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mpt_Gooooooooooooooooood afternoon Launchpadders!01:30
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thumperhey mpt_01:31
LaserJockhi mpt_ 01:31
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ajmitchhello mpt 01:36
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UbugtuNew bug: #91829 in malone "Pie chart doesn't draw at all (MochiKit error)" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9182905:30
UbugtuNew bug: #91830 in blueprint "Whiteboard access should be restricted" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9183005:50
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UbugtuNew bug: #91832 in malone "bugs.launchpad.net/<pillar>?search-parameters returns Bugs summary, not results" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9183206:11
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Hobbseehey carlos 09:13
mdkecarlos: morning. seems all the ubuntu-docs templates are empty09:14
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mdkeany ideas?09:14
mdkealso, there seem to be some templates missing from the list09:15
carlosmdke: when I approved them, other .po files were approved too so it's taking some more time until the importer touches ubuntu-doc templates09:16
carlosthey should appear today09:16
mdkeah, that's what I figured. Thanks09:16
mdkeI'll check back this evening09:16
mdkeI'll reply on-list09:17
carlosabout the missing ones, I didn't find the others around, I will take a closer bug as the navigation between pending entries is a bit... broken09:17
dnearycarlos: Hi there09:17
carlosdneary: hi, how's going?09:17
mdkecarlos: ah, thanks. There are quite a few missing09:17
dnearymsguniq is supposed to merge the messages, right?09:17
dnearyNot well ;)09:17
carlosmdke: I have the list, don't worry09:17
carlosdneary: either that or pick the first one, depending on the arguments you give to the command09:17
dnearyI get the same warnings with msguniq as I do with msgfmt09:18
mdkecool. There is an alphabetical one here: http://home.danielnylander.se/ubuntu/translations/09:18
carlosbut seems like it's not able to handle msgid "" ones09:18
dnearyWhich seems sane, given that it's reserved in gettext09:18
dnearyBut there's no problem with blank strings in qtlinguist09:18
carlosmy advice there would be to remove the empty ones09:19
carlosand use it for the others09:19
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mdkecarlos: can we do something similar for the package kubuntu-docs too? I'll get a list for that09:21
carlosmdke: sure09:22
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mdkecarlos: ok, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/10151/09:23
carlosmdke: ok, thanks09:23
mdkesame again, about-kubuntu is the only template that remains09:24
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jaaltoI've registered a project to launchpad. How do I activate Rosetta and Malone for it?09:54
mptjaalto, <https://launchpad.net/yourproject/+launchpad> I think10:01
mpt(where "yourproject" is the ID you chose for your project)10:02
jaaltomput, ok found it under "Define launchpad usage"10:08
jaaltompt, I'd like to also define "Bug contact: Not yet assigned", where is this set?10:08
mwhclick bugs on the left hand side, look for "change bug contact"10:14
mptjaalto, what mwh said :-)10:15
jaaltomwh, ok - thank you10:17
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jaaltomwh, where is launchpad related bugs reported? I think the message below "Bug contact: [         ] " Could be made more clear10:21
jaaltoIt reads "The person or team who will receive all bugmail for this product"10:21
jaaltoI'd suggest: "The launchapd person login name or launchapd team who will receive all bugmail for this product"10:22
mptjaalto, https://launchpad.net/launchpad-project/+bugs10:23
mptOr if you want to report a bug, https://launchpad.net/launchpad/+filebug10:23
mptjaalto, you can enter either a Launchpad ID or an e-mail address, so that change wouldn't really be accurate10:24
jaaltompt, That's why the message needs an improvement. The field input was not obvious10:24
mptfair enough :-)10:24
