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h4writeris feisty going to have a total different look?01:17
h4writeris interesting, but it need to be perfected... A total look to it, like fedora...01:18
h4writerIs there an up2date page, where I can information about it?01:19
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newz2000kwwii: realize you're in bed, but have to say, that is a beautiful picture you used for the digital camera screenshot03:12
kwwiinewz2000: thanks :-) that was my secret ubuntu flowers desktop pic :-)03:16
kwwiinewz2000: not quite in bed yet03:16
newz2000:-) looks sharp03:16
kwwiinow if I had a decent screen for zeroconf I would go to bed :p03:18
newz2000Are you still working ont he screenshots?03:19
kwwiiI am 99% ready to give up and say they are good enough :-)03:19
newz2000give up, they're good enough03:20
newz2000there will be plenty of time to upload screenshots03:21
kwwiiyeah, you are right03:21
kwwiiok, time for sleep :-)03:22
newz2000g'night ken, thanks for your help03:25
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nysosymhi there :)10:17
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nysosymwhere is the new ubuntu.com webside? :D12:01
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nysosymhi kwwii_ :)12:13
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kwwii_nysosym: howdy01:23
nysosymhow are u kwwii_ ? :)01:23
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nysosymwb kwwii :D01:26
kwwiimy laptop just died, sorry01:26
nysosymonly a software failure, or a hardware failure?01:28
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kwwiiwhen I press the button to darken the monitor the whole computer dies02:03
nysosymkwwii: wow, which type of computer?02:05
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earthenanyone alive in here02:22
newz2000kwwii: doesn't that mean that the button works? The monitor darkens right?02:22
earthenI've installed gnome art but i cannot click the install button?02:23
earthenanyone have an Idea why?02:23
nysosymnewz2000: i think the idea of the button is to reduce the brightness of his notebook :)02:26
nysosymkwwii: another question, u said that there is a new update for kubuntu artwork, but here is nothing new. Any delay for the update?02:28
earthenhow do i fix gnome art so i can hit the install button so i can actully use the themes02:31
nysosymearthen: better u ask something like that in #ubuntu, because here is only art developement02:35
kwwiinysosym: ibm x60s (brand new)02:35
kwwiinewz2000: :p02:35
kwwiinysosym: no idea, ask riddell02:35
nysosymkwwii: than u have a lot of guarantee for you x60, ibm/lenovo has the best support for notebooks :)02:37
newz2000plus I think sabdfl uses an x6002:38
kwwiinysosym: yeah, that is why I bought it :-)02:38
kwwiiuntil then I only had 3 macs02:38
kwwiiand although linux works ok on ppc, it is not something you want to install every few months02:39
nysosymkwwii: sure in that way it's a little bit pity, that ubuntu doesn't support ppc with feisty anymore :-/02:40
kwwiinysosym: yeah:-(02:40
earthennysosym, ok sorry I was asking that question there also and was told to ask here LOL02:45
nysosymearthen: there is no reason to say sorry ;)02:46
earthen:) yeah, just frustrating I have all this nice looking stuff that i cannot use :-)02:47
kwwiiearthen: what exactly doesn't work?02:50
earthenI cannot click the install button it's all grayed out02:51
earthenI can download the themes and look at what i cannot get LOL02:52
kwwiiwow, freaky02:53
kwwiiworks fine for me :-)02:53
eartheneven if i run it as root i get the same error02:53
kwwiiI have to restart my desktop, brb02:53
kwwiiI want to test something02:53
nysosymearthen: please start gnome-art i terminal and post the results here. http://www.ubuntuusers.de/paste/02:54
nysosymand than post your link here :)02:54
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nysosymwb kwwii was your test succesful?02:57
kwwiinysosym: yeah, but it still needs work02:57
kwwiiand tomorrow is the deadline02:57
nysosymdamn, can i help u in any way02:57
kwwiiearthen: how are you downloading this stuff?02:57
kwwiiearthen: which interface are you talking about? the "theme" UI or the "art manager" UI?02:58
kwwiinysosym: well, if I can get this session splash done today I'll be almost done :-)02:58
nysosymkwwii: fine :)02:59
kwwiiearthen: ouch, no good02:59
earthenwhats no good02:59
nysosymkwwii: your terminal result02:59
kwwiiearthen: well, that works fine for me :-)03:00
nysosymearthen: please delete all your themes in $HOME/.themes and reinstall ruby03:00
earthen.themes is that folder sopost to be in mt home dir03:02
nysosymkwwii: for the next release it would maby better to remove the session splash03:04
earthensin synaptic i see 3 version of ruby of witch 2 are installed is that right or should remove them all and install only the latest one03:05
