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ded_mhb: hello you are working on a gbedi for kde?12:38
crimsun(err, gdebi?)12:40
ded_a packetage instalor for local .deb12:41
ded_on gnome12:41
crimsunright, gdebi. I wasn't aware of gbedi, hence the question.12:41
ded_i done a little thing on kdevelop for use it in a qt kde interface12:45
ded_that's working12:45
ded_not really beautyfull but that's my first prog on linux12:46
ded_i would like have some comment12:47
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nixternalhiya jjesse02:37
jjessehiya nixternal02:37
jjesseback in a hotel :(02:37
=== nixternal just finished the Mailody Handbook release 1
nixternalhow much longer are you doing that for?02:37
jjessei had 3 weeks on, took a week off and then back for 3 weeks02:37
jjesseat least for this customer02:38
nixternalare you onsite for a new install or what?02:38
jjessethis job is 10 weeks02:38
jjessebut yeah i'm onsite02:39
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odlai just ran the upgrader from edgy to feisty and ever thing went fine until it suggested packages for removal.  i went ahead and removed them then it failed.  it gave an error message but i'm not sure what it was or where it is04:16
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manchicken_Howdy all!  I've got the first working machine for my compile farm!05:11
crimsuncool, going to donate it to imbrandon's ubuntuwire effort?05:11
manchicken_What do you mean?05:11
manchicken_I was not aware of such an effort...05:12
crimsunhe's building a compile farm of $arches05:12
manchicken_I'm actually going a different direction.05:12
manchicken_I'm building a compile farm of $kernels :)05:12
manchicken_This one is going to be running xubuntu.  It's gonna be the controller.05:12
crimsuninstead of ubuntu-server?05:13
manchicken_I'm not sure if I want to xen for GNU/Solaris and GNU/HURD or whether I want to run separate machines for it.05:13
manchicken_Actually, for some reason I didn't even think ubuntu server.05:13
manchicken_This machine is a bit older though.05:14
manchicken_What, does server just run ubuntu-minimal?05:15
crimsunit includes a LAMP stack by default, too, IIRC05:15
manchicken_But that's it?  No GUIs or whatnot?05:15
nixternalmanchicken_: nope!05:16
manchicken_I don't think this machine will take GNOME very well.05:16
manchicken_Very nice.05:16
nixternalI run ubuntu-server for almost everything05:16
manchicken_This machine is going to be headless.05:17
manchicken_so no GUI is necessary.05:17
manchicken_You run LTS or Edgy?05:18
nixternalas soon as Feisty goes final I will upgrade them all, since it has been seemless since Breezy pretty much05:18
manchicken_Wow, I'm getting some pretty good download speeds.05:19
manchicken_Man I love this central illinois connection.05:19
manchicken_And I'm using every last bit of it.05:20
nixternalya, farmers only check their email, my space, and porn every now and then. they don'th ave any need for wares05:20
manchicken_I think I may do LTS05:21
manchicken_Just so I can get some LTS if need-be :)05:22
manchicken_Downloading at 1.2MB/s...05:22
manchicken_Kinda slow...05:22
manchicken_kernel.org mirror though...05:23
manchicken_That's probably the bottleneck.05:23
nixternalno way, I use the ussg.iu.edu mirrors for everything05:23
nixternalsuper max downloads05:23
manchicken_What speed?05:23
nixternalwhat ever my connection can handle05:23
manchicken_What's that?05:23
nixternal6MBs I think05:23
nixternalor maybe 805:24
manchicken_Super-max of 56kbps isn't too impressive ;)05:24
nixternalhehe, yes it is05:24
manchicken_brb, gotta find my blanks.05:24
crimsunuse mirrors2.kernel.org .05:24
nixternalespecially when I use crimsun's laptop and his AOL connection05:24
crimsunit's prodigy/compuserv, thank you muchly05:24
nixternalhahah, that was my first ISP05:24
nixternalthen I went Com21 cable modem in 1995 in southern Maryland05:25
