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ubotuNew bug: #99967 in blueprint "Zero gap between search form and listing table" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9996702:00
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thumper2jml: quick, just a few more an you might get #100000 :)03:54
Kamping_Kaiserwhy is lLP's bug numbers about 150 ahead of those shown in #ubuntu-bugs? 03:55
thumper2Kamping_Kaiser: perhaps it has to do with only lp bugs are shown here03:56
Kamping_Kaiser<ubotu> New bug: #99854 in kdelibs (at 11.26), <ubotu> New bug: #99990 (at 11.20)03:57
thumper2Kamping_Kaiser: and bugs in #ubuntu-bugs are just ubuntu ones rather than launchpad ones03:57
thumper2Kamping_Kaiser: ah03:57
thumper2Kamping_Kaiser: email gateway feeding ubotu?03:57
ajmitchmost likely03:57
thumper2Kamping_Kaiser: no idea really03:57
ajmitchgiven that we know that the mailing list is lagging03:58
ubotuNew bug: #99992 in launchpad "Not obvious how to make 'bzr branch https://launchpad.net/<product>' work" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9999204:00
Kamping_Kaiser*waits for 100,000 before posting more*04:01
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jmlthumper: hmm. no luck. I just filed #99996 -- that's the last bug I have to file from that particular use case04:07
spivIt's up to 99997,04:09
spivYou can watch https://bugs.beta.launchpad.net/ if you want to keep track :)04:09
Kamping_Kaiser*doesnt have a .beta. account* (i04:10
Kamping_Kaiserm randomly refreshing malone ;))04:10
spivWell, assuming 100000 doesn't turn out to be a private bug....04:10
ubotuNew bug: #99994 in launchpad "Creating a release series is somewhat confusing" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9999404:10
spivKamping_Kaiser: bugs.launchpad.net has "Recently reported bugs" section too04:11
Kamping_Kaiserspiv, i'm watching "Latest bugs reported across Malone"04:11
spivKamping_Kaiser: yeah, that's the one.04:12
Kamping_KaiserMalone statistics04:13
Kamping_Kaiser98691 Bugs04:13
spivmpt wins!04:13
spivmpt: good work04:14
Kamping_Kaiserding ding ding :)04:14
=== mpt bows
Kamping_Kaiserlol. awsome bug report04:15
ajmitchmpt: I know you were waiting for that :)04:15
spivmpt: you deserve a prize, although I can't think what would be sufficiently appropriate.04:15
ubotuNew bug: #99996 in launchpad "Branch chooser on "Edit source" page for Release Series should list the branches registered on the product by default" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9999604:15
Kamping_Kaiserwell... i suppose i've successfully been on irc now when 10,000 and 100,000 came up. wonder i'f i'll be here for the next 004:16
=== Kamping_Kaiser goes to advance 20 more bugs towards the goal...
ubotuNew bug: #100000 in malone "There are still too many bug reports" [Undecided,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10000004:20
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LaserJockmpt: what a nice bug report on bug #100000 . I like your thinking ;-)05:37
ubotuMalone bug 100000 in malone "There are still too many bug reports" [Undecided,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10000005:37
crimsunbah, simply roll over. Once we reach 99999, start back at 1.05:40
mptcrimsun, that was my previous suggestion (bug 1000)05:40
ubotuMalone bug 1000 in Ubuntu "There are too many bug reports in Malone" [Medium,Rejected]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/100005:40
crimsunI move to start by closing all audio bug reports from mpt.05:40
mptbut as you can see, it was rejected05:40
mptcrimsun, ooh, whatever will you do with that ONE extra number05:40
crimsunit seems LaserJock could use a couple more bugs assigned to him05:41
mptYou'll have to find a whole new bug 8034405:41
ubotuMalone bug 80344 in linux-source-2.6.17 "Sound works only a few weeks per year" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8034405:41
Kamping_Kaiserclosing anything thats no longer supported in ubuntu would probably help05:41
LaserJockcrimsun: why do you think that? :-)05:41
crimsunhey, beryl-core sounds like it needs LaserJock's email05:42
LaserJockI already get enough from u-u-s05:42
crimsunmpt: I'm afraid I need someone actually present to debug that05:43
crimsunmpt: maybe grab one of the UbuntuStudio guys during UDS, and we can proceed05:43
mptArrr, that would require going to UDS :-(05:43
ajmitchmpt: you're not going this time?05:45
mptBjornT, cprov, and kiko-afk will be there05:47
jameshit isn't called LDS, after all :)05:50
LaserJockbut it should be05:50
LaserJockalthough ...05:50
jamesh(of course, LDS would probably need to be held in Utah)05:50
LaserJockthat would be good for me at least05:50
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=== ..[topic/#launchpad:mpt] : Launchpad is down for an update, back shortly | Next user meeting: Wed 11 April 2007, 20.00UTC | Next developer meeting: Thu 29 Mar 2007, 1400UTC (wiki:MeetingAgenda) | launchpad-users@lists.canonical.com (wiki:MailingLists) | Channel logs: http://tinyurl.com/72w39
Kamping_Kaiserlp goned :/06:46
Kamping_Kaiser'suppse it means the bug count will stop for a while :)06:47
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thumper2Kamping_Kaiser: FYI lp is back07:03
Kamping_Kaiserthumper2, ty07:04
Kamping_Kaiserwahiilaoheh?? what happened there?07:05
