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beunoAdmiral_Chicago: ping02:13
rjianhello beuno 02:15
beunohey rjian02:15
rjianbeuno: wats the next UWN hehe i think i can write an article02:17
beunowhat or where?02:17
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rjianbeuno: how can i write an article on UWN? 02:19
beunorjian: absolutely, what do you have in mind?02:19
rjianbeuno: hehe writing article of FOSS Fiesta the Ubuntu-ph join the event02:19
rjianbeuno: Conference on FOSS and E-Governance, FOSS Fiesta and Parallel Workshops on Joomla and Ubuntu02:20
beunosure, write it and add it on the wiki02:21
rjianokie :)02:22
rjianbeuno: i get the article from a blogs wer can i put it? i mean what sections?02:35
beuno"General Community News" is probably best02:35
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bordy240evenin', urrbody.03:41
rjian_bueno: can i save 1st my work and back it again later?03:58
beunorjian_: yeap, np04:02
rjian_beuno: hehe i have to think wat will i write hehe i just put and introduction.. 04:02
beunorjian_: sure, think it over, if you want, you can email it to me and I'll give it a look before it goes in04:04
rjian_ive already save it but not yet complete hehe i have to think how to write it again04:05
beunosure, it's going to be released on sunday, so you've got time04:05
rjian_:) ok04:05
bordy240how would one get involved with UWN by the way?04:06
beunobordy240: are you familiar with it?04:06
beunoI mean, have you read a couple of them?04:07
beunoit doesn't really take much more then just finding out what needs to be done, and just add it in the wiki:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue3204:08
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rjian_beuno: take a look on my article hehe04:14
rjian_beuno: did u put the link on the community news?04:17
beunobordy240: I'm here if you have any questions04:21
beunorjian_: what link?04:21
rjian_beuno: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/81704:22
rjian_can i copy paste it on our UWN?04:22
beunorjian_: yes, I added those to be summed up04:23
beunoI'm not sure that we should paste the whole text "as-is"04:23
rjian_beuno: yup i know.. i try to summed it up..04:23
beunorjian_: great then04:23
beunojust don't remove the link  :D04:24
rjian_beuno: ok.. also https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/feisty/+translations is just on one link hehe04:25
beunoyes, it's the link where users can go and translate04:25
rjian_beuno: ok ill try to sum it up and u edit it later..04:32
beunorjian_: great, greatly appreciated04:33
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bordy240I am about to smash my computer, so UWN might be out of the question!04:39
beunobordy240: np, it's a weekly release, you'll get plenty of chances04:41
Admiral_Chicagobeuno: pong. MT write up? ill do it05:15
beunoAdmiral_Chicago: great!  just wanted to give you the thumbs up on the community spotlight05:18
beunoI'm off to bed05:18
nixternaldon't forget to add my massive attack on the KTorrent security patch for every architecture on every release from breezy to feisty either! :)05:22
nixternaland while you are at it, don't forget about the big updating bug I introduced to the kubuntu-docs package ;p05:23
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Admiral_Chicagonixternal: willdo05:57
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PirateHeadRoom live?04:11
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ssamhi. would it be possible to add a link to he powerpc iso to the herd5 announcement page?04:15
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ssamit has move to http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/feisty/herd-5/ (note the ports) and a lot of powerpc people can't find it04:16
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adamant1988anyone here conscious? 08:00
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Lord_MaynothI had what I thought was a great idea... and was told to bring it here to this channel10:30
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Lord_MaynothWhy not create an Ubuntu Idea Storm... so that average users can help with feedback and improve ubuntu10:31
Lord_Maynoththe best suggestions would float to the top... and help prioritize things10:31
Lord_Maynothsomething like ideastorm.ubuntu.com10:32
jendaLord_Maynoth: the best thing to do with marketing ideas is to elaborate them in an email to ubuntu-marketing@lists.ubuntu.com10:33
Lord_Maynothwell I wasn't sure this was a marketing idea so much10:33
Lord_Maynothbut I was told to come here10:33
Lord_Maynothdo I need a subscription to send email to that address?10:34
beunoI think this is probably the best (maybe not ideal) place10:34
beunobut I did mention the mailing list is the best way to go  ;)10:34
Lord_MaynothI signed up for the launchpad mailing address10:34
Lord_Maynothwhere do I signup for the marketing 10:34
beunojenda: can I grab your attention for a few minutes?10:35
beunoLord_Maynoth: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-marketing10:35
jendabeuno: awww10:35
