and im out of blanks06:57
cellofellowapril, it's called 7.04 for a reason.06:57
krash123i didnt know it was called that way 06:58
cellofellowthere may be a way to download a GRUB floppy image06:58
eclipsei dont have a floppy drive06:58
cellofellowyou are so screwed06:58
eclipsei suppose i could use a blank dvd for livecd :(06:58
=== thirdalbum [n=chris@] has joined #xubuntu
cellofellowdownload the DVD version.06:58
krash123its just a dollar..06:58
krash123how much does a DVD cost there ?06:59
eclipsei dont know06:59
krash123balnk DVD..06:59
eclipselike 50 cents if i get a spindle06:59
cellofellowI have DVD version from Linux Magazine here. (I don't subscribe, but a friend does.)06:59
cellofellowdvd will work with a CD image.06:59
cellofelloweclipse: do you have NO floppy drive, or just no floppy drive in the disk? or is a lappy?07:00
cellofellowyou can always pilfer one from another box07:00
cellofellow:/ drat07:00
eclipsetheres no way i can like use windows boot loader?07:01
cellofellow*windows* boot loader07:01
cellofellowthere may be a way to put grub in the MBR with Windows, but you'll have to google.07:01
krash123when i first tried linux, installed mandrake 10.1, and then win.. LILO worked fine and i could select wich OS i liked to run ..07:02
cellofellowit's best to install Windows THEN Linux, cause Windows installs its own bootloader in the mbr, wiping lilo or grub.07:02
cellofellownighty night.07:02
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hackerrustyCan anybody help me with a Mac install/partition problem?07:17
hackerrustyIs this thing on? :)07:19
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ubotuxtightvncviewer: virtual network computing client software for X. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.9-19 (edgy), package size 59 kB, installed size 176 kB08:30
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=== tictacaddict [n=josh@241.100.dhcp.hope.edu] has joined #xubuntu
tictacaddictcould I check in a script whether sudo has timed out or not09:02
tictacaddictfrom the last time a password was entered09:02
=== ryno [i=ryno@rrcs-67-53-84-8.west.biz.rr.com] has joined #XUbuntu
=== DannyBhoy [i=blarg@] has joined #xubuntu
crimsunthat's not a sound semantic approach09:05
crimsuninstead, just assume that it has not timed out. Let libgksu/ sudo handle that on its own.09:06
tictacaddictweeell I was trying to handle it with just Xdialog and sudo09:06
tictacaddictit works fine if I do sudo -k first09:07
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=== Mobadass [n=Mobadass@S01060013d47698b7.no.shawcable.net] has joined #xubuntu
Mobadassok BIG problem09:13
Mobadassi installed xubuntu-desktop on top of ubuntu and if i try to use any of the options in settings i get "Xfce Settings Manager error:09:15
MobadassNo such plugin "(nameofplugin)"" i upgraded to feisty herd 5 and SAME problem can anyone help?09:15
Mobadassotherwise i LOVE xfce!09:16
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DobleHi, I'm searchin some usable kernel boot arguments because my usb devices doesn't work at all.09:40
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hyper_chhiho, isn't there a mozilla suite anymore in feisty?10:23
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ubotuTo disable ipv6 read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WebBrowsingSlowIPv6IPv411:11
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assasukassei am trying herd5, i must say that the composite in xubuntu is GREAT, which videocard does it work with?11:46
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robinlinthHey. Anyone have handy things for Xfce like a beagle applet? and stuff like that? things that make life easier?01:16
=== rmd_ [n=jason@c-24-98-234-179.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheeprobinlinth: check out tracker, mpd, zim01:26
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robinlinthTheSheep, what's zim?01:31
TheSheeprobinlinth: zim desktop wiki01:31
TheSheeprobinlinth: something like tomboy but much lighter01:31
robinlinthand tracker?01:31
TheSheepsomething like beagle but *much* lighter01:32
robinlinthi like it! have more?01:32
TheSheephmm... backstep for iconifying icons01:32
robinlinthhow to get Tracker on Ubuntu?01:32
TheSheep3ddesk for beryl-like rotating desktops01:32
TheSheeprobinlinth: it should bei n the repos in feisty01:33
TheSheepskippy for expose-like windows switching01:33
robinlinthTheSheep, I'm on Edgy. How to get tracker?01:36
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TheSheeprobinlinth: http://www.gnome.org/~jamiemcc/tracker/DEB/Edgy/01:47
TheSheeprobinlinth: http://www.gnome.org/projects/tracker/01:47
robinlinthWhen will the new Xfce be in Ubuntu?02:05
TheSheeprobinlinth: it's there since several months02:13
TheSheeprobinlinth: in Feisty02:13
robinlinthTheSheep, But i'm in Edgy and DON'T want feisty!02:22
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TheSheeprobinlinth: well, edgy uses the older xfce. It's been build around it, tested with it, etc. You can install new xfce yourself if you want, but it won't be Edgy anymore. The new version of xubuntu is Feisty and it will be build around the new xfce and tested with it.02:26
TheSheeprobinlinth: that's how it works02:26
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robinlinthhmm.. that kind of sucks02:38
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kalikianarobinlinth, just use the graphical installer and install xfce 4.4.0 to /usr/bin02:41
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akaohey guys, what's the equivalent to ctrlaltdel in xubuntu?04:12
TheSheepakao: equivalent of ctrlaltdel where?04:14
TheSheepakao: ubuntu displays the login screen right after boot, you don't need ctrlaltdel04:14
=== fxr [n=fxr@] has joined #xubuntu
akaoi guess the task manager04:15
akaoxubuntu has been freezing up and i'd like to know how to kill the task that's causing it04:15
akaoit's also possible that it's the operating system and not a particular program04:15
TheSheepopen termnal, type 'ps x', then see the PID of the process you want to kill and type 'kill PID'04:16
fxr hi i need to use ktorrent 2.1 for a tracker m on.. where do i get the update?04:16
pleia2akao: you can also open a terminal and type "top" - which will show you real time usage statistics on programs running04:16
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robinlinthAnyone know a good lightweight app for searching files on your computer?04:23
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akaothe problem is that everything freezes up, mouse, keyboard.. no interaction04:36
TheSheepakao: sounds like either a graphics driver, a kernel or hardware problem04:37
TheSheepakao: when does it happen?04:38
akaoyeah i was just wondering if there was any last ditch commands i could run04:38
akaoit's sporadic, haven't noticed a particular task that i'm doing that causes it to freeze04:38
TheSheepcheck the logs in /var/log04:38
akaolast time i was checking out themes for xfce in firefox and it froze04:38
TheSheepakao: linux doesn't normally crash randomly04:39
=== tesuki_ [n=tesuki@c-db87e455.20-0145-74657210.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #xubuntu
akaobut i haven't noticed it occuring say when i open a program.. usually all i have open is firefox and i'm browsing04:40
TheSheepakao: there are some bugs related to firefox and various graphics drivers04:41
TheSheepakao: especially nvidia04:41
akaoi'm using a trident video card.. it's a relatively old laptop.04:41
TheSheepakao: Toshiba?04:44
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akaoyeah it's a portege 350004:45
TheSheepI found Bug #1310104:45
UbugtuMalone bug 13101 in xorg "Problems with Trident CyberBlade XP4m32 on Toshiba Tecra M1" [Medium,Fix committed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/1310104:45
TheSheepnot sure if it's related04:46
akaoi'll check it out04:47
akaoi mean the freezing isn't al that common04:47
akaomaybe once every 4 or 5 hours of regular use04:47
akaoit's probably firefox related like you said since that's all i've been using really04:47
TheSheepalso this Bug #6881404:48
UbugtuMalone bug 68814 in xorg "Edgy X vesa driver blank screen on Toshiba Portege R100" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/6881404:48
TheSheepakao: if you experience any of these bugs (or something similar), it's good to leave a comment there, so that they at least know it's not a single user04:49
