wasabiEverybody that's left:05:07
wasabiAnother good set of LDAP server.05:07
wasabiAnd a nice LDAP client.05:07
wasabiWritten in Java, based on the Eclipse framework.05:07
ajmitchyep, saw that discussion in #mono05:09
ajmitchstill working on FDS stuff here05:10
wasabiyeah, that random discussion tipped me to that.05:10
ajmitchthere's a debian package (binary-only from what I see) for the server05:12
ajmitchat least for 1.0, not for 1.0.105:12
wasabitrying to get the client to connect.... mostly my slapd broke ages ago.05:13
wasabiAnd I've cared so little I haven't fixed it.05:13
wasabiyay for cached creds heh05:13
wasabii never even noticed05:13
ajmitchthey must cache for awhile05:13
wasabibah. not of the state of mind to fix this right now. too drunk.05:14

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