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Admiral_Chicagoblu3blur: lookn/n06:57
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asacyeah! people.ubuntu.com is up again ... we have -dbgsym again!11:59
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=== gnomefreak is away ;)
gnomefreakok i think im back ;)02:42
Admiral_Chicagoheya gnomefreak02:47
gnomefreakhi Admiral_Chicago02:47
gnomefreakdid i miss anything important?02:47
Admiral_Chicagoblah, i don't look forward to class.02:47
Admiral_Chicagoafaik, no.02:48
Admiral_Chicagookay, time to go learn02:54
asacgnomefreak: back?03:05
asacgnomefreak: yeah ... you missed that dapper firefox broke evolution/gaim-encryption03:05
gnomefreakfor a day or 2. im still away just seeing what i missed and if needed for something :)03:05
asacwhich i fixed in a night shift :)03:05
gnomefreakoh god :(03:05
gnomefreaki saw emails about that03:06
asacmozilla did upgrade the nss branch to latest03:06
asacand shipped a new library libfreebl303:06
asacmurphy like this was not visible in breezy, because there is still old mozilla which provides libnss03:06
gnomefreakis that in pace of libnss?03:06
asacyes ... libnss was split -> libnss + libfreebl303:06
gnomefreakok cool :)03:07
asaclibfreebl3 did not end up in /usr/lib/, but in /usr/lib/firefox03:07
asacwhich caused the mess03:07
asaci knew that redhat hat exactly this problem03:07
asacwith evolution and gaim03:07
asactried on breezy ... no problem03:07
gnomefreakupstream issue?upstream issue?03:07
asacok, lets go ahead :)03:07
gnomefreakwtf is going on03:07
asacsomehow upstream, somehow our problem03:08
asacwe should have caught this in QA03:08
asaci will setup a test-plan ... so this does not slip through next time03:08
gnomefreakwe? how long did we have it beofre releasing it?03:08
asacits always hard to test things in 4 different chroot03:08
asacyou always miss the test that breaks :)03:08
gnomefreakthats true03:08
asacnext time i will provide builds for all distributions based on upstream release-candidates so we have more time to test all stuff03:09
asacin addition thunderbird came out on friday without any pre notice03:10
asacand no RC which had a source code03:10
asacso now i called it stealthbird :)03:10
asaccurrently building updates03:10
gnomefreakhave you done it yet?03:11
asaci have03:11
asacwaiting for kees to push security updates03:11
asacfeisty will get update today as well.03:11
gnomefreakyou did keep the reply to list patch right?03:12
asacnot atm03:12
asaci will reconsider :)03:12
gnomefreak:) i love it03:12
asacyeah ... probably safe03:13
gnomefreakat least it will keep whatever bug it was closed03:13
asac... people.ubuntu.com was down the whole weekend ... we couldn't do any traces03:14
asacno -dbgsym archive there :/03:14
gnomefreakwas that due to pitt patching it or the whole archive was down?03:15
asacwhole people.ubuntu.com machine was down ... not accessible03:16
asacneither http nor ssh03:16
gnomefreakoh crap03:16
gnomefreakhas david been around?03:20
=== omgponiezlol [n=Freddy@st074039212101.monm.edu] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacnot seen david today03:22
asacomgponiezlol: Freddy?03:23
gnomefreaklooks like him03:24
gnomefreakbut dont have vlue03:24
gnomefreakit seems i can set gmail to use my @ubuntu.com for outgoing but cant set tb to use it03:31
asacgnomefreak: why?03:35
gnomefreakhow would i it gives login name and smtp address thats it03:35
gnomefreakmy gmail @gmail.com i was able to set @ubuntu.com as default so when i send it will show up as that03:36
asactry "Manage identites"03:38
asacin account settings03:38
asacthere you can add a new identity which sends through the gmail pop03:39
asacbut with new email03:39
asacyou should also be able to set different email in account settings directly03:39
asacbut i guess you want to switch back and forth03:39
asacthus adding a new identity is the right way to go03:39
gnomefreakill try adding another identity03:41
gnomefreakah i htink that worked :) ty i just sent test email to a freind03:47
gnomefreakbrb smoke before i sit down and see what i can do with these retraces03:47
asaccan you test if that works with unpatched version (as author claims)03:50
gnomefreaki have it on mine03:52
gnomefreakit works here on feisty's default version of tb03:52
asacso we don't need that patch03:53
