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nixternalman, I had this drink called a "Racehorse", 4 shots of expresso, vanilla, and some ice01:12
nixternalI feel like I swallowed dynamite01:12
crimsunno, that's after you install Vista!01:13
nixternalheh, nevah!01:13
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CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: philbull * r3924 ubuntu/keeping-safe/C/keeping-safe.xml: Added section-based layout to users and groups section01:31
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etchian_Does the GFDL meets the Ubuntu License evaluation criteria?01:36
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Admiral_Chicagowhy do you ask?01:51
CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: philbull * r3925 ubuntu/games/C/games.xml: Fix typo02:02
CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: philbull * r3926 kubuntu/games/C/games.xml: Fix typo02:02
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CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: philbull * r3927 ubuntu/printing/C/printing.xml: Minor edits for style and structure02:28
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etchian_If we GFDL Ubuntu documentation derivative, would that meet your License criteria, Admiral_Chicago?03:02
etchian_I want to build on your documentation if the license allows it, but we gfdl our documentation.03:02
omgponiezloli'm definetly not the man to answer that question. as far as i know, doc work is CC SA license03:02
etchian_Ok.  I am no license pro either.  I just write doc.03:03
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omgponiezloli just proof read...lol03:03
etchian_I do that to :-)03:04
etchian_Looks like doc is pretty decentralized, in Ubuntu.  Am I right?03:05
tonyyarussoetchian_: well, there's the doc team coordinating it all, but things come in from all over, ya03:06
etchian_The doc team, is that Corey's department?03:07
jjessecorey does some work yeah03:07
etchian_Well, looks like Google will be the best line of attack...03:08
etchian_Thanks for the information, guys.03:09
nixternaletchian_: our docs are CC-by-SA, so in order to re-use our docs you would have to license your docs CC-by-SA as well03:13
omgponiezlolnixternal: in the kubuntu >> games doc, there is a link for planet tux racer03:15
omgponiezlolthe link was dead by last compile03:15
omgponiezlolshould i take it out?03:15
omgponiezloli just checked it, the link is still dead?03:15
omgponiezloli figured you would know, it's part of a small patch I'm working on03:16
jjessetake it out if the link is dead03:16
omgponiezlolthanks jjesse03:17
jjessenp omgponiezlol03:17
omgponiezlolblah this doc is long, last one for the night03:17
jjesseyeah i know it is long :)03:18
jjesseok just have ubiquity screen shots and this is done :)03:18
omgponiezlolthough to be fair i shouldn't be complaining to you about doc work...ha.03:19
nixternalomgponiezlol: don't take it out, find another link for it03:21
nixternaloh wait, ya, tux racer, it is dead03:21
jjessenixternal: the upgrader is sweet03:21
jjesseupgrading right now via it03:21
omgponiezloloops, dang i'll check the diff and put it back03:22
nixternalomgponiezlol: http://developer.berlios.de/projects/ppracer/03:22
nixternalreplace the link with that one03:22
omgponiezlolwill do03:25
CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: nixternal * r3928 kubuntu/basic-concepts/C/basic-concepts.xml: Freddy's patch03:27
nixternalAdmiral_Chicago: what are you working on now?03:27
Admiral_Chicagonixternal: games patch03:27
Admiral_Chicagolast one for the night03:27
Admiral_Chicagoyea two small edits03:27
nixternalgames shouldn't be all that bad since it has been worked on by many03:27
Admiral_Chicagonope, it was a punctuation thing.03:28
nixternalhey, Kubuntu includes more than 1,000 pieces of software, it has access to over 20,000 :)03:29
Admiral_Chicagowhat did I say?03:30
Admiral_Chicagooh i see, hmm. either way, the fix was needed for one or the other03:30
Admiral_Chicagoi think03:31
nixternalAdmiral_Chicago: don't worry so much about word wrapping. grammar and spell checking is what needs fixing03:32
Admiral_Chicagookay, it looked all good to me. See me remove the "however" in one.03:33
nixternaladd-applications and about-kubuntu files didn't seem to have any grammar or spell checking really done on them03:33
nixternalya, I seen that03:33
Admiral_Chicagookay i'll keep that in mind.03:33
nixternalright now, it would be best to try and grab the super obvious03:33
=== Admiral_Chicago has a major test tomorrow
Admiral_Chicagowill do.03:34
nixternalalthough we need to take it up a notch because I know Caroline Ford is chomping at the bits to report bug after bug on these docs03:34
jjessenixternal: i'm finishing the chpt today03:34
jjesseso i can focus tomorrow03:34
jjesseright now i'm upgrading to feisty03:34
