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Ken3191Hello I am new to Edubuntu and to IRC I got the CD from Cannonical Vr 6.06.1 LTS I have tried to install it as a stand alone workstation. I checked the integrity of the CD but I get an error message [!!]  Load installer components from CD - there was a problem reading data from CD please make sure it is in the drive. If retrying doesn't work check the integirty of the CD-Rom. Failed to copy...03:15
Ken3191...files from CD-Rom can anybody make a suggestion? the integrity test showed the cd to be correct?03:15
kgoetzdid the cd pass the error integrity check or not? i'm not sure from waht you said03:16
Ken3191yes it did pass sorry but i was not clear03:17
kgoetzhow old is this system?03:17
Ken3191pentium 4 2.66ghz 512 cache 512 ddr ram03:19
Ken319116 x cd drive03:19
kgoetzoh, new.03:19
kgoetzhmm..... do you have a newer cd drive?03:19
Ken3191now computer given to a charity I run for homeless kids03:20
Ken3191no but I can look at getting one03:20
kgoetzi'm thinking a 32/52 speed if you have one about, doesnt need to be new03:20
kgoetzbut i *suspect* the problem is hte drive03:21
Ken3191hte drive?03:21
kgoetzthe cdrom drive03:22
bimberiKen3191: a typo, not some wierd acronym :)03:22
Ken3191ok as I said I am new03:23
bimberiKen3191: welcome :)03:24
kgoetzoh, i see. sorry :$03:24
Ken3191if I loaded the iso to a 2 gig usb drive can it be told to load edubuntu from that?03:28
kgoetzum. i'm not sure. i think there are ways03:30
bimberiKen3191: yes you can, hang on I'll get the link..03:31
bimberiKen3191: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick03:33
Ken3191thanks very much a great help I appreciate all your help03:33
bimberiKen3191: yw :)03:34
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cbx33hey LaserJock06:48
nixternalhiya cbx3306:49
cbx33hi nixternal06:49
nixternalis Feisty out yet? I can't take no more :)  LaserJock is working me into the ground06:49
nixternalI CAN'T take NO more == I can take more, darn double negatives06:50
LaserJockhi cbx3306:50
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nixternalwhy is it that every Python book I get isn't for newbs? I keep buying the wrong ones, have the Programming PYthon 3e (twice the size of my Bible) and Python in a Nutshell.06:55
nixternaloh ya, this looks like the wrong channel06:56
nixternaldisregard that06:56
LaserJocknixternal: no worries, we pretty much have a /ignore nixternal06:57
nixternalwell at least I know you don't have me ignored ;p06:58
cbx33nixternal, I have an excellent python book06:58
cbx33assumes a little programming knowledge but not much06:58
=== nixternal has programming knowledge, but not much
=== cbx33 needs a good c++ book now
nixternalheh, I got a great C++ book, text book for my college courses06:59
LaserJockhmm, usually read the books but get nowhere06:59
nixternalmine is a newb c++ book07:00
LaserJockexcept there was one Python book for Computational Sciences that was good07:00
LaserJockactually had practical stuff07:00
cbx33http://www.pastebin.ca/384632 - 3 days of me coding in c++07:00
nixternalalrighty, just bought that book, thanks for the pointer07:02
nixternalgl lovin' I see07:02
cbx33well it will be07:02
cbx33notice there is actually glnothing at the moment07:02
=== cbx33 thinks it's sad that he get's up at 5:30 to code in c++
LaserJockit'd probably be 7:00 if it was Python, eh?07:05
=== highvoltage stumbles into the channel
=== HedgeMage peeks in
HedgeMagehi, all07:05
highvoltagehi HedgeMage and other edubuntero's (and edubuntorita's)07:05
HedgeMagehi LaserJock07:05
HedgeMagehi highvoltage07:05
cbx33hey HedgeMage highvoltage07:06
highvoltagehey hey hey!!!07:06
cbx33c++ is looking up ;)07:06
=== mode/#edubuntu [-o highvoltage] by highvoltage
HedgeMagehi cbx3307:06
cbx33file loader function completed07:06
HedgeMagehow've you all been?07:06
cbx33that's all external functions I believe07:06
cbx33now just the c++ guts07:06
=== highvoltage is in johannesburg, and not used to the dry weather
highvoltageSaturday night I had lots and lots of ideas for edubuntu. I hate myself for not writing them down, I can't remember any of it :-(07:08
=== cbx33 pokes highvoltage
nixternalgot that Python book, and the Qt4 for C++ design book by Bruce Perens07:09
cbx33that book touchs on gtk07:10
cbx33and loads of other cool stuff07:10
nixternalthere is a new Qt4 book coming out in April, I should preorder it now07:10
nixternalthat Python book was cheap actually07:10
nixternalI think like $13USD07:10
cbx33really good quality07:11
=== cbx33 loved it
cbx33though I havn't had time to finish it07:11
nixternalI got a free book from amazon a couple of months ago, I have been meaning to sell it as I don't have any use for it07:11
nixternalSecurity+ Guide to Windows Network Security07:11
nixternalit was like $100 book when I got it, but I think it has dropped in price big time07:12
highvoltageah, fiction.07:12
nixternal49.00 on amazon07:13
nixternalI can put it for 40, it has a rippled spine, it will be gone in a few days07:13
highvoltagecool. how does that work, do they collect it from you, or do you have to drop it off somewhere?07:14
nixternalalrighty, on amazon for sale :)07:17
nixternalfor standard shipping they will give me like $3.5007:17
nixternalI will goto the post office and do a media mail post for about that same price07:17
highvoltagedo you send it directly to the buyer then?07:17
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fheissHi.. I'm downloading 6.10 for my wife's 4th grade classroom right now -- it looks great.  I'm wondering what the system reqs are.  The classroom computers only have 64MB RAM.07:34
fheissand I think the HDDs are 6GB07:34
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=== bimberi sees fheiss' unanswered question and suspects he'll be in for a shock :|
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=== ogra quickly gets some coffee, meeting in 10min
cbx33whoops i said it in the wrong channel01:06
=== highvoltage will be attending via phone
=== ogra doesnt hear highvoltage
ograhighvoltage, say something, we're listening01:07
highvoltage*testing* *testing* <feedback> whooom </feedback>01:08
ogramy ears01:08
=== highvoltage turns down the volume and steps back from the mike
=== ogra takes a break
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