UbugtuNew bug: #92076 in kubuntu-docs (main) "kubuntu-docs will not upgrade" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9207612:20
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mptmdke, https://blueprints.beta.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/topic-based-help may need updating the status12:32
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poningruwhen is the freeze for feisty gonna happen?02:14
poningruI wanna add bunch of stuff for serverguide02:14
nixternalponingru: the freeze happend 5 days ago03:09
nixternalwe had a couple of extra days only because LP didn't open for translations03:10
poningruthere goes my dream of hardened portion to the guide :(03:10
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poningrunixternal: you think I can convince md*e to give me exception?03:15
poningruif I write it up till end of this week03:15
nixternalI highly doubt it, but it is always worth a try03:16
poningrucrap :(03:20
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mpt"insert a keyword"? oy04:25
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CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: nixternal feisty * r3976 /kubuntu/ (11 files in 5 dirs): fixed errors to close 2 bugs - 91749 and 91927 - no strings changed at all06:05
CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: nixternal * r3977 kubuntu/ (11 files in 5 dirs): merging feisty changes for packaging06:07
LaserJockgo nixternal go06:09
Admiral_Chicagoeven better, we will see if it actually works..06:09
Admiral_Chicagonixternal:  /var/cache/apt/archives/kubuntu-docs_7.04-2_all.deb06:10
Admiral_Chicagoerr, actualy erroe E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)06:10
Admiral_ChicagoI know that -3 fixes the error with -2 but i did an update before I updated and still tries to do -206:11
nixternalLaserJock: man, that was a pita, but it works like a super champ06:11
nixternalthat is the most beautiful package ever :)06:11
nixternalit detects other doc packages, and when uninstalled will revert back to other installed firefox-homepages06:12
nixternalit doesn't conflict06:12
nixternalI love it!06:12
nixternaldude, I am now the update-alternatives master!06:12
CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: nixternal feisty * r3978 /kubuntu/debian/dirs: we don't need that06:12
CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: nixternal * r3979 kubuntu/debian/dirs: and we don't need that either06:13
Admiral_Chicagohave any ideas about my error richard?06:13
nixternalwhat error?06:13
nixternalI just fixed that06:13
nixternalthat is the same as bug 9174906:13
UbugtuMalone bug 91749 in kubuntu-docs "file confict with ubuntu-docs" [High,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9174906:13
nixternaland bug 9192706:14
UbugtuMalone bug 91927 in kubuntu-docs "Old doc directories not empty/deleted on upgrade" [High,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9192706:14
Admiral_Chicagowth, candidate is still -206:14
nixternalI just now finished -3 and will create a debdiff here shortly06:14
Admiral_Chicagouploaded, not commited06:14
Admiral_Chicagodammit, i thought it was in the repos already06:14
=== Admiral_Chicago stops playing with APT, returns to graphic work
nixternal14k debdiff, nice and small06:16
nixternalvery small ;p06:27
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UbugtuNew bug: #92157 in kubuntu-docs (main) "kubuntu-docs fails to install (dup-of: 91749)" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9215710:35
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avnoHow do I participate in a System Documentation translation team...?  What is the appropriate link in the Rosetta website?12:35
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UbugtuNew bug: #92227 in ubuntu-doc "Wrong url for Scribus in ubuntu-docs/office for Feisty" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9222702:40
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nixternalmdke: I get the kubuntu-docs package fixed up so it doesn't conflict with any other docs right, it is a sweet package now :)  Well, it gets uploaded, and breaks the build server!04:37
nixternaldamn the luck04:37
nixternalbtw, what needs to get done manually? how do I get the firefox index for kubuntu translated as well? and I need a .desktop file translated as well04:38
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etchian_How many people are part of your documentation team, overall?11:23
nixternaletchian_: quite a few, only a handful really active right now though11:25
etchian_is that 10, 100 or 1000?11:28
dsasetchian_: there's probably less than 10 active.11:29
nixternal20 at the most, less than.......what dsas just said11:29
etchian_So who writes the doc then?  Canonical?11:30
nixternaletchian_: nope, hopeless people like us11:30
nixternalwell at least I am hopeless, I would rather not speak on everyone's behalf11:30
etchian_So you mean you have a team of about 10 people to write the whole stuff.  Wow.11:31
etchian_Ever thought of changing your documentation team approach in the wiki?11:31
LaserJockwe do what we can11:32
LaserJockif you have a better idea we're all ears :-)11:33
etchian_just a sec11:33
=== nixternal is listening while trying to study
LaserJocknixternal: did you catch the doc stuff from the Edubuntu meeting11:34