akaoI'll do that, going to keep an eye out for the freezing to see if i can isolate it.04:50
akaothanks sheep04:53
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robinlinthNow I need something like Windows Movie Maker. Anyone got?05:06
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rmd_xfce4 looks so much nicer with the panel off, a couple gdesklets, and the desktop icons showing only minimized application icons05:10
robinlinthrmd_, ooh, tell me how, tell me how!05:11
robinlinthi mean, how to make the desktop show minimized stuff05:12
rmd_hold on05:13
rmd_let me find it again05:13
rmd_desktop settings05:13
rmd_at the bottom it says "Desktop Icons"05:14
rmd_click the dropdown and change it to "Minimized Applications"05:14
rmd_under the "Behavior" tab05:14
robinlinthhmm... that's nice05:17
robinlinthbut i still have that panel05:17
robinlinthjust remove the taskbar?05:17
rmd_to remove the panel you right click, chose "customize panel" and click the "-" once you have the right panel selected.05:18
robinlinthok, now i have the desktop set to minimize icons and the panel very small at the right hand side of the screen. Shows a menu button, commandline, pager, systray, and a clock05:18
TheSheeprmd_: then it's not xfce that "looks", it's gdesklets...05:18
robinlinththank you for the tip :)05:18
robinlinthand it's on autohide, too05:19
rmd_TheSheep, no, Xfce looks nicer without xfce-panel running, but the window manager working, the compositor on and Xfce is what is minimixing the applications to the desktop05:19
TheSheeprmd_: I use backstep, this way I can still have the device icons on the desktop05:20
rmd_so, yes, the gdesklets look nice, but the option to minimize to the desktop, use the compository to make decorations prettier, and05:20
rmd_ah.  i don't like having device icons on my desktop05:20
rmd_i dont even like launchers on my desktop05:20
rmd_i like the minimized applications there because it allows me to get rid of the panel completely05:21
rmd_... i had no idea that ripping a dvd took an hour05:21
TheSheeprmd_: well, since there is no other way to access the devices than through desktop icons or panel in Thunar, and I do not tolarete panel in Thunar...05:21
rmd_TheSheep, you're not a thunar fan?05:21
TheSheeprmd_: oh, I *love* thunar, just not it's exploder-like side panel05:22
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TheSheepif only the devices were listed in the 'go' menu05:22
TheSheepor in some panel applet05:23
TheSheepand no, the "mount devices" applet doesn't solve this05:23
rmd_i figured you just wanted devices automagically added to a menu05:24
robinlinthtell me too!05:24
rmd_robinlinth, TheSheep is lamenting the fact that the option is not available, that we know of05:24
TheSheeprmd_: actually I'm interested in any way of accessing them other than desktop/sidebar icons05:25
TheSheeprmd_: a command line option for thunar would be enough05:25
rmd_i guess i dont get you, then.  cause you can just browse to /media05:25
TheSheeprmd_: but if I just run "Thunar /media/cdrom", it goes to the directory, but doesn't mount the device05:25
=== ipfw [n=riiight@c-68-51-218-143.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
rmd_yours doesn't automount?05:26
TheSheeprmd_: you can't mount it from there05:26
TheSheeprmd_: auto-anything is the root of all evil :)05:26
=== ffxr [n=ffxr@] has joined #xubuntu
rmd_you dont want an automount05:26
rmd_and you dont want to "mount" in terminal05:26
TheSheepbesides, I cannot automount floppy or unmount these devices05:26
rmd_and you dont want to right click the sidebar in thunar because you hate it...05:26
TheSheepno, I want it to work like with the desktop icons -- I select it and it is mounted05:27
TheSheeprmd_: I don't mind right-clicking, I'ts the sole presence of the side panel, taking up half of the window, that I hate :)05:27
=== ipfw [n=riiight@c-68-51-218-143.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== rmd_ punches conky
rmd_why the hell is dvd::rip transcoding my dvd a second time05:29
rmd_holy crap05:29
ipfwrmd_:  some do 2-3pass encoding for better quality05:30
rmd_ipfw, yeah, i just found the option for 2pass encoding05:30
rmd_i really didnt imagine ripping this dvd would take this long.  not sure why05:30
ipfw2pass is worth it imho, but normally 3pass does little for it05:31
ipfwrmd_:  tried dvdshrink through wine ?05:31
rmd_nah.  this is the first dvd i've ever ripped05:31
rmd_worth the laggishness of wine?05:32
ipfwto just rip a normal dvd title, its easy/fast and good qual ... you end up with a 4G iso default05:33
=== rmd_ watches his cpu temp go up 10 degrees
ipfwfor major encoding, down to 1G or less, you should probably stick with something like dvdrip or acidrip05:34
rmd_id like to keep it smaller05:34
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robinlinth  I'm working with a workspace system like this: "Web - Chat - Download - Creative - Notes - Games - System", but the pager only shows squares. How can i make it show names or at least remember me which workspace it is?05:45
rmd_have you right-clicked the pager and clicked on properties/configuration?05:47
rmd_i'm not entirely sure that the default xfce-panel pager plugin has that option05:48
TheSheeprobinlinth: the naming of workspaces was removed because nobody used it ;)05:49
rmd_there ya go then05:50
=== aidanr [n=aidanr@] has joined #xubuntu
rmd_on the other hand, i remember that WindowMaker used to flash the workspace name whenever you changed...05:50
rmd_but this was... god.... over 4 years ago?05:50
TheSheepwell, actually I lied, the workspaces can be named05:51
=== truebuilder [n=smith@pool-71-112-51-25.sttlwa.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
rmd_but the whole flashing up thing05:51
TheSheepit's just not used anywhere05:51
ipfwwindowMaker ... boy that brings back memories05:51
robinlinthYeah, i named em, but i don't see the names05:51
ipfwTheSheep:  I like to name my workspaces05:51
rmd_i remember screenshots from back in the day... and the "impressive" windowmaker screens had like... dock entries 75% around the screen and crap lik ethat05:52
TheSheepHenry, Charlie, Bob, Richard... :P05:52
ipfwrobinlinth:  in gnome (ubuntu-desktop) I can either see the windows in the pager, or the name of the workspace ... I like the kde pager, it can do both at the same time05:52
robinlinthipfw, here, it won't.05:52
TheSheepipfw: if you middle-click on the desktop, you can see the workspace names05:52
robinlinthOk, my setup is as follows now: I have one panel on the bottom left, with the Xfce menu, a button listing all windows on all workspaces, a command line, systray, and a clock. Bottom right panel has only a pager. Minimized apps go to desktop.05:55
robinlinthAll that with a mac look and a blue wallpaper ^^05:57
=== chaky [n=chaky@unaffiliated/chaky] has joined #xubuntu
robinlinthNow how to make the menu show small icons?05:59
=== duglas [n=douglas@cpe-24-58-207-250.twcny.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
rmd_can you get a screenshot and upload it to imageshack or osmething?05:59
robinlinthhow to make screenshots in Xfce?06:00
rmd_robinlinth, you can use the gimp06:02
rmd_there's a command you could use on the command line, but i cant remember06:02
ffxrrobinlinth theres a panel plugin ..06:05
robinlinththe screenshot.06:05
ffxrhow'd you set the transparency for just that section.. i wanna do that with thunar,, but i canneigh work out how..06:07
robinlinththat's only with Xchat06:07
rmd_ffxr, that's xchat06:07
ffxroh i see it has its own transparency feature?06:07
robinlinthGuys - Terminal won't let me have transparency. It is black. Why06:09
rmd_its in the preferences section under appearance06:10
robinlinthyeah, but it's still black06:11
robinlinthi set it to be transparent06:11
rmd_did you change the transparency level?06:12
robinlinthYes. Still no changes06:12
robinlinthok now i changed it a little and get a REALLY weird background06:13
rmd_post another screenshot06:13
rmd_of the terminal screwing up06:13
robinlinthFixed it. xfdesktop wasn't running06:15
rmd_imageshack won't let me upload my .png :-(06:15
robinlinthtake the screenie again06:16
rmd_there it went06:16
=== rmd_ walks off to do the dishes and stuff
robinlinthThat's ugly! i suggest you change the fonts06:18
rmd_i suggest you never tell a man his desktop setup is ugly06:19
=== rmd_ wanders off. for really.