jendabeuno: I was about to go to bed!10:35
jendabeuno: take that as a 'yes'10:35
Lord_Maynothand you think marketing is the best place to send this idea?10:35
beunoI'm really good at catching you in those "about to" moments  :D10:35
Admiral_Chicagobeuno: i did the write up, did you see it?10:35
Lord_Maynothor is their some other dept. that would be better?10:35
beunoAdmiral_Chicago: yes, it's great!   UWN #32 is really shaping up!10:35
jendaLord_Maynoth: I'm not sure... it seems... well, as if we already had mechanisms for ideas and feedback...10:36
beunojenda: it's about the mail on forums -> launchpad integration10:36
beunoyou seemeed pretty connected with ubuntuforums admins10:36
beunoand I just found a way to go ahead with this without launchpad devs help10:37
jendaas any staffer could be ;)10:37
beunoI will still bug them, but at least I can go forward with it10:37
beunoI've even installed vbulletin and done tests10:37
beunothe main idea is to be able to asociate bugs with threads10:38
beunoso, to start off, users can add the bug ID as a tag10:38
beunoand a small but handy PHP script can get the info for the "numeric" tags and show the related bugs status and link10:38
beunoI really don't think it would be hard to implement10:39
jendabeuno: that's some good stuff...10:39
beuno(I said PHP, it can be python too)10:39
beunoand I've found out how to get that info and parse it from launchpad10:40
beunoso basically it's up to the forum people10:40
Lord_MaynothI was just wondering jenda, what mechanisms for user feedback are there besides the forums?10:40
beunoI do want the "related forum threads" on launchpad, but it's harder to get those peoples attention, so it will take a bit longer10:41
beunoLord_Maynoth: what kind of feedback?10:41
jendaLord_Maynoth: umm... forums ;)10:41
Lord_Maynothwell say for things users think could be improved upon,  annoyances, bugs, etc 10:42
jendabeuno: could you write that up in a single post in the forum feedback part?10:42
Lord_MaynothI just think something like dell's idea storm could help make ubuntu even better10:42
jendaI'll link to it from the staff forum.10:42
beunojenda: absolutely, on it10:43
jendabeuno: and then, I'll prod them about it till they do it... ;)10:43
beunoLord_Maynoth: have you seen launchpad?10:43
jendaand now, I'm just about to collapse...10:43
beunojenda: I've also got some responses from launchpad devs like:  <flacoste> beuno: if that's of some confort to you, I've flagged your email as TODO as I intend to reply to it, just not got the time yet10:43
Lord_Maynothyes but it seems to complex for the adverage joe... 10:43
jendabeuno: if you want to be sure I don't forget, drop me a tiny short reminder email ;)10:44
beunojenda: go sleep, thanks10:44
beunoI will send you an email with the link10:44
beunoLord_Maynoth: I agree, but forums aren't10:44
beunoand there is a specific team being built to take the forum information to launchpad10:45
Lord_Maynothwell thats true... but forums aren't very conducive for suggestions 10:45
beunoso that might solve it10:45
beunoheh, well, it's going to be a hard battle to get some attention, but I think it's worth a try10:45
beunowrite up a clear and easy to read email10:45
beunosend it to the mailing list10:45
beunothat way some people with decision power can read about it10:46
BurgworkLord_Maynoth: the problem with ideastorms is that they have a habit of being lemming indicators10:49
Burgworkplus they give false hope10:49
Burgworkbecause some requests are not as simple as they look, etc.10:49
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adamant1988hello all10:51
adamant1988Lord_Maynoth: hrmm?10:53
Lord_Maynothdoes anyone know of anyway one can create an ideastorm style website10:55
Lord_Maynothare there any premade hosting options for such a thing?10:55
adamant1988Lord_Maynoth: are you the one suggesting that one the forums10:56
Lord_MaynothI was advised to come here10:57
Lord_MaynothI am writing up an email to the marketing list and launchpad list10:57
adamant1988Ok, well, I tell you what10:58
beunoLord_Maynoth: the Ubuntu wiki is probably what you're looking for10:58
adamant1988I've been working privately on something similiar, so I'll give you my personal email and we can collaborate. 10:58
adamant1988to get a good proposal together, if you like.10:58
beunoLord_Maynoth: I'm not sure launchpad is the place to go10:58
=== beuno steps aside
Lord_Maynothcool adamant10:59
adamant1988beuno: launchpad like functions actually WOULD help this along10:59
beunoadamant1988: I agree, but it's going to be *very* hard to get the devs to add whole new section to launchpad11:00
adamant1988beuno: I was hoping shuttleworth could be convinced to open up another launchpad all together, with a more community oriented focus.11:00
adamant1988beuno: launchpad right now is for Devs and such, a community launchpad would be for things just like this.11:01
beunoadamant1988: AFAIK, he's already convinced, it's just that the code isn't at a stage where it can be opened11:01
Lord_Maynothyes... I think the users could provide invaluable feedback and suggestions11:01
adamant1988Lord_Maynoth: There are LOTS of ways for users to provide feedback and suggestions.11:01
adamant1988The problem is (as I see it) that the marketing team has not done the work collectively to harnass those. 11:02
Lord_Maynotha simple idea storm for suggestions, annoyances, and bugs, would be much more conducive because the best would float tot he top11:02
adamant1988You're asking too much of it already11:02
adamant1988Launchpad is for handling bugs and such, and it does very well at it.11:02
beunoLord_Maynoth: comments and bug duplicates are a good indication of bugs that need attention already11:02
Lord_Maynothbut average users don't know how to do use launchpad11:03
adamant1988Lord_Maynoth: That isn't a problem come April.11:03
adamant1988I'm using Feisty right now, and I've yet to go to launchpad to submit a bug, but I've submitted about 5 of them11:03
adamant1988It's automated in feisty11:03
Lord_Maynothwell perhaps just a idea-storm for just suggestions and annoyances..11:03
adamant1988Well, first off, calling it an ideastorm isn't proper.  ideastorm implies brainstorming, which is just not what that is.11:04
adamant1988No, if you're talking about a suggestions site with a dig-esque interface, that can be done.11:04
adamant1988although I think that there are better ways to do it, personally.11:05
adamant1988going all "web 2.0" will just complicate an procedure that doesn't need to be nearly that complicated. 11:05
Lord_Maynothyour right... 11:06
adamant1988as I said, I'll give you my personal email and we can talk about it:  myname@gmail.com11:06
adamant1988and by myname, you know what I mean11:06
Lord_Maynothhaha I am a n00b but not that n00bish :B11:07
adamant1988I've seen a lot of smart people make that mistake.11:07
Lord_Maynothk I sent an email to u11:08
adamant1988Anyway Lord_Maynoth I'm more in favor of collecting information with a higher number of people involved. 11:08
Lord_Maynothyes me 211:08
Lord_MaynothI believe in the collective power sites like digg have11:09
adamant1988Well, the only way to do that really is to try to include them directly in Ubuntu, in some fashion.11:09
adamant1988Lord_Maynoth: Digg has the power of group manipulation at it's side.  It is VERY poor for representing people's true opinions (past comments) in my opinion.11:09
adamant1988Digg is good for news because it gets good news out there fast, it is a bad idea for opinions.11:10
adamant1988Opinions, suggestions, etc. should be collected individually and then checked for similarities. 11:10
Lord_Maynothseems like a lot of work11:10
Lord_Maynothany way to automate that process?11:10
adamant1988When you put a group of people together, they typically will come to some kind of an agreement about what they think, I've seen case studies that prove this.11:10
adamant1988Ubuntu would benefit more from the invidivual suggestion11:11
adamant1988I've been meaning to talk to the marketing team about collecting this information.11:12
adamant1988Although I'm more in favor of putting links to Surveys directly inside of Ubuntu.11:13
beunoadamant1988: polls are available in launchpad already!11:15
adamant1988beuno: In launchpad?! 11:16
adamant1988You don't say11:16
adamant1988You mean that high traffic site that no user ever visits?11:16
adamant1988Gah! why didn't I think of that.11:16
beunosee "Polls" option on the left11:16
=== beuno smells the irony
beunoI understand11:17
adamant1988It's hard to get good feedback when no one sees the polls.11:17
beunoyou want to reach out to new users11:17
adamant1988particularly not the no-ones that we WANT to be seeing the polls.11:17
Lord_Maynothanyone know any sites that allow digg style voting in a premade format?11:22
adamant1988Lord_Maynoth: get off the digg thing11:22
Lord_MaynothI was just thinking about setting up my own site11:22
adamant1988If you really want someone's opinion, you don't ask the group.11:22
beunoLord_Maynoth: it might benefit more users if you try to get it done through the Ubuntu Community, it might be harder, but I think eventually it can have a bigger effect11:23
Lord_Maynothwell so far everyone I have talked to said it would be too much work to implement and maintain11:24
beunoLord_Maynoth: yes, but don't be discourged by that, you just have to keep on pushing and seing how your idea can integrate with the existing platform11:27
beunojust try to be understanding11:27
Lord_MaynothI am working on getting something going on my site using pligg11:28
beunoLord_Maynoth: working together with adamant1988 might be a good idea11:32
adamant1988Lord_Maynoth: It's not about maintaining it.  If you turn these ideas into #'s that can be watched for similarities then it's not a big deal to keep track of it.11:32
Lord_Maynoththats a little of of my league..11:33
Lord_Maynothbut pligg seems very versatile 11:33
Lord_Maynothyou might wanna check it out11:33
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adamant1988I still disagree with going with the digg-idea.11:35
Lord_Maynothanywho guys I gotta run11:38
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