nixternalkind of. I can't figure out what LTSP docs he is talking about11:35
nixternalthat would be bad if people are writing docs and not sharing here11:35
LaserJocknixternal: that stuff sbalneav wrote11:35
LaserJocknixternal: ogra said it's not there11:35
nixternalit is there, everything that he wrote and put on HedgeMage's server is in our docs11:36
nixternalunless he has been writing behind the scenes11:36
etchian_What I am trying to understand, nixternal, is how can one help without having to deal with all these "ja buts" on the wiki about the documentation.11:36
nixternalja buts? that is a new one to me11:37
etchian_It leaves the impression that unless you really are wiz-guru crack and a very good writer you better abstain.11:37
nixternaletchian_: that would be the furthest from the truth, take me for example11:37
LaserJocketchian_: where do you get that impression?11:38
nixternalthere is no doubt our wiki docs need to be updated (2yr+ in age)11:38
etchian_I read the wiki documentation - learn the style, learn to communicate, learn to be concise, know the other pages so you don't repeat.11:38
etchian_Join a team (and how is somewhat evasive), fill those in progress, done, flag, "in approbation" (that was another term, but I forgot).11:39
etchian_In the end, I just figured it would be simpler to make my own blog.11:39
etchian_How many people react like me.  Looks like a lot, from the doc member numbers you are giving me here.11:40
LaserJockI just got an account and started editing11:41
LaserJocknot much to it11:41
dsasmaybe we should just have "it'd be nice if you read this stuff, but if you can't be bothered just start writing"11:41
etchian_That's what I usually do.  Then I get noticed because I tend to be consistent, then... and the whole process develops.11:41
LaserJockwell, I personally don't want people to working on the wiki if they aren't going to write anything decent11:42
LaserJockbecause then we have to go fix it11:42
etchian_And I acknowledge that it is a very difficult job you are doing.11:42
LaserJockit's mostly just time consuming11:42
LaserJockbecause, as you said, we don't have a lot of people11:42
etchian_We're back to :  better be sure you make a good job before doing anything.  It's a circular thing.11:43
etchian_OK.  Fair enough. I was just curious.11:43
LaserJockwell, I'm just saying we need to "try" to have some sort of quality threshold11:43
LaserJockbut maybe the docs aren't very clear that it's a pretty low bar11:44
LaserJockwe certainly don't want to scare people off11:44
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etchian_Well, if you are difficult to approach you will continue seeing good documentation being developed outside the Ubuntu mother-ship.11:46
LaserJockare we difficult to approach?11:47
LaserJockI think of the doc team as being very approachable11:47
LaserJockthe wiki is open to all11:47
LaserJockwe have open communications11:47
LaserJockwe encourage contributions11:47
LaserJockI'm not quite sure why we'd be unapproachable :(11:48
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etchian_bodhi_zazen, hi.11:51
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etchian_How is your team coming along, bodhi_zazen?11:53
bodhi_zazenetchian_, I am quite happy with the team11:53
etchian_How many did you get so far?11:54
bodhi_zazenI am starting to get them to work on FAQ and learn their way arrount the wiki11:54
etchian_From the forum material, or from something else?11:54
bodhi_zazenStrting with the forums ...11:55
etchian_I see.  Just curious, what about the other bunch of people working on forum.  Are they wiki-ing the same material?11:55
bodhi_zazenUDSF ?11:56
bodhi_zazenUDSF seems to concentrate on the how-to 's11:56
bodhi_zazenuser submitted how-to's that is :)11:56
etchian_I see.11:56
etchian_I visited the forum, last night.  At least your section, and the doc section.11:58
bodhi_zazenThank you for visiting11:59
etchian_Well, I could not visit #ubuntu-beginners, so I visited the forum.11:59
bodhi_zazen#ubuntu-beginners has been re-directed to #ubuntu12:00
etchian_Yes, I have seen that. The first time, I thought I was missing a bolt in my brain.12:00
etchian_The second time, I realized it was not to be.12:00
bodhi_zazenSorry for the confusion ...12:02
etchian_If you invite somebody to contact you today, where would that be?12:02
bodhi_zazenyou are welcome to #ubuntuforums-beginners any time :)12:02
bodhi_zazenI usually invite follks to the irc ...12:03
bodhi_zazenis that what you are asking ?12:03
etchian_You beginner pages clearly says that to reach bodhi_zazen, join #irc-beginners.12:03
bodhi_zazenOh nooooooooo .12:04
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bodhi_zazenWhich page ?12:04
etchian_Oh yesss, lol.12:04
etchian_I am looking for it.  I have to many Ubuntu wiki pages open, lol12:05
bodhi_zazenwiki page or forums ?12:05
bodhi_zazenI got it, thanks :)12:06
etchian_https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners/Team?highlight=%28Beginners%2F%29 https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners/Team?highlight=%28Beginners%2F%2912:07
bodhi_zazenrefresh your page, should be fixed :)12:08
bodhi_zazenthanks for that12:09
etchian_Anyway, thank you for the information, people.12:11
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