looping_going to bed12:24
looping_bye all12:24
neozenthankee ormiret12:25
ormirethappy to help.12:26
neozenso what's auth.log.0?12:27
neozenroot's log?12:28
ormiretan older version of auth.log, there may even be compressed even older versions with higher numbers12:28
neozenyes... there are12:29
neozenhow much is usually stored in a log?12:29
neozen*what period of time12:29
=== cycro [n=robert@CPE0040f4d45ca8-CM00195ee63a94.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #xubuntu
ormiretnot sure, it's probably in the config for logd12:29
spasticteapotIs Xubuntu Feisty based on XFCE4.4?12:30
neozenthe stable one12:30
=== vidd_laptop [n=vidd@static-72-86-132-220.phlapa.east.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
neozenallo vidd12:31
neozenno news yet mon12:31
neozenno one in my group is using that card12:31
vidd_laptopneozen, im using ndiswrapper =[12:32
neozenthat might be the only way12:32
vidd_laptopno...not ok...darn12:32
neozenthat works consistently12:32
vidd_laptopif you call having to switch to dhcp and back to static every time i boot "works consistantly"....12:33
neozenput it in a script12:34
vidd_laptopi will really have to look into the cost/benifit of replacing this wifi card with a linux freindly one12:34
vidd_laptopi think im going to format and install dapper...get the bcm working, then dist-upgrade thru to fiesty12:35
vidd_laptophopefully that will be the LAST time i need to re-install12:36
neozenyeah.... about that12:38
ormiretwhy dapper and not edgy?12:38
vidd_laptopif im lucky, the fwcutter in the dapper repo's have NOT been upgraded to the BROKEN ones like edgy12:38
neozenI don't think I'll even bother with a dist-upgrade12:38
neozen....I'll just whack out root and install again12:38
neozenbeen meaning to separate my home anywya12:38
vidd_laptopmy bcm worked great the *fifth* install of dapper.....and worked the 9th with edgy.....12:40
vidd_laptopbut i KNOW how to do it this time.....12:40
vidd_laptopas long as the program is OLD enough in the repo's....it SHOULD install like a charm in dapper12:40
vidd_laptopis there any way to get an OLDER version that WAS in the repo's, or do they replace them when they update?12:41
ormiretwhat is fwcutter? (trying to think what the dependencies would be like to install an older version in edgy/feisty)12:42
vidd_laptopit is the firmware cutter tool needed to get the BCM43xx wifi cards to work12:42
ormiretyou can pull older versions from packages.ubuntu.com if they aren't in the repos for the release you're using.12:42
vidd_laptopI think it is in multi- or univerce12:43
vidd_laptopits not a base package12:43
vidd_laptop=]  otherwise, id just get it off the cd!12:44
ormiretyou might have to take the source package and build it yourself, but you should be able to use an older version12:44
=== vidd_laptop will have to go hunting
ice_worldwhy do i still have a folder named oem in /home ?12:44
=== vidd_laptop wonders if his key-hunting licence will suffice to cover him for source code hunting, or if he needs a new one?
vidd_laptopice_world, cuzz you didnt delete it?12:46
ice_worldi haveto do that manually?12:46
vidd_laptopacually....i dont know why its still there12:46
ormiretlooks like you should be able to get away with the binary package, the dependencies are fairly straight foward.12:46
ice_worldthought it went away after i did that command to prepare for the "Users" first boot12:46
vidd_laptopmaybe it has an awesome recovery tool in it12:46
vidd_laptopwhat's in it?12:47
ice_worldits empty :p12:47
=== cellofellow [n=josh@] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptop*wave* cellofellow12:48
cellofellow*wave* all.12:48
g333k_workhi, where are the autostart apps in xfce?12:53
cellofellowa script edited with Applications > Settings > Autostarted Applications12:53
ice_worldanyone know a good guide on how to setup an ftp server? im going mad over here12:54
g333k_workcellofellow, can I do it by a conf file?12:54
g333k_workcellofellow, what file is it?12:54
cellofellowit'd be in ~/.config/xfce4 somewhere12:54
cellofellowice_world: sorry, no ideas on FTP.12:57
neozenquestion guys01:00
ubotuDon't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)01:00
neozenpoint taken01:01
neozenI need a way to access the web front end of a linksys router from the terminal01:01
neozenlynx says their front end has bad html01:01
cellofellowlinks2 will work01:01
neozenit'll display the submit button?01:01
cellofellowlinks2 will even do graphics in x (xlinks2) or the console framebuffer (links2 -g)01:02
cellofellowyeah, works pretty well01:02
R[a] ndomI just tried01:03
R[a] ndomlinks2 -g did a good job of messing up my console01:03
cellofellowyou have the kernel framebuffer all set up?01:03
R[a] ndomif ubuntu doesnt do it by default, nope.01:04
cellofellowadd vga=792 to the boot params in /boot/grub/menu.lst to get is set.01:04
cellofellowit doesn't, unfortunately.01:04
cellofellowreset should fix your console.01:04
R[a] ndomjust added a -mode and it works fine01:05
R[a] ndom'cept mouse doesnt work01:05
cellofellowyou need gpm running for mouse01:06
neozencello: I'll be using this on a server01:07
neozen..I access it only through ssh01:08
neozenlinks2 will work properly in this situation?01:08
neozenie... text mode through a terminal01:08
R[a] ndomyeah, dont worry about the graphics01:08
R[a] ndomand itll work no prob01:09
=== T` [i=total@pdpc/supporter/student/T] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptopice_world, ftp server how-to http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu_Edgy#FTP_Server01:10
neozenok... thankee random01:11
=== Qew [n=qew@82-69-126-225.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #xubuntu
neozenhow do I tell it to only run in text mode01:12
neozenie.... don't load up X01:12
R[a] ndomlinks201:12
R[a] ndomno -g01:12
neozenstill isn't displaying the submit01:13
neozenrouter version 4.71.101:14
neozen...but..... good news is... looks like I can still submit01:14
neozenthanks guys01:14
=== tesuki_ [n=tesuki@c-db87e455.20-0145-74657210.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #xubuntu
neozenincidently.. just tried it out with elinks as well01:17
neozenand that works01:17
neozenand has fewer dependancies01:18
neozen..thanks much all01:18
=== BFTD [n=thomas@dialup-] has joined #xubuntu
BFTDhey all01:26
vidd_laptopwhat up BFTD01:28
vidd_laptopdid you need help with someting?01:30
BFTD Idid01:35
BFTDbut its fixed now01:35
vidd_laptopdamn! are we good or what....we can help telepathicly!01:35
Eagle_101lol :D01:35
ubotuPlease watch your language and keep this channel family friendly.01:36
Eagle_101what other tricks that bot have?01:36
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots01:36
=== b_52Centos [n=skimo@adsl196-97-36-217-196.adsl196-10.iam.net.ma] has joined #xubuntu
ice_worldwhy does the clock say 00:49 when i edit it to be 01:4901:49
vidd_laptopice_world, what DATE do you have it at?01:50
=== Sultanovich [n=sultan@host169.201-253-221.telecom.net.ar] has joined #xubuntu
ostbagarn<--- ice_world from the xbuntu box01:52
vidd_laptopits the daylight savings time thing01:53
ostbagarnthats today? :O01:53
vidd_laptopit was earlier01:53
vidd_laptoptry setting it to 024901:53
vidd_laptopsunday morning01:54
vidd_laptopwait...that wouldnt be right01:54
vidd_laptopwhy dont you set it to auto-update date and time from one of the world servers?01:55
vidd_laptopostbagarn / ice_world .... did you see my info for how to set up an FTP server?01:56
ostbagarndont think so01:56
ostbagarnand the syncronize thing is on01:56
vidd_laptopthen check your time zone and you should be golden01:57
ostbagarnhehe ok01:57
vidd_laptopif your time zone is off then the auto-sync will set it off01:58
vidd_laptopand where are you that it is ten to 1?01:58
=== kalikiana [n=kalikian@xdsl-87-78-33-243.netcologne.de] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptophey kalikiana02:00
kalikianahi vidd, what's up? :)02:00
vidd_laptopnothing much....02:01
vidd_laptopjust trying to help out02:01
vidd_laptopostbagarn, was the time zone off?02:01
vidd_laptopi hate when ppl dont tell you if your suggestions do or dont work =[02:04
ormiretjut assume you've fixed all the problems in a person's life unless they tell you otherwise :)02:06
vidd_laptopi prefer that they TELL me i ^%$^&%'ed up thier system or made thier day....helps when i advise the NEXT guy02:07
vidd_laptopgetting no acknowledgement instills fear your system blew up and you CANT respond!02:08
vidd_laptop=] 02:08
vidd_laptopso is your time thing fixed?02:09
PuMpErNiCkLeDon't be so impatient - he could just be paying for pizza delivery.02:10
kalikianaor he met the girl of his life in this very moment bringing him the pizza. ;)02:11
neozenanyone here use openwrt or ddwrt on their router?02:11
vidd_laptoplol PuMpErNiCkLe or he could be attacking his box with an axe!02:11
vidd_laptopneozen, what is that?02:11
neozenfree firmwares for various SOHO routers/switches/access points02:12
vidd_laptopneozen, i use a linksys router.... completely open source code02:12
=== vidd_laptop had 2 of them....then he bricked one
=== vidd_laptop has a hard time flashing things.....he either gets arrested or bricks the device
=== tesuki_ [n=tesuki@c-db87e455.20-0145-74657210.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #xubuntu
kalikianavidd, why do you get arrested for flashing?02:17
vidd_laptopwb tesuki_02:17
vidd_laptopthink ppl...not hardware kalikiana02:17
vidd_laptopno comment?02:18
=== Sultanovich say hi
vidd_laptop*wave* Sultanovich02:19
=== atarinox [n=atarinox@c-71-58-75-130.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptophello atarinox02:20
Sultanovichwhat is wave?02:21
vidd_laptopa gesture of salutation using the hand and arm02:21
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about wave - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi02:22
kalikianaSomeone should teach him what you just said, vidd02:22
vidd_laptoplol kalikiana02:22
vidd_laptopabout *wave* or flashing?02:22
neozenlol @ vid02:23
atarinoxanybody know why i'd be experiencing some serious memory leaks with firefox on Ubuntu?02:23
atarinoxany common causes02:23
atarinoxor is it just firefox 2.002:24
kalikianaa crash once per week is normal ;)02:24
=== vidd_laptop does not know of any
PuMpErNiCkLeFirefox isn't the most memory-friendly program, but it can be made worse by plugins.02:24
atarinoxhmm well i setup swiftfox through automatix02:24
atarinoxmaybe that has something to do with it02:24
