Admiral_Chicagognomefreak: ping04:08
Admiral_Chicagognomefreak: can you guide me through a stack trace? I've never done one before04:10
gnomefreakif feisty ask hjmf if edgy tomorrow would be better its late nad im trying to sleep but assholes pinging #ubuntu woke me up.04:11
Admiral_Chicagobugzilla #1719205:08
Admiral_Chicagohmm, how does that work?05:09
=== asac_ [n=asac@debian/developer/asac] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
Admiral_Chicagofinally cleared all those bugs in my inbox05:43
Admiral_Chicagothe good old fashioned way...triaging05:43
asachi all12:13
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
gnomefreaki hate laptops still02:02
gnomefreakok im going downstairs for coffee and work on Laptop trying to get win installed on it. ill be back later.02:39
UbugtuSchedule for Etc/UTC: 13 Mar 16:00: Forum Council | 13 Mar 20:00: Technical Board | 14 Mar 20:00: Edubuntu | 15 Mar 19:00: Audio Team | 15 Mar 21:00: Ubuntu Development Team | 16 Mar 10:00: MOTU Council03:54
asacgnomefreak: ouch ... poor windows maid03:54
gnomefreaki cant run ubuntu on it its only 64mb ram03:55
gnomefreaka p2 300mhz :(03:56
gnomefreakwhen i get home i have memoory i can add and a hd i can add once i figure out how to open it to repplace them03:57
asacgnomefreak: try debian :)03:57
asacor xubuntu03:58
gnomefreakxubuntu (maybe dappers)03:58
gnomefreakdebian you need 128 no?03:58
asacdon't think so ... depends on the window manager you choose03:58
asacdoes current xubuntu complain?03:58
asacbut afaik xubuntu uses xfce which might be too heavy weight for your case03:59
asaci would try openbox03:59
asacor fluxbox03:59
asacthose are really great for low mem03:59
asacand of course don't run firefox :)03:59
asacbut kazehakase03:59
asacwhich is the best I found so far04:00
asacdunno if its in ubuntu04:00
asackazehakase uses gecko rendering and gtk2 widgets ... but its pretty memory efficient04:00
gnomefreaki love kazehakase :)04:00
asacis it in ubuntu?04:00
gnomefreaki have it on this set up :)04:00
asaci used it pretty much too :)04:00
gnomefreakyep its in repos04:00
=== Mirv [n=tajyrink@pdpc/supporter/active/Mirv] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asachi Mirv04:00
Mirvhello asac04:01
Mirvdid you happen to find that e-mail?04:01
=== asac looking
asacwhats your email?04:01
gnomefreakasac: does this look familar to you. nsProfileLock::LockWithSymlink04:01
asacgnomefreak: not at all ... i saw the traces but have no idea what this might be about04:02
asacmaybe complete memory trashing or something04:02
MirvMon, 05 Mar 2007 13:54:59 +020004:02
gnomefreakok ill look at my log to see if im missing something important04:02
asacMirv: ok found it04:03
asacwait a second04:03
Mirvasac: ok :)04:03
gnomefreakwell ill upload it to bug and let you decide it still complains about missing libflash.so but i have it in the path they give :(04:03
asacMirv: just replace current entries?04:04
asacwhats the difference (in meaning) of 'Firefox-selain' and 'Firefox-webselain'04:05
asaclooks like firefox-selain is firefox-surfer ... while firefox-webselain means firefox-websurfer04:05
Mirvasac: yeah. the "selain" is just browser, "webselain" is a web browser but "web" is Finnish is a bit of a slang term, and we thought that just "selain" is enough04:05
asacso is there an established word for browser called selain?04:06
Mirvand "Firefox-WWW-selain" would look not so good either, which would be an option04:06
Mirvasac: yes04:06
asacin german we just use browser04:06
asacMirv: ok ... if you coordinated this with other finish translators, then i am fine.04:07
Mirvasac: yeah, it's been agreed by enough people (I'm the team contact for Ubuntu Finnish translators, and also hanging out with other Finnish l10n people)04:08
Mirvasac: actually, if you _are_ somehow affiliated with iceweasel in Debian, you could make the same change there, too. otherwise same, just s/Firefox/Iceweasel/.04:09
asacok ... i am not iceweasel maintainer ... though i talk to them from time to time. Maybe just send a mail to pkg-mozilla-maintainers@lists.alioth.debian.org if you don't want to open a bug for this04:10
Mirvasac: ah, ok. I will handle Debian myself, then.04:10
Mirv(at some point)04:10
Mirvit's not a big deal, but it looks more appropriate this way04:10
asacis it "finish translation" or "finnish translation" ?04:10
asacguess the latter ;)04:11
asacunless you always finish ;)04:11
Mirvyes, Finnish :)04:13
asacMirv: ok ... checked into my archive ...should be there on next update ;)04:14
asacthanks for pinging me04:14
Mirvasac: cool, thanks for this. I will check it when it comes out, too.04:14
asacmaybe pretty soon ... otherwise it might take a week or two04:15
Mirvfeisty is starting to look superb for the Finnish people, that's why I'm tweaking little things here and there, too. it's the first time the high quality spellchecking, voikko libraries, are integrated in language-support-fi, an quite important aspect for many04:17
Mirv(http://voikko.sourceforge.net/ , if sf would work)04:18
=== asac hopes that german spellchecker will be usable with hunspell now too
=== Mirv hopes that Gnome would move to libenchant from aspell/myspell/ispell/hunspell
asaccan libenchant deal with german language?04:23
asacdunno how german language is classified04:23
asacits somehow that you can combine words as much as you like ... so you cannot have a complete dictionary04:23
asacMirv: if you have icedove/thunderbird improvements04:24
Mirvsure, http://www.abisource.com/projects/enchant/ , it has support for eg. aspell, hunspell, hspell and voikko04:24