nixternalso I didn't have to download Linux from the ship anymore, I could do it from home05:25
manchicken_I'm just not used to this thing being so slow.05:26
manchicken_1.2MB/s is just too slow.05:26
manchicken_In NYC they have fios.05:26
crimsunmirrors is much slower IME than mirrors205:26
manchicken_They tout up to 50mbps.05:26
crimsunbah, I'm _still_ on 56kbps, so you all can stuff it ;)05:27
nixternalmanchicken_: you going to Flourish this week?05:28
ajmitchcrimsun: we should pass the hat around & get you upgraded05:28
nixternalajmitch: he is a professor! he has money ;p05:29
manchicken_I don't like Flourish.05:29
nixternalwhy is that?05:29
manchicken_I think Flourish is an event for fascists to pretend that they're not fascists by pretending to like "open source."05:29
manchicken_It helps folks find jobs, too, which is good.05:30
ajmitchnixternal: hah, funny05:30
manchicken_But I don't need one of those.  heh05:30
=== nixternal either
nixternalbut I need to show up to one Chicago even for Quigley pitches a fit ;)05:30
crimsunnixternal: if "money" == donated textbooks, sure05:31
manchicken_Yeah, alot of the ChiGLUG (now they went back to "LUG") is more on the proprietary-friendly side of things.05:32
nixternalwhat? when did that happen?05:32
manchicken_The mailing lists have no "G" in them.05:32
nixternalwebsite still says ChiGLUG05:32
manchicken_They started using the chicagolug url again, and the mailing lists are chicagolug... but yeah, it does say GNU/Linux on the site.05:34
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manchicken_The get ubuntu page is kinda confusing.06:01
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crimsunick, hand-holding in -motu? No thanks, not _that_ sort of hand-holding.07:01
Hobbseecrimsun: haha, yes.07:01
ajmitchtrying to extract useful answers07:02
HobbseeJucato: and there's an example of what you should *not* do :P07:10
ajmitchHobbsee: but it's for your own good :)07:10
JucatoHobbsee: yeah, for your own good *man*! :)07:11
Jucatoalthough... I'll probably be pestering you guys with some questions... stuff that would/could probably be put up in the FAQ :)07:11
Hobbseethen you can add it to the FAQ07:11
ajmitchas long as you ask them in an intelligent manner, being willing to do research yourself07:11
Hobbseeexactly :P07:12
Jucatoyep. I wouldn't want to look stupid in my own blog :D07:12
=== Jucato is sort of doing a Top 10 Questions of MOTU/Packaging hopefuls... but thinks there would probably be more than 10 :D
Hobbseesounds good to me :)07:13
Jucatoyour suggestions falls under the "Where/How should I ask for help?" question ;)07:14
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giangyayo Hobbsee :)08:01
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asydhello there09:10
=== glatzor_ [n=sebi@p57aee32e.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
mhbded_: hi09:21
mhbded_: it is likely that I will work on that frontend for feisty+109:23
mhbded_: I am sorry that I didn't answer sooner, I was asleep at that time. You can use email to send me the comments - that may be better as we live in different timezones, it seems.09:26
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cytHi all, will the final Feisty contains the KDE 3.5.6 or KDE4?10:23
crimsunit will ship with the former, and snapshot(s) of the latter will be available in universe.10:23
cytcrimsun: So the default install will be the 3.5.6 ? And the users can install KDE$ by themself?10:25
crimsuncyt: default -> yes. Users can choose to install a KDE4 snap alongside
cytcrimsun: I am current using Beta, if after Feisty release, and I make a 'dist-upgrade', will my system be upgraded to KDE4?10:28
crimsuncyt: no.10:28
cytcrimsun: Thanks ;)10:29
Tm_Tcyt: but well, KDE4 won't be much usable yet when Feisty is released so, don't hurry too much with it10:34
cytTm_T: Yes, KDE4 is so exciting, but it's not usable at this moment ;)10:36
Tm_Tcyt: well, my first experiences with KDE4-svn are from year ago10:37
