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TheLightyhello folks01:03
TheLightyis anyone around01:04
TheLightycan anyone recommand a cpanel like interface for Ubuntu on the serve01:05
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TheLightycan anyone recommand a cpanel like interface for Ubuntu on the serve01:25
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TheLightyanyone around yet02:01
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CrummyGummyHi all, I was running tomcat5 behind apache2 fine. How do I get tomcat5.5 to work now? I've edited the workers.properties file. Anything else I've got to do?03:30
TheLightyis anyone around yet in here04:03
lionelCrummyGummy: what is your problem ?04:04
TheLightycan anyone recommand a cpanel like interface for Ubuntu on the serve04:05
TheLightyI am gettin a dedicated server today with peinstalled Ubuntu04:05
TheLightynot sure how much of the install they will do04:05
TheLightyBut I know I will need a cpanel like interface and whm like interface04:06
CrummyGummylionel, It seems that theres no response from tomcat to mod_jks requests.04:07
lionelCrummyGummy: what does apache logs say ?04:08
lionelTheLighty: sorry, my cpanel is vim :-(. That will not help you :-(04:09
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jhutchins_ltSo which mail servers have the ability to define a "fallback" method of sending a message if the primary (direct) method fails?04:40
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GNu_Joejhutchins, good question, but not my experteese05:09
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TheLightyhello folks07:22
TheLightyI could use some help configuring Ubuntu07:22
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CrypTomHi, I've got a problem with the ubuntu kernel "-server": The keyboard of my server (a normal pc) stops working after grub hands over control to the kernel. This does not happen with the -generic kernel.08:48
CrypTomI'm using edgy with the most recent kernel 2.6.17-1108:49
CrypTomIs this behavior known? Is there a solution (other than using the -generic) kernel?08:49
GNu_JoeCrypTom, the server kernel is compiled diffrently, there are know issues, have to checked the bug list?09:07
CrypTomGNu_Joe: where do I find this list?09:10
GNu_JoeCrypTom, Think it's https://bugs.launchpad.net/09:12
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TheLightyis anyone around yet09:15
TheLightysure could use some help09:15
TheLightyman I keep missin people09:18
TheLightyCarlFK CrummyGummy DJ_Mirage GNu_Joe RemoteViewer TheLighty[BNC]  \sh ajmitch asw cemil_ chesty fabbione infinity2 ivoks jhutchins lbm lionel maswan minttea mralphabet r00tintheb0x ra1nb0w tmarble ubuntulog zenrox09:23
r00tintheb0xwhtas up09:23
TheLightyI am a noob09:23
r00tintheb0xd52 1 1 c0t1d0s409:23
TheLightyI just got a dedicated server with ubuntu 6.1009:23
r00tintheb0xmay bad, whats the problem TheLighty 09:23
lionelTheLighty: no need to hl all the people there !09:24
TheLightysorry guys09:24
r00tintheb0xgood choice TheLighty 09:24
TheLightybtu I been asking for help since last night09:24
TheLightyany hows09:24
TheLightyall I have is ssh access09:24
TheLightynithing else09:24
TheLightythey did not install LAMP09:24
TheLightyI have 5 ip's too09:25
TheLightyand I have no idea where to start09:25
TheLightythis is a unmanaged server09:25
\shsudo apt-get install mysql-server apache2 libapache2-mod-php509:25
lionela good starting point could be to explain what you want :)09:25
\shthat's lamp09:26
lionelbut \sh has a better suggestion :)09:26
\shlinux apache mysql and php5409:26
\shlinux apache mysql and php509:26
\shcd /etc/apache209:26
TheLightylinux apache mysql and php409:26
\shphp4 is obsolete for ubuntu and will go in a few days09:26
\shphp5 is state of art09:26
TheLightyroot@ubuntu:~# cd /etc/apache209:26
TheLighty-bash: cd: /etc/apache2: No such file or directory09:26
TheLightywell I am into vbb09:27
TheLightyand I here there are some issues09:27
TheLightybut I think I may be able to work those out09:27
TheLightyvbulletin board09:27
\shoh this I'm installing in 5 minutes using ubuntu...I did that here in my company09:27
TheLightyoh cool09:28
TheLightythen sure09:28
\shvbb is just a tar.gz ...you have to follow the readme and install docs in the tar09:28
TheLightyalso want ot put some counter strike game serverson here for my son & his froends09:28
TheLightyI know how to install vbb09:28
\shthe rest is apt-get install apache2 mysql-server  libapache2-mod-php5 and configuring apache2 09:28
TheLightybeen writing hacks for it gor many years09:29
\shTheLighty: what I can hear is, that you need someone who has a clue about administrating linux server...and their i-net services, right? ,-)09:29
TheLightyI am use to managed server09:30
TheLightyI have 2 of those09:30
TheLightynow I am trying un maged09:30
TheLightyI know enough to be dangerous09:30
TheLightyso can you help09:32
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\shsorry no, I have enough to do with my 300 blades right now09:37
TheLightyI thought this was support09:38
\shI told you already how to install LAMP....the other things are unsupported...and I can't give you a lesson in "how to become a sysadmin in less then 5 mins"09:39
mralphabetTheLighty: this is the server development discussion channel, not a general support channel09:41
\shTopic:Ubuntu Server *development* discussion | general support -> #ubuntu09:41
mralphabetmost in here idle or talk about the wacky bugs that come up09:41
mralphabetfurther, there are *many* pages about  how to set up an ubuntu lamp server and even more on how to work with one if you search for "ubuntu lamp" in google09:42
TheLightythanx found a bunch09:43
mralphabetthe type of support you are asking for is usually a paid service from an experienced admin09:44
mralphabetso those are pretty much your options . . . google it and learn for yourself, use #ubuntu for general support, or pony up some $$ to work with an experienced admin09:44
\shbetween 60 and 120  per hour , depending on the knowledge of the freelancer ,-)09:44
sacateranyone here know of a kind soul who is willing to let me have a space on their server :|09:58
sacaterfor free i may add09:58
mralphabetif you admin his server, TheLighty may . . .10:02
mralphabetI don't know of any sane person that would be willing10:02
TheLightyyou guys gave me a few tips10:03
TheLightyserver is up and running thanx10:03
mralphabetgood to hear10:03
TheLightywasn't as hard as I thought10:03
TheLightyonly thingg I need to figure out is how to add more IP's10:03
sacaterTheLighty: dunno whats going on..... but...... space on your server?10:04
TheLightywhat do you need it for10:04
TheLightyno warez10:04
mralphabetor porn10:04
sacateri know10:04
mralphabetwell, no kiddie porn10:04
sacatermralphabet: :P10:04
mralphabetregular porn isn't so bad10:04
sacatermralphabet: ill have you know i am responisble about porn :P10:04
sacaterTheLighty: ?10:05
mralphabetsacater: more then I needed to know, but thanks for sharing10:05
sacatermralphabet: oh you got me wrong :p10:05
=== sacater sighs
mralphabetTheLighty: I don't know about you, and no offense to sacater, I wouldn't let anybody have access in any way to any server that I admin that I don't know10:06
mralphabetparticularly if said person is outside of driving distance of me / my car / my baseball bat10:06
sacatermralphabet: 80 miles from london okay?10:07
mralphabetnope, sorry ;(10:07
sacateroh well10:08
sacateri excape the baseball bat10:08
\shsf.net has enough space for OSS projects10:13
\shand  I think lycos europe has still it's tripod service up and running10:13
=== \sh quits because it's EoD
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