maxamillionthat's odd12:42
cycroso u recommend thru knoppix?12:43
maxamillionyeah ... knoppix is always my "OMG what just happened" cd12:44
cycrovery well i shall download it12:46
maxamillionthe time spent downloading is worth it in the end12:47
cycroi hope so12:47
cycroi miss my music :(12:47
cycro2 hours12:47
cycroo hdear12:47
Eagle_101anyone know why wget is faster at downloading something then just clicking the link in firefox?12:48
Eagle_101I'm getting about a 2x - 3x faster speed improvement :O12:48
maxamillionEagle_101: i would imagine it would have something to do with the overhead of firefox in some way .... but i'm not sure12:48
Eagle_101mmm ok, but this is quite good :D12:49
Eagle_101torrent did not work for getting gentoo, no seeds or something (30 minute wait) so I just tried wget12:49
cycrohow do i install gnome in parallel?12:53
cycrosudo apt-get ubuntu>?12:53
ubotuk/ed/x/ubuntu-desktop is a metapackage. It depends upon other packages and brings them in; you can safely remove it, but it is recommended that you re-install it when upgrading.12:54
cycroso if i install ubuntu-desktop12:54
Eagle_101I think its ubuntu-desktop :S12:55
cycroi can use both xf and gnome?>12:55
Eagle_101*think* being the key word12:55
Eagle_101that is if you are installing xubuntu12:55
Eagle_101and want the gnome desktop12:55
cycroi want both12:55
cycroto be able to switch12:55
Eagle_101yeah then install xubuntu12:55
cycroi did12:55
cycroim on xubuntu12:55
Eagle_101ok, now just12:55
Eagle_101apt-get install ubuntu-desktop12:56
Eagle_101if you want KDE12:56
Eagle_101apt-get install kubuntu-desktop12:56
maxamilliongotta run12:58
=== BFTD [n=thomas@dialup-] has joined #xubuntu
=== darrend_laptop [n=davisond@43-015.adsl.zetnet.co.uk] has joined #xubuntu
cycrohas anybody done programming in assembly on an 8085 before?01:24
cycroor any assembly programming at all?01:25
darrend_laptopnot for about 23 years.  And that was on a Z80 :)01:27
cycroaw crap01:28
cycroLDAX anybody??01:28
graziecycro: you're not going to learn much by asking what each instruction means on irc01:31
cycroi just need to know how it works01:31
=== K3nto [n=k3nt@dhcp42-151.iqltvu.northwestel.net] has left #xubuntu []
=== zoidberg [n=zoidberg@] has joined #xubuntu
zoidberghey guys01:37
=== DannyBhoy [i=blarg@] has joined #xubuntu
cycrozoidberg u dont happen to be a guru at assembly for 8085, do u?01:39
=== assasukasse [n=assasuka@host-84-222-246-99.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #xubuntu
assasukassehi everyone, i was wondering if someone has made a benchmark of herd 5 and herd 5 ubuntu01:40
assasukassei suppose no01:45
=== darrend_laptop [n=davisond@43-015.adsl.zetnet.co.uk] has joined #xubuntu
assasukassei saw many benchmarks, all of them says that xfce is faster until u dun run too many apps, then kde wins..01:55
assasukasseis that true?01:55
Eagle_101assasukasse, I dunno, but this is quite fast01:56
=== cycro [n=robert@CPE0040f4d45ca8-CM014130004988.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #xubuntu
Eagle_101and I'm on an older computer01:56
Eagle_101I guess it would matter on what you are doing01:57
Eagle_101I've got 10 windows open (5 of them are just terminals though)01:57
assasukasseEagle_101: well, i have been using enlightenment and gnome, gnome is far slower, xfce should be faster, but the key is speed...01:57
Eagle_101xfce is faster ;)01:57
Eagle_101I have no lag here01:57
Eagle_101on 256MB01:57
assasukasseEagle_101: but is it more memory eating?01:57
assasukassei mean is that true that eats more mem than gnome?01:58
Eagle_101I'm using 136 RAM as of now01:58
assasukassethan kde sorry01:58
assasukasseEagle_101: what are u running01:58
Eagle_101lets see, X-chat01:58
Eagle_1013 terminals doing various wgets01:58
Eagle_101Firefox (with 12 tabs open)01:59
Eagle_101open office01:59
cycrohas any1 used photorec?01:59
assasukasseu have ooffice open at the moment?01:59
assasukassethen is not true that kde wins :D01:59
cycrocan u explain how it works?02:00
Eagle_101I don't know about raw preformence :P02:00
cycroi used it02:01
cycroand it made some folders02:01
cycrobut i cant access them02:01
cycrodoes it put the recovery folders on the partition that ur trying to recover from?02:03
assasukasseEagle_101: im running firefox 3 tabs, gaim, xchat, cxoffice emulating windows with utorrent, thunar, and a terminal running an intensive cpu and ram prog using nice02:03
assasukasseand i am at 150meg02:03
assasukasseso u win, even if i am using a light desktop such as enlightenment02:04
Eagle_101I'm at 140 right now02:05
Eagle_101but I have about 180 in sawp02:05
cycrohow do u check?02:05
cycrosystem monitor?02:06
assasukasseEagle_101: me 0 swap02:06
assasukassei set swappiness to 002:06
assasukasseunless is absolutely needed my disk stay shut :D02:06
Eagle_101ah I see02:07
Eagle_101well I have some on my swap so that throws a wrench into things02:07
assasukasseEagle_101: do u use compiz02:08
=== sunnz2 [n=zac@ppp115-5.static.internode.on.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== MattJ [n=matthew@88-111-196-76.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #xubuntu
=== DannyBhoy [i=blarg@] has joined #xubuntu
cycroso uh02:20
cycrohow do i delete folders when it says i dont have permission?02:21
cycroive used photorec, and its made some folders02:23
cycrobut now i cant delete them02:23
cycroor view htem02:23
=== assasukasse is away:
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about photorec - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi02:25
cycroanybody know how i can delete?02:28
=== NthDegree [n=NthDegre@tapthru/resident/NthDegree] has joined #xubuntu
=== TheSheep [i=sheep@atos.wmid.amu.edu.pl] has joined #xubuntu
=== jikuty [i=em@CPE001195752c87-CM00111ade8af2.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #xubuntu
=== kaptengu [n=kaptengu@c213-100-60-132.swipnet.se] has joined #xubuntu
=== sparrw [n=kvirc@] has joined #xubuntu
=== blizz [n=blizz@evilhackerdu.de] has joined #xubuntu
=== eteran [i=etefreen@muhq-owns.de] has joined #xubuntu
cycrohelp? :(02:29
Qewthey're probably owned by root and you haven't got the right permission to view or delete them. What are you using to view the directories? If it's Thunar, then run "gksudo thunar" in an xterm, then try what you want to do.02:30
Qewthat'll give Thunar root privileges. Mind you, when you're finished doing what you want with those directories, close that Thunar. You can really mess things up if you're not careful.02:31
cycroim gona try this02:32
cycrohave u ever used photorec?02:32
cycrowhy will it allow me to view the contents of this folder now, and not before?02:33
Qewyou asked about directories that couldn't be viewed or deleted, so I gave you a possible answer to that. As for Photorec, I haven't used it and don't know much about it.02:33
cycrobefore the gksudo, it cudnt even say how big hte folder was02:33
cycrowell its working02:33
cycrothanks a lot02:33
cycroim jsut curious as to why it works like this02:33
cycroevery otehr folder is vieable02:34
cycrobut this ceratin one02:34
Qewbe careful with giving file managers root privilege, though. You can really do some damage if you're not careful.02:34
=== assasukasse is away:
cycrowat does gksudo do?02:36
cycrowhy cant u do sudo?02:36
Qewwell, it's probably better for gui apps to use gksudo.02:37
=== karretero [i=karreter@] has joined #xubuntu
karreteroI need someone to tell me how to start a xubuntu text installation02:39
karreterodoes anybody knows hou to do it?02:40
karreteroI need someone to tell me how to start a xubuntu text installation02:42
karreteroplease help02:43
crimsunwell, first download an alternate installer image (.iso), then record it to blank medium, then boot from that medium02:44
karreterohello crimsun02:50
karreteroI have already downloaded it02:50
karreteroand burned02:50
karreteroand I have booted02:51
karreteroI am now in the initial screen02:51
karreterowhat shall i do now?02:52
crimsunfollow the directions?02:52
karreterothank you02:53
crimsunthe text-based installer is simple and attempts to not ask unnecessary questions02:53
cycrodo all linux distros have synaptic packet manager?02:59
crimsunnot all, no.02:59
karreteronot all03:00
karreterobut it is strange03:00
=== DannyBhoy [i=blarg@] has joined #xubuntu
cycrois it just ubuntu/xu/ku hat has it?03:01
=== tute666 [n=tute666@4-130-235-201.fibertel.com.ar] has joined #xubuntu
crimsunDebian-based distributions include it.03:02
=== FlickMyBic [n=SF@CPE000f6607cd9c-CM001868d950e4.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #xubuntu
karreterodo u come from asia, cycro?03:12
cycrono, i dont03:12
cycrowhy do u ask?03:12
karreterobecause "oo" sounds like an asian expresion03:13
cycrothx m803:14
cycrou know those ubuntu repos?03:14
cycroare there any that distribute warez?03:14
karreterorepositories that include warez?03:15
karreterolike cracks?03:15
karreterou mean?03:15