vidd_laptopalthow java locks up after about 18-20 hours02:24
vidd_laptopatarinox, what part of pa you from?02:25
vidd_laptopnice to see another resident of this great state!02:25
ice_worldpa, thats pensylvania?02:26
kalikianaatarinox, so try the original firefox - but don't forget to tell us about it :)02:26
atarinoxvidd_laptop: from state college02:26
vidd_laptopcool...im near Allentown02:26
atarinoxvidd_laptop: originally lancaster02:26
vidd_laptopmy gf is from there!02:26
atarinoxvidd_laptop: cool, i've got some friends in the lehigh valley02:27
vidd_laptopthat area anyway02:27
vidd_laptopatarinox, awesome....ya got another! ;)02:27
vidd_laptopatarinox, non-linux question.....are they REALLY com-castic? ...and is that a GOOD thing?02:29
=== magic_ninja [n=asdfsdf@ip68-102-176-127.ks.ok.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptopwb magic_ninja02:29
atarinoxvidd_laptop: don't know who 'they' are02:29
magic_ninjasup vidd_laptop whats up02:30
vidd_laptopyour cable provider02:30
atarinoxhaha oh02:30
atarinoxis comcast a local provider?02:30
vidd_laptopthey arent avalable here yet...but they are getting closer all the time02:30
atarinoxehh, it's alright02:30
atarinoxwe've had some issues02:30
=== MagicFab [n=magicfab@ubuntu/member/magicfab] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptopthey provide YOUR internet IP02:31
atarinoxah yeah02:31
vidd_laptopice_world, is your time working right now?02:31
neozenvidd: indeed02:32
vidd_laptopatarinox, just like the evil phone company provides mine02:32
neozenand though they seem to be using DHCP... my address hasn't changed in.... oh... over a year02:32
Sultanovichthanks vidd_laptop, are you here?02:33
neozendespite constant router reboots and modem power cycles02:33
neozenitsa cooooool02:33
ostbagarnvidd_laptop,  nope02:33
ostbagarnill wait untill 03:00 tho02:33
neozenand ... they allow incoming ports02:33
=== neozen dances
vidd_laptopostbagarn, is your time zone set right?02:34
vidd_laptopneozen, i wish The Evil Phone Company did02:34
vidd_laptopverizon should change its name to TEPC02:34
ostbagarnit is02:35
atarinoxvidd_laptop: we didn't switch over to comcast internet til a few months ago02:35
atarinoxAdelphia was bought out I believe02:35
vidd_laptopoh wonderful.....02:35
=== vidd_laptop forsees MORE issues for my customers in the near future
=== vidd_laptop works for a local dial-up/DSL provider
vidd_laptopperhaps i should say reginal.....we bought out so many others.....02:37
atarinoxi would be willing to switch to dsl but comcast ends up being cheaper w/ the cable tv/internet packages02:38
vidd_laptopalthough the LAST buy-out is a nightmare.....02:38
vidd_laptoptheir equiptment goes down more often then a woman of ill repute at a policical convention!02:39
ostbagarnsounds great02:40
=== cookie [n=cookie@pc1.cdex1-unet.ocn.ne.jp] has joined #xubuntu
neozenwell, in the chicago area, comcast appears to be using all of at&t02:40
neozen's old equipment02:40
vidd_laptopostbagarn, thats cuzz YOU dont work there02:40
ostbagarnhehe :02:41
cookiehi everyone, I just installed xubuntu lastnight and could not have my sound working02:41
cookieanyone has any idea about this problem?02:41
neozencookie: possibly02:41
neozenmodel of soundcard?02:41
vidd_laptoplaptp with an external volume switch?02:41
cookieI am a newbie to xubuntu and linux os !02:42
neozenwell... welcome02:42
neozen...what model is your soundcard?02:42
neozenwindows should've told you that02:42
cookiehumm, I dont know it now02:42
=== neozen slumps
vidd_laptoprun lspci and post the output in pastebin:02:42
neozenpaste the output of lspci02:42
cookieshould there be any pointer where I can download driver?02:42
vidd_laptop!paste | cookie02:43
ubotucookie: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)02:43
neozen......we need to know what model of sound card02:43
neozenwe can locate the relavent driver and docs02:43
cookiei see02:43
cookiethanks, I'll check that out and get back later.02:43
vidd_laptopcookie .... wait02:44
vidd_laptopyou need to run lspci....02:44
neozenget to a terminal02:44
vidd_laptopand post the output02:44
neozenits in the applications menu02:44
vidd_laptopon the site shown to you by ubotu.....and put the url here02:45
cookieok, understood.02:45
neozenyou're welcome02:45
neozennow run the command02:45
ormiretvidd_laptop, neozen: you two are managing quite a good double act :)02:46
vidd_laptopwhew....for a sec i thought HE THOUGHT that link was the solution!02:46
neozento copy just select the stuff in the terminal (there will be quite a bit) ... and to paste just whack the middle mouse button.... or, if you don't have a middle button, both mouse buttons at the same time02:47
=== vidd_laptop will back off....so the poor guy dont get too confused
vidd_laptoptoo many cooks and all that02:48
neozen...so... he hasn't run it yet02:49
neozen.....I think we have a winner02:49
neozeneither that..... or very, very busy02:49
vidd_laptopmaybe he is having issues copying all the output02:50
vidd_laptopor he may be trying to use [ctrl] [c]  to copy02:51
neozenhmm... the default xubuntu terminal doesn't seem to have a select all option02:51
neozenwell.... I did post how02:51
neozenperhaps he just hasn't checked02:51
=== neozen pokes cookie with a stick
vidd_laptopcookie, you having issues copying the out put?02:51
cookieI am back, guess you guys are talking about me02:51
neozenwondering how you're doing02:52
vidd_laptopwe thought you dropped or something02:52
cookiesorry, I have not checked it out yet. I am at the office now02:52
neozensince you haven't posted the output yet02:52
cookieand my personal mashine is at home02:52
vidd_laptopah...work IS important02:52
cookiewhich I can do it after work today02:52
cookiebut you guys are reall nice.02:52
=== neozen shrugs
vidd_laptopso he;s taking notes.....02:52
neozenwe try02:52
cookieI am in Japan now and it is mornig time which I have to work.02:53
=== dondong [n=dondong@] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptophmmmm...japan.....what time is it there now?02:53
cookiewhere are you guys now?02:53
vidd_laptopeastern USA02:53
neozenchicago, IL USA here02:53
cookie10.54 AM02:54
cookiei see02:54
vidd_laptopand what time you get home to work on the pc?02:54
cookieI will be back in again after 10 hours, but may not meet you guys online02:54
cookietime difference.02:54
ostbagarnsweden, europe here02:54
neozenthere's always someone here02:54
cookiegreat, hope someone can help.02:55
neozenif you poke the channel enough... you'll get someone02:55
neozenin the off hours02:55
vidd_laptopyeah....10 hours from now.....be almost eight am here02:55
neozenI'll be awake02:55
neozen..though I won't want to be02:55
cookiealright, talk later.02:55
vidd_laptopneozen, lol02:55
cookiegotta get back to work.02:56
=== vidd_laptop is off at that time....
neozenguess I'll have to set the laptop for auto-smack02:56
neozenI miss serial ports02:56
vidd_laptopneozen, really? why?02:56
neozeneasier to make custom hardware for02:56
vidd_laptopyour lappy dont have serial ports?02:57
neozenibm doesn't put them on their thinkpads anymore02:57
ostbagarnyea i suppose02:57
vidd_laptopi just looked....mine dont either!02:57
neozenanyone have any luck with any of the cheap usb->serial adapters under linux?02:57
=== neozen [n=neozen@wireless-226-97.wireless-vpn.depaul.edu] has left #xubuntu []
=== neozen [n=neozen@wireless-226-97.wireless-vpn.depaul.edu] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptopwb neozen02:58
neozenbrb... class just ended02:58
=== neozen [n=neozen@wireless-226-97.wireless-vpn.depaul.edu] has left #xubuntu []
atarinoxhttp://img124.imageshack.us/my.php?image=200610301621561280x1024kr1.png ........ is that a desklet in the upper left of that screenshot?02:58
ostbagarnits fact that ircing in school isnt good for your grades02:58
vidd_laptopmust be nice to be able to chat online during the middle of class02:58
vidd_laptopindeed it is02:59
atarinoxvidd_laptop: any idea which one?...i see a few diff desklet options in synaptic03:01
vidd_laptopatarinox, looks like he's running beryl03:01
vidd_laptopberyl as a wm...not the desklet03:01
vidd_laptopatarinox, looks like a weather one03:02
atarinoxoh ok03:03
vidd_laptopand he has another running across the topof his desktop....03:03
ostbagarnis this channel stricly for xubuntu?03:03
vidd_laptopsome kind of system monitor03:03
vidd_laptopostbagarn, not STRICKTLY03:04
vidd_laptopostbagarn, what question you have?03:04
ostbagarnnah its nothing important03:04
ostbagarnand its way off :p03:04
vidd_laptopis it linux related?03:04
vidd_laptopthen it s NOT way off03:05
ostbagarnso ill just forget it03:05
vidd_laptopask anyway....its not like anyone is asking for help ATM03:05
=== paul__ [n=paul@] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptophello paul__03:05
ostbagarnallready forgotten03:05
ostbagarnbye paul__03:06
vidd_laptop=] 03:06
vidd_laptopostbagarn, you better remember....you got me wondering now!03:06
vidd_laptopatarinox, you trying a few of those desklets?03:07
=== vidd_laptop has no need for desklets....he never looks at the desktop anyway
ostbagarnwhat about cpu graph or wather into in the panels!03:08
=== vidd_laptop dont understand the output and has no interest in learning
vidd_laptopso there is no need03:09
atarinoxvidd_laptop: yeah i just got gdesklet off synaptic03:09
atarinoxdoesnt seem to be the same sort of app though03:09
atarinoxthis looks more like a widget03:09
vidd_laptopand the weather is unimportant......im inside now03:09
ostbagarnim just having it there cus its cool to have :p03:10
vidd_laptopatarinox, remember...he has beryl [or compiz]  running03:10
ostbagarnmight be useful in the summer hto03:10
=== vidd_laptop dont need something draining resourses saying that resourses are being drained!
vidd_laptopi can already tell you what the weather is going to be like for the next 3 days.....CLIMATE CONTROLLED!!!03:11
vidd_laptop=] 03:11
ostbagarnsome people do get outside when they go to work/school03:12
ostbagarnyou dont?03:12
vidd_laptopim outside for 3 minutes [max.]  at a time03:13
ostbagarngetting the mail?03:13
ostbagarnor you just live close to work?03:13
vidd_laptopjust long enough to brush snow off the car03:13
vidd_laptopi drive....03:13
vidd_laptopthe car has climate controls03:13
vidd_laptopi work indoors...climate control03:14
ostbagarnit will make you cold blooded one day for sure03:14
=== vidd_laptop IS cold blooded....
