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nysosymgood evening :)12:38
nysosymkwwii, i haven't updated my kubuntu yet, but i have seen the new ubuntu splash in the forum.12:39
kwwiiI thought it might arouse discussion12:39
kwwiikinda did it on purpose12:39
nysosymi like it, but the contrast between the red/orange is a little bit to heavy12:39
nysosymand the brown left corner looks a little bit missplaced12:41
kwwiidon't worry, it will change soon12:41
nysosymhehe, only a test? :D12:42
nysosymtomorrow i will comment the kubuntu stuff12:43
nysosymit's to late today and i wan't start my machine12:44
nysosymlapo, http://www.ubuntuforums.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=27252&d=117373569612:45
lapokwwii: kubuntu, red/orange?12:45
laponysosym: thanks12:45
nysosymlapo, no it's for ubuntu12:45
laponot really my thing, but not bad12:46
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andreasnhi lapo12:48
lapohey andreasn12:48
andreasntangerine going well?12:48
nysosymhi andreasn :)12:49
lapoandreasn, somewhat I have something which actually builds at least12:49
andreasn_hi nysosym12:49
lapoandreasn: you can check it out from bazaar.launchpad.net somewhere12:49
lapoI believe12:50
=== andreasn crosses his fingers that he remembers how to get stuff like that with bzr now again
nysosymthere is nothing lapo12:52
laponysosym: is should be a bazaar repo12:53
andreasnwhat's the command now again12:53
andreasnbzr checkout http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~calamandrei/tangerine-icon-theme/ubuntu/ don't work for me12:53
lapoandreasn: it should be bzr checkout <that link>12:53
lapoandreasn: it works for me12:56
andreasn"bzr: ERROR: Target directory "ubuntu" already exists.12:58
lapomkdir something12:58
nysosymremove it or configure bzr new :)12:58
lapoand cd there12:58
andreasnall right12:59
andreasnah, bzr merge with my old tangerine checkout seemed to work01:01
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andreasnlapo: looks great01:03
nysosymwhats new? :D01:04
lapoandreasn: not much different from the old one01:04
laponysosym: nothing special, a bit brights and polished here and there01:04
andreasnsome 16x16 stuff seemed sharper + the menu editing icon01:04
lapoah yeah, I redid all the 16x16 computers, so nicer 22x22 network status icons01:05
andreasnand the folders looks much better now, sharper01:05
lapoit doesn't look like a pair of notebooks anymore01:05
nysosymaa sounds good :)01:06
nysosymwill these integrated in feisty? :D01:07
lapoI hope so01:07
lapoah the major improovment is 32x32 icons01:07
lapough, my typos get worse in the night :-)01:07
nysosymyes 1am here ^01:08
lapouhm g'nite01:15
nysosymi will go also gn8 my friends :)01:17
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kwwiitime for bed here too02:02
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nysosymhi there :)10:38
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funpopthere should be a little fawn somewhere in feisty11:16
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bersacehi all12:44
bersacei posted HumanFeistyList at gnomelook12:44
bersaceI think this is a good idea to post contents here, this allow to see if people are happy with it or not.12:44
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bersacekwwii: http://gnomelook.org/content/show.php?content=5450512:50
bersacehi !12:50
kwwiihowdy bersace12:50
bersacekwwii: i try to post on gnomelook my production for ubuntu-art in order to get feedback12:51
kwwiibersace: excellent idea :-)12:51
bersacesee my first attempt : http://gnomelook.org/content/show.php?content=3686212:51
bersaceone year ago12:51
kwwiiusing different icons like that looks nice12:53
bersacethose icons are in /usr/share/pixmaps/faces12:55
bersaceinstalled by default12:55
bersaceselectable with about-me !12:55
bersaceubuntu does not sucks that much :P12:55
bersacei guess that all account should have a random default faces from this folder12:56
kwwiicool, I'll have to pic one12:56
