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fabbioneanybody alive?02:09
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cbx33so here we are06:38
cbx33how good is mythtv now on Ubuntu?06:38
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superm1imbrandon, u around?06:55
spiderwormanyone here successfully compiling .20 fixes branch on edgy?06:55
imbrandonsuperm1, yup06:56
imbrandoncbx33, rockin smooth ;)06:56
superm1could you get me access into that server today?06:56
imbrandonsuperm1, sure, lemme set it up now06:56
superm1spiderworm, yes i've built 0.20 debs06:57
superm1spiderworm, lots of times06:57
spiderwormsuperm1: oh cool!06:57
superm1spiderworm, 0.20 is in multiverse already though06:57
spiderwormim wondering if you could take a look at this: http://pastebin.ca/41066506:57
superm1with the fixes branch snapshot from a few months ago06:57
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spiderwormyikes.... netsplit?06:58
superm1spiderworm, your not building a deb, just a svn checkout it appears06:58
imbrandonspiderworm, dident look like it, only you06:58
spiderwormi prefer building from source with myth (worked great on dapper!) because ive gotten burned using packages in the past06:59
spiderwormsuperm1: correct06:59
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spiderwormi upgraded to edgy over the weekend and have had nothing but trouble now with myth :(07:00
superm1spiderworm, i'm imagining your missing a ffmpeg build depen here07:00
superm1spiderworm, you might consider trying the debs in multiverse though.  things have changed a bunch since dapper in terms of packaging for them07:00
spiderwormsuperm1: i was thinking so but nowhere is it warning me about "no such file or directory"07:00
imbrandonyea we actualy started working on them, you might even try feisty07:00
spiderwormsuperm1: im considering it for sure and may have to fall back on that07:01
spiderwormhehe well, is feisty using the .21 branch?07:01
superm1spiderworm, most people are the *other* way around.  try the *easy* debs, and if that doesnt work - go source, but to each his own07:01
superm1feisty is 0.20 fixes as well (not 0.21)07:02
spiderwormyes i guess thats true :)07:02
superm1spiderworm, but if your going to do it the hard way, do a "sudo apt-get bulid-dep mythtv"07:02
superm1and you will get all build deps normally used for the packages07:02
spiderwormsuperm1: actually i dont, i get an error07:03
spiderwormone sec and i'll get that error for you07:03
spiderwormE: Build-dependencies for mythtv could not be satisfied. <--- only error :(07:04
spiderwormso very helpful, wouldn't you say?07:04
spiderwormdo you know of a way to get more verbose output for that?07:05
imbrandondo you have multiverse enabled ?07:05
spiderwormdeb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu edgy multiverse , deb-src http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu edgy multiverse , and deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu edgy-backports main restricted universe multiverse all enabled07:07
spiderwormwhen i upgraded to edgy over the weekend, after the upgrade i was having troubles so i cleared out sources.list and rebuilt it07:08
spiderwormthen apt-get update and apt-get upgrade, of course07:08
superm1your missing universe then on "deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu edgy multiverse"07:08
spiderwormbut i wonder if there's some packages on there from old repos that are causing me trouble07:08
spiderwormi have it on a seperate line07:08
superm1could you post your sources.list in a pastebin as well?07:09
spiderwormactually: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/sources07:09
spiderwormits copied & pasted from the edgy section07:10
superm1your missing universe and multiverse on edgy-updates and multiverse on edgy-security then07:11
superm1from what i gather07:11