cycrolike anything03:17
cycrodvds, cracks, apps03:17
cycrorepos look like a good way to share these things03:17
karreteroI don't know any warez repos03:21
karreteroI think emule and bittorrent are ok03:21
karreterofor warez03:21
Eagle_101ok how do I log out, but have all the applications still run03:25
Eagle_101but lock out the screen03:25
=== HeathenDan [i=blarg@] has joined #xubuntu
Eagle_101doing that kills all internet connections03:28
Eagle_101I just want to be able to lock out the screen, but still let everything run03:28
Eagle_101I've figured it out :D03:29
Eagle_101I'm on a laptop, if I just turn the screen off it kills my screen seeion03:29
=== cycro [n=robert@CPE0040f4d45ca8-CM014130004988.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #xubuntu
cycrobug buddy is getting on my nerves03:34
cycroeverytime i restart or log out03:34
cycroi have a bug03:34
cycrocan anybody help me partition ?03:42
cycroim scared03:42
Eagle_101ok you dual booting?03:42
=== augus [n=augus@] has joined #xubuntu
cycroi have an ntfs partition03:43
cycroand this linux03:43
cycroand i want just one03:43
Eagle_101I see03:43
Eagle_101I've never done that03:43
=== sultanovich [i=sultanov@host122.201-253-221.telecom.net.ar] has joined #xubuntu
cycrohow do u send messages to ppl?03:43
Eagle_101cycro, are you removing a partition?03:43
cycroi want to remove my ntfs03:44
cycroand convert it to w/e my linux is03:44
=== DannyBhoy [i=blarg@] has joined #xubuntu
Eagle_101your linux is likely ext2 or ext303:44
Eagle_101how you convert between the two I'm not sure03:45
Eagle_101I would nuke the NTFS, and then re-size the ext3 over it (but thats just a guess, don't do it unless someone confimrs)03:45
cycroil lask around03:47
Eagle_101cycro, I would try a google search03:48
Eagle_101ok anyone know of a CD burning program that can do ISOs and run on windows vista03:50
Eagle_101I have a friend of mine converting :P03:50
cycroEagle_101: nero burning rom03:58
Eagle_101nero burning?03:58
cycroits a windows app04:01
cycrofor burning everything04:01
PuMpErNiCkLeWhat Eagle_101 said for repartitioning - reformat the NTFS one as free space, then extend the EXT3 partition to include the entire disk.04:10
=== darrend_laptop [n=davisond@43-015.adsl.zetnet.co.uk] has joined #xubuntu
cycroi have to reformat it?04:11
PuMpErNiCkLeNo, but that's what it sounded like you wanted to do.04:11
cycrowell right now04:11
cycroi want to turn my ntfs to ext304:11
cycrothen merge it with this ext304:12
Eagle_101then reformat the NTFS04:12
Eagle_101to freespace04:12
cycroit wont let me04:12
cycroits empty04:12
Eagle_101on and anyone know for a friend of mine how you can check how much ram you have on a LiveCD?04:12
Eagle_101cycro, so there is nothing in that space?04:13
Eagle_101ok then take the original ext3 partition04:13
cycrothats this one04:13
Eagle_101and move it to cover the full drive04:13
cycrothe ext3 is running xubuntu04:13
Eagle_101use gparted (if needed in a live CD)04:14
Eagle_101and simply extend the ext3 to cover the whole disk04:14
PuMpErNiCkLeEagle_101: First line of `cat /proc/meminfo`.04:14
Eagle_101PuMpErNiCkLe, thanks04:14
=== Kresjah [n=a@ti231210a080-12440.bb.online.no] has joined #xubuntu
cycroi have gparted open04:15
cycroboth partitions have a lock symobl04:15
cycrois that good?04:15
=== bigfuzzyjesus [n=paul@] has joined #xubuntu
cycroi opened gparted04:15
cycrobut i cant do anything04:15
graziecycro: you cannot manipulate mounted partition04:16
cycroso now wat04:16
graziecycro: unmount (can do this the gparted)04:16
cycrowont let me04:17
bigfuzzyjesusanyone here got a ubuntu server04:17
graziecycro: then it's in use04:17
bigfuzzyjesuscause /me needs ubuntu server help04:17
cycroso how do i unuse it04:17
Eagle_101bigfuzzyjesus, for ubuntu help I would try #ubuntu ;)04:18
Eagle_101this is xubuntu04:18
graziecycro: you have apps or processes using the partition...look at what apps you are running04:18
cycrobut nothing is using my ntfs partition04:19
PuMpErNiCkLeNah, GParted seems to have issues unmounting anything.04:19
PuMpErNiCkLeJust unmount it normally.04:19
cycroim scared guys04:19
cycroi dont wna lose everytin04:19
bigfuzzyjesusEagle_101, they all run the same shell and no one in #ubuntu runs a server and i know people in here do, and ubuntu-server people dont have anywhere to go... so04:19
cycroubuntu is too noisy04:20
PuMpErNiCkLebigfuzzyjesus: What's the problem?04:20
bigfuzzyjesusPuMpErNiCkLe, how do i start ssh and apache2 on my server and how do i set them up to start at boot?04:20
PuMpErNiCkLe(You should know by now not to incurr !anyone :p)04:20
bigfuzzyjesusPuMpErNiCkLe, they are installed04:20
PuMpErNiCkLeThe ssh server, and not just the client?04:21
bigfuzzyjesusPuMpErNiCkLe, yeah04:22
bigfuzzyjesusi know how to set up the client04:22
Eagle_101ok I have a friend of mine who is going from windows to linux, and he wants to totally remove windows04:22
bigfuzzyjesusssh name@ip04:22
Eagle_101does he just remove the NTFS partition?04:22
=== Seveas [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has joined #xubuntu
Eagle_101and put an ext3 in its place?04:23
cycroud have to do it via liveCD04:24
PuMpErNiCkLeEagle_101: Yeah, if he feels confident that he's done with the windows installation.04:24
Eagle_101he is confident (it is a second computer)04:24
Eagle_101so just reformat NTFS to freespace?04:24
Eagle_101then overlay the ext304:24
PuMpErNiCkLeNah, if he's installing, just reformat the entire disk as ext3.04:25
Eagle_101how do I tell him to do that?04:25
PuMpErNiCkLeIt's an option in the install cd.04:25
Eagle_101I think he wants 3 partitions?04:25
Eagle_101one for /home/ one for / and one for swap04:26
PuMpErNiCkLeWhen he gets to the partitioner, it will list a few options, and 'use entire disk' is one of them.04:26
PuMpErNiCkLeOr he can manually reppartition as needed.04:26
PuMpErNiCkLebigfuzzyjesus: Does `netstat -tulpn` show sshd?04:27
Eagle_101yeah he is manually doing the partition04:27
=== sultanovich [i=sultanov@host122.201-253-221.telecom.net.ar] has left #xubuntu ["Saliendo"]
cycrodoes gparted merge partitions?04:36
=== grazie [n=grazie@host86-139-111-219.range86-139.btcentralplus.com] has joined #xubuntu
=== j1mc [n=jim@adsl-75-21-78-129.dsl.chcgil.sbcglobal.net] has joined #xubuntu
Eagle_101cycro, why would you need to merge....04:42
Eagle_101I would think it would have the capacity04:42
cycroi want to merge because i will have to separate ext3 partitions04:42
cycroEagle_101: i want to combine all the partitions into 104:43
Eagle_101are any of them NTFS?04:44
Eagle_101cycro, I can't believe you are still mucking with partitoins04:44
cycro1 is ntfs04:45
cycrowhich i plan to convert to ext304:45
Eagle_101if any of them are NTFS, you need to make that freespace04:45
cycroby deleting it?04:45
Eagle_101cycro, yeah make it freespace04:46
Eagle_101then extend the original ext3 partition over where the other one was04:46
Eagle_101and BACK UP your data04:47
graziecycro: you cannot go from ntfs to ext3 wthout data loss04:47
cycrograzie: ive lost all my data already :P04:47
cycroim tryin to make it ext3 so i can recover again04:47
graziecycro: that's not sensible04:48
cycrograzie: care to hear the whole thing?04:48
graziecycro: ?04:48
cycrograzie: right now i have 2 partitions, 1 ext3 that is running this xubuntu, and an empty ntfs. I recently accidently erased all data off my hard drive, so that's why i have this. now i plan to use photorec to recover my files, but i need the entire hdd to be ext304:50
cycrodo you have any better ideas?04:51
graziecycro: converting ntfs to ext3 will result in further loss of data04:51
cycrograzie: its either that or install windows xp and try to recover from there04:51
cycrobut photorec seems like a really good program04:51
graziecycro: no. there are some very good ntfs recovery tools04:51
cycrograzie: ive tried ntfsundelete, but it doesnt work04:52
cycrograzie: know of any others?04:52
graziecycro: I've used some before, but not for a long. If you want good recovery of ntfs you have to do it from windows (it's a no brainer)04:53
cycrograzie: yes but that means i have to reformat my ntfs and reinstall xp..wont that result in more loss as well?04:54
graziecycro: no, you must not do anything with the partition you are trying to recover04:55
graziecycro: i would ceate a second xp partition and recover the lost partition form there04:56
cycrograzie: wat do u mean?04:56
cycrograzie: partition my ntfs into 2?04:56
Eagle_101partition your ext3 if you must04:57
Eagle_101you don't want to modify the partition that you want to recover04:57
graziecycro: you have a linux partition(s) and a lost ntfs partition, yes?04:57
cycrograzie: no, i have 1 linux partition, and 1 ntfs partition04:57
cycroand the thing is, i lost data from my Whole drive because before it was ntfs04:58
cycroso i figure if i make it all 1 type again..04:58