kiko-zzzmaybe just mark the field with a person icon everywhere?10:26
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mptkiko-zzz, add an auto-complete menu with people's names and IDs, I think10:27
mpt(i.e. matching either)10:27
kiko-zzzthat would work weird with email address, wouldn't it?10:27
mptYes, if it completed e-mail addresses too, it would have to complete address from only those people who had said they were ok with Launchpad publishing their addresses10:30
mptwhich might be confusingly inconsistent10:30
mwhseparate boxes ?10:33
PrognatusHello everybody, what about making Launchpad accept "digg points" from the users, so we all can see which bugs and features are most popular?10:33
mwh [person]  or [email] 10:33
kiko-zzzPrognatus, yeah, we have thought for a long while about having a me too thing10:35
PrognatusOk, it does sounds natural to me. How's the discussion about this going?10:36
mptPrognatus, no discussion at the moment, though there is a bug report iirc10:37
PrognatusOk. Link?10:37
mptfinding it now10:37
=== kiko-zzz submits popup to pqm and goes biking
mptThe main drawback IMO is that the noise caused by people discussing, in a bug report, how many votes that bug report has, outweighs any benefit the number of votes confers in prioritizing the fix10:38
mptbut that's just my observation from watching votes be thoroughly ignored by developers in bugzilla.mozilla.org :-)10:39
PrognatusYeah... but maybe people wouldn't file so many duplicates if the bugs and featues were more visible.10:40
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PrognatusIt's probably a connection between amount of duplocates and "popularity" - or how often people encounter a certain thing and wish for changes.10:42
mptPrognatus, the number of subscribers would work just as well for that, wouldn't it?10:42
mptAnyway, here's the blueprint: https://blueprints.beta.launchpad.net/malone/+spec/bug-voting10:42
mptwhoops, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/malone/+spec/bug-voting10:42
PrognatusYes, maybe. But can you sort the list on subscribers? Thanks for the link!10:43
mptNot yet, but implementing that would be easier than implementing voting :-)10:44
PrognatusYou maybe right. I hadn't though if that. :)10:44
Prognatusthought of10:45
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quadrisprocan i remove an account?11:06
mrevellquadrispro: Hi11:08
mrevellquadrispro: Do you mind me asking why you want to remove it an account?11:09
quadrisprobecause i have just another account11:09
mrevellquadrispro: Aha! :)11:09
mrevellquadrispro: You can merge them11:09
mrevellquadrispro: Just a moment, I'll tell you how11:09
quadrisprook thank u11:10
mrevellquadrispro: visit https://launchpad.net/people/+requestmerge11:12
mrevellquadrispro: And follow the on-screen instructions :)11:12
quadrisprook, now i'm loggin in11:13
mrevelllet me know if you need further help11:14
quadrispro"The accounts have been merged successfully. Everything that belonged to the duplicated account should now belong to your own account."11:17
quadrisprothank u very much11:17
quadrisprobut i'm registered of international forum with the old launchpad account...11:19
mrevellquadrispro: International forum? You mean the main Ubuntu forum?11:22
mrevellquadrispro: It will work with your newly merged account's details.11:25
quadrisprothank u again11:26
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dnearymrevell: Hi there11:39
dnearymrevell: We never got round to finishing that conversation :)11:40
mrevelldneary: hey :)11:40
mrevelldneary: Nah, work and life got in the way. It'd be good to catch up though.11:40
dnearycarlos: I wrote a wee xslt script to strip those empty source entries: http://pastebin.ca/39312711:40
carlosis the first time I see that kind of solution11:41
carlosdneary: do you have into account, that you should only remove msgid "" that have a msgstr in next line?11:41
carlosdneary: there are some msgid that are: msgid ""\n"foo"11:42
dnearymrevell: I did a presentation on "Developing GNOME through marketing and outreach"11:42
dnearywhich got shortened to "Marketing GNOME" on the day (unfortunately, because 90% of what I said was about outreach)11:42