asacpush them eraly04:24
asacearly :)04:24
asacah ... its a just a new frontend04:24
asacthat would be fine04:24
asachowver ... is it available on win too? ... its because firefox still uses myspell ... and another layer of abstraction could help imo.04:25
Mirvyes, Finnish can't be handled with even hunspell :( there's now a possibility to directly use libvoikko, or via the libenchant plugin, or via a ispell-wrapper, but currently aspell/myspell/hunspell don't provide the high quality spellchecking for Finnish04:25
asacactually i don't know about the quality of hunspell for german04:25
asaci just hope that its _better_04:26
asacnot perfect04:26
asacbut interesting to hear04:26
Mirvit would look like there is a win32 support, "has internationalization and win32 fixes"04:26
asacas debian hunspell maintainer never told us that even hunspell has problems04:26
Mirvand yeah, it would be really cool for mozilla to move from myspell forwards to enchant, as well04:26
asacyeah ... upstream has still not migrated to hunspell ... but people often push them to use it04:26
Mirvthere's some extension to add voikko support to mozilla, but it's a bit of a hack because of the current mozilla's spellchecking support and probably can't be packaged to debian/ubuntu04:27
asacprobably right04:27
Mirvyeah, people always assume that eg. hunspell is perfect, if it works for more languages.. but they always forget the 100 languages it still doesn't cover :)04:27
asachowever ... mozilla ships everthing on its own ... so if we (mozilla) use libenchat04:27
asacwould it be necessary to ship another backend as well (e.g. hunspell) ?04:27
asace.g. so that firefox can work out of the box without system lib requirements04:28
Mirvhmm, that's right... ie. it needs the hunspell backend04:29
Mirvfor libenchant, to cover those languages supported by hunspell04:29
Mirvof course, it might be that even just hunspell support in mozilla would help to make at least working extensions without hacks, but I dunno04:29
asacmaybe add libenchant to mozilla source ... and then add multiple backends too04:30
asace.g. myspell, hunspell, ispell04:30
asacand just use one of those by default04:30
asacbenefit would be that the code that hooks spellchecker into firefox would not need to be touched04:30
asacanyway ... thanks for the inside ... I will chew abit on this04:31
Mirvyep. enchant has 8 backends, covering in addition to Finnish (Voikko) eg. Turkish (Zemberek), Hebrew (Hspell) and some others not coverd by hunspell04:31
asacgnomefreak: i posted a list of gnome integration bugs in bugzilla ... and asked reporter of gconf bug to go through it before submitting a new bug upstrewam04:31
gnomefreakasac: when you get time can you look at the stacks on bug 71315 i have seen these before04:31
UbugtuMalone bug 71315 in firefox "Crash with totem when opening an MPG link" [High,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/7131504:32
asacgnomefreak: maybe take a look ... so you know that such a master bug exists there04:32
asac(e.g. gnome integration master bug)04:32
Mirvyeah, good to let knowledge spread, at least that hunspell is not the final answer to spellchecking, either04:32
gnomefreakasac: ah ok04:32
asaci have seen this bug title before :)04:32
gnomefreakbugzilla == gnomes bugzilla?04:32
asaccan you search for just "MPG link" and see how much duplicates it yields04:32
asacbugzilla = bugzilla.mozilla.org04:32
gnomefreakah ok04:33
asacthe one and only original one :)04:33
asacat least in context of firefox packaging this is reasonable :)04:33
gnomefreaki looked already thats why i posted what i did04:33
gnomefreakmpg i dont remember seeing but will look.04:33
asacyeah ... maybe its hidden in one of the gnome bugs04:33
asacsometimes title in bugzilla are a mess ... maybe its named proper gconf integration please04:34
asacand then in content there is:04:34
asacpreferred application04:34
asacproxy setting :)04:34
asacbug lets let do the reporter the job of looking04:34
asacgnomefreak: which trace?04:34
gnomefreaki tried all kinds of searches the one i posted was the only thing that gave me anything to go on04:34
asacthere are at least two04:34
gnomefreakthe first one04:35
gnomefreakthe second one is garbage :(04:35
asacyeah ... totem bug ... however don't know if its the same04:35
asacactually the gtk_style_realize is still reproducible04:35
asacbut not in original context anymore04:35
asacimo totem plugin code should be completely rewritten04:36
asacthey tried to reinvent the wheel instead of using existing plugin templates and best-practices04:36
asacotherwise it will hunt us down forever imo04:36
gnomefreakmpg only gives that bug04:37
asacok ... then i visitted it before :)04:37
asacgnomefreak: use [@_destroystream]  [@NP_Initialize] 04:37
gnomefreakyeah i was thinking totem bug but didnt see anything that lead me to say that04:38
gnomefreakset master?04:38
asacwhat is it on?04:38
asacif its master04:39
asacmove it to mt-upstream ... "Confirmed04:39
asacmaybe see if its an upstream issue (e.g. totem -> gnomezilla )04:40
gnomefreakwe need an upstream first04:40
asacbut upstream triage is done in state confirmed04:40
asacso State: "Confirmed" Tag: "mt-upstream"04:40
asacif we find nothing we might need to go back to mt-needtestcase04:41
asacbut that is future talk :)04:41
asaci am almost certain that this is totem proble,m04:41
gnomefreakok registering for gnomes bug tracker now04:42
asacyeah ... good :)04:44
asacextend the net04:44
asaci already have 2 points of gnome karma :)04:45
asacwas as easy as: open a bug, attach a patch04:45
