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UbugtuNew bug: #89760 in launchpad "In LP Beta: Tabs in the Milestones doesn't work" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8976001:20
pochuheya, nice report :)01:23
LaserJockhi kiko 01:24
pochukiko: you are like my laptop ;)01:24
kikohey LaserJock 01:24
kikopochu, it never sleeps? :)01:24
pochukiko: my laptop or me? :)01:24
kikoLaserJock, I will have free slots to give the MOTU bug list attention this week01:24
LaserJockdoesn't suspend right? ;-)01:24
LaserJockkiko: awesome!!01:25
ajmitchkiko: thanks!01:26
kikoI am today finishing a report which is, oh, THREE MONTHS late01:28
kikothis will be a big weight off my back01:28
ajmitchand I thought I had problems with a report 4 days late :)01:29
kikoajmitch is the man01:33
LaserJockthat he is01:34
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lifelesshow do I get to a non-beta URL ?10:24
lifelessI need to tell someone how to do something with regular launchpad10:24
lifelessbut it keeps redirecting, so I cant see what that looks like10:25
ddaalifeless: go to launchpad.net root10:25
ddaaand click "disable redirection"10:25
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dnearyHi all10:27
dnearyI uploaded a .pot and a bunch of .po files on Friday, they're listed as Accepted, but there are no translations on the branch in question - anyone know why that might be?10:28
dneary(for the 2.1 branch of qtwengophone)10:28
ddaacarlos: danilos: ^10:28
carlosdneary: the problem is that we didn't implement a way to give priority to those imports over Ubuntu ones and we are opening Feisty for translations right now, so the amount of files to import is huge....10:29
lifelessddaa: thanks!10:30
dnearycarlos: Ah, OK10:31
dnearyI didn't understand that Friday, but I get it now10:31
dnearycarlos: Isn't that a flaw in the system, though?10:31
carlosyeah, that's why I said 'we didn't implement...'10:31
dnearyIt makes us non-Ubuntu projects feel like second-class Launchpad citizens10:31
dnearyOK, thanks10:32
carloswell, it's not that Ubuntu has priority10:32
carlosit's just that we are importing a lot of files at the same time10:32
ddaait's just that it's first come first served10:32
ddaaand that ubuntu is a very big guy with a very large plate10:32
carlosddaa: right, thanks10:32
=== Gwaihir [n=Gwaihir@mail.foredil.it] has joined #launchpad
carlosdneary: the idea is give non ubuntu projects priority over Ubuntu, so this kind of huge imports doesn't affect you10:34
dnearyAny idea when the ETA for those imports to be finished is? Can you see the state of the queue?10:34
dnearyWill they be done by Wednesday?10:34
carlossorry, use the second link10:34
carlosthat's how the queue is atm10:35
dnearyWoohoo! I'm first in the queue10:36
carlosdneary: I hope, I'm asking some DB magic to mitigate the problem as it's taking much more time than expected but at current rate, it would still take a couple of days10:36
dnearyBut I have no idea where I am in the "all files" queu10:36
carlosdneary: for products, yes ;-)10:36
carlosthe problem is that the distros queue is the same10:36
carlosdneary: I guess you are near the end of the queue10:37
carlosit's sorted by date10:37
dnearycarlos: I also uploaded a .tar.gz of .po files through https://translations.launchpad.net/wengophone/2.1/+translations-upload - but I don't see them in the queue10:37
carlosdneary: If you used that URL, the files are pending to be approved10:38
dnearyYes, I see them: https://launchpad.net/translations/imports/+index?target=products&status=NEEDS_REVIEW&type=all&start=75&batch=7510:39
dnearyI have a quick question - how do people manage merges between Launchpad files and their files?10:39
dnearycron jobs?10:40
dnearyRegular manual imports/exports?10:40
dnearyHow do you handle the string changes in svn conflicting with translations in launchpad?10:40
carlosright now?, manual exports. To do uploads, some use scripts (like the ones I think you were testing)10:40
dnearycarlos: Yeah - I don't think that the scripts are very effective10:40
dnearyAnd we also script downloads10:41
dnearyUsing a regexp on webmail :)10:41
carloswell, the thing is that the maintainers should cope with those conflicts as we recommend to point to Rosetta as the place to publish the .po files. You can download and then upload the file later without using the web translation form.10:42
carloshaving two persons translating one on svn10:42
carlosand another in Rosetta10:42
carlosis a source of conflicts10:42
carloseither both use SVN or both use Rosetta10:42
carlosdneary: we are planning a better way to integrate translations with source trees (other than current mechanisms) but it's still in design phase10:43
UbugtuNew bug: #89833 in malone "+editstatus entry point surprising" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8983310:50
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lifelessreviewer meeting now11:02
BjornTi'm here11:02
spivI'm here.11:03
lifeless== Agenda ==11:07
lifeless * Roll call11:07
lifeless * Next meeting11:07
lifeless * Queue status.11:07
lifelessspiv: ?11:07
lifelessSteveA: ?11:07
lifelessjamesh: ?11:07
spivI'm here.11:08
spivAh, lifeless just phoned.11:08
spivHis net connection is down.11:08
spivSo I guess I'll run the meeting in the meantime.11:09
spivSteveA: still recovering from the flu, I guess?11:09
spivjamesh: here?11:09
jameshspiv: yeah11:09
spivjamesh: don't labour too hard :)11:09
spivOk, next meeting...11:10
lifelessits just come back11:10
spivAh, great.11:10
=== spiv stands aside
lifelessthanks though!11:11
spivNot a problem.11:11
lifelessso, we're splitting the meetings in two11:11
=== xerosis [n=kieran@87-194-21-125.bethere.co.uk] has joined #launchpad
lifelessI propose the .au themed one be 4pm (GMT+11) which should be within Bjornt's working hours11:11
spivYes please!11:11
lifelessand if BjornT can be kind enough to attend both, we can keep consistency.11:11
lifelessif thats too early for BjornT, then 5pm(GMT+11)11:12
lifelessBjornT: what do you say?11:12
BjornTlifeless: au 4pm is 7am for me, so i'd prefer 5pm11:13
spivThat's fine with me.11:13
lifelessall in objection, type something now11:13
lifelessBjornT: please coordinate a time with the non .au reviewers that is convenient for you, and update teh https://launchpad.canonical.com/ReviewerMeetingAgenda?action=edit with that11:14
spivlifeless, BjornT: thanks!11:14
BjornTlifeless: sure11:14
lifelessBjornT: are you willing to chair that meeting? or just be present ?11:14
BjornTlifeless: i can chair the non-au one.11:15
lifelessok, queue status (one second while I note this down)11:15
=== jamesh has to finish off salgado's one
lifelessjamesh: can you look at david/launchpad/complete-revisions-landing - the review metadata for it11:17
lifelessjamesh: I think its not 10 days old, and something fishy has happened11:17
lifelessand yes, yes you do11:17
jameshlifeless: he probably backdated it when adding it11:17
jameshlifeless: or changed the URL11:17
lifelessyou also have a branch of marks, and flacoste has a branch of tims that are getting old11:18
lifelessBjornT: can you nag flacoste :)11:18
BjornTsure :)11:18
lifelessspiv: your branches - how are they looking ?11:18
lifelessspecifically flacoste-..11:18
lifelessjamesh: have you landed my patch to the pending-reviews yet ?11:19
spivI only have one :)11:19
spivI'll do flacoste's tonight.11:19
jameshlifeless: not yet11:19
lifelessspiv: you'll have more for tomorrow :)11:19
lifelessjamesh: :(. 11:19
=== lifeless begs
spivlifeless: well, I can't comment on that today :)11:19
=== spiv is starting to think of >500 line branches as large. Must be because smaller branches are increasingly normal!
