gnomefreakasac: did you go to bed already?12:36
asachere :)12:45
asacwhat do you want?12:45
gnomefreakweird crash reports but i dont remember the bugs now. bug 86002 is that a master?12:49
UbugtuMalone bug 86002 in firefox "firefox crash in java [@JavaPluginFactory5::CreateSecureEnv]  [@ProxyJNIEnv] " [High,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8600212:49
asachave you searched for CreateSecureEnv01:03
asaci remember something01:03
asaci think this is worth a master for now01:03
gnomefreakill search and if not ill mark that one as master01:10
=== asac night
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gnomefreakask a simple fucking question and reporter goes off11:25
asacnot nice then :)11:26
gnomefreakasac: are you on edgy?11:26
gnomefreaklibnss3-0d-dbg libnspr4-0d-dbg libpango1.0-0-dbg do you have these packages avilible?11:27
asacbut will download feisty today11:27
asaci think so at least11:27
gnomefreaki hope not11:27
=== gnomefreak doesnt really want to tell this guy he is wrong
asacwhat is his claim?11:28
gnomefreakI did install the -dbg package for firefox, what's next?11:28
gnomefreakOh and by the way, if you start bugging people about poor bug-reports, fix the wiki first:11:28
gnomefreakE: Couldn't find package firefox-dbg11:28
gnomefreakE: Couldn't find package libnss3-0d-dbg11:28
gnomefreakE: Couldn't find package libnspr4-0d-dbg11:28
gnomefreakE: Couldn't find package libpango1.0-0-dbg11:28
asacthey are in MOTU11:29
gnomefreakfirst and last ones are in main11:30
asacfirefox-dbg is in main11:30
asacwhats the problem?11:30
gnomefreakthe middle 2 are in universe11:30
asacwhy do you get error on all?11:30
gnomefreakhe says he doesnt have them (that the wiki is wrong) if its wrong i want to fix it11:30
gnomefreakasac: thats his errors11:30
gnomefreaknot mine i have the packages11:30
gnomefreakbug 8262211:31
UbugtuMalone bug 82622 in firefox "Firefox crashed [@ProcessAsyncMessages] " [High,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8262211:31
gnomefreaknot sure wher eyou came up with the summary either11:31
gnomefreakah looks like you got it from description11:32
asactell him he should go with as much packages of those as possible11:36
asacat least firefox-dbg is pretty old11:36
asacso if he hasn't it11:36
asac(above is about the *no* -dbg package reporter)11:37
asacany idea where i can download feisty isos?11:38
asacthere is only alternate cd11:39
asacfound it11:42
gnomefreakyep there is its the d-i11:43
asacbittorrent has no sources ... and cdimage.u.c is slow11:43
gnomefreaki dont think we are gonna get much more info on that bug report. so lets hope we have enough to go on11:43
asacprobably not11:45
gnomefreakthat realplayer bug i got a comment on so i might try it11:47
gnomefreakim working on bug 90577 after installing realplayer in /opt but i have to say do we close this if realplayer is the cause?12:00
UbugtuMalone bug 90577 in firefox "Firefox crashes during form entry" [High,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9057712:00
gnomefreakwell it gives me a little bit more12:11
=== asac out for lunch
asacBug 8710803:33
UbugtuMalone bug 87108 in firefox "firefox crashed while i had netbeans open" [High,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8710803:33
asaci like those titles03:33
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hjmfasac: I've created a new MASTER, bug #71702 and attached a couple of dups per their stacktraces. Review it when you have time.06:19
UbugtuMalone bug 71702 in firefox "MASTER Firefox Crash [@js_FinalizeStringRT] [@js_atom_uninterner] " [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/7170206:19
asachjmf: look like dupes06:23
asacmaybe aks them about installed extensions/plugins06:23
asacits a crash during shutdown06:23
asacwhich is of course wierd06:23
hjmfwell, gnomefreak is already triagging bug #87749 (one of the dups) let's wait to see if he gets more info, though the reporter wasn't able to reproduce it06:26
UbugtuMalone bug 87749 in firefox "Firefox Crashed  (dup-of: 71702)" [High,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8774906:26
UbugtuMalone bug 71702 in firefox "MASTER Firefox Crash [@js_FinalizeStringRT] [@js_atom_uninterner] " [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/7170206:26
AlexLatchforddunno if anyone has seen this07:19
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poningruasac: question are we going to be building using xulrunner on feisty+1?08:21