asacmore activity gnome bugzilla hasn't seen from me04:45
asacbut those heavy weight devels only have 25 points04:45
asacguess that is max04:45
asacso I am already at ~ 10% :)04:45
asacdamn ... i still cannot turn off spamassassin autolearn04:48
asacit just doesn't work04:48
asacwhatever i do ... all mails get autolearn=spam/ham/no04:48
gnomefreakcan i search for something other than totem :(04:50
gnomefreaki tried [@_destroystream]  [@NP_Initialize]  also :(04:50
asacprobably we should wait till we get at least one more duplicate before do upstream triage?04:51
asacwho knows what this was caused by04:51
gnomefreaknot sure but i found a gconf-editor bug04:51
gnomefreakin relation to totem04:51
UbugtuGnome bug 333232 in GStreamer backend "Play issue with embedded MOV files" [Normal,New] 04:53
gnomefreakwhat do you think?04:53
asacnot the one i guess04:57
asaclet me think04:58
asacwhen did the bug pop up?04:58
asachow long ago?04:58
=== gnomefreak dont remember i will check in a fewq
gnomefreak2006-11-10 23:38:33 EST04:59
asacif we don't see any dupe than probably it was due to some crazy situation :)05:01
asaclets keep it and once we get duplicate go ahead05:02
gnomefreakim looking for dupes atm for anything i can find05:02
asacare all crashes retraced?05:02
gnomefreakno most of mine are as far as i can get but alot are 64bit or feisty and i havent worked out feistys breakage yet05:03
asacwill take care of x86_64 later today05:03
gnomefreakasac: we have over 2000+ bugs i imagine not all are done by a long shot05:03
asacand PPC05:03
asac2000+ ?05:03
asaci see 700+ (excluding dupes)05:03
gnomefreakasac: if you click on all bugs ever reported05:03
asacat least for firefox05:03
gnomefreak518 results is the search im working on05:04
asaci hope i can help bug triaging soon ... to get bug count down05:04
asacfor now i get to get everything in shape05:05
asacbeta is soon05:05
asacand I am working in a hurry :)05:05
gnomefreaki think your time is better spent that way to be honest.05:06
gnomefreakhttps://bugs.beta.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/84716  what are we doing with this?05:06
UbugtuMalone bug 84716 in firefox "firefox crashes, screen divides after applying orca screen reader" [High,Needs info] 05:06
asacsure :)05:06
asacis it a dupe?05:06
gnomefreaki dont think so05:06
asaci tried to reproduce bug orca didn't work05:07
asacwhat does the trace show?05:07
gnomefreaknothing to trace05:07
gnomefreakjust screenshots05:07
asacclose it ... "if ever see crash, open a new bug with crash report attached. Thanks" :)05:09
gnomefreakclose it?05:09
asacdolphinboy appears to be somehow wierd05:09
asacyes ... what should we do ... maybe try if you can reproduce crash05:09
asaci couldn't get orca05:09
asaclets move this to AlexLatchford05:09
asache is the accessibility man afaik :)05:09
gnomefreakok ill assign him05:10
asacmaybe he can reproduce? or ask accessibility team to do so05:10
gnomefreakok assigned to him05:13
=== asac wants kazeahakse
asacdamn kazehakase still depends on mozilla-browser in edgy05:15
asacthats bad news05:15
asacwhy is mozilla still in universe?05:15
gnomefreaknot sure05:16
gnomefreaksince kaxehakase is mozilla (atleast its gecko im sure it would fit under our packages) cant we change that easily ;)05:16
gnomefreakand change the name to somethign easier to type ;)05:17
asacbut mozilla is outdated05:17
asacin feisty it already depends on libxul05:17
asacwhich is good05:17
asacwe will hopefull end up with even firefox making use of libxul in feisty+105:17
gnomefreakthat should be easy enough to roll out05:17
asacyeah ... but not for edgy05:18
asacmozilla-browser version in edgy/universe is 1.7.13 something05:18
gnomefreakwe dont need mozilla(suite) for anything to be honest. I think its there just as a place holder until we change it05:18
asacwhich has loads of security issues05:18
asacno... it is actually used by kazehakase :)05:18
asacbut has been removed from feisty afaik05:19
gnomefreakcan we merge 1.8 into edgy?05:19
asac1.8 does not exist05:19
asacits now seamonkey05:19
asacno we won't do anything about that in edgy i guess05:19
gnomefreakbut seamonkey uses gecko 1.8.3 no?05:19
gnomefreakor 1.8.1/.205:19
asacseamonkey 1.0.x uses gecko 1.8.0.x05:19
asacseamonkey 1.1.x uses geck 1.8.x05:20
asace.g. 1.8.1.x05:20
gnomefreakand mozilla uses gecko 1.7*05:20
asacfirefox 2.0.0.x = 1.8.x (1.8.1.x)05:20
asacfirefox 1.5.0.x = 1.8.0.x05:20
asacconfusing enough :)05:20
gnomefreakit is05:20
asacactually firefox 1.5 series comes from mozilla 1.8.0 branch05:20
asacwhile firefox 2 from 1.8 branch05:21
gnomefreakwe cant replace edgys mozilla with seamonkey so they are gonna have to deal with it.05:21
asaci think noone can deal with that in edgy ... maybe they sync with debian sarge (if they are smart)05:21
asaci did backports for mozilla to debian sarge05:21
gnomefreakour packages like ff and tb are not backportable by ubuntu standards05:21
asacbut I don't think they do05:21
asacnot easily05:22
gnomefreakim assuming that goes for mozilla-browser/suite and everything else mozilla related05:22
gnomefreakdoesnt make alot of sense sometimes to me though since tb is the only thing that depends on libc6-*05:23
asacits not easily backportable for security fixes yes05:23
gnomefreakfx doesnt list anything really version spiecific05:23
asacthe point with firefox is05:23
asacother applications depend on it05:23
asacso we cannot push in new upstream major version05:24
asacas those apps will break05:24
gnomefreakah thats right including ubuntu-desktop05:24
asace.g. epiphany kazehakase05:24
gnomefreakyelp and so one05:24