lifelessthats good11:20
lifelessthere are 13 open reviews11:21
lifelessbut jamesh is back from sprint now11:21
lifelessand noone else is on leave AFAIK11:21
lifelessare you still doing 2 reviews a day ?11:24
spivI have been a bit lax on the 2/day front.11:25
BjornTme too, although i generally review the branches before the get 2 days old.11:25
=== ddaa is looking at tim's explicit-branch-type
lifelesswhat I'll do for the next week is stack your queues deep11:26
lifelessthat way, we wont have the low bandwidth-latency multiplier effect :)11:26
ddaaI think the new folks need some mentoring about focus and small branches...11:26
lifelessjamesh: it will help me immensely to deploy my pending reviews update11:27
jameshlifeless: yep.  I'll get onto it tomorrow11:27
lifelessthank you11:27
lifelessthats all from me11:27
lifelessanything new ?11:27
lifelessddaa: how old is david/launchpad/complete-revisions-landing11:28
BjornTnothing from me11:28
=== seb128 [n=seb128@ubuntu/member/seb128] has joined #launchpad
ddaalifeless: put it up for review on thursday11:29
ddaahad been work-in-progress for some time before11:29
lifelessddaa: you did something strange when you did that11:29
ddaajust moved it around, and changed work-in-progress to needs-review11:29
lifelessddaa: do you recall what it was ? (Did you change url? change the timestamp?)11:29
ddaaha, yes, changed url11:29
ddaacomplete-revisions -> complete-revisions-landing11:30
lifelessddaa: please dont do that, the system is primitive and trivially breakable11:30
ddaamade it depend on recent rocketfuel, instead of cherrypickable...11:30
lifelessnew url + old timestamp -> looks like its been unallocated for 10 days11:30
ddaas/cherrypickable/mergeable in production/11:30
ddaahu, okay sorry...11:31
lifelessddaa: so either just make a new entry, or keep the url please11:32
ddaagotcha, url == id11:33
BjornTcarlos: you added your firefox-import branch as needs-review on PendingReviews11:33
carlossorry, I forgot to change the status11:34
carlosthanks for the warning11:34
=== carlos changes it
lifelessthanks for coming, metting over11:38
BjornTspiv: could you take a quick look at the changes in test_acceptance.py in https://devpad.canonical.com/~jamesh/pending-reviews/jml/launchpad/fix-intermittent-test/full-diff11:43
BjornTspiv: just to make sure that the changes look semantically correct11:43
spivBjornT: ok, I'll take a look now11:45
BjornTthanks spiv11:45
spivBjornT: I don't know why he does joinThread in the deferToThread decorator.  It should be redundant.11:47
spivBjornT: he never sets _bail_registered to True!11:49
BjornTyeah, i was going to comment on that :), and also propose another way of doing it.11:51
spivBjornT: The basic transformation of test_* methods looks sound, though.11:51
=== dneary [n=dneary@mne69-9-88-163-116-163.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #launchpad
BjornTspiv: ok, thanks. i'll include your comments about joinTread.11:52
spivBjornT: please feel free to require lots of explanation about anything that's unclear.  I'm familiar with Twisted testing idioms, and also discussed this with jml a fair bit over VOIP, but ideally this should be comprehensible to more than just two people :)11:53
BjornTspiv: i will :)11:54
spivBjornT: The trick here is that TrialTestCases allow test methods to return a Deferred to wait for, and the framework will keep running the Twisted reactor until that Deferred is called back.11:55
BjornTyeah. i remember that from having reviewed one of salgado's branches that did the same.11:56
spivSo now he's running the two twisted services in-process, and waiting for events from them to determine test completion, and to avoid blocking the event loop he's running most of the assertions and bzr client code in a seperate thread.11:56
spivIncidentally, jml says that these tests take a minute less to run now they don't need to spawn subprocesses :)11:57
spivI'll probably apply the same sort of changes to the authserver and librarian tests eventually, so they can avoid subprocesses too.11:59
BjornTspiv: and that's the reason for having to run TrialSuite()._bail() at exit?11:59
spivThe reason for that really deserves a honking great comment.11:59
spivThat arranges for the Twisted reactor to get shutdown, which in turn means that it's threadpool is stopped.  Otherwise, the process hangs indefinitely at exit because of non-daemonic threads.12:00
BjornTthere's an XXX that has the beginning of a comment for it, but it doesn't include the end of it :)12:00
spivAh, heh, so there is.12:01
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UbugtuNew bug: #89846 in soyuz "binary ancestry calculation broken for new binary packages" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8984612:20
=== carlos -> bank
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cprovgood morning01:00
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Znarlstub, lifeless, SteveA : Ping?  gandwana Launchpad Apps Server [1/2]  is down.01:27
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kikowake up gandwana 01:48
SteveAstub, lifeless, Znarl: is anyone else working on gandwana?01:49
UbugtuNew bug: #89854 in launchpad-bazaar "codebrowse fails with infinite redirections" [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8985401:50
=== sinzui [n=Curtis@pool-70-18-225-105.res.east.verizon.net] has joined #launchpad
sinzuiHello. I am Curtis Hovey. This is my first day on the Launchpad team. Anyone have a clue-by-4 to point me how I start my day?02:14
bacgood morning curtis and welcom02:15
bacwelcome, i mean02:15
spivsinzui: welcome02:15
spivsinzui: I'm about to go to bed, but bac, SteveA or kiko ought to be able to sort you out.02:16
bacsinzui: sure i'll give you a hand02:17
sinzuispiv: thanks. As I thought02:17