Kamping_Kaiser:) very cool, apart from needing to releaern the ui :P07:06
=== ..[topic/#launchpad:mpt] : Welcome to the Launchpad 1.0 public beta | Next user meeting: Wed 11 April 2007, 20.00UTC | Next developer meeting: Thu 29 Mar 2007, 1400UTC (wiki:MeetingAgenda) | launchpad-users@lists.canonical.com (wiki:MailingLists) | Channel logs: http://tinyurl.com/72w39
ajmitchoh, beta is now in production for everyone?07:07
=== ajmitch doesn't notice any difference
ajmitchapart from the missing bit at the top asking me not to put up screenshots :)07:08
=== ..[topic/#launchpad:mpt] : Welcome to Launchpad 1.0 | Next user meeting: Wed 11 April 2007, 20.00UTC | Next developer meeting: Thu 29 Mar 2007, 1400UTC (wiki:MeetingAgenda) | launchpad-users@lists.canonical.com (wiki:MailingLists) | Channel logs: http://tinyurl.com/72w39
=== ..[topic/#launchpad:mpt] : Welcome to the Launchpad 1.0 public beta | Next user meeting: Wed 11 April 2007, 20.00UTC | Next developer meeting: Thu 29 Mar 2007, 1400UTC (wiki:MeetingAgenda) | launchpad-users@lists.canonical.com (wiki:MailingLists) | Channel logs: http://tinyurl.com/72w39
mptOk, I promise I won't touch the topic for at least another 13 hours07:10
Kamping_Kaiserare those 'home' and 'ubuntu' menus generated on the fly somehow? they take ages to load07:21
Kamping_Kaiserwhats the 'most active in' section tell you? and how does it tell you waht its telling you? :|07:27
Kamping_Kaiserand how are the 'most active' projects sorted?07:29
LaserJockbut contribution I think07:29
Kamping_Kaiserah right.07:29
Kamping_Kaisersuppose i could belive that. exept i thought i did more then that :)07:30
Kamping_Kaiseris 'no help on [homepage/faq] ' a bug or a feature?07:30
LaserJockI don't know much about the help part, I think that might be still worked on maybe07:32
Kamping_Kaiserok, thanks. i'll leave it out there and hope someone answers :)07:33
LaserJockmpt would know I think07:33
Kamping_Kaiseri'll afk and see what i see when i get back :)07:34
jameshKamping_Kaiser: it uses the karma tables to decide07:44
jameshKamping_Kaiser: which also means that if you do work that we don't have karma hooks for, it won't show up in that table07:45
Kamping_Kaiserjamesh, thanks07:52
jameshKamping_Kaiser: also, it is only showing the top 5 projects: it isn't saying that you've only contributed to 5 projects on Launchpad07:56
Kamping_Kaiserjamesh, i've only filed one bug one at least one of the things listed, so i figure i must be pretty close ;). but if it works on karma, as the karma for something drops, it would be 'less contributed to'? i can imagine that happening07:57
jameshKamping_Kaiser: I haven't looked at the code in detail, but that is about right07:58
jameshKamping_Kaiser: for instance, we don't currently award karma for bazaar commits, so it won't ever show you as making code contributions to a project there.07:59
Kamping_Kaiserare you recording what people do 'for when hooks go in', or is anything pre-hooks lost?07:59
Kamping_Kaiseri wont be affected, i'm just interested07:59
jameshif/when we do add the karma-for-commits, it will most likely only cover new commits08:00
jameshsimilar to when karma for answers.launchpad.net was implemented08:00
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BjornT_lifeless: when's the next reviewer meeting?08:09
jamesh10 minutes ago?08:10
BjornT_the wiki says a week and 10 minutes ago :)08:11
jameshlast week's excuse was a sprint08:11
lifelesslets do it, sorry08:11
lifelessnearly got this distributed graph delta working 08:11
lifelessreviewer meeting starts now08:11
lifeless * Roll call08:12
lifeless * Next meeting08:12
lifeless * Queue status.08:12
lifeless * How are post-merge reviews of rs/trivial commits going? (spiv, lifeless, @next reviewer meeting)08:12
lifeless * Training up reviewers - to discuss (lifeless)08:12
lifeless * [fasttrack]  (lifeless)08:12
lifeless * Doctest style guide (BjornT)08:13
lifelessBjornT_: ping08:13
lifelessjamesh: ping08:13
lifelessspiv: ping08:13
BjornT_i'm here08:13
spivI'm here.08:14
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=== jamesh wonders if lifeless is still here
lifelessjust assigned reviews08:17
lifelesscan you update it please  :)08:17
lifelessso queue status : 5 branches overdue08:20
lifeless2 with jamesh, one with kiko and two with stub08:20
lifelessI'll mail kiko and and stub08:20
lifelessthere are 9 accumulated over the weekend08:21
lifeless * How are post-merge reviews of rs/trivial commits going?08:23
lifelessoh also, jamesh - when will you get to your reviews ?08:24
jameshlifeless: will send off ddaa's one today.  Will get to Barry's one after that08:24
BjornT_i haven't done any post-merge reviews lately.08:25
=== glatzor [n=sebi@p54967C76.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #launchpad
spivI haven't really done any lately (I sent one brief, mildly snarky query about a trivial based purely on the commit mail).08:25
spivAnd exchanged extremely raised eyebrows with lifeless about a few other "trivial" commits last week :)08:26
lifelessin a discussion with SteveA/kiko/rinchen I suggested that we might add 'fasttrack' to accomodate the idea of 'This branch *is* landing no matter what, and we're willing to deal with fallout and fixups post-landing'08:27
jameshwho approves such commits?08:28
