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Jordan_UI have to congratulate you guys on Feisty so far, you guys make brown look good :)11:23
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bersacekwwii: i updated the gtkrc12:43
bersacethe insensitive color was grey12:43
bersacewell, i guess we have the time12:44
kwwiibersace: I'm working on that stuff now01:06
kwwiibersace: I'll let you know when I am done01:06
bersacekwwii: nice01:18
kwwiibersace: didn01:22
kwwii't you mention something about the human icons?01:22
kwwiisorry my network connection is really slow today01:23
bersacethe Open menu shows "missing" icon if you don't set explicitly icon-theme-name in gtkrc01:24
=== bersace pushed gtkrc update
bersaceok, 'ill make a tarball update for gnome-look01:25
kwwiiman, this network connection is killing me01:34
kwwiibersace: hrm, in the version I have both the Human and HumanList gtkrc has the icon-theme-name set to "Human" ... isn't that correct01:37
bersacekwwii: yes01:38
bersacethe problem is that HumanCircle has not01:38
kwwiiahhhh, now I get it01:38
bersacetry HumanCircle and pop up the "Option" menu01:38
kwwiihehe, Human Circle does not have a gtkrc at all01:39
bersacewell, Humancircle is  just outdate01:42
bersaceedgy had 5 friends ? isn't it ?01:42
bersacewhere is the new gloss ?01:42
bersacekwwii: i have to go at university, i let you01:43
bersacei pushed latest version with latest gtkrc tune01:44
bersacealso, the tarball is uploaded to http://bersace03.free.fr/pub/GNOME/gdm/HumanList.tar.gz01:44
kwwiicool, see you01:44
bersaceand published in gnome-look01:44
bersacei guess all the rest is up to you ;)01:44
kwwiihehe, yeah, it is really old01:44
bersacewould be nice to have a HumanCircle maintainer just like i'm the HumanList maintainer01:45
kwwiithanks again for th help01:45
bersacesee u soon01:45
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adamant1988Who is responsible for the Ubuntu artwork now?06:44
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