mrevelldneary: Was that the one at FOSDEN?11:43
dnearyI sent the slides on to the marketing list11:43
dnearyYou can tell they were done in the train :)11:43
mrevellGNOME marketing list?11:43
dnearycarlos: That gets run on the .ts, so it's before I run the ts2po and solves the problem nicely11:43
dnearymrevell: Of course ;)11:43
carlosoh, I see11:43
carlosdneary: nice!11:43
mrevelldneary: :) I'm subscribed to that, so I'll hunt for it.11:44
mrevelldneary: Thanks :)11:44
dnearyIf you look for Quim's "7 actions to help GNOME marketing" thread11:44
dnearymrevell: Here: http://mail.gnome.org/archives/marketing-list/2007-March/msg00119.html11:46
mrevelldneary: Thanks, I was just looking for it in Gmail :)11:47
dnearyGlad to be of service11:47
dnearyI still think we should rail against the proliferation of planets thoughh11:47
dnearyFewer and more read is better11:47
dnearyAnd in fact, I think fewer subscriptions is better11:47
dnearyToo much of any good thing is not good11:48
dnearyThere's a website that talks about shows that "jumped the hump" or something like that11:48
mrevelldneary: Jump the shark :)11:49
mrevelldneary: Yeah, you make a good point11:49
mrevellerr, br11:49
dnearyOnce you go past N subscriptions to a planet, you don't have time to read it any more (pgo is at this stage now - I tend to scan for favourite heads)11:50
dnearyAnd once you go past N planets in your blog roll, you just end up reading the same posts over & over again11:50
dnearyWe're an incestuous bunch11:50
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schwukdneary: what we need is an inverse planet - something that removes the duplicates from all the planets you're subscribed to12:19
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cprovmorning folks !12:40
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cjcan I use markup in product descriptions?12:57
cjhow do I tell launchpad where the bugzilla for the project is?12:58
cjer, product12:58
cjhow do I create a project to attach this product to?  There's nothing for the mono-project yet...12:59
FujitsuProjects have to be requested, you can't just create them yourself.12:59
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cjFujitsu: okay, to whom do I send the request?01:05
=== niemeyer [n=niemeyer@] has joined #launchpad
Fujitsucj: That I'm not quite sure of.01:07
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UbugtuNew bug: #91905 in launchpad "Better text for: Product>Bugs>Change Bug Contact" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9190501:25
jaaltoWhen I file a bug report there is possibility to attach tags to the bug. Where are the valid tags defined?01:33
matsubarajaalto: this is defined per project. For launchpad tags look in help.launchpad.net/TaggingLaunchpadBugs01:35
jaaltomarsubara, Thanks. That should really be linked next to the "edit" bug's TAG field01:37
matsubarajaalto: to attach a tag while reporting a bug you can use +filebug?field.tags=foo where foo is the tag you want to add01:37
jaaltomatsubara, I meant that when ou press "EDIT" to fix grammar in the bug (own bug), there is TAG field to fill in. But there is no link to the page which defines valid tags. Your link woudl be best pu there for user's to click01:39
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lizardkingjenda: hi01:40
lizardkingjenda: I find you as a FreeNode admin01:40
UbugtuNew bug: #91911 in launchpad "Better text for: Product>Bugs>Change Security Contact" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9191101:41
lizardkingjenda: I have problemi with my nick. I wanto to register "lizardking", but the server tells me that It is been already registred01:41
matsubarajaalto: right. I think what you want would be covered by bug 4389301:42
UbugtuMalone bug 43893 in malone "Allow product-/package-specific bug-reporting guidelines" [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/43893 - Assigned to Bjrn Tillenius (bjornt)01:42
cjthere *is* a mono project, but it doesn't come up in the project list01:47
cjhow annoying01:47
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matsubaracj: let me guess, you're searching in launchpad.net/projects?text=mono?01:52