lifelessdoing this might allow rs/trivial to be given a more strict application08:28
lifelessI dont know08:28
lifelessI would suggest only kiko/SteveA08:28
spivlifeless: so fasttrack is "This *is* landing, but on the understanding it must get a post-merge review"?08:28
lifelessan example where this might be good is ddaa's *deployed but not landed* supermirror latency reduction fixes.08:29
=== spiv nods
lifelesswhere we rolled out significant improvements deliberately for pycon, even though they hadn't passed review at that point.08:29
lifelessIt seems wrong to me to have something like that *not* in mainline.08:30
lifelessand review process is here to support development & quality, not to be damage that is routed around.08:30
jameshsounds preferable to having certain bits of infrastructure running off diverged trees08:30
lifelessBjornT_: your thoughts?08:30
jamesh(provided the divergences wouldn't impact the rest of LP if they were running off the code08:30
spivA lot of the recent questionable-looking trivial landings have been about the 1.0 UI, again driven by deadline pressures, I think, like the latency improvements work.08:30
spivThis proposal sounds good to me.08:31
=== allenap [n=allenap@] has joined #launchpad
BjornT_i'd be include to add something like a "fastrack review queue" first, to see how that works out.08:31
BjornT_i.e, this code should be reviewed ASAP08:31
spivBjornT_: good idea.  And if it doesn't get reviewed fast enough, it might still land, but still need a post-merge review.08:32
lifelessI think the difference here is not met by that08:32
lifelesswhich is e.g. 'This is going live in 4 hours, and should be fixed up after it lands'08:33
BjornT_yeah, that was what i had in mind. if it isn't reviewed fast enought, the code can still be landed, while the review process continues.08:33
=== AlexLatchford [n=alex@82-44-193-109.cable.ubr07.haye.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #launchpad
spivOn a meta-level, I'm slightly disappointed that people have chosen to just push these in as "trivial" (often not even rs=foo!) without saying that the review system isn't working for them.  I'm not sure what, if anything, we should do about that.08:34
jameshthat said, is "rs=foo" that different to "fasttracked, approved by foo"?08:34
spivjamesh: well, rs=foo doesn't imply that post-merge review needs to be done.08:35
jameshI guess so08:35
spive.g. "update MochiKit javascript" is the sort of thing rs= should be used for, and it doesn't make sense to review that sort of change.08:35
jameshDo we want to include who approved the fasttrack in the merge message?08:35
lifelessBjornT_: Sounds like if these things are equivalent, we could do the following: "fasttrack=approver"; put it in the fasttrack review queue, move on.08:36
spivAlthough rs= shouldn't preclude post-merge reviews if that's what's appropriate!08:36
lifelessBjornT_: then the reviewer and submitter have a regular review process.08:36
lifelessjamesh: rs= implies that the approver hasn't read the diff, but has reason to believe it is safe without review08:37
BjornT_lifeless: yeah. although, i'd like to encourage people to wait for the review if possible.08:37
jameshlifeless: yep.08:37
BjornT_if it's something that needs to go live in an hour, it's probably not possible to wait for a review, but if it needs to be landed before the next rollout, it might be possible to wait for a bit.08:37
lifelessBjornT_: As long as we allow both paths I think it will serve the purpose. Sounds like we have consensus08:37
lifelesscan you raise this at the .eu meeting please, see if it meets approval there too?08:38
BjornT_lifeless: yeah, it's basically the same that you proposed08:38
BjornT_sure, i raise it there as well.08:38
lifelessso back to post-merge reviews08:39
lifelessrinchen has been tracking all commits08:40
lifelessmany of the trivials do not look like trivial things to me, just from commit message08:42
lifelessI think though, that getting fasttrack up and running might be good to do before worrying about trivial abuse too much08:42
lifelesssee if it improves08:42
lifelessthoughts ?08:44
jameshsounds good08:44
BjornT_yeah, sounds good08:45
lifelessBjornT_: please check .eu agree with this08:46
lifelesstraining up reviewers08:46
BjornT_lifeless: sure08:46
lifelessWe have a imminent problem with resourcing of review team08:46
lifelessmore staff == more reviews08:46
lifelessreviewers are expected to know all of lp08:47
lifelessto enforce code and design standards08:47
jameshalthough most current reviewers didn't know all of LP when they started08:48
lifelessmost current reviewers grew up with lp08:48
spivAnd I still don't ;)08:48
lifelessyou, bjornt, spiv, salgado - vast bulk of reviewers.08:48
jameshlifeless: well, flacoste started later and has picked things up08:49
lifelessthis is true08:49
jameshI'm saying that "knowing all of LP" isn't a prerequisite for starting to review code08:49
lifelesswhat we did with flacoste was to look at his first few reviews08:50
jameshit may help though :)08:50
lifelessI'm basically thinking having some sort of buddy system, or review-new-reviewers-reviews, might reduce the risk with new reviewers.08:50
jameshsounds good08:50
lifelesswe're running late, mega meeting08:51
lifelessso I'll ask that we all think about this, that bjornt discusses it with the .eu crew, and we revisit it week after next. (Next week is easter)08:51