vidd_laptopas the old lady when i steal all the blankets at night!03:14
=== neozen [n=neozen@wireless-226-97.wireless-vpn.depaul.edu] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptopwb neozen03:15
ormiretneozen: re:USB->Serial things: I've used a few and had no problems, plug them in and a /dev/USBttyX appears.03:15
neozenorm: could you recommend a manufacturer in particular?03:16
=== vidd_laptop has no need for serial devices....cereal on the other hand is a MUST!
ostbagarnoh really03:16
ostbagarnwhat brand?03:16
vidd_laptopdont matter03:16
ostbagarnyou lived where again?03:16
vidd_laptopcheep, generic brands work just fine03:17
ostbagarnpa is south of hawaii innit03:17
ostbagarni actually knew that03:17
ostbagarni dont know where in the us it is tho03:18
ostbagarnim guessing east side03:18
vidd_laptopabout 80 miles west of New York City.....maybe 10003:18
vidd_laptopyou targeting a nuke?03:18
ostbagarnits due any minute now03:19
ostbagarnid eat thoose cereals now if i were you, you might now get another chance03:19
vidd_laptopacually...THAT sort of humour is frowned upon in these parts03:19
neozenormiret: can you recommend a particular manufacturer or chipset I should look out for?03:19
ormiretneozen: no idea actually, I just found 4 in the parts cupboard and not one of them has a brand on it - I've yet to find one that doesn't work though.03:20
ostbagarnneozen, what kind of english is it they talk over there in pa?03:20
neozenI want to plug in my decrepit palm03:21
vidd_laptopostbagarn, how should he know....he's like 600 miles west of me03:21
neozenwhich only has a serial cradle03:21
neozen...not to mention... I've always wanted to make a piece of hw that holds a string with a rock on the end of it....03:22
neozenhave it listen for a 103:22
neozenand when it gets one... release the string03:22
ostbagarnwell its not like you haveto live in an area to know that they talk funny03:23
vidd_laptopneozen, your nuts03:23
vidd_laptop=] 03:23
neozenvidd_laptop.... all I want is a reliable alarm clock03:23
neozenelevated rocks have been used for alarms since the dawn of time03:23
vidd_laptopyou must not have downstairs neighboors!03:24
neozenno I don't03:24
vidd_laptopostbagarn, whats wrong with my english?03:24
ostbagarnyou used "frown"03:25
neozenormiret: thankee03:25
ostbagarnill take it back if you explain it03:25
=== vidd_laptop speeks two languages: English and moron-ese.....but his English is improving!
vidd_laptopostbagarn, "frowned upon" is an expresion that means that something is ill-mannered or in poor taste03:27
ostbagarni see03:28
ostbagarnstar marks the spot03:29
atarinoxdoes conky run that seti networking program automatically by default?...I just enabled the app and there're seti@home statistics there03:30
=== vidd_laptop should install that on his desktop...it mostly just sits there all day waiting for ppl to tell it to print
=== floooook [n=floooook@cpe-74-79-179-86.twcny.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
=== Scorchiolio [n=kikkoman@] has joined #Xubuntu
vidd_laptopostbagarn, thats the state all right03:34
=== vidd_laptop is on the eastern part of it
ostbagarni see03:37
=== vidd [n=vidd@static-72-86-132-220.phlapa.east.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== kalikiana stares at the wall. Written in snake blood it says "xubuntu-offtopic".
viddnow....what do i need to do to get this thing set up to remote in to it from another local machine?03:38
ostbagarnwe should have some more unrelated talk03:38
ostbagarnwouldnt ssh work for that?03:38
ubotuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for usage. Putty is a nice SSH client for Windows; it can be found at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/03:38
ostbagarnor maybe it dosent to graphical?03:38
viddkalikiana, so if i just install ssh-server on this machine, i can remote in to it from my laptop?03:41
ostbagarnhow about an ssh client for the laptop03:42
ostbagarnanyway its bedtime03:42
viddthat would probably come in handy....03:42
kalikianavidd, If you have a client, just like ostbagarn says, yes :)03:42
viddso i need ssh-server on the desktop....03:43
ormiretif the laptop runs linux it probably already has an ssh client03:43
viddwhat is a low-overhead client?03:43
ormiretimaginatively called ssh03:43
=== kalikiana hands ostbagarn a pillow.
viddormiret, cool....yes...all MY machines run linux....03:43
ostbagarnow kind03:44
viddon two machines left in the house that DONT03:44
ice_worldif its only, how many do you have? :O03:44
=== vidd counts on his fingers....
ice_worldhow do you need 8?03:45
=== kalikiana stuffs another pillow in vidd's face, for suggesting non-linux pc's to exist in his house.
=== ormiret boggles at kalikiana supply of spare pillows
ice_worldaye id say its frown to have that03:46
viddkalikiana, the old lady refuses to abandon her virius magnet!03:46
ice_worldwho ruined my bsg :(03:47
viddand the kid HAS to have his voice chat program that will ONLY work on wind bloze03:47
kalikianawhat is a bsg?03:47
viddice_world, how you guess?03:47
ice_worldbattlestar galactica03:47
kalikianaoh :)03:47
viddice_world, you get it to work in linux?03:47
ice_worldcus theres like 2 voice chat programs and ones only for win03:47
viddand it refuses to work right in wine03:48
=== kalikiana shivers at the word 'wine'.
ice_worldcant you setup a teampeak server for him so everyone he knows could switch to that?03:49
ice_worldsince that works for windows and linux03:49
=== vidd is of the philosophy "if it wont run native...it dont need to run"
viddhis friends just dumped team speak03:49
kalikianaActually Teamspeak should be good, I know many guys who use it.03:50
=== Scorchiolio [n=kikkoman@] has left #Xubuntu []
=== vidd agrees
viddbut these are teen agers03:50
ice_worldthey want something that north koreans arent allowed to use?03:50
viddTRY getting them to see logic, reasoning, and understanding!03:50
viddthewy just want to player-kill in a mmorpg03:51
kalikianavidd, That's three swear words in one sentence, calm down. :P03:51
ice_worldmore like they wanna pvp in wow?03:52
viddthe kid is acually TO'd that his friends have dumped the linux friendly chat and went with the windows only03:52
ice_worldTO'd ?03:53
viddice_world, runescape...not wow03:53
viddTicked Off03:53
ice_worldhehe i see03:53
viddwow is not linux friendly either03:53
viddhe LIKES linux (now that he has a powerhouse machine)03:54
ice_worlddosent it run quite nicely on linux?03:54
viddits been running fiesty, and he has had no issues with it03:54
ice_worldbtw is ticked off comparable to pissed off?03:54
viddwe had to put a brick in the case....cuzz it almost FLIES03:54
viddice_world, yes...the "polite" version03:55
ice_worldhehe isee03:55
viddhe had his site up and was logged in in less then half the time that the identical box running XP took03:56
viddwe rann them side-by-side....03:56
viddthe xp machine was built for a client03:56
=== vidd has an older mac that he needs to find a monitor, keyboard and mouse for
ice_worldolder mac = weird vga plug?03:58
viddIt will be the first time i ever ran a mac03:58
viddice_world, weird EVERYTHING plugs03:58
ice_worldmac seems to be sweet03:58
ice_worldhehe true03:58
=== neozen [n=neozen@wireless-226-97.wireless-vpn.depaul.edu] has left #xubuntu []
viddlooks that way....cant WAIT to slap xubuntu on it!03:59
viddlooks like ill get it up JUST in time for them to kill support for its architecture03:59
ice_worldxubuntu on a mac?04:00
ice_worldolder mac*04:00
ice_worldthat isnt possible is it?04:00
viddof course....what....ya think i'd put OS9 on it?04:01
ice_worlddidnt know linux had support for thoose ibm cpus04:01
ormiretlinux has support for loads of far wierder CPUs04:02
viddwell...from what i understand04:02
ice_worlddoes cyrix count as far weirder?04:02
viddppc arch i think04:02
vidd^^^for the older mac04:02
ormiretI think cyrix are x86 compatible, or am I thinking of something else?04:02
ice_worldanyway i have my bsg proper now so ill be going for real nwo04:03
ice_worldyea youre probably right04:03
ice_worldwindows can run on it so04:03
viddlike THAT is a PLUS!04:03
ice_worldmore like stating that it hasto be x86 compatible?04:04
ormiretyes, though I think there are Itanium windows versions?04:04
viddno...more like saying that you can put just about any piece of *&%*& on it04:04
ice_worldits doing service as a monowall routern now tho04:04
viddwith WINDOWS?04:05
ice_worldm0n0wall is like a linux router04:05
=== vidd was going to say......