graziecycro: your linux partition has at least 2 partitions (swap and /)04:59
cycroi dont think i did a swap04:59
cycrograzie: when i installed xubuntu, it said something about a swap, but i ignored it04:59
graziecycro: you're not following I don't think04:59
cycrograzie: most liekly not04:59
cycrograzie: when i open gparted, it says i only have 2 partitions05:00
Eagle_101so that means no swap05:00
cycrois that bad?05:00
cycrodont tell me i gota resintall linux-_-05:00
graziecycro: the best chance of recovering the data means that you must not change the data on the disk in any way05:01
cycrograzie: there is no data on the disk05:01
graziecycro:  Yes there is! That's what you're trying to recover! Isn't it?05:02
cycrograzie: well it got deleted05:02
cycrograzie: so im tryin to recover formatted/deleted files05:02
graziecycro: you mean you can't see it any more, but it's still there or at least a lot of it is (you hope!)05:03
cycrograzie: yes05:03
graziecycro: it that data is valuable this is what I would do...05:04
cycrograzie: ..05:04
graziecycro: buy a second a disk big enough to install xp and the data size you want to recover and them some extra05:05
grazieinstall xp and ntds recovery tools on the second disk05:06
grazierecover the lost ntfs partition to the new second drive05:07
cycroi see05:07
grazieyou might get nothing, but it's the best chance you've got05:07
cycroive been using a program called photorecx05:08
cycroand its been working amazingly at recovering files05:08
graziehave you recovered anything yet?05:09
cycro1.8gb of mp3 files05:10
graziegreat...but being able to see the files and being actually able to recover the data is not the same thing05:10
cycroive been listening to the files05:11
grazieso what's you problem then?05:11
cycro1) the files recovered have useless names05:20
cycroand 2) right now this linux partition is 8gb, and i have 80gb of files i want to recover05:20
=== sunnz2 [n=zac@ppp115-5.static.internode.on.net] has joined #xubuntu
cycrograzie: wat do u sugges?05:21
graziecycro: which is why recovering an ntfs partition from an os that's is based on ntfs is likely to have more success05:22
cycrograzie: but that means reformatting to install xp, and although its not reformatting anything, isnt it still bad?05:23
Eagle_101cycro, that is why you need a second HD\05:23
cycroi have a second hd, but its full too05:24
Eagle_101then get a 3rd one05:24
graziecycro: if the disk costs more than what the lost data is worth to you...don't waste your time05:25
cycrograzie: i lost about 80gb of music which id like back05:26
Eagle_101cycro, then buy a 3rd disk05:26
cycrobut see05:27
Eagle_101do the instructions that grazie told you05:27
cycroi made a new disk label05:27
cycrousing gparted05:27
cycrothat is wat deleted my files05:27
cycroand it deleted them in 5 seconds05:27
cycrohow is that possible?05:27
graziecycro: data recovery professionals charge lots of dosh for doing what I've just told you05:27
=== terracon [n=tc@CPE0050da822b70-CM0012254076d6.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #xubuntu
cycrotoo muich hassle to open up my pc05:28
cycroi have to go now05:29
cycrothanks for all the help05:29
cycroill be back tomorow05:29
Eagle_101welcome :D05:29
cycrogood night05:29
Eagle_101if you want to get the data05:29
Eagle_101you need a new disk :P05:29
PuMpErNiCkLeWow, man.05:30
graziewhy do we bother!05:37
=== Betacommand [n=Betacomm@unaffiliated/betacommand] has joined #xubuntu
BetacommandI need a hand configreing my modem I just installed Xubuntu for the first time :)05:40
Eagle_101hey Betacommand I just found it05:41
Eagle_101go to applications > System > Networking05:41
Eagle_101from there I don't know05:42
Eagle_101I don't want to mess with mine :P05:42
Eagle_101but that has something about modem connection :P05:42
Betacommandwhat port is yours on?05:43
Eagle_101none I'm on DHCP05:44
Eagle_101not a Modem connection05:44
Betacommandanyone there05:53
=== Mez [n=Mez@ubuntu/member/mez] has joined #xubuntu
Eagle_101anyone here know how to configure a modem?05:55
ubotuYou want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto05:55
Eagle_101Betacommand, ;)05:55
=== thoreauputic [i=peter@ubuntu/member/thoreauputic] has joined #xubuntu
=== thoreauputic [i=peter@ubuntu/member/thoreauputic] has left #xubuntu []
ubotuTo mount floppy disks, see here : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MakeFloppyDriveAvailableToEveryone06:12
Eagle_101where in linux does it list external devices, like my CD or floppy drive06:13
PuMpErNiCkLeIn /dev, with the other devices.06:15
Eagle_101ok, so what would my cd drive look like?06:16
PuMpErNiCkLe/dev/cdrom or /dev/hdc, most likely.  (/dev/sdc instead of /dev/hdc if you're on Feisty.)06:19
Eagle_101and a floppydrive would look like?06:20
Eagle_101as to access the contents of a floppy?06:20
PuMpErNiCkLe/dev/fd0, most likely.  It's in the link you just got off the bot.06:22
Eagle_101PuMpErNiCkLe, ok, I'm trying to help a friend of mine again.06:22
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krash123hi all06:26
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=== Athensman [n=athensma@68-191-96-102.dhcp.dctr.al.charter.com] has joined #xubuntu
Athensmani cant get xubuntu to install can anyone here help me06:59
grazieAthensman: hi there07:02
graziewhat's the problem?07:02
Athensmanis there a way you can install xubuntu while in windows?07:06
Eagle_101Athensman, no07:07
Eagle_101Athensman, get a live CD07:07
=== tute666__ [n=tute666@4-130-235-201.fibertel.com.ar] has joined #xubuntu
grazieAthensman: you could install virtualization software like vmware or virtualbox and run a virtual xubuntu on windows07:09
Eagle_101mmm grazie interesting :D07:09
hyper_chEagle_101: that's what I do07:10
grazieAthensman: but you'd need quite a high machine and at least 512M of ram (I'd say)07:10
grazieAthensman: live cd is the best option07:10
graziehigh spec machine*07:11
=== tute666__ is now known as tute666
ubotuTo mount an ISO disc image, type "sudo mount -o loop my.iso <mountpoint>" There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before burning. Burning .iso files: see !burn07:37
ubotuCD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus cd burner (Gnome), gtoaster, xcdroast, cdrecord (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto07:37
ubotucdrecord: command line CD writing tool. In component main, is optional. Version 4:2.01+01a03-5ubuntu2 (edgy), package size 567 kB, installed size 1176 kB07:37
grazieEagleZzZ: you must be sleep walking :)07:44
EagleZzZgrazie, yeah :D07:44
=== Darkkish [n=nick@c-67-171-16-255.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
DarkkishI think xubuntu has a mem leak07:44
EagleZzZworking on burning this gentoo liveCD07:44
EagleZzZDarkkish, really?07:44
DarkkishEagleZzZ, I have a pretty clean install and its been running 5 days now, and when i open it the memory is always around 75% used but when i restart it its around %15 to 20 and it just builds back up over a couple of days07:45
EagleZzZmmm and you are running no applications?07:46
Darkkishwell nothing but gaim, but there are no current connections on gaim07:48
grazieDarkkish: TheSheep was talking about it earlier...there was a bug on edgy but the leak should be plugged.07:48
Darkkishinterestingly enough, in the ammount of time that i've been talking to you it dropped from about379MB to 22007:48
Darkkishand i've not closed any programs07:48
Darkkishmaybe its fixed who knows07:48
Darkkishi havn't restarted in a while07:49
Darkkishand i just did an update07:49
grazieDarkkish: the log server is down or I'd get you the bug report....search launchpad07:49
Darkkishi should try swiftfox07:56
Darkkishcan i have it installd at the same time as firefox?07:56
Darkkishi'm so lonely08:01
EagleZzZDarkkish, what is swiftfox08:02
Darkkish!swiftfox | EagleZzZ08:02
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about swiftfox - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi08:02
Darkkishgoogle it08:02
grazieDarkkish: I've got both installed ok08:03
Darkkishgrazie, does swiftfox show a performance increase?08:03
grazieI can't see much improvement...but I'm not a ff fan08:04
=== maxamillion [n=max@r74-192-178-37.htvlcmta01.hnvitx.tl.dh.suddenlink.net] has joined #xubuntu
EagleZzZoptimized firefox eh?08:05
EagleZzZgrazie, what browser you like?08:05
maxamillionEagleZzZ: swiftfox? ... yeah, its more trouble than its worth though ... wait for iceweasel08:05
EagleZzZwhat is that :P08:05
=== maxamillion is just guessing that swiftfox is what was being discussed
ubotuIceweasel's homepage is http://www.gnu.org/software/gnuzilla/ with more detailed information at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iceweasel08:06
=== grazie likes opera
=== maxamillion respects opera but it isn't his cup of tea
=== grazie knows he's in a minority
=== maxamillion will continue to use firefox until iceweasel comes out and gnash goes stable ...