spiderwormok, let me try that...07:11
superm1these 4 are adequate for most purposes: (i'm not sure why a lot people seperate them and make it hard to read)07:12
spiderwormi suppose you're right... my gosh!07:12
superm1deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ edgy main restricted universe multiverse07:12
superm1deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ edgy-updates main restricted universe multiverse07:12
superm1deb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ edgy-security main restricted universe multiverse07:12
superm1deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ edgy-backports main restricted universe multiverse07:12
=== spiderworm slaps himself
superm1at least its something easy07:12
superm1imbrandon, will you need a public key from me?07:15
superm1er you can get it off launchpad i guess07:15
spiderwormgrrr after apt-get update and apt-get uprade, still E: Build-dependencies for mythtv could not be satisfied07:18
spiderwormone sec, will paste my sources.list07:18
superm1woah whats that bottom one there....07:19
spiderwormsuperm1: oh i donno, something i picked up somewhere....07:19
spiderwormshould i lose it maybe?07:19
spiderwormeven still same problem07:21
superm1take out the deb and deb-src line for that repo07:21
spiderwormtheyre gone07:22
spiderwormalready did it07:22
superm1apt-cache policy mythtv07:22
superm1whats that get you?07:22
imbrandonsuperm1, do you have your public key on lp ?07:22
superm1yes both07:22
superm1i have two machines that i use07:23
superm1and both keys are there07:23
spiderwormit gets me: http://pastebin.ca/41076807:23
superm1okay then thats right.07:23
superm1it sounds like you have some build dependency installed right now that conflicts with mythtv build deps then07:24
superm1i'm not sure where it would have came from (or your old dapper repos that were in use previously)07:24
spiderwormhow would i go about cleaning this mess up?07:24
superm1but the easiest way i know to check on it is to go into synaptic, and set the filter that shows "local" packages07:24
superm1meaning that version currently installed isnt on the repositories on /etc/apt/sources.list07:25
spiderwormlocal meaning not found in repos07:25
superm1and you can hit ctrl-e on any of those07:25
superm1to switch to another version07:25
superm1there probably is a way with command line apt too, but i dont know it07:25
spiderwormim i dont see Local as an option anywhere in synaptic filters07:27
superm1let me see if i can get to an edgy synaptic07:27
superm1its changed in feisty07:27
superm1and thats what i have on my laptop07:27
spiderwormthanks by the way for the help07:28
superm1Status button07:28
spiderwormive been struggling through this for days and ai cant stop!07:29
superm1and then Installed (local or obsolete)07:29
superm1not a problem, glad to help :)07:29
spiderwormi have no status button :(07:29
spiderwormsyanptic v .57.807:30
spiderwormoh wait07:30
spiderwormi found it :)07:30
spiderwormwas looking in filters for it07:31
superm1yea that is where it is feisty i think07:31
superm1thats probably why i thought it was still there in edgy07:32
cbx33all teh directory issues ironed out in feisty then?07:38
superm1cbx33, which ones?07:38
cbx33i think when i used edgy, nothing worked propoerly in the plugins07:38
=== cbx33 is setting up a mythtv box
cbx33using knoppmyth at the mo07:38
cbx33but wanting to really use bubuntu07:39
superm1cbx33, all the plugins should be properly setup now, making directories in /var/lib/07:39
superm1afaik :)07:39
cbx33i saw the instructions for myth on feisty07:45
cbx33looked a little complicated07:46
superm1complicated?  its supposed to be getting easier :)07:46
superm1which page were you looking at07:46
cbx33hehe well that's what I thought07:46
cbx33lemme find it07:46
cbx33oh btw...can i play copy protected dvds on mythtv07:46