lifelessBjornT_: Doctest style guide.08:52
BjornT_right. this was brought up by ddaa when i was commenting on that test sections in doctests should be indented by four spaces.08:52
BjornT_do we have any document describing how doctests should look like?08:53
BjornT_i.e., what headings to use, indentation, general style, etc.?08:53
BjornT_i couldn't find any, and i think we should have such a document.08:53
spivI can't even think of where it's written down that we ought to use moin-style heading markup, other than meeting minutes somewhere.08:53
spivBjornT_: Sounds good.  Who will write it? :)08:55
jameshI've usually indented test sections by 2 spaces in doctests08:55
BjornT_that's a good question :) any volunteers?08:55
jamesh(which is what the old pagetest generator produced)08:56
BjornT_ok, so indentation is one issue to discuss. personally i use 4 spaces, and i think that's what's being used in most of the tests we have.08:56
=== allenap [n=allenap@] has joined #launchpad
lifelessdoes pep8 talk at all about this ?08:58
spivI've used 4 space indents, but not for any particular reason.  Whatever is already most common should probably win for that.08:58
lifelessis there a pep for doctest ?08:58
jameshI don't think pep 8 mentions doctests08:58
spivNo, and neither does 257.08:58
spivAnd there's no PEP with "test" in the title.08:59
lifelessI suggest a thread on launchpad-devel08:59
lifelessthe result of which go into the LaunchpadHackingFAQ, or possibly a new wiki page.08:59
jameshdoctest itself uses 0, 2 and 4 space indents in its docstrings08:59
spivThe example in file:///usr/share/doc/python2.4/html/lib/doctest-simple-testfile.html uses 4 spaces09:00
lifelesshow does that sound ?09:00
jameshsounds good09:00
lifelessBjornT_: care to initiate, as follow on from your discussion with ddaa?09:00
BjornT_lifeless: sure. i can take responsibility to make sure that all this gets written.09:01
lifelessBjornT_: thank you!09:02
lifelesswhew, long meeting.09:03
lifelessany other business?09:03
jameshone thing.09:03
BjornT_what about the next meeting?09:03
lifelessBjornT_: two weeks, same time ?09:03
lifelessjamesh: go one09:03
jameshlifeless suggested that ancient branches on the pending-reviews page not get their diffs updated09:03
BjornT_lifeless: sounds good09:04
jameshdoes anyone have any objection to branches older than 50 days that are not needs-review not getting updated?09:04
jamesh(that is 50 days since the last commit)09:04
lifelessjamesh: 50 days since last state change?09:04
lifelessjamesh: that covers last-commit, and also last-move-between-stats09:04
jameshlifeless: can probably do "now - max(last_state_change, last_commit) > 50"09:05
spivSounds ok to me.09:05
lifelessjamesh: yes, thats what I meant09:06
jameshthat'll currently stop 17 branches from updating09:07
=== carlos_ [n=carlos@163.pool85-48-166.static.orange.es] has joined #launchpad
lifelesshow much time will that save ?09:07
lifelessoh please make them black or something to indicate this is happening09:08
jameshI was thinking of an ugly brown colour09:08
=== carlos_ is now known as carlos
lifelessany progress on the nearly-overdue flag too ?09:09
jameshI haven't done that one yet.09:09
jameshI'll look at doing both changes together09:09
=== mrevell [n=matthew@62-30-68-94.cable.ubr05.wolv.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #launchpad
lifelessany other other business ?09:09
lifelessok, meeting over and thanks!09:11
BjornT_thanks lifeless 09:12
=== mimilus [n=davy@ADijon-257-1-70-40.w81-50.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #launchpad
jameshBjornT_: btw, have you had a chance to look at my bug-import review reply?09:13
BjornT_jamesh: ah, sorry, no, other things came up. i'll look at it today or tomorrow.09:14
jameshBjornT_: okay.  Thanks.09:14
=== BjornT_ -> office
lifelessthanks BjornT_ 09:15
=== netjoined: irc.freenode.net -> brown.freenode.net
=== oojah [n=roger@cpc1-nott6-0-0-cust436.nott.cable.ntl.com] has joined #launchpad
jmlPythonStyleGuide might be a better place than LaunchpadHackingFAQ, fwiw.09:17
=== superm1 [n=superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1] has joined #launchpad
=== seb128 [n=seb128@ubuntu/member/seb128] has joined #launchpad
=== zyga [n=zyga@ubuntu/member/zyga] has joined #launchpad
=== bigjools [n=ed@82-71-93-254.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #launchpad
zygayay for new look and feel09:58
zygaMUCH better than before :-)09:58
zygathank you launchpad team09:58
zygadid anyone notice that javascript table sorting is broken?10:02
=== Bambi_BOFH [n=kgoetz@gnewsense/friend/kgoetz] has joined #launchpad
=== Bambi_BOFH is now known as Kamping_Kaiser
jameshzyga: more broken than before?10:08
jameshzyga: or do you just mean that it is enabled on some pages that also use paged listings10:08
=== poolie_ [n=mbp@ppp112-44.static.internode.on.net] has joined #launchpad
=== popey notes the image on his home page is somewhat "stretched" http://launchpad.net/~alanpope - shame this wasn't even shown on the beta site so i could not mention it before
jameshpopey: you should upload a 192x192 image and a 64x64 image10:19
=== mimilus [n=davy@ADijon-257-1-70-40.w81-50.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #launchpad
jameshpopey: you could upload a padded version of your existing hackergotchi10:24