ice_worldwhat do you use for your 8 computerS+04:05
viddrunning a firewall device with a M$ OS is like putting a screen door on a submarine!04:06
=== vidd LIKES his toys
ice_worldscreen door04:06
ice_worldis it that weird second door you got in the use04:06
viddice_world, not much ATM.....04:07
viddice_world, huh?04:07
ice_worldtalking about the screen door04:08
vidda screen door on a submarine will let all the water in...and not keep it out04:08
viddjust like a firewall device running on a M$ OS04:09
ice_worldbut im not sure i know exactly what a screen door is04:09
ice_worldso i want to know04:09
atarinoxnoob question....is there a general directory to find config files for apps04:10
vidda screen door is the door that instead of being made of solid wood or metal, has a wooden or metal frame and a screen covering the central part....04:10
ormiretatarinox: the man page for the app should say.04:10
ice_worldthen it was what i thought it was04:10
viddthat way in the summer, you can let the breeze through, and kepp the flying insects out04:10
ice_worldyou got lots of that? insects?04:11
viddin the countryside you do04:11
=== icicled [n=icicled@adsl-209-30-83-96.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has joined #xubuntu
joe4444anyone know why running "rmmod ehci_hcd" would actually enable usb2 devices to mount?04:11
ice_worldvidd you answer him04:12
ice_worldill go watch bsg04:12
joe4444isn't that module supposed to enable usb2?  it seems strange that removing it makes usb2 work04:12
viddif i KNEW what he was TALKING about i might04:12
viddjoe4444, maybe the command is an ITERFACE with the device04:13
ormiretjoe4444: are they running full speed or falling back to USB1?04:14
joe4444hmm, not sure04:14
viddand buy removing it, it is no longer a periferal (like a printer) but an HD04:14
viddjust a thought...i dont know for sure04:15
atarinoxis anybody familiar with conky?...do you know if there is a config file I can edit to add/remove certain stats, or do i have to recompile? not much help in the #conky channel04:15
=== xubuser [n=jadrian@host107.190-30-113.telecom.net.ar] has joined #xubuntu
vidd*wave* xubuser04:15
xubuserhi vidd04:16
joe4444it appears to be transferring @ usb2 speeds (2.2mb in < 1.0s)04:16
joe4444but the usb key is read only =(04:17
viddhmmm....E: Package ssh-server has no installation candidate04:17
joe4444and my ipod seems to be falling back to usb1.104:18
viddok...server installed....how do i remote in?04:19
joe4444but "rmmod ehci_hcd" was the only way i could get ubuntu to recognize the ipod04:19
kalikianaIs there a way to minimize a window with the mouse only?04:19
joe4444the minimize button...?04:19
kalikianaI mean without that button.04:20
joe4444or maybe mouse gestures (i've never used them)04:20
ormiretjoe4444: I'm not sure how to debug this, you should probably file a bug and get help from the developer.04:20
viddkalikiana, right click the title bar and choose [minimize] 04:20
kalikianaSo I need it w/o a clickable button and w/o a menu.04:20
joe4444have you looked into mouse gestures?04:20
kalikianaNot yet, since everything else (except close) works.04:21
viddno clickable button and no menu....04:21
joe4444i'm not really familiar with them, but that sounds like what you want04:21
kalikianaFor Shading I use the wheel, double for maximizing, middle for put-to-background.04:21
viddyou can [alt] [tab]  to other windows....04:22
joe4444afaik mouse gestures allow you to perform pre-defined actions by moving your mouse in certain patterns, similar to keyboard shortcuts04:22
viddhave you TRIED right clicking the title bar? kalikiana ?04:23
PuMpErNiCkLejoe4444: Which kernel version are you running?04:23
joe4444latest i think04:23
joe4444i only installed ubuntu a couple days ago04:23
kalikianavidd, I sure know the context menu, I just prefer the very quickest way04:23
joe4444and updated immediately04:24
=== vidd is running 2.6.20-9
kalikianavidd, So as a result I don't often use title bar buttons or menus.04:24
kalikianavidd, Which gives me the special option to use the BeOS skin. ;)04:24
joe4444apt-get doesn't show any kernel updates for me...?04:25
ormiretvidd is probably running feisty.04:25
viddkalikiana, ah...maybe you could PROGRAM the right mouse button  (double-click perhaps) to minimize?04:25
viddormiret, i am04:25
joe4444then i guess i have the latest EDGY kernel =)04:26
BFTDjoe4444 what does "uname -a" say?04:27
PuMpErNiCkLejoe4444: Yeah.  I was just asking because there was a kernel patch submitted a few releases ago to deal with some usb-related issues in some BIOSs.04:27
PuMpErNiCkLeIf you reload ehci_hcd, does it continue working, or go back to the original state?04:28
=== joe4444 is fairly new to linux
viddjoe4444, dont feel bad....we ALL were once!04:30
joe4444sudo rmmod ehci_hcd    will automatically mount my ipod04:30
joe4444sudo modprobe ehci_hcd    then unmounts my ipod04:30
PuMpErNiCkLemodprobe -r to remove, modprobe (without arguments) to add.04:30
ormiretwhat do you get in dmesg when you plug the ipod in with ehci_hdc loaded?04:31
joe4444one sec...04:31
=== vidd is not overly surprised...it IS a MAC device after all =]
viddor should i say apple...which MAKES MAC04:32
=== Sultanovich [n=sultan@host169.201-253-221.telecom.net.ar] has left #xubuntu ["Abandonando"]
joe4444yeah well i only used it with windows before, so the fs is fat32...if that makes a difference04:32
PuMpErNiCkLeIt shouldn't have a negative impact.  FAT has better support than HFS, which is what a 'macpod' uses.04:33
viddso...now that i have openssh-server installed...what do i do to remote in? do i have to change any settings?04:33
joe4444ssh user@server04:34
viddwill that give me terminal only? or X as well?04:35
joe4444ok, pasting dmesg output after i connect the ipod when ehci_hcd is enabled...04:35
ormiretthat gets you a terminal ssh -X gives you terminal from which you can start X apps04:35
viddormiret, but i can ACUALLY get the live desktop?04:36
ormiretvidd: no, you want vnc or similar for that.04:36
vidds/ i can/can i04:36
viddso i need a vnc server and a vnc client04:37
joe4444ubuntu comes with a vnc client04:37
joe4444well, not sure about xubuntu04:37
viddcan someone recomand a lite vnc server? (and client for that matter)04:38
ubotuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX04:38
PuMpErNiCkLejoe4444: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.15/+bug/5441904:38
UbugtuMalone bug 54419 in linux-source-2.6.15 "usb change between 2.6.15-23 and 2.6.15-26 breaks working setup" [High,Confirmed] 04:39
joe4444PuMpErNiCkLe, then as soon as i run "sudo rmmod ehci_hcd" the ipod is mounted within 5-10 seconds and Music Player opens ready to play songs from my ipod04:39
PuMpErNiCkLeIt looks like a mess involving a bunch of different components.04:39
ormirethmm, I thought there was on in that, I've heard good things about tightVNC but never actually used it.04:39
PuMpErNiCkLeTemp solution is to add 'irqpoll' to your boot options in Grub.04:39
PuMpErNiCkLeirqpoll is not the best of solutions, but it seems to have worked for others.04:39
joe4444hmm, how do i go about doing that?  and what exactly does it do?04:40
joe4444is that the blacklist solution?04:41
PuMpErNiCkLeNo, that just prevents the module from loading.04:42
PuMpErNiCkLeThis should, ideally, let the module work as intended.04:42
joe4444the irqpoll option?  how do i implement that?04:43
viddonce the vncserver is installed...do i need to run it...or does it run automaticly?04:44
Odd_Blokevidd: You'll probably need to run it.04:45
ormiretyou probably need to run it but 'ps ax | grep vnc' will tell you04:45
viddok ty04:45
=== bigfuzzyjesus [n=paul@] has joined #xubuntu
Odd_Bloke'/etc/init.d/<something> start' where <something> probably starts 'vnc'...04:46
vidd19327 pts/0    R+     0:00 grep vnc04:47
viddwhat does that mean?04:47
ormiretthe only process running with vnc in the name is the process looking for vnc04:48
joe4444i think that's showing that you just executed "grep vnc"04:48
PuMpErNiCkLejoe4444: To try it temporarily, reboot and hit 'esc' once you see that Grub is loading.  You'll see a list of boot options.  Using 'e' to edit individual lines, add it to the end of the 'kernel' line, and then boot.04:49
joe4444PuMpErNiCkLe, any idea if this problem is resolved in feisty?04:49
Odd_Blokevidd: Which means you need to start it, see above.04:49
PuMpErNiCkLeTo add it permanently, add it to the same line in /boot/grub/menu.lst.04:49
joe4444so just add a line with "irqpoll" ?04:49
PuMpErNiCkLejoe4444: Not sure.  There's been a lot of kernel changes for Feisty, particularly relating to storage, but the bug isn't marked 'fixed'.04:50
PuMpErNiCkLejoe4444: No, just add it to the end of the kernel line.04:50
joe4444kernel          /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.17-11-generic root=/dev/hda1 ro quiet splash irqpoll04:51
joe4444like that?04:51
viddwonderful...i installed tightvnc-server....but i cant seem to load it04:51
viddi got it04:52
vidd=] 04:52
PuMpErNiCkLejoe4444: Yeah, like that.  If you want to see more of what's happening at boot, remove the 'splash' and 'quiet' options.04:53
joe4444kaptengu, thanks04:53
joe4444i'll try that and see if i get usb2 speed04:53
joe4444heh, i mean "k, thanks"04:53
=== cclampblues [n=cclampbl@cpe-24-210-222-190.woh.res.rr.com] has joined #XUBUNTU
cclampbluesWHATS UP04:55
=== vidd is off to test!
=== Zambezis [i=Hideit@] has joined #xubuntu
viddhey cclampblues04:56
=== tonyyarusso [n=anthony@ubuntu/member/tonyyarusso] has joined #xubuntu
cclampbluesi got a style question for yall04:57
cclampblueshey vidd04:57
cclampblueshow do you change the transparency of windows or panel on xfce04:57
=== cclampblues is now known as Zamboni
=== Zamboni is now known as cclampblues
=== joe4444 [n=joe@ip24-136-32-203.ga.at.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
joe4444irqpoll doesn't seem to help05:00
joe4444i'm getting the same errors from dmesg05:01
ormiretcclampblues: I think there are compositing settings somewhere, windowmanager, or windowmanager tweaks05:01
vidd_laptopok....i dontget it....i vnc'd in...but i got a grey screen05:02
vidd_laptopmaybe i should log the box in first!05:03
=== Thai-help [n=Thai@] has joined #xubuntu
joe4444PuMpErNiCkLe, so i guess i won't be able to use my ipod (with any speed) until the ehci_hcd bug is fixed?05:03
PuMpErNiCkLeSeems like it.05:04
ormiretwas it not working without ehci_hcd?05:04
joe4444yeah, all kinds of errors from dmesg05:04
PuMpErNiCkLeYou should probably add your story to the bug tracker.05:04
vidd_laptophmmm....still not working05:05
joe4444once i removed ehci_hcd the ipod (and usb key) automounted05:05
Thai-help goto05:05
joe4444PuMpErNiCkLe, can you link me again?  i lost the url when i rebooted05:05
vidd_laptopi guess i will need to ssh into the box and turn vnc on?05:05
PuMpErNiCkLebug 5441905:06
UbugtuMalone bug 54419 in linux-source-2.6.15 "usb change between 2.6.15-23 and 2.6.15-26 breaks working setup" [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/5441905:06
=== cellofellow [n=ubuntu@] has joined #xubuntu
Thai-helpirc  irc.najeep.com05:06
ubotuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for usage. Putty is a nice SSH client for Windows; it can be found at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/05:07
=== joe4444 [n=joe@ip24-136-32-203.ga.at.cox.net] has left #xubuntu ["Leaving"]
vidd_laptop*wave* cellofellow05:12