bersaceOr use a decent nobody icon12:57
kwwiiyeah, that would be a good idea12:57
kwwiiI'll submit a new session splash today, btw :-)12:58
bersacedid you upload HumanFeistyList ?12:58
bersaceOr do you intend to wait for a new HumanFeisty ?12:58
kwwiiI'll upload that today as well12:59
kwwiiat first I thought about waiting but I think it would just be easier to do it now12:59
bersaceI would like to have more and more feedback about Human*List01:01
bersaceAs you can see at gnomelook, i'm not the only one who did Human*List variant01:01
kwwiimaybe for feisty+1 we'll get a nifty 3d version01:02
bersacewould be so nice01:03
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lapobersace: I like http://gnomelook.org/content/show.php?content=3204501:05
kwwiihehe, that seems to be very popular :-)01:05
lapobersace: the composition is nice01:06
bersacelapo: strange, i dislike the list aside from logo01:06
lapobersace: I don't know the theming capatibilty of the user browser, but it would be cool to have it more integrated in the bg01:07
bersaceyou don't like the white bg of HumanFeistyList ?01:07
bersacei agree it's not that consistent with ubuntulooks01:08
lapobersace: with the list not being a foreign element01:08
bersacehowever, it allow to smoothly blend, just like the entry01:08
lapobersace: not so much, it's bold01:08
bersacei agree gdm lists are kind of foreign element01:08
bersacethe font ?01:08
bersaceit depends on driver01:08
bersace(yes, that sucks)01:08
bersacei do not have that with radeon, but with i810 01:09
bersacesee http://bersace03.free.fr/pub/Images/Captures/Gnome/GDM/Themes/HumanFeistyList/01:09
lapoI haven't tested it here directly but usually with nvidia on a 16:10 screen I get strane result with fonts01:09
bersacei guess that's a gtkrc matter01:10
bersacei copy-paste ubuntulooks gtkrc01:10
lapobersace: I prefer the list on the side because you have the logo way too up imho with your current design01:11
bersaceagree, however, the purpose of GDM is not to show logo, but login screen01:12
bersacethis is why i set login box at center with 50% height01:12
bersace(50% of the screen)01:12
bersacegdm is not usplash ;)01:12
bersacealso, this depend a lot on your screen size01:12
bersacesince it's a flexible theme01:12
lapobersace: yep, infact I think a central logo is not the best thing to have designwise01:13
bersacei might divide the screen in 301:13
lapobersace: look at what the fedora core are doing01:13
lapobersace: http://www.isity.net/blog/01:13
bersacei know01:13
bersacetheir theme is nice01:14
bersaceexcept the black01:14
bersacealso, it's too wide01:14
bersacei dunno if its flexible01:14
bersaceI wonder if i should tune gtkrc for the theme01:15
bersaceI may do so for the next version01:15
lapoyeah the black is not optimal, but the way they integrated the face browser tuning he gtk rc is nice01:16
lapowell at least it doesn't look like a foreign body :-)01:17
bersacei will do that01:17
bersacethanks for the feedback01:17
lapoyou're welcome :-)01:18
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nysosymhi there :)01:19
lapoyo nysosym01:19
kwwiibersace: uploading the GDM package now01:20
bersaceyeah ! :D01:20
nysosymwow, for ubuntu or kubuntu? :)01:22
andreasnhi nysosym (though I might say hi first for a difference ;)01:22
nysosymhi andreasn, yes i think so ^^01:23
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nysosymhallo Leute :)02:21
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nysosymnutzt hier jemand Kontact mit 2 E-Mail Accounts?02:21
nysosymahhh wrong channel sry02:22
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kwwiinysosym: ja, ich tu es02:27
nysosymkwwii: aber nur wenn ich dich nicht gerade stre ;)02:29
kwwiinysosym: wie kann ich helfen?02:30
nysosymIch habe einen GMail Account und einen bei 1und1, leider trennt Kontact diese nicht sauber genug voneinander. Das heit, wenn ich ber 1und1 eine Mail verschicke, schickt der auch meine Gmail Adresse mit...02:31
nysosymdas will ich unterbinden.02:31