=== stub [n=stub@ppp-] has joined #launchpad
jameshwe don't have a big version of the rocket for https://launchpad.net/launchpad10:27
zygajamesh: it's broken10:28
zygajamesh: sorting is invalid10:28
jameshzyga: please give an example so I have an idea of what you're talking about10:28
zygajamesh: seems like it's sorting something else or maybe doing string sort instead of numeric sort10:28
jameshthere are many places that do sorting in Launchpad10:28
zygatry to sort the overall list 10:30
=== superm1 [n=superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1] has joined #launchpad
jameshzyga: seems to be working as expected here10:31
zygajamesh: karma sort as well?10:31
zygajamesh: I'm using safari (I'm at work now) and numeric sorting is 100% broken10:31
jameshzyga: yep.  I tried all three columns of the "overall" table10:32
jameshzyga: I'm using Firefox10:32
zygasorting order does change but it's not correct10:32
zygafor product karma i have: 92, 7, 10, 5, 8, 11, 5 ,1210:32
jameshzyga: please file a bug report about the problem, with details of the page, the column that didn't sort correctly, and the browser you're using10:32
jameshI get 5, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 9210:33
zygasure, no problem10:33
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=== Sp4rKy [n=Sp4rKy@ubuntu/member/sp4rky] has joined #launchpad
Sp4rKyit's not yet possible to manage custom packages with the new version of LP ?10:36
=== freet15 [n=freet15@] has joined #launchpad
jameshSp4rKy: which form are you trying to use?10:38
=== freet15 [n=freet15@] has joined #launchpad
Sp4rKyjamesh: the official site 10:41
jameshSp4rKy: could you be more specific?10:42
jameshi.e. a URL?10:42
Sp4rKythat's a distro10:43
Sp4rKyand i can't add package from it 10:43
Sp4rKyand here (a project), i can't add package other than from Ubuntu offcial releases10:43
jameshwe need to sort this out a bit10:44
jameshSp4rKy: does https://launchpad.net/ebuntu/0.0/+ubuntupkg do what you want?10:44
jameshthere is a bug about this10:45
ubotuMalone bug 83350 in launchpad ""Link to Any Package" forbidden, "Link to Ubuntu Package" isn't" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  10:46
=== Gwaihir [n=Gwaihir@mail.foredil.it] has joined #launchpad
Sp4rKyjamesh: no, iwant to manage my own package with launcghpad10:47
Sp4rKyif it's possible10:47
jameshSp4rKy: okay.  We don't currently have a facility to allow you to do that10:47
jameshSp4rKy: it is in development though (named Personal Package Archives)10:48
Sp4rKyokay :)10:48
Sp4rKyi known it's in dev, but i thought it will come with the new version10:48
Sp4rKythx :)10:48
jameshwhich will let you publish your own packages, and have them built for the various architectures Ubuntu supports10:48
Sp4rKyouahhh :)10:49
Sp4rKyit's really good !10:49
jameshI can't give you any info about when it will be ready though.10:49
jamesh(the code will go through an internal beta before being made public)10:50
ubotuNew bug: #100079 in malone "more rdf team info" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10007910:51
ubotuNew bug: #100080 in malone "Make it hard/impossible to subscribe big teams (or make it a configuration option)" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10008010:51
Sp4rKyjamesh: ok10:52
Sp4rKythx for your work :)10:52
=== Kamping_Kaiser [n=kgoetz@gnewsense/friend/kgoetz] has left #launchpad ["You]
jameshSp4rKy: you want to thank the Soyuz guys for the PPA work :)10:53
Sp4rKyyep :)10:54
=== ddaa [n=david@nor75-18-82-241-238-155.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #launchpad
Sp4rKyand all others for all the lp work !10:54
ubotuNew bug: #100083 in malone "closed bug reports with open tasks are not found" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10008311:01
ubotuNew bug: #100084 in launchpad-bazaar "'ssh bazaar.launchpad.net' hangs terminal" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10008411:01
ubotuNew bug: #100086 in launchpad "strings should be normalized" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10008611:05
ubotuNew bug: #100089 in launchpad "'View Projects' link from lp.net/projects/ just reloads lp.net/projects/" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10008911:05
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=== carlos -> dentist
ubotuNew bug: #100101 in launchpad "Guided bug submission form does not allow creation of security or private bugs" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10010111:45
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indravenikiko-afk, hi11:56
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #launchpad
jsgotangcowow now that is launchpad12:00
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mitsuhikocan someone explain me how one of my projects appears in the launchpad automatically?01:02
mitsuhikoalright. found the issue01:02
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mitsuhikosomeone submitted two of my projects01:15
mitsuhikois there a chance to transfer the maintainer rights to my account?01:15
Fujitsumitsuhiko: Sure, but you'll probably need to ask an LP admin.01:16
mitsuhikoFujitsu: is there a contact?01:16
=== TeTeT [n=spindler@modemcable178.77-70-69.static.videotron.ca] has joined #launchpad
Fujitsumitsuhiko: The 'admins' team on LP.01:17
