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aedeswhat is considered development discussion?06:54
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kakkoihow do i install LAMP on ubuntu 6.10 desktop edition?08:24
kakkoithank you in advance08:24
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AMSmith42It seems that becuase Ubuntu Server specifies apt-gets from port 80, my SonicWALL thinks it is trying to access a proxy and disconnects it.07:35
AMSmith42Kind of a hassle.07:35
mralphabetI think that's a poor logic design on the sonicwall heh07:58
AMSmith42Perhaps, but it is there, non-the-less.07:58
mralphabetI mean, it's port 80 traffic . . . the firewall either needs to pass it or use the built in / network proxy server which should get the file anyway07:59
mralphabetstill, interesting07:59
AMSmith42I can switch the proxy-filter on and off, but I don't want to leave it off because I use it for a reason.07:59
AMSmith42I use Ubuntu desktops and apt-get doesn't have any trouble.08:01
AMSmith42It is only when Ubuntu server specifies x.x.x.x 80 that I get disconnected.08:01
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AMSmith42Well, the apt-get in server, anyway.08:02
mralphabetoh, that's interesting08:02
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AMSmith42I had other words for it until I figured out what was going on.08:02
mralphabetbecause it specifies the port it may make a difference08:03
AMSmith42It triggers the SonicWALL's filter.08:03
mralphabetas opposed to it just being normal traffic08:03
mralphabetthat's certainly an odd one to track down08:03
AMSmith42Yes, I couldn't think of where I could change that either.08:04
mralphabetnor can i08:04
=== mralphabet does a grep -r 80 *
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LinuturkI'm thinking of upgrading my Dapper server to Edgy. I am currently running a LAMP install, and a cacti install. what are the caveates of dist upgrading a server?08:28
Linuturki know this isn't a support channel, but Ubuntu is waaay to busy for a server question. 08:28
AMSmith42I'm pretty lost too, or I'd help you out.08:29
Linuturkwhat is your issue AMSmith42? maybe I can help08:29
AMSmith42I was just discussing earlier how Ubuntu server sometimes specifies port 80 when it does an apt-get (that is, some packages come from x.x.x.x 80) and that triggers my SonicWALL's proxy filter so I get disconnected after 90% installation.08:31
AMSmith42I can turn the proxy filter off, but that isn't ideal.08:31
Linuturkisn't there a way to make an exception on your proxy08:31
Linuturksome sort of rule table08:32
AMSmith42I don't think that I can specify an IP and a *port* for the firewall to disregard.08:32
AMSmith42Only an IP. I have to check into it further.08:32
LinuturkI don't think I've heard of a firewall WITHOUT port forwarding by ip08:33
AMSmith42Port forwarding does that? I thought I'd have to set up a rule in the filter.08:34
Linuturkwell, I'm slightly confused08:34
Linuturkare we talking a firewall08:34
Linuturkor a proxy server08:35
Linuturkor, a combo of the two?08:35
Linuturkif it is a combo, see the device's manual before believing anything I say08:35
Linuturkthat is specialized stuff08:35
AMSmith42The SonicWALL is a firewall and filter. It has a setting to disallow access to proxy servers.08:35
AMSmith42When apt-get tries to get a package and specifies port 80 the SonicWALL thinks that the server is trying to access a proxy. 08:36
Linuturkwhat does the proxy server do with normal port 80 traffic?08:37
Linuturkweb browsing?08:37
Linuturkmy experience with a Squid is the proxy server downloads the packages first, then serves them up to the client08:37
Linuturkit is a long delay08:37
Linuturkbut once it is down08:37
Linuturkit is almost instantly available to any other machine on the network08:38
AMSmith42Web traffic from a browser is allowed.08:38
AMSmith42The sonicwall doesn't bother apt-get if it doesn't put 80 in the url.08:38
AMSmith42Only when apt-get uses <remote server> 80 does the sonicwall get triggered.08:39
AMSmith42I'm not using a local proxy server.08:39
AMSmith42The SonicWALL is set up to block access to internet proxies so that students can't get around the sonicwall filter.08:40
AMSmith42content filter, that is.08:40
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