jordiwelcome sinzui!02:18
bacsinzui: i just sent you a private message -- you see it?02:19
sinzuibac: no :(02:20
=== sinzui thinks another app is screwy the desktop
bacsinzui: you use IM or skype?02:22
sinzuibac: gaim02:22
sinzuibac: my message to you didn't show. back to x-chat02:23
Hobbseebac: you're not identified.02:23
Hobbseebac: you need to be identified to freenode to send private messages.02:23
bacHobbsee: thanks02:25
Hobbseebac: no problem, need help with registering/identifying?02:25
SteveAsinzui: Welcome Curtis.02:26
SteveAkiko: ping02:26
bacHobbsee: yeah i need to take care of that.  thanks for the reminder.02:26
sinzuiSteveA: hi02:26
Hobbseebac: /msg nickserv help should get you started :)02:27
bacSteveA: if you want i can help sinzui get started since it's all pretty fresh.02:27
SteveAsinzui: I just send you a standardized "welcome to canonical" message02:32
=== jamesh [n=james@203-59-195-215.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #launchpad
sinzuiSteveA: thanks02:32
SteveAbac: sure, that would be great!  please do.02:32
bacsinzui: what is your AIM id?  until i get my freenode nick sorted out it may be best to move over to IM02:33
sinzuibac: CurtisHovey02:33
=== barr1 [n=barry@216-15-33-253.c3-0.slvr-ubr2.lnh-slvr.md.static.cable.rcn.com] has joined #launchpad
=== ddaa -> post office
SteveAsinzui: did you get the email?02:40
SteveAsinzui: I got a bounce kinda thing from Verizon saying "UCE not wanted"02:40
sinzuiSteveA: yes, I'm reading the wiki02:40
SteveAdo you use Verizon?  want to see the bounce?02:41
sinzuiSteveA: interesting. I Verizon doesn't like kiko either.02:41
=== carlos -> lunch
=== WaterSevenUb [n=WaterSev@azevedo.astro.up.pt] has joined #launchpad
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kikosinzui, your ISP is pretty horrible wrt incoming email. I have never once managed to email you directly :-(02:51
sinzuikiko: I'll look into switching my email though my domain provider. I get more control too02:52
=== flacoste [n=francis@modemcable252.1-202-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #launchpad
=== sinzui [n=Curtis@pool-70-18-225-105.res.east.verizon.net] has joined #launchpad
carlossinzui: you can get a POP3 account for canonical email03:07
sinzuicarlos: I see that. I'm writing the request now03:08
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BradCrittendenstatik: hello. how was your weekend?03:27
statikBradCrittenden: excellent, thanks. I think my brain melted a little from being immersed in another language. how was yours?03:28
BradCrittendengood.  nice weather mostly.  had a good time.03:29
BradCrittendensorry for the absurdly long nick.  trying to resolve registration on the other03:29
UbugtuNew bug: #89866 in malone "Search bugs in all projects fails with an UnexpectedFormData error" [Undecided,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8986603:35
ddaabarr1: ping03:46
barr1ddaa: pong03:47
ddaabarr1: got some time to talk about pyrex vs. ctypes?03:47
barr1ddaa: sure.  i've only dabbled, but i'll help if i can!03:48
ddaabarr1: I understand you talked about my use of pyrex to bind to libsvn with SteveA at Pycon.03:49
ddaaand that you suggested using ctypes instead of pyrex03:49
=== UB` [n=mik@stargate.fastweb.it] has joined #launchpad
barr1ctypes is a python 2.5 thing tho03:50
ddaaSo SteveA asked to have a talk with you about it.03:50
=== danilos [n=danilo@adsl-233-130.eunet.yu] has joined #launchpad
UB`i've a little problem 03:50
UB`I sent a bug message with a log pasted03:50
ddaabarr1: I haven't looked much at ctypes, but the reason I chose pyrex instead03:50
barr1thing i like about ctypes is that it comes w/py2.5 out of the box03:50
UB`but there are some security issues 03:51
UB`I have to edit that message03:51
UB`could you help me?03:51
=== BradCrittenden is now known as bac
ddaais that ctypes is ABI-based, you need to somehow embed the definition of the ABI you are in binding to the Python code03:51
=== Nafallo [n=nafallo@ubuntu/member/nafallo] has joined #launchpad
ddaaUB`: file a support request/question on the launchpad product03:51
ddaapointing to the specific log message to edit03:52
ddaaor tell stub directly03:52
ddaahe's the database admin, and does things like excising stuff out of the db when there is no UI for it.03:52
UB`could I disturb him in private?03:53
ddaabarr1: while pyrex is API based, you just give it a high-level description of the API, and just as much as you need to bind to, and the compiler deals with the ABI.03:53
ddaaUB`: sure, removing security-sensitive data is reason enough03:53
UB`thank you03:53
=== barr1 is now known as barry
ddaabarr1: also, most open source libraries, (including libsvn) really only document APIs03:54
ddaaand inferring the ABI out of the headers files can be a painful exercise03:55
ddaaI understand that ctypes is great when you need to bind to arbitrary windows APIs, where the ABI is known and very stable.03:55
ddaawhere a compiler is not generally available, and turn-key operation is essential03:55
ddaabut I'm far from convinced it's a good fit for binding on linux03:56
ddaabarry: your turn :)03:56
barryddaa: interesting. you've obviously looked at this stuff in more detail than i have.  i really only mentioned ctypes in passing, but it sounds like you have good reasons to prefer pyrex.  the only question is whether that outweighs the benefit of pyrex as an add-on dependency.03:57
ddaaOne thing I am assuming so far, is that there is no tool to automatically produce the ABI out of header files.03:58
ddaathat produces something usable by ctypes03:59
barryddaa: i've not heard of anything, but i could make inquiries in the python community if you want03:59
ddaasince libsvn is incredibly anal about ABI compatibility, that would essentially negate my argument against ctype in this case03:59
