naliothplease :)12:03
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cleverautoupdate will bring it here within 15-30mins12:05
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PriceChild!search foo12:37
ubotuFound: foo-#ubuntu+1, foo2-#ubuntu-ops, foobar123*, bar, foo2-also*, ops-#kubuntu, foo12:37
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jribJetfighter: hi03:24
JetfighterI installed the sun-java6-bin package, the java applet not working still03:24
jribapt-cache policy sun-java6-plugin03:25
jrib!pastebin | Jetfighter03:25
ubotuJetfighter: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)03:25
jribtell me the output of this command: apt-cache policy sun-java6-plugin03:25
JetfighterNot here?03:25
jribnah, use pastebin03:25
jribJetfighter: install the sun-java6-plugin package03:27
jribrestart firefox, try your game03:28
JetfighterI got the applet manager thing03:29
jribJetfighter: can you be more specific?03:29
JetfighterTingy that uses gij to run applets?03:30
JetfighterIt works, thanks a tonne03:30
jribk, np03:31
JetfighterI forgot account name, does GAIM enable logging automatically?03:32
jribI don't believe so03:32
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DeadNotBuriedanyone here01:28
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fnfsfhsfj: you installed vncserver ?03:06
sfhsfjvncserver is already the newest version.03:06
sfhsfjThe following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:03:06
sfhsfjbind9 php4 awstats php4-gd php4-mysql libt1-5 libnet-ip-perl libnet-dns-perl03:06
sfhsfjlibgd2-xpm libdigest-hmac-perl libdigest-sha1-perl03:06
sfhsfjUse 'apt-get autoremove' to remove them.03:06
sfhsfj0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded.03:06
sfhsfjhow do i start it03:06
fnfsfhsfj: I don't have vncserver installed right now so I don't know for sure what the parameters are, 'man vncserver'03:07
sfhsfji did vncserver03:07
sfhsfjbut it opens a new desktop03:07
sfhsfji wanna see my actual desktop03:08
sfhsfjso i can login03:08
fnfsfhsfj: ok, here are the things.03:08
fnfthe X server can be started in multiple display, in desktop sessions there's usually only one in display 003:09
sfhsfjhow can i do it03:09
fnfwhen you issue vncserver, you specify what display it should be active, by default it's 003:09
sfhsfjso i can remote login03:10
sfhsfjview it after it booted up, login and see my desktop03:10
fnfif you start vncserver in an existing GNOME session, starting vncserver would connect it to your sessio03:10
fnf...so others login through VNC can immediately see your desktop03:10
sfhsfji want to open GNOME session remotely03:10
sfhsfji need it to open up before gnome03:11
sfhsfjso they can login03:11
fnffirst, you need to ssh into the server.03:11
fnfissue a 'vncserver' command there (in the ssh session) with necessary params03:12
fnfit should say a VNC session is activated in some display03:12
sfhsfj5452 pts/0 S 0:00 Xtightvnc :1 -desktop X -lf 1024 -auth /root/.Xauthor03:12
fnfalright, so it's display #103:12
fnfthen login to the server again with a VNC client03:13
sfhsfjit says connection refused03:13
fnfyeah, because display :0 is the default, your's is #1, so you must specify the display03:13
sfhsfjconnection times out03:14
fnfit should be vncviewer host:display03:14
fnfvncserver [servername] :103:14
fnfor server IP03:15
sfhsfjim logging in not off network btw03:15
sfhsfjcan i run it on port 590003:15
fnfthat's alright, localhost is or you can specify localhost03:15
sfhsfjcan you help me with something else?03:16
fnfgo ahead03:16
sfhsfjtrying to install and get error03:16
sfhsfjit doesnt like php503:17
sfhsfjcan i downgrade via ssh to php403:17
fnfispconfig ? no such package in the package tree03:17
sfhsfjits a control panel03:17
sfhsfjroot@WNDR:~# Xvnc03:18
sfhsfjFatal server error:03:18
fnfan ssh session is not different from usual console session, you can do just about anything there03:18
sfhsfjServer is already active for display 003:18
sfhsfjIf this server is no longer running, remove /tmp/.X0-lock03:18
sfhsfjand start again.03:18
sfhsfjXvnc is what i want03:19
sfhsfjhow do i sort that error03:19
fnfxvnc requires a running X session, you have to call it within X03:19
sfhsfjFatal server error:03:19
sfhsfjCouldn't add screen03:19
sfhsfjcan i make it login to GNOME03:20
sfhsfjfrom here03:20
fnfVNC is different from usual GNOME login session03:20
fnfyou don't use GDM with VNC03:21
fnfwhen you login through VNC, you already opened a new X session03:21
fnfwhat apps should be started depends on your configuration03:21
fnfwhich is located under ~/.vnc/xstartup03:22
sfhsfjyou know the ubuntu login screen at first boot03:22
sfhsfjit asks for user03:22
sfhsfjthen pass03:22
fnfthat's the GNOME Display Manager, you don't need it to login03:22
fnfput it this way03:22
sfhsfji wanna see that03:22
sfhsfjbe able to login that way03:22
fnfwithout GDM, you can still start X03:23
fnfby isussing 'startx' at the console03:23
sfhsfjnow i can see it?03:23
fnfsee what ?03:23
fnfGDM is /not/ needed to start an X session03:24
fnfit's just a way to manage user logins.03:24
fnfif you login to the console03:24
fnfthen do a startx, it will bring up X server with your usual GNOME session03:25
fnfto start a GNOME session or any app in VNC, you need to put them into .vnc/xstartup03:26
fnfif the file is empty, a VNC session is still made, but there's no app started, no even a terminal03:26
fnfyou may put 'gnome-session &' there03:27
fnfthe man pages say it all ;) try 'man vncserver'03:28
sfhsfjso if i edit .vnc/xstartup now in ssh03:28
sfhsfjand enter 'gnome-session &'03:28
sfhsfjthen reboot03:28
sfhsfji can login?03:28
fnfreboot the VNC session, no need to reboot ssh03:28
fnfkill the existing VNC session, modify the file with gnome-session put in there, then start a new VNC session again03:29
sfhsfji just rebooted server anyway03:30
fnfwhen you input the password for VNC, you already logged in03:30
fnfthere will be no GDM login screen anymore.03:30
fnfkinda complicated I admit, but it's not if you're a console user.03:32
fnfvncviewer and vncserver and meant to be operated in console, usually through ssh.03:32
sfhsfji rebooted after adding what you said03:33
sfhsfjthen did vncserver03:33
sfhsfji cant login still03:33
fnfwhat did the vnc client say ?03:33
sfhsfjconnection refused03:33
sfhsfjtry it03:33
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Smoke2ke cd09:18
Smoke2kok cool09:18
Smoke2kcould someone help me its not partitioning my external right09:18
Smoke2kubuntu-6.06.1-alternate-powerpc doesn't seem to partition it right or accept the partitions i set for it09:18
Smoke2ki wish i had live cd but made mistake and got alternate09:18
Smoke2ki want to use gparted09:18
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