vidd_laptopwhen you sneak in here?05:13
cellofellowabout 8 mins ago05:13
cellofellowno 605:13
=== vidd_laptop is trying to remote into his desktop
=== cclampblues [n=cclampbl@cpe-24-210-222-190.woh.res.rr.com] has left #XUBUNTU []
vidd_laptopnot having much luck....just getting a grey screen05:13
cellofellowmy hard drive is dying and I hope my idea of useing dd to image it over to a spare works.05:14
cellofellowwho are you trying to connect to?05:14
vidd_laptopmy desktop on my local network05:14
cellofellowI thought your ISP had some weird routing stuff that wouldn't let you run a server.05:15
vidd_laptopits all behind my router05:15
cellofellowshould work great then05:16
cellofellowdo the boxes have personal firewalls, not just the router firewall protecting you?05:16
vidd_laptopyeah...i connect....i just cant SEE anything05:16
Thai-helpirc irc.najeep.com05:16
vidd_laptopjust the router05:16
=== mode/#xubuntu [+o PuMpErNiCkLe] by ChanServ
=== mode/#xubuntu [+b *!*@] by PuMpErNiCkLe
=== mode/#xubuntu [-b Pumpernickle!*@*] by PuMpErNiCkLe
vidd_laptopThai-help, this is an english speaking channel05:18
atarinoxwhat does it mean to "fork" conky in the background?05:18
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about chinese - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi05:18
cellofellowatarinox: so it doesn't sit there in the terminal screen doing nothing05:19
cellofellowstupid bot05:19
atarinoxcellofellow: so if i'm autostarting hte app and don't want a terminal open i should change the forking option in the config file to yes?05:20
cellofellowif you're using the autostart or the run dialog, makes no difference. Only if you start in a terminal.05:20
atarinoxoh ok05:20
=== Thai-help [n=Thai@] has left #xubuntu []
cellofellowlalalala gparted takes forever to check the filesystem at least *3* times during a resize.05:23
cellofellowall the actions take no time at all, but the checks take forever, and make my disk click like mad sometimes.05:23
vidd_laptopbetter to be gparted 3 times then "departed" once isnt it???? cellofellow05:24
=== joe4444 [n=joe@ip24-136-32-203.ga.at.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
cellofellowI don't mind the time, but the clicking drives me nuts05:24
=== cclampblue1 [n=cclampbl@cpe-24-210-222-190.woh.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
cclampblue1what can i download that will play windows media video and quick time video?05:25
joe4444PuMpErNiCkLe, still there?05:25
cellofellowif you're on 32bit PC.05:25
cellofellowyou can use the Medibuntu repository to get them. Google it I don't have a link ATM.05:26
joe4444it seems my USB2.0 thumb drive works just fine under the normal setup (ehci_hcd loaded, no irqpoll)... the problem is limited to my ipod05:26
joe4444...although i don't have any other usb2 devices to test05:26
cellofellowusb thumbs usually have no problems whatsoever. iPods are another storry.05:27
=== cclampblue1 [n=cclampbl@cpe-24-210-222-190.woh.res.rr.com] has left #xubuntu []
joe4444b/c thumbs aren't real hard disks?05:28
cellofellowbecause they are flash, and they use a plain, simple USB protocol instead of a mostly proprietary iPod protocol.05:28
cellofellowbut USB hard drives usually work just fine too.05:29
joe4444would the ipod work better if i use rockbox?05:29
cellofellowhow long will it take to copy a 9GB disk image from one hard drive to another?05:31
joe4444a while05:31
cellofellow(`sudo dd if=/dev/hda1 of=/dev/hdb1`05:31
cellofellowwell, hos long should I wait?05:32
joe4444well i've read that ext3 is slower than ntfs05:32
ormiretas long as there is disk activity?05:32
vidd_laptopcellofellow, you got cows to milk?05:32
joe4444the other day i transferred a few dvd iso files (8-10gb total) and it took 20-30 minutes i think05:32
cellofellowit's not a file system thing.05:32
cellofellownope, but good idea vidd.05:33
vidd_laptop(i didnt thinks so....besides....what farmer gets up @ 10pm to milk cows?)05:33
cellofellowcows don't want milked at 10pm anyways.05:34
vidd_laptopit IS 10:30 your time...is it not?05:35
=== Eagle_101 [n=Eagle@unaffiliated/eagle101/x-0000001] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptopcellofellow, any clue WHY im getting a grey screen while im trying to vnc in?05:35
cellofellowyou may be using a VNC server that wants to provide access to the current session that isn't running. Or it may want to provide a GDM greeter screen but it isn't configured properly.05:36
vidd_laptopwhat is the command to allow remote login?05:37
vidd_laptopi have an ssh connection, and i can do CLI on the remote machine05:39
vidd_laptopbut i just get a grey screen when i try to vnc in05:39
cellofellowwhy not use direct XDMCP or plain X connection? Why VNC?05:39
vidd_laptopwell...cuzz i want to CONTROL the active desktop05:40
cellofellowwhich vnc server are you using?05:40
vidd_laptopAND i want to see what my kid does on it when he thinks he is unsupervized05:40
vidd_laptopum....the one that comes with xubuntu05:41
cellofellowone comes with xubuntu?05:41
=== kalikiana [n=kalikian@xdsl-87-78-33-243.netcologne.de] has joined #xubuntu
cellofellowserver not client05:42
cellofellowwhich server05:42
PuMpErNiCkLejoe4444: Sorry, I was away.05:43
=== mode/#xubuntu [-o PuMpErNiCkLe] by PuMpErNiCkLe
cellofellowhmmm. I think that one is designed to serve a login not the current X session.05:44
atarinoxis there a quick terminal command for viewing the name of my wireless card?05:45
atarinoxis hte default wlan0?05:45
cellofellowx11vnc servs the current session.05:45
ormiretatarinox: iwconfig ought to tell you/05:47
=== BFTD [n=Commande@unaffiliated/bftd] has joined #xubuntu
BFTDis there some program that can record from a mic?05:49
ubotuaudacity: A fast, cross-platform audio editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.4b-2.1ubuntu1 (edgy), package size 1850 kB, installed size 5444 kB05:50
vidd_laptoplol....i just rebooted my remote machine05:50
vidd_laptophmmm....seems i can remote in without logging in....05:53
cellofellowubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo dd if=/dev/hda1 of=/dev/hdb105:53
cellofellowdd: writing to `/dev/hdb1': Input/output error05:53
cellofellow3008029+0 records in05:53
cellofellow3008028+0 records out05:53
cellofellow1540110336 bytes (1.5 GB) copied, 468.229 seconds, 3.3 MB/s05:53
cellofellowmake me sad. It did that last time05:53
cellofellowexactly the same05:53
cellofellowis there some other option I can give dd? like an argument for the -bs option?05:54
vidd_laptopis there a way to log in to a remote machine without logging in physically first?05:54
vidd_laptopsomeone put an install disk in the cdrom drive05:56
=== cellofellow is now known as cello|gui
vidd_laptopnow im getting connection refused05:57
joe4444PuMpErNiCkLe, just finished posting a reply to that bug report05:58
vidd_laptopthat means that the box is up but wont let me log in05:58
=== cellofellow [n=ubuntu@] has joined #xubuntu
UbugtuMalone bug 54419 in linux-source-2.6.15 "usb change between 2.6.15-23 and 2.6.15-26 breaks working setup" [High,Confirmed] 05:58
vidd_laptopcellofellow, im in05:59
=== cellofellow [n=ubuntu@] has joined #xubuntu
=== BFTD [n=thomas@dialup-] has joined #xubuntu
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about audicity - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi06:02
BFTDwhat was it called again?06:02
ubotuaudacity: A fast, cross-platform audio editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.4b-2.1ubuntu1 (edgy), package size 1850 kB, installed size 5444 kB06:02
cellofellowaudacity.sf.net is the website. It's in repos too.06:02
vidd_laptopcellofellow, now i have a grey window with terminal open in it06:08
vidd_laptopand it's labled X desktop06:09
vidd_laptopi type a command...and i see the app06:10
cellofellowyou got the "Failsafe Terminal" I guess.06:10
cellofellowI don't pretend to know anything about VNC.06:11
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vidd_laptopwhat is the command to restart the gdm?06:11
joe4444sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart06:12
joe4444i think06:12
vidd_laptopyep....but no dice over vcn06:14
vidd_laptopi dont get my menues06:14
joe4444i have tightvnc server set up on my mom's XP machine and it works fine with ubuntu's Terminal Server Client06:15
joe4444have you tried using that instead of the tightvnc client?06:15
vidd_laptopim using the vnc client that came with xubuntu06:16
joe4444Terminal Server Client?06:17
joe4444maybe that's only with Ubuntu06:17
cellofellowclient makes no difference06:17
vidd_laptopwhat is the name of the login window app in system?06:19
cellofellowyou have server configuration issues06:19
cellofellowthe command is gdmsetup06:19
vidd_laptopi reset it to allow remote x logins06:25
=== null_ [n=null@cpe-24-208-189-7.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptopits is booting....06:25
=== bur[n] er_ [n=burner@c-67-173-254-148.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptopstill getting the "fail safe" terminal06:27
cellofellowinstead of a "greeter" screen?06:28
vidd_laptopim reading theguide on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH#head-f09843431b09ba40966092f04f15548732d97fed-206:29
vidd_laptopit looks like X is running....and not XFCE06:31
=== bur[n] er1 [n=burner@c-67-173-254-148.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptopthat is the contents of the xstartup script06:37
=== bigfuzzyjesus [n=paul@] has left #xubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== vidd [n=vidd@static-72-86-132-220.phlapa.east.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
viddthis is me logged in remotely06:40
vidd_laptopso i can do what i want....as long as i launch it from the command line06:40
vidd_laptopso i need it to be set up so i can access it with xfce06:41
vidd_laptopinsead of Xdesktop06:41
Eagle_101mmm so vidd_laptop you are saying that you are able to access xorg, but not xfce?06:41
cellofellowstartxfce4 will get xfce running06:41
vidd_laptopit apears so06:42
vidd_laptopawesome....i have my desktop06:43
vidd_laptopoopps i closed the WRONG window06:46
vidd_laptopnow ihave the desktop background, but no icons or terminl06:48
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ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about xlaxk - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi06:56
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about xlack - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi06:56
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about exlax - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi06:56
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about anything - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi06:57
=== OGDA [n=thomas@dialup-] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptop!the_body_under_the_floor | joe444406:59
=== OGDA is now known as BFTD
vidd_laptopnow if i can just get it to see my ACTIVE desktop!07:05
=== sunnz2 [n=zac@ppp115-5.static.internode.on.net] has joined #xubuntu
cellofellowvidd_laptop: can you run startxfce4 again?07:12
vidd_laptopi can now....07:13
vidd_laptopi killed the vncserver and restarted it07:13
vidd_laptopnow, while i cant see what is happening on the active screen....i at least have a basic idea of how it works07:14
vidd_laptopi can play with it tomorrow07:14
=== vidd_laptop needs some rack time in a MAJOR way!
