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pooliehi, is anyone around?02:42
pooliei'm really blocked from using one machine by bug 9068902:43
pooliewould love some help02:43
crimsunbug 9068902:43
Amaranthubugtu isn't here03:22
Amaranthwhy not?03:22
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pooliefabbione: ok, interesting 06:20
poolienow i have06:20
poolieata1: failed to recover some devices, retrying in 5 secs06:20
poolieand again, with 06:21
poolieqc timeout, failed to set xrefmode err mask 4 06:21
fabbionewas that with or without options?06:22
fabbioneyou could also try to add: pci=routeirq06:23
pooliethat was 9, which is currently installed, with nosmp noreplacement06:23
pooliedo you want me to try the dvd, or the installed image with those options?06:24
fabbionebefore you change kernel, please try to add pci=routeirq too06:25
fabbionethen jump to 2.6.20-10 or -1106:25
fabbione(not sure -11 has been uploaded yet)06:25
fabbionestart without options06:25
fabbioneand add them one at a time to see which one changes behavioy06:25
fabbionei suggest you also take note of these tests and add the results to the bug06:26
pooliegood idea06:26
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dade`the new kernel does not even boot on my macbook07:58
dade`gives an ata bad status when setting the xfer mode07:59
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\shguys, dapper, edgy and feisty herd5 have problems booting on a HP DL320s server08:41
\shit always stops loading the kernel after recognizing the PS/2 Keyboard port...no oops nothing...how can I try to gather more debug information for a bug report? :)08:42
\shfunny thing, too, booting an iso via ilo2, doesn't bring this lock, but runs into an endless loop for udev finding many times the same usb hub for the virtual mouse/keyboard of ilo2...(dapper)08:44
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poolie\sh: assume you've tried removing 'quiet' and adding 'verbose' to the boot parameters?08:55
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\shpoolie: yepp08:58
fabbioneBenC: latest git fails on sparc:08:59
fabbioneld: cannot open linker script file ubuntu/net/wireless/.tmp_wext-common.ver: No such file or directory08:59
fabbionemake[5] : *** [ubuntu/net/wireless/wext-common.o]  Error 108:59
fabbionemake[4] : *** [ubuntu/net/wireless]  Error 208:59
fabbionemake[3] : *** [ubuntu/net]  Error 208:59
fabbionemake[2] : *** [ubuntu]  Error 208:59
fabbionemake[2] : *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....08:59
pooliefabbione: hi, still no luck with the current -1009:00
fabbionepoolie: did you try all the options*?09:00
pooliefabbione: where do the device files come from in initramfs? i have no sda109:00
pooliejust going to try pci=routeirq09:01
fabbionepoolie: they are generated by udev09:01
fabbioneand there is a bug about it09:01
poolieok, it also oopses with pci=noroute added09:04
pooliebut i also get, earlier, mdadm: No devices listed in conf file were found. / failed to assemble all arrays 09:05
pooliewhich i guess is why it can't mount root, which is on raid09:05
\shfabbione: do you know anyone from HP who is an ubuntu geek, best location uk or europe in general? :)09:07
fabbionepoolie: cat /proc/partitons .. does it show the devices?09:07
poolieit's empty09:08
fabbione\sh: try one of our sysadmins...09:08
fabbionepoolie: ok if that's empty there is no way to assemble a raid out of thin air... it means that disks have not been found at all09:08
\shfabbione: elmo or znarl?09:08
fabbioneand that's mostlikely related to the block subsystem OOPSing09:08
fabbione\sh: any of the sysadmins09:09
pooliethat's what i thought09:09
fabbionepoolie: we need to wait for ben/kyle09:09
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fabbionei am not sure what else to try09:09
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fabbione<fabbione> poolie: we need to wait for ben/kyle09:09
fabbione* poolie (n=mbp@ppp112-44.static.internode.on.net) has left #ubuntu-kernel ("parted")09:09
fabbione<fabbione> i am not sure what else to try09:09
fabbione<fabbione> feh09:09
pooliefabbione: ok, at least i have a laptop09:09
pooliethanks 09:09
fabbioneno problem09:09
pooliei'm too used to ^w for delete-word :)09:09
pooliefabbione: strangely enough the current daily cd does boot just fine in recovery mode, brings up md and lvm automatically09:10
fabbionepoolie: hmmm so you mean it boots but then install doesn't?09:11
lifelesswell he has an install :)09:12
lifelesspoolie: try chrooting into your system now09:12
pooliefrom the boot cd09:14
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poolieok, will take a while to come back up09:14
lifelesspoolie: you could also try setting root= during the boot09:14
poolieto what?09:15
poolieoh i see09:15
pooliewhile booting from cd 09:15
poolieyep worth a shot09:15
pooliei wonder why the recovery mode needs you to set a hostname?09:22
poolieoh ffs09:39
fabbioneBenC: that linker script error seems to show up only when forking the build with CONCURRENCY_LEVEL09:43
poolielifeless: i'm chrooted into my root from the installer kernel, what did you want me to try?09:47
lifelesswell you should be able to upgrade your kernel, udev, now09:55
poolieyeah, that's what i did09:56
poolieso the good news is i have a way to get updates on; but they don't fix it yet09:56
lifelessso the installer has the same kernel as you now, and udev. So it might be another package09:56
pooliewell, the installer actually uses -9, which is quite a bit older the current one in the distro09:57
poolieor it may be starting things up in a different order from userspace that avoids this09:58
pooliebut for now i will wait for guidance from benc i think09:58
Mithrandirpoolie: try installing -9 from the repositories and see if that boots correctly?09:59