jjessehopefully it works03:34
jjesseonly 3 hours and 5 minutes remaining03:35
nixternalhehe, Feisty has been crashing for me the past couple of days, right in the middle of something as well03:35
nixternalI am sure it is probably residual leftovers from the updates during the entire dev cycle03:35
nixternaljjesse: as long as I have the xml2po's done by Thursday we are good :)03:36
Admiral_Chicagonixternal: what time thursday?03:36
nixternalAdmiral_Chicago: when I say so I am thinking03:36
nixternalI can probably get an extra day or 2 out of it anyways as well03:36
jjesseso here's a fun fact, i got a note yesterday at the hotel that they will be doing maintenence and water will be unavailable from 10am to 4pm03:36
jjesseand the water is still off03:36
nixternalI will try to extend a week due to some of the herd releases being late03:37
nixternaljjesse: that sucks!03:37
Admiral_Chicagoi can help during the morning / early afternoon.03:37
nixternalI will be doing a little tomorrow, then I am gone all evening tomorrow03:37
Admiral_Chicagoor i'm on break this Friday. mucho tiempo para Ubuntu03:37
nixternalheh, Admiral_Chicago to bad the dev cycle is pretty much over with now :)03:38
Admiral_Chicagoeither way, msg me and I'll help03:38
Admiral_Chicagoya i was on break while it was starting and busy as a bee during the real work03:38
nixternalI am going to take classes through the summer, to bad IT wise their courses suck, so I am going to take an ASP.NET class, Java class, Philosophy and Ethics, and my 3rd class I haven't figured out just yet03:39
nixternalI was going to do the Advanced C++ course, but I am going to wait until the fall semester for that03:39
Admiral_Chicagoblah, .Net03:40
Admiral_Chicagomy first language...03:40
nixternaljjesse: hey, for that Konqueror Handbook bug that I thought I fixed, well it seems we reconfigure Konqi not to have Go and Window in the menubar, so if you want, you can create a patch against kdebase for Kubuntu03:40
nixternalthat is the only way to fix the problem, it isn't an upstream issue, which is odd, because SuSE and Fedora remove them as well03:41
jjesseumm i don't know how to create  patch03:41
nixternalso when I checked my other boxes and noticed the same thing03:41
jjesseso can you take the bug and do it?03:41
nixternalI can do it if you would like03:41
nixternalsure, I will rock out03:41
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CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: nixternal * r3929 kubuntu/games/C/games.xml: Freddy's patch minus the operating system portion - operating system isn't capatilized03:56
Admiral_Chicagoit is too!03:57
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crimsunUbuntu Help Center looks nice05:02
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nixternalAdmiral_Chicago: no it isn't!05:15
nixternalAdmiral_Chicago: check Wikipedia, they know everything :)05:15
nixternalat least install KDict, it knows a lot as well05:15
CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: nixternal * r3930 kubuntu/Makefile: updated makefile - removed temp index build05:33
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Admiral_Chicagonixternal: sent you some work.02:41
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philbullHi guys04:50
philbullI'm looking at trunk/ubuntu/internet/C/internet.xml04:50
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philbullIt sets the following in the header: 'yelp:chunk-depth 2' and 'db.chunk.max_depth 2'04:51
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philbullThis causes anything below a sect1 to be linked rather than included with each sect104:52
philbullIt seems to have been put in to break up the 'Connecting to the Internet' section, but I'd like to remove it if possible and just rearrange that section04:53
philbullit makes reading the other sections a bit of a pain...04:53
philbullany thoughts on this>04:54
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CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: nixternal * r3931 kubuntu/getting-help/C/getting-help.xml: Freddy's patch05:35
nixternalAdmiral_Chicago: why would I want to ignore the Bluetooth stuff?05:36
Admiral_Chicagonot sure if it needed the <trademark>05:38
Admiral_Chicagothought it would but I wasn't 100%05:39
Admiral_Chicagohehe, getting another one ready for you05:40
nixternalbah, forget trademarks, we are breaking the law anyways by not trademarking Microsoft and Apple, so who cares :)05:40
nixternal/mnt or /media - nobody use /mnt anymore?05:40
nixternalus.archives suck05:42
Admiral_Chicagoearlier in the doc, it said automounted partitions go to /media05:42
Admiral_Chicagoi know.05:42
Admiral_Chicagofstab mounts automatically, therefore it goes to /media05:42
nixternalare you working on that? if not I will just autoreplace it right now05:42
nixternalare you telling me you are not finding a lot of typos and such?05:43
