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mtec- from edubuntu website "Take note though that the Live CD is only a workstation solution and does not contain Edubuntu's server components." does it also not include manuals?03:28
mtecI tried to launch the Kturtle programing app and read the manual but the default location did not have a file03:30
mtecwas version 6.0603:34
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mung107so do y'all have many big edubuntu deployments out there?04:02
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crazy_busI installed edubuntu on a friends computer.  However the screen resolution only goes up to 800x600.  How can I change it to 1280x...? (My xorg.conf contains the correct resolution but the screen resolution changer doesnt seem to detect it)05:22
ubotuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type  sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart  in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto05:27
bimbericrazy_bus: see if that last link helps05:27
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highvoltagebtw, edubuntugirl got published in croatia: http://bp1.blogger.com/_pJm17kdllh0/RfcZCMfsacI/AAAAAAAAAB4/QrgVCaifgXQ/s1600-h/jutarnji.jpg08:45
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ogracbx33, so11:15
cbx33hey ogra11:23
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cbx33you're...actually here...11:24
=== cbx33 pats ogra down....
cbx33yes he's real :p11:24
cbx33what can i do for you bud?11:24
ograyeah, apart from having to bury one of my guineapigs which died yesterday and from the meeting tonight i'm all TCM and artwork today11:25
cbx33aorry to hear that dude11:25
ograso what did kwwii say `11:25
cbx33we only have one little pig left11:25
ograwe too11:25
cbx33well he emailed lisa11:25
ograbut that'll change again11:25
cbx33to say...he hasn't got any time11:25
cbx33and he was going to see you11:25
ograwell, he didnt yet11:25
cbx33that was three days ago11:26
cbx33he was going to see you "tomorrow"11:26
ogragiven that we need something *today* ...11:26
ograas i see it, we need a wallpaper and a splash ...11:26
ograseems i can adapt 5the ubuntu gdm theme11:26
cbx33you know what's on the palette...11:26
ograby just changing the colors11:27
cbx33tonight I'm going to be really pushed to do anything11:27
ograwe need a neutral wallpaper11:27
cbx33i will be making themeeting though11:27
ogralike the one edgy has11:27
cbx33I will see what I can do11:27
cbx33I'll try to phone lisa and ask her to put something together11:27
ograprobably only  a slight vartiation of this one ...11:27
ograless saturated, some new elements and the old ones moved a bit11:27
cbx33I'll put that to her11:28
cbx33can I ask...honestly....would we be better deferring TCM to feisty   1?11:29
ograand what would we ship ?11:29
ograwe dont have SCP in the archive anymore11:29
ogralets look at TCM ... we can cut down features that dont work11:30
cbx33I'm just worried about the time we have left for testing etc11:30
cbx33in that case it's basically working well11:30
cbx33grab the bzr repo11:30
ograwell, we can still fix bugs after beta as long as we dont need to introduce biug chunks of code11:30
cbx33that's cool then11:30
ogralets focus on the big issues today, if we get them soirted we keep the feature, if not, we disable it11:31
ograthe small issues that are solvable with one two or three line changes can still be fixed11:31
cbx33is the biggest11:31
cbx33the password system11:32
cbx33plus we must sort of the Xsession issue11:32
cbx33and get rid of my ugly hack11:32
cbx33which was a suggestion from the ##gnome channel btw11:32
cbx33not me11:32
ograi still have no idea what that Xsession issue is about11:32
ograor where to look11:33
cbx33well....does it help to know what fixed it :p11:33
ograto me it seems as if the apps just start to early11:33
ograand dbus isnt up at that time or something11:33
cbx33from what I heard11:33
cbx33it's not being started in the dbus session11:33
cbx33so it's like running in it's own session11:34
ograthats what i said above :) the app is started to late to register with a running dbus ...11:34
cbx33oh right11:34
ograto early indeed :)11:35
cbx33so would the solution just be to make it start up after the dbus one?11:35
ogradoesnt it do that yet ?11:36
cbx33I can't remember11:36
cbx33it starts at 8011:36
cbx33or did11:36
ograright and dbus starts at 7511:36
cbx33i think that's actually after11:36
cbx33so it should be ok11:36
cbx33do you remember that bug someone else sent to you11:36
ograso either dbus has a delay in startup11:36
