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elcaseyanyone home? I've got a pretty serious issue with Feisty12:27
jdongI am accompanying elcasey on this one12:28
elcaseyyay! I have an escort to the danc...never mind12:28
jdongpossible Feisty kernel regression, kernel appears to hardlock when probing his chipset12:28
jdong(storage chipset)12:28
jdonghence system doesn't boot12:28
jdongreproduced with Feisty LiveCD12:28
elcaseyinitally I upgraded from Edgy, but LiveCD won't boot, either12:29
jdongthe chipset reportedly worked fine in Edgy12:29
jdongelcasey: do you know what your storage chipset is?12:29
elcaseyno, lemme find out12:29
elcaseyit's Gigabyte brand12:31
elcaseythe spec sheet just says "GIGABYTE SATA II Controller"12:31
elcaseyso it's not Promise or anything12:31
jdongelcasey: can you get on a Edgy or something and lspci?12:33
elcaseyI don't have an Edgy liveCD12:33
elcaseyI have full access to all my partitions from Windows, though12:33
jdongelcasey: do you have any kind of Linux LiveCD?12:35
jdong(that can boot up)12:35
elcaseycool, found my Edgy Live12:36
elcaseyi'll reboot and come back...I don't know if my NIC will work from a LiveCD, though, certainly not from Edgy12:36
elcaseyit's a serious process to get this Ralink working12:36
elcaseywait, I have the hackin9 live distro!12:37
jdongelcasey: anything that can get you back here, with a mountable hard drive and a lspci command :D12:38
elcaseyanyway, lemme try the two livecds and see if any of them work12:38
elcaseyworst case, I'll install Solaris 10 and try that...I have a spare 10GB partition12:39
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elcaseyjdong: I managed to boot 2.6.17-10 in recovery mode12:49
elcaseyit hung at the bootsplash earlier today12:49
elcaseybut I have the lspci info12:49
jdongelcasey: I can't believe that worked12:50
elcaseyneither can I12:50
jdongFeisty's not supposed to boot with edgy kernels.12:50
elcaseyfor all I know, Feisty will boot now12:50
jdonghehe hope for it12:50
elcaseyBUT, the hackin9 livecd didn't boot, it got the same error(s) when it tried to load the drives12:50
elcaseyand it uses a 2.6.17-1112:50
jdongthat's real interesting12:50
elcaseyit's also Debian-based...and just like my install with -11, it dumped me to a BusyBox/ash prompt12:51
elcaseyI started to think it was everywhere, but *everything* works in Windows12:51
=== elcasey shrugs
elcaseyshall I try booting feisty?12:51
jdongmeh give it a shit12:52
elcaseyheh, 10-412:52
elcaseyif it fails, I'll go back to XP and send/pastebin you my lspci.log?12:52
elcaseyI just piped the output to a file12:53
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elcaseyno dice with either version of 2.6.20-912:59
jdongwhat kind of error do you get booting up?01:00
jdongthat would be useful01:00
jdongi.e. a recovery mode screencap01:00
elcaseyis there any way to force it to output all the startup stuff a logfile?01:01
elcaseyit doesn't give me errors, it just halts and all my HDDs spin down.01:01
jdongumm, the boot messages stop somewhere.01:01
jdongthat's what I mean by error01:02
elcaseyIt seems like it halts on discovering USB devices, but even if I unplug my USB HDD, it still halts01:02
jdongno you can't log stuff before the system boots01:02
elcaseyI mean that it's not giving me a *specific* error message or code01:02
elcaseyit just...stops01:02
jdongelcasey: yeah, screencap WHERE it stops.01:02
elcaseyhow? Just PrtScr?01:03
elcaseywell whatever I cap with PrtScr will be gone when I reboot01:03
jdongdigital camera01:03
jdongor patience and a keyboard :D01:03
jdongor Vista wreck ignition01:04
elcaseyI think I'll take some photos01:04
elcaseyI'll try to pause it and see if I catch anything else01:05
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elcaseyjdong: I booted full-on into 2.6.10, but it's got "issues"01:14
jdongheh what kind?01:15
elcaseysda1 (Windows) doesn't mount and Beryl doesn't run at all (not concerned about that, currently)01:16
elcaseyit's just a bit "off"01:16
elcaseypresumably because the new kernel and some package replacements jacked some stuff around01:16
elcaseybut here's my lspci output - http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/10112/01:16