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UbugtuNew bug: #91916 in launchpad "Editing bug: add URL link to see existing tags" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9191601:55
cjmatsubara: I'm clicking the "choose" button next to the "Project" form field in the product details page01:55
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matsubaracj: well, I can't access that page, but I do know what form field you're talking about. What you want is a project group 'mono' but there's none registered. We only have 'mono' as a single project.02:00
cjthis is the one I want :)02:03
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cjbut I guess there's not project, just aproduct, yes?02:04
matsubaracj: yes, that's the old term, but you're right.02:04
cjanyway, I need to get on the road.  I'll be in traffic all day if I don't start soon :)02:04
cjthanks for the support!02:04
matsubaracj: an admin need to register a mono-project or something like that to group all mono related projects02:04
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matsubaracj: you're welcome. When you have some time, please file a ticket in launchpad.net/launchpad/+addticket requesting it and LP admins will tend to it.02:06
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cypherbiosSomeone here can tell me how do I proceed to import an translation template of an existent product to an new package in Ubuntu? I've already linked the product with the package, but the templates wasn't imported to Feisty yet02:09
matsubaracypherbios: which package?02:10
cypherbiosmatsubara: https://beta.launchpad.net/aptoncd and https://translations.beta.launchpad.net/ubuntu/feisty/+source/aptoncd/+translations02:11
cypherbiosmatsubara: sorry for the beta links, but I think you don't care ;)02:11
matsubaracypherbios: no problem. is that a universe package?02:12
cypherbiosmatsubara: yes02:12
matsubaraAFAIK, we don't automatically import universe packages yet. carlos or danilos can tell you for sure.02:13
matsubaracypherbios: ^02:13
cypherbiosmatsubara: humm, obrigado Diogo ;)02:13
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cypherbioscarlos, danilos: someone can help me with that?02:14
daniloscypherbios: no, we don't import universe packages (because ubuntu doesn't have language packs for them; we did import them at one point, so it will happen in the future)02:14
=== carlos reads
matsubaracypherbios: brazuca ou portuga?02:14
matsubaracypherbios: s ordens. :)02:14
cypherbiosmatsubara: brazuca, de Curitiba ;)02:14
carloscypherbios: what danilos said02:15
UbugtuNew bug: #91920 in malone "Latest bugs in Malone box has CSS problem..." [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9192002:15
cypherbiosdanilos: I think that rosetta-builder taken the _translations.tar.gz from my package when it did build02:16
daniloscypherbios: it's not a problem for us to import them (as I said, we already did do that), but they won't be used at all, so there's no sense in having them there02:16
carloscypherbios: we get it, but it's 'rejected' once we check it's for universe02:16
carloscypherbios: though, I have a pending meeting with motu people to add a policy to handle exceptions for some universe translations02:17
carlosa brief explanation is, find a MOTU developer that will care of sync those translations manually with the .deb package and we will be happy to import it02:18
cypherbiosdanilos, carlos: OK, I got it. But in the package uploaded I has the translations pack came from upstream, but the launchpad-builders removed them, see the buildlog: http://librarian.launchpad.net/6515013/buildlog_ubuntu-feisty-i386.aptoncd_0.0.99%2Bsvn20070202-0ubuntu1_FULLYBUILT.txt.gz02:19
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carloscypherbios: yeah, that's what I told you02:20
cypherbiosdanilos, carlos: so, launchpad doesn't allowed the .mo files from upstream package, either imported the template from the product... so we have an untranslatable product02:20
carloswe generate the translations tarball02:20
carlosas we see it as a universe package, we reject it02:20
carlosand it's not even available in translation import queue02:20
carloscypherbios: and also, we leave the upstream .mo files untouched02:20