superm1majoridiot has taken over the pages, so i'll let him know your input07:46
superm1you can if you have libdvdcss2 installed07:46
cbx33i just installed that on my knoppmyth box and it wouldn't let me play kung fu hustle07:47
cbx33but "the one" played fnioe07:47
spiderwormsuperm1: i removed 115 local packages :)07:47
spiderwormsuperm1: build-dep now works07:47
superm1wow spiderworm07:47
superm1spiderworm, very good07:48
superm1cbx33, are you saying this page looks complicated because all of the steps are in such a linear fashion?07:48
superm1all on the same page and all07:48
cbx33I'll try it out later ;)07:49
superm1cbx33, well i mentioned that to majoridiot too07:50
superm1that the page is a whole lot of information at one time07:50
superm1maybe at least moving the what next section to another page07:50
superm1or the basic install steps since not everyone will follow those07:50
spiderwormstill getting the same error during compile08:06
superm1was there other build deps installed though?08:07
spiderwormyes, several08:08
superm1well you probably solved several later problems then during compilation08:08
superm1so u ready to bit the bullet and try the debs yet ;)?08:10
spiderwormive heard horror stories of passwords being changed, themes disappearing and mythfrontend not starting08:10
superm1well i can tell you what happens with the password problem08:10
superm1that is directly related to not reading documentation08:11
superm1and there is a big wrapper script in place for feisty to end it08:11
superm1themes dissappearing is something i havent heard however08:11
spiderwormmythfrontend wont start if it cant find the theme08:11
superm1so with regard to the passwords - any user that you start mythtv with08:11
superm1needs to be in the mythtv group08:12
superm1*before* you try to launch mythfrontend08:12
superm1or mythtv-setup for the first time08:12
superm1eg you need to add yourself to the group, log out, log back in08:12
superm1and then start any myth apps08:12
superm1is your missing a theme, there is a command line option to start with a different theme. i dont know the option off hand, but our packages dont remove any themes, so thats gotta be related to migrating a box and not installing a theme you had there08:13
spiderwormpeople going from source to packages..... the packages dont contain all the themes that are in svn, do they?08:14
superm1you need to install mythtv-themes08:16
superm1thats all08:16
fabbionehey guys08:16
superm1and you should then have everything that was in 0.20-fixes but not necessarily svn08:16
fabbioneso who is familiar with libmythtv code? (live tv stuff specifically)08:16
superm1hey fabbione .08:16
superm1familiar with the code itself ... i doubt anyone in the room08:16
superm1i know not i08:16
fabbioneproblem is that even if i configure 2 cards, livetv can't switch between them08:17
fabbioneit tells me that there is no other recorder?!?08:17
spiderwormi just installed the packages08:17
superm1oh did that workaround work for you yesterday that i mentioned?08:17
fabbionebut there are 208:17
spiderwormmythfrontend --override-setting theme=<anyone have a valid theme name?>08:17
fabbionesuperm1: i can see the channels in the program guide, but i can't switch08:17
spiderwormG.A.N.T doesnt seem to work...08:18
spiderwormblue doesnt work...08:18
spiderwormcould not find theme default08:20
superm1ill help in  a sec08:23
fabbione2007-03-26 20:31:22.370 DVBChan(1) Error: Opening DVB frontend device failed.08:31
fabbione                        eno: Device or resource busy (16)08:31
superm1spiderworm, you installed source before08:44
superm1into /usr/local?08:44
spiderwormsuperm1: yeah i figured out hte problem :) you nailed it on the head08:46
spiderwormdeleted /usr/local/lib/*myth* and mythfrontend fired up08:46
superm1sorry i was talking with a prof.08:46
spiderwormNOW im BACK to the orginal problem that started this whole mess in the first place!08:47