asacsame goes for edgy05:24
asacif you exchange a gecko 1.7 with geck 1.805:24
gnomefreakok i remember that now05:24
asackazehakase will probably not even start05:24
asacthats why its hard to fix this in edgy now05:24
gnomefreakit wont ive played with that before05:24
asacbecause it would require at least a respin of kazehakase05:25
gnomefreakeasy enough to fix just time consuming ;)05:25
asacprobably you want to do the migration?05:25
gnomefreakwe would have to respin all depends05:25
gnomefreaknot really ;)05:25
asac... yes ... and then they might break05:25
asaceither not build05:25
gnomefreaki cant merge yet05:25
asacor crash because something changed05:25
asacits pretty much work to do it05:26
asaci think pitti and iwj did it for breezy/dapper05:26
asacthey migrated epiphany from mozilla-browser 1.7.13 to firefox05:26
asacwhich was a pretty hard task05:26
asacin fact they eded up doing the migration for breezy05:26
asacso breezy has still 1.7 mozilla ... which is for a yeah now maintained (in regards of security) only by me05:27
asacok ... out for a cigarette05:27
gnomefreakill be here trying to fix this pos05:29
=== gnomefreak wonders if grub update might fix this
=== trainer [n=dave@65-117-135-105.dia.static.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
gnomefreaktrainer: ok when its on pastebin let me know05:34
=== craigbass1976 [n=craig@pool-72-73-91-138.ptldme.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
trainergnomefreak: http://pastebin.us/1717605:34
=== craigbass1976 [n=craig@pool-72-73-91-138.ptldme.east.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu-mozillateam ["Leaving"]
gnomefreaktrainer: where did you get your version of firefox and -dom?05:35
traineryou mean which repository?05:35
gnomefreaktrainer: yes05:35
trainerok 1 sec05:35
gnomefreaktrainer: what version of ubuntu?05:35
asactrainer: do an aptitude dist-upgrade first05:37
asacor apt-get dist-upgrade05:37
asactrainer: you miss the universe repository05:37
gnomefreakasac: you should be at store :)05:37
asacgnomefreak: yeah :)05:37
asacwrote a mail05:37
gnomefreakbut ty it gives me a chance to fgure out grub :(05:38
asaclook in your /etc/apt/sources.list05:38
asacand add universe to the -updates lines05:38
asactrainer: ^^^05:38
trainerwait my sources.list has all the dapper repos05:38
asacat least i don't think so05:38
gnomefreaktrainer: your using dapper thats why i asked05:38
gnomefreak1.5 wasnt in edgy as final05:39
asaccan you paste sources.list?05:39
gnomefreakasac: how do i use ubuntus grub instead of suses :(05:39
asacdeb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu dapper-security main restricted05:39
asacmaybe add universe to that05:40
asacyou have to call05:40
asacthat will overwrite the bootsector05:40
asacgnomefreak: ^^^05:40
gnomefreakasac: still wouldnt beable to fix the depends on 2.0?05:40
asacits a depends from what was initially in edgy05:40
gnomefreakgrub-install hda0?05:40
gnomefreakor just grub-install05:40
asacthe other version is the 1.5.0.x security update05:40
asacdunno :)05:40
asacman grub-install05:41
asaci guess if everything is setup properly05:41
asacjust grup-install should do05:41
asacbut take care05:41
asacyour bootloader might be broken afterwards05:41
asacat least keep an ubuntu cd at hands05:41
gnomefreaknot very helpful man page :(05:42
trainerso add this line?   deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu edgy universe05:42
asacappend universe to existing05:42
asace.g. deb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu dapper-security main restricted05:42
asac-> deb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu dapper-security main restricted universe05:43
asacanyway ... don't know05:43
gnomefreakasac: he has edgy beryl repos so he might have a messed up libc605:43
asacif there is security support for universe ... gnomefreak ???05:43
gnomefreakor gnome libs05:43
gnomefreakasac: should be05:43
gnomefreaki have all for security repos05:43
asacno don't thinkn so05:44
asacfirefox-dom-inspector: Depends: firefox (= 1.5.dfsg+ but 1.5.dfsg+ is to be installed05:44
asacits really about original dapper version installed05:44
asacaeh available05:44
trainerthat did it! thank you!05:44
asactrainer: eah ... you have a bug open for that?05:44
asaci remember that I saw something about that05:44
asacif so, please close it :)05:44
trainerno I didn't open one05:45
asacok then fine05:45
=== asac is going back to work
trainerthanks again05:47
=== trainer [n=dave@65-117-135-105.dia.static.qwest.net] has left #ubuntu-mozillateam ["Ex-Chat"]
gnomefreakbrb hopfully this worked :)05:52
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
gnomefreakthat didnt work :(05:59
=== hjmf [n=hjmf@140.Red-217-125-227.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
gnomefreaknothing i do works :(06:17
asacwhat are you tryin?06:22
gnomefreakoverwrite suse's grub with ubuntus06:22
gnomefreaki have tried everything i can think of that makes sense in the wiki06:23
gnomefreakand still seeing suse's grub :(06:23
asacif you still can boot then you are lucky :)06:23
asachow did you run grup-install?06:23
gnomefreaksudo grub-install --root-directory=/boot /dev/hda06:24
gnomefreakhd0,0 is suse and hd1,0 is ubuntu06:25
gnomefreakfrom what grub tells me06:25
gnomefreakim getting tired of adding ubuntus new kernel to suses grub with every update06:26
gnomefreakand #suse is of no help (but that is normal)06:27
gnomefreakmaybe i should just install something over suse and say fudge it06:28
gnomefreakhow is etch?06:28
asacetch is good06:35
asacpretty good :)06:36