=== zyga [n=zyga@ubuntu/member/zyga] has joined #launchpad
=== welterde [n=welterde@trujillo.srv.pocoo.org] has joined #launchpad
mitsuhikokiko-afk: ping :)01:17
kiko-afkhey mitsuhiko 01:19
=== kiko-afk is now known as kiko
mitsuhikokiko: hoi :)01:19
mitsuhikosmall problem. welterde registered two projects of mine01:19
mitsuhikonow he has the maintainer rights, and not me :)01:19
mitsuhikois there a way to chance that?01:19
kikosure, it's easy01:19
welterdei could change that01:19
mitsuhikokiko: thanks for your help though :)01:22
kikoI love that sort of help :)01:22
=== indraveni [n=indraven@] has joined #launchpad
mitsuhikokiko: btw. the new design looks gorgeous01:29
mitsuhikobut i wish the platform was open source01:29
kikoit's a web service. :)01:30
indravenikiko, hi01:30
kikohey indraveni 01:30
indravenikiko, I registered BOSS project in launchpad01:30
indravenikiko, do you remember me?01:31
kikoyes, of course I do01:31
mitsuhikokiko: well yes. but also webservices could be gpled01:31
mitsuhikoor licensed under bsd or whatever01:31
=== cprov [n=cprov@monga.dorianet.com.br] has joined #launchpad
mitsuhikosourceforge does it the same01:31
welterdedid it the same01:32
kikonot really, they don't any longer01:32
welterdegforge does01:32
mitsuhikoor did01:32
=== indraveni [n=indraven@] has joined #launchpad
mitsuhikowell. sourceforge sucks01:32
indravenikiko, now are all the other options, available for free01:33
cprovgood morning.01:34
indravenikiko, like package management system , bazaar etc01:34
indravenikiko, I am not knowing how to use launchpad, could you please guide me01:34
mrevellindraveni: Hi01:35
indravenimrevell, hi01:36
mrevellindraveni: If you could give me a few minutes, I'll do my best to help you. I think kiko is away from his keyboard for a few minutes.01:36
indravenimrevell, ok, I will wait, thankyou mrevell 01:36
=== tokj [n=tokj@] has joined #launchpad
=== indraveni [n=indraven@] has joined #launchpad
indravenimrevell, I will be back in 10 mins01:43
mrevellindraveni: Okay01:43
welterdekiko: ping01:44
mitsuhikokiko: oki. but i got a request. can you remove this branch: https://code.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/ruty/trunk ?01:44
kikowelterde, yes?01:48
kikomitsuhiko, let me see with ddaa 01:48
kikoddaa, can we?01:48
welterdekiko: nevermind01:49
=== bac [n=bac@cpe-065-190-191-245.nc.res.rr.com] has joined #launchpad
kikohey bac 01:49
ddaawut? wut?01:51
FujitsuLaunchpad? Remove? Not going to happen.01:51
ddaamitsuhiko: removing branches from launchpad is a lot of hassle (can do with enough effort)01:51
ddaamitsuhiko: so I would like to know WHY you want to remove it.01:51
mitsuhikoddaa: well. i haven't even created it :)01:52
welterdebecause we want to switch over to launchpad01:52
welterdestop using subversion01:52
welterdestart using bzr01:52
ddaamitsuhiko: it was created because svn details were specified in ruty/trunk01:53
ddaathat's cool01:53
ddaaso, I could just stop the import, and mark the branch "abandoned" so it will not show up in the default branch listing.01:53
ddaaand set it's summary to say "historical import of Subversion trunk"01:54
welterdecan we select another branch as trunk in that release series?01:54
welterdeafter that01:54
ddaawelterde: yes, you can set the series branch to a bzr branch01:54
ddaaeven without stopping the import01:54
ddaaso, would stopping the import, and marking the branch as abandoned would be enough?01:55
ddaaokay, I'll do that01:58
ddaayou may want to use that branch as a base for your new trunk :)01:58
welterdealready done01:58
welterdehttps://code.launchpad.net/~welterde/ruty/devel <-- there01:59
ddaafunny that it has not been mirrored yet01:59
welterdehow long does that normally take?02:00
=== ddaa checks the cronscripts
ddaanormally, about 3 minutes02:01
welterdebzr branching of that url seems to work02:02
welterdeso i guess i just wait02:02
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ubotuNew bug: #101861 in launchpad ""Get an account" link included at top of /+tour page even if user is logged in" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10186102:05
indravenimrevell, I am back02:05
mrevellindraveni: Hello. How can I help?02:05
indravenimrevell, could you help me now?02:05
indravenimrevell, I want to know how to use launchpad02:06
ubotuNew bug: #101858 in launchpad "User image in user info page is stretched" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10185802:06
indravenimrevell, we are working for a Linux distribution which is based in Debian02:06
indravenimrevell,  with the help of kiko I registered our distro but I am not knowing how to proceed further02:07
mrevellindraveni: Ah yes, you've been speaking to Elliot and and Matt Barker, I believe.02:09
ddaathere's something busted02:09
mrevellindraveni: As you're at this early stage, I think it may be best if I ask Elliot (know as statik on irc) to be speak to you. He's in the US and is not online just yet, but I'll ask him to contact you once he is online.02:11
indravenimrevell, no, i dint02:11
mrevellindraveni: Ah, well, I think one of your colleagues has been speaking to Elliot, in that case.02:11
mrevellindraveni: Is your email address indraveni@yahoo.in?02:12
=== indraveni [n=indraven@] has joined #launchpad
indravenimrevell, its indraveni@yahoo.co.in02:13