jdongwell old kernels aren't supposed to work in Edgy01:17
jdongerr feisty01:17
jdongI am totally shocked that it boots at all01:17
jdongcan you apt-get update and apt-get install ubuntu-desktop and apt-get dist-upgrade?01:17
elcaseylemme check01:18
elcaseyit's hitting the repos, and they all say "feisty"01:18
elcaseyi'll definitely be doing a fresh install after my get my new HDD, but it'll be nice to have a working Linux system in the meantime (assuming tonight' kernel update makes some progress and/or old kernel keeps working)01:20
elcaseydist-upgrade works, too01:20
elcaseyit's downloading quite a few packagaes01:21
jdongelcasey: yikes jmicron chipset01:23
elcaseyjdong: you still need those screenshots?01:23
jdongBenC can probably enlighten you more on the state of jmicron01:23
jdongelcasey: but do file a bug report and attach the screenie01:23
elcaseywhich screenshot? It doesn't always hang in the same place01:24
jdongthen attach two :)01:25
elcaseyok...I think I took like five :P01:25
elcaseyjdong: what package should I report the bug in?01:29
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elcaseyjdong: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.20/+bug/9179701:36
jdongelcasey: your eyes need to re-train01:41
jdonglook at your 00004.jpg01:41
jdonglook about 8 lines down01:41
elcaseyone sec01:41
jdongbug 8496401:42
elcaseyah ha01:42
elcaseychecking out the forum thread now01:43
elcaseysheesh, not exactly an isolated problem01:43
elcaseyall-SATA + USB = Feisty hates you?01:44
jdongit's a JMicron controller regression as it seems01:45
jdongbut it's a confirmed critical bug.01:46
elcaseyany way for me to delete/retract my report?01:46
crimsunreject it01:47
kylemmark it as a dupe of 8496401:47
jdongI already did01:47
elcaseyok, thanks01:48
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MithrandirBenC: I have an UVF request for git-core 1.5 ; do you have any thoughts on that?09:44
fabbioneMithrandir: it's probably good to have new git09:51
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fforwwhat would be the best place to report problems with a new kernel?12:18
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BenCfforw: launchpad12:42
fabbionehey BenC 12:45
zulhey guys12:48
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aboganiBenC: May i disturb you for two very simple and fast questions about my spec (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RealTime)?01:40
BenCabogani: Sure01:40
aboganiI want to release all necessary packages to offer a complete solution for RT-Preempt in Ubuntu.01:40
abogani1) If i release all source packages of the all binary packages i'm ok with license (in particulary with restrcited-modules), right?  2) I should change name to my packages: What is, in you opinion,  better name? realtime-image (realtime-headers, realtime-source, realtime-restricted-modules etc) or linuxrt-image (linuxrt-headers, linuxrt-source, linuxrt-restricted-modules etc) ?01:41
aboganiBenC: Do you have any suggestions?01:50
BenCabogani: 1) Yes, 2) Use a specific flavour like -realtime01:50
BenCyour suggestion is probably too confusing for users, plus I doubt you really want to build linuxrt-image-{generic,386,server,server-bigiron,lowlatency}01:51
BenCSo you'd have linux-image-2.6.20-10-realtime01:52
BenCprobably best to base it on the -generic config01:52
BenCabogani: It would also mean you could do something intelligent like build-dep on linux-source-2.6.20 to build your kernels, just apply a patch for real time, and create the deb's (like what xen source does in universe)01:53
BenCmakes it easier to rebuild against newer kernel source too01:53
aboganiBenC I understand (i already use this flavours like naming), i cloned you git repositary and build my kernel with a AUTOBUILD=1 fakeroot debian/rules binary-debs flavours="realtime" :-)01:56
zulscarey....since when xen became the model ;)01:56
aboganiBenC: My problem are (naming) source packages that not should conflict with official source packages.01:57
BenCabogani: If you do as I suggested, you wont have a full linux tree source package01:57