ograor we need a special way to register in its session11:37
ograsince it works if you start it after login, i suspect it might bethe delay ...11:37
cbx33so.....can we introduce a wait in the Xsession file?11:40
cbx33or will that slow down boot up11:41
ograuh, no11:41
ografind the dbus slowness (if there is one) and fix it11:41
cbx33but how does my hack manage to fix it then11:42
ograi guess you work arund it ...11:42
ograi have to look at that screensaver bug11:42
cbx33which one is that?11:42
cbx33I can't do much here at work11:43
cbx33cos I can't access bzr trees11:43
cbx33sorry dude11:43
ograno http ?11:44
ograhttps://launchpad.net/bugs/82527 btw11:44
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cbx33yes that bug11:50
cbx33it seems like the same issue11:50
ograi very likely is11:51
ograseb means we probably miss something form the environment which gets set by gnoe-session11:51
ograwhen did you drop the LTSP_CLIENT check ?11:52
ograi have scp-client's for all my sessions running if ltsp or not11:52
ogra*no matter if11:52
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ogracbx33, i think i got it12:10
ograthe invocation is wrong in the Xsession.d script12:11
ograscp-client needs to be adeed to the $STARTUP variable instead of being called directly12:12
ograthen gnome-session will start it and it will get the DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS env variable12:12
cbx33sorry that was my fault12:23
cbx33what about gnome-screensaver12:23
cbx33so you gonna fix gnome-screensaver too?12:26
ograi guess the guy on the bug just runs: gnome-screensaver &12:26
cbx33ah i see12:26
ograits not broken12:26
ograits just the way we start the app :)12:26
cbx33what are we going to do about VNC12:26
ograi havent tested the scp-client thing yet .. give me time to fix and megre ... one thing at a time12:27
cbx33oh ogra...12:27
cbx33what did you mean about bzr and http?12:27
cbx33I can't checkout over http12:27
cbx33as it uses methods that our firewall blocks12:28
ograbzr get http://blah/branch doesnt work ???12:28
ograit shouldnt use anything else apart from http for that12:29
cbx33lemme try12:31
cbx33if it works....I shall aplogise12:31
ograat least for a get that should work12:31
cbx33maybe I was using checkout12:31
ograso you should be able to pull local branches to work with12:31
ograwell, i rather suspect you used https ;)12:32
cbx33not sure12:32
cbx33lol at your last bug comment :p12:50
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RichEdhi cbx33, jsgotangco01:01
jsgotangcogood evening01:01
RichEdwe on for a meeeting today ? ogra ?01:02
cbx33hey RichEd01:07
ograRichEd, edubuntu meeting, yes01:11
ograor did you mean a different one ?01:11
=== caravena [n=caravena@178-171-28.adsl.terra.cl] has joined #edubuntu
RichEdogra: yes edubuntu01:16
ograyup, 20:00 UTC01:17
RichEdokay ... thought it was now: /01:20
jsgotangcothanks :P01:22
highvoltagewhen is it an EC meeting again?01:25
ograhighvoltage, last week :P01:33
highvoltageI think I was there last week, but it was a quick meeting with mostly you and cbx33 there01:41
edubuntugirlhighvoltage: by the way, morgs told me to tell you '"sudo wait for your CDs!"' 5 minutes and 41 seconds ago (on Wed Mar 14 14:35:15 2007)01:41
highvoltagehie hie01:41
ograwhy does it need sudo ?01:41
=== pauljw [n=paul@pool249.dial1-clec.newalb.win.net] has joined #edubuntu
highvoltageI think he wants to force it somehow :)01:46
cbx33sudo make me a sandwich01:49
ogramaking sandwich is surely not an admin job01:52
ograshouldnt need sudo01:52
=== cbx33 wants minions
jsgotangcoyou should watch metalocalypse01:55
ogracbx33, where is the whole history of TCM ? seems you didnt iport the SCP branch properly in https://code.launchpad.net/~petesavage/+branch/tcm/trunk02:11
ograi only see three commits ...02:11
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cbx333hey rpereira02:18
=== rockprincess [n=theresa@chello084112026078.6.11.vie.surfer.at] has joined #edubuntu
rpereirahey cbx33303:13
rockprincesshowdy friends!03:13
ogracbx333, any word about the branch ?03:19
cbx333i am taking a class right now03:28
cbx333it's YouthLUG afternoon03:28
cbx333so I' ma little tied up03:28
cbx333hang on03:28
cbx333just getting IRC in that room03:28
cbx333I popped back to the office03:28
=== cbx33 [i=c2df514b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/linuxpreview.org/x-b2397a84ff684c37] has joined #edubuntu
cbx33ogra: I here03:32
cbx33can i ask quickly03:32
ograbut only if you answer my question03:32
cbx33what do i need to change them to03:32
cbx33of course03:32
=== ogra listens ...