vidd_laptopnight all07:15
=== Eagle_101 is now known as EagleZzZ
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dsl1118hi everyone09:09
=== SkippyX [n=Thangleb@] has joined #xubuntu
SkippyXquestion re: packages on the xubuntu alternate install disc. I just managed to get debian (sarge) installed on an old lappy I picked up on the cheap.09:16
SkippyXI had difficulties installing xubuntu on it. Or puppy linux (for that matter)09:16
SkippyXI think I see where I the problem occurred - but I've got debian on it.....09:16
SkippyXotoh - the packages included in debian are covered in moss.09:17
=== hyper [n=hyper@84-75-60-32.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #xubuntu
SkippyXwhat kind of packages are includeed in xubuntu? I can't seem to find a regular package list.09:17
hyperhiho, anyone alive?09:17
SkippyXyeah - hyper - I am.09:17
SkippyXNot a regular.09:17
SkippyXI was just asking about packages in xubuntu. I'm comparing debian (sarge) vs. xubuntu on an old lappy.09:18
SkippyXtried to get xubuntu installed - failed, managed debian - and I'm pretty sure I see where I erred on xubuntu - but I'm wondering if it's worth switching.09:18
hyperwell, you know whether I can make some sort of include in the hosts file?09:18
SkippyXNope. Haven't a clue.09:19
hyperSkippyX: hmmm, if it's old I'd rather go for DSL or puppylinux :)09:19
SkippyXI really don't want to do DSL - and had problems getting puppy on it. The debian-based distros were hard to install (w/ debian sarge I had to go expert install/netinstall and go w/ the defaults.)09:20
TheSheephyper: no, you can use a DNS server to add more hosts :)09:20
SkippyXThe other ways all lead to failure at detecting & mounting the CDROM.09:20
TheSheephyper: see man hosts09:20
SkippyX300 MHz, 96 meg machine - runs *Great* w/ debian on it.09:20
SkippyXfaster than I would have thought. X & xfce.09:21
TheSheepSkippyX: did yuo try various kernel options, like acpi=off, noapic, etc. ?09:21
SkippyXTheSheep, Yep.09:21
TheSheepSkippyX: well, you can always try debian unstable if you want newer packages :)09:22
SkippyXTheSheep, I was thinking I could. I'm 1/2way familiar w/ ubuntu (been running breezy on my desktop for a year or so), prior to that it was mdk.09:22
SkippyXDebian I'm new to, but it can't be that different than ubuntu.09:22
SkippyXI was wondering if I could just do "apt-get update" or some such thing w/ apt to bring it up to Etch.09:23
TheSheepSkippyX: yes, you just need to chenge the repositories in /etc/apt/sources.list09:24
TheSheepSkippyX: ubuntu is almost identical to debian in terms of architecture and inner workings09:24
SkippyXTheSheep, Great. Then there's little point in going for a reinstall at this point.09:24
SkippyXIt's only going to be used as a web appliance anyways - something I can take to wifi hotspots to get broadband speeds for d/ls. dial-up at the house.09:25
TheSheepSkippyX: I think that with some luck you'd even be able to upgrade debian to ubuntu and vice versa XD09:25
=== sunnz2 [n=zac@ppp115-5.static.internode.on.net] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepSkippyX: although it's a stunt09:25
SkippyXSounds like a bit of a stretch for a home user/neophyte like myself.09:26
SkippyXTook me 4 tries to get debian (sarge) installed last night. I made mistakes at various points during the first 3 - and learned from my mistakes. 4th time was the charm.09:26
TheSheepman learns all his life09:26
SkippyXtrue enough.09:27
SkippyXI wonder how current the apps are in the etch repos? I'm sure there are also 3rd party repos for current apps.09:27
SkippyXHmm. Likely something I should be asking in #debian.09:27
SkippyXOk - well, thanks for the pointers & chat. I'm off.09:29
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pdamerHey,  I just installed xubuntu on an hp laptop and I am getting random system freezes,  Anyone have hints as what to look for?10:46
pdamerAt first I thought it was firefox but then it happend when that wasn't running10:46
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hyperTheSheep: have you tested Xubuntu on a P3 800Mhz with 256MB ram?11:00
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frtmonsterhi, how can i disable my laptop's touchpad?01:30
hyper_chfrtmonster: no clue :)01:30
frtmonsterhyper_ch: i tried commenting it out in the X11 conf01:31
frtmonsterbut nothing happened aftewards01:31
frtmonsteryou know how to perhaps, tell linux i updated the conf?01:31
hyper_chfrtmonster: you have to restart x-server when you change the x11 conf01:35
ubotusvn is Subversion: an open-source revision control system, which aims to be a compelling replacement for CVS. See http://subversion.tigris.org/01:35
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hyper_chwow, the new bootsplash is really nice :)01:53
frtmonsterwhat other good X's like XFCE there are?01:55
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ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:06
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hyper_chPuMpErNiCkLe: hiho02:42
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PuMpErNiCkLeIt was time to do some spring cleaning.02:42
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hyper_chPuMpErNiCkLe: do you know how to activate the multimedia buttons on a notebook?02:43
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=== hyper_ch takes operator priviledges from PuMpErNiCkLe
=== hyper_ch is evil
PuMpErNiCkLeWhich notebook?02:44
hyper_chPuMpErNiCkLe: it's an acer travelmate 141002:44
hyper_chPuMpErNiCkLe: well, question is whether it's possible at all :)02:47
PuMpErNiCkLeShould be possible.02:48
PuMpErNiCkLeWith `xev`, you can capture keyboard events.02:48
hyper_chthat's the only thing that's not working yet on my mom's notebook :)02:48
PuMpErNiCkLeUsing the keyboard shortcuts pref pane, you can assign them to commands.02:49
hyper_chI'm not quite following you02:49
hyper_chxev is a program that needs to be installed?02:49
PuMpErNiCkLeIt should be installed already.02:49
hyper_chok :)02:49
hyper_chPuMpErNiCkLe: one more thing, can you get this file?  http://icanthack.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/01/vmnet.tar02:50
hyper_chit stopped for me... now it works again :)02:51
hyper_chyay :) vmware works now again :)02:52
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silyaHi all! Xubuntu supports philip 190c monitor?03:12
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joe4444why would removing GIMP also remove ubuntu-desktop and xubuntu-desktop?03:37
TheSheepjoe4444: becayuse gimp is one of the applications installed by default03:38
joe4444one of03:38
joe4444i don't want to lose all the other apps03:38
TheSheepfoo-desktop packages are meta-packages that don't really contain anything inside, but instead depend on all the applications that are by default in ubuntu/xubuntu03:39
TheSheepyou won't loose them03:39
joe4444oh ok03:39
joe4444removing open office says it will remove language-support-en...?03:41
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LastMallare there any real drawbacks to just installing from the livecd ?04:51
TheSheepLastMall: you need at least 192MB ram04:57
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LastMallyeah, I knew about that.   the livecd install is just easier and if ram requirements are the only real problem, I may just suggest people always use the livecd to install from.05:11
pleia2LastMall: the LiveCD install is the recommended way to do the install these days05:14
pleia2if you want to do a different install you have to download a whole different iso (alternate)05:14
Jasperkhey hi...i am newbie in ubuntu...well in linux in general...i try with slackware a few weeks in this distro use konkeror for navigate into the files of the system but in xubuntu what application i must use...???05:17
ochosianyone here knows how to setup tvout on an old ati rage 128? (i have tv out working in bios, but not in the xserver)05:17
pleia2Jasperk: thunar05:17
Jasperkpleia2: ok....i use this but this don't show my others partition and HD.....05:20
TheSheepJasperk: navigate to /media05:21
pleia2Jasperk: if thunar doesn't have the features you want you can install konqueror05:21
BFTDdum dee du,05:25
BFTDhey all05:25
Jasperkpleia2: i don't know if whould  install konqueror because i use xfce and konqueror work in kde....can you help me....??05:26
JasperkTheSheep: thanks TheSheep.....i don't know that in this directory i whould find my others files.....05:29
TheSheepJasperk: you can mount the disks in any place, but that's where they are mounted by default05:30
JasperkTheSheep: ok....thanks for the info....you know if i whould install konkeror into xubuntu....??05:32
TheSheepJasperk: you can, but it won't look nice and will be slow05:34
TheSheepJasperk: better to learn use Thunar05:34
TheSheepJasperk: especially if you upgrade to feisty when it's out05:34
TheSheep(feisty is the next version of ubuntu)05:35
JasperkTheSheep: ahhh ok...i have xubuntu 6.10....05:35
TheSheepfeisty will be out in April, it's much improved :)05:36
=== El_Angelo [n=ElAngelo@merlin.ugent.be] has joined #xubuntu
El_Angelowhat are you guys trying to achieve with xubuntu?05:38
El_Angeloapposed to ubuntu and kubuntu?05:38
darrend_laptopanyone using the network settings gui to switch locations?  I'm trying to use it on a laptop that travels to many different network environs and I don't see it executing any scripts in /etc/network/if-up.d and the like when it switches location05:38
JasperkTheSheep: ahhh ok...yeah i read a little about this new release....but i have a another problem and this it that i cann't copy files with thunar....05:38
ubotuPartitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in Gnome under Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For Edgy, see !fstab and !DiskMounter05:39
El_Angeloi'll tell you why i ask this05:39
ubotuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions05:39
El_AngeloXfce is considered as a lightweight alternative for gnome or kde05:39
El_Angelobut is xubuntu the lightweight alternative for ubuntu or kubuntu?05:40
TheSheepEl_Angelo: we just like xfce, that's all05:40
El_Angelocause i just installed xubuntu on a dual p3 866Mhz, 512MB rdram, so not the world fastest machine, but also not what you would call slow05:40
TheSheepEl_Angelo: it should run fine on it, except for firefox, of course05:41
El_Angelobut xubuntu is * s * l * o * w * on that machine...05:41
El_Angeloi installed arch and lunar on that machine with Xfce... and it was *smooth*05:41
El_Angelonow this is outrageous05:41
El_Angelois there any *tweak* guide? (god i feel like back in the windowsxp times :( )05:42
colorredwhat browser is recommended for slow machines?05:42
darrend_laptopcolorred: elinks?05:42
El_Angeloit's not firefox that is slow... i even didn't start that one yet!05:42
darrend_laptopdepends how slow :)05:42
colorredthats horrible!05:42
El_Angeloit's the whole damn desktop05:43
darrend_laptopelinks is cool.05:43
TheSheepcolorred: this is a hole in the market -- generally Opera is pretty fine, or Dillo/w3m if you don't really need graphics05:43
colorredI mean 350MHz05:43
TheSheepEl_Angelo: you must have broken something ;)05:43
darrend_laptopcolorred: you mean a gui browser?05:43
TheSheepEl_Angelo: what graphics driver do you use?05:43
El_Angeloand no i did not turn on compositing05:44
TheSheepok, it should be fast enough05:44
TheSheepEl_Angelo: doi you have compositing enabled?05:44
darrend_laptopcolorred: try http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=lightweight+web+browser05:44
TheSheepEl_Angelo: e.g. do you see shadows around the windows?05:44
El_Angelo[17:44:03]     El_Angelo | and no i did not turn on compositing05:44