maxamilliongrazie: how are you?08:07
graziemaxamillion: good...you?08:07
maxamilliongrazie: can't complain ... and i can't stay ... just thought i would stop by and check on the channel before bed08:08
graziemaxamillion: must be late there08:08
maxamillioneveryone been behaving lately? ... i've been horribly busy and haven't had time to hang around here08:08
maxamillionits 0100 here08:08
=== maxamillion might be looking into drafting another/new admin soon because of the current op team's inability to be here all the time because of real life getting in the way
maxamillionanyhoo ...08:09
graziebehaviour.....just the usual....people asking for advice and then completely ignoring it08:10
maxamillionoff to bed, i'll be reading the logs so everyone play nice! :)08:10
maxamilliongrazie: lol ... story of the life of a linux community memeber08:10
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BFTDhrm, Firefox just randomly crashes...09:30
kalikianait should not normally.09:30
kalikianawith me it crashes about twice a month.09:31
BFTDit crashes when viewing myspace profiles....hahaha09:32
BFTDthats not firefox, thats myspace09:32
kalikianamaybe a java(script) issue?09:32
kalikianatry disabling that09:33
BFTDor, rather the fact that java script WASN'T enabled09:36
kalikianai don't think so. that must not result in a crash.09:36
BFTDyeah it just crashed09:37
BFTDso not java script09:37
kalikianaso it can still be flash or java.09:37
BFTDI got it09:39
BFTD"Smooth scrolling"09:39
kalikianaHm.. I never figured out what that's actually for. *g09:39
BFTDturn it off anyways09:40
kalikianaIt's off with me anyways. But good to know that one.09:41
kalikianaGotta eat now, see you!09:43
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=== zoidberg [n=zoidberg@] has joined #xubuntu
zoidberghey guys i have a question09:59
zoidbergis there a xubuntu(xfce) ipod application10:00
gabkdlly!ipod | zoidberg10:00
ubotuzoidberg: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto See !rockbox for information on liberating your iPod10:00
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rynoMorning. I changed my User Interface Prefs to Xfce-Dusk and really like how it looks now, the only problem is my forms and certain text is disappearing in Firefox. Is there a way I can customize that?11:18
=== MattJ [n=matthew@88-109-158-57.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #xubuntu
trevorvHiya, I was just wondering what PDF viewer Xubuntu uses by default?11:33
rynoI would guess Document Viewer/11:37
trevorvis that evince?11:38
trevorvok ta :-)11:39
rynoI'm pretty sure I had it by default when I installed a few weeks ago11:39
trevorvI just wasn't sure if that had a ton of GNOME deps where it's billed as a GNOME app11:39
rynoWell, it's lightweight Gnome11:40
trevorvyeah sure11:40
rynoMy computer is older and it runs better than Ubuntu or KUbuntu11:40
rynoBecause the WM is XFCE11:40
trevorvyeah, i'm using fluxbox on a small install, i was just after a pdf viewer with few deps11:41
rynoI don't know if it's in Linux binary? We had it in pkgsrc on NetBSD.11:41
rynoYeah, I use Fvwm-Crystal when I need a ligthweight enviorment, but XFCE is actually pretty decent.11:42
trevorvmm, but thats always seemed fairly featureless and seems to muck up layouts fairly regularly, ill stick with evince for now at least :)11:42
rynoOK, yeah.11:42
trevorvyeah i used xubuntu for a while before the official release and it seemed good to me :)11:42
rynoI can sure do a lot more than on windows here11:43
rynoI mean I still crash sometimes11:43
rynoBut I guess it's my fault for not getting a new computer since 2001 ;] 11:43
trevorvhaha :) you shouldnt need to!11:44
=== sunnz2 [n=zac@ppp115-5.static.internode.on.net] has joined #xubuntu
rynotrevorv: Well, programmers get sloppy because they can, so programs take more and more RAM to run.11:48
rynoBut then you also throw in the latest craze of technology and BAM, software inoperable for me. ;] 11:48
trevorvi know, begins to defeat the object of even having more RAM! I like projects like dyne:bolic optimised for old hardware :)11:49
rynoIt's nice to be able to use almost any Linux program though. I've even managed to get my audio software from windows working on here with a slight skip in playback.11:49
=== michup [n=michup@djg60.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #xubuntu
michuphi, im using asus a3h5012(i910GPU) patform: dapper drake with linux 2.6.15-28-386 X-air:7.1.1 session: GNOME server glx:1.2 client glx:1.4 openGL:1.3 mesa:6.5.1 modules:i915, intel_agp, agpgart versions: 2.6.15-28-386 gcc-4.0 and i've 2 problems11:50
rynoI just need a new machine. I spent $500 on a hosting business gone bad.11:50
michupfirst when i click on red button "log off" my GNOME session freezes when beryl is on11:50
michupif i swich off beryl using beryl manager and then click on red button "log off" it works fine11:50
michupi've AIXGL/compiz/beryl with emerald window menager11:50
trevorvryno, yeah, although im slowly becoming a command-line junkie... just ditched quod libet for mpd, learning emacs and LaTeX atm :)11:50
michupmy second problem is that cedega 3d acceleration test fail11:50
michupopengl tests whent good11:50
rynoUpdate to edgy?11:50
michup glxinfo says direct rendering is working11:50
rynotrevorv: I was looking into LaTeX but now I am going to go the DocBook way.11:51
rynoXML seems all the rage and it's the backbone for a lot of programs and websites.11:51
rynoBut yeah if you know LaTeX11:51
rynoLaTeX I'll still learn eventually ;] 11:52
trevorvryno, i've never used either before tbh, but LaTeX seems more versatile in that its not just aimed at docs11:52
rynoYeah, I'm writing a book so I need something aimed at docs ;] 11:52
rynoNever enough hours in the day11:53
trevorvwell, i think latex would still work fine... im thinking of using it for writing up my a level notes... i cant bear word processing any longer!11:53
trevorvyou can say that again11:53
trevorvtoo much to learn and do11:53
rynoThe man always gets in my way.11:54
trevorvThe joys of lazy student life :-)11:54
rynoBecause I have bills to pay, so I basically have to kiss butt on people's designs when all I want to be doing is writing music and stories or technical documents. :P11:54
trevorvwhat do you do?11:54
rynoWell, I am a freelance designer at the moment.11:55
rynoContractor if you will.11:55
trevorvah right :-)11:55
rynoSo my boss flips out at me when I can figure something out.11:55
rynoOr ask for money.11:55
rynoWhen there's still things to be done on the site.11:56
rynoHe's all paranoid that it's not going to make him money anyway too.11:56
trevorvah I just can't wait to graduate :P11:56
rynoHe was watching the ratings on search engines like a hawk when I was working on the clock.11:56
rynoAnd I don't mean my band the clock. ;] 11:56
trevorvwhat do you play?11:57
rynoThere's studio information11:57
trevorvill check it out later :)11:57
=== Killerkiwi [n=jason@203-118-179-178.bliink.ihug.co.nz] has joined #xubuntu
rynoWell, I have three free albums on Jamendo, so feel free to listen. ;] 11:58
KillerkiwiWhat sound server does xubuntu edgy use?11:58
trevorvah I love jamendo :)11:58
rynoalsa and oss11:58
rynoMe too, I am seeding for them right now11:58
Killerkiwiryno, how do i manually start that?11:59
trevorvi would be if i had a bit torrent client installed right now heh11:59
rynoI use their jamseeder and download music that needs to be seeded11:59
rynoPlus I get to listen to some cool beats ;] 11:59
rynoKillerkiwi it should start automatically11:59
rynoDo you have alsa-base and the libs installed?12:00
Killerkiwiryno, not if i have a custom x session to run freevo through it wont12:00
Killerkiwiit works using the default xcfe session12:00
Killerkiwijust need the start command12:00
rynoWhat kind of card is it?12:01
rynoYou have to modprobe it12:01
rynoBut I think that's done at startup12:01
Killerkiwiyeah gdm has sound so it must be modprobed already12:01
=== rag [n=rag@58.Red-80-24-33.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #xubuntu
rynocat /proc/asound/cards12:01
Killerkiwiintel 82801aa12:02
rynoSo what are you trying to use sound in?12:02
rynoOh this frevo12:03
Killerkiwifreevo, i just need to start the sound server!! i used to do a esd & back in the day12:03
rynoWell, alsa is running12:04
rynoIf it reported the mobo soundcard12:04
rynocat /proc/asound/devices too12:04
rynoThen you have to configure whatever software to use alsa's hw0 device or whatever12:05
Killerkiwisudo /etc/init.d/alsa start12:05