asacits pretty long term though06:36
asacif you run feisty06:36
asacyou should install etch06:36
asacthen go for sid06:36
asacits probably not less stable06:36
asacand has all the software of the world :)06:36
asacah ... of course ... the free-worlkd06:37
asacyes ... the ever going development version06:38
asaclike what is feisty now06:38
asacbut it stays that way forever06:38
asacwhen release is near06:38
asacpackages are not updated that fast anymore06:38
gnomefreakbut i thought etch was the only in devel06:38
asacbut otherwise all packages end up06:38
asacetch is the next release06:38
asacits currently testing06:38
asacthats where packages end up if no release critical bugs have been discovered06:39
asacin sid06:39
asacfor some time06:39
asacdebian stages packages06:39
asacso no dirt gets into testing (aka proposed next stable release)06:39
asacthats why its so stable :)06:39
asacso running sid is what running feisty is now06:39
asacbut there is no installer for sid06:39
asacso install etch06:40
asacthen dist-upgrade right away06:40
asacthere is even a graphical installer06:40
asacbut i wouldn't care as curses installer is really simple06:40
gnomefreakok is there a way to install without a cd :(06:40
gnomefreakor floppy06:40
asacetch rc2 releases are at06:41
gnomefreaki dont have cds handy atm06:41
asacNetboot, floppy and hd-media images are available from:06:41
asacso <arch> = i38606:41
asacfor you i guess06:41
gnomefreakand i want the mini iso right?06:43
asacwhat you like06:44
asaci guess floppy06:44
asacor netboot06:44
gnomefreaki went to netboot than it gives me 3 choices06:44
asaca cd would be pretty fortunate06:44
asacprobably use floppy06:45
asacnetboot i don't know much about it06:45
asac5 disks06:45
asacthat should be doabl06:45
gnomefreakmaybe since net is so much faster here than home ill download them here and burn them at home :)06:46
gnomefreaki have  ablank cd :) net install it is06:47
gnomefreakok brb smoke06:49
asacis best06:52
asac200 mb06:52
asaci guess06:52
hjmfgnomefreak: I've retraced bug 90577 that you assigned to me with the same results you got06:55
UbugtuMalone bug 90577 in firefox "Firefox crashes during form entry" [High,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9057706:55
=== LinspireBrian [n=brian@gateway.linspire.com] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asaci have seen more than one crash like that06:55
asacanyone else too?06:55
gnomefreakasac: its 159mb. is ther e agnome meta package in etch?06:55
asacyou can choose during instlal06:56
asacif you choose06:56
asacDesktop Environment06:56
asacyou will get gnome06:56
asacand all setup06:56
asacthere are other "tasks" as well06:56
asacbut desktop enviroment should be the way to go06:56
gnomefreakah netinstall allows me to choose? i thought it would drop me in tty06:57
asacyou can choose as usually06:57
gnomefreakah ok easy enough i remember debian installer06:57
asaconly packages come from net not cd06:57
gnomefreakhjmf: asac he has something hes not telling us maybe beryl or something that might be causing crash IMHO06:57
asacreally ... pointing bugs at other apps is always last resort ... so lets first assume that its firefox problem06:58
asacoutput on console?06:58
hjmfhe has a realplayer installed at /opt, maybe related06:59
gnomefreakas i asked if he can reproduce it and asked him to provide backtrace by following the wiki07:00
gnomefreakhjmf: yes i was thinking that too when i retraced it07:00
gnomefreakif he cant reproduce it there is nothing we can really do IMHO07:00
hjmfI've tried to link /usr/lib/helix/player/mozilla/nphelix.so /opt/RealPlayer/mozilla/ to see if that gets a clue07:01
asacwhat is helix?07:01
hjmfbut makes no diference07:01
gnomefreakits like realplayer iirc07:01
asacdoes he have real player?07:01
asacmaybe we can reproduce with it?07:01
gnomefreakim not sure wtf nphelix.so is located though07:01
gnomefreakinstalled in /opt07:02
=== gnomefreak has realplayer builds so i didnt hav eto install in /opt :) but event he bin doesnt install it in opt
asacwhy do people need realplayer?07:03
asacjust marketing affinity?07:03
hjmfmaybe they install everything that popups07:03
asacyeah ... probably good guess ;)07:03
gnomefreakadded a few comments07:04
gnomefreaklets see what he says07:04
gnomefreakproblem is filling out a form has nothing to do with media player07:04
asacyeah ... anyway07:04
asacwierd crashes07:05
gnomefreakmaybe he meant forum entry but still no need for player07:05
asacare most likely not related to the code that you see in trace07:05
asacbut maybe memory got trashed sometimes before07:05
asacnobody can tell when07:05
asacconsole output might yield assertions07:05
asacto indicate some wierd things07:05
gnomefreakasac: no way of telling if his statment is true that he cant reproduce it07:05
gnomefreaks/telling if/telling, if07:06
asaci guess 98% of reporters won't be able to reproduce a crash07:06
asacthey might get another crash07:06
=== gnomefreak would like to close it if he says he still cant reproduce it
asacespecially if they use comments like "closed unexpectedly, shutdown for no reason, etc)07:06
gnomefreaksince there isnt enough info to do much with07:07
asacyes probably ... however keeping open as reference, so we get alarm bells if a dupe happens is always good07:07
asacmaybe other reporter can reproduce07:08
asacits like a puzzle07:08
asacdon't throw pieces away ... find a way to manage them :)07:08
asacof course this is a growing puzzle07:08
asacok ... back to hard work07:08
hjmfasac, gnomefreak, I have to go. gnomefreak If you want me to do edgy retraces tell me, there are too little retraceable reports in feisty. I'll review the logs later.  see you07:09