carlosso the .deb package should have translations02:21
carloswe only remove them from packages in main02:21
carloswe do it that way so we don't need to change the way .deb packages are built once universe language packs are a reality02:21
carloscypherbios: are you sure the .mo files were removed from the .deb package?02:22
=== flacoste [n=francis@modemcable178.77-70-69.static.videotron.ca] has joined #launchpad
cypherbioscarlos: yes, I'm sure02:23
cypherbioscarlos: I think that the package was uploaded to main (by a mistake) and after removed from main02:23
cypherbioscarlos: the source was uploaded to main, and binaries to universe (I think a mistake from pitti)02:23
=== freet15_ [n=freet15@] has joined #launchpad
carloscypherbios: yeah, that's the problem: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/aptoncd/0.0.99+svn20070202-0ubuntu102:24
carloscypherbios: that package needs a new upload to universe to get back the translation files02:24
cypherbioscarlos: hum, right! I'll do that tomorrow so02:24
cypherbioscarlos: thank you!02:25
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OgMacielhey carlos02:34
=== kiko-zzz is now known as kiko
carlosOgMaciel: hey dude, how's going?02:34
UbugtuNew bug: #91924 in launchpad "bugs.launchpad.net/~user should contain an overview of the bugs related to that person" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9192402:35
OgMacielcarlos: busy... hehehe  how are you?  long time don't talk02:35
carlosbusy too (nothing new ;-)02:35
OgMacielcarlos: and how do you like the new place?02:36
OgMacielcarlos: you mentioned about the new apt02:36
=== effie_jayx [n=valles@] has joined #launchpad
carlosOgMaciel: a new place?02:37
carloshmmm, I moved to my current flat last August 02:37
OgMacielcarlos: did you mention to me you had just recently moved to a new place02:38
OgMacielcarlos: ahhh... August02:38
carlosI moved to other city at that time, not sure whether is what you mean02:38
carlosbut well, it's quite good :-P02:38
OgMacielcarlos: yup02:38
OgMacielcarlos: glad to hear02:38
carlosand how's your new family member? :-)02:39
OgMacielcarlos: she's huge!!! ;)02:40
OgMacielcarlos: my older daughter loves her new sister02:40
UbugtuNew bug: #91925 in malone "Organize better all packages bugs in Launchpad." [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9192502:40
carlosOgMaciel: :-D02:40
OgMacielcarlos: she's been nive to us... I'm getting enough sleep  hehe02:40
dnearycarlos: I just uploaded a new round of .pot and .po files which run clean through msgfmt02:40
carlosOgMaciel: that's the calm before the storm!02:40
dnearycarlos: There was a .pot uploaded by the bot yesterday too, but I just checked it, it doesn't run clean, has duplicate ""s02:41
carlosdneary: cool, they should be autoaproved, but I will take care of them to get them imported ASAP02:41
carlosdneary: should I delete it?02:41
dnearycarlos: How long will it take for the queue to get to them, do you think? Days or weeks?02:41
carlosdneary: it should happen today02:41
dnearycarlos: Great!02:42
dnearyFor the one from the bot, I'd prefer the import to be rejected and have a mail sent out02:42
dnearyIt will underline the fact that the problems I have been seeing are real :)02:42
jordiheya dave02:42
carlosdneary: ok02:43
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dnearyHi jordi02:54
dnearyjordi: Can you give me tips on marathon training?02:54
jordiI haven't prepared one yet, but maybe02:56
jordioh, and kiko can help too02:56
jordidneary: when is it, and what's your current condition?02:56
dnearyjordi: It's the 29th of April, I've been running 25k a couple of times on the weekend02:56
dnearyI've not been getting enough mid-week runs in though02:57
dnearyI've been running about 10k during the week, and building up the mileage on the weekend02:57
jordiand do you have a target for total race time or so?02:57
dnearyI don't have a huge amount of upper-body muscle though - haven't really done any strength training at all02:57
dnearyAh, if I make it under 4 hours I'll be happy :)02:58
dnearyI'm doing a semi in training in around 1:50 these days02:58
dneary(taking it easy)02:58