Killerkiwiim guessing... 15mins og google later....12:06
rynoI see this uses Mplayer12:06
rynoYou might need to adjust the settings in there12:06
rynoXine too12:06
Killerkiwinope not found12:06
ryno/etc/init.d/alsa-utils start12:07
Killerkiwiyeah alsa-utils12:08
ryno:] 12:08
Killerkiwifreevo on a pentium 500mhz with 356mgb ram... didnt really think it would work12:08
=== massctrl [n=jelle@6.220-136-217.adsl-static.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #xubuntu
rynoHave fun with that.12:09
=== Killerkiwi [n=jason@203-118-179-178.bliink.ihug.co.nz] has joined #xubuntu
Killerkiwiyay sound ;)12:13
rynoI am so sick of this website.12:18
rynoMy boss has unrealistic expectations and nobody is helping me fix the problems with it, so I am having money issues.12:19
assasukassecan anyone explain me this benchmark result? http://tinyurl.com/39z9q712:20
rynoThe main problem is he always wants the footer on the bottom of the page, which doesn't work with each template.12:21
rynoWhen I use an absolute positioning.12:21
TheSheepassasukasse: lol12:22
TheSheepassasukasse: sure, ubuntu, kubuntu and xubuntu all *the same* under the hood -- they only differ in the desktop environment and the default set of applications12:23
TheSheepassasukasse: this kind of test is pointless12:23
assasukasseTheSheep: but what about the speed test12:26
TheSheepassasukasse: where?12:26
assasukasse2nd page12:27
TheSheepassasukasse: the gzip and encoding tools available on all 3 systems are *the same*12:28
=== chaky [n=chaky@unaffiliated/chaky] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepassasukasse: the differences are random12:29
TheSheepassasukasse: or maybe they are due to some caching that by chance "got it better" at one time12:29
assasukasseTheSheep: i am a gnome user, i wanted to switch to xfce for lightness, but this test seems to tell me that xfce is not lighter nor faster12:30
TheSheepassasukasse: the differences in speed in xubuntu, ubuntu and kubuntu come from using different apps -- if you use the same apps, you get the same results12:30
TheSheepassasukasse: this test tells nothing about xfce12:31
TheSheepassasukasse: it doesn't use xfce anywhere12:31
TheSheepassasukasse: it tests the performance of gzip, gcc and lame, which are all the same on all 3 systems12:31
assasukasseTheSheep: but i could use gnumeric on ubuntu as well, having faster performance than ooffice.12:33
TheSheepassasukasse: yes12:33
TheSheepassasukasse: and you can install and use xfce on ubuntu too -- in which case you have almost the same as xubuntu12:34
assasukasseso i don't see the point, i tought that xfce is faster and lighter than gnome...i am currently using debian with enlightenment and is FAST12:34
TheSheepassasukasse: xfce *is* faster and lighter than gnome -- it displays windows faster, it takes less ram, etc.12:35
TheSheepassasukasse: but that has nothing to do with gzip12:35
TheSheepassasukasse: these guys were testing wrong things :)12:35
gpocentekthis is totally useless12:36
TheSheepI'm actually amazed they got any meaningful differences at all -- tells something about their test suite :)12:37
MattJAny idea why it takes me a couple of clicks on 'Quit' for the logout/shutdown/reboot dialog to appear?12:39
TheSheepMattJ: no, but I have the same12:39
MattJI'm sure it didn't used to happen12:40
TheSheeplooks like some race condition somewhere12:40
=== MattJ hopes it works in Feisty
MattJI'd be testing, if I had a PC spare12:41
TheSheepMattJ: actually, I'm using feisty12:41
gpocentekIt doesn't happen here12:42
=== assasukasse [n=assasuka@host-84-222-246-99.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #xubuntu
assasukasseTheSheep: sorry i got power off12:46
assasukassewhat were u saying12:46
TheSheep12:37 < TheSheep> I'm actually amazed they got any meaningful differences at  all -- tells something about their test suite :)12:48
=== MarkCh [n=mark@] has joined #xubuntu
MarkChhow can i force kde apps like konversation to hide on the xfce panel?12:57
MarkChnotification area12:57
assasukasseTheSheep: in your personal tests, gnome or xfce proved to be faster?01:00
TheSheepassasukasse: I didn't do any tests -- xfce just feels more responsive01:03
TheSheepassasukasse: and works on computers that no gnome can work on :)01:03
assasukasseTheSheep: the same seems to me, thunar is 100 times faster than  nautilus01:03
TheSheepassasukasse: but that can be a trick of well designed UI (showing reactions before it really finishes processing)01:04
assasukasseoic :D01:05
assasukassei tried herd 5 and i love the transparency01:05
assasukasseof xfce01:05
TheSheepwell, you get the same thing wit Compiz or Beryl01:05
assasukassei used compiz on gnome and is not the same...01:05
=== MarkCh [n=mark@] has joined #xubuntu
assasukassei was wondering what happens if i install compiz on xfce01:05
MarkChwhy would you do that?01:06
MarkChxfwm can compose01:06
TheSheepassasukasse: it works fine, except for the workspace switcher01:06
MarkChthe xfwm workspace switcher looks better than the beryl default though.01:06
assasukasseand the jello windows01:06
assasukasseberyl has always looked garbage to me..i dunno why01:07
assasukassecompiz far better01:07
MarkChseriously xfce's compositing functions are ok enough for me. it transfers all the drawing loads off my cpu to the videocard.01:07
TheSheepassasukasse: I tried them both, and metacity too (when xfwm4 had this horrible bug with GIMP rendering my tablet useless), but I hate the way they place the windows01:07
assasukasseTheSheep: yea sometime they pop up in the upper corner..01:08
MarkChThe Sheep: place the windows?01:08
TheSheepMattJ: yes, xfce has some very smart algorithms for that01:08
TheSheepMattJ: beryl just doesn't care, just like ms windows01:08
MarkChoh. beryl. beryl is annoying at putting windows for the first time.01:09
TheSheepannoying is an understatement :)01:09
assasukassei dunno but u should try compiz from gandalfn repo01:10
assasukasseis the best i've tried so far01:10
assasukasseberyl gave me sickness after 30 mins of use..not talking about the bunch of useless plugins..like snows and so on...01:10
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vigneshHi! I get this error..  amixer: Mixer default load error: Invalid argument  /usr/sbin/alsactl: get_control:209: Cannot read control info '2,0,0,Capture Volume,0': Invalid argument01:11
=== sdac221x_ [n=sdac221x@] has left #xubuntu ["Konversation]
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MarkChvignesh: try using the default mixer applet in xfce.01:12
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ubotuHi! Welcome to #xubuntu!02:08
SkippyXlol - nice bot.02:09
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ubotuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)02:17
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about lol - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi02:18
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fluppehi everyone, I'm quite new to xubuntu and am trying to get ndiswrapper installed so I can use my wireless network card. Does anyone know the apt-get command to install ndiswrapper ?02:22
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:23
fluppethanks, I'll check it out ...02:25
ubotuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)02:26
MarkCh!thanks > fluppe02:26
=== Agafonov [n=aga@office.rsm.ru] has joined #xubuntu
fluppeokay, I got it installed now let's hope for the best02:33
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gabkdllydo the various CD/DVD burning utilities (most of which I assume use cdrecord and co.) check whether everything got burned without errors?03:54
gabkdllysomething like a checksum?03:54
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TheSheepgabkdlly: there is an option for that when you boot the cd04:01
=== AL89 [n=alex@X9647.x.pppool.de] has joined #xubuntu
graziegabkdlly: not sure, but I think k3b is the only linux app that does disk burn verify04:06
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stranskyI can't seem to access the Xubuntu 6.10 US download mirror.  I receive a 404 not found error.  Is this a known problem and if not, where should I report it?04:48
MarkChstransky: you could try installing xubuntu-desktop from the repos instead.04:49
MarkChit will coexist with your current installation.04:49
stranskyThanks but, I'm trying to install Xubuntu on a machine that currently has no operating system.  It has limited hardware and I would like to just have XFCE installed without installing all of Ubuntu.04:50
