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os1riscan anyone give me some insight using ndiswrapper with ubuntu-server'07:36
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=== Topic for #ubuntu-server: Ubuntu Server *development* discussion | general support -> #ubuntu
=== Topic (#ubuntu-server): set by fabbione at Wed Jan 10 11:19:15 2007
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niruhey folks 08:39
niruwhats up08:39
niruI am trying to come up with server version of my distro08:39
niruBut seeing some problems need to be clarified by you folks08:39
niruany help08:39
niruHow to start with08:40
niruI am editing the tasksel but unfortunate it is not taking what I give in taskesl08:40
nirurather packages get installed according to preseed file08:40
niruAny body available here08:42
=== niru feels its strange that people in ubuntu are not active enough :)
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niruivoks hi08:47
niruI am editing the tasksel but unfortunate it is not taking what I give in taskesl08:48
nirurather packages get installed according to preseed file08:48
niruCan I use your method08:48
niruI am at present going with debian way08:48
ivoksmine method? :)08:48
nirucould you tell me how  can move in ubuntu way08:48
niruI mean ubuntu way of using seed.I dont know esactly how t works08:49
ivoksi don't know about others, but i do it with kickstart08:49
niruAny explanation08:49
niruoh just explain me such that I can follow if possible08:49
ivoksit's easy08:50
ivoksit's redhat's tool08:50
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ivoksyou need system-config-kickstart08:51
niruivoks:so you dont go with ubuntu08:51
ivoksubuntu implemented system-config-kickstart08:51
niruivoks:Could you give me any link08:52
ivoksi don't know if debians installer supports kickstart08:53
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niruivoks:ubuntu server version uses which method?09:47
ivoksit uses pressed files09:47
ivoksbut it also supports kickstart09:48
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theacolyteCan't seem to find any info in #ubuntu for this, or the website, what version of mysql does the server version come with?05:47
mralphabetdapper LTS? or edgy server05:55
theacolytesorry bout that05:55
theacolyteah, thanks mralphabet05:58
theacolyteI knew it was out there, but couldn't find it05:59
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shawarmafabbione: How do you feel about changing this channel to a support one?08:08
ivoksdev & support08:09
Laser_awaydoes it matter?08:09
shawarmaYes, that too.08:09
Burgworkthink that might be good08:09
Burgworkas this channel is not exactly busy08:10
shawarmaLaser_away: "Does it matter what fabio thinks" or "does it matter if it's changed"?08:10
ivoksand #ubuntu is not a right place for server questions08:10
fabbioneshawarma: i don't really like the idea od support08:10
fabbioneit will become yet another #ubuntu08:10
Laser_awayshawarma: heh, the later.08:10
fabbionebut if you all think it's wise to open the gates.. go ahead08:10
shawarmafabbione: Did you read the arguments on the mailing list?08:11
fabbioneshawarma: no?08:11
maswanfabbione: on the other hand, would it really disrupt any actual development discussions here?08:11
shawarmafabbione: It's basically about the principle of least surprise.08:12
GNu_JoeI've been waiting for the devlopment discussion, when does it occure?08:12
shawarmafabbione: a) People come here expecting it to be a support channel. 2) #ubuntu is really noisy and it would be nice to have a separate channel for server stuff.08:12
shawarmaHeh.. a) and 2). Nice.08:12
shawarmaand er... well, there was a third reason..08:13
shawarmaOh, right, that there's not really any devel discussion going on here anyway.08:13
ivoksubuntu-server users mostly do know somethign about development08:13
fabbionemaswan: no, but we did try to have support for a while and we ended up with people asking how compile kernels or install nvidia on servers08:13
