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ajmitchBurgwork: filed any bugs yet?12:54
Burgworkajmitch: on authtool, no12:54
Burgworkbusy working ont he DS5 rlease notes12:54
Burgworkajmitch: the first issue I see is that it doesn't dep on krb, pam or nss stuff, which it should12:57
ajmitchwhy should it?12:58
ajmitchit installs packages as needed12:58
Burgworkit fails to run for me12:58
Burgworkif I run it, it dies on needing krb512:58
ajmitcherror message?12:59
=== ajmitch may have already fixed it
Burgworklast line is debconf.DebconfError: (10, "krb5-config...12:59
ajmitchok, so it's debconf stuff12:59
=== ajmitch has put in some actual error checking for that
Burgworkthat known?01:00
ajmitchknown & should be fixed locally01:00
ajmitchhence the need to upload :)01:00
Burgworkah, good01:00
Burgworkare we pushing to get the ldap stuff installed by default, along with authtool?01:01
ajmitcha bit late for feisty, I think01:03
ajmitchway past feature freeze01:03
ajmitchogra put in main inclusion reports for lib{nss,pam}-ldap, but they were deferred01:04
ajmitchI won't be at UDS in seville, and not likely to make it to boston either01:05
ajmitchBurgwork: getting too busy for moderation?01:31
Burgworkyep, for feisty+101:33
Burgworkmoderation is a boring task01:33
BurgworkI hope to make it to Seville and Edinburugh01:34
ajmitchedinburgh? what's announced for there?01:36
ajmitchah right01:36
ajmitchnever been to guadec yet01:37
ajmitchI doubt I'll really get to any more UDS events01:38
Burgworktoo bad01:39
ajmitchunless I found a very generous employer01:41
BurgworkImpi is hiring01:45
ajmitchthat's .za01:45
Burgworkyou can only die once :)01:45
ajmitchI don't really feel like moving there, and I don't think they're really hiring remote employees01:45
ajmitchI'm hoping to apply to a company in wellington01:47
BurgworkI am tired of using crap products01:47
BurgworkI want to work with LTSP and good stuff01:48
ajmitchone of the top guys there being in the nz loco irc channel quite often01:48
Burgworkwhat do they do?01:49
ajmitchvarious open source work, as well as plenty of web apps01:50
ajmitchit consulting, using debian & ubuntu01:50
Burgworkhave you played with zabbix at all?01:51
Burgworkhow about nagios?01:54
ajmitchyeah I use nagios01:54
Burgworkhow much of a headache is to install?01:55
ajmitchmoderately annoying, mostly just configuring the host templates & listing out all the hosts & services01:55
ajmitchit's not hard, just a bit tedious01:55
Burgworkand how good is the information you get out of it?01:56
ajmitchfairly useful, in getting a good overview of the status of everything01:57
ajmitchI can't remember what it has for history, etc01:57
Burgworkeither in Ubuntu main?01:58
ajmitchboth universe01:58
Burgworkhmm, nagios used to be in main01:58
BurgworkI wonder if Canonical used to use it for monitoring01:59
Burgworkif a router/switch talks snmp, does that mean I can monitor it via nagios/zabbix?02:00
ajmitchand you could get the traffic graphs into something like cacti02:01
=== ajmitch hasn't used nagios for a little while
Burgworkok, rock02:02
ajmitchI've been meaning to set it up again at work, we just use cacti for watching load, etc at the moment02:02
Burgworkhow does catci fit into the picture?02:02
ajmitchyou know of mrtg?02:02
ajmitchtraffic graphing02:02
ajmitchcacti does that & some more, like load, mem usage, basically anything else you can specify02:03
Burgworkah, so I need to pair cacti with something like nagios02:03
Burgworkas one monitors and the other shows the information?02:03
ajmitchgives you a good overview of patterns over time02:03
ajmitcheg we had a nice regular pattern, and some code changes in the web app for work showed a good drop in system load02:04
Burgworkit appears zabbix is an all-singing, all-dancing solution02:04
ajmitchmight be worth checking out then02:04
Burgworkbuild myself a nice network monitoring tool02:04
ajmitchso work hasn't driven you mad yet?02:05
Burgworksort of02:05
BurgworkI have shiny new toys to play with, like a brand new Linksys SRW224P02:05
Burgworka PoE and QoS switch02:06
ajmitchthe only shiny toy I have is a new server running etch02:06
ajmitchsetting up ldap stuff on it now02:06
ajmitchbasically copying all the data from our crm database for clients into ldap, so they can use it as an address book02:06
Burgworkhowever, I was told I need to migrate the whole infrastructure away from Ubuntu02:06
Burgworkbecause we ain't an Ubuntu company02:07
ajmitchoh I see02:07
Burgworkwe are planning to use DS on our desktops02:07
ajmitchthat's a rather stupid justiffication02:07
Burgworkwhich should be tonnes of fun02:07
Burgworkour primary product02:07
ajmitchbased on fedora?02:07
Burgworkit has a nice flash login screen that eats 10m an hour until killed02:07
Burgworkyes, fedora02:07
Burgworkbut then we need a server distro02:07
ajmitchthat must be a bit painfil02:08
Burgworkat which point I said: no fedora02:08
BurgworkI don't want to migrate 15 servers every bloody six months02:08
=== ajmitch is migrating away from a centos server at the moment
ajmitchstandardising on debian02:08
Burgworkto what?02:08
Burgworkwe are probably going debian02:08
Burgworkas the other office "doesn't think Ubuntu is a server distro"02:08
ajmitchit depends if you want anything from universe02:09
ajmitchI still like debian a lot02:09
ajmitcheven sarge feels modern compared to this centos pile of crap02:10
Burgworkzabbix is the only thing I can see requiring from universe02:10
Burgworkgiven the rest is either totally custom or pretty standard02:10
ajmitchhopefully debian can pick up its release cycle a bit in the future02:11
ajmitchlike every 18 months or 2 years02:11
Burgworkthey need to throw out some people and throw out some packages for that to work, I suspect02:12
Burgworkanyway, I have to run and go to class02:13
ajmitchsee you later02:13
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