PuMpErNiCkLeI'm sure someone realizes their server is dead.  The European ones seem okay, though.04:51
MarkChstransky: try the other mirrors. the us mirror could be temporarily down as with any other servers.04:51
=== kriel [n=kriel@c-67-175-175-231.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
stranskyOK, thanks.04:51
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MarkChyoure welcome.04:52
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(tonyyarusso/#xubuntu) TheSheep: What about a Pentium 2 with 128 MB RAM?07:39
(tonyyarusso/#xubuntu) nvm, you answered that :)07:39
=== tonyyarusso reads scrollback a little quicker next time
=== chaky [n=chaky@unaffiliated/chaky] has joined #xubuntu
sacaterif i got a laptop with 366mhz processor, and 256 RAM, would xubuntu run on it okay?07:49
=== OGDA [n=Robert@unaffiliated/bftd] has joined #xubuntu
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maxamillionsacater: it would run like a champ07:50
sacatermaxamillion: great07:50
maxamillionsacater: certain applications will weigh a little heavy on the system but over all you will see a great performance increase07:51
sacatermaxamillion: perfect....07:51
=== rahmetli [n=anybudy@] has joined #xubuntu
maxamillionsacater: well, mainly it will just be slight lag that will be expected with openening heavier applications, but over all 256mb of ram is more than enough to make xubuntu very usable07:53
sacatermaxamillion: graet07:53
sacatermaxamillion: great*07:53
tonyyarussoOkay, as we all know OpenOffice.org has some opening speed issues.  Gnumeric and Abiword are decent alternatives to the spreadsheet and wordprocessor, but what about Impress?  Is there a lighter replacement for slideshows/presentations?07:55
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IRCERI observed something that might be an error in the update manager, but I'm not sure07:57
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IRCERmaybe someone wants to help me?08:00
=== T` [i=total@pdpc/supporter/student/T] has joined #xubuntu
IRCERjust a question08:00
=== SamRose_ [n=chatzill@adsl-75-14-52-182.dsl.lgtpmi.sbcglobal.net] has joined #xubuntu
maxamillionIRCER: update manager?08:01
IRCERyes: when I start it, it says "your system is up to date"08:01
maxamillionIRCER: anything like this ... https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/6802708:02
UbugtuMalone bug 68027 in update-manager "sudo update-manager -c -d crashes during xubuntu upgrade" [High,Confirmed] 08:02
IRCERfirst when i press the "check" button, it asks for a password08:02
IRCERand really checks08:02
tonyyarussoDoes Xubuntu have something like Add/Remove Programs in Gnome?  A simpler apt interface than Synaptic with limited selection of recommended packages by category?08:02
=== mark487 [n=ms@h-66-167-202-197.snvacaid.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #xubuntu
IRCERmaxamillion: no, not hat bug. it does not crash08:04
=== SamRose [n=chatzill@adsl-75-14-52-182.dsl.lgtpmi.sbcglobal.net] has joined #xubuntu
IRCERtonyyarusso: yes, it has. under applications -> other08:05
tonyyarussoIRCER: cool08:05
=== Owdgit [n=ron@88-110-225-176.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #xubuntu
tonyyarussoI'm also looking for recommendations of things to install for the following audience:  Thrift store customers and donation program recipients, getting old (PII and PIII) computers for cheap, from low-income families for basic office work, simple games, children's schoolwork, web browsing, that sort of thing.08:06
maxamillionIRCER: oh ... that's not a bug, in xubuntu the update manager doesn't automatically check for updates ... the user must manually do so, i think it was part of the "we think the update manager pop up window is annoying" thing08:07
mark487hi, where are xubuntu's settings on putting the hd's to sleep?08:07
IRCERmaxamillion: but the message "your system is up to date" may be a false statement!08:08
IRCERmaxamillion: in the case it IS NOT up to date08:08
IRCERmaxamillion: thiss way, maybe someone will NEVER make an update08:09
=== Vincent__k [n=vincent@c83-251-31-41.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #xubuntu
IRCERmaxamillion: because he will ALWAYS think his system is up to date08:09
maxamillionIRCER: as far as the update manager is concerned, your machine is up to date because it doesn't have the latest package list so it in tern _is_ up to date according to the information it currently has before checking for new updates08:10
IRCERmaxamillion: Iknew you would tell me this ;)08:11
IRCERmaxamillion: you studied maths, eh?08:11
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maxamillionIRCER: no ... computer science08:12
IRCERmaxamillion: my grandma will not understand your reasoning and never update her system08:12
IRCERmaxamillion: though your reasoning is perfect08:12
maxamillionIRCER: right ... i believe this is something that continues to be debated08:13
IRCERmaxamillion: now, what should I do? i'm new to xubuntu08:13
maxamillionIRCER: i do all my package management and system administration from the command line so it doesn't effect me, but i can understand that the general population doesn't share my passion for the way it used to be08:14
maxamillionIRCER: for now .... just click "check for updates" every so often08:14
IRCERmaxamillion: good, and ubuntu is for the general population08:14
IRCERmaxamillion: so i should not file a bug report08:14
maxamillionIRCER: you might want to file a feature request instead08:15
maxamillionIRCER: but if that is not possible ... then i would say a bug report would suffice08:16
=== Koji-Murasame [n=nick@207-246-87-95.dsl.blueone.net] has joined #xubuntu
IRCERmaxamillion: ah, yes, where can I do that? launchpad?08:16
maxamillionIRCER: yup08:16
IRCERmaxamillion: ok, in launchpad, i go to the  "update-manager" package. but the "feature" tab is disabled08:17
maxamillionIRCER: then just make it a bug report08:17
maxamillionIRCER: if the devels see it as a feature, you will be emailed ;)08:18
IRCERmaxamillion: ok. i'll do right now. it is funny to be a tiny part in this huge work08:18
IRCERthank you all for keeping xubuntu going!08:18
maxamillionwe try :)08:19
=== MattJ [n=matthew@88-111-168-41.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #xubuntu
IRCERmaxamillion: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/3500908:20
UbugtuMalone bug 35009 in update-manager "Says "System is up to date" when package lists not updated" [Low,In progress] 08:20
IRCERmaxamillion: seems this is what I meant08:20
maxamillionapparenlty someone beat you to it ;)08:20
tonyyarussoBleh - only other presentation tool I could find is criawips, but it looks pretty gnome-dependent08:21
maxamilliontonyyarusso: zoho.com08:21
IRCERmaxamillion: ok, but I'll keep on working for you08:21
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mark487anyone ---- where are power management settings in xubuntu?08:22
=== malnilion [n=malnilio@] has joined #xubuntu
tonyyarussomaxamillion: Online is no good - this is for a dialup-if-anything audience08:22
maxamillionmark487: add the plugin to the panel08:22
maxamilliontonyyarusso: ouch08:22
=== IRCER [n=ziegler@T2142.t.pppool.de] has left #xubuntu []
mark487thanks max,   shouldn't i be able to get it within settings though?     or i guess power management isn't essential for basic users08:24
maxamillionmark487: yeah ... normally the average desktop user doesn't need power management ... there are other ways, but i find the panel plugin to be easiest08:25
=== kalikiana_ [n=kalikian@xdsl-87-78-103-208.netcologne.de] has joined #xubuntu
mark487max: i just clicked on the panel and selected "add new item", and scrolled through the list, but didn't see anything on power management.   ideas?08:28
malnilionmark487, check synaptic for xfce panels?08:29
maxamillionmark487: try the battery monitor .... the config tool is a right click feature of that iirc08:29
tonyyarussoCould someone explain how XFCE differs from Dapper to Edgy interface-wise?08:29
=== Prisoner_ [n=redstick@ip24-254-33-54.br.br.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
maxamilliontonyyarusso: it doesn't really, just a few different default configs ... application menu, theme, etc08:31
tonyyarussomaxamillion: Ah, good.  I'll probably use Dapper on these then.08:32
maxamillioni gotta run ... laters all!08:32
Prisoner_anyone have a good recommendation for an audio player for Xubuntu?08:33
=== somerville32 forgets the name though.