gnomefreakwait no im using my build but that was just feistys tb with the replytolist patch03:53
gnomefreaklet me try default tb in my feisty chroot03:53
asaci guess that extension uses ugly hacks ... but anyway ... if there is an extension that works then we don't need the patch03:54
gnomefreakthats bad.... he admits its a hack :(03:56
asaci will include patch for now03:57
asacit has review+ in bugzilla03:57
asacso ... at least not a dirty thing.03:57
gnomefreakseems chroot has the button already, i guess it uses the version installed in non chroot (or atleast the profile)03:58
asacyou mounted your home03:59
gnomefreakcan you send test email to our ML so i can test it i have no emails03:59
asacbut button should not work03:59
asacin chroot03:59
gnomefreakbut it should still ne unpatched03:59
asacyou have no email in ml?03:59
gnomefreakyes i do sorry04:00
gnomefreakit doesnt work04:00
asacshould take 1.5 seconds to change address bar04:01
asacyou need to install the extension04:01
asacmaybe uninstall other04:02
asacbut nevermind04:02
gnomefreaki am04:02
asacits too ugly to support04:02
gnomefreakbut i think that is wher ei got it from to begin with04:02
gnomefreaktoo ugly as in? bad code?04:02
asacno ... not code ... but bad concept04:03
asacthe patch is clean04:03
asacright way to go04:03
asacso we go it04:03
asacfor feisty04:03
gnomefreaki have patched for it on my site. but since you got to before me i didnt buid it ;)04:05
gnomefreakthis keyboard is a pita to type on04:05
asacwill upload04:05
asacwill be in archive soon04:06
asacofficial i mean04:06
gnomefreaki hope no conflict ;) but shouldnt since its .1004:07
asacalready builds04:07
asacno changes needed04:07
asaci don't know why but i still get a bunch of ubuntu-bugs mails04:17
asacdefinitly not all ... but some :/04:17
asachmm those are mostly mails from Feb 20 ... probably pretty late arrival :)+04:18
gnomefreakasac: bug 86338 can you look at when you get time04:19
UbugtuMalone bug 86338 in firefox "Crash on submitting forum reply (AnandTech)" [High,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8633804:20
gnomefreakasac: so do i04:20
gnomefreakthey calmed down just before i left home and now they are going backt o both my emails :(04:20
asacmaster IM_get_input_context04:20
asacsearch for it04:20
asacits duplicate04:20
asacbug 8562704:21
UbugtuMalone bug 85627 in firefox "MASTER firefox crash [@ IM_get_input_context]  when watching video" [Undecided,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8562704:21
asactook it and set milestone feisty, as upstream has a patch iirc04:22
gnomefreaklooks like they have gone through a few patches04:24
gnomefreakare we gonna patch edgys also?  the reporter of the bug i gave is on edgy04:25
asacwill only receive security updates04:25
gnomefreakwhat do i tell him?04:25
asacif upstream lands this, this will end up in security update ... otherwise not04:25
asachas been nominated for
asacso maybe in it will be fixed04:26
asacyou run feisty on main desktop right?04:27
=== hjmf [n=hjmf@140.Red-217-125-227.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asachi hjmf04:29
gnomefreakhi hjmf04:31
gnomefreakno matter what i do i cant get apport to run on feisty retraces. im removing them from my to do list until i can figure this bs out04:38
asacgnomefreak: why?04:39
asacmissing debug symbol version?04:39
gnomefreaki keep getting htat damn Backtrace stopped: frame did not save the PC04:39
asacso wrong version04:40
asacyou don't have old version in cache?04:40
gnomefreakonly version
gnomefreakin apt-cache show04:40
asacwhere is
asacmaybe you need apt-get update`04:41
gnomefreakackage: firefox is what it crashed on04:41
asacbut you don't have packages?04:41
gnomefreaki have everything i would need to do it04:42
gnomefreakbut no matter what i do i get that error. hjmf said fixes that error and it doesnt04:42
asacmaybe you have non-matching -dbgsym packages?04:44
asactry not to download -dbgsym ?04:44
asacwhat happens then?04:44
asacwith just -dbg installed?04:44
asacat least firefox parts should be symbolized then i guess04:44
gnomefreakbrb ill try04:45
gnomefreakit grabs most of the -dbgsym packages it failed on one only04:46
asachjmf: any idea?04:47
gnomefreaksame error without the -d04:53
gnomefreakim gonna try in non chroot but i think it was same04:54
asacif you can't do it ... reassign to hjmf ... if can't neither ... reject bug04:54