dnearyI fancy that'll be my marathon pace02:58
dnearyAnd I'll be adding some time for water & walking breaks02:58
dneary(although I take those in training anyway)02:59
jordiare those weekend trainings easy? ie, are they hard to complete right now?02:59
dneary(this is probably a bit off-topic for here, mind)02:59
jordiquite a bit :P02:59
jordimaybe we can take over #-hackers02:59
dnearyI'll tell you Saturday - I'm planning to go 2.5 hours - around 28km02:59
kikodneary, so it's fine to do a few 10ks during the week03:01
kikoand then do a longer run on sunday03:02
kikoremember to get enough rest as the mileage tends to wear you out03:02
kikoboth bones and muscle03:02
dnearykiko: Yeah - I plan to start winding down the mileage about 3 weeks before the marathon03:06
dnearyI have a 20 mile training run planned for the 31st03:06
kikodneary, do you have a half-marathon or similar to run around that time?03:07
kiko(3 weeks prior to race)03:07
dnearyNot planned, anyway03:08
dnearyBut I'm not really training for speed03:08
kikothat would be nice to have03:08
dnearykiko: Want to join #running? :)03:08
kikowe all train for speed when you get down to it03:08
kikoI'm pretty sure you can walk 50ks :)03:09
dnearykiko: I mean, I'm not aiming for 3:15 or 3:30 03:09
dnearyIf I get over the line under 4 hours, I will be a happy man03:09
kikoa 3:15 is a decent run03:10
dnearykiko: /join #running - jordi is there too and we'll leave these launchpadders alone ;)03:10
kikoI am all for traffic on #launchpad, off-topic or not :)03:10
jordithese people are lunchpadders, mostly03:10
dnearyAh, let's stay here then03:11
kikoI am in too many channels anyway03:11
jordiLET'S DO IT then :)03:11
jordiok so kiko I was telling dave I think hhis plan is good03:11
dnearykiko: 3:15 would be a monster time for me03:11
dnearyI don't think I can do 5k at a 3:15 pace03:11
kikoI think his plan is pretty good indeed03:11
jordihe'll be well under 4h I guess03:11
kikoa 3:15 pace is about 4:30 a k isn't it?03:11
dnearyjordi: You flatter me :)03:11
kikodneary, what's your 10k PR?03:12
jordihe needs to get 3 sessions from now to the end of the training plan though, he has been getting 2 only some weeks03:12
dnearykiko: Yeah - 4:30/4:4003:12
dnearyI don't know what my 10k PB is03:12
dnearyI would need to do a 10k race to find out ;)03:12
jordi44? :)03:12
dnearyI ran just over 7km fast today in 33 mins03:13
kikodneary, you haven't done any tests? you should anyway03:13
kikobecause otherwise you might mispace your marathon from the beginning03:13
dnearyWhat tests? VO Max?03:13
kikoa 10k pr03:13
jordino, time tests03:13
jordido you know if there'll be time groups03:14
dnearyThere's runners for 3.30, 3.45, 4.00 and 4.3003:14
jordiie, if there'll be people marking a "3:45" group which you can try to follow03:14
jordithat's good03:14
kiko3:15 is not a very hard pace but the last 15k are surprisingly hard03:14
dnearyActually, no 4.30 just a 4.1503:14
kikoyou can run the first 20 trivially03:15
jordiok, so you want to do a 10km test, as kiko says03:15
jordiso you know more or less what to expect03:15
kikoI would do a 10k test myself03:15
dnearyI did a semi in October, my first long race, I finished it pretty easy, but only in 2:0103:15
dnearyI was disappointed - I beat the 2:00 pace runner pretty well03:15
jordikiko: dude my friend Graham just made it to Hawaii, in the NZ Ironman03:16
dnearyOn my own, or with a club?03:16
kikoon your own03:16
jordihis writeup about the race was fantastic03:16
kikowarm up very lightly for about 20 minutes03:16
kikothen do a 10k run on a flat fast course03:16
kikodo it as hard as you can03:16
kiko(though of course you should pace yourself somewhat as it will take you circa 40 minutes)03:17
kikocool down some 10 minutes03:17
kikoand use that number to guide yourself in terms of pace03:17
kikoI don't think you will do any speed training at this point; you're better of just keeping on building your endurance base as you have not yet run the 40ks before03:17
dnearykiko: What's your best marathon time?03:18
kikoI did a 3:05 a few years ago03:18
kikobut I only ran 403:18
kikomy first was 3:20 something03:18
jordihey kids! this kiko is my friend!03:20
=== jordi <-- proud!