TheSheepah,. ok05:44
=== Jasperk [n=Jasperk_@] has left #xubuntu []
colorredah, the google05:44
El_AngeloTheSheep: in case you don't know.. i'm an xfce dev ;)05:44
TheSheepEl_Angelo: cool05:44
El_Angeloso i pretty much know what to turn off to speed the damn thing05:45
TheSheepEl_Angelo: then you probably can look into task list and see what takes all the cpu?05:45
El_Angelobut in this case it's not helping.05:45
El_Angelosmp ain't disabled by default by any chance?05:45
TheSheepafaik no05:45
TheSheepI think it's enabled since edgy05:46
El_Angelofeisty thing is what i have installed05:46
El_Angeloherd 5 or something05:46
TheSheepdo you use a _386 or _generic kernel?05:46
El_Angeloi don't know05:46
TheSheepuname -a05:46
El_Angeloi'll check tomorrow05:46
El_Angelomachine ain't here05:46
El_Angelobut i was just wondering what you were expecting from a machine like that05:47
TheSheephmm... what else can slow it down :/05:47
El_Angeloi'll check all settings again tomorrow05:47
TheSheepEl_Angelo: I'm running xubuntu on a P2 200Mhz with 96MB ram and it's ok05:47
TheSheepas long as I don't run firefox or openoffice, of course05:47
El_Angelowon't run those05:47
El_Angelothough imho with 512MB firefox should be doable05:48
El_Angeloit's what i have in this machine @ home too05:48
TheSheepit's more than enough05:48
El_Angeloafter all xubuntu ain't vista..... right? (unsure)05:48
TheSheepat least not last time I checked05:49
TheSheepalthough they can fork ubuntu if their native code ain't ready by the release time ;)05:49
El_Angelois beagle enabled on a default xubunut install?05:49
El_Angeloor tracker or something alike?05:49
TheSheepno mono on xubuntu05:49
TheSheeptracker is there, but I think not installed05:50
TheSheepit's still to new05:50
TheSheepwish you luck with your install05:50
=== kraut [i=fek@blackhole.packetloss.biz] has joined #xubuntu
krautdoes the installer supports dm-crypt devices?05:51
darrend_laptopnobody using the net settings gui??05:52
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lzaphello, I need a small distro with Firefox2 and GDM for KIOSKs, I have chosen Xubuntu... what is minimal systems req? I have boxes with 128 MB RAM and 1 GB IDE flash drives...06:13
TheSheeplzap: xubuntu won't fit06:14
TheSheeplzap: at least not the default distribution06:14
lzapnot good06:14
TheSheeplzap: I think that in your case it's better to either start with ubuntu server and add xfce and firefox to it, or choose some distro that allows you to customize much more, like Lunar or Gentoo06:15
TheSheeplzap: disk space is the main problem06:16
TheSheeplzap: xubuntu ships with everything an user *might* ever need, so it's huge06:16
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheeplzap: you could also try to make them into ltsp terminals, see the dubuntu documentation06:17
=== cga [n=cga@213-140-6-101.ip.fastwebnet.it] has joined #xubuntu
lzapevaluting Slax06:23
=== soumyadip [n=soumyadi@] has joined #xubuntu
KboyKowboyhey all - i have read through the https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommonQuestions page about the resolution problems xubuntu might have - but i'm not sure which of the problems listed i may have06:29
KboyKowboybut... i know my pc is able to run 1024x768, and it is a resolution mentioned in my xconf file... BUT still i cant choose it when adjusting my display in display setings06:31
KboyKowboyi tryed to find my pc specs http://www.ciao.co.uk/HP_OmniBook_XE3L__5373335#productdetail06:31
TheSheepKboyKowboy: have you tried changing your horizontal and vertical sync ranges?06:32
KboyKowboywhere do i do that?06:33
TheSheepKboyKowboy: the simplest way is to open terminal and type: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg06:34
TheSheepKboyKowboy: then you'll be asked some questions, accept the defaults until you get to the monitor configuration06:34
KboyKowboybut then i have to choose all sorts of settings for the pc right?! ok... hold on let me try... just backing up my xconf file first06:34
TheSheepKboyKowboy: another possibility -- your graphics card might be using the regular ram memory for the graphics memory, then you need to set in bios how much it should use06:35
krautdoes the installer supports dm-crypt devices?06:35
TheSheepKboyKowboy: it's usually called 'graphics aperture' or something06:35
TheSheepKboyKowboy: set it  to the highest value possible06:35
KboyKowboyuh?!... he he ok... firstly i try the xconf thing - im a little slow ;-)06:36
TheSheepI'd try the bios settings first06:36
=== tim__ [n=tim@host86-133-157-171.range86-133.btcentralplus.com] has joined #xubuntu
KboyKowboyok... but i have no clue about that06:38
KboyKowboyshould i restart and go into the bios then?06:38
TheSheepKboyKowboy: yes06:39
KboyKowboytrying now ;-)... thanks06:40
=== KboyKowboy [n=KboyKowb@0x50a1023d.bynxx12.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has left #xubuntu []
TheSheeplook for 'grapgic aperture' or 'graphic memory size' option, or something like that06:40
=== KboyKowboy [n=KboyKowb@0x50a1023d.bynxx12.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has joined #xubuntu
KboyKowboytheSheep: nothing like that in the bios06:45
KboyKowboyso "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" is the next step?!06:46
KboyKowboyok trying now... i should try and change the refreshrate?!06:49
TheSheepin the wors case you'll see blank screen06:50
KboyKowboyit asks me how much memory i would like to alocate for the grafics card06:50
KboyKowboyshould i try and put a 128 or so there?!06:51
KboyKowboyok - now i'm at the refresh rate part06:55
KboyKowboywhat should i try and write?! standard is 28-5106:56
=== ochosi [n=chatzill@chello084114031037.14.vie.surfer.at] has joined #xubuntu
ochosijust a quick general question: if fullscreen video playback via tvout doesn't run smoothly, is it definitely due to old hardware? (pIII 450mhz, 256ram, atirage128 32mb, 14gb hdd)06:58
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=== kboykowboy [n=kboykowb@0x50a1023d.bynxx12.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has joined #xubuntu
kboykowboyTheSheep: hmm... ok i messed it up the screen went crazy - now i need a little help on setting it back to what it was before. How do i start up in "text mode" and copy back my xconf.backup file?!07:19
colorredtry choosing recovery mode in grub07:22
=== stork [n=sh2-136@storkey.plus.com] has joined #xubuntu
kboykowboyehh... what is grub?!07:23
=== rag [n=rag@58.Red-80-24-33.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #xubuntu
colorredah. the boot loader. you can choose which kernel to boot. to bring up the menu, hit esc right before it starts booting linux07:24
kboykowboycolorred: yes sir ;-) thanks07:31
ochosianyone got an idea how to run xubuntu in minimum config so that video playback on an old machine would run smoothly? (and: do you think the main prob is graphics card, cpu or ram speed?)07:34
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=== thespaceantelope [n=maryann@hlfxns0161w-142068043198.pppoe-dynamic.ns.aliant.net] has joined #xubuntu
thespaceantelopeI'm having a problem with my DVDROM drive. It won't mount.07:49
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KboyKowboycan anyone help me determind if i have a problem related to the "Intel Graphics driver (i810) won't use high screen resolutions" on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto08:30
=== MagicFab [n=magicfab@ubuntu/member/magicfab] has joined #xubuntu
KboyKowboyif i say my pc is very similar to this one http://www.ciao.co.uk/HP_OmniBook_XE3L__5373335#productdetail08:33
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El_Angelois it possible to turn of the interface lock of the "x" sudo used in xubuntu?09:33
El_Angeloi mean09:34
bur[n] ersay what?09:34
El_Angeloit's very nice that it asks for a password with i startup synaptic09:34
bur[n] erlike when gksudo makes the screen go black?09:34
El_Angelobut i want still to be able to do other stuff09:34
El_Angeloit's ****ing anoying me as hell09:34
bur[n] eryou can either turn off the asking of the password altogether... or just deal with it ;)09:35
bur[n] erwhy wouldn't you want that behaviour?  If you launch synaptic, you want to run synaptic, not something else09:35
El_Angelonothing else?09:35
bur[n] erand after you put in your password, you can do anything else09:35
El_Angelowell just imagine this.... this will be a stupid example but hey... you'll get it anyway09:35
El_Angeloi'm a new user09:35
El_Angelototally have no idea what i'm doing09:35
=== bur[n] er is following
El_Angelobut i managed installing xubuntu09:36
bur[n] ersweeeeeeeeeet09:36
El_Angeloi click on "Synaptic package manager"09:36
El_Angelostarts asking me for passwords09:36
El_Angelobut i have no idea wth the thing is supposed to do09:36
El_Angeloi seek help09:36
El_Angeloi want to fire up firefox09:36
bur[n] erok... give me a minute here....09:36
=== Silver2 [i=Silver2@dialup-] has joined #xubuntu
bur[n] ernew user... opens synaptic and then clicks on firefox to do something else while waiting for synaptic to open... if the password window doesn't make it the focus, you could lose it behind another window... I know you've seen users in windows lose "yes no" questions under things09:38
bur[n] erso with the current setup, they cancel the password, or figure it out.  at this point, they've only ever used one password with linux, so it must be it!09:38
bur[n] eri hear your point, and it'd be cool to be optional for those in the know, but I like the default behaviour09:39
Silver2Is there any tax software for linux?09:39
=== bur[n] er just users a sudoers file with "NOPASSWD"
bur[n] erSilver2: I have done mine online via turbotax09:39
bur[n] erusing firefox09:39
Silver2k thanks09:39
bur[n] erit says it may not be compatible but you can go on anyway... and it worked for me :)09:39
El_Angelobur[n] er: i'm i the first to ask this/09:39
bur[n] erEl_Angelo: check launchpad or the docs or the wiki?09:40
bur[n] erEl_Angelo: you're the first I know09:40
El_Angelomost likely not really your typical user, as i'm actually a dev of another distro... but still :p09:42
=== bur[n] er shrugs and claims nothing
bur[n] eri'm just an irc idler09:43
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=== slow-motion [n=JohnDoe@p5B06DBB7.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #xubuntu
El_Angelook found it out :)09:51
El_Angelogksu --disable-grab09:52
El_Angelodoes it :)09:52
El_Angeloso all that i have to do now is add that :)09:52
El_Angelothnx for all the help bur[n] er ;)09:52
bur[n] er:)09:53
bur[n] eranytime... but gksudo is used instead of gksu i think09:53
bur[n] ergksudo -g synaptic09:54
bur[n] erfor example :)   see ya09:54
El_Angelosame result :)09:54
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MordicusPlease, is there a way to boot from the liveCD and to install Xubuntu from an external (non bootable) device ?10:38
TheSheepMordicus: yes10:38
TheSheep!install | Mordicus10:38
Mordicusmy cd-rom is too slow and the installation often stalls10:38
ubotuMordicus: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues10:38
Mordicusthank you, I am reading the doc10:39
MordicusTheSheep: what means "!install" ? a command ?10:39
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #xubuntu
Mordicusmy installation freezes but I cannot find the exact reason reading the doc :/10:42
TheSheepMordicus: how much ram do you have?10:43
TheSheepdoes it freeze at 83%?10:43
Mordicusno, at 15%10:43
TheSheepwhen you boot from the cd, there is a menu, in that menu there is an option to "check the cd for defects", did you try it?10:44
MordicusI installed fluxbuntu before, but during the partion process, i deleted the partition an  created a new one...10:44