ddaabarry: I'm interested in any input you may have.04:00
ddaaI'm not strongly committed to pyrex, and it does involve add a lot of cruft (the high-level API description)04:01
=== pochu [n=pochu@ubuntu/member/pochu] has joined #launchpad
ddaasince the libsvn API is mind-bendingly complex04:01
=== bac [n=bac@cpe-065-190-191-245.nc.res.rr.com] has joined #launchpad
barryi always like to reduce moving parts if possible, especially in favor of out-of-the-box support.  would it be useful to do try to do a limited a/b test of the two modules?04:01
ddaawhat do you mean "a/b test of the two modules"?04:02
barryyou probably already have a bunch of pyrex glue -- would it make sense to try to duplicate some of that w/ctypes and evaluate the cost/benefit for this particular application?04:02
ddaaI guess that would provide an interesting data point04:03
ddaabut I have two practical objections 04:03
ddaa1. it's a lot of work that would have to be re-done for simple prospection04:04
ddaa2. it will not be definitive since the really interesting APIs I want to bind to are not wrapped yet.04:04
ddaaso 2 just means that whatever the result, it will have to be considered with a grain of salt04:05
ddaaand 1 means that I will only be willing to go down that road if there is some hint that it's not going to be a lot of effort, or that it will indeed lead to interesting results04:06
ddaafor any pertinent value of "interesting"04:06
barryright. well, istm that you've looked at the technical issues in much more detail than i have, so i'm not sure i can add anything useful ;).  i'll be happy to help in any way i can though!04:06
ddaabarry: the point is, I did not look at ctypes much04:06
ddaamost of my argument is based on knowing there is a ABI/API dichotomy04:07
ddaaand having practical experience with the pyrex side of the problem04:07
ddaaso maybe I am entirely misguided :)04:07
barryddaa: what's the best way to get the current pyrex bindings?  is there a bzr branch somewhere i can grab?  if so, perhaps i can look at that and try to do some ctypes bindings to get a feel for it, though i've never looked at libsvn04:08
ddaabarry: /code/david/cscvs/pyrex on devpad04:08
ddaait's still very experimental04:09
barrycool, thx.  i'll also try to do a bit of research on the api/abi issue04:09
ddaaanother data point that might be relevant:04:09
ddaaI have no interest in writing a general wrapper for libsvn04:09
ddaait's more a framework than a library, and it's absurdly generic in some places04:10
ddaaso I am focusing on the simplest wrapper that does was cscvs needs04:10
LarstiQddaa: ctypese can be rather cumbersome, but being pure python is the final win for my opengl uses.04:10
ddaaLarstiQ: here you go :) well defined ABI, portability, no compiler available04:11
barryddaa: gotcha04:12
LarstiQit also was much easier to get supports vectors out of libsvm with ctypes than with swig04:12
=== LarstiQ is unfamiliar with pyrex
ddaaLarstiQ: pyrex is like skinning two headed goats using a silver knife under a full moon.04:12
=== seb128 [n=seb128@ubuntu/member/seb128] has joined #launchpad
ddaait's scary and weird at first, but it does grow on you after a while04:13
LarstiQddaa: all the right conditions then04:13
ddaawhich interestingly, is the opposite of svn, which is friendly and comfortable at first, but sends you mad after a while.04:14
barryddaa: lol04:14
ddaaoops... sorry, did it again...04:14
ddaaLarstiQ: swig? OMG04:16
ddaathe native libsvn python bindings are done using swigs04:16
=== cprov [n=cprov@monga.dorianet.com.br] has joined #launchpad
LarstiQddaa: current libsvm binding is written in that04:16
LarstiQor, with04:16
LarstiQextending it is painful04:16
LarstiQddaa: right04:16
ddaait's pretty much unmaintained04:16
ddaaexcept for the bits that jelmer had to beat into compliance to get actual work done...04:17
LarstiQno no04:17
LarstiQlibsvm != libsvn04:17
=== LarstiQ works with support vector machines ;)
barrybtw ddaa: this kind of came up because of talks for bridging the svn/bzr gap.  i wanted to try the svn plugins for bzr, but found the mass of stuff i had to install and compile from source on my mac was just overwhelming04:17
ddaabarry: pretty much directly caused by upstream bindings being a steam pile of unmaintained swig insanity.04:18
barry(my thinkpad was running some feisty daily build and was having trouble getting on the network at pycon)04:18
barryddaa: yep04:18
ddaawhich is largely why I'm getting into this whole mess to start with04:18
ddaagot no trust in upstream to maintain those bindings04:18
LarstiQhow did pycon go?04:18
barryddaa: anything to make that mass easier to deal with04:19
barryLarstiQ: best one evar04:19
barryalmost 600 people04:19
barryi'd say 50-100 sprinters after the conference proper ended04:19
ddaabarry: actually, the original cause was "I tried to fix the upstream bindings, but they broke me".04:20
barryddaa: <snif> ;}04:20
ddaasteel pot / clay pot thing04:20
LarstiQbarry: cool04:20
barryddaa: even though you can apt-get the bzr-svn plugin, it doesn't work.  building from source is a soul crusher04:21
barryddaa: the high level goal is this:  several projects wanted to explore bzr but have their code in an svn repository, and have devs who don't live and breath revision control systems04:21
ddaaI can see how ctypes would be a good fit there.04:22
barryso what we want is something that will look and smell exactly like "svn" client to those devs while others can experiment with bzr, eventually touting the benefits, teaching others how to use it, and then eventually migrating them to use the bzr client04:22
ddaaprovided there's something to help bridge the API-ABI gap.04:22