dnearyThat's 4 39 minute 10ks03:20
dnearyback to back :)03:20
dnearykiko: I would guess (but it's a guess) that I'd be on a 47/48 minute 10k03:23
=== carlos -> lunch
dnearyThis thing says I am on pace for a 3:45 marathon (but I'll believe that when I see it)03:24
jordidneary: how strong are you mentally when the lows come?03:25
dnearyI'm a stubbord git03:26
jordikiko: I thought your webpage had rss now03:26
jordidneary: heh, what do you keep thinking to keep going?03:26
dnearyI don't like giving up :)03:26
jordiI love talking about these thoughts with others03:26
dneary"Only anout hour left"03:26
jordiI find I have two techniques03:26
dnearyOr realising that I'm stronger than the guy I passed who was lying on the side of the road03:27
dnearyOr finding a talking mate03:27
jordiwhen morale is ok, I keep reminding me of what's left03:27
dneary"only another hour left" even03:27
jordi"okay, you've swam 400m, that's more than 1/4"03:27
jordi"come on, you're well over 1/3 now"03:28
jordi"it's just that buoy and then head to the beach"03:28
dnearyYeah - that too03:28
jordiand keep dividing03:28
dneary"get to the next mile marker"03:28
dnearyJust one more lap03:28
dnearyThere's a water break just up ahead03:28
jordiI've found myself doing "it's 13/15 done" :P03:29
jordiwhen I'm low, I try to think of what hurts more, and think it that'll be a good excuse03:29
jordior maybe how lucky it'd be to get a flat tyre03:30
jordiand when I settle on an excuse I think "ok, I'll stop by boxes when I finish this lap", but then I get there, and say "so, you' finished one more lap. Let's postpone until the next"03:30
jordiand after a while I'm crossing the finish line03:31
dnearyI'll remember that :)03:31
jordigood :)03:31
dnearyAlthough I didn't really put myself through enoughh pain for the Marseille Cassis03:31
jordithe excuse thoughts are shared by many of my team mates, I found out once :)03:31
jordiduring tris, I normally went at what my legs could give, always03:32
dnearyIt's a nice course - you go from sea level to +320m altitude in 10km (and most of that between km 6 and km 10), and then back down to sea level between kms 16 and kms 1903:32
jordiso it was pretty tough03:32
jordigee, I need to retake the trainings03:32
dnearyAnd then there's a little hill before you get to the finish in the last kilometer03:32
jordiugh, sounds not so easy03:32
dnearyYou see a lot of people walking (or stopping) on that little hill03:33
dnearyIt's only about 200m long03:33
dnearyBut it was great fun - over 12,000 runners03:36
jordiI'm off for lunch now03:36
jordiit's 15:37 :P03:37
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dnearycarlos: Ping?04:04
carlosdneary: pong04:05
dnearycarlos: Now I'm confused...04:05
carlosthe .pot file is not yet imported04:05
carlosthat's why you see it as 0 strings04:05
dnearyI just got email saying that files I uploaded 10 days ago have been successfully imported04:05
carlosdneary: well04:06
carlosbecause those failed04:06
carlosand took the new version as the import timestamp 04:06
carlosI guess we should change it04:06
carlosso we actually show the time when it was really imported04:06
carlosdneary: it's the way the system works, but yeah, it's confusing04:07
carlosdneary: I will change it04:07
dnearyok :)04:08
carlosdneary: I implemented it that way to give priority to import retrying 04:08
dnearyThat's a good idea04:08
carlosbut as we are going to implement other ways to prevent import blocking like the you had, it doesn't make sense anymore04:08
dnearySo what's happened then? The .pos are successfully imported, and the .pot is still waiting?04:08
carlosdneary: yeah, that's why it shows 0 strings04:08
carlosbut it will be imported soon04:09
dnearyAnd then it'll show 628 strings or whatever?04:10
dneary(I didn't really understand why I never saw the .po files in the import queue, though)04:11
carlosdneary: if it has 628, yes04:12
carlosdneary: well, the files were there04:12
=== ddaa [n=david@nor75-18-82-241-238-155.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #launchpad
carlosI can assure you it, but with the huge amount of entries we have there, is normal that you don't see them easily. I'm working on a page per project that will show you only the entries for that project04:13
carlosto prevent this kind of problems04:13
dnearyThanks for everything - I assume we weren't the only ones complaining about this recently?04:16
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carlosdneary: for Feisty, you were the only ones, yes. But that's already a know issue and something we already decided to fix04:35
carlosso don't worry04:35
dnearyWe were? Well, thank you even more then04:43
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carlosdneary: at least, yours is the only complain I saw05:19
carlosdneary: but as said, it doesn't mean it's less valid05:19
carlosit's a real problem05:20