kwwiinysosym: hrt sich wie ein weiterleitung an, irgendwie02:33
kwwiioder ist es in dein Profil?02:34
kwwiiich habe 4 accounts, 3 POP und 1 IMAP02:34
kwwiiund es funktioniert prima02:34
nysosymhmm theoretisch wei mein GMail Account nichts von meinem bei 1und1 was auch so bleiben soll :D02:34
kwwiiwelche ist als Default eingetragen?02:35
nysosymder Gmail Account ist als Standard02:35
nysosymwre schn wenn das so bleiben knnte, denn die 1und1 Adresse will ich nur bei bestimmten Personen einsetzen02:36
nysosymahhja, wenn ich den standard Account auf den 1und1 lege, schickt er die GMail Adresse nicht mehr mit02:37
nysosymhmm jedes mal umstellen ist doch mist02:37
elkbuntuyou guys are talking about me, arent you. admit it.. :02:38
=== elkbuntu waves 'hi' to kwwii
kwwiielkbuntu: howdy :-)02:38
kwwiinysosym: stimmt02:38
nysosymhi elkbuntu :)02:38
elkbuntu'sup? making ubuntu sexy, kwwii?02:39
nysosymelkbuntu: sry for german, but my english isn't very good and i have a special problem wih Kontact :-/02:39
kwwiielkbuntu: that has become the goal of my life, it seems02:39
elkbuntunysosym, thats fine :)02:39
elkbuntukwwii, better you than some others, that's for sure02:40
elkbuntujust keep the crotches out of it ;)02:40
kwwiithat is just too funny, really02:40
kwwiiwhen I made the pic I said that someone would say that....it *always* happens to me02:41
kwwiihonestly, almost every wallpaper I have made has received comments like that02:41
elkbuntuconvex and concave lines running parallel with horny geeks will always render that sort of reaction ;)02:41
nysosymkwwii: i have a solution for my problem :)02:43
nysosymkwwii: thx for all :)02:43
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kwwiinysosym: cool ;-)02:44
nysosymkwwii: when i will send an E-mail i should change my identity AND "use send with XXX"02:45
nysosymhorrible ^^02:45
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kwwiinysosym: ouch02:47
kwwiinysosym: it might also be due to the server you've picked as default for sending02:47
=== iac_lizardking[a is back.
=== kwwii takes a break, be back later
nysosymkwwii: cu later :)02:48
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goliath23does anyone know what color-palette is used in the (edgy) usplash when the text-colors are specified?03:16
goliath23I built my ohn usplash, and exepcted, that one of the palettes of my splash-images is used. but it seems the palette for the text colors is some other palette.03:17
goliath23any idea?03:17
kwwiigoliath23: that is in the .c file in the theme03:35
kwwiigoliath23: there are offsets defined into the colormap03:35
goliath23kwwii: pardon? I don't quite understand. from what I see in the code of libusplash I'd expect those entries for fg and bg text color would be absolute in values to colors in my pixmap's colour palette, right?03:39
goliath23/* Palette indexes */03:40
goliath23.background             = 0xFF,03:40
goliath23  .progressbar_background = 0x7,03:40
goliath23  .progressbar_foreground = 0x156,03:40
goliath23.text_background        = 0xFF,03:40
goliath23.text_foreground        = 0x0,03:40
goliath23.text_success           = 0x0,03:40
goliath23.text_failure           = 0x0,03:40
goliath23this is what I have03:40
goliath23but somehow the text foreground color is blue. I have no blue color in the pixmaps' palette however03:41
troy_sgoliath23: You can generate your own palette03:45
goliath23how? I thought the palette of the theme's pixmap was used?03:46
kwwiigoliath23: exactly03:46
kwwiigoliath23: you can define those numbers to determine the colors03:47
goliath23so why do I have a blue text foreground color if I have no blue color in the pixmaps palette?03:47
kwwiierm...that should not happen03:47
troy_sgoliath23: Go and look at the exact palette using a reliable image editor.03:47
goliath23I use gimp03:47
troy_sgoliath23: I know that at one point during the last usplash development, Gimp had some issues with proper palette allocations03:47
troy_sunder certain particular instances (namely the Usplash allocation)03:48