BenCbut if you must do that (and I strongly suggest you don't :) then yeah, linux-rt-source-2.6.20 is a good name, but I wouldn't carry that name to the packages01:58
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aboganiBenC: Ok. If i want to follow your suggestion (and thus not release a linux-rt-source-2.6.20) how i set source field in the my kernel package? I set this to linux-source-2.6.20 as like official kernel? People don't expect to find all source in source package (in this case you package don't have RT-preempt source obviously)? I don't break package policy? Sorry Ben i'm a stupid person. :-(02:08
BenCabogani: Download the xen source package and check it out. You still have a source package, but it does not include the entire linux source tree. It build-depends on linux-source-2.6.20, unpacks it during build, applies the rt patches, and builds a -realtime flavour from it02:09
mrecBenC: do you directly take the v4l-dvb repository from linuxtv.org for the ubuntu kernel?02:09
BenCmrec: No, we use stock, unless there some important fixes which we might git-cherrypick from that repo02:09
BenCIn the past mkrufky has collected fixes for us into a repo we've pulled from02:10
aboganiBenC: I will do it, thank you very much!02:10
BenCabogani: Np02:10
BenCabogani: If you feel like writing a wiki howto for people who want to do kernel flavours like this, I can link it from the KernelTeam pages02:11
mrecBenC: regarding my problems with some devs there, did you do anything? seems like the post of another developer calmed done the whole story at least02:11
mrecthe other question I have is regarding the ubuntu installation CD is there any installation CD with a recent kernel out there?02:15
mrecit simply doesn't detect the SATA drive for that testmachine.02:15
aboganiBenC: Ok02:15
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crimsunBenC: thanks for the merges03:11
BenCcrimsun: Np, thanks for the patches03:17
MithrandirBenC: if you could ack or nack a new git-core, that'd be nice.  I don't really mind either way.03:17
BenCMithrandir: makes no difference to me, but I can't see it hurting anything03:17
MithrandirBenC: ok.03:18
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kylemBenC, git 1.5 changes the format of the .git dir...04:04
Mithrandirkylem: not by default.04:05
BenCkylem: does it change existing dir's?04:05
Mithrandirat least not by default from how I read the LWN article04:05
kylemMithrandir, ah, it does it on hera.04:05
kylemMithrandir, which is how i found out about it when some of my scripts stopped working. :)04:05
BenCkylem: Do we need new git to work with hera repo's?04:05
kylemi still say we should have 1.5 in feisty tho.04:06
kylemmight as well be current.04:06
MithrandirI've approved the UVFe request, so we should get it04:08
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zulright Im off to have a baby see you guys later..05:07
fabbioneit sounds like zul is going to give birth and not his wife....05:21
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Lurefabbione: ;-), probably the first05:23
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BenCcrimsun: I have a build failure in one of your patches06:25
crimsunBenC: patch_analog?06:25
crimsunor hda_intel, hmm06:25
BenC        ucontrol->value.integer.value[0]  = ac97->spec.ad18xx.swap_mic_linein;06:25
BenCswap_mic_linein isn't defined, and neither is ad18xx06:26
crimsungah, let me pull that06:26
BenCcrimsun: Want me to push my current tree to have a look?06:26
crimsunyes please06:26
BenCplanning an upload tonight, so trying to get some test builds done06:26
BenCcrimsun: BTW, would sabdfl's sound being broken in -10 (regressed from -9) be fixed with the patches you sent?06:27
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crimsunBenC: possibly, though I don't remember Mark's SSIDs06:27
crimsunI _think_ he used AD1986A?06:28
crimsunoh wait, did Matt Z report that one?06:30
crimsunMaybe I'm looking under the wrong reporter06:30
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crimsunright, bug 6952906:39
BenCcrimsun: pushed to kernel.org06:47
crimsunBenC: thanks06:48
crimsunBenC: do you know which hardware sabdfl was referring to for his sound regression in 2.6.20-10.17?06:51