gnomefreakhjmf: if you find some assign some to me and yourself. i only have one more retrace i can do atm and im going through bugs from oldest to newest. but i would love some more to do :)07:11
gnomefreakbut today im gonna try to get debian installed07:13
=== Admiral_Chicago [n=Admiral_@adsl-69-209-66-234.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
=== gnomefreak hopes this works
gnomefreakill be back im gonna install this07:16
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
gnomefreaki think this is good :)08:35
gnomefreakjust have to figure a few things out08:35
=== gnomefreak is off thinking
hjmfsomething curious about bug #7160508:41
UbugtuMalone bug 71605 in firefox "Firefox Crash [@IM_get_input_context]  (null-deref)" [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/7160508:41
hjmfasac, gnomefreak ^^^08:41
hjmfbe careful because first retraced stacktrace is about @IM_get_input_context08:41
hjmfbut first reporter's crash is a gtk issue08:42
asacgnomefreak: you are on debian?08:42
gnomefreakright now yes kind of08:42
asachow "kind of" ?08:42
hjmfYes, Kevin Kubasik  crash is gtk_style_realize08:43
asacdid install work well?08:43
gnomefreakhjmf: everyone else i filed bugs for use kevin as default bug08:43
asachjmf: ah ok ... then its ok. we can merge it to master.08:43
gnomefreakmark it as dupe of 7201808:43
asacah bug 7201808:43
UbugtuMalone bug 72018 in firefox "MASTER Firefox Crash [@gtk_style_realize]  [@nsFilePicker::Show] " [High,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/7201808:43
asacis wrong08:43
gnomefreakasac: yes im on it but i want icons off desktop and i need a sources.list :(08:43
hjmfbecause first retrace can be used as master of [@IM_get_input_context] 08:44
gnomefreakasac: dont tell me that there are 100 or so dupes08:44
asachjmf: yes ... its in description ... lets use it for that08:44
gnomefreakoh you mean the im_get  i have a bunch with that08:44
asace.g. @IM_get_input_context08:44
hjmfthe one from MasterOfDisaster08:44
gnomefreakasac: so use 72018 as master for IM_get_imput_context?08:45
asacbug 7201808:45
UbugtuMalone bug 72018 in firefox "MASTER Firefox Crash [@gtk_style_realize]  [@nsFilePicker::Show] " [High,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/7201808:45
asacthere is already one08:45
gnomefreakReported bugs for MasterofDisaster and Hugh for their reports.08:45
gnomefreaki already reported bugs for them and jules08:45
asacdo what you want :)08:45
asacwe have master for both i guess08:46
gnomefreakbug 71605 == kevins bug only now08:46
UbugtuMalone bug 71605 in firefox "Firefox Crash [@IM_get_input_context]  (null-deref)" [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/7160508:46
asacbug 85627,08:46
UbugtuMalone bug 85627 in firefox "MASTER firefox crash [@ IM_get_input_context]  when watching video" [High,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8562708:46
asacis master08:46
gnomefreakasac: where can i get a good sources list?08:46
asacwhat do you miss?08:47
gnomefreakasac: everything i only have 2 repos08:47
hjmfI did a search like this https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bugs?field.searchtext=MASTER08:47
asacgnomefreak: paste somewhere08:47
asachjmf: did it not show up?08:48
asacbtw, there are more IM_get_input_context08:48
hjmfand I thought that bug 71605 was a master08:48
UbugtuMalone bug 71605 in firefox "Firefox Crash [@IM_get_input_context]  (null-deref)" [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/7160508:48
asacthat can be merged into the master08:48
asacthe other has the upstream bug08:48
asacthats why it is master by definition :)08:48
hjmfnow I see it; my fault, Im blind08:48
hjmfI cant read, sorry guys08:49
gnomefreakhjmf: atleast you can read most days :(08:49
asacgnomefreak: remove the CD lines08:49
asacif you have net access08:49
asacjust use these:08:50
asacgnomefreak: you want to go sid?08:50
asacif so08:50
gnomefreaki will be going to sid sooner or later. maybe tonight08:50
asacjust those08:50
asacthen apt-get update apt-get dist-upgrade08:50
asacgnomefreak: just do now :)08:50
asacbetter before you install more packages08:51
gnomefreakand that will get me nvidia java flash and stuff?08:51
gnomefreakgood point08:51
asacnvidia is simple08:51
asacfrom non-free08:51
asacyou get it08:51
asacjava as well08:51
asacflash ... dunno08:51
asacyou can install from adobe08:51
asacfor nvidia you need08:52
asacand then select the nvidia module08:52
gnomefreakok i upgrade first :)08:52
asacit will build and install the nvidia kernel08:52
asacyes do08:52
asacetch and sid are currently pretty much in sync08:52
gnomefreakdoing update now :)_08:52
gnomefreak2 repos :(08:53
asacso ther should be no hard problems :)08:53
asacyes they are just 208:53
gnomefreakmy ubuntu list is long compared to debian08:53
asacbut you have each08:53
asacmain contrib non-free08:53
asacubuntu has lots of comments08:53
asacand backports stuff08:53
asacbut if you go sid you don't need such a thing08:53
gnomefreakwell 115 upgrade08:54
asacthats good ... if you come from cd ... those packages might have even been updated in etch08:54
gnomefreakhow to remove icons from desktop?08:54
asacjust remove?08:54
gnomefreakcant cd Desktop and mv them cant right click08:54
gnomefreakand remove08:54
gnomefreakcant drag and drop into trash either08:55
=== admiralprim3 [n=freddy@adsl-69-209-74-14.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asackeep them for now08:55
asaci guess you can08:55