fabbioneivoks: wrong08:13
maswanfabbione: ah, ok08:14
ivoksfabbione: i see :)08:14
Laser_awaycould there be a #ubuntu-server-devel?08:14
shawarmaWell, that sort of questions should just be redirected to #ubuntu.08:14
fabbionemaswan: people don't understand the difference and we were spending more time sending people to the right channels than anything else08:14
fabbionebut again08:14
shawarmaLaser_away: Either that or just move it to #ubuntu-devel.08:14
fabbioneif the community feels the need.. so be it08:14
fabbionei am not pro or against08:14
ivoksfabbione: were that nvidia questions before 6.06?08:15
fabbioneivoks: no also after IIRC08:16
ivoksfabbione: cause there was no difference betwean server and regular install before 6.0608:16
shawarmaThe worst that could happen is that people will ask silly questions which we can just choose to ignore. Development discussion can go to #ubuntu-devel or, if the volume increases, to a specific #ubuntu-server-devel channel.08:16
fabbionebut does it matter?08:16
ivoksboth were installed from same CD, had same packages, etc...08:16
ivoksnext question; who would answer on support questions? :)08:18
shawarmaSame as in the other support channel: whoever feels like it.08:18
ivoksfwiw, i vote for 'let's try'...08:18
Laser_awaywhat is the current support channel for server, #ubuntu?08:19
ivoksLaser_away: yes08:19
ivoksand no one here is on #ubuntu channel08:19
ivoksi think that says enough...08:20
ivoks(no, i didn't check all of you :)08:20
shawarmaivoks: Heh..08:20
shawarmaWell then..08:20
ivoksit's your call fabbione 08:21
ivokssee you later guys, gtg08:21
shawarmaWell, since noone seems to oppose..08:22
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-server:shawarma] : Ubuntu Server discussion and support | general (not server specific) support -> #ubuntu
shawarmaLet's see how long it takes before "the crowd" floods us with nvidia questions or whatnot.. :-)08:26
Laser_awaywell, you might need to define what "Ubuntu Server support" is08:32
shawarmaIt's kind of like porn, isn't it? I can't define it, but I know it when I see it.08:34
shawarmaLaser_away: ..but if you can define it, feel free. :-)08:34
theacolyteAny of you have ldap working with php5 sucessfully?09:18
theacolyteWell, I just did, nm on that :)09:22
shawarmamkay. :-)09:24
EtienneGhey guys, can someone tell me how to install the Nvidia drivers on feisty ?09:34
EtienneGjuuuuuust kidding09:34
theacolyteuse yum09:36
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theacolyteI'm SOOO tired of SNMP/MIB's I'm about to go blind!09:49
theacolyteI'd give me left foot to find a good snmp browser09:50
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morrolanHi, I've just installed ubuntu-server, and I'm struggling to create an SQL database?09:56
theacolytemorrolan: what's the issue?09:56
mralphabetmysql? or some other db engine09:57
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ivoksnice topic :)11:09
=== mooseman447 [n=mooseman@] has joined #ubuntu-server
shawarmaivoks: Feel free to change it. :-)11:18
ivokshttp://www.zenoss.com/ - this would look great in ubuntu-server11:19
shawarmaivoks: It sure does look shiny. :-)11:20
ivoksi'll download it and give it a try11:24
shawarmaUh, it's a Python thing? 11:25
theacolyteI'm actually setting up Cacti right now11:25
theacolyteand wondering why apt-get install nagios-mysql requires postfix...11:26
shawarmaivoks: Wicked.11:26
shawarmaEver tried Zabbix?11:27
ivoksWhat is your development environment like?11:27
ivoksWe develop on Mac OS and Ubuntu using a GNU development environment and Python.11:27
ivoksthat's good enough for me :D11:27
theacolyteI'm an IS manager personally, not dev11:27
shawarmaI've been a Nagios user for years, but maybe I should take a look at alternatives. There seems to be quite a few out there.11:27
theacolyteMainly a windows shop here11:28
theacolyteI use GFI's product11:28
=== shawarma offers his condolences.