dnearyYeah, I agree05:20
dnearyAt least I now have more faith in launchpad than I did a few days ago :)05:20
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carlosdneary: I'm glad you think that way :-)05:29
dnearyhi sabdfl05:29
sabdflhey dave05:29
cjany way to put markup into product descriptions?05:31
dnearysabdfl: Why did you get a heart-rate monitor? Was it as a gadget, or are you in training for something?05:33
sabdfldneary: curiousity... am on the slopes a lot by myself since i'm here for an extended period05:34
dnearyI envy you - lucky bugger :)05:34
sabdflthought it would be fun to load up on gadgets05:34
sabdflwell, it's nice not feeling like I need to get out there 10 hrs a day :-)05:35
dnearyI'm only about an hour's drive from the alps here, and I haven't been skiing once this year05:35
dnearyThere wasn't much snow until the end of January anyway...05:35
sabdflyes it's been a seriously dry season05:37
dnearyWe're hoping there's still a bit left the weekend of the 24th (but with the weathjer we've had for the past two weeks, it'll probably all be melted)05:39
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sabdflsupposed to snow next week05:53
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Kmosit appears "1.0, main" after the form for report a bug06:00
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erdalronahiHi mrevell, hi all07:52
erdalronahidoes anybody whether there will be daily langpacks again for feisty?07:53
erdalronahii mean does anybody know07:53
kiko-fudthere most certainly will07:58
erdalronahibut there aren't yet, right?07:58
kiko-fudright, we haven't enabled them yet.07:59
ddaaHow are we supposed to mark private bugs as such with the current bug filing form?08:13
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kiko-fudddaa, use the advanced form08:15
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ddaaI see no advanced form... just "Report a bug"...08:15
kikolook for "complicated"08:15
ddaaI do not find "complicated" the +filebug or bug listing page.08:16
kikodid they remove that text?08:16
ddaayou tell me08:16
ddaakiko: found it!08:21
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ddaait's on the FIRST page of the guided bug filing (and not on the second) and it's in an unreadably small font.08:21
ddaalike 6 points08:22
kikothank the bradder08:22
ddaaactually, I think this all came after brad08:22
ddaathe guided filebug thing was done after brad, right?08:22
kikohe implemented it.08:23
ddaaalso, it comes _after_ the [Continue]  button08:23
ddaaso it's as good as invisible08:23
ddaanow we understand that the actually visible part of this page is the small bit included between the Summary control and teh Continue button.08:24
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beunotranslations didn't seem to go too smootly  :/09:26
matsubaraall universe packages.09:28
beunoit's pin pointed to universe packages?09:29
matsubarawhat do you mean beuno ?09:31
beunothere where problems importing all universe packages?09:31
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matsubarabeuno: not really. templates for universe packages are not supported yet. they're rejected in the import queue when the package it belongs to is identified as a Universe package.09:38
beunoaaah, ok ok, got it, thanks09:40
Fujitsumatsubara: Is there any timeline for fixing that?09:41
beunomaybe an email to the translators list could be sent to avoid all the bug filing and confusion?09:42
matsubaraFujitsu: carlos or danilos can answer that09:45
UbugtuNew bug: #92025 in launchpad "Beta isn't rendering the correct template for UnexpectedFormData exceptions" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9202509:46
matsubaraFujitsu: it seems that it's possible to have exceptions to the "we don't import universe packages templates". carlos knows the details about it, though. He explained it to someone today here on #launchpad.09:49
beunoddaa,  :p09:50
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mptGoooooooooooooooooooood morning Launchpadders!10:32
ajmitchhello mpt 10:32
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erdalronahiHi, I found a problem with the feisty translations imports11:03
erdalronahiIt concerns debian-installer and ubiquity. If the translations differ, something like this gets imported:11:03
erdalronahi#-#-#-#-#  ku.po (debian-installer)  #-#-#-#-#11:03
erdalronahi#-#-#-#-#  ku.po (ubiquity)  #-#-#-#-#11:03
erdalronahiSaz bike11:03
erdalronahithe #-#-#-#-#-#- stuff is in the POfile!11:03
erdalronahiWill file a bug for this now11:04
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sabdflhey mpt11:09
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sabdflhow are those project/distro/meeting/people pages coming?11:10
mptsabdfl, ok, I should be able to finish them by the end of today11:12
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