somerville32The gtk2+ one...08:34
Prisoner_was trying to play some .wav files and XMMS was driving me up the wall08:35
=== ryno [i=ryno@rrcs-67-53-84-8.west.biz.rr.com] has joined #XUbuntu
Prisoner_playing a CD in gxine right now, the visualizations are kind of cool08:35
=== flo_ [n=flo@] has joined #xubuntu
=== chaky [n=chaky@unaffiliated/chaky] has joined #xubuntu
flo_how can i reconfigure xserver? i'vd tried xorgcfg xorgconfig but i get a comand not found08:40
=== Romaan [n=Roman@] has joined #xubuntu
tonyyarussoflo_: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg08:41
=== Viper_iii [n=BCogswel@mail.mcintoshassoc.com] has joined #xubuntu
tonyyarussoHow much does xdm use resources-wise?08:43
grazietonyyarusso: a lot less than gdm, but it's not pretty. slim is supposed to be good and light08:45
tonyyarussograzie: Thanks.08:45
tonyyarussoAnything in xubuntu-desktop that you might consider cruft?  I have to make some really trim systems, and am trying to decide between default Xubuntu or the much more tedious server install plus what I need manually.08:46
TheSheeptonyyarusso: you can usually unistall the whole printing subsystem08:47
TheSheeptonyyarusso: at least a large part of it if you want to still print08:47
tonyyarussoTheSheep: Wouldn't a home user want that?08:47
tonyyarussoah, yeah.08:47
TheSheeptonyyarusso: you don't need every driver for every possible printer, usually08:48
=== darrend [n=darren@43-015.adsl.zetnet.co.uk] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheeptonyyarusso: the laptop support can go08:48
TheSheeptonyyarusso: locale for all the languages you don't use08:48
flo_tonyyarusso:  thx08:49
TheSheeptonyyarusso: probably also many font files08:49
TheSheeptonyyarusso: documentation and man pages08:49
TheSheeptonyyarusso: example content08:49
pleia2tonyyarusso: on my laptop (3G harddrive, had to be slim) I found that the server install was a must, if you want gaim, abiword, xscreensaver, thunderbird, etc you can install them separately later - I didn't want any of this08:49
tonyyarussoTheSheep: Any services using significant RAM to disable?08:49
TheSheeptonyyarusso: xserver :D08:49
tonyyarussopleia2: what do you have on yours?08:49
tonyyarussoTheSheep: lol, that's a must for these machines.  They're being given to low-tech, low-income families.08:50
pleia2tonyyarusso: basic xfce4 install, gimp, firefox, xterm (I don't even use gdm or xdm)08:50
TheSheeptonyyarusso: cron maybe -- but it's tiny. on a desktop you can leave everything for anacron08:50
pleia2and it's under a gig <308:50
TheSheeptonyyarusso: you can use something lighter than gdm08:51
TheSheeptonyyarusso: or just automatically log in and start x08:51
pleia2tonyyarusso: of course you can apt-cache show xubuntu-desktop and look through the dependencies08:51
pleia2there is actually a lot I don't use08:52
TheSheeptonyyarusso: you can probably also safely remove the wireless drivers08:52
tonyyarussograzie: slim doesn't seem to be in the repos08:52
tonyyarussopleia2: Yeah, I have that up now08:52
tonyyarussoTheSheep: Yeah - these are desktops, definitely don't need that08:52
TheSheeptonyyarusso: if they have all the same hardware, you could compile your own kernel and only add the modules that are really needed08:53
Eagle_101lovely my cd writer is not compatable >.>08:53
Eagle_101what do I do looking for a driver08:54
tonyyarussoTheSheep: No, they're pretty random machines - whatever gets donated08:54
TheSheeptonyyarusso: compiling own locale set instead of installing all of them will save you considerable amount of space08:56
TheSheeptonyyarusso: also, see the 'locale purge' for apt08:56
tonyyarussoI'll need at least English and Spanish, but probably not much more08:57
tonyyarussolol at the localepurge warnings08:58
Viper_iiiAnyone willing to help me figure out a basic virtual host configuration ??08:58
tonyyarussoViper_iii: I might be able to try.  Maybe.08:59
Viper_iiiSorry not basic...LOL its on a Grandma's LAMP but has simple setup it looks like...08:59
Viper_iiiApache2 how and where might I add the virtualhost setup lines?08:59
Viper_iiior in a folder i see called enabled-sites08:59
Viper_iiithe lamp itself is easy enough on xubuntu but I want multiple sites... I setup a single a record and added cnames for the vhosts....    when I edit in there it doesn't seem to grab the vhosts....09:01
tonyyarussoThe fact that you just said the phrase "Grandma's LAMP" is awesome, btw.09:01
tonyyarussoI'm not really familiar with CNAMEs, what are those for?09:01
Viper_iiihttp://canned-os.blogspot.com  seriously easy lamp...09:02
Viper_iiidns pointing...09:02
=== IRCER [n=ziegler@T2142.t.pppool.de] has joined #xubuntu
Viper_iiiwww.foo.com well foo2.com resolves to foo.com09:02
tonyyarussoSo you need VHOSTs that just are aliases for another, ya?  Are there actually multiple sites on here?09:02
Viper_iiibut pulls a different docroot and displays a different site... I'm going to edit the 000-default.conf... YES just aliases09:03
IRCERhi all. just another question: why are there 2 printer services (cupsys and hplip) activated by default?09:03
tonyyarussoOh, if you want a different docroot then you don't mean what you said quite ;)  foo2.com resolves to the same IP as foo.com, not to foo.com itself.09:04
tonyyarussoViper_iii: ServerName I think is the line you need to change09:04
Viper_iiiright.... that is correct.. I was typing fast... so yes a foo2.com cname foo.com09:04
Viper_iiiServername?  Why the default servername is fine... that is the root site or the default for that address...  the hostheaders separate the rest...09:06
tonyyarussoHold on - let me get you a sample09:07
Viper_iiiokay the darn  000-default file has a vhost in it...09:07
Viper_iiiwhich is fine... but looks wierd...09:07
Viper_iiimight also be the root of my headache...09:07
Eagle_101mmm odd, cdrecord did figure it out with some command line options :D09:08
tonyyarussoViper_iii: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/8820/ - there's a second site down at the bottom09:10
IRCERok, again: why do i need 2 printer services?09:12
IRCERis this a bug or a feature?09:12
=== Koji-Murasame [n=nick@74-131-39-113.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #xubuntu
Qewgot a HP scanner?09:13
=== grazie [n=grazie@host86-139-111-219.range86-139.btcentralplus.com] has joined #xubuntu
Viper_iiiokay... that helped huge!!!09:16
Viper_iiiI see where you were saying ServerName Now... duh... it did need that line someone was right I owe that person an apology!09:16
Viper_iiiwell it took the lines... darn but its not redirecting to the alias when I go to Http://www.foo2.com it still resolves www.foo.com09:20
grazietonyyarusso: I didn't know slim wasn't in the repos, sorry09:20
=== Koji-Murasame [n=nick@74-131-39-113.dhcp.insightbb.com] has left #xubuntu []
tonyyarussoViper_iii: That's probably because of the cname thing - I'm guessing you don't actually want a cname.09:21
Viper_iiiokay... it is working...09:21
Viper_iiiI don't?09:21
tonyyarussoI'm not entirely sure, but I'd suggest carefully reading about what a CNAME does and deciding if that's what you meant.09:22
Viper_iiiits working... ahhh... like you used a subdomain which is then redirected... a CName would be a different domain entirely aimed at the same IP like you said... then the Web server defines where it is looking based on the host header right?09:23
Viper_iiidamn I'm lost....09:23
Viper_iiiyou were right that is all I know!!!??!!!09:24
=== ffxr [n=ffxr@] has joined #xubuntu
tonyyarussoViper_iii: Yeah09:25
=== stork [n=sh2-136@storkey.plus.com] has joined #xubuntu
QewIRCER: you need hplip for HP scanners and printers. It gives additional features to HP scanners and printers. Best leave it alone.09:31
Viper_iiitonyyarusso: thx just so you can see what edits I made here they are... http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/8828/  I put a * on my edits or additions rather...  All works now  thx!!!09:34
=== MattJ [n=matthew@88-111-168-41.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #xubuntu
=== Prisoner_ [n=redstick@ip24-254-33-54.br.br.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
IRCERQew: But I have no HP scanner or printer. Why is this the default? Does Xubuntu suppose everyone owning an HP printer or scanner?09:36
=== assasukasse [n=assasuka@host-84-223-144-135.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #xubuntu
tonyyarussoThey should - HPs are pretty much the only thing worth buying09:37
Viper_iiiAnyone using intel 965 chipset and SATA Drives on Ubuntu with Dual Core yet?  965 Neo is my problem...  Trying to install on a board configured ICHR (I THink) Raid Array and it doesn't see the CD-rom 1/2 way through the install nor any of the HDD's when in Raid Mode...  Just checking09:38
IRCERtonyyarusso: why this?09:38
tonyyarussoIRCER: Quality of printer itself plus quality of Linux driver cooperation.  Epson's good if you only do B&W.  Lexmark is dirt.09:39
Viper_iiilexmark - IBM or ?09:39
Viper_iii='s sorry09:40
Prisoner_have an audio cd playback issue with gxine09:42
IRCERtonyyarusso: I still don't understand why there are 2 printer daemons running by default. is this a bug or sa featur?09:42
tonyyarussoIRCER: I'd say feature, since otherwise people would have to start one.  If you don't want it, use sysv-rc-conf to disable09:43
Qewmaybe your printer or scanner is a rebadged HP09:44
IRCERtonyyarusso: since xubuntu tries to be as lean as possible, i would expect only cupsd (if at all)09:44
IRCERtonyyarusso: BTW, my feisty fawn has no sysv-rc-conf09:47
tonyyarussoit's not default09:48
Qewalso there's BUM (boot-up manager) if you want a GUI to control services.09:50
IRCERtonyyarusso: sure, it is default. i've just installed the latest xubuntu feisty fawn09:51
TheSheepIRCER: sysv-rc-conf is not installed by default09:51
tonyyarussoIRCER: I mean the program isn't09:51