troy_sIIRC use Imagemagick's identify to examine the palette.03:48
troy_sfrom the command line03:48
goliath23ok, hold on03:48
troy_sgoliath23: It is impossible to beat Imagemagick's reliability.03:49
goliath23do you know the exact command? or tool?03:49
troy_sgoliath23: I don't know too much about the current Usplash implementation, but you should generally check that the number of colours in the palette is as required.03:49
goliath23david@freebox:~/projects/flashtool/bcsxp-usplash-theme$ identify usplash_800_600.png03:50
goliath23usplash_800_600.png PNG 800x600 800x600+0+0 PseudoClass 256c 44kb03:50
troy_sdo a verbose identify03:50
troy_sidentify -verbose usplash_800_600.png03:50
goliath23what can I read from it? what's the important part?03:51
troy_sif you look down you will see the palette information03:51
troy_sand the bytecodes of the number of colours03:51
goliath23yeah, it shows me the colors03:51
troy_siirc correctly, gimp for one reason or another03:51
troy_sadded an extra colour (well at least the gimp that ships with ubuntu -- the newers seems to not do this)03:52
troy_snumerically speaking03:52
goliath23I have colour indicies from 0 to 255 says imagemagick03:53
goliath23the first color is the same as in gimp, but the last few are different from what I can see at a glanze03:53
goliath23oh wait03:53
goliath23both show the same I guess, I hade two images open03:54
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goliath23none of my pixmaps has a blue color in it, though, a blue color is used. maybe the kubuntu people patched something there? But I think the same usplash code is used for both, just the usplash-theme differs04:00
troy_sThe only thing that will result in blue04:03
troy_sin an 8bit display mode04:03
troy_sis having the palette register a blue colour04:03
troy_swhich means that you have blue somewhere in that palette.04:03
troy_sit is also why i said to check the number of colours -- if you are under by one etc you can end up with a colour you didn't expect04:04
goliath23It doesn't look like 8 bit is used and still I get a blue color04:07
troy_swell it should be an 8 bit image04:13
troy_sis it flagged as such?04:13
goliath23how do I flag it as such in gimp?04:18
goliath23I think I just created a normal image and then indexed it with gimp04:22
goliath23hm  Channel depth:04:26
goliath23    Red: 8-bits04:26
goliath23    Green: 8-bits04:26
goliath23    Blue: 8-bits04:26
troy_sthat is a 24bit image goliath2304:32
troy_syou need to set the _total_ number of colours to 256 (0-255)04:33
troy_sunless it is just reading out how much depth the palette has04:33
goliath23how do I do that in gimp? because the palette only shows me 0-255 colors to choose from04:33
troy_s(which case an 8bit indexed image almost always has 24 bits of colour depth)04:33
troy_swhen using gimp did you change your mode from RGB to indexed04:34
troy_scan you dcc me the file?04:34
goliath23wait, I put it on webspace04:34
goliath23troy_s: http://www.vidsolbach.de/tmp/usplash_1024_768.png04:35
troy_sok i see nothing but aqua blues and teals in the palette04:38
troy_s(aside from a bunch of greys)04:38
troy_sgoliath23: Is it not possible it is pulling one of those aqua's out of the palette?04:39
troy_saside from that, the image looks fine.04:41
troy_s(speaking in terms of colour depth / palette indexes)04:41
goliath23this is the whole theme, which is not working for me. I want the text background to the white and foreground black (especially the text to remove the cd after stopping the live cd, but I guess that is treated like normal text04:42
troy_sgoliath23: Exactly what portion of the image is getting corrupted?04:42
goliath23only the "remove cd and hit enter...text"04:43
troy_sSo everything is fine except for the text?04:43
troy_sThe text is coming up what colour currently?04:44
goliath23those number for text foreground and background range from 0-255 and are palette indicies, right?04:44
troy_sShould be, yes.04:44