asacset this in administration->Preferences08:56
asacmaybe its a nautilus setting?08:57
asaci remember something08:57
asacbut can't tell :)08:57
asacdebian ships it the gnome default way08:58
gnomefreaki noticed08:58
asace.g. nautilus in normal mode08:58
asacnot browser08:58
=== gnomefreak hates desktop icons
gnomefreaknautilus is weird always opening another window and so small08:58
gnomefreakwhat is thunderbird called now? icedove?08:59
asacinstall thunderbird will install it as well08:59
gnomefreakoh ok09:00
asacnautilus remembers size and place for each folder09:00
asacso you can organize your desktop :)09:00
asacspatial mode assumes flat directory hierachy09:00
asacso you add a few folders on your desktop or something and put files you want to access in there09:01
asacactually i like spatial mode :)09:01
asacdidn't came to reset to that here on ubuntu09:01
asacwill do now :)09:01
gnomefreaknever used spatial mode09:01
asacdid the gconf setting work?=09:05
asacfor desktop icons?09:05
asacyou can run killall nautilus if it doesn't update automatically after changing setting09:06
asacyeah ... i am now highly decorated :)09:06
gnomefreakyep they did ty09:07
gnomefreakCould not open the address "http://www.theevilpixel.com/?q=node/157":09:12
gnomefreakThere was an error launching the default action command associated with this location.09:13
gnomefreakoh wtf09:13
asacmaybe you need to set firefox09:13
asacin preferences?09:13
gnomefreaki set iceweasle :(09:13
asacwhat app are you in?09:13
asacfrom gnome-terminal? strange always worked for me09:14
gnomefreaksetting it to firefox instead of iceweasle worked09:14
gnomefreakthats odd09:14
asacis there an iceweasel entry?09:14
asaca prepared one?09:14
gnomefreakand it failed to open it09:14
asaccan you start iceweasel from command line?09:14
asacmaybe syntax is messed up in preferred applications?09:15
asacof command09:15
gnomefreakill look at it09:15
gnomefreakthat worked (resetting it)09:16
asacok so maybe accident edit :)09:16
gnomefreaknmo it didnt09:16
asachow do icons of icedove and iceweasel look like in menu?09:16
gnomefreakits only opening tabs that it errors on09:16
asacwhat command is there?09:16
gnomefreakit keeps changing09:17
gnomefreakits now /usr/lib/iceweasel/firefox "%s"09:17
gnomefreakit was iceweasel %s09:17
asacare you asked on startup09:17
asac"update default application" ?09:17
gnomefreakfind out now09:18
gnomefreakok its set to default09:18
gnomefreaknow it works09:18
asacupdated again?09:18
gnomefreakit asks me everytime i start09:19
asacbug then09:19
gnomefreakit says its not default want to make it default :(09:19
asacremove -gnome-support09:19
asacthat should remove that question09:19
asacprobably already filed09:19
asacdoesn't that happen to firefox?09:20
asace.g. when you choose firefox09:20
gnomefreakno i dont think it did09:20
asacit probably does09:20
asacwould be strange otherwise09:20
gnomefreakdoesnt help09:20
gnomefreakremoving iceweasel-gnome-support09:21
gnomefreakok lets find out09:21
gnomefreakyep still borkedd09:21
gnomefreakset it to ff and leave it alone works :)09:22
asacwhat color has iceweasel icon in menu?09:23
gnomefreakits pretty nice09:24
asaccan you send me a screenshot of menu?09:25
gnomefreakiceape == mozilla-suite?09:25
asac iceape - seamonkey - new mozilla09:25
gnomefreakprintscreen doesnt work :(09:25
asacactually i like the icedove logo on startscreen more than thunderbirds :)09:26
asacalt print ?09:26
asacshould do09:26
gnomefreakcant do it when menu is open09:26
gnomefreaksame as kde in ubuntu09:26
asacdamn ;)09:26
gnomefreaki got one of my panel :) same icon09:26
asaci hate it09:27
asacthe gnome applet for screenshot09:27
asacdoes not allow timer till shot09:27
asacalways have to install loads of kde dependencies09:27
asacbecause i use ksnapshot09:27
asacbut i think there should be an X only tool as well09:28
gnomefreakwhere is there a place to upload files?09:28
asacnice ... so iceweasel is blue09:31
asacicedove is green09:31
asacand i guess iceape red?09:31
asacicedove green/blue09:32
gnomefreaknot sure yet09:32
asaccan you please look if about dialog is still broken09:33
asaci think not09:33
gnomefreakin what?09:33
asacabout -> credits09:38
asacbut was never broken09:39
asacfor en-US09:39
asaconly for other locales09:39
gnomefreakits installing as we speak :)09:39
asaci really need to get final things done09:40
asacfor feisty09:40
gnomefreakgo for it09:40
asacwhat do you think is important?09:40
asacmaybe there are issues I did not see?09:40
asacin bts09:40
gnomefreakthe gtk_style (i would make #1 if you can09:41
asacyes ... not for crashes :)09:41
gnomefreakand anyother patches you have laying around that have been or can be acked by mozilla by tomorrow09:41
gnomefreaki think main freeze is tomorrow (thursday)09:41
gnomefreaksorry thursday its only tuesday :(09:42
asacwe get new thai support ... for that a good bunch of packages will be added09:42
gnomefreakbut thats all i can think of that is urgent really. that makes up most of crashes09:42
asacprobably the bug about adding "Report a Bug ... " menu entry09:42
gnomefreakasac: if you can i would say ok. but will mozilla go for it?09:43
asacyes ... if its not-intrusive09:43
gnomefreakor is that firefox-gnome-support09:43
asaci will have to look09:43
asacno firefox09:43
gnomefreakreport bug (where?)09:43
asacwill think09:43
gnomefreakmozilla's tracker or LP?09:44
asacdon't know ... i think there is a thing like apport-report bug09:44
asacit submits info about application, like package version depends and stuff like that09:44
asacso pretty useful09:44