cbx33how do i setup for 1024x768 res03:33
ograhrm... what about the branch ?03:34
cbx33what about it03:34
ograyou need to set the right values from your monitor handbook for them ...03:34
cbx33ahh ok03:34
ogramy question i asked 2h ago03:34
cbx33can i access it?03:34
ogra1h, sorry03:34
cbx33bzr get03:34
ogra<ogra> cbx33, where is the whole history of TCM ? seems you didnt iport the SCP branch properly in https://code.launchpad.net/~petesavage/+branch/tcm/trunk03:34
ogra<ogra> i only see three commits ...03:34
cbx33i never saw that.....sorry03:35
ograthe whole SCP history is missing03:35
cbx33I think Ie done something youre gonna hit me for03:35
cbx33we said tcm was a new product....03:35
ogranah, i dont hit people :)03:35
cbx33so i started a new branch03:35
ograbut TCMs code has a haistory of commits03:36
cbx33i guess i didn;t know how to do that03:36
ograif one day someone points at you and says "you stole our proprietary code, its that snippet here..." and you dont find the author, that gets you into bad license issues03:36
ograwell, you should just have branched the scp brnch to a tcm branch03:37
cbx33can i still merge them?03:37
cbx33I really sorry03:37
ograi dont think so, but you can try indeed03:37
ogradont worry, its just important that we have it somewhere ...03:37
ograi'll look over it after release, just dont delete any SCP branches you have03:38
cbx33well it%u015B at scp03:38
cbx33yikes sorry bout that...03:38
ograit%u015B ? really ?03:38
cbx33they keyboard layout on edgu edubuntu is screwy03:38
ograwhere ? on the main distro or on the client ?03:39
cbx33i can either have UK Dvorak03:39
cbx33or international with dead keys03:39
cbx33i want secret option number 303:39
=== lrep [i=8ede6604@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ircatwork.com/x-5f0eb3e081ab430e] has joined #edubuntu
ograwell, set it right in lts.conf then :)03:40
lrephello, i need help with my ubuntu laptop image.03:40
ograin feisty it defaults to the servers keymap and locale03:40
lrepit's been working fine for 6 month and today when i turn the laptop on03:40
lrepi got mount: Mounting /dev/hda1 on /root failed: no such device03:41
lrepi think this error is suggesting that i don't have a harddrive03:41
lrepany ideas on resolution?03:42
cbx33hmmm ok ogra03:43
cbx33I still new to this edubuntu thingy03:43
ograha ha03:45
cbx33          Horizontal: 24kHz - 80kHzFrequency          Vertical: 49Hz - 75Hz03:48
cbx33ogra that%u015B all i can find03:48
ograright, so you got your values03:48
cbx33i mean it works on 800x60003:49
cbx33but i want 1024x76803:49
cbx33how doi figure it out from that03:49
ograyou dont, get the values from your monitor handbook03:50
cbx33oh in that case.....there are none03:51
cbx33it doesnt have them for each mode03:51
cbx33i presume that%u015B what you were thinking of03:51
ogragoogle :)03:51
cliebow cbx33:dont suppose xvidtune will help huh?03:52
ograxvidtune will help if you already run 1024x78603:52
ograerr 76803:52
cliebowmaybe we should get together and buy Two keyboards03:53
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ograi guess i cant stretch my arm long enough to reach it on your desk then :)03:56
cbx33stop taking the micky03:57
cliebowlinuxmint network stuff rocks..switching networks it just autodetects and works03:58
cbx33is vertsync the same as vertrefresh?03:58
ograwhats vertsync ?03:59
=== ogra never heard of vertsync
cbx33xvidtune gives vert sync03:59
cbx33X_HORIZSYNC = 60.06X_VERTREFRESH = 75.0803:59
ograthats not a range04:03
ograVAR=<lowest>-<highest> is a range04:03
ograand drop the dots and digits afterwards04:04
cbx33oh i see04:05
cbx33ahh ok04:05
cliebowapt=get update works as advertised..y04:10
cliebowHey! seems to be on a roll this time04:11
ogracliebow, did you see the errors in a client chroot or on the desktop04:11