=== Mobadass [n=Mobadass@S01060013d47698b7.no.shawcable.net] has joined #xubuntu
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Mobadassive got a problem06:52
Mobadass i installed xubuntu-desktop on top of ubuntu and if i try to use any of the options in settings i get "Xfce Settings Manager error: No such plugin "(nameofplugin)"" i upgraded to feisty herd 5 and SAME problem can anyone help?06:52
rmd_how did you install xubuntu-desktop?06:54
Mobadasssudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop06:54
Mobadassthen i upgraded to feisty (with cd) to see if  it could fix it and it didnt06:56
rmd_well yeah06:56
rmd_but i can't think of *why* that would happen06:56
Mobadassive tried reinstalling mcs-plugins but that didn't work06:57
rmd_give me a sec and i'll look at something06:58
Mobadassok thanks06:59
rmd_open up synaptic and search for "xfce4" and look around at the xfce4-*-plugin packages07:00
Mobadassok done07:01
=== J-_ [n=justin@unaffiliated/j/x-388422] has joined #xubuntu
rmd_are they installed?07:02
Mobadassmost of them07:02
J-_what's a good lightweight web browser (not text-based) that can be easily run on a 600 MHz computer running xubuntu?07:02
rmd_Mobadass, did you perhaps notice that the ones that are not installed are the ones you cannot use from the settings app?07:02
TheSheepJ-_: there is an obvious lack of such applications, otherwise xubuntu would sport one by default07:03
TheSheepJ-_: try dillo -- not text-based but no css support07:03
Mobadassno i cant run any of them07:03
TheSheepJ-_: you can also try opera07:03
J-_k cool, thanks.07:03
Mobadassim gunna reinstall all plugins07:04
=== grazie [n=grazie@host86-139-111-219.range86-139.btcentralplus.com] has joined #xubuntu
rmd_Mobadass, that's about I can think of, too.  You're got a very strange problem indeed.07:06
Mobadassi know its really starting to piss me off07:06
=== Maximilian1st [n=maximili@] has joined #xubuntu
rmd_i imagine07:06
Mobadassoh did i mention im using 64 bit07:06
rmd_no, you didnt07:06
Mobadasscould that be a problem?07:06
rmd_i don't know.  it might be worth asking in #ubuntu07:07
Mobadassheh other than this xfce is awesome its sooo fast07:07
rmd_i hope you get it figured out07:08
Mobadassi have another idea i could move my home folder to another partition and install xubuntu but that would be a last resort07:09
Maximilian1stHi everyone.07:10
Maximilian1stI have a question, does everyone here have the options to enable/disable the home, trash, file system and removable media icons from the desktop in the desktop manager dialog window?07:10
rmd_Maximilian1st, it's under desktop settings in the behavior tab07:11
Maximilian1stIs this an Ubuntu setting? Or does the standard Xfce has this implemented?07:12
rmd_Maximilian1st, desktop icon settings are fairly common to desktop environment07:13
Maximilian1stThank you rmd_ , this feature is a ubuntu hack, just had the answer on the Xfce channel.07:16
rmd_there you go then07:16
Maximilian1stI was just wondering why it wasn't  described in xfdesktop's documentation.07:17
rmd_okay, being as specific as you can07:19
rmd_would you tell me what exactly the ubuntu hack entails?07:19
Maximilian1stThe possiblity to  enable/disable the home, trash, file system and removable media icons from the desktop in the desktop manager dialog window07:22
Maximilian1stWhich is a hidden option in standard Xfce.07:22
rmd_got cha07:22
Mobadassbah reinstalling didn't work07:33
rmd_that is so damn wierd07:34
rmd_have you double checked their location?07:34
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redebr2818how to install xubuntu with disket??07:42
redebr2818booting with disket..07:43
rmd_redebr2818, you download the desktop cd and boot from that.  when it's all booted, you double click install.  done.07:43
=== rob-west [n=rob@ppp-69-214-0-94.dsl.klmzmi.ameritech.net] has joined #xubuntu
redebr2818rmd_ old pc.. my pc can't boot with cd07:44
rob-westy is the splash screen for xubuntu a mouse07:44
rmd_rob-west, small and fast07:45
rob-westwhy cant u change it07:45
rmd_redebr2818, look around on the web for alternatives, then07:45
rmd_more specifically, ubuntu.org07:45
rmd_rob-west, you can07:45
ubotuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues07:49
PuMpErNiCkLeFirst link has alternative install methods.07:49
Mobadasswhat do you mean <rmd_> have you double checked their location?07:50
rob-westdoes xubuntu come on DVD07:51
rob-westor is that just Kubuntu and Ubuntu07:51
MobadassUbuntu CD Xubuntu CD Kubuntu DVD07:51
=== polytan [n=polytan@abo-214-213-68.trs.modulonet.fr] has joined #xubuntu
polytanwhen will xfce4.4 stable included into xubuntu ?07:52
PuMpErNiCkLeIt's been included for Feisty.07:52
polytanbe included*07:52
polytanand not for edgy ?07:52
TheSheeppolytan: once the release is released, the versions of programs in it don't change07:53
TheSheeppolytan: otherwise you'd have to do all the testing again07:53
polytanso there is no evolution in ubuntu07:54
TheSheeppolytan: there is, each new release has new versions of programs07:54
TheSheeppolytan: every 6 months07:54
polytanyes but currently the is just a modified version of a beta one07:55
polytanand ther stable 's been released weeks ago07:55
TheSheeppolytan: that's the newest that was available when edgy was released07:55
PuMpErNiCkLeUbuntu doesn't do rolling releases.  Once it's hit version freeze, that's it for that release.07:55
TheSheepfinished, ready, self-contained product07:56
polytani used to use gentoo07:57
polytanso i'm really surprised07:57
TheSheeppolytan: it has benefits -- you can write a specific howto for specific version and be sure that it will work07:58
=== __Krush [n=chatzill@] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheeppolytan: or install the same version on a second computer and be sure it works the same07:58
=== __Krush [n=chatzill@] has left #xubuntu []
=== apokryphos [n=apokryph@unaffiliated/apokryphos] has joined #xubuntu
J-_wooo opera worked a lot faster than firefox, and epiphany =D although dillo was kinda weird.08:05
J-_Now I have my mom on xubuntu, no more windoze =D08:06
Mobadassim trying to get my mom to switch08:07
Mobadassbut first lol i need a cd to burn it on 100 DVD's but no CD's lol08:07
=== hyper_ch [n=hyper@217-162-77-97.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #xubuntu
Mobadasswhen feist's released ill make her switch08:08
J-_Her machine went crazy, didn't boot up. so I took out the 64mb ram which was only read. and there was 320mb. 256mb was max for the machine. Hopefully the ram didn't screw it up.08:09
=== grazie likes opera too despite being a qt app, but has problems with it on x86 xubuntu for reasons unknown
J-_it works alright now, it's a 600MHz machine heh. hold as heck08:09
J-_I could install Enlightenment, but I haven't successfully had it configured on my system. So I don't know what I'm doing with it yet.08:10
=== tute666 [n=tute666@4-130-235-201.fibertel.com.ar] has joined #xubuntu
tute666Hey.  does anybody have a similar problem with xfce-desktop.  the memory footprint is around 300Mb, is this normal?08:16
R[gone] ndomtute666, probably yeah08:21
R[gone] ndomlinux will use as much ram as possible until it gets low08:21
R[gone] ndomfor caching data and such08:21
TheSheepR[gone] ndom: but that's not displayed as "used" memory08:22
tute666R[gone] ndom: the only problem is that it never frees memory.  2 days after the init of the xsession, its bloody unusable.08:22
R[gone] ndomTheSheep, depends how he was measuring it08:22
R[gone] ndomhm thats weird08:23
tute6662 ways.  system monitor, pc sluggishness.08:23
TheSheeptute666: do you know which app takes all the memory?08:23