gnomefreakin your gnome menu there is report a bug09:44
gnomefreakthat is ran by apport iirc09:44
gnomefreakunder system09:45
gnomefreakin feisty09:45
asacdon't have that :)09:45
asacedgy of course09:45
gnomefreaki do09:45
asacyes will find out09:45
gnomefreakat this point i would trample through the wishlists to see if you can get anything in quickly but i think most of them are a bit more work09:46
gnomefreaksecurity fixes can be done after release09:46
gnomefreakafter beta release at least09:46
gnomefreakexcept for that damn filepicker09:47
asacthe crash you mean?09:47
asaci hope that some are gone09:47
asacat least the totem patch fixes some09:47
asaci guess it only crashes now when the video html element is replaced by javascript09:47
asace.g. in dhtml09:48
asacnot if you go back or close tab09:48
asacbefore it would crash whenever you visit a totem site09:48
asacand leave somehow09:48
asacafterwards when you cause restyle ... crash09:48
asacso lets hope that a good bunch is fixed09:48
asachow many new one did we receive?09:49
asacgnomefreak: ^^^09:49
asaclets say in the last 4 days09:49
asacfor feisty only09:49
gnomefreaki saw a few not many new09:49
gnomefreakthey were all there i beleive09:49
asacok ... maybe late comers09:49
asacand some of course are real09:49
asaclets keep eyes open09:49
asacon this09:49
asacjust to see if impact is less critical09:50
=== gnomefreak doesnt like icedoves icon too much its too bright
asachmm ... i like them more :)09:50
asacicon maybe not09:50
asacbut logo09:50
asacthe one in about on startpage and credits09:51
gnomefreakin help its nice09:52
gnomefreaki dont see a start page09:52
asacView -> Go -> Start Page09:53
asacor startup icedove ... there is a watermarked logo where normally message preview is09:53
gnomefreaki dont have a splash startup screen for icedove09:55
gnomefreaknot even the startup notifier09:56
gnomefreakubuntu == 2.6.20 in feisty right?10:00
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
gnomefreakubuntu's and debians xorg.conf are not the same10:17
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asachey back :)10:29
gnomefreaknot good10:30
gnomefreaki lost debians default Xorg set up and now im in ubuntu mounted on debian trying to figure out what is wrong with xorg.conf10:31
asachave you run module-assistant?10:31
asacare you on console?10:31
gnomefreaki will be once in debian10:31
asactry # dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg10:31
asacah ok10:31
asacmount debian10:32
gnomefreakok brb boot into debian10:32
asacyou should be able to do it10:32
gnomefreakits mounted but im scared the commands wont work in there10:32
asacis debian installed in a single partition?10:32
asacchroot /media/debian10:32
asacsudo chroot /media/debian10:32
asacthen run10:32
asacdpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg10:33
gnomefreakgnomefreak@FeistyFawn:~$ sudo chroot /media/debian10:33
asacmy telco really sucks10:33
gnomefreakor should i have stayed in /media/debian?10:33
asactelephone is again dead10:33
asacwhat a crap is that10:33
asacprovide high speed dsl10:34
asacbut telephone sinks any day10:34
gnomefreak No X server known for your video hardware                                 10:35
gnomefreak                                                                            10:35
gnomefreak  There is either no video hardware installed on this machine (e.g. serial  10:35
gnomefreak  console only), or the "discover" program was unable to determine which X  10:35
gnomefreak  server is appropriate for the video hardware.  This could be due to       10:35
gnomefreak  incomplete information in discover's hardware database, or because your   10:35
gnomefreak  video hardware is not supported by the available X servers.10:35
gnomefreakim gonna boot to debian and try it10:36
asacirssi can run on cmd line10:36
gnomefreakit can but cant enter another tty10:37
gnomefreakctrl+alt+F# nor alt+F# nor ctrl+F# work10:38
gnomefreakwill try again but it gave me weird warnings. ill brb10:38
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
gnomefreakim in under nv and running module-assistant :)10:42
asacand install nvidia-glx10:43
asacafter installing kernel module10:43
gnomefreakis module-assistant going to install kernel module?10:46
gnomefreakso far its been kernel-headers and build-essential and stuff10:46
gnomefreakVersion 1.0.8776-4+2.6.18.dfsg.1-11 of nvidia-kernel-2.6.18-4-686 it looks like is installed now10:49
gnomefreakis it safe to try nvidia driver instead of nv now?10:50
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
gnomefreakok think it worked ty10:53
asacdoes glxgears work?10:54
asacdirect rendering in10:54
gnomefreakbash: glxinfo: command not found10:57
gnomefreakglxgears same output10:58
gnomefreaktechboard meeting10:58
asacsearch and install (TM)10:58
gnomefreakim thinking you need to be there :)10:58
asacno :)10:58
asaci have been decorated in the meantime :)10:59
gnomefreakyou got your devel?10:59
gnomefreaksearched glxinfo and got mesa-utils11:01
gnomefreakdirect rendering: Yes11:01
gnomefreakthat package is the one :)11:01
gnomefreaki thought debian had nvidia 9xxx11:02
gnomefreakfor a usplash do i need linux-patch-bootsplash?11:06
gnomefreakbrb gonna try usplash11:12
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
=== gnomefreak goes for smoke
asacdon't know about bootsplash11:20
asacdon't care for such things ;)11:20
=== Admiral_Chicago [n=Admiral_@adsl-69-209-53-42.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
gnomefreaki want something pretty ;)12:19

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