cliebowogra: just an ibook upgrade to feisty..but seems fine now04:11
ograah, ok, thats known, libgnomeui0 was uninstallable for some days04:12
cliebowGood: i can blame it on someone else04:12
ograyes, the autobuilder who didnt get it built from source :)04:13
=== ogra takes a break
=== cbx333 pokes ogra
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cbx333off home04:45
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cbx33ogra, how goes it?06:27
=== jamesbrose [n=james@cpc3-bolt6-0-0-cust407.manc.cable.ntl.com] has joined #edubuntu
=== wolferine [n=pdeighan@unaffiliated/wolferine] has joined #edubuntu
wolferine<Seveas> i try to help you, you respond with personal atacks. You get banned. Simple <-- how did I personally attack you?06:43
=== nalioth [i=nalioth@freenode/staff/ubuntu.member.nalioth] has joined #edubuntu
ograSeveas, thanks06:47
Seveasthat was nalioth06:47
=== ogra never can remember how to get OP
Seveasnalioth, thanks a lot :)06:47
naliothogra: Seveas was just the staked goat06:48
ograyeah, thanks nalioth06:48
Seveasogra, /msg chanserv op #edubuntu06:48
ograif  /mgs chanserv help would have worked i'd have known :)06:48
naliothogra: what irc client do you use?06:49
Seveasogra, www.kaarsemaker.net/files/Software/chanserv.py06:49
Seveasput that in your .xchat2 and you can simply use /cs o06:49
ogracool, thanks :)06:50
naliothogra: yes, use that and read the documentation06:50
Seveasafter placing it in there do /py load chanserv.py06:50
Seveas(one time thing, it'll be autoloaded when you start xchat)06:50
ogra* Loaded Chanserv helper 1.0.1 by Seveas <dennis@kaarsemaker.net> :)06:50
Seveasit can do some more fancy tricks you'll hardly ever need. If curious: first lines of the script are documentation06:52
=== Seveas [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has joined #edubuntu
Burgworkcbx33: I finally have your chapter from mako and I am looking at it this eveing07:05
naliothy'all have fun07:07
=== nalioth [i=nalioth@freenode/staff/ubuntu.member.nalioth] has left #edubuntu []
ogracbx33, hmm, looking at the diff between revision 2 nd 3 in your branch you actually knew the right fix already, you just implemented it wrongly :)07:15
=== bddebian [n=bdefrees@] has joined #edubuntu
cbx33ogra, yup07:30
cbx33i knew i was close07:30
cbx33but I'md a dumbass07:30
cbx33I'm out for a while07:30
cbx33will be here for the meeting07:30
cbx33Burgwork, cool....anychance I can have a look?07:30
cbx33take care all07:33
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=== RichEd-1 [n=richard@dsl-240-115-172.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #edubuntu
=== pips1 [n=philipp@] has joined #edubuntu
pips1good evening and howdy08:35
pips1ogra: when do you expect a 7.04 beta build to be available after the freeze tomorow?08:41
=== pips1 can be heard setting up his edubuntu testing box in the background
=== stelis [n=se@82-71-4-26.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #edubuntu
=== cbx33 [i=5003a007@gateway/web/cgi-irc/linuxpreview.org/x-6d6b3d995206341d] has joined #edubuntu
ograpips1, just start testing as you like, i386 should be half way fine ... having the isos there is helpful anyway for rsync08:58
pips1you got a point about having the iso there is helpful anyway for rsync :-) dowloading now08:59
ograRichEd-1, meeting ?09:03
RichEd-1yep ...09:04
=== RichEd-1 is now known as RichEd
=== dan_young [n=dyoung@dyoung.mesd.k12.or.us] has joined #edubuntu
=== HedgeMage peeks in
HedgeMagehi RichEd09:45
RichEdhi HedgeMage ... the folks are all in the meeting room09:46
=== LaserJock [n=mantha@lambda.chem.unr.edu] has joined #edubuntu
LaserJockis the meeting over?10:04
=== pauljw [n=paul@pool30.dial1-clec.newalb.win.net] has joined #edubuntu