gnomefreakmight have a bigger issue04:55
asacor we?04:55
gnomefreakapport-retrace cant be run in feisty non chroot04:55
gnomefreakapport-unpack works04:56
asacgnomefreak: when you visit bugs with title "... in __kernel_vsyscall()" ... can you drop that info?04:56
asacapparently there are some triagers that think these are duplicates04:56
gnomefreakyeah i can04:57
asaci found a chat about this in #ubuntu-bugs that found that they could really earn lots of karma by marking them duplicates ... and decided to go ahead soon04:57
asacso probably we should be faster :)04:57
gnomefreakwhy didnt the -bugs people stop them :(04:57
asacunfortunately they disappeared before I could raise my veto04:57
asacdon't know ... i guess they are -bugs people themselves04:57
asacjust "crash" in title is enough :)04:58
asacwhen they go ahead and duplicate those ... i will get a missle :)04:58
asaci do when i visit as well :)04:58
gnomefreakyeah i will search them now since i cant do crap with feisty apport. can you ping pitt about this crap? i will post retrace.log in a few minutes so you have something to show him04:58
asacok mt-feisty preview archive contains latest thunderbird with reply to list extension04:59
asacgnomefreak: i am most interested to get to know if if gnome menu has proper icons ... can you try on your desktop feisty?05:00
asacwe are now using official branding05:00
asacso there should be the blue bird in menu05:01
gnomefreakchanging bugs to [apport]  firefox-bin crashed ?05:02
asacyeah ... drop apport ... and -bin :)05:03
asacno need for that info05:03
asacjust firefox crashes05:03
asacor ... "firefox crash"05:03
hjmfhi gnomefreak asac I was doing something else05:04
asacno problem05:04
asaccan you look at one of the traces gnomefreak failed to do?05:04
asacand see if it works for you ... and in case ... how?05:04
hjmfgnomefreak: give me an example05:04
gnomefreakgive me a minute i will post one05:05
gnomefreaki have to rerun one05:05
hjmfpeople.ubuntu.com is up again :)05:05
asachjmf: those are the "frame did not save the PC"05:05
asachjmf: yes :)05:05
asacfaster then ever05:05
gnomefreakasac: here is list of bugs that we need to change. Ill be working on them here and there see if i cant get apport to work also05:06
asacgnomefreak: just change a few ... i will do the rest when you are ready05:08
gnomefreakhjmf: http://gnomefreak.pastebin.ca/38237905:11
hjmfgnomefreak: k05:12
asachjmf: you think today is a good day to try your mass-retrace-everything-automagic-in-chroot-script ... now that pitti archive is up?05:13
hjmfThat's my idea05:15
gnomefreakhjmf: let me know if you want me to rerun it with the -d05:15
hjmfgnomefreak: http://librarian.launchpad.net/6633235/retraced_Stacktrace.txt05:20
hjmfI dont get the error05:20
gnomefreaki do05:20
gnomefreakwhat apport are you using?05:21
hjmf dpkg -l | grep firefox | awk '{print $2" "$3}'05:21
hjmflibnspr4 1.firefox2.0.0.2+1-0ubuntu105:21
hjmflibnss3 1.firefox2.0.0.2+1-0ubuntu105:21
hjmf dpkg -l | grep apport | awk '{print $2" "$3}'05:21
hjmfapport 0.6105:21
hjmfpython-apport 0.6105:21
asachjmf: why are versions mixed up for you?05:22
asace.g. firefox != libnspr4 1.firefox2.0.0.2+1-0ubuntu105:22
hjmfBecause of the script, it only removes and installs firefox from my cache05:23
asacmaybe worth updating05:23
hjmfasac: I'll see if I can get those packages from old repos05:24
asacno ... if it works that way ... fine05:24
asacthough libnss3 has changed a lot05:24
gnomefreakhjmf: i have same versions of everything05:24
asacbut we rarely see crashes in there05:24
asacso probably not important to have the right one there05:24
gnomefreakhjmf: your using chroot?05:24
hjmfgnomefreak: yes05:24
gnomefreakme too05:25
hjmfgnomefreak: look at the script at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HMontoliu05:25
hjmfnot sure if it will help you though05:25
gnomefreaknot unless it magicly fixes errors05:26
hjmfasac: if versions really matter I can do it, no problem, it will take a bit more to change between retraces05:26
asachmmm firefox-dbg is probably the biggest beast :)05:27
asacgnomefreak: you have an up-to-date feisty?05:27
asacaptitude dist-upgrade ??05:27
hjmfgnomefreak: the only changes between latest packages are those in the script05:27
gnomefreakuptodate from before i left in chroot. my non chroot feisty is fully up to date i will try with that.05:28