mrevellindraveni: thanks. I'll ask Elliot to email you.02:13
indravenimrevell, actually, in our prev talk, you told that you will make Elliot speak to me, but I dint get any mail regarding that02:13
indravenimrevell, so I was waiting for you or kiko02:14
mrevellindraveni: Ah, I'm sorry to hear that. Let me call my colleague Matt Barker, who has been speaking to one of your colleagues.02:14
indravenimrevell, anyway, thankyou for your help, please make Elliot to contact me as soon as possible02:14
mrevellindraveni: I shall. I'm sorry that you haven't heard from him yet.02:14
indravenias I am very much anxiety to use launchpad02:14
indravenimrevell, its ok02:15
indravenimrevell, can you give me some basic information about launchpad02:15
mrevellindraveni: Yes, no problem :)02:15
indravenimrevell, like which softwares are free and now available after registration02:15
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ddaawelterde: the mirroring of your branch is delayed because of a glitch during today's launchpad rollout03:05
ddaathat should be fixed once stub finishes rolling out the new code03:06
ddaaI'm staying on alert to check for any further problem once that's done.03:06
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=== ghost is now known as barry
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=== lapo [n=lapo@host102-254-static.189-82-b.business.telecomitalia.it] has joined #launchpad
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lapoconrats for the new launchpad ui, it's nice and most of the icons are tango style! :-)03:20
ddaawelterde: the import has been cleared and the branch is now out of the way03:24
ddaalapo: thanks, this time the company contracted some actual designers03:26
lapothe result is really nice, wise idea :-)03:26
mwhheh :)03:27
=== andreasn [n=andreas@h101n1fls31o839.telia.com] has joined #launchpad
andreasnthe new design is great03:28
kikothanks lapo, andreasn  -- happy you enjoy the result of the team's hard work :)03:28
andreasnjust wanted to tell you dudes that, take care!03:28
=== andreasn [n=andreas@h101n1fls31o839.telia.com] has left #launchpad ["Ex-Chat"]
welterdeddaa: thx03:29
ddaawelterde: be my guest03:30
=== Seveaz [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has joined #launchpad
mwhhmm, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/pydoctor/+addspec is a bit strange03:31
=== avoine [n=avoine@] has joined #launchpad
mwh"Please the introductory paragraph here.", then a very small box03:31
kikomwh, you think you need more space to please the paragraph enough? <wink>03:33
mwhi think the text is probably in the wrong place03:34
kikomatsubara, is there a bug filed about that03:34
kikomwh, I think that is bingo 03:34
kikomrevell knows all about pleasing paragraphs03:34
radixI wonder how many complaints about font size it's going to require to change it :)03:35
kikoradix, did we change the default colour at least? I missed the checkins03:36
radixI dunno, I'm only subscribed to the font size issue :)03:37
radixthere are like eighty billion duplicates per second03:37
radix(ok that is a slight exaggeration) 03:37
=== ubotu [n=ubotu@ubuntu/bot/ubotu] has joined #launchpad
matsubarakiko: filing one now.03:41
=== effie_jayx [n=valles@] has joined #launchpad
kikothanks matsubara always the ace03:41
=== niemeyer [n=niemeyer@] has joined #launchpad
=== mrevell reads up
=== silbs [n=jane@yttrium.canonical.com] has joined #launchpad
ddaaThe rollout glitch appears to be fixed. Launchpad branch mirroring now functions normally.03:49
=== stratus [n=stratus@cronopio.rits.org.br] has joined #launchpad
stratusDoes it makes sense register one CDD project in launchpad? I wish I could import the list of packages I'm using (actually the CDD is Etch based) and then receive bug reports for these packages. Thoughts? Btw, there's a possibility that the CDD will turn into a CUD in the near future.04:01
ddaawhat are CDD and CUD?04:04
=== mimilus [n=davy@ADijon-257-1-70-40.w81-50.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #launchpad
kikocustom debian/ubuntu distribution04:07
ddaastratus: likely, you'd want to have your CxD be registered as a distro, not a simple project, and kiko is the man to talk about.04:07
ddaanot sure myself exactly how useful launchpad currently is to custom distros04:08
ddaa(I know it plans to rock the ass of custom distros eventually, but I do not know how far along the road we are yet)04:08
stratuskiko: I would like to register Sacix (sacix.org.br, pt_BR content only yet).04:08
kikostratus, please take this up with statik and mrevell 04:09
stratusoh, as a side note I'm working to turn Simple-CDD in a Simple-CxD tool now that Etch is right around the corner. Simple-CDD 0.3.0 can't generate Ubuntu based images, but Simple-CxD will.04:09
=== stratus [n=stratus@cronopio.rits.org.br] has left #launchpad ["Ex-Chat"]
=== stratus [n=stratus@cronopio.rits.org.br] has joined #launchpad
stratuskiko: Is there a mail or something I should open a bug against or just drop them a message here?04:10
statikstratus: hi04:10
=== Gwaihir [n=Gwaihir@mail.foredil.it] has joined #launchpad
stratusstatik: hey04:11
=== schwuk [n=dave@ubuntu/member/schwuk] has joined #launchpad
bdmurrayThis page says 'no title' on it near the peoples04:20
bdmurrayI wanted to let someone know before I approve it, as I think that page'll go away.04:21