kwwiinysosym: yeah, perhaps03:05
kwwiinysosym: it is really only good for the first time you open a desktop as otherwise it is only shown for like 2 seconds03:05
nysosymearthen: mark the 2 installed ruby versions and do a richt click, than u choose reinstall03:05
nysosymkwwii: and good for really slow machines, but in my experience the desktop is almost faster available without the session splash03:06
earthennysosym, yeah just asking witch version should i install03:07
kwwiinysosym: yepp03:07
earthen1.8.2 or 1.8.4 or 1.903:07
nysosymearthen: wihich ones are isntalled?03:07
nysosymtry the existing ones03:07
earthen1.8.2 and 1.8.403:07
earthenthere was no .themes folder in my home directory03:08
earthenmaybe that was some of my problem03:09
troy_sthere will only be a .themes if you added one as your local user03:09
troy_sjust create it03:09
troy_sor drag a theme into your theme manager, and it will create one.03:09
earthenO OK03:09
troy_searthen: But you will need to drag a tarred zip into the theme gui app03:09
earthenyeah I've done that before a while back befor i started using beryl03:10
troy_si don't know if the theme manager works for beryl's window manager.03:10
nysosymtroy_s: no, beryl use a own theme manager emerald03:11
nysosymonly compiz use metacity themes03:11
troy_snewz2000: Where is that site my brother?03:11
earthenmost likely not but i'm only trying to install some of the boot logo's03:11
troy_snysosym: Yeah I figured as much.03:11
troy_searthen: As in usplashes?03:12
troy_sThat is ubuntu specific and requires a custom install.03:12
newz2000troy_s: still trying to figure that out myself03:12
troy_snewz2000: Lol.03:12
troy_snewz2000: That doesn't bode well :)03:12
earthenlogin splaches is what i'm trying to get03:17
nysosymi will go to my girlfriend now, have a nice day my friends :)03:21
nysosymsee u this evening ^^03:21
troy_stake care nysosym03:21
troy_searthen: To install a usplash you will either need to build one yourself03:21
troy_searthen: or use a package to install it.03:21
troy_searthen: Try downloading one of the repository sources from bzr and installing from there.03:22
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troy_selkbuntu: Where is your blog.03:24
earthenI'm not trying to install a grub boot splash03:24
troy_susplash is not grub earthen03:25
troy_sit is usplash :)03:25
earthenusplash is the boot screen where i enter a username a password right?03:25
earthenmmm usplash is not what i trying to change I don't think03:29
troy_sthat is gdm03:29
troy_sthat is changed via the logon preferences gui app under admin03:29
earthenif i understand right usplash is the logo i see at the boot time with the progress bar below it03:29
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kwwiibersace_: ping? can we rename the list theme to something without "feisty" in it?03:30
bersace_kwwii: of course03:30
kwwiibersace_: cool, I'll do that, then :-)03:30
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lapohi there04:54
andreasnhi lapo04:56
lapociao andreasn04:57
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wolferine<Seveas> i try to help you, you respond with personal atacks. You get banned. Simple <-- how did I personally attack you?06:43
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troy_sthat's a first08:31
troy_swhat was he doing seveas?08:31
Seveastroy_s, trolling08:31
Seveashe was doing that in a zillion channels, got k-lined and is now annoying the forums08:32
troy_si think that is a first for this channel.08:32
troy_snewz2000: Where the hell is the site?09:06
newz2000delayed until tomorrow mid-day09:06
newz2000assuming heads feel the site is complete09:06
troy_swho are the 'heads' in this case?09:08
newz2000Chris Kenyon, and mostly Jane09:10
troy_swho is chris kenyon?09:13
troy_snew fellow?09:13
newz2000troy_s: Hes been here longer than me... he's on the business side09:14
newz2000good guy09:14
newz2000nice to work with09:14
troy_sthere is a new employment opening on the ubuntu dot com page ... interface designer.09:15
troy_sthat bodes well.09:15
newz2000yeah, I just took down two or three jobs09:15
newz2000I think we're up over 80 now09:15
troy_si find it interesting that they are going to hire an interface designer...09:18
troy_sit bodes well, assuming the 'design' core can get its bits together.09:18
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nysosymgood evening :)09:19
troy_sgreets nysosym09:19
nysosymhi troy_s :)09:19
troy_show have you been my friend?09:20
nysosymfind and you? :)09:21
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lapohey guys impressions on the tangerine-icon-theme refresh?10:49
nysosymsure :)10:51
BHSPitLappylapo, link10:59
lapoBHSPitLappy: there's no link sorry, it's in feisty11:05
BHSPitLappywell, I'll be home in a few hours... I'll let you know :P11:06
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