=== KboyKowboy [n=KboyKowb@0x50a1023d.bynxx12.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has left #xubuntu []
Mordicusyes, I checked the CD, no error was found, checksum is ok10:44
TheSheepwhat is the installatro doing when it freezes?10:45
TheSheepdoes it say anything?10:45
Mordicusit stops at "detecting file system" (mine is in French)10:45
Mordicusthe Cd as stopped, and the screen is "freezed"10:46
MordicusI can move the mouse, nothing else10:46
Mordicus*it stopped while "detecting the file system"10:46
Mordicusmay be my CD-rom is getting old :/10:46
Mordicuspossible ?10:46
TheSheephardly -- if it passed the test it should be ok10:47
TheSheepI'd rather say your drive controller is non-standard and the system hangswhen trying to use it10:47
Mordicuswell, i checked on another PC, because this one is two slow (CD-rom read slowly)10:47
=== cycro [n=robert@CPE0040f4d45ca8-CM00195ee63a94.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepaah, check it on the same cd10:47
Mordicushuh... really ? (it will take hours :s)10:48
TheSheepMordicus: you can try one of the alternate install methods10:48
Mordicusi am reading the doc but it's hard -_-10:48
MordicusI'm a newbie to linux10:48
TheSheepMordicus: or just put the hard disk into a faster computer, do the install, put it back and reconfigure x server10:49
cycrohow do i add 7zip support to xarchiver?10:49
null__Mordicus: make sure your CD-ROM drive has 0 errors reading the install CD10:49
null__Mordicus: if there is a logical block reading error (meaning a scratch or bad burn) the install will fail10:49
null__Mordicus: I burned 3 CD's, at 4x, 4x, 1x, used 3 different CD-ROM drivers, and kept failing.  Turns out I have crappy CD-R's :(10:49
MordicusTheSheep: oh ! that's an idea ! but it's a laptop... but I can try...10:49
Mordicusnull__: I got the same problem yesterday trying to install Fluxbuntu :(10:50
TheSheepouch, messing with a hdd in a laptop is usually a bad idea :(10:50
TheSheepis booting from an usb drive an option?10:50
Mordicusbut this CD sound OK, mD5 is ok, not error found..10:50
null__Mordicus: if you can get to a console and run 'sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop' after you edit your sources(!required) you can install from the internet10:51
Mordicusthe laptop is too old, it can olny boot from Floppy, CD-tom or internal HDD10:51
null__Mordicus: what are the specs?  Xubuntu may not work on too old of a laptop10:51
null__I tried installing Xubuntu on a 32 MB ram Pentium  MMX laptop last night and it wouldn't install because it didn't have enough ram.10:52
MordicusCelerom 600Mhz, 192 ram, 8mo vram, 40go HDD (with FAT32 partition for Millenium + small partition for Geexbox)10:52
null__yeah, that would owrk10:52
null__o.0 Millenium?10:52
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepMordicus: I think that there is a program that makes it boot from any device -- it boots first and then loads the boot record from whatever you tell it10:52
null__Good god, get rid of that operating system.  it's junk.10:52
TheSheepMordicus: there should be a link in the docs10:52
MordicusTheSheep: yes WinMe, because there is no other light windows OS working for this laptop :s10:52
null__Mordicus: xubuntu will work very well10:53
MordicusTheSheep: from ANY device ? you are sure ?10:53
TheSheepMordicus: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto10:53
Mordicusit is not for booting from the CD-rom only ??10:53
TheSheepnot sure, but I guess not10:54
TheSheepMordicus: you can also try the minimal cd -- then it will download almost all from the net10:55
TheSheepor this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromWindows10:55
null__wait, minimal cd?  where's that?10:56
Mordicuscan I boot with the live CD and type this : "'sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop" ??10:57
null__Mordicus: I do not know.10:58
MordicusSmart Boot Won't Work... "SBM appears not to support PCMCIA cdroms" and "SBM also does not appear to recognize external USB CD-ROM drives" :(10:59
null__Mordicus: doesn't the live cd have an install option once its running?10:59
Mordicusyes it has, it tries to install the files from the system but my PC freezed twice :(10:59
Mordicus*from the LiveCD11:00
=== ipfw [n=family@c-68-51-218-143.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
null__i've experienced that problem with many live cd distributions11:00
MordicusI afraid there is an error with grub or something like that...11:00
null__an eth0 install seems to be your best bet11:00
Mordicusit is the destkop CD11:00
null__it's usually a driver incompatibility error i think11:01
=== odat [n=kevin@c-71-207-39-41.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
Mordicuseht0 install ?11:03
Mordicuswhat about Feisty desktop for Xubuntu ? can I try it ?11:03
grazieMordicus: No technical insight from me, but it took 2/3 goes for me to get xubuntu installed on x86.11:04
odatanyone able to help with a second hard drive?11:04
grazieMordicus: you can try feisty, but I don't of any specific difference made to it that would help. You'd probably have more success with the alternatie cd although you shouldn't really need it.11:08
grazieodat: what's the problem?11:08
odatneed to setup the fstab to recognize it11:09
MordicusI would like to try the net installation... i am going to use the minimal CD to see11:09
Mordicusis there a minimal boot cd for Xubuntu ? or shall use Ubuntu minimal CD ?11:10
=== Koji-Murasame [n=nick@] has joined #xubuntu
darrendwhen I run network-admin on my laptop, I don't get asked for my password (gksudo) but do if I run it on my desktop machine.  Both are edgy.  I vaguely recollect changing something on the laptop a few months back relating to this: any idea what it might have been??11:10
grazieMordicus: ubuntu minimal...same thing for all *ubuntu11:11
Mordicusthen I type "sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop" from terminal ?11:11
grazieMordicus: once you've got the base system installed11:12
Mordicusbtw, I've read somewhere that "ACPI" should be disable before installing... right ? but I can't find the command line anymore :s11:13
Mordicussomething like : linux ACPI ... (off) just after booting with the CD, before install11:13
Mordicusdo you see what I mean ?11:13
=== skirk [n=skirk@ip-103-163.sn2.eutelia.it] has joined #xubuntu
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #xubuntu
grazieMordicus: Either 'linux noacpi' or 'linux pci=noapci' ...I can't remember....maybe both work?11:16
=== Koji-Murasame [n=nick@] has left #xubuntu []
Mordicus"linux acpi=off" ! :)11:18
=== cellofellow [n=josh@] has joined #xubuntu
grazieMordicus: that's the one :)11:19
=== Kresjah [n=a@ti231210a080-12823.bb.online.no] has joined #xubuntu
=== g333k_work [n=gonzalo@] has joined #xubuntu
cellofellowhow do I get OpenOffice.org to use GTK widgets instead of Swing? I know that it can do that. It does in GNOME and XFCE. I'm using Fluxbox and it uses Swing instead.11:20
=== rag [n=rag@58.Red-80-24-33.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #xubuntu
darrendcellofellow: aptitude install openoffice.org-gtk11:22
cellofellowI have that though11:22
=== idontknow [n=harshul@c58-107-84-63.blktn1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #xubuntu
darrenddon't know then - worked for me when I installed that.  do you also have openoffice.org-style-industrial installed?11:24
darrendor try blasting your ~/.ooo-2* directories away in case there's some local override11:25
cellofellowI have all the files in place, and it does work when using xfce4, it's just a matter of loading those files.11:26
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cellofellowdarrend: I think that what I NEED is a local override11:39
cellofellowOOo has no gui option in the preferences for picking which GUI toolkit you want.11:40
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Mordicus17% without freezing ! :D11:54
MordicusQuestion : does Feisty Fawn for Xubuntu is ready? I see it can be downloaded... O_O11:55
Mordicusok :(11:55
Mordicuswhat it will change ?11:56
cellofellowit's not "stable" (declared finished and not going to change) yet.11:56
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MordicusI mean... which new features with the next release?12:01
cellofellowxfce4.4 stable, linux 26.20, new artwork. As far as I know that's it.12:02
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Mordicusok ! :)12:04
MordicusBTW... how to install linux driver on Xubuntu ? :/12:04
MordicusI found linux drivers for my video card I think...12:04
Mordicusbut I don't know how to install them...12:04
Mordicusno, Trident Blade 3D 8mo Vram12:05
cellofellowSource code or binary?12:05
MordicusI don't know :(12:05
MordicusOperating System: All POSIX (Linux/BSD/UNIX-like OSes), Linux12:05
cellofellowon SOURCEforge12:06
MordicusWill it work on Xubuntu ?12:06
cellofellowread their instructions, but search for a debian or ubuntu package first.12:06
cellofellowit'll involve using make and terminal and setting up files manually.12:06
cellofellowwithout a package12:06
Mordicus:'( I'm lost12:07
grazieMordicus: You used the live cd ok, yes?12:08
cellofellowyou sure that that driver isn't in the repositories somewhere?12:08
Mordicusgrazie: yes, till now it sounds OK (25%!)... I use the liveCD but this time I typed "linux acpi=off" in the commande boot line12:09
Mordicuscellofellow: I am lost in Linux... how to know this ?12:09
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about trident - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi12:10
cellofellow!search trident12:10
cellofellowdoesn't look like it.12:10
grazieMordicus: you'll be able to use the same driver on the install and update later if required12:11
cellofellowmanually installing drivers is a pain. It's not like windows. In Windows, the person who made the hardware ships the drivers too. In Linux, the driver had better be either built-in or very easily installed.12:11
cellofellowFrom repos12:11
cellofellowLike nvidia12:11
=== cellofellow suggests getting an nvidia card to solve all driver issues, unless you are RMS and then it is ALL your driver issues. :D
Mordicuscellofellow: but it's an old laptop ! :'(12:12
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MordicusI found nothing here about trident : http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi12:12
cellofellowdoes the X system in the LiveCD work ok? If it's very old I wouldn't worry about 3D drivers as it shouldn't make much difference.12:13
cellofellowtry searching packages.ubuntu.com or packages.debian.org12:13
grazieMordicus: look in /etc/X11/xorg.conf for Driver to see what the Live CD is using12:14
Mordicusgrazie: my system is installing (26% :s)12:15
graziegosh that's slow :(12:15
Mordicusthe CD-rom is slow.....-_-12:16
Mordicus found that : http://packages.ubuntu.com/edgy/x11/xserver-xorg-video-trident12:16
cellofellowhow slow is slow? 1x?12:16
Mordicusis it mine ,12:16
ubotuxserver-xorg-video-trident: X.Org X server -- Trident display driver. In component main, is optional. Version 1:1.2.1-0ubuntu2 (edgy), package size 69 kB, installed size 220 kB12:16
Mordicus29%... no it's a DVD-rom ! >_<12:17
Mordicusprobably getting old.......12:17
cellofellowlooks good. It's on the cd I think12:17
Mordicusso it will be installed automatically ?12:17
grazieMordicus: should be, but trident cards can be problematic12:20
Mordicusthere is nothing I can do ?12:21
grazieMordicus: make a note of  what's the Driver is in /etc/X11/xorg.conf just in case. Probably best to leave it until the install finishes12:22
grazieMordicus: I'd skip the language packs as well if I were you12:23

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