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RichEdping cbx3311:00
RichEdchcek your /msg dude11:00
=== phanatic [n=phanatic@ubuntu/member/phanatic] has joined #edubuntu
cbx33RichEd: pm?11:08
=== stelis [n=se@82-71-4-26.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has left #edubuntu []
cbx33nn all11:17
tovellaI've been doing a lot of testing of edubuntu with feisty.  so far it's been great until the other day.  I downloaded and installed the 150 or so updates early yesterday morning (i think).  now the sound still works fine at the server, but  has stopped working on the thin clients.  any ideas?11:20
ogratovella, what exactly did you update ? the client environment as well ?11:24
bdoinogra, I have been told GCompris is no more in edubuntu in Feisty, that's true ?11:26
ograno, thats not true11:26
tovellaogra: not at first, but tried that after loosing the sound.11:26
ograits not on the server (former install) CD anymore, but on the liveCD and the server-add-on CD11:27
bdoinok great, I think the guy installed the server and did not saw it11:27
bdointhat makes sense, thanks.11:28
ogratovella, can you  check that libgstreamer-plugins-pulse0.10-0 and libasound2-plugins are installed on the server ?11:28
tovellaogra: will do...11:28
ograbdoin, well, we moved all big apps to the add-on CD by default11:28
ograbut aselection of apps like kdeedu and gcompri is used in the live session ...11:29
tovellaogra: yes, both are intalled.11:29
ograusually we advise users with feisty to use the two CD approach with server/server-add-on11:29
bdoinsure, I should put GCompris on a diet ;)11:29
ograwell, the world should just switch to 10GB media ;)11:30
ograthen i could ship half the archive ;)11:30
ogratovella, is that happening for all users ?11:30
tovellaogra: yes11:30
bdoindon't expect to see this soon in school, they get all the computers nobody want.11:30
ogrado you currently have access to a client ?11:31
tovellaogra: yes, using one as we speak.11:31
ograbdoin, thats why we decided against a DVD release and for a two CD release, most edubuntu users wont have a DVD writer11:31
ograand many wont even have a reader11:32
ogratovella, ok, lest set a root password on your clinet and check something on the console11:32
ogratovella, sudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 passwd11:32
tovellaalready done.11:32
tovellaopps. not for the chrooted envir...  hang one.11:33
ograok, can you log in on console n the client and check if pulseaudio is in the processlist ?11:33
ogra(i wouldnt advise you to set a root pw on your server .... surely not :) )11:34
tovellaogra: ok, just a sec.11:34
ograususally you also should use SCREEN_07=shell ... but the password methid works without rebooting the client11:34
tovellaogra: "ps aux |grep pulse" gives me nothing.11:35
ograbut you see ldm and friends ? (if you drop the grep pipe)11:36
tovellaogra:  hang on...11:36
ograusually there are only a handfull of pocs running, you dont need to grep11:36
tovellai've got a lot of processes running.  i don't see "ldm"11:37
ograit will be at the end of the line ...11:38
ograand start with /usr/bin/python11:38
tovellaogra: no, i still don't see it there.11:39
ogranot even with a grep ?11:39
tovellaogra: nope.11:40
ograbut you are on the clients console, not on the server, right ?11:40
tovellaogra: yes.11:40
tovella.. on a thin client.11:41
ograhow did you log in then ?11:41
ograldm is the login manager of ltsp511:41
ogrado you have a lts.conf in /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/ ?11:42
tovellaogra: yes.11:43
ogracan you paste it anywhere ?11:43
tovella[default] 11:43
tovella    SOUND=True11:43
tovella    LOCALDEV=True11:43
tovella    NBD_SWAP=True11:43
ograright that looks ok11:43
ograits the default file ltsp-build-client creates11:43