tute666yes.  im  xfce-desktop and xfce-menu.  around 250mb each08:23
tute666give or take08:23
TheSheephmm.. which xubuntu?08:23
TheSheepthere was a leak in them, but it was plugged ages ago08:24
TheSheepah, no, edgy08:24
R[gone] ndomyeah really08:24
R[gone] ndomheh08:24
R[gone] ndomrandom   28442  0.0  0.0   2800   752 pts/4    R+   14:27   0:00 grep xfce-desktop08:25
tute666anyways, im compiling from source, lets see if something changes.08:25
R[gone] ndomrandom   28465  0.0  0.0   2796   748 pts/4    R+   14:27   0:00 grep xfce-menu08:25
R[gone] ndomthats what ive got08:25
TheSheepBug #8792508:25
UbugtuMalone bug 87925 in xfdesktop4 "Xfce4.4 using too much memory; possible memory leaks" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8792508:25
R[gone] ndomup 4 days08:25
R[gone] ndomlololol08:26
tute666ooh, i looked in the xfce bugzilla.  not in launchpad08:26
R[gone] ndomI pasted the grep08:26
R[gone] ndomI fail at life08:26
TheSheeptute666: it's fixed in xfce long time ago08:27
TheSheeptute666: remember, xubuntu used beta xfce08:27
R[gone] ndomyeah weird08:28
R[gone] ndomwhy hasnt edgy been updated?08:28
=== R[gone] ndom is now known as R[a] ndom
R[a] ndomversion (Xfce 4.4 BETA2)08:28
R[a] ndombut 4.4.0 is out08:28
R[a] ndomcame out more than a month ago08:28
tute666TheSheep: happened with both versions08:28
TheSheepR[a] ndom: unfortunately edgy came out more than 3 months ago08:28
tute666im running 4.4008:28
R[a] ndomand they won't update it?08:28
R[a] ndomi thought that was the point of software updates..08:28
TheSheepR[a] ndom: of course they will, Feisty uses 4.4.008:29
R[a] ndomI meant in edgy08:29
TheSheepR[a] ndom: no, these are only for security and critical bugfixes08:29
R[a] ndomhuh08:29
R[a] ndomIve never really paid attention before08:29
TheSheepit's the third time I'm explaining it08:29
R[a] ndomprobably cause it doesnt make a lot of sense08:30
=== cycro [n=robert@CPE0040f4d45ca8-CM014130004988.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #xubuntu
R[a] ndomif there are problems with this ver, and the new one is better.08:30
TheSheepubuntu is a finished product, once it's released, it's all set08:30
cycroquick questi08:30
TheSheepR[a] ndom: you'd have to spend 2 months again to test it against all other apps in it08:30
cycroif i install windows xp on a separate partition, will it mess up grub loader?08:30
TheSheepcycro: yes08:30
tute666cycro: yes.08:30
R[a] ndomeasy to fix tho08:31
cycroso how would i fix it?08:31
TheSheepit can also change the partition order on you hdd08:31
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto08:31
tute666i haven't owned a floppy in around... 5 years08:32
cycromy pc doesnt have a floppy drive08:32
R[a] ndomyeah I just use the ubuntu live cd08:32
R[a] ndomchroot in and grub-install /dev/sda08:32
cycrocan i use the xubuntu live cd?08:33
R[a] ndomyeah ubuntu=xubuntu08:34
cycrothe super grub cd sounds good08:34
cycroeasy sauce08:35
cycrooh wait08:35
cycrobut if i reinstall grub08:35
cycrowill it know that i ahve windows xp and linux?08:35
TheSheepcycro: yes, linux can detect windows and add an entry for it in grub08:36
TheSheepwonder why even Vista can't do that ;)08:37
R[a] ndomas an aside I'm shocked vista still doesnt play nice with grub08:37
R[a] ndomhaha08:37
TheSheepR[a] ndom: it has even additional mechanisms to make it harder to boot08:37
=== OGDA [n=thomas@dialup-] has joined #xubuntu
R[a] ndomyet they'08:37
R[a] ndomre pushin open source now08:37
R[a] ndomwow.. go typing08:37
=== Eagle_101 [n=james@unaffiliated/eagle101/x-0000001] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepbad open source, sit, sit!08:37
R[a] ndomindeed08:38
Eagle_101I have a messed up system clock from when I told xubuntu to suspend itself08:38
Eagle_101any idea on 1) what went wrong? and 2) how to fix it?08:39
TheSheepEagle_101: try to just set it to correct value or sycnronise via ntp08:39
cycroApplications --> System --> Time and Date08:39
=== slaytanic [n=mindsuck@200-55-80-34.dsl.prima.net.ar] has joined #xubuntu
=== Plikk [n=Veneficu@sos3-1x-dhcp374.studby.uio.no] has joined #xubuntu
Eagle_101ah ok thanks08:40
=== tesuki_ [n=tesuki@c-db87e455.20-0145-74657210.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #xubuntu
Eagle_101any idea on what made it go a weird?08:40
cycrohave u tried hibernate?08:40
Eagle_101yeah I did a suspend08:41
cycrohow bout hibernate?08:41
cycroi tried it and it didnt work08:41
=== Random [n=randomde@bas9-toronto01-1242392991.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #xubuntu
Eagle_101I did not try hibernate08:41
=== Random is now known as RandomDestructn
RandomDestructnhellz yeah08:42
RandomDestructnxfce 4.4.0 is nice08:42
RandomDestructnthe terminal alone does it for me08:42
=== Venes [n=Veneficu@sos3-1x-dhcp374.studby.uio.no] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepRandomDestructn: don't get a sugar rush from eye candy ;)08:43
RandomDestructnI've played with veryl08:43
RandomDestructnI'll be fine08:43
cycroberyl is meh08:43
RandomDestructnbut beryl makes my wallpaper go away, or if it stays, then it swaps screens when I click on it08:43
RandomDestructnthen it crashes08:43
RandomDestructnand goes a 14fps if I rotate the cube08:43
TheSheepwell, beryl didn't have non-transparent letters on transparent background :)08:43
RandomDestructntho my xchat looks like that, as long as you dont care that its faking it :)08:44
TheSheeptransparency -- that's what we've been missing since ENIAC08:47
=== rob-west [n=rob@ppp-69-214-0-94.dsl.klmzmi.ameritech.net] has joined #xubuntu
cycrowat do i need to install to get this command working: fakeroot make-jpkg08:50
=== skirk [n=skirk@ip-103-163.sn2.eutelia.it] has joined #xubuntu
=== sdac221x_ [n=sdac221x@] has joined #xubuntu
=== AngryElf_ [n=AngryElf@ip68-100-101-98.dc.dc.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheep!find make-jpkg08:55
ubotuFile make-jpkg found in java-package08:55
TheSheepcycro: here you go08:55
TheSheep!find fakeroot08:56
ubotuFound: fakeroot08:56
cycroi have that08:57
cycroand i installed make08:57
cycroand some jpkg thing08:57
RandomDestructnwow.. new xfce seems very slow to change desktops08:57
cycro/usr/bin/fakeroot: 152: make-jpkg: not found08:58
TheSheepRandomDestructn: only if you have composite enabled and no hardware acceleration08:58
RandomDestructnI have composite enabled and hardware acceleration08:58
TheSheepcycro: install java-package08:58
RandomDestructndirect rendering: Yes08:59
cycrook got it08:59
TheSheepgo to system->synaptic, hit find, type 'java-package', and select it for installation, then hit Apply08:59
=== sdac221x_ [n=sdac221x@] has left #xubuntu ["Konversation]
cycroyay its working09:01
cycrodid anybody get hibernate to work succesfuly?09:02
TheSheepcycro: it highly depends on the hardware09:03
cycrohows that?09:03
TheSheepno idea, don't know the internals09:03
cycroi thought it would if you click on it09:04
cycroseems not09:04
TheSheepit works with some motherboards and graphics cards, and won't work with others09:04
TheSheepsometimes the sound card will stop working after waking09:05
TheSheepall kind of strange things09:05
emdashi'm running feisty fawn in a chroot, and i'd like to see my automounted volumes in /media09:08
emdashbut when i add a /media mount point in fstab, drives i mount with thunar don't show up in the chroot09:09
TheSheepemdash: that's because this is handled by kernel, andy ou cannot chroot kernel09:09
emdashi tried using a symlink also, but that didn't work (i guess for obvious reasons)09:10
emdashinfinite recursion09:10
emdashis there an easy solution to this problem?09:10
=== Maximilian1st [n=maximili@] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepyou could try and mount the /dev and /proc inside the chroot09:11