goliath23currently, hold on, just have it in vmware here04:44
troy_sAlthough I can't say with 100% certainty as I haven't played with the newer usplash too much.04:44
goliath23it should be the edgy version04:45
goliath23currently it comes up with 00410004:46
troy_sa greeny aqua colour?04:46
troy_shrm... middle green should be04:46
goliath23the text foreground is 00000804:46
goliath23there is no such color in the pixmap according to gimp04:49
troy_sYeah doesn't look like it.04:49
troy_sWell the creator of the usplash code is here04:49
troy_sYou can ping him if you want and perhaps, if he has time, he might be able to help you.04:49
troy_sI strongly suspect it is somewhere in the image format that something is getting bungled.04:50
troy_sPerhaps in the png to bogl04:50
troy_sor like area04:50
troy_sYou could look over the .c files output and see if there are any colours that match your04:50
troy_sAgain though04:50
troy_swhen running in vmware04:50
troy_syou aren't in a palettized mode04:50
=== dborg [n=daniel@e182063069.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
troy_swhich means that you can always expect strangeness.04:50
goliath23troy_s: why should vmware be a problem? (sorry, I'm not familiar with image formats)04:51
troy_sAs in it is actually 'simulating' a palettized mode (unless you run in an 8 bit colour depth -- which case you will be subject to the currently running palette)04:51
troy_sIt has more to do with the actual display mode04:51
goliath23ok, but black should still display as black, and not green, right?04:52
troy_sThe display mode for an 8bits per pixel display has a tricky little bit of video hardware translation -- the single byte references the hardware's 256 colour palette as set04:52
troy_swell theoretically it shouldn't be an issue, but I know from experience that not all emulated 8 bit palettized displays play nicely04:52
troy_sTo be 100% conclusive, you really would need to try the blob in a native 8 bit display (aka actually boot using the splash)04:53
troy_sto avoid potential translation errors04:53
troy_sAt least, that is what I would do.04:54
troy_sAssuming it works, it could very well be a driver / mode related issue04:54
troy_sAgain, when you are in a 24 bpp display zone and you are simulating an 8 bit image (as vmware would be doing) you are actually getting a04:54
goliath23the .c looks fine04:54
troy_srendered window that is completely 'translated' to approximate what happens in an 8bits per pixel display04:55
troy_sit is _not_ an 8 bit per pixel display in reality -- it is the same depth as your current desktop resolution.04:55
troy_sWhich means the palette indexing and such is all handled via software.04:55
troy_sOr translation hardware.04:55
goliath23but If I boot on the other pc here I get the same problem and same colors04:55
troy_sAs in you boot and you get that issue?04:55
troy_swithout vmware?04:56
troy_sThen it is definitely an image problem04:56
goliath23or a usplash problem..04:56
troy_sTalk to S.eveas04:56
troy_sHe is the fellow who wrote the code, he MIGHT be able to help you.  But again, most people are very busy around here.04:56
goliath23Seveas: ping? ^^04:56
troy_sOk.  Hopefully you will find someone more helpful than myself.04:57
goliath23maybe there's a standard palette, that has #004100 in it?04:57
goliath23troy_s: thanks for your help!04:57
troy_sNo.  Unless it allocates certain colours to certain indexes.04:57
troy_sBut again, I don't recall that being the case.04:57
troy_sPerhaps it is.04:57
troy_sAgain, sevea.s can probably help you / if / when he has time04:57
goliath23sure. I pinged him, maybe he sees it04:58
goliath23i'll relogin using screen to see if he comes back to me.04:58
troy_sgoliath23: Until then, try using a different image with a different colour palette and see if you get the same issue04:58
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goliath23did you say something?04:59
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nysosymre :)08:48