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Tm_Tthen it was exciting ;)10:38
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Jucatomoin Riddell!01:12
Riddellhi Jucato, kdesdk uploaded01:15
Jucatoyay! :)01:15
Jucatoso I guess I did the debdiff right? thanks! :)01:16
=== dinosaur-rus [n=dinosaur@ppp85-140-70-4.pppoe.mtu-net.ru] has joined #kubuntu-devel
RiddellJucato: I renamed the .diff to kubuntu_01_ as we do, and added a description in the changelog01:20
Riddellotherwise all good01:20
JucatoRiddell: ah kool. I'm always clueless when it comes to the changelog :)01:20
=== dinosaur-rus wonders on spammers' insolence -- he received an e-mail from spamming organisation which claims that spam is the best form of advertisement and offers its services
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ded_mhb: ok have you got a mail?01:40
mhbded_: sure, martin.bohm<at>kubuntu.org01:53
ded_all right i send you my work01:53
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ded_i send it sorry for the bloody hotmail adress01:58
ded_mhb: where do you come from?01:59
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Hobbseeanyone alive in here?  Riddell maybe?02:47
mhbded_: thanks .... czech rep., why?02:47
kwwiiI'm here but I am sure I cannot help :p02:47
Hobbseekwwii: depends how much you know about qt and such02:47
=== mhb is also here
RiddellHobbsee: have you been affected by that?02:49
HobbseeRiddell: no.  there's a guy in -bugs who wrote it, and who's asking about it, though02:49
Hobbseeit's for edgy, no idea how it works on feisty, or if it does02:49
ded_mhb:  for see the time diff02:49
ded_mhb: what time is it there?02:50
mhbded_: 14:5102:50
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ded_this is the same time so03:15
=== oslo [n=oslo@alf94-5-82-225-102-119.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
ded_have you got my mail?03:15
mhbded_: yes, thank you for that03:20
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ded_you tested it?03:37
mhbded_: yes, it seemed to work03:39
mhbded_: what did you code it for?03:39
mhbded_: there is one big problem about it (from my point of view) ... it uses C++ , whereas "gdebi" uses Python03:40
mhbded_: and gdebi is already separated into a "backend" and "frontend" part, so it's very easy to build upon that code03:41
ded_my code execute the gdebi command line and write the result in a qstring03:45
ded_the qstring is passed to a label qt03:46
ded_i done it beceause i would like to add rpm support with alien03:46
ded_in a second time i want to create a search motor for package classed by extension file that the soft could open03:49
ded_with screenshot03:50
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Jucatohi bddebian04:28
bddebianHi again Jucato :-)04:28
bddebianHi Hobbsee04:28
Jucatolol :)04:28
=== rouzic_ausente is now known as rouzic
manchickenMy April fools post got 639 views yesterday.  Very nice.04:40
apacheloggerconsider me as back :D04:41
Hobbseeyay, apachelogger!04:43
=== neversfelde [n=chrman@nrbg-4db44588.pool.einsundeins.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
freeflyingapachelogger: it's your package?04:52
apacheloggerfreeflying: yep04:52
freeflyingapachelogger: use link for config.guess and config.sub, it will make your diff more little04:53
freeflyingAdd your package copyright04:53
ded_mhb: we work together on this project or you wanna make a python frontend?04:54
mhbded_: I want to do a python frontend for gdebi, that's sure04:55
mhbded_: (KDE frontend, that is)04:55
apacheloggerfreeflying: package copyright?04:55
freeflyingprovide a patch for kirocker-3.0.orig/src/kirocker.desktop's change04:55
mhbded_: I really wonder if creating a separate application is the way to go (for you)04:56
freeflyingapachelogger: ya, you'd tell others which license you'd prefer for your package04:56
apacheloggerfreeflying: it's not really an intended change ... tarball was kind of messed up04:56
