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ShakaGoldSaintoh boy that schedule doesn't give any hope at all :(05:21
naliothShakaGoldSaint: what did you want?05:23
ShakaGoldSaintnothing in particular, i really liked the only class i assisted, the one about kernel stuff05:24
ShakaGoldSainti was just wondering when was going to be the next one, that's all05:24
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geniiF00BaR: OK, what seems to be the prob then?12:45
F00BaRim trying to install vhcs12:45
F00BaRbut apt-get cant find package12:46
geniiF00BaR: Ah, that is a bad choice :( No longer supported etc12:46
geniiThere are better alternatyives12:47
F00BaRlike what12:47
F00BaRits the only free cpanel12:47
F00BaRwebmin is no good12:47
F00BaRthere a demo for it?12:47
geniiI think ispconfig has a demo, yeah12:48
geniiThats another control panel for ISPs, yes12:48
F00BaRwhats best12:48
genii^^ nalioth12:48
geniiF00Bar I'm currently testing ispconfig, seems good. We are considering some similar solution for our machines12:49
geniiF00BaR: Anyhow, for reference, Dapper server was setup along the lines here http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect_setup_ubuntu_6.06 then a fix for ispconfig to properly install found here http://k0dy.wordpress.com/2006/08/05/ubuntu-server-606-with-ispconfig/12:54
F00BaRyou should intergrate a cpanel with ubuntu :)12:57
geniiF00BaR: I don't have enough time to devot to being a package maintainer unfortunately :(12:58
F00BaRomfg, vhcs didnt install12:58
geniiI do think it's a good idea tho for the LAMP install to have one as standard12:58
F00BaRispconfig good yeah?12:59
geniiF00BaR: The demo is here for ispconfig: http://www.ispconfig.org/demo.htm  so you can see how it looks/operates12:59
geniiF00BaR: I have not yet installed gnupanel to evaluate, but there are 3 demos here for you to look at : http://www.gnupanel.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=19&Itemid=3501:01
geniinalioth I suspect you checked out the demos... any input?01:03
naliothgenii: i don't run a web server for money01:06
geniinalioth: I work at a nonprofit ISP here in Toronto01:06
naliothi don't work for an ISP at all01:07
geniiIf you had some webhosting arrangement with an isp would there be some cpanel preferences? (trying to get an idea of what interfaces ppl like/dislike)01:09
naliothi have dreamhost01:11
nalioththere is some kind of web interface01:11
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F00BaRtalk here01:28
F00BaRi did ./setup in ispconfig01:28
F00BaRits in another language01:28
geniiF00Bar Yes, Go to Tools-> Change Language01:30
geniiIn the interface01:30
F00BaRmy linux is in english01:30
F00BaRjust the setup isnt01:30
F00BaRits asking to chose language01:30
F00BaRi typed en, then english01:30
F00BaRnone worked01:31
geniiThats weird, I don't remember having to specify during the initial setup of it. Afterwards it was in spanish I think, logged into the interface and changed language in the interface from there.01:32
F00BaRwant a screenshot01:32
geniiF00BaR: The machine i have it running on right now is down for hardware maintenance01:34
F00BaRi mean01:34
F00BaRill send you a screenshot01:34
geniiF00BaR Yeah that may help01:34
geniiJust post it to imageshack and give the url here01:35
F00BaRim trying01:36
F00BaRproblem with insternet atm01:36
geniiF00BaR: just putting   en   didn't work??01:39
geniiput  2   then01:39
F00BaRdidnt see the number at the side01:39
geniiI remeber the screen now that I see it01:40
=== F00BaR is dumb today :(
geniiThats OK :) I'm tired too01:40
F00BaRerror: quota not found!01:40
F00BaRwhats that01:40
geniiquota is a program on servers to limit/monitor ppl's hd usage and so on01:41
F00BaRsudo apt-get install quota?01:41
geniiYou may not have it installed01:41
geniiI think thats the package01:41
F00BaRok i did that and it tried to setup vhcs :/01:43
F00BaRError: flex not found01:43
F00BaRwhats that01:43
geniiI Yeah that was on the fix link I gave a while back01:43
F00BaRsudo apt-get install flex01:44
F00BaRi did that01:44
geniitwo x like flexx01:44
genii(I think)01:45
F00BaRi did it with 1 x01:45
geniibleh, need coffee :)01:45
F00BaRit worked01:45
F00BaRanything else i should install01:45
F00BaRmajor things like mysql?01:45
geniiNot that comes to mind offhand01:45
geniiYou could do mysql yeah01:46
geniiOr any other server type services you like01:46
geniiI already had a LAMP install so all that was on al;ready01:46
F00BaRi got it01:47
F00BaRi meant anything else01:47
geniiI set it up to use postgre otherwise nothing comes to mind. The same box I have that stuff on I also have some other testing things like phprojekt and horde so needed a lot of php pear and so on  for that.01:48
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F00BaRhow long does it usually take?01:50
F00BaRi have to go01:51
F00BaRthank you for the help01:51
geniiNot hours anyhow LOL...lag...OK, have a good one01:51