superm1which is?08:47
spiderwormthe original problem was (is) that mythbackend runs, throws no errors in shell or in log, but frontend cannot connect to it AND it backend does not show up in netstat!08:47
superm1fabbione, why is thta happening?08:47
fabbionesuperm1: fixed it...08:48
fabbionei will explain in 2 minutes..08:48
=== fabbione needs to run to the thinking room
=== jetsaredim [n=jgreenwa@pool-68-163-243-133.bos.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1spiderworm, /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log08:49
spiderwormsudo netstat -tuna | grep 6543 shows nothing, sudo netstat -tunap | grep myth shows nothing08:49
superm1check and see what it is saying08:49
spiderwormsuperm1: log is clean08:49
superm1clean as in empty?08:49
spiderwormno errors no problems08:49
superm1or clean as in nothing08:49
spiderwormclean as in i'll pastebin it for ya08:49
superm1hey jetsaredim08:50
jetsaredimI started messing with the glade shit08:51
superm1jetsaredim, and good or bad news proceeds...08:51
jetsaredimbut I think there was something incompatible between the edgy glade which I had on my system and the feisty glade from the livecd08:51
superm1whats happening?08:52
jetsaredimsome sort of unrecogized glade type08:52
jetsaredimlike they are using some glade type that wasn08:52
jetsaredimt in the version i had08:52
fabbionesuperm1: basically it's a hvr3000 driver limitation. afaik it's on windows, but basically with multiple frontends, when you get an exclusive access to a device (Mythtv default) you can't access the other frontend. So the backend can't initialize the second configured frontend08:53
jetsaredimso i'm coaxing my dev box through a feisty upgrade (which is not going totally well)08:53
fabbionethe solution is to set dvb_on_demand in the mythtv config for now08:54
fabbionethat will allow you to init both hvr3000 frontends from the backend08:54
fabbioneand you can switch in livetv08:54
fabbionei assume this limitation has other consequences like you can't watch dvb-t and record dvb-s at the same time08:54
fabbionebut i will solve that later on08:54
spiderwormsuperm1: http://pastebin.ca/41087508:55
spiderworm(prepare to be mystified)08:55
superm1fabbione, that probably touches upon another issue that i heard of recording two sources on the same mux in the US08:56
superm1fabbione, no code has been proposed as of yet08:56
superm1but thats good you solved it08:56
fabbionesuperm1: if it's a kernel limitation there is not much you can do in Mythtv08:56
fabbioneyou need to fix the drivers first08:56
superm1fabbione, good point08:57
fabbionesuperm1: it would be good if you can actually add these information to the MythTV/ubuntu wiki08:57
fabbioneright now i am porting the HVR3000 code from linuxtv.org to 2.6.2008:57
fabbioneonce i get that to build and work i will look into the limitation08:57
fabbioneit might just be a wrong return08:57
superm1fabbione, i'll add a note about this to troubleshooting then.  very good info08:58
superm1jetsaredim, have you tried to install the feisty glade packages on edgy?08:58
fabbionesuperm1: thanks08:58
superm1spiderworm,  that log looks prestine08:58
jetsaredimsuperm1: too late now08:58
spiderwormsuperm1: doesnt it tho?08:58
jetsaredimI'm basically done the upgrade08:58
superm1jetsaredim, ah okay :)08:59
jetsaredimwas just not a fun one08:59
jetsaredimmy nvidia stuff got all screwed up08:59
spiderwormsuperm1: i bet that poor process was like "dont kill me! i've been good!"08:59
jetsaredimnot even sure if that's really fixed until I reboot08:59
spiderwormhe only THOUGHT he's been good08:59
spiderwormi just dont know how to get it through his thick skulll....08:59
superm1jetsaredim, haha08:59
superm1spiderworm, are you sure that yo uhave the right ip set09:00
superm1in mythtv-setup09:00