gnomefreakgonna try a few things05:29
gnomefreakit wasnt working before i left either05:30
gnomefreaki will be back shortly need to find lunch05:30
hjmfbon appetit!05:31
gnomefreakgnomefreak@FeistyFawn:~/feisty-retraces$ apport-retrace -s -v -d 86637 2>&1 | tee retrace.log05:37
gnomefreakbash: apport-retrace: command not found05:37
gnomefreakthats on a fully uptodate feisty05:38
gnomefreakha new apport package :(05:42
hjmfyes, noticed apport 0.6305:43
hjmfhave to test yet05:43
gnomefreakalso no -d flag now05:44
gnomefreakapport-retrace: error: no such option: -d05:45
gnomefreak-v takes its place it seems05:45
gnomefreakok bbs05:45
hjmfapport-retrace seems not to be there ??05:46
hjmf... ok different package05:47
gnomefreakapport-retrace is the package name05:50
gnomefreakWARNING: could not install missing packages: Failed to lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock05:51
gnomefreakthat cant be good05:51
hjmfmaybe removing that lock file05:51
gnomefreakyeah but it shouldnt do that :(05:52
asacif you break a running dpkg process ... that might happen05:52
asace.g. not break, but shutdown or something05:52
asactry apt-get update05:52
asacmaybe it cleans up05:52
gnomefreakill try05:52
gnomefreaki have a feeling its apport-retrace though05:53
asacgnomefreak: you tried if latest tbird has good menu items?05:53
hjmfthe non existing -C option makes apport-retrace download all the dbgsym again05:54
asacgnome menu i mean :)05:54
gnomefreakasac: not yet05:54
hjmfIMHO not a good upgrade05:54
asacgnomefreak: we have a few hours left i guess05:55
hjmf... unless it improves something else05:55
hjmfOMG what a huge python exception!!!05:56
gnomefreakfixing the tb thing now i had your repo # out05:56
hjmf\me is going to downgrade to apport 0.6105:56
=== hjmf is going to downgrade to apport 0.61
=== gnomefreak not getting it from your repo as upgrade :(
gnomefreakhas info05:57
gnomefreakpitti just sent it05:58
hjmfgnomefreak: have you make work new apport-retrace?06:02
hjmfor at least not crash :/06:03
gnomefreakhjmf: no not yet i am trying to grab new tb to test06:03
gnomefreakasac: i cant upgrade to your version. is this expected?06:04
asacagain the same problem as last time i guess :)06:05
gnomefreakInstalled: Candidate:
asactry remove and install ... do you see that version in apt-cache show06:05
gnomefreakno its not there but i will try reinstalling it06:06
gnomefreaknope still only wants to install
gnomefreakgive me a few to work on this and get them installed06:15
asacuse apt-get install mozilla-thunderbird=
asacor whatever version it is06:16
asacplease fast :)06:16
asacthe upload is going up ... i would like to verify :)06:16
gnomefreakE: Version '' for 'mozilla-thunderbird' was not found06:17
gnomefreakim downloading them from the repo manully06:17
gnomefreaksince your repo doesnt like me06:17
asacyou might have disabled repos that don't have a Release file06:18
asace.g. a non-signed/trusted release file06:18
gnomefreaknot getting those errors though06:18
gnomefreakyep icon is there (i had to add it but the bird is there)06:20
gnomefreakhad to add icon for panel launcher06:21
gnomefreakmight have been from leaving the icon on panel after removing tb06:21
asacgnomefreak: why?06:23
asacin menu its there?06:23
asacbut panel broke?06:23
gnomefreakafter removing tb and installing new tb the icon was set to none06:24
asacthink not much we can do about06:24
gnomefreaknope i think that was just here06:24
gnomefreakdid you happen to build enigma?06:25
gnomefreaki thought i remember it building when tb was built but its not here06:27
gnomefreakeven after sudo rm -rf lock (cd'ed to right place) i still get WARNING: could not install missing packages: Failed to lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock06:39
gnomefreakand Backtrace stopped: frame did not save the PC06:40
gnomefreakfiled bug report on it, lets see what happens06:51
asacgnomefreak: enigmail is in archive06:51
asacbut it always has been :)06:51
asacshould still be compatible06:51
asacits not here?06:51
asacmaybe you have some problems?06:52
asacno your system apt cache :)06:52
gnomefreakits not http://people.ubuntu.com/~asac/mt-feisty/06:52
gnomefreaks/its not/its not on06:53
asacno ... there is no enigmail06:57
asacits not needed06:57
asacits in feisty06:57
asacis a separate source06:57