F00BaRyou too01:51
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soundrayPeople who come to ubuntu from another distribution are used to do things while logged in as root, right?03:26
soundrayslacker_nl: ^03:27
slacker_nlyes, at least I'm used to su/ssu/sudo03:27
soundraySo, if they run a command like date >example, they expect example to end up in /root/03:28
slacker_nlsu -m uses my shell and enviroment03:29
slacker_nlso I'm used to put things in my $HOME and/or put it in tmp03:29
soundrayOkay, but let's think of that poor person you were talking to earlier, robe or whatever his nick was.03:29
soundrayComes to #ubuntu and says "Hey, how am I supposed to do things as root when the account is locked?"03:30
slacker_nlsoundray: if he's used to su or ssu you could assume he knows a thing or two03:30
soundrayslacker_nl: but we can't assume that, can we?03:30
slacker_nlyou have a point - but that does not mean I cannot tell him what you can do as well to become root03:31
soundrayYou can tell him whatever you want to, but if I consider that advice to be flawed, I will continue to ask you not to suggest or recommend it.03:32
soundrayGiven that there's a safer alternative.03:32
slacker_nlbecause you think its flawed you don't recommend it, but you don't have to tell me not to give my opinion about the matter03:33
soundrayI'm not assuming any authority over what you say or don't say. Hence I use the words 'please don't'.03:34
soundrayI see you have a different attitude, saying "I'm not a babysitter"03:35
soundrayI take a slightly different approach and worry about what ubuntu beginners do to their systems.03:35
soundrayBecause I know they'll be back saying things like "I've accidentally deleted my home directory as root -- how can I recover it"03:36
slacker_nlsoundray: everyone makes a mistake (which is dumb and maybe could have been avoided)03:40
slacker_nlbut, Ubuntu users should also read the docs and not blindly follow what others are saying03:40
slacker_nland do some homework before playing with the root account03:41
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soundrayslacker_nl: I agree with that. But if someone naive, lazy and gullible turns up and asks about such things, I don't want to be the one who's suggested a command with unpredictable side effects.03:42
soundrayNow, I want you to feel free to think differently about that.03:43
slacker_nlok, at first you gave me the impression you didn't want me to think differently03:43
soundrayJust because I'm asking you not to do something doesn't mean I won't *allow* you to do it.03:44
soundrayI don't assume that kind of authority.03:44
soundrayOkay, I guess we've sorted that then ;)03:45
slacker_nlI guess we did03:46
slacker_nlmaybe the root/sudo story should be in red bold letters the first time you boot ubuntu03:47
soundrayHey, now you have babysitter aspirations ;)03:47
slacker_nlso ppl will read it03:47
slacker_nlnah, I don't03:48
slacker_nlwith babysitting I mean - I'm not always going to tell them every side effect something has - they need to read the man pages and wiki's as well03:48
slacker_nlbut a big warning would make ppl think twice before enabling the root account03:49
slacker_nlor should03:49
slacker_nlbut I will see you later03:50
slacker_nlreally need to get some work done03:50
soundrayIt might also *make* them do something that isn't recommended, just because "it's my system and I will bl**dy do what I want with it"...03:51
soundrayme too03:51
soundraytot ziens03:51
slacker_nltot ziens03:51
slacker_nlyou dutch speaking?03:51
soundrayNo, German03:51
slacker_nlOK, auf wiedersehen03:51
slacker_nlAdios :)03:52
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f00bari get this error:04:44
f00barERROR: The PHP binary coming with ISPConfig does not work properly on your system! The installation routine stops here!04:44
geniiYes, I saw! This i have not seen before04:45
geniiLet me research for a minute04:45
f00baris there a command to update PHP or something?04:45
f00barfound anything?04:56
geniif00bar: Yes, it looks like it prefers php4 to php505:00
f00barhow do i downgrade05:01
geniif00bar: I'll give you some commands in  minute :)05:02
f00bari have to go05:02
f00barcan you email to toxic.waste@hotmail.co.uk please05:02
genii:( OK IO wil be here tomorrow05:02
f00barthanks. Good evening05:02
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ubotubing: Empirical stochastic bandwidth tester. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.3-1 (edgy), package size 26 kB, installed size 92 kB11:55
nalioth!search bing11:55
naliothclever are you human?11:56
cleversaying my name causes half the computers in my house to beep:P11:57
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clevernalioth: are you human?:P11:59
naliothclever: you are exhibiting automated responses that are unwelcome12:02
cleveri can disable it12:02
cleverthe !search?12:03

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