jetsaredimseems like every time I reboot the nvidia drivers just disappear09:00
spiderwormsuperm1: port 6543.... status on 6544... that ip is correct09:00
spiderwormbest i can tell is something in edgy is not allowing it to listen on 6543?09:00
superm1jetsaredim, using drivers in restricted manager?09:00
superm1spiderworm, .... hmm09:01
superm1wait a minute...09:01
superm1you started as root09:01
superm1not as mythtv09:01
superm1oh nvm09:01
superm1you used the init script09:01
jetsaredimsuperm1: ??09:01
superm1jetsaredim, how did you do nvidia-drivers, linux-restricted-modules?  or from the nvidia installer09:01
superm1spiderworm, try adding some verbose options09:02
spiderwormyou got it09:02
jetsaredimnvidia installer?09:02
jetsaredimi had them installed from edgy09:02
superm1spiderworm, to /etc/default/mythtv-backend09:02
jetsaredimi didn't reinstall09:03
superm1jetsaredim, if you installed from the nvidia installer, u might want to try reverting to open source driver and then using restricted-manager to install directly from ubuntu repos09:03
jetsaredimo - i had the ??? because I had no idea what you were talking about09:04
jetsaredimi just installed the drivers from adept09:04
superm1oh okay09:05
superm1so what happens that you "lose" it09:05
superm1the nvidia.ko isn't generated?09:05
jetsaredimnot sure09:05
jetsaredimlike I have it up and working at the moment09:05
superm1oh wait you just did this today09:05
superm1or yesterday or so09:05
superm1because there was a new kernel image released yesterday, but no linux-restricted-modules to compliment it09:06
jetsaredimi think it has to do with the fact that its being installed into some volatile area09:06
superm1so if you installed that and rebooted into it09:06
superm1linux-restricted-modules got released today09:06
jetsaredimwhich - 20-1309:06
superm1i got bit by that yesterday too09:07
=== jetsaredim picks the best days to upgrade
superm1with my ati drivers09:07
superm1but since i've had feisty on for a bit, i had an old kernel to revert to until l-r-m was ready09:07
spiderwormsuperm1: i accidentally erased /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend ... how to use apt to get it back again?09:07
jetsaredimit must be now09:07
spiderwormdpkg-reconfigure mythtv ?09:07
superm1spiderworm, sudo apt-get install --reinstall mythtv-backend09:07
superm1should do it09:07
superm1jetsaredim, yup it is,  i just got it a few hours ago09:08
superm1from my mirror09:08
superm1spiderworm, if that doesn't do it, you'll need to apt-get remove --purge mythtv-backend and then do the apt-get install mythtv-backend09:08
spiderwormsuperm1: http://pastebin.ca/41090809:14
=== jetsaredim yells at his monitor
superm1does it just sit there?09:17
spiderwormsuperm1: indeed09:17
spiderwormsuperm1: nothign pops up when mythfrontend tries to connect09:17
spiderwormsuperm1: should there be more log output after that or something?09:18
=== varka [n=varkatop@p54a5face.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1well it shouldnt just stop in the middle of mysql selects like htat09:18
spiderwormsuperm1: i did kill it pretty quickly, i'll let it run a minute or two this time09:19
=== jetsaredim [n=jgreenwa@pool-68-163-243-133.bos.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== jetsaredim [n=jgreenwa@pool-68-163-243-133.bos.east.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu-mythtv []
superm1spiderworm, k09:21
=== jetsaredim [n=jgreenwa@pool-68-163-243-133.bos.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1spiderworm, you cleaned up all binaries in /usr/local/lib *and* /usr/local/bin right?09:28
superm1not just one or the other09:29
spiderwormsuperm1: yes, and also those in /usr/local/include and /usr/local/share09:30
superm1this is an existing mythtv-database however right?09:31
superm1in mysql09:31
=== gardengnome walks someone through database setup on ubuntu and screams.