emdashoh, they are09:11
Maximilian1stHi devs.09:11
TheSheepemdash: I think that Thunar uses HAL to automount volumes09:11
Maximilian1stI just translated some small spellng errors in the xfdesktop French translation and would like to know who I should send the po file to. I downloaded the po file from launchpad.09:12
TheSheepMaximilian1st: can't you just put it there in launchpad?09:12
Maximilian1stIt says I don't have the rights to upload on that site...09:12
Maximilian1stSorry, you don't have permission to access this page.09:12
emdashTheSheep: ^^ part of /etc/fstab09:13
Maximilian1stI clicked on upkoad file, just above the Download link.09:13
ubotufrostwire is a totally open source version of Limewire.  For installation help, please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FrostWire09:14
=== rexbinary [n=rexbinar@unaffiliated/rexbinary] has joined #xubuntu
=== AngryElf_ [n=AngryElf@ip68-100-101-98.dc.dc.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== grazie [n=grazie@host86-139-111-219.range86-139.btcentralplus.com] has joined #xubuntu
cycrowats the best media player?09:19
cycrodoes it come with xubuntu?09:19
cycrois there an all in one?09:19
RandomDestructnyeah, but not all the codecs09:19
ubotuFor multimedia codecs see: https://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html and for applications see this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultimediaApplications09:19
cycroi have gxine09:20
grazievlc is closest to all in one09:20
cycroyess vlc09:20
cycrovlc rox09:20
RandomDestructnhow is mplayer not all in one?  only downside (maybe) is that its command line09:20
RandomDestructntho I prefer that :P09:20
RandomDestructnand amarok for music09:20
cycroits command line?09:20
cycrooh my09:20
cycrogxine wont even play mp3 files..09:22
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats09:22
RandomDestructncause ubuntu wont by default install09:22
cycroi used to use vlc09:23
cycroso ill stick to taht09:23
tute666there should be a giant warning label right after installation saying:  if you want mp3: do this.09:23
cycrohow do i make vlc default program to load things with?09:24
Qewgmplayer gives you a graphical frontend to mplayer, if that rocks your boat09:25
cycrodoes gmplayer come with mp3 support by default09:26
Qewgmplayer is just the frontend to mplayer09:26
cycroi cant even dl it09:27
cycrodoes vlc use gstreamer?09:27
ubotuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Banshee, Beep Media Player, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, XMMS (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine  -  See also !codecs09:28
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats09:28
graziecycro: vlc use its own codecs09:28
graziecycro: just need to install libdvdcss to play encrypted dvds09:29
cycrowell i installed vlc and its playing my mp3 files, but i cant hear anything09:29
cycroand how do i install libcdcss?09:29
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages09:30
=== K3nto [n=k3nt@dhcp42-151.iqltvu.northwestel.net] has joined #xubuntu
tute666sudo apt-get isntall libcdcss09:30
K3ntoare there major interface differenced between ubuntu and xubuntu?09:30
=== Koji-Murasame [n=nick@74-131-39-113.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #xubuntu
K3ntomy dad saw how cool i was with ubuntu (;)) and he wanted it on his older laptop, so i was wondering if it varies at all from installing ubuntu09:31
grazieK3nto: mosty xfce as oppose to kde, xfce is much lighter09:32
Koji-MurasameInstall should be pretty straight forward.09:32
K3ntook great ty09:32
cycroi recently installed xubuntu09:33
cycroread the fine print or else ull wipe ur hard drive09:33
Koji-MurasameIt's not really fine print when it says "erase whole disk". . .09:34
cycroit was in italics09:34
Qewsurely if you're going to install an OS, you'll at least give the fine print a read first? Anyway, saying that, Xubuntu isn't that hard to install and you won't wipe your drive unless you're a bit thick.09:34
cycrothanks man09:35
tute666xD lol09:35
cycrobut its true09:35
cycroi had partitioning problems09:35
cycrohopefuly u wont09:35
cycronow how do i  get mp3s working?09:35
Koji-MurasameWhat app are you using?09:36
cycroits playing, but no sound is comin out09:36
Koji-Murasameshould work straight away. . . sounds like a hardware issue.09:36
Qewdo other audio files work?09:36
graziecycro: you checked the mixer?09:36
cycrowhat mixer09:37
cycrowheres the little audio icon09:37
cycrothat i can click on, and adjust audio levels09:37
cycrook nvm, now it works ?_?09:38
graziecycro: did you add the volume control plugin  to the panel?09:39
=== Eagle_101 [n=Eagle@unaffiliated/eagle101/x-0000001] has joined #xubuntu
cycronow i did09:40
=== tesuki_ [n=tesuki@c-db87e455.20-0145-74657210.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #xubuntu
K3ntoim supposed to wipe the drive anyway09:40
=== K3nto [n=k3nt@dhcp42-151.iqltvu.northwestel.net] has left #xubuntu []
cycrodoes anybody know how i can make vlc so that whenever i open a new music file, it doesnt open another vlc window?09:49
=== somerville32 [n=somervil@ubuntu/member/somerville32] has joined #xubuntu
ubotuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Banshee, Beep Media Player, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, XMMS (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine  -  See also !codecs09:52
graziecycro: if you right click on your media file you can associate it with vlc or whatever else you want09:52
cycroi did that09:52
cycrothats fine09:53
cycrobut now09:53
cycrolets say im playin a music file09:53
cycroin the vlc window09:53
cycroif i wana open another file, it will make a new vlc window09:53
tute666vlc sucks.09:53
=== cycro stabs tute666
Koji-MurasameI like vlc. . .09:53
=== tute666 bleeds all over cycro
=== grazie smiles
=== cycro uses vlc to mop the blood up
=== cycro throws tute666 into the recycle bin
Koji-Murasamedead bodies are recyclable?09:54
tute666soylent green09:56
=== LordGamer [n=LordGame@] has joined #xubuntu
cycrou can decompose dead bodies and use them as fertilizer09:57
cycromakes your grass a darker shade of green09:58
cycroand certain plants grow better09:58
tute666cycro: your knowledge is disturbing.10:01
cycrono implications or anything10:01
=== Koji-Murasame backs away slowly before he ends up as compost
tute666cycro "recycles" policemen to feed his pot plants.10:04
=== aidanr [n=aidanr@] has joined #xubuntu
cycrook another question10:07
cycrohow do i make the little button on the side of my mouse to go back?10:08
Koji-Murasamethere were a couple howtos I saw about that, but I haven't gotten any to work. . .10:08
=== AngryElf_ [n=AngryElf@ip68-100-101-98.dc.dc.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
Eagle_101hey thanks Koji-Murasame10:11
Koji-Murasamewelcome welcome.10:12
cycroit works for like 6 mice-_-10:13
Eagle_101special mice :D10:14
cycroweak sauce10:14
cycrocan anybody mail me a windows xp instalation cd?10:15
Eagle_101why would you want that!!!10:15
=== Eagle_101 blinks
cycroi deleted all my data installing linux10:15
cycroso i need to install windows, and attempt to recover10:16
Koji-Murasame. . . Your compy did't come with a cd?10:16
pleia2cycro: you're in the wrong channel to be looking for people to pirate Windows.10:16
cycrohow ironic, eh?10:16
cycroasking xubuntuers for windows xp10:17
Koji-MurasamePerhaps you should talk to the manufacturer. Seems like any decent one would send you a cd.10:17
tute666OR you could just download it10:18
hyper_chwhat's up?10:20
hyper_chproblems with windows?10:20
=== Eagle_101 looks at the channel name...