barrywe talked about a bunch of alternative approaches, but i think they all had problems.  stevea mentioned something (i forgot the term) but a bzr server that also speaks svn04:23
ddaabzr-svn is great. It got an amazing potential for getting through the back door.04:23
ddaabzr-svnserve is also useful04:24
barryddaa: i tend to think that would be idea because it wouldn't require moving the repo to start the transition04:24
LarstiQit needs a lot more work though04:24
barrysorry, bzr-svn would be ideal i think04:24
ddaabut there's a whole spectrum of embrace-extend-bzrminate tools04:24
ddaabarry: completely agree04:25
ddaaand I agree that ctypes is what would be best to make bzr-svn rock04:25
barryyep.  it's definitely worth working on because i think there's a lot of interest in bzr, but also a lot of reluctance to just make the switch, especially because many projects have recently gone through a cvs->svn migration04:25
barrythat's a lot of upheaval for a dev community04:26
=== LarstiQ marks svnserve up for the bzr GSoC list
ddaabarry: you're preaching to the converted04:26
ddaa1. bzr-svn to get the committers to switch to bzr one by one04:27
ddaa2. bzr-svnserver to switch the server to bzr without bothering non-committers04:27
ddaaactually makes it a winning proposition for us to have big projects switch to svn04:28
ddaabarry: so, yeah. If you can come up with a practical way to bind to libsvn with ctypes, I'm willing to put my cscvs effort behind it.04:30
barrythere's sort of two (or three) propaganda points you have to win: first, convince people that the 'd' in dvcs is a fundamentally better way to operate; 2) that it's worth the overhead to learn a new model and set of commands; 3) that you won't lose anything by switching (i.e. it's a pure win), and 4) bzr is as mature and stable as svn (i.e. you will never ever ever lose data in bzr)04:30
ddaamight make the cscvs work more costly than it has to be, but it would have a very positive externality.04:30
barryddaa: agreed04:31
ddaabarry: actually, those all four points can go away with bzr-svn because it has the potential to make _trying_ bzr in situation near zero-cost.04:32
ddaaand experience shows than in any given project of significant size, you'll find at least one influential developer willing to try a DVCS.04:33
ddaabut often it's prevented by the interoperability watershed04:33
barryddaa: agreed, although at some point you want people to move their data into bzr and turn off their svn repos. that requires a lot of confidence that your data is rock solid stable (i.o.w. it's part technical part evangelical)04:33
ddaaI think it's mostly (but not quite) a red herring.04:34
barryddaa: another data point: we keep all the python.org files under svn (i do the same for all my personal servers).  that process has broken down for a number of reasons, so we've switched to bzr for all our etc files04:34
ddaaWhen people love and want to use a tool, they pretty much want to be convinced that switching is safe.04:35
barryddaa: agreed!04:35
barryand as long as it's relatively speedy, or that whatever performance costs you incur are amortized over all your work (i.e. always branch into a repo)04:36
ddaaspeed is another problem, got plenty of solutions and good work is being done04:37
ddaathe new formats are already enabling improvements in bzr-svn performance04:37
barryoh, and have you ever tried to put your os system files under svn?  what a royal pita.  requires you to hand edit .svn/entries files.   not fun04:38
LarstiQbarry: is bzr doing better at that?04:38
ddaaand you just have a handful of nutcases (linus and keithp leading the pack) who argue that a system needs to be designed for speed to be fast enough.04:38
ddaaI think these folks are overgeneralizing their specialized domain knowledge.04:39
barryLarstiQ: from what i've read on the python dot org mailing list over the weekend, yes it went much more smoothly.  we couldn't put / under bzr because it took too long, but putting /etc under bzr was quite acceptable.  and no ugly manual hacks required04:39
LarstiQbarry: cool. We haven't really focused on supporting it :)04:40
barryddaa: i come from the gvr school of thought on optimization :)04:40
ddaa /etc should be cool, not to wide, and mostly text04:40
barryoh and warsaw's law on performance: there's no performance problem that if ignored long enough won't eventually go away :)04:40
ddaabarry: not quite true here, there are some serious bottleneck is the current released bzr formats.04:41
barrykidding, but still :)04:41
ddaaand dumb-fs remote operation is always going to be slow04:41
LarstiQddaa: the main problem is permissions04:41
ddaasomething to do with the speed of light...04:41
ddaaLarstiQ: right... some bored student should write a plugin for this.04:42
barryi'm thinking about moving my own system files under bzr at some point, but i'm really lazy with my sysadmin'ing these days.  i've been doing it too long to want to chance something that works04:42
barryoh, btw, while ihave you here.  is there any way to quiet down those "read knit index" messages and pages of dots when doing a branch operation?04:43
ddaabarry: export TERM=vt10004:43
ddaaemacs can deal with the control chars used for the bzr progress bar04:43
ddaaI assume you say that because you are using the shell-mode :)04:44
barryyou are correct sir! :)04:44
=== cprov is now known as cprov-lunch
ddaacarlos: danilos: ^04:45
ddaadneary: I hope I'm not assuming too much :)04:46
dnearyIf a .pot has already been approved, and I upload some .pos, will they get put into the queue again, or will they be imported quickly?04:46
dnearyddaa: :-P04:46
=== ddaa sees that he is not
carlosdneary: the .po files are already approved04:46