superm1gardengnome, "sudo apt-get install mythtv-database" ?09:32
gardengnomesuperm1: i f'ing wish. ;)09:33
superm1gardengnome, what happened?09:34
gardengnomethis time it's actually because he's using the external IP address to access the DB server. the mythtv-database scripts don't account for that, i suppose. it's not critical, though.09:34
superm1gardengnome, they *should* be accounting for that09:35
gardengnomehow so?09:35
superm1oh wait, he is installing the DB on a remote server?09:35
superm1as in remote mysql server09:35
gardengnomei don't know.09:36
superm1well mythtv-database installs on the mysql server you configured in mythtv-common09:36
superm1so if you choose to do it on a remote server, then as long as it was right in mythtv-common, then it will be fine09:36
=== fabbione [i=fabbione@gordian.fabbione.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1but if you updated /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt manually instead of dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-common09:37
superm1then it wont09:37
gardengnomei'll paste our conversation to him. thank you.09:38
gardengnomei'm gonna update the channel faq or something with this.09:38
gardengnomeso i can yell "RTFM" at people. :)09:39
superm1on #mythtv-users?09:39
gardengnomeyeah. the guy i'm talking to is in #mythtv-de though09:39
=== jetsaredim [n=jgreenwa@pool-68-163-243-133.bos.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1jetsaredim, having connectoin issues it appears?09:40
jetsaredimI need to figure out how to un-break dhclient09:40
jetsaredimlike - I want it to grab the information from resolv.conf on boot09:41
jetsaredimbut then it keeps grabbing it periodically09:41
jetsaredimwhich I don't want09:41
superm1oh i think i know the solution you're looking for.09:41
=== superm1 looks for that conf file that he put aside
jetsaredimcause when I connect to work via my vpn, it needs to put down the vpn network's resolv.conf09:41
=== jetsaredim awaits with bated breath
jetsaredimyou would be my saviour09:43
spiderwormsuperm1: ok i think ive got most things working now09:43
superm1spiderworm, what'd you have to do09:43
superm1jetsaredim, i *think* /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf09:43
spiderwormsuperm1: i can record by doing cat /dev/video0 > /tmp/file.mpg and play it back with mplayer09:44
superm1spiderworm, that's not entirely a "working" mythtv however...09:44
spiderwormbut tvtime wont play tv and mythfrontend says all available inputs are in use09:44
spiderwormmythfrontend is connecting to backend now )09:44
superm1spiderworm, how'd you get mythfrontend connecting09:45
spiderwormsuperm1: i waited :D09:45
spiderwormit finally showed up on netstat and i connected09:45
spiderwormnow i need to figure out why "no inputs are availble"09:45
superm1were you doing the cat /dev/video0 as the backend was starting?09:46
superm1perhaps during the time it would have init'ed the card09:46
spiderwormsuperm1: no09:46
superm1jetsaredim, you need a dhclient hook from what i gather09:46
superm1in /etc/dhcp309:46
spiderwormi'll restart backend to be sure tho09:46
superm1jetsaredim, this discusses how to do it: http://linux.about.com/library/cmd/blcmdl8_dhclient-script.htm09:47
superm1you need to redefine a hook that is made by dhclient09:47
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superm1jetsaredi1, not sure if you saw the posts before since you appear to be vpn'ed now: jetsaredim, this discusses how to do it: http://linux.about.com/library/cmd/blcmdl8_dhclient-script.htm09:48
superm1<superm1> you need to redefine a hook that is made by dhclient09:48
jetsaredi1I just commented out the timeout value09:49
superm1and that did it?09:50
jetsaredi1just to see if it works09:50
jetsaredi1not sure yet09:50
jetsaredi1usually happens around 2 min09:50
superm1how are things looking for ubiquity other than the glade issues you ran into?09:50
jetsaredi1reverted back09:53
superm1jetsaredi1, what vpn client?09:55
superm1cisco i'd imagine?09:55
spiderwormsuperm1: everything is working great now, thanks superm109:56
spiderworm*slobbery kiss*09:57
superm1spiderworm, wonderful that it works :)09:57
superm1spiderworm, see binary packages aren't that bad eh?09:57
spiderworm*shrug* we'll see :)09:57
superm1jetsaredi1, you seen bug 9276109:57
ubotuMalone bug 92761 in network-manager "resolv.conf overwritten no matter what I do" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9276109:57
spiderwormi've used debs before... you just keep them up to date, ya hear me? ;)09:57