kikoso it does. how weird04:24
kikomatsubara, have you seen that before?04:24
matsubarakiko, bdmurray: can't access that page. I'm running it locally to check the error. hang on.04:27
dokoddaa: 99395 ping04:29
dokobug 9939504:30
matsubarabdmurray: I'll report it. seems like a broken template.04:31
dokoddaa: what I'm supposed to enter in the "Product Series" box?04:32
ddaayou mean there https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/feisty/+source/gcc-4.1/+edit-packaging ?04:32
dokoddaa: yes04:33
ddaaclicking on "choose" and searching for gcc04:33
dokoddaa: which offers me just 4.0 and head04:33
ddaais there _any_ other series in gcc?04:33
dokoddaa: at least 4.1 and 4.2 (and 3.3 and 3.4)04:34
ddaadoko: I do not see any of those https://launchpad.net/gcc04:34
dokoddaa: so a link to that page is appreciated ...04:35
=== Seveaz [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has joined #launchpad
ddaadoko: you would like a link to https://launchpad.net/gcc on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/feisty/+source/gcc-4.1/+edit-packaging?04:36
ddaadoko: I understand you find the series selection UI confusing, but I do not understand what would be better for you. Can you tell me?04:39
dokoddaa: yes, if thats possible; a simple pointer to https://launchpad.net/gcc would be a start04:40
ddaaWell... that's not easy...04:40
ddaawe cannot link the source package to upstream, because the point of this form is that we do not have this information yet...04:41
dokocurrently it's somewhat a dead end04:41
dokobut anyway, thanks for answering my immediate question04:41
ddaadoko: it would be nice if you could reply to that bug saying what was problematic to you and what improvement you would like...04:42
ddaaI do not know what would be feasible, but it's interesting input. I agree with you that generally the launchpad "link to something" scheme is difficult to use.04:43
=== neversfelde [n=chrman@nrbg-4db44588.pool.einsundeins.de] has joined #launchpad
=== radix [n=radix@] has joined #launchpad
dokoddaa: done04:48
ddaadoko: BTW, we call those "release series". We have branches in launchpad, and they are something else: bzr branches.04:50
ddaaokay, I tried to reformulate your request in terms for understandable to a launchpad developer04:55
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kikocarlos, danilo: johan tells me he uploaded some templates for kiwi, can you help?05:21
carloskiko: I see them in the queue05:23
kikodo they need manual approving?05:23
carlosyes, it's first time we see them05:23
carloskiko: did you check whether he's its maintainer?05:23
carlosor should I check it05:23
mdzkiko: I am closer to your time zone now I think05:24
kikohe is its maintainer.05:24
kikomdz, you think? :)05:24
carlosI'm going to approve it then05:24
mdzkiko: DST is confusing between hemispheres, and both US and UK just changed at different times05:25
kikomdz, how do you like your new surroundings?05:25
carloskiko: approved05:25
carlosit should appear soon05:25
kikothanks carlos 05:25
carloskiko: please, ask him to set the 'use translations' flag05:26
mdzkiko: it is sunny in london!05:26
mdzkiko: the new office is a wonder of productivity05:26
kikomdz, I want to take a peek at it soon05:26
=== Hobbsee didnt think london and sunny appeared in the same sentence...?
kikogotta love the sarcasm :)05:27
Hobbseeahhh, gotcha05:29
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LarstiQmdz: ah, a bigger office now?05:31
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yuriyhi, is this new launchpad the beta that was being tested?06:12
yuriydoes that mean it's too late for feedback now06:12
ddaait's never too late06:13
ddaano software is ever finished, anyway06:13
yuriywell i have three problems with it06:13
ddaabut here is not the best place if you want your feedback to be recorded :)06:13
ddaabetter to post to launchpad-users or file a bug06:13
ddaatalk is transient06:14
LarstiQcould be known issues though06:15
yuriyprobably, i mean the glaring one is the bright green bar at the top, i would guess there was some debate about that?06:17
LarstiQoh, I've never noticed that one before06:18
LarstiQhttp://www.google.nl/search?q=site%3Ahttps%3A%2F%2Flists.ubuntu.com%2Farchives%2Flaunchpad-users%2F+green+bar doesn't return any hits06:19
yuriyalso the low contrast gray font in the bug text is hard to read. i think it's always been like that but sticks out more with the other bright colors06:20
kikothe gray font is a known problem06:20
yuriythe font is also really small but it's fine in konqueror, so that may be opera's fault06:20
yuriyand the tabs don't render right, they do in konqueror, so that may be opera's fault too06:21
=== ploum [n=ploum@] has joined #launchpad
ploumcan anyone tell me if https://blueprints.launchpad.net/malone/+spec/xmlrpc is a proposed complete implementation of xml-rpc for malone ?06:25
ploum(which would enable to modify bug, post comments, change status, etc...)06:25
ploumif yes, I volunteer to write the commande-line application (as long as I can do it in python)06:25
=== dneary [n=dneary@251.9.39-62.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #launchpad
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FunnyLookinHatGreat release on launchpad beta guys!! It's fantastic and a great improvement over the old