UbugtuNew bug: #57762 in launchpad-cal "Calendar subscription portlet shows lots of repeated subscriptions." [Medium,Fix released]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/5776204:46
carlosdneary: if you upload them into the .pot file's +upload page, and the .po files use the language code as its file name04:47
carlosthe system will auto approve them04:47
dnearyDo they get imported straight away, or they get added to the "approved" queue?04:49
dneary(the one with 37K files in it)04:50
carlosdneary: they are added to the Needs review04:50
carlosthen, the script will detect that are already approved04:50
carlosand it will move them to Approved status04:50
carloswere will be imported04:50
carlosbut no, you will not be able to 'jump' the huge queue04:51
dnearyDo I have to add a .pot file to a .tar.gz with .po files in it?04:51
carlosdneary: hmm, I know we needed it in the past, but I think it should work now04:52
carlosdneary: the system will tell you it04:52
=== carlos checks it anyway
dnearyOK, thanks04:53
dneary(sorry for all these questions, by the way)04:53
carlosdneary: confirmed, it works04:53
carlosdneary: no problem at all04:53
=== LaserJock [n=mantha@ubuntu/member/laserjock] has joined #launchpad
dnearyIf I have a more recent .pot, and upload the .pot plus the .po files, does the new .pot need a human approval, or is it auto-approved?04:54
carlosif the .pot file is already approved, it's auto approved, yes04:55
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UbugtuNew bug: #57109 in rosetta "Duplicated entries in /distros/ubuntu/+lang/xx" [High,Fix released]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/5710908:05
bacBjornT: can i ask you a quick question about malone and bugwatchers?08:08
kikobac, you can ask me.08:10
backiko: hi. i've got a local LP and a local bugzilla so i can play with bugwatchers08:11
bacif i create a fake project XYZ and specify it uses an external bugzilla i thought i'd be able to open a bug and have it propagate to the external.08:13
kikobac, okay so far.08:13
bacbut this doesn't appear to be the case08:13
kikobac, you can't file new bugs on products which don't use launchpad officially08:13
kikohowever, you can add tasks on existing bugs.08:13
bacso if i had A in LP using malone with an upstream dependency on B which uses an external bugzilla, i could have a watcher from A to a bug in B?08:14
=== dsa [n=douglas@extra09.inova.ufmg.br] has left #launchpad ["Konversation]
UbugtuNew bug: #57587 in malone "+bugcontact page has misleading information" [Low,Fix released]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/5758708:16
kikobac, yes, though by upstream dependency you must mean "additional task".08:16
backiko: perhaps that's what i mean.08:17
baci realize i need to play with it some more to formulate my questions.08:17
kikobac, thing is, we shouldn't really allow you to file bugs on B in launchpad; you would be led to believe that B will actually do something with your bug (which it won't)08:18
TheuniLarstiQ: hmm. the 'bzr push sftp...' seems to hang08:19
backiko: ok.  i see that.  but if i open a bug against A in malone which becomes clear is really an issue in B, do i have to manually go to B's bug system and open a bug there?08:19
kikobac, you do, yes. that's part of what "upstream forwarding" means08:20
backiko: ok.  that's my misunderstanding then.  i thought we could create a bug in the upstream tracker and automatically link to it08:20
Theuniah. i've got an ssh timeout to bazar.launchpad.net but the read() doesn't pick that up and hangs08:20
UbugtuNew bug: #57571 in malone "Assigning a team as bug contact of a distro crashes if the team doesn't have a contact email" [Medium,Fix released]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/5757108:21
kikobac, we can't push, no -- we need an account on the upstream system, first08:22
bacok.  that gives me new ammo for playing with it.  thanks.08:23
LarstiQTheuni: hmm08:24
pochuTheuni: isn't it bazaar? or it's that a typo?08:26
Theunipochu: i'm just looking at what strace told me08:26
Theunibut that's what i've put in.08:26
Theunimight be a typo08:26
Theuniit's a bit weird that it times out though08:27
pochuTheuni: I think it should be bazaar, and not bazar08:27
pochuLarstiQ: ^08:27
Theunipochu: jup. looks better08:27
pochu i've got an ssh timeout to bazar.launchpad.net08:27
LarstiQpochu: thanks for catching that :)08:29
LarstiQyes, it's bazaar, not bazar08:29
TheuniHow long does it take until an SSH key gets enabled, or do I have to do something else?08:29
Theuni(except uploading the key)08:29
pochuLarstiQ: np08:33
pochuLarstiQ: I wasn't sure, but that was strange to me :)08:34
TheuniI'm not getting 'Permission denied (publickey).08:34
LarstiQTheuni: are you using the correct user to login? Ie, what launchpad knows you as.08:35
UbugtuNew bug: #89938 in malone "[beta]  Very difficult to unsubscrivbe from a package" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8993808:35
TheuniLarstiQ: uhhh. darn.08:36
Theunihmm. i thought 'sftp://ct-gocept@' would take care of that.08:37
Theunihow can i convince bazaar to make the ssh verbose to check what goes wrong?08:43
LarstiQTheuni: you could have a look at ~/.bzr.log08:44
Theunidoesn't help. gives me only the traceback of the ssh transport but not the output from the ssh08:44
=== Theuni sighs a bit
Theuniactually i get the same error when doing a simple ssh and explicitly stating 'ct-gocept' as the username08:48
=== carlos -> out
carlossee you all tomorrow!08:50
thumperddaa: could you help Theuni?08:52
UbugtuNew bug: #49598 in malone "Unable to unsubscribe from private bug" [Medium,Fix released]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/4959809:01
=== lamont has translations questions for whoever knows about the buildd-> launchpad translation fetching &*(%&^ as it currently exists...