BenCcrimsun: trying to find out06:52
BenCcrimsun: 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio06:57
crimsunBenC: can you get the subvendor and subdevice, please?06:58
kylemit's an X60, iirc06:58
BenCcrimsun: I'm worried that he's gone missing...I'll keep trying07:04
crimsunBenC: thanks.07:04
BenCcrimsun: How soon do you think before I can at least get the compile fix?07:11
crimsunjust emailed to you07:11
BenCcrimsun: Thanks07:12
crimsunsorry for the thinko07:12
BenCcrimsun: Do you have difficulty test compiling these patches?07:14
crimsunBenC: not normally. I was up late. :/07:15
BenCIt's only like once in a blue moon you send me a thinko, so it's not a huge deal, but if you could just do a test SUBDIRS=sound compile it might help07:15
crimsunsure, I'll use SUBDIRS=sound from now on, thanks07:15
BenCcrimsun: usually I do "mkdir /tmp/build; cat debian/config/i386/config{,.generic} > /tmp/build/.config; make O=/tmp/build oldconfig; make O=/tmp/build prepare; make O=/tmp/build SUBDIRS=foo modules"07:16
BenCthen you can just rm -rf /tmp/build when you're done and not add cruft to your src tree07:17
BenCcrimsun: Any chance alsa is considering moving to git still? :)07:19
crimsunBenC: not likely07:20
BenCcrimsun: Would make it so much easier for us to just pull their tree :/07:21
BenCwonder if we can make a strong enough case for it that they might do it...I would think the effort they spend getting the patches to Linus would have been enough07:21
crimsunwell, Jaroslav does have linux/kernel/git/perex/alsa.git07:22
crimsunI think you've pulled from that one before07:22
BenCis there a branch in there that is stable enough to keep in sync with?07:22
BenCI think last time i messed with it, I just copied the entire tree instead of actually pulling07:23
crimsunI don't see one that seems updated07:25
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mrecdoes anyone here work on the installation cds?10:29
mrecthe default kernel which comes with the cds simply doesn't support the hardware we have here, it would be nice to support it out of the box10:30
BenCmrec: would be nice to know what hardware that is10:31
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mrecBenC: sorry took a while, I'm booting it and dumping the hardware list10:48
ivoksi noticed a regreesion with bluetooth since edgy :/10:49
ivokslike... i can't turn it on :D10:50
BenCivoks: I have no bluetooth to test...is it maybe an rfkill thing?10:52
BenCis it showing up in lsusb?10:52
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ivoksi'm in 2.6.17 now10:52
ivoksit works here, it's software switch10:53
ivoksit shows up in lsusb here10:53
ivoks      bInterfaceSubClass      1 Radio Frequency10:54
ivoks      bInterfaceProtocol      1 Bluetooth10:54
BenCivoks: Let me know if it doesn't show up under feisty10:54
ivoksi'm rebooting right now :)10:54
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ivoksno, it doesn't show up10:58
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mrecBenC: http://rafb.net/p/nUlDLa61.html11:10
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BenCmrec: That doesn't tell me which hw isn't working :)11:21
mrecharddisk isn't recognized :)11:22
BenCAssuming this is the ATI IDE?11:28
BenCand it worked in edgy?11:35
BenCCan you send the dmesg from edgy?11:35
mrecit didn't work11:36
mrecI didn't go on with it but I'm interested in getting it supported out of the box11:36
mrecBenC: what do you need of dmesg?11:39
johanbrmrec: I have a very similar controller in my laptop (possibly identical) and it works fine in Feisty.11:41
mrecjohanbr: the problem is I cannot go on with the installation since the harddisk isn't detected11:41
BenCmrec: All of it11:42
BenCmrec: So neither edgy nor feisty works with it?11:42
johanbrmrec: Oh, I see. My installation is upgraded from Edgy (or maybe even Dapper, don't remember).11:43
mrecBenC: the installation cd is supposed to be edgy11:44
BenCmrec: Can you test if feisty works, just so I can see if it's something that can be backported?11:44
mrecwhere can I get feisty?11:46
mrecok grabbing it11:49
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