gnomefreakoh ok06:57
UbugtuMozilla bug 335028 in Widget: Gtk "Firefox Linux topcrash [@ IM_get_input_context] " [Critical,Assigned] 06:58
asacwas just moved to
asacdenied for
asacdamn mozilla people ... deny fix for no. 1 top-crash06:58
AlexLatchfordHey im just adding the preview repositories to my system. Is version or newer?06:58
gnomefreakwhat was thier reason?06:58
AlexLatchfordi am presuming .t206:59
AlexLatchfordokay, ill install that06:59
asacdoes it upgrade do you?06:59
asacor not?06:59
AlexLatchfordill test06:59
asacthe idea was that it upgrades when running dist-upgrade06:59
AlexLatchfordyeah it spots it when it is in the Update manager06:59
asacgnomefreak: did you run dist-upgrade or just upgrade06:59
gnomefreakAlexLatchford: what version did you have before upgrade?07:00
asacAlexLatchford: gnomefreak hat problem to get new version as upgrade... let us now if it works for you :)07:00
AlexLatchfordI believe I had
AlexLatchfordI am using the GUI update manager and it picked it up07:01
asacmt2 contains some more patches ... however i konw that it crashes mplayer instead of totem :/ ... already have a new version of patch. Will probably land in .mt307:01
gnomefreakasac: ff wasnt a problem it was tb07:01
asacgnomefreak: you had problems with firefox too07:01
AlexLatchfordyeah it hasn't picked up
AlexLatchfordthat was what I wanted to test07:01
asacwhat is previous version?07:01
gnomefreakasac: yeah bit that was different i think i used my version of fx and thats why07:02
AlexLatchfordi am on currently07:02
asacmaybe it only upgrades if you already have a version from the preview archive?07:02
asacAlexLatchford: what is exact package version?07:02
AlexLatchfordit also had an error about Source.gz file not being present when I added the respositories via the GUI Source List Manager07:02
asacAlexLatchford: yes .... thats true ... have not pushed sources, because orig.tar.gz is always huge :)07:03
asacshould be no problem for bin packages though07:03
asaci guess i miss a Release file in the archive07:03
AlexLatchfordhow do I find the exact package?07:03
AlexLatchfordwhich command?07:03
asacCOLUMNS=200 dpkg -l mozilla-thunderbird07:03
omgponiezlolyes, this is Freddy07:04
omgponiezloli dunno why that happened07:04
Admiral_Chicagoasac gnomefreak 'omgponiezlol' is my alternate nick07:08
Admiral_Chicagoseems like the network went crazy on me07:08
asacyou can bind your secondary nick07:08
gnomefreaki know i did a /whois07:08
asacso you are still cloaked07:08
asacAdmiral_Chicago: ^^^07:08
Admiral_Chicagoreally? i'll fiddle with nickserv then07:09
asacyou are not cloaked at all07:09
asacgnomefreak: how do ubuntu members get a cloak?07:09
asaclike you have?07:09
asacAdmiral_Chicago: you can definitly bind nicks so you stay identified ... if you are not07:10
Admiral_Chicagono i'm not..wait a sec07:10
gnomefreakasac: talk to seveas (not sure who is doing them now) i can ping them if you want07:10
asacAdmiral_Chicago: i think its on some cloak tutorial page of freenode07:10
asace.g. the info how to bind nicks07:10
Admiral_Chicagoyea, i was doing the wrong passowrd07:11
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asacok ... out for the night07:43
hjmfsee you07:46
hjmf.. enough for me. Bye08:13
gnomefreakhmmmmmm thats strange :(08:51
gnomefreakAdmiral_Chicago: did you read the replies on bug 89704?08:58
UbugtuMalone bug 89704 in firefox "No backport of Firefox 2.o to Dapper" [Undecided,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8970408:58
gnomefreakfirefox doesnt meet the backport requirments anyway09:00
Admiral_Chicagono, i'll look now09:24
gnomefreakwonders if that answers any questions09:25
Admiral_Chicagoit does09:26
Admiral_Chicagookay cool09:26
Admiral_Chicagognomefreak: we aren't on the fridge for tomorrow09:29
Admiral_Chicagoare we meeitng here?09:29
gnomefreakcan i have link09:29
gnomefreak@schedule new_york09:29
Admiral_Chicagowait, we are...wth09:29
UbugtuSchedule for America/New_York: 05 Mar 16:00: Scribes Team | 06 Mar 13:00: Mozilla Team | 06 Mar 15:00: MOTU meeting | 06 Mar 18:00: New York LoCo Team | 07 Mar 07:00: Edubuntu | 07 Mar 12:00: First Launchpad Users meeting09:29
gnomefreaksure we are09:29
Admiral_Chicagobut, it's not on the front page09:30
Admiral_Chicagowait, it is09:30
Admiral_Chicagodang, i need new glasses...09:30

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