lamontcprov: ^^??09:04
bacTheuni: fwiw i just tried to ssh to bazaar.launchpad.net and got "Permission denied (publickey)", so it's not just you.  i suspect  that machine doesn't allow ssh logins, so it may be orthogonal to your original problem.09:06
=== lamont would be shocked if it generally allowed ssh logins
baclamont: me too.09:08
bacTheuni: what is the complete URL you are giving to bzr?09:09
=== Gwaihir [n=Gwaihir@ubuntu/member/gwaihir] has joined #launchpad
lamontspiv/SteveA/mdz: any hints who knows about the current process for translations getting into launchpad from the buildds?09:11
UbugtuNew bug: #3186 in blueprint "New spec form has undescribed no-capitals constraint" [Medium,Fix released]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/318609:11
daniloslamont: maybe I can help09:13
daniloslamont: though, I know little about buildd side of things09:14
lamontdanilos: it's really a simple question... is ~lamont/translations still involved.  I believe (and have now asserted) that it is not.. 'twould be nice to know if that breaks anything before it really breaks it...09:14
daniloslamont: are you talking about ~lamont/+translations page? I am not sure I understand you09:16
lamontdanilos: if you're not a launchpad back-end developer, it wouldn't make sense09:16
lamontin ancient times, translations were fetched from people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/translations to get them into LP...  It looks like that's been gone for sometime now (maybe since LP took over the archive)09:17
Theunibac: this is the command i'm running09:17
Theunibzr  push sftp://ct-gocept@bazaar.launchpad.net/~refreshng-dev/refreshng/trunk09:17
lamontgiven that google and yahoo are the only folks fetching the translations since late feb, I think I'm safe in not fetching them to people anymore, ...09:17
daniloslamont: translations need to be packaged to show up in launchpad09:17
lamontright.  and the question centers around the current process for gathering the translations from the buildd and packaging it up to throw at launchpad.09:18
daniloslamont: i.e. source packages need to include pot and po files, which is how they enter import queue; I haven't been working on LP long enough to know how it worked in the past09:18
lifelessTheuni: ssh keys enable instantly09:19
daniloslamont: are you actually preparing an ubuntu package? what is that you want to do?09:20
mdzlamont: infinity or carlos would probably be the best people to talk to about the details of that setup09:20
lamontdanilos: what I want to do is stop running getTranslations.py on rookery since it tends to back up and have many copies running concurrently.09:20
lamontmdz: right - I'll make sure I didn't break it when I turned off my script on rookery a few min ago.. nearly certain it's no longer involved, and I'll confirm that.09:21
bacTheuni: you are authenticating as ct-gocept but trying to write to ~refreshng-dev's space.  do you have permission to do that?09:21
lifelessbac: there is a problemin the dc09:23
daniloslamont: I don't know what's getTranslations.py doing, but if POT and PO files end up in the source .tar.gz, that should be enough for launchpad to read the files in; checking with carlos tomorrow morning might be best, though09:23
lifelessbac: I'm looking at it now09:23
lifelessin fact, it seems happy now09:23
lamontdanilos: right09:23
lamontlifeless: btw, uh.. happy b-day09:24
lifelesslamont: thanks!09:24
lamontI _MEANT_ to say something on the correct day, even.09:24
Theunibac: i created that group. even if i put in ct-gocept instead of the group it fails.09:24
lamontmore like un-birthday than belated birthday though.  my bad09:25
lifelessTheuni: you've added your ssh key to your account ?09:25
Theuniand i see it being used09:25
lifelessTheuni: try this:09:25
lifelesssftp username@bazaar.launchpad.net09:25
Theunistill perm denied (public-key)09:26
baclifeless: that doesn't work for me either09:26
lifelesswhats your lp homepage ?09:26
baclifeless: and i can do 'bzr push' to lp09:27
lifeless$ sftp bazaar.launchpad.net09:27
lifelessConnecting to bazaar.launchpad.net...09:27
lifelesssftp> ls09:27
lifeless~admins                         ~baz-developers                 ~bugsquad                       ~bzr                            ~debian-opensync                09:27
lifeless~launchpad                      ~launchpad-beta-testers         ~launchpad-bugs                 ~launchpad-security             ~lifeless                       09:27
lifeless~motu                           ~planet-ubuntu                  ~revu                           ~subunit                        ~ubuntu-bugs                    09:27
lifeless~ubuntu-dev                     ~ubuntu-qa                      ~ubuntu-universe-contributors   ~ubuntu-universe-sponsors       ~ubuntumembers                  09:27
lifeless~vcs-imports                    09:27
lifelesssftp> ^D09:27
lifelessbac: if that doesnt work, you cannot push to lp09:27
baclifeless: indeed i can.09:28
baclifeless: could it be an issue between local and LP usernames being different?09:28
lifelessbac: you might think so, but I assure you the code path is the same.09:28
lifelessnote that what I asked Theuni to do was 'sftp username@bazaar.launchpad.net'09:28
baclifeless: yes, i saw that09:29
lifelessyour local account is not involved09:29
Theunilifeless: and that's what i did (username being ct-gocept)09:30
Theuniis there a chance that the dash in the name is a problem?09:30
lifelessTheuni: please try again09:30
lifelessis the ip address you are trying from ?09:31
=== medders [n=matt@unaffiliated/medders] has joined #launchpad
Theunii don't think so09:32
Theunii'm not sure though09:32
Theuniother outside systems detect me as
baclifeless: here is my counter-example:09:32
bacbac@bac-edgy:/canonical/bac/bzr.dev$ bzr push09:32
bacUsing saved location: sftp://bradcrittenden@bazaar.launchpad.net/~bradcrittenden/bzr/doc-cleanup/09:32
bacEnter passphrase for key '/home/bac/.ssh/id_dsa': 09:32
bac1 revision(s) pushed.                               09:32
lifelessbac: and if you do 'sftp bradcrittenden@bazaar.launchpad.net' ?09:33
bacbac@bac-edgy:/canonical/bac/bzr.dev$ sftp bcrittenden@bazaar.launchpad.net09:34
bacConnecting to bazaar.launchpad.net...09:34
bacEnter passphrase for key '/home/bac/.ssh/id_dsa': 09:34
bacPermission denied (publickey).09:34
bacCouldn't read packet: Connection reset by peer09:34
lifelessdid you enter the passphrase correctly ? :)09:34
lifelessbac: you changed the username09:35
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lifelessbac: please copy and paste what I asked you to try09:35
lifelessTheuni: please try again, I'm tailing logs09:36