mhbded_: won't you have less work if you took gdebi (the backend) and modify it to fit your needs? After all, python is easy to learn.04:56
mhbded_: just my 2 cents04:57
apacheloggerfreeflying: how can package license differ from software license?04:57
freeflyingapachelogger: like many gnome stuffs will use LGPL, but youcan use GPL for your debian/ubuntu package04:58
=== apachelogger is confused
=== flavia [n=flavia@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
ded_mhb: python is easy to learn i know that is not the problem but i prefer c++ and my project is bigger than gbedi frontend it could be done whith python but c++ is more powerful(at my point of view) and quicker05:00
freeflyingapachelogger: upstream use LGPL, but it links to GPL's file, so is that ok?05:01
apacheloggerfreeflying: upstream is using GPL05:02
flaviahi, the soundcard of my pc was not detected correctly by feisty and I had to follow the instructions on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.20/+bug/94373 to get it working. The only problem now is that the master volume doesn't do anything anymore, just the pcm volume control. Any idea on how to fix this?05:02
freeflyingapachelogger: sorry, my fault05:03
apacheloggerno problem :)05:04
freeflyingapachelogger: you'd better go ubuntu-motu/debian-mentors for more advice  :)05:04
apacheloggerwell, I will have to wait for upstream to fix the tarball anyway05:05
apacheloggerthere must be some strange bug in kdevelop's tarsystem which causes some files in admin dir to be duplicated05:05
apacheloggerreally strange issue though05:05
freeflyingapachelogger: you'd mention that the doc/* distributed under FDL05:07
freeflyingubuntu ftp-master will not care too much about this, but debian's will  :)05:09
apacheloggerbtw, is the patch for generating .pot files still necessary?05:10
freeflyingif you wanna upload to debian, recomend have05:11
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Hobbseewhee, adept sigseiv05:46
Jucatowow :)05:46
Hobbseeuseless BT.05:46
=== Jucato waves good night
Hobbseenight Jucato05:46
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=== yuriy cringes at launchpad
LeeJunFanthat's some color scheme eh?06:08
yuriyyeah, yuck. mostly the green bar at the top, that's really irritating06:11
yuriyalso the gray text, though i think it's always been like that06:11
yuriybut now tha the rest of it is high contrast it's worse06:11
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
LeeJunFanyeah, I'd have to agree, the green bar at the top really clashes.06:23
LeeJunFansomeone needs a color wheel.06:23
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_StefanS_evening !07:27
_StefanS_hey kwwii07:27
_StefanS_and all the others !07:27
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dandelanyone here using the fglrx drivers here, besides me?07:34
_StefanS_dandel: yep here07:35
dandelhave you been trying to use tv out?07:35
dandelbut 8168607:35
dandelbug 8168607:35
_StefanS_oh.. nope07:35
_StefanS_I have no need for it07:35
dandeli need a test of a patch of mine07:35
ubotuMalone bug 81686 in qt-x11-free "SIGFPE in create_dpis() in QPaintDevice::~QPaintDevice" [Medium,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8168607:36
_StefanS_resolution stuff ?07:36
dandelsorta slow lol... i fixed the bug for both feisty and edgy.07:36
dandeldpi issues07:36
dandelresolution was right on that, except for the tv out had no mm set.07:37
_StefanS_so fonts are screwed in tv out without your patch?07:37
dandelno... it's called all qt based apps will not run without it.07:37
_StefanS_ah I see07:37
dandelif you force tv out, and try running kde you'll crash every time it tries to run the createdevice dpi or w/e it was.07:38
dandeli was working with hobbsee about getting it tested on a unaffected card.07:39
_StefanS_uhm well I could hook my lappy to my lcd tv I guess07:40