=== PingunZ [n=PingunZ@83.30-136-217.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
newz2000Anyone want to get a sneak peak at the new website and help me resize some images?09:27
=== blackskad [n=blackska@d54C0B7A4.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
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kwwiinewz2000: I'd love to help :p09:32
newz2000Cool, actually, you're an excellent candidate because the kde screenshots are quiet poor09:32
kwwiijust let me know what to do09:33
kwwiialthough, I am running gnome now ;-)09:33
newz2000ok, well, we're asking people not to post screenshots...09:33
kwwiidon't want to loose my job ;-)09:33
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newz2000the pages in question are at Products --> What is Ubuntu?09:34
kwwiiok, I see that page09:35
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newz2000I scared him away :-)09:45
newz2000oh, he's back09:45
VeganChickwhat's the difference between this channel and #ubuntu-effects?09:48
newz2000this channel is way cooler09:49
nysosymVeganChick: newz2000 is on the right way, this channel is much better :D09:53
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VeganChickok, i'm trying to customize ubuntu, and i can't find any good instructions/tutorials09:56
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kwwiihrm, that killed my computer09:58
newz2000editing the website?09:58
kwwiinewz2000: nope, trying to start another session to make screenshots :-)09:59
nysosymkwwii: with xnest?10:00
kwwiinysosym: I have never got kde running in xnest10:00
nysosymkwwii: i will try it :D10:01
newz2000kwwii: So Christina suggested that the screenshots on products/whatisubuntu/desktopedition are too big10:01
kwwiiI need someone to take a screenshot of a menu in kde from a fresh install10:01
newz2000can you log in as a new user?10:01
kwwiinewz2000: that is what I was thinking too10:01
nysosymkwwii: which menu?10:01
newz2000Oh, I think I have edgy kde in vmware10:02
nysosymi have a fresh install ^^10:02
kwwiinewz2000: yeah, that is what I did, but I still have the whole gnome desktop installed so all the apps show up in the menu and it gets really long10:02
newz2000nysosym: sweet, you go for it10:02
kwwiinysosym: make a screenshot of the kde menu, while using a white wallpaper color10:02
nysosymkwwii: ok mom10:02
newz2000nysosym: that's Mr. mom to you. :-)10:02
kwwiinysosym: with the top menu item selected (so that the top item in the main menu shows the submenu)10:03
kwwiinysosym: another good screenshot would be one showing the mouse-over on the kmenu10:05
nysosymkwwii: right? http://img511.imageshack.us/my.php?image=bildschirmphoto3ik0.png10:06
nysosymkwwii: the second one10:07
kwwiinysosym: yes, the is right, but the panel should be the default size :-)10:07
nysosymkwwii: hmmm 42 right? ^^10:07
nysosymok 48 :)10:07
nysosymi will do some new10:07
nysosymis it ok with running programs?10:08
kwwiiyeah, that does not matter10:08
kwwiiI am going to cut out the menu10:09
nysosymkwwii: the first one http://img377.imageshack.us/my.php?image=bildschirmphoto4hf5.png10:09
nysosymkwwii: the second http://img364.imageshack.us/my.php?image=bildschirmphoto4ya6.png10:10
nysosymdman wrong link of the first one10:11
nysosymthis is the right one :)10:11
kwwiinysosym: perfect, thanks10:12
nysosymkwwii: no problem, everytime again :)10:13
nysosymkwwii: for what do u use these?10:14
kwwiinysosym: they are for the new website10:14
nysosymfor which project?10:15
nysosymos is this a secret? :D10:15
nysosymnice :)10:16
nysosymcomes with feisty?10:16
newz2000hopefully comes tomorrow10:16
nysosymamazing :)10:17
newz2000wait until you see it10:17
nysosymsure i have enough time today :)10:18
nysosymi love surprises ^^10:18
kwwiinysosym: dude, sorry, but could you make that second screenshot again, this time without any programs in the taskbar?10:21
nysosymkwwii: one moment please :)10:24
=== nysosym [n=nysosym@p54B7B4A2.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