lifelessright, I see your attempt09:36
Theunisounds creepy ;)09:37
lifelessit is getting a failed publickey error09:37
lifelessI'm ocmparing with a completely unknown user login09:37
baclifeless: sorry -- on the phone at the moment.  back in a bit.09:39
bacbut,yes, i entered the passphrase correctly09:39
lifelessTheuni: you might try changing your account name09:39
lifelessbac: yes, but you changed the username09:39
lifelessTheuni: I /dont/ think that the cause, but as its easy to test09:39
lifelessTheuni: also, have you got the correct part of your ssh key uploaded - you should have uploaded the contents of id_dsa.pub09:40
Theuniyup, did that.09:40
Theunii'll try uploading again first, then change the username09:40
Theuninow it works09:41
Theunisame key09:41
Theunilooks also exactly the same in the upload09:41
baclifeless: my bad.  used bcrittenden instead of bradcrittenden09:41
baclifeless: sorry for contributing to the confusion09:41
lifelessbac: you didn't confuse me any :)09:41
lifelessbac: I suggest you add a ssh host line for bazaar.launchpad.net setting the username09:41
lifelessin your ssh config09:41
lifelessciao, aikido time09:42
Theunihave fun and thanks!09:42
Theuninow i think i broke it otherwise09:44
TheuniI cancelled the push because it seemed to hang but the 'trunk' directory was created and new attempts to push just fail09:44
Theuniand i can't delete the trunk directory09:44
salgadoTheuni, try "bzr push --overwrite ..."09:45
Theunibzr: ERROR: File exists: u'/~refreshng-dev/refreshng/trunk': mkdir failed: unable to mkdir09:45
lifelessupgrade your bzr perhaps? we've made this more tolerant recently09:48
Theuniwhat version would recently be?09:49
Theunii'm on 0.1409:50
Theunilooks like the latest release09:52
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Theunilifeless: can't get it working this way ... :/10:04
UbugtuNew bug: #89954 in malone "bug subscription inconvenient" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8995410:06
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Theunihow do i get the code out of there after I did a bzr push?10:19
Theunii thought i use the branch command but that says "not a brnach"10:19
ddaaTheuni: I can probably help you, but I see there had been a long discussion already and I do not have the context.10:20
Theunithat's alright the discussion up there is pretty much done.10:21
TheuniI've just finished a bzr push and wonder how to get it out of there again.10:21
Theunithis time it's called checkout10:22
ddaaare you disturbed that the command to upload data has a different name from the command to download data?10:23
radixTheuni: if you can pass a location to checkout you should also be able to pass it to branch10:23
ddaaactually, radix has a point, "bzr branch" can upload _and_ dowload data :)10:24
radixTheuni: they both fetch code, but "checkout" creates a bound branch which means commits go straight back to the location you checked out from, whereas with a branch commits are always local10:24
radixs/code/branches/ :)10:24
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Theuniradix: interesting. however, i wasn't able to branch from the remote location10:34
newz2000a week or two ago, salgado made a change to https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+cdmirrors-rss and it made it to beta, I was wondering if there's any hope of getting that migrated to non-beta soon.10:34
radixTheuni: can you give me the URL that worked with checkout but not with branch? is it public?10:35
Theuniit's http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~refreshng-dev/refreshng/dev10:36
radixTheuni: branching that works here - maybe you tried branching when it hadn't yet been mirrored to the http server (there is a slight delay between pushing up to SFTP and having it appear on HTTP)10:37
ddaaon the order of a minute...10:37
radixddaa: congrats on the speed improvements :-)10:37
ddaaradix: I mostly ran around telling people I needed them to do work urgently :)10:38
=== ddaa runs around to bed
Theuniradix: ah ... ok. didn't know there was time-delayed caching involved ...10:39
radixit is getting closer and closer to unnoticeable10:39
ddaaTheuni: the place you upload to is not the place that's visible via http10:39
Theunithought so after radix told me10:40
Theunijust didn't know beforehand10:40
ddaabasically so people cannot abuse it as a free hosting service10:40
ddaafor websites and such10:40
radixI think launchpad'd make a great music sharing site ;)10:40
ddaaradix: don't spread the idea too much10:41
ddaaor we might require people to sign a disclaimer in blood before using it :D10:41
ddaaor worse10:42
ddaasend mneptok to get them10:42
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meddersjust a quick question, can I submit a support request using emails?10:58
UbugtuNew bug: #89972 in launchpad "No link from Team overview to Products the team maintains" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8997211:05
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UbugtuNew bug: #5166 in rosetta "Improvement on locking translations" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/516611:21
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marienzhi! I'm probably just being blind, but can someone point me to the link to the official bzrtools bug tracker I think I'm overlooking? :)12:10
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marienzhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/bzrtools/+bugs lists the bugs in bzrtools, but the link there to "report a bug" tells me "bzrtools does not use malone as its bug tracker"12:10
kikoreally now!12:11
marienzI'm assuming launchpad knows where its official tracker is, since it knows about those bugs.12:11
kikolet me take a look at those12:11
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TheuniWhy can't I run 'bzr push' twice?12:14
TheuniI pushed successfully once from a branch I have on my notebook but I can't push a second time.12:14
kikoyou can hopefully12:14
lifelessnormally you can12:14
=== Theuni chews on his mouse
Theunioh. forget it. the broken trunk is still in the way. i used the wrong target.12:15
kikomaybe you could buy some food instead of damaging your hardware?12:15
Theunii'm chewing gently. buying food would make me put weight on. ;)12:15
kikowhat broken trunk?12:16
Theuniof my product.12:16
Theunii had a push that i cancelled in between and now that branch isn't accessible anymore12:17
Theunii can't delete it and i can't overwrite it12:17
kikoI can't believe that problem is still not fixed12:17
kikoI thought jam had changed bzr to let us repush in that situation, lifeless?12:17

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