tovellaogra: thats what i did, after re-installing the server from scratch (ltsp-build-client).11:44
ograwell, i'm not sure what to say, what did you do to log in on your client if no ldm is there11:45
tovellaogra: i think they decided to use gdm in fiesty.  ldm shows up as not installed.11:45
ogra"they" would be me ...11:45
ograand i surely didnt drop ldm :)11:45
tovellaogra: oh.11:45
ograit should be installed in the chroot, not o the server11:46
ograhow did your login screen look like ? what background color did it have ?11:46
ograldm should be white with edubuntu logo atm11:46
tovellaogra: orange, just like on the server.11:47
ogragdm has a yellowish orangeish login11:47
ograthat shouldnt happen11:47
tovellaogra: i noticed that when i chrooted, i got nothing from "ps".  i exited back out to the standard shell.11:48
ograyou need to mount /proc to see anything in ps11:48
ograbut then you will only see the servers processes indeed ...11:49
=== ogra runs ltsp-build-client to analyse ...
tovellaogra: chrooted to /opt/ltsp/i386, i can see that "ldm" is installed.  still, when i pxe-boot the workstation, the login manager looks much like the server - same colors, but different icons for the shutdown and reboot buttons.12:00
tovellanot sure if that helps.12:00
ogradoes it have a language and session button right under the password entry ?12:01
tovellai did notice a session button, but i wasn't paying enough attention to recall if there was one for language.12:01
ograwell, then you are using ldm12:02
tovellaok, good.12:02
ograeven though not the latest one with the white bg12:02
ogracan you check which ldm version that is ?12:02
tovellaogra: i'll check now..12:03
tovellaogra: Version: 5.0.112:03
ograyay, i just found a bug, great ... thanks for making me run ltsp-build-client :)12:03
ograwell, that version is recent12:03
ograso why doesnt pulse start for you then12:04
tovellaogra: it may....12:04
tovellaogra: ...chrooted, i tried "mount /proc /mnt/other", but I don't think I'm doing it correctly.12:05
ogramount -t proc proc /proc12:05
tovellaogra: ahh.12:05
ograbut that wontr help you ...12:06
ograyou really eed to be on the client console12:06
tovellaogra: i still am.12:06
tovellaogra: after mounting "ps" works (chrooted).12:06
ograright, thats the only intresting area12:07
tovellaogra: still "ps" results in nothing for pulse or ldm12:08
ograso try to run pulseaudio manually (it will complain a lot and fail without the right options, but it should at least make an attempt to start)12:08
tovellaogra: ok.12:08
ograas i said before the chroot wont show you *anything*12:08
ograonly operate on the thin client console12:09
ogradont touch the server or X12:09
tovellaogra: yes, running it manually did exactly what you said - errors, then failed.12:10
ogratry adding --system12:10
ograthen it should start (still with errors)12:11
tovellaogra: nope... did it chrooted... is that how i should have done it?  the first time (without --system) , it seemed to be looking for some files in my home directory - "'/home/ktraglin/.esd_auth': No such file or directory"12:12
ogradont touch the server12:13
ograonly work on the thin client in the console12:13
ogradont chroot12:13
ogradont touch any X app12:13
ograonly the console of the client12:13
tovellaogra: no, the server is in the other room.  i've been doing this from a terminal window.  could that be the problem?12:14
ograwith thin client console i mean you need to press ctrl-alt-f1 and log in as root with the PW you have set in the chroot12:14
tovellaoh...sorry.... let me get out ctrl-alt-F112:15
ograif you do anything chrooted it wont affect the client at all12:15
tovellaogra: now i can see where ldm is running, "pulseaudio --system" still fails.12:17

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