Admiral_Chicagoi sent the patch about it, that was all that was needed that I saw05:43
Admiral_Chicagoerr while you slept05:43
nixternalyou didn't send the hardware patch, it was a blank email with a lil text05:43
Admiral_Chicagowait, let me check that.05:43
Admiral_Chicagosending now.05:43
Admiral_Chicagohaha, okay05:44
nixternalAdmiral_Chicago: when are you going to be home?05:45
nixternalthis weekend at all?05:45
nixternalwhat are you doing Saturday?05:45
Admiral_Chicagonothing that I know of05:46
nixternalI have those shirts if you want them05:46
Admiral_Chicagowe are getting in no later than 3.05:46
Admiral_Chicagoare we talking anything monetary because i'm broke as a joke05:47
nixternalscrew it, I wasted $50, so...05:48
nixternalI am done, the only way I will wear an Ubuntu shirt now, is if someone gives it to me05:49
Admiral_Chicagohaha. aww.05:49
=== Admiral_Chicago hugs nixternal
nixternalso, I will continue wearing my KDE one, PCLinuxOS, Debian, and Slackware t's :)05:49
nixternalmy GPLv3 t-shirt got shredded last night by my dog05:50
Admiral_Chicagono way.05:50
Admiral_Chicagodude you have the worst luck ever05:50
nixternalwe were playing rough and he jumped up and grabbed the entire front of the shirt in his mouth05:51
nixternal100lbs pitty can do that05:51
Admiral_Chicagookay i'll send you the patch I have now. I've got "school" to deal with05:51
Admiral_Chicagonixternal: i thought the first sentence refered to the -chicago talk05:51
nixternalsame here, but not until later05:51
Admiral_Chicagoi'm like..."RJ did that"05:52
nixternalexplain, I am not awake as of yet05:52
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Admiral_Chicagogotta run05:55
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CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: nixternal * r3932 kubuntu/hardware/C/hardware.xml: Freddy's patch06:25
CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: nixternal * r3933 kubuntu/network/C/network.xml: Freddy's patch06:26
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CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: philbull * r3934 ubuntu/desktop-effects/C/desktop-effects.xml: Update status07:00
CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: philbull * r3935 ubuntu/games/C/games.xml: Update status07:01
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philbullhi guys09:19
philbullcould someone take a look at a patch for me?09:21
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CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: philbull * r3936 ubuntu/musicvideophotos/C/musicvideophotos.xml: Restructure into topics, change layout09:55
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naliothhowdy, how do i change this page? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs11:33
naliothit is not "wrong", but it has the user go through a lot of extra stuff (enabling "extra" repos) than is necessary11:34
CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: philbull * r3937 ubuntu/internet/C/internet.xml: Restructure into topics, amalgamate some sections, rename sections11:37
CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: philbull * r3938 ubuntu/musicvideophotos/C/musicvideophotos.xml: Update ghelp link for changes in internet.xml11:38
naliothall one needs to do if they are running dapper is open a console and type "sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/examples/install-css.sh" <enter> and they'll get libdvdcss211:40
naliothi don't like the idea of "enabling extra repositories"11:40
dsasnalioth: that doesn't hold true on later releases does it?11:41
dsasnalioth: Can't you just edit the page?11:42
naliothi said "on dapper" which is currently shipping via shipit, right?  it is still supported, yes?11:42
naliothdsas: it's not a wiki page11:42
naliothotw, i would have fixed it on the spot11:42
dsas*shrug* I have an edit button.11:42
dsasnalioth: Anything in the help.ubuntu.com/community namespace is a wikipage.11:43
=== nalioth looks for the edit button
dsastop left.11:43
naliothahhh 'please refrain from editing"11:44
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dsashmm, I can't see that?11:45
naliothi do. you are editing it11:45
dsas*grin*, oh sorry ignore that. I was just checking.11:46
CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: philbull * r3939 ubuntu/keeping-safe/C/keeping-safe.xml: Fix validity error11:46
CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: philbull * r3940 ubuntu/games/C/games.xml: Fix validity error11:49
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=== nalioth grumbles about new fangled layouts
naliothi didn't see "logged in as $name" so thought it wasn't a wiki . . . .12:12
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dsasnalioth: Not a problem12:13

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