cycrohow do i eject a cd if its busy?10:21
tute666hit the drive10:22
tute666lever it with a screwdriver10:22
cycrokk brb10:22
hyper_chcycro: hmmm, why do you want to eject it if it's busy?10:23
cycrothe screwdriver isnt working10:23
cycroand i dont know why its busy10:23
cycroi just want it out10:23
cycronothing is using it10:23
hyper_chwell, you could turn off your computer10:23
Eagle_101that always works :D10:23
hyper_chor at least exit x10:23
hyper_chmaybe that helps already10:24
Eagle_101I wonder if you have a proccess using it....10:24
=== Jester45 [n=Jester45@dsl-192-22.jax.centurytel.net] has joined #xubuntu
Eagle_101try pkill on some stuff10:24
Eagle_101process kill10:24
Eagle_101if you are running vim10:24
Eagle_101and you want it to die10:24
Eagle_101pkill vim10:24
Eagle_101in the terminal10:25
cycrohow bout ctrl + alt + esc?10:25
Eagle_101cycro, dunno about that, I just like terminals :P10:25
=== Koji-Murasame [n=nick@74-131-39-113.dhcp.insightbb.com] has left #xubuntu []
hyper_chthe terminal is great :)10:26
Jester45How do you mount a fat32 partition?10:26
hyper_chit's something with vfat...10:26
hyper_chbut don't remember exactly10:26
Eagle_101should mount10:26
tute666it should detect the fs automatically10:27
Jester45no it doesnt i10:27
hyper_chfstab -->  UUID=5048-F919  /media/hdb6     vfat    defaults,utf8,umask=007,gid=46 0       110:27
Jester45its a harddrive not usb10:27
hyper_chjust set proper UUID10:27
hyper_chor use /dev/hdxy10:27
hyper_chbtw, anyone uses feisty=?10:28
hyper_chJester45: using konversation?10:29
Jester45im not a kde right now10:29
hyper_chneither am I :)10:29
hyper_chbut I run lots of kde appz :)10:30
hyper_chthe thing is konversation just keeps blinking if there is any new message... and this is kind of annoying :( it didn't behave like that in edgy10:30
Jester45is there a way to mount it without fstab10:31
hyper_chsure there is10:31
tute666Jester45: mount /dev/hdb6 /media/<whatever>10:32
=== Seveas [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chSeveas: is there a problem if I use your codecs from the ubuntulinux.nl repo (edgy) on feisty=10:36
hyper_chSeveas: well, I use them already but wasn't sure if it's a good idea :)10:37
cycrohow do i install beryl on xubuntu?10:38
hyper_chcycro: www.beryl-project.org --> in the wiki there's a howto10:39
hyper_ch!beryl | cycro10:39
ubotucycro: Beryl is a window manager that takes advantage of an OpenGL accelerated X environment. See http://forum.beryl-project.org/ - Help in #ubuntu-effects10:39
cycrodo i follow ubuntu instructions/10:39
hyper_chbasically yes10:39
=== tesuki_ [n=tesuki@c-db87e455.20-0145-74657210.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #xubuntu
cycroalright cool10:40
ubotuText Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) | Terminal-based editors: vi/vim, emacs, and nano (user-friendly). | HTML/CSS editors: !html | Programming: !code10:42
cycrobrb food10:42
hyper_chwhat about kate?10:44
=== ubuntu [n=ubuntu@adsl-69-209-56-99.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net] has joined #xubuntu
Eagle_101hyper_ch, just checking what it was :P10:45
hyper_chI like Kate quite a bit :)10:45
Eagle_101ah, is it any better then mousepad?10:46
Jester45at least for mr10:46
hyper_chit has code folding10:46
hyper_chit integrates nicely with konqueror for remote editing through ssh...10:46
hyper_chcode highlighting10:47
hyper_chsyntax highlighting I mean :)10:47
Jester45hyper_ch: use scite10:47
hyper_chand able to use sessions :)10:47
Eagle_101ok :D10:47
hyper_chthat's all I need and kate does it nicely :)10:47
Jester45when i try mounting with mount /dev/hdb1 /mnt/windows vfat it doesnt work10:47
Eagle_101scite I've got to apt-get that thing and try it out :P10:47
=== chaky [n=chaky@unaffiliated/chaky] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chJester45: try:   mount /dev/hdb1 /mnt/windows -t vfat10:47
hyper_chand I assume you created the dir /mnt/windows ?10:48
Jester45i think that worked10:48
Jester45it didnt give an error10:48
Jester45it worked10:48
hyper_chyou're welcome10:49
=== rag [n=rag@58.Red-80-24-33.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #xubuntu
Eagle_101ok is there a decent application that will burn an ISO image?10:54
ubotuTo mount an ISO disc image, type "sudo mount -o loop my.iso <mountpoint>" There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before burning. Burning .iso files: see !burn10:55
ubotuCD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus cd burner (Gnome), gtoaster, xcdroast, cdrecord (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto10:55
Jester45i use k3b10:56
=== grazie likes graveman
Eagle_101well I want to burn an iso image of gentoo10:57
pleia2Eagle_101: I just use cdrecord on the command line: cdrecord thing.iso10:57
Eagle_101yey terminals win10:57
=== Eagle_101 apt-gets cdrecord
hyper_chI normally use k3b :)10:58
pleia2k3b is nice for more advanced stuff, but loading up an entire gui just to burn an iso seems silly to me :)10:58
Eagle_101mmm I've already got it :D10:58
Eagle_101pleia2, same here :P10:59
=== Eagle_101 is in love with linux's use of command lines for everything
hyper_chpleia2: if one doesn't know the command :)10:59
pleia2hyper_ch: that's why I'm here! ;)10:59
Eagle_101hyper_ch, thats what "man <application name> is for :P11:00
hyper_chpleia2: I know how to make an iso from a cd from command line... but didn't use the other way around yet :)11:00
hyper_chEagle_101: first you will ahve to konw "application name" before you can do "man application name"11:00
Eagle_101hyper_ch, so true ;)11:00
=== Athalus [n=Athalus@sos3-1x-dhcp374.studby.uio.no] has joined #xubuntu
cycroomg my dad is so cool11:04
cycrowe were eating dinner11:05
cycroand hes like "Remember that obnoxious chinese guy that we met at the computer store the other day?"11:05
cycroand i said "Yeah, wat a jerk"11:06
cycroand, well11:06
cycroto make a long story short11:06
cycromy dad uses him as fertilizer now11:06
cycrolittle jerk got what he deserved11:06
=== tute666 [n=tute666@4-130-235-201.fibertel.com.ar] has joined #xubuntu
cycrohi tut11:07
pleia2cycro: might want to move this to -offtopic :)11:07
tute666hey. installed xfce from scratch.  memory usage is way down11:08
Eagle_101ok, a decent bittorrent program?11:10
ubotubittorrent: Scatter-gather network file transfer. In component main, is optional. Version 3.4.2-6ubuntu3 (edgy), package size 90 kB, installed size 556 kB11:10
tute666azureus? :S11:10
Eagle_101just download that :P11:11
ubotuazureus is a popular bittorent client written in Java, installation instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AzureusHowTo11:11
Eagle_101java :S11:11
hyper_chI like ktorrent... but then I like many kde appz :)11:11