pooliei have, though maybe they updated -9?10:01
pooliedo you know when it gets a new -9 number rather than a -9.1?10:01
lifelessthe -X is the ubuntu serial number for all intents and purposes10:03
Mithrandirpoolie: grab the correct set of binaries off https://beta.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.20 ?10:03
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poolielifeless: but sometimes there are several uploads of -9?10:04
poolieMithrandir: will that be different to what's in the archive?10:05
Mithrandirpoolie: if you grab the one marked "removed", yes.10:05
Mithrandirpoolie: -9 is the ABI version, it's only bumped when the upload changes the ABI.10:06
Mithrandirthere was two uploads of -910:06
pooliei see, thanks 10:06
poolieMithrandir: and which do you think is correct?10:07
poolieit's broken in -7; it's broken in -1010:07
Mithrandir2.6.20-9.16, probably.10:08
poolieok, and you think that might work because it's the one used by the installer?10:10
poolieok thanks10:10
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NafalloLP #92202 might be a beta target? :-)12:25
Mithrandirit should be easy enough to fix, at least.12:48
MithrandirBenC: ^^ ; are you planning a kernel upload before beta freeze?12:48
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BenCMithrandir: planning one in about 1 hour02:23
NafalloBenC: with qc-usb? :-)02:23
=== Nafallo holds of rebooting then :-P
BenCNafallo: Yeah, I got 92202 up and I'll get the source in so long as it builds :)02:24
Nafallokewl! :-)02:24
fabbioneBenC: do we have the atyfb fix for davem in the tree=?02:33
BenCfabbione: Yeah, I think I put it in after -10, so it will be in -1102:34
fabbioneBenC: yeah it's there02:34
fabbioneBenC: i am still a bit puzzled by that sparc FTBFS with CONCURRENCY_LEVEL02:35
fabbioneit was reproducible only one02:35
BenCfabbione: All of my sparc test builds are done with -j1002:35
fabbionehmm ok02:36
fabbionei did fire -j12802:36
fabbionebut i am ok if it works for you02:36
BenCwe'll blame that on you being plain evil to your boxes :)02:36
fabbionenah evil was -j4096 on davem's machine :)02:39
fabbione<davem> it works! it works at -j32!02:39
fabbione<fabbione> gimme a sec..02:39
fabbione<davem> sure02:39
fabbione<fabbione> OOPS.. it crashes at -j4096...02:39
fabbione<davem> screw you02:39
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BenCfabbione: lol03:16
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BenCfabbione: Tim and I did a plain -j on a 64Gig 2 x Quad Xeon box03:16
BenCsome 10k processes03:17
BenConly used like 7gigs of mem03:17
BenC4.5 minutes for bzImage AND ~1800 modules, MODPOST and all03:17
BenCdoing -j12 actually finished 4 seconds faster03:18
BenCfabbione: let that be a lesson to your hw abusive ways :)03:18
aboganiMithrandir: May i disturb you?03:31
Mithrandirabogani: sure, what's up?03:55
aboganiMithrandir: About my spec (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RealTime)....03:56
aboganiI have created a linux-patch-realtime-preempt package. This package contain only the Ingo Molnar's patch (and not all linux kernel source) adapted to Ubuntu linux kernel (i use dh-kpathes method). Users can build kernel follow this http://kernel-handbook.alioth.debian.org/ch-common-tasks.html#s-common-getting     03:56
aboganiIt is a right way? Now exist a possibility that this package will be accepted in universe? What i should do for achieve this objective?03:57
BenCabogani: get someone to review it, and sponsor the upload, then buy Mith a few pints04:04
BenCabogani: That's something you'd want to check #ubuntu-motu for04:05
Mithrandirabogani: your approach seems sane, yes.04:07
aboganiBenC, Mithrandir : Ok Thanks :-)04:07
BenCabogani: and if it helps, I'll give a nod for the package, considering you were very open to packaging suggestions and quick to change the entire build process to suit it04:09
Amaranthwouldn't it be better to do like Xen and have the package pull in the kernel source, apply the patch, and build a kernel for the binary package?04:10
BenCAmaranth: That's what he did04:10
Amaranthoh, i thought he was saying the end user would have to build the kernel04:10
BenCoh, maybe he did, I misread04:10
BenCI suggested using the xen method yesterday :)04:10
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aboganiBenC: I already seen Xen packaging approach.. but xen-source package contains a complete linux source copy! It is also _vanilla_ kernel! ...... Ok i'm confused. :-| .... What is exactly the xen package that i should use as example?04:33
BenCabogani: The 2.6.17 one in edgy04:34
BenCthe one in feisty might be full source04:34
aboganiBenC: Ahhhh04:34
Mithrandiruh, please don't do that.  It's deprecated and I will reject any new packages doing that.04:35
Mithrandiryou're free to have a package that build-depends on the appropriate kernel source, includes a patch and builds linux-image-$whatever binaries, though04:36
aboganiBenC: thank you for the patience :-)04:36
BenCMithrandir: that's the approach he's working towards04:37
MithrandirBenC: ok, good.04:37
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fabbioneBenC: the kernel doesn't fork more than 3500 or there about... there isn't enough source code :)05:28
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BenCfabbione: We went from 120 procs to 10100 or so05:37
BenCtop verified this number :)05:37
BenCfabbione: this was full ubuntu tree, so almost all modules turned on05:38
BenC$ find -name \*.c | wc -l05:38
BenCfigure up gcc+cc1+as forking, plus some make procs05:39
BenCseems feasible05:39
fabbionehmmm oh right it was crap8605:48
fabbionewe were on sparc05:48
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BenCfabbione: I don't think sparc uses -pipe, so there's more forking on x86 builds06:22
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