IRCERtonyyarusso: that's why i am asking: should i file a bug report?09:51
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IRCERtonyyarusso: then xubuntu has a service running by default that is useless for the majority of the users!09:53
Viper_iiitony just another thx.... was really trying to migrate my Open-audit to this vm-lamp server and you got me all up and running... I"m really pretty happy with Open-Audit I recommend it to anyone!!... thx again!09:55
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Prisoner_sorry typed in wrong window09:56
Prisoner_but am trying to solve an audio cd problem09:57
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Prisoner_was trying to listen to an audio CD using gxine in Xubuntu09:58
Prisoner_it's a new age cd where all the tracks sound like they run together with no pause in between09:59
Prisoner_there's a brief pause in between each track which isn't desirable, any hints?09:59
IRCERi insist on my opinion. i have installed xubuntu to have a very lean distributiuon for my old IBM T21 laptop. and only a minority (<< 50%) of people i know has an HP printer attached to their computer. so i would like the hplip daemon to be DISABLED by default. i think it does not suit to xubuntu's philosophy.10:01
QewIRCER: you haven't given us what make and models your printer and scanner are. They might, for all we know, be rebadged HP devices.10:02
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Viper_iiiwell that ended that...10:14
=== IRCE1 [n=ziegler@T2142.t.pppool.de] has joined #xubuntu
IRCE1sorry, i had network problems10:15
IRCE1has there been any answer to my insisting in the last 10 minutes?10:15
Viper_iiinope.... what brand is your printer was the last question to you10:16
IRCE1i have no printer attahced to my notebook!!!10:17
Viper_iiioh... and that is where you have xubuntu?10:18
=== W3bbo [n=W3b@intarweb.demon.co.uk] has joined #xubuntu
W3bboHi, I'm having problems installing Xubuntu under VirtualPC 2004, even under Safe Graphics mode it switches to unsupported 24-bit video10:18
Viper_iiiyou just want to disable those services ?  and wondering why they're there in the first place right?10:19
Viper_iiiVPC 2004 Sucks...LOL sorry but it does10:19
W3bboit's better for gaming than VMWare :)10:19
Viper_iiiif you have to use ms product use virtual server 2005 its okay but not greate10:20
Viper_iiiisn't there a vpc 2005?10:20
W3bbobut I got Ubuntu 6.06 working a while back, but not 6.1010:20
W3bbono, there is VPC2007 but its in beta10:20
W3bboMS released VPC Additions for Linux a while back10:20
IRCE1Viper_iii: yes, exactly. as far as i understand, xubuntu tried to be as lean as possible. so why enabling a service by default that only a minority needs?10:20
Viper_iiiyeah I remember running vpc o4 and it was a basic pain.. but worked...10:21
W3bboit also helps to install VPC2004 SP1 ;)10:21
Viper_iiiit enables those services because HP is an extremely common brand and most people who are using old machines also have old HP InkJets...  that makes sense to me that it uses a lean print service even though HP isn't the only one yes... but they do have a large market share...  good question but it seems they were just trying to get a broad audience10:22
Viper_iiiVPC Sp1... wow only a SP1 for MS product 2 to 3 years old you would think that would be sp 3 by now at least!!... LOL (sorry had to throw it out there... )  and I'm a MS guy... duh10:23
W3bboI'm bigger, I've got a WS2003 domain controller and Exchange server just for my home LAN10:23
W3bbotrue story :)10:24
Viper_iiiMCSE certs and I'd rather be here in the ubuntu group...heh10:24
IRCE1Viper_iii: ok, i do not know the exact of ratio of people actually having attahced an HP device to their machine, but even if this is > 50 %, i wonder why there is a second lpd running by default?10:24
IRCE1Viper_iii: i call this FAT ,not LEAN.10:25
Viper_iiiI agree but I'll bet its not a big resource hog and helps those of us basic get through it easier...   The overall Graphics, services and other things are very lean... true a bit fat on printing but might be easier though?  (i really don't know)10:25
Viper_iiiwow.. this Lamp server with xubuntu won't even let me log it out.... auto login... duh10:26
IRCE1Viper_iii: i am new to xubuntu and i am just trying to improve things i find to be illogical10:27
=== Viper_iii is even newer and just trying to sort it all out...Hehe
IRCE1Viper_iii: ok, i'll post a question to the xubunto-devel list10:28
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W3bboalthough this is more of an ubuntu question than Xubuntu, but when will Ubuntu come with XGL/Beryil? enabled by default?10:32
Viper_iiiooohhh... I want to know the same answer!!!10:33
Viper_iiinow my question is what is the difference between compiz and beryil?10:34
W3bbowhilst I wait for an answer, Im letting my blood boil by Peter Popoff infomercials on youtube10:34
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ubuntuhiho, anyone alive_11:13
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hyper_chTheSheep: what s the best way of getting rid of errors in the ext3 file system? I am currently in the liveCD and executing    fsck -v /dev/sda411:14
FidelCapslockHi! Is it possible to install a full working, non-live version of xubuntu on a memory stick? Without having the problem that configuration and session is not saved?11:14
=== g333k_work [n=gonzalo@] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chFidelCapslock: I tend to think it-s possible somehow11:15
tonyyarussoFidelCapslock: Sure, you can install to USB devices.11:16
tonyyarussoas long as it's big enough and your bios can boot it11:16
hyper_ch4gb should be sufficient11:17
FidelCapslockI've already installed xubunut on my 4 GB kingston, but I cant save my session11:17
FidelCapslockany good guides on how to fix this problem?11:17
FidelCapslockI am a new user to linux11:18
posingaspopulari think there is a session saver11:20
posingaspopulari duno how though11:20
=== mark487 [n=ms@h-66-167-202-197.snvacaid.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #xubuntu
FidelCapslocksay, Will this session saver include any changes in adding new users or will it just save my desktop settings?11:22
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ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats11:26
ubotuFlash 9 (Final release) is now available for dapper-backports and edgy-backports. See !backports and !flash11:26
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mark487anyone know where I can find xubuntu's default display setting listed?11:28
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about trash - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi11:31
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mark487anyone know where I can find xubuntu's default display setting listed?11:33
mark487searches don't seem to find it at xubuntu.com and the wiki...11:33
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Lord_Maynothcan anyone here help me with a weird "make" error11:33
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)11:33
Jester45mark487: what kind of display settings? the color depth and resolution ?11:42
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tonyyarussoIf I wanted to start from a minimal install and get XFCE on top of that, should I use the server CD or the alternate?11:52
BFTDyou can use both11:52
BFTDbut minimal would be server11:52
BFTDalt. is just another way to isntall it11:53
BFTDwithout having to go through the GUI11:53
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cycrohow do i fix W: GPG error: http://ubuntu.beryl-project.org edgy Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 3FF0DB166A7476EA ?11:56
BFTDcycro you have to enter the key into your command line11:57
cycroim tryin to install beryl11:57
BFTDyou have to find it...and apply it, I'm not sure of the exact command11:57
BFTDI figured that11:57
tonyyarussoBFTD: I think the alt has a "minimal" option though, and I don't know how that differs from server11:59
BFTDtonyyarusso I would only differ in the fact that it doesn't include the server software11:59
=== massctrl [n=fubar@d51A54F17.access.telenet.be] has joined #xubuntu
tonyyarussoBFTD: Nor does the server by default.  You have to check the LAMP box for it12:00
BFTDtonyyarusso no duh :P12:00
BFTDtonyyarusso it'll do the job12:01
BFTDall you gotta do is run "sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop" to install xubuntu12:01
massctrlHi, this will be asked a kazillion times, but how can I enable transparency in xfce? I've adapted my xorg as described in the forums etc,.... but I have no transparency options whatsoever in xfce after restarting,...12:01
massctrltransset doesn't give any result either,...12:02
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BFTDmassctrl have you tried applications > settings > Windows Manager Tweaks?12:03
massctrlBFTD, yes nothing relating to transparency,...12:03
BFTDI'm not sure12:04
BFTDI'm not in Xubuntu atm so I can't see for myself12:04
massctrlmy xorg.log says (**) Extension "Composite" is enabled (II) Initializing built-in extension COMPOSITE12:05
massctrlso that part looks ok though12:05
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BFTDmassctrl do you have your video drivers installed?12:06
massctrlhm, BFTD,... I have [Mobility Radeon 9600 M10] ,... I suppose xorg is using the xorg provided ones12:10
massctrlbtw is xfce in xubuntu compiled with xcomposite support ?12:10
BFTDyou need to install the ATi drivers12:10
BFTDhowever I don't think this will help you12:10
massctrland install xfce with xcomposite support12:10
BFTDI guess12:11
BFTDhaha, sorry, I'm a CLI guy12:11
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silyaHi to all xubunusers!12:17
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