ubotuktorrent: BitTorrent client for KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 2.0.3+dfsg1-0ubuntu1 (edgy), package size 1155 kB, installed size 5032 kB11:12
Jester45i use azureus11:12
Eagle_101ok I just want to grab one file11:12
Eagle_101do we have a command line app?11:12
tute666Eagle_101: rtorrent11:12
Jester45i dont like torrent because many of my trackers throttle the speed11:12
Jester45dont like ktorrent*11:12
Eagle_101thanks guys11:13
uboturtorrent: ncurses BitTorrent client based on LibTorrent. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.5.3-1 (edgy), package size 232 kB, installed size 636 kB11:13
Jester45rtorrent or ctorrent11:13
Qewbittornado or even the humble bittorrent can be used on the CLI11:13
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ctorrent - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi11:13
Jester45o well11:13
=== merhojt [n=Jimmy@h75n2c1o885.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #xubuntu
Eagle_101all I want is a simple app that I can say, go fetch this and put it here >.<11:14
Eagle_101wget is a bittorrent?11:14
hyper_chbut it's a simple that where you can say go fetch this and put it here11:14
Qewthen use bittorrent or bittornado... both can be run on the CLI11:15
Eagle_101well I don't want to wait 3 hour either :P11:15
Eagle_101ok thanks11:15
hyper_chs/that r/app :)11:15
Jester45just get the official version its very simple11:15
hyper_chthen my sentence makes sence11:15
Qewyou have to install their GUIs as separate packages, anyway ;)11:16
Eagle_101ok I've got bittorrent11:16
Eagle_101does not have a man entry :(11:16
QewEagle_101: http://dessent.net/btfaq/cmdline.shtml11:17
Jester45run it...11:17
Eagle_101mmm I can't even get the thing to start >.>11:20
=== Eagle_101 hunts of the command for "go fetch this file!"
Qewtry btdownloadcurses11:20
Qewthat's the command you want11:21
Qewit's not bittorrent11:21
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=== cycro [n=robert@CPE0040f4d45ca8-CM014130004988.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #xubuntu
Eagle_101all I have to do is give it a url and a place to save to I hope?11:22
=== krash123 [n=krash@201-212-130-184.cab.prima.net.ar] has joined #xubuntu
Qewdownload the .torrent file and use that to tell bittorrent what to download, etc11:24
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto11:24
Eagle_101sorry I'm new to this whole concept >.>11:24
Eagle_101I have a torrent file sitting on my desktop11:25
Eagle_101I did figure that much out11:25
Eagle_101there we go :D11:26
Qewright, then you'll want something like this: "btdownloadcurses --max_upload_rate 20 [torrent file] " (upload rate is in KB)11:27
Qewah, ok11:27
Eagle_101I just gave it the url of the torrent file...11:27
Eagle_101but its not doing anything other then just showing a status11:28
Qewit'll take time11:28
Eagle_101ok I did not tell it where the torrent file is...11:28
Qewdownload the torrent file, then do the command I put above11:29
Qewit'll save it in the directory you're currently in11:29
Eagle_101yeah I'm trying that now ;)11:29
Qewthen just sit and wait. It might take some minutes before you notice a response11:30
Eagle_101Qew, the torrent file is the url to it rignt?11:30
QewI'd download the torrent file and point the command to the torrent file on your local machine.11:31
Eagle_101ok I did that11:31
Eagle_101and it gave me a value error11:31
Qewmaybe the tracker is dead11:31
Qewwhat are you trying to download?11:31
=== moe_evil [n=patatama@] has joined #xubuntu
Qewlet's see11:32
Qewseems to be taking as long as you'd expect to eventually install Gentoo ;)11:37
Eagle_101Qew, heh11:37
Eagle_101so, its going?11:37
Eagle_101and if so, what is the proper command?11:37
ubotuBeryl is a window manager that takes advantage of an OpenGL accelerated X environment. See http://forum.beryl-project.org/ - Help in #ubuntu-effects11:37
Qewno, it's not yet11:37
Eagle_101you just pointed it at the url?11:38
QewI downloaded the torrent file and pointed to that11:38
Eagle_101mmm well I'm getting errors with that approch...11:38
Qewthe only problem I'm having is waiting for the download to start11:38
Eagle_101Qew, here is the errors I'm getting11:39
=== tesuki_ [n=tesuki@c-db87e455.20-0145-74657210.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #xubuntu
Qewshouldn't that be /home/james/Desktop/livecd...11:42
Qewcapital D in Desktop11:42
Eagle_101mmm probably >.> I thought I set everything to lowercase >.>11:42
Qewwhy not CD to the directory and then do it from there?11:42
Eagle_101Qew, I feel really really dumb here :(11:43
Qewbtdownloadcurses --max_upload_rate 20 livecd-i686-installer-2006.1.torrent11:43
Eagle_101Qew, because its one file :P11:43
Qewwhat's that got to do with it?11:43
Qewjust cd to where you stored the file and run that11:43
Eagle_101dunno, just how I do it, if I have to do a bunch of files (like start python programs) I do a cd otherwise I just type it out.11:44
Eagle_101and its running :D11:44
Eagle_101and thanks for putting up with my stupidity :P11:45
Qewheh... np. I'll probably show mine one day ;)11:45
cycrowats a good rar unpacker?11:46
cycrois there a plugin for xarchiver to see rars?11:47
=== tampler [n=tampler@] has joined #xubuntu
cycroi dont want 1000 million progarms -_-11:47
cycrois there an all around unarchiver?11:47
tute666cycro: yes, it depends on unrar11:47
=== K3nto [n=k3nt@dhcp42-151.iqltvu.northwestel.net] has joined #xubuntu
cycroit depenmds on unrar?11:47
tute666cycro: youve got the program that is the user interface.11:48
Qewxarchiver should be fine if you install unrar11:48
tute666then youve got unrar that actually does the work11:48
cycrodo i want unrar or unrar-free?11:48
Qewxarchiver is just a graphical frontend to many types of archive programs. unrar is one such program.11:48
cycroi see11:48
Qewfree one will do11:48
cycroit says free doesnt support 3.011:48
Qewoh, then do the other one ;)11:49
K3ntoxubuntu should go onto a Pentium 3 lappie right? designed for 98/200011:49
Qewshould do. How much ram?11:49
K3ntoat lest 12811:49
K3nto256 i think11:49
cycroshud be fine11:49
cycrogf is running that11:49
Qewyeah, but if it's 128, then you'll need the alternate install CD... the 256 should be fine with installation from the live CD11:50
Eagle_101yeah it will work11:50
Eagle_101just watch how much ram you have ;)11:50
cycrodo all linux distros have repositories?11:50
K3ntoalternate cd?11:50
pleia2K3nto: it's on the download page, it has a text-based installer on it that's better for lower ram systems11:51
Qewyeah, if you have 192mb or below, then use that.11:51
cycroi installed unrar11:52
Qeweither way, your machine will work. It's just the installation we're quibbling about.11:52