nysosymkwwii: please my friend :)10:27
kwwiinysosym: perfect! now if you could also make the one with the submenu :-)10:28
nysosymhehe :D10:29
=== msikma [n=Msikma@s55933ad4.adsl.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
kwwiinysosym: perfect, thanks again :-)10:31
nysosymkwwii: no problem :)10:31
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VeganChickthis is probably a really stupid question...but how do i start up beryl?10:47
nysosymVeganChick: for that please join #beryl thanks :)10:48
VeganChickoh, sorry! didn't know that existed10:48
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kwwiinewz2000: man, how in the world do you edit that page with the edit option?11:11
kwwiiI *will* mess something up that way11:12
newz2000the kubuntu page?11:12
newz2000are you making images that you click to enlarge, or are they cropped in such a way that you don't need to enarge them?11:13
newz2000kwwii: here's what you do:11:14
newz2000click in the editor, click the third icon from the right11:14
newz2000that window that pops up may need to be wider, click the icon to the right of Image URL11:14
newz2000there you can upload images... note the checkbox to auto-resize images. May or may not be appropriate11:15
newz2000after you upload, click the image and the url to the image will be inserted into the "Image URL" field.11:15
newz2000Fill out any other fields you want then hit "Update"11:16
kwwiiok, let me fire up firefox first11:16
kwwii(no icons in konqueror)11:17
kwwiimuch nicer11:18
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newz2000ah, without the wysiwyg it would be a pain. There are a few pages I have to edit that way (doing one now actually)11:19
kwwiinewz2000: what should I put in for Title and Description?11:23
newz2000I can't remember which one is which, but the second field is the alt tag, the third one I usually leave blank.11:24
newz2000kwwii: are these going to be "click to enlarge" images?11:24
kwwiinewz2000: yeah, I made the first one like that11:24
kwwiinewz2000: but I do not see how to make it do that :-)11:25
newz2000After you insert the smaller image, click it then click the "link" icon. You get that same browse icon which you can use to browse through your images. YOu can upload the larger image and then click it to make the link go to it.11:25
newz2000when you do that, from the "styles" drop down, choose "lightbox image"11:26
newz2000Also, you may want to give the link a title that describes the image.11:26
newz2000Some day I may add some lightbox code to make that more elegant when you click the image11:26
kwwiiok, let me try this once11:27
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troy_sgreets newz200011:32
newz2000hey troy_s11:32
newz2000long time no chat11:32
troy_sindeed.  how have things been?11:32
kwwiinewz2000: ok, I think I have the first pic done, test it :-)11:32
newz2000troy_s: things are good here, getting ready to update the website11:32
troy_sany previs?11:32
troy_stell me that the website is going to drop that awful stock photography11:33
newz2000kwwii: looks good11:33
newz2000troy_s: new and improved awful stock photography11:33
kwwiinewz2000: cool, I'll do the other pics ont he page now11:34
troy_sthat's swell.11:34
troy_sat least we are being consistent across the entire presentation11:34
newz2000kwwii: do you think its safe for me to say that the new site is a dramatic improvement?11:34
newz2000(design wise)11:34
kwwiinewz2000: definitely11:34
newz2000troy_s: we're hoping to go live tomorrow... just adding some final polish11:35
troy_syou could probably throw up photos of a horrible car accident and improve the stock photography nightmare.11:35
newz2000yeah, we've had some photographers shooting some new images11:36
newz2000the support guy is still hanging around somewhere11:37
newz2000not on the homepage11:37
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troy_she was a charmer.11:38
troy_swe need to dress him up in drag.11:38
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