theacolyteDon't. I like Windows just the way it is :)11:29
ivoksyeah, me too :)11:29
shawarmaSo do I:Nowhere near any of my machines.11:29
theacolytemore of a RHEL guy actually for linux, here's a question, I know you can do a package install such as yum groupinstall development, is there an equivalent for ubuntu?11:31
theacolytesuch as apt-get install please get me everything i need to compile something11:31
theacolytemake, gcc etc11:31
ivoksapt-get install build-essential11:32
theacolyteah thanks )11:32
ivoksit will not install all dev packages, just essential11:33
shawarmaif "something" is already in ubuntu, then "apt-get build-dep something"11:33
shawarmaivoks: It's strange they don't provide .deb's if they use Ubuntu..11:34
ivoksshawarma: yes :/11:35
theacolyteI swear to god. If I see that effing MOTD again I'm gonna come unglued11:35
theacolyteI thought it was just a runtime script that copied from a file that kept the motd?11:35
theacolytewell, the motd when reset always goes back to the default ubuntu motd11:36
shawarmatheacolyte: When do you see it?11:36
theacolyteI thought it was just a matter of editing /var/run/motd11:36
theacolyteon log in11:36
shawarmatouch $HOME/.hushlogin11:37
theacolyteyou know... The programs included with the Ubuntu system are free software;11:37
theacolytethanks.. that was driving me crazy11:37
shawarmaThe file is actually in /etc/motd{,.tail}11:37
shawarmaWell... /etc/motd.tail contains the static part.11:38
shawarma$(uname -snrvm) is prepended to that to form /var/run/motd.11:39
theacolyteah got it11:39
shawarmaThe FHS dictates that conf stuff should be in /etc, so there's a symlink in there.11:39
theacolytewhy is it so persistant? hehe11:39
shawarmaSo, if you want to keep a MOTD with the uname stuff prepended, you change /etc/motd.tail. If you just want a static one, delete the /etc/motd symlink and replace it with something you like.11:40
shawarmaThe static one can of course just be an empty file.11:41
ivoksthere are some ugly stuff in zenoss11:42
ivokslike for sudoers:11:42
ivokszenoss NOPASSWD: /bin/kill11:42
ivoksthis makes it a bad software11:43
Burgworkoh geez11:43
Burgworkjust while I was debating zenoss vs zabbix11:43
shawarmaI wonder what it's for.11:43
theacolytewhy would you use zabbix vs cacti?11:43
shawarmaIt's probably something about reloading configuration files or something.11:43
ivoksshawarma: exploiting :)11:44
shawarmaivoks: *G*11:44
Burgworkthey are looking for people to help them build deb packages11:44
ivoksBurgwork: zenoss?11:44
Burgworkmight want to ping upstream and tell them that is bad11:44
theacolyteI'm curious actually. I'm trying to find some good monitoring/metric software11:44
ivoksi wanted to do that, but this strikes me...11:44
theacolyteSo why zabbix vs cacti or nagios or something?11:44
Burgworkbecause zabbix is one install vs many11:44
theacolyteso zabbix is like nagios + cacti, etc?11:45
Burgworkthanks, I have better things to do than fight with configuring stuff endlessly11:45
theacolytegot it, as do I11:45
theacolyteI tried groundwork, almost made me vomit configuring it, it's almost as bad as nagios11:45
Burgworkbusy working up the courage to rebuild the asterisk server in house11:45
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theacolyte* configuration is even worse than nagios *laugh*11:46
ajmitchhi Burgwork 11:46
Burgworkhey ajmitch11:46
theacolyteooo zabbix has a win32 agent11:46
theacolytei'm sold already11:46
Burgworkour network, has fortunately, recovered from the attack of the incompetent alarms tech11:46
theacolyteBurgwork: what zabbbix version do the ubuntu repos have?11:48
Burgworkno idea11:48
Burgworkpackages.ubuntu.com/zabbix will tell you11:48
Burgworkhmm, universe only11:49
ivoksoh, nice...11:49
Burgworkwe need a solution in main11:49
ivokshttp://www.zabbix.com/screenshots_11_screens.php - zabbix already considers croatia part of EU :)11:49
ivoksthat was a joke11:50
shawarmanagios used to be in main, it seems.11:50
ivoksBurgwork: is there a strong reason why zabbix isn't in main?11:52
theacolytehere's one for you11:52
theacolytedid an apt-get install using dbconfig11:52
theacolyteWarning: mysql_pconnect(): Access denied for user 'zabbix'@'localhost' (using password: NO) in /usr/share/zabbix/include/db.inc.php on line 3211:52
ivoksnice :)11:53
theacolyteexcellent, and removing it and reinstalling it after manually making the database, dbconfig doesn't come back up... although that may be an ubuntu thing11:56
ivoksbasicly, debconf should create DB and DB user11:57
ivoksthat's not such a big deal...11:57
ivoksanything else? :)11:57
theacolytei uninstalled the package, went to reinstall it, and it just flashed by without asking about dbconfig... answers cached someplace?11:57
ivoksdpkg-reconfigure will reconfigure it11:58
ivoksremoving it with --purge will remove answers11:58
theacolytewhy doesn't dbconfig ask for the root mysql password?11:59
ivokstheacolyte: maybe it isn't packaged well12:00
theacolytegot it12:00
ivoksi'll check it tomorrow12:00
ivoksbut i think we should have something like this for next lts12:01
ivoks(like an option, ofcourse)12:01
theacolytei hate zabbix already :)12:02
shawarmaI've always like nagios-text.12:06
shawarmaIt seems so wrong to monitor the MySQL database that your monitoring data is kept in.12:07

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