dandelyou do know how to setup the tv right?07:40
=== rbrunhuber [n=Miranda@highway.mvi.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
_StefanS_well no, I was just going to write that ;)07:40
_StefanS_aticonfig will do it i presume ?07:41
dandelbut prep with that patch b4 hand.07:41
dandelget it's deb files reasy07:41
_StefanS_and twinview is fine ? or do I need to have it as the primary screen ?07:41
dandeli use horizinal07:41
_StefanS_2 screens ?07:41
dandeli like having a second desktop to use.07:41
_StefanS_uhm oka07:41
_StefanS_so kde will just crash if it doesnt work ?07:42
kwwiihi _StefanS_07:42
_StefanS_hey kwwii thought you were away :D07:42
kwwiiwell, I am eating dinner07:43
dandelkde will crash if your not patched07:43
_StefanS_dandel: I will try later, have to look at new car i'm about to buy07:43
dandelok later.07:43
_StefanS_kwwii: heard that ? - i'm looking to buy a vw passat tdi ;)07:43
kwwiisomeone should fix kde and kdm so that it works with thinkfinger07:43
_StefanS_or just give it the finger :D07:43
kwwii_StefanS_: killler, I looked at one of those too :-)07:43
_StefanS_kwwii: well imagine you07:43
kwwii_StefanS_: very nice cars07:44
_StefanS_kwwii: were looking at a new one ;)07:44
dandeli use gnome though... but i do have kde installed if i recall right, i've been testing with qsynth and sim primarely.07:44
kwwii_StefanS_: I just bought a new car on Friday07:44
_StefanS_kwwii: I have to shop for a 2003 model07:44
_StefanS_kwwii: congrats :)07:44
kwwiithnx :-)07:44
_StefanS_kwwii: any luck with the logo btw ?07:44
_StefanS_kwwii: (or time) :)07:45
kwwii_StefanS_: spent most of the weekend driving around in it :-)07:45
kwwii_StefanS_: but I will work on something tonight and tomorrow, ok?07:45
_StefanS_kwwii: yea sure, don't stress it :)07:45
_StefanS_kwwii: go drive your car  - and find an autobahn without speed limits07:46
kwwiihehe, that is exactly what I did ;-)07:46
_StefanS_hehe :D07:46
_StefanS_kwwii: top speed?07:46
kwwiiaround 230km/h07:46
kwwii163 horse power07:47
_StefanS_nice :)07:47
kwwiiwell, if you're living in a country where you can drive as fast as you want, you might as well have a fast car ;-)07:47
_StefanS_well I gotta hit the shower, the guy is coming by here at 20.00 to show me the car07:47
kwwiicool, have fun ;-)07:47
=== _StefanS_ ignores speed signs plentiful
_StefanS_thanks :)07:48
_StefanS_dandel: I will check that stuff after my test drive.. please email me the details : sfs@enhance-it.dk07:48
dandelsimple patch on current fiesty/edgy install07:48
dandelsee the bug report about it, for how to get it, since it's already uploaded.07:49
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dandel_StefanS_, you will know your effected by running this command in the terminal... xdpyinfo | grep -B2 reso07:54
dandelthe lcd screen, which should be one of the 2 will ready 0x0 millimetters and have a negative dpi.07:55
=== dandel hints to the lcd being the tv.
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manchickenw00t!  I got my passport.08:28
manchickenIt's very pretty.08:28
yuriythey tend to be08:32
yuriymanchicken: RFID-ified?08:32
manchickenI don't see RFID...08:33
manchickenThough I suppose it could be less than obvious.08:33
nixternalI need to update my passport08:44
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neutraloss_console_setup has been giving me problems for a while09:38
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DaSkreechUpgrade tool crashed09:40
DaSkreechsubprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 109:41
nixternalwhere are my accounting people at? :)09:48
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DaSkreechnixternal: Balancing09:56
DaSkreechThe dist upgrade tool crashed09:59
DaSkreechSo it launched the recovery dist upgrade10:00
DaSkreechWhich crashed10:00
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giangymh ktorrent 2.1.310:58
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