cycroi still cant unrar-_-11:52
pleia2cycro: what is the error?11:52
=== skirk [n=skirk@ip-103-163.sn2.eutelia.it] has joined #xubuntu
K3ntoi already have the live cd. can i do the text installation from this one? like a boot option or something11:53
pleia2K3nto: unfortunately the livecd installer doesn't have the text installer on it11:53
Eagle_101K3nto, you need to download the alternate cd11:53
cycroif i right click and click extract here, i get "Can't spawn the command"11:53
Qewwell, he only needs to download the alternate if the machine has less than 192mb on it11:53
cycroif i ope nthe file with xarchiver11:53
pleia2cycro: open up a terminal, type: unrar e filename.rar11:53
K3ntonuts. i got to the desktop with the install icon and everything11:53
=== skirk [n=skirk@ip-103-163.sn2.eutelia.it] has left #xubuntu ["Leaving]
cycrother we go11:54
K3ntoYES its going! just gonna take forever or so11:54
Eagle_101K3nto, how much RAM does that machine have?11:54
s|k_is there any easy way to access a printer on a windows computer on a local network with xubuntu?11:54
cycroty pleia11:54
K3ntolie 128 or 25611:54
=== s|k_ is now known as s|k
QewK3nto: but you say that the machine might have 256mb on it?11:54
cycrothe file is a .nrg11:55
Qewthen it should work... if it has 128, then it might not and you'll have to download the alternate CD11:55
cycrotell me theres a .nrg viewr11:55
K3ntotheres a 128 and a 256 in it. not sure which one its picking up11:55
pleia2cycro: is nrg a movie or picture format?11:55
pleia2something else?11:55
cycroi thinjk its sometin from nero11:55
QewNero image file11:56
cycrothere we go11:56
cycroany ideas?11:56
=== pleia2 doesn't know what nero is :\
cycroits a burning software for windows11:56
cycrowell it used to be, now its got millions of features11:56
Qewyeah, I have some distant memories about it... sort of very distant11:57
K3ntoahh! my cursor disappeared11:57
pleia2my we're having fun this evening11:57
Qewit was good for a Windows app, though11:57
Qewbut that was four years ago11:57
Qewthings change11:57
cycrolinux has a nrg --> iso !!!11:57
cycrow00t cakes11:57
pleia2yeah, nrg2iso ;)11:58
cycronow how to use11:58
K3ntowhat does it mean when the install window comes up, but theres nothing inside?11:59
cycrowat does the burnfree option do ?12:00
cycroin gnomebaker12:01
K3ntomemtest. i got 128 mb12:01
Qewthen you'll have to download the alternate install CD12:01
pleia2K3nto: it might just be coming up slowly (or stalled) because you don't have enough ram12:02
Qewcycro: turning on burnfree will protect you from buffer underruns, where CPU activity might end up making a coaster. It depends on the CDRW supporting it, but modern ones should do.12:03
cycroits unchecked by default :(12:03
Qewwell, it's playing safe12:03
Qewturn it on if your CDRW drive supports it12:04
=== krash123 [n=krash@201-212-130-184.cab.prima.net.ar] has joined #xubuntu
cycrothanks again12:08
=== rob-west ugs Juni
K3ntoi cant find the alternate cd12:08
krash123k3nto , the alternate xubuntu cd ?12:08
Qewdapper or edgy?12:09
krash123there you have the links..12:10
krash123for torrent download look at the bottom..12:10
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=== maxamillion [n=adam@ngl-1-14.shsu.edu] has joined #xubuntu
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=== cycro [n=robert@CPE0040f4d45ca8-CM014130004988.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #xubuntu
cycro:(!! all my files :(12:26
cycrocant recover..12:26
K3ntowhat were you doing12:26
cycroinstalling linux12:27
cycrothen i screwed with the partitions table? or sometin12:27
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about photorec - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi12:27
cycroand everytin got erased12:28
krash123got to be careful lol..12:28
maxamillioncycro: to recover partitions use .. TestDisk, for files use PhotoRec ... both are listed on this wiki http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/Main_Page12:28
maxamillioncycro: enjoy :)12:28
cycroo thx12:29
cycroill check it out12:29
maxamillionit was a life saver for me more than once :P12:29
cycrois it for more than just photos?12:29
maxamillionbut read careful when you are going through the recover process ...12:29
maxamillioncycro: yeah ... it has a long list of file extensions it can recover12:30
=== cycro perks up
=== aidanr [n=aidanr@] has joined #xubuntu
cycrois it a bootable cd?12:31
maxamillioncycro: make sure to only check the files you really want to recover ... you would be amazed how many files will just randomly be recovered12:31
maxamillioncycro: well .. it is included on knoppix liveCD or you can install it12:31
cycrothats brilliant12:31
cycrobut i Really screwd things up, u think it can help?12:31
maxamillionyeah, you'd be impressed12:32
=== rob-west will brb
cycrois it ok if i install via synaptic?12:32
maxamillioncycro: i recommend the knoppix approach, but i have had both work for me12:32
cycrowell ill try this for now12:32
cycrosince downloading knoppix will take osme time12:32
maxamillioncycro: both programs are part of the TestDisk package so if you do install then both programs will be there after synaptic installs the TestDisk package12:33
cycromy main concern is that i lose my dads resume, and 80gb of music12:33
maxamillionthen just tell PhotoRec to recover .doc (i assume that is the extension of your dad's resume) and .mp3 and all will be well12:35
cycrook i installed it12:35
cycroi type photorec in terminal?12:35
cycro532 files recovere12:36
cycroin recup dir12:36
=== krash123 [n=krash@201-212-130-184.cab.prima.net.ar] has left #xubuntu []
maxamillioncycro: :)12:37
cycroi got a bunch of text files12:37
cycroin foregin languages, it seems12:37
cycrosome of them are12:37
maxamillionyeah ... it will recover some garbage along with what you are looking for12:37
cycrobut i didnt do anything12:37
cycrowell i did12:37
cycroits reading12:38
cycroits not finding my hard drive12:38
cycroit says 32mb RO12:38
=== BFTD [n=thomas@dialup-] has joined #xubuntu
cycrowhen i had ubuntu installed, it at least recognized my otherp artition12:38
maxamillioncycro: you might want to check that wiki ... i don't know alot about the program to be honest12:38
cycrothe wiki is weak12:39
cycrohowto help doesnt work12:39
=== tesuki_ [n=tesuki@c-db87e455.20-0145-74657210.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #xubuntu
maxamillioni sorry12:40
cycroits ok12:40
cycroyeah xubuntu doesnt recognize my whole drive12:41
maxamillionthat's because it will only see its partition12:41
cycronot even that12:41
cycroit only sees a32 mb partition12:42
cycroand i have no idea wat that is12:42

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