poningruaka for 1.9 stuff08:21
asacponingru: you want to work on that?08:32
=== poningru rubs hand maniacally
asacponingru: how familiar are you with packaging?08:33
poningrunot much08:33
poningruand thats the prob08:33
poningrubut learning08:33
asaci think, yes :)08:33
poningruI just need tons of practice08:33
asacnot a thing to begin with I guess08:33
asacit would give tons of practice08:33
asacbut might be an impossible task08:34
asacof course not impossible08:34
asac... without much progress for long periods ;)08:34
asacwhat you could do is download firefox trunk code08:35
poningruhehe already have that08:35
asacand see if there is a configure switch for --enable-system-nspr --enable-system-nss and --enable-system-xul08:35
asacor something08:35
poningruyep know the switches too08:35
asacdo they exist?08:36
poningruits on wiki.mozilla.org08:36
poningruhold on08:36
asachave a link?08:36
asacdid you check out trunk?08:37
poningruasac: yeah I sync every once in a while08:39
asacwhat is that link  ... thats just the xulrunner mozconfig :)08:39
asacwhat you can try to do is:08:40
asacbuild xulrunner :)08:40
asacin one directory08:40
asacfrom trunk08:40
asacbuild firefox08:41
asacin a separate dir08:41
asacbut use08:41
asacas well as08:41
asacmaybe you have to leave out --disable-xul08:42
asacif firefox builds and can be started and has no libxul on its own08:42
asacthen we can go ahead08:42
asacand think about packaging08:42
asac/PATH/TO/LIBXUL/SDK -> i think xulrunner/dist/... should be it08:43
asacjust play around :)08:43
asacponingru: all clear?08:43
asacyou cann add those configure switches to .mozconfig for now08:44
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asacdfarning: hi08:44
dfarninghey how are you08:44
asacthanks :) fine.08:44
asachope you are doing well too08:45
dfarningpretty good08:45
asaci just have a few questions about launchpad stuff08:45
asacactually ... is it possible to have some bzr archive associated with mozilla team08:45
asacor do we need a product for that08:45
asac2 cases:08:45
dfarningyes it is. what do you have in mind08:46
asac1. package maintenance08:46
asac2. ubuntu extension project08:46
dfarningto add and maintain code?08:46
asaci want to have it hosted in launchpad08:47
dfarninggit like branches;)08:47
asacyes ... but found that mainbranch can be hosted in launchpad08:47
asacdon't know how08:47
asacactually i think that the extension development should be in its own project08:48
asac(whats the lp difference)08:48
dfarningI was looking into something like the asac branch which is used to build packages08:48
dfarningthen you can pull patches from other braches if they are good enough08:49
asacyes ... thats the idea for package maintenance08:49
dfarningproducts hold upstream bugs08:49
asaci think i will have to do that under the hood of core-devel-team08:49
asacyes ... but it would be something like apport08:49
asacwhich is a product as well08:49
asacits where upstream development happens08:50
asacas we will be upstream for that extensions08:50
dfarningwhat do you mean by extensions?08:50
asaclike ... .xpi :)08:50
asacits about moving ubuntu specific patches08:50
asacto an extension08:50
asacsince we have changes to codebase that are of no use upstream08:51
dfarningthat sounds really smart08:51
asacso i want to move as much as possible out08:51
dfarninghave you looked into it very much08:51
asacto reduce patchset08:51
asaci know how to do it08:51
asacbut don't know how to setup the umbrella08:51
asacin launchpad08:51
asacit will be a feisty+1 thing08:51
asacbut i have an initial extension for report bug ... menu entry now ... as a prototype08:52
dfarningthe downsteam guy would love to be able to modify a couple of extensions to brand their firefox08:52
asacwhat you refer to is something different08:52
asacits about keeping differences to existing extensions08:52
dfarninghow so?08:53
asacyou mean downstream wants to develop extensions to brand firefox?08:53
asacvs. modify?08:53
dfarningthey just want to be able branding easily08:53
dfarningdon't really care how it get done08:54
poningruoh you mean like that08:54
poningruasac: will work on that08:54
asacponingru: great08:54
dfarningponingru, seting up the bzr stuff too? ;)08:55
poningruoh blargh?08:55
asacdfarning: ok, will ask about it on ubuntu-devel i guess ... just thought you know how the bzr thing works in lp :)08:57
dfarningasac, poningru can you follow this you with an email to the list with some use cases08:57
dfarningasac, I have used it a few times ;)08:58
dfarningthe bzr folks probobly have a better idea how to make this work for you08:59
asacponingru ment that he will work on trying how welll ffox builds on top of xulrunner for trunk :)08:59
asacyep ... i will ask there08:59
poningruhehe yeah :)08:59
asacdfarning: any ideas how we can make mozilla team more visible08:59
asacto potential new members08:59
asace.g. team marketing?08:59
dfarningasac, are you ready for that?09:00
asacfor what?09:00
dfarninga hugh swarm of people09:00
asaci probably won't be able to teach them on packaging ... but i guess for bug triaging we already have enough know-how here in channel to get some economics of scale09:01
asacwhat would you do?09:01
asacat best we could find a way to attract tech people :)09:01
dfarninghow ready are you for loco teams to develop customized version of firefox09:01
dfarningI can get jono to sell that to the loco team which will create a lot of visability09:02
dfarningbut it would require some idea what stuff they will want to customize and how to do it09:03
asacwhat is loco?09:04
dfarningasac, localization teams09:04
asaccustomize? you have an example?09:04
dfarningthey are providing custom distros in their local languages09:05
dfarningspecial homepages, searches ...09:05
asacah ok09:06
asacthat should be done in an extension as well i guess09:06
dfarningfirefox is one of the package that the localizers are ignoring because no one could figure out how to do it correctly;)09:06
asaccan you get someone here that can tell what info / infrastructure they need09:07
asacand how this relates to upstream translation effords09:07
asace.g. locale packages09:07
dfarningWe could get a lot of attention by asking what they want09:07
dfarninglocale packages really only deal with strings i think09:08
asacwhat do they do to other packages (other than translating strings)09:09
dfarningIm not sure09:09
dfarningI will look into it09:09
asaclets raise the mist that covers this topic09:09
dfarningany other assignments;)09:10
asacnot atm :)09:10
poningruasac: damn09:11
asacwhat happened ;)09:11
poningruasac: ok so I have to talk to bsmedberg for guidance09:11
poningrucause all of this isnt documented yet09:11
asacmaybe on his blog?09:12
poningruand biesi is saying if I do this I have to write a devmo article...09:12
dfarningsummary 1 bzr for build and maintaining fx and extensions 2 figure out fx localizations needs 3 figure out if we can use lang packs09:12
poningruasac: naah will contact him through irc09:12
poningruasac: or do you mean for 'docs'09:13
=== dfarning goes for a bike ride to think this out
asaci mean for docs09:14
asacposted on blog09:14
poningrueek thats a lot of bzr09:14
=== poningru searches
asacthe instructions should apply09:15
asacthat i gave above09:15
asacwhat was the problem?09:15
asacyou can just build xulrunner09:15
asacthen use special configure switch (as above) so firefox uses xulrunner libxul09:16
asacinstead of its own09:16
poningruwell I havent started yet09:20
poningruI wanted to ask the guys before I started09:20
asachmm ... he is pretty heavy load guy ... i would suggest to try first ... try second .. ask third :)09:30
asacbut thats just me :)09:30
poningruasac: how come I have never seen you in moznet?09:41
poningruoh nm09:41
asacmoznet? irc?09:42
asaci am in #developers09:43
poningruyeah hence the nm :p09:45
poningrucome hang out with us dude09:46
poningrukeep in mind hs is non coc all the way09:47
poningruwe curse make crude jokes etc.09:47
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asacwhat is hs?09:48
poningruhorse shit09:49
poningrubunch of us hang out there09:49
poningruand goof off09:49
Admiral_Chicagohey all09:52
Admiral_Chicagonetwork has been up and down all day09:52
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Admiral_Chicagoi think its crashing right now09:57
Admiral_Chicagoat an alarming rate...09:57
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=== poningru wonders why asac isnt in #hs
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asacponingru: now i am in :)10:32
asacwill hardly contribute though :)10:32
=== Admiral_Chicago wishes he could contribute
Admiral_Chicagomy network is being very fickle today10:33

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