=== majoridiot [n=majoridi@74-141-134-199.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1spiderworm, haha09:58
spiderwormyou just do all the work while i have some fun, got it? ;)09:58
superm1spiderworm, as long as you spread the help around in case you see someone else running into this, i'm all over that09:58
superm1spiderworm, particularly #mythtv-users, as i'm sure people in there run into stuff like this all the time09:59
spiderwormsuperm1: tell ya wat, i'll autojoin and help people in her efrom time to time09:59
superm1spiderworm, cool :)09:59
spiderwormif you ever need help with blender btw im sort of a bigwig in the community09:59
spiderwormsort of09:59
spiderwormmaybe a medium wig09:59
spiderwormok a pretty small frikkin wig but i can at least offer some help & support10:00
superm1spiderworm, i dont even know what blender is?10:00
spiderwormblender 3d?!10:00
superm1i've heard its name thrown around10:00
gardengnomeblender is a ncie 3d modeling app.10:00
superm1but no idea what it was10:00
spiderwormmy gosh man, /join #blender3d already!10:00
gardengnomei totally suck at it. :)10:00
superm1sorta like solidworks?10:00
spiderwormer oops10:00
spiderworm i mean, /join #blender10:00
gardengnomespiderworm: do you want him to play with blender or make nice packages for us? ;)) (j/k)10:00
spiderwormsuperm1: more like maya10:00
spiderwormgardengnome: a bit of both!10:01
superm1i'll install it, and it to my list of things to toy around with :)10:01
gardengnomeit's really nifty.10:02
spiderwormsuperm1: you can blame me for this popular documentation: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Blender_3D:_Noob_to_Pro10:02
superm1spiderworm, nice.  adding it to del.icio.us right now10:03
spiderwormsuperm1: actually i have another question for you10:03
superm1spiderworm, sure shoot10:03
spiderwormi still want to play around with the source checkouts10:03
gardengnomespiderworm: thanks for that guide10:03
superm1jetsaredi1, did you look through some of the stuff on that bug?  seems to have a few possible solutions10:04
spiderwormhow reasonable is it to build myth from source in a /home directory while there is a package install on the system?10:04
superm1spiderworm, source checkouts as in svn or 0.20-fixes10:04
spiderwormboth, probably :)10:04
=== Xenocide [n=xeno@rrcs-70-60-97-150.midsouth.biz.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
Xenocidehey hey everyone10:04
superm1spiderworm,  well once you introduce a machine running svn into your network, expect troubles for all non-svn machines10:04
superm1especially if you use a common database10:05
spiderwormsuperm1: at this point, only one machine is running mythfrontend10:05
superm1well moreover, once you go svn - dont expect to be able to go back10:05
superm1hey Xenocide10:05
Xenocidebout to bounce, gonna get food before physics class10:05
spiderwormim more concerned about building when there are libraries from .deb packages on the system10:05
superm1spiderworm, well the most intelligent thing to do here, would be start building your source packages into debs10:07
superm1that way you can easily manage both10:07
superm1and switch quickly between the two10:07
superm1if need be10:07
spiderwormi should learn to do that huh10:07
spiderwormi'll give that a roll10:07
superm1spiderworm, its unfortunately a bit involved at first10:08
superm1i have a post on the forums outlining the basic process10:08
jetsaredi1superm1: that bug seems sorta like what I'm seeing10:11
jetsaredi1though in my case the is the nameserver on my local subnet10:11
superm1jetsaredi1, there is a few hacks in there that you might be able to get by using hopefully10:12
jetsaredi1i just wrote a little script that copies over the resolv.conf with the version for my vpn10:13
superm1over and over?10:13
jetsaredi1brute force, baby10:14
superm1a bit of a dirty hack, but functional i guess :)10:15
jetsaredi1at this point I'm just fed up with dealing with it10:15
jetsaredi1it wouldn't be so bad10:15
jetsaredi1I used to just remove dhcp3 and install dhcpcd10:16
jetsaredi1which isn't as invasive10:16
jetsaredi1but for some reason the network-manager app needs dhcp310:20
jetsaredi1I tried removing it, but I end up getting errors when I open konsole or things like that10:20
superm1wow thats bizarre10:21
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superm1looks to have worked :)11:04
superm1jetsaredi1, i'll catch up with you later more on ubiquity11:06
superm1gotta run11:06
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Xenocide^wifi is so flaky11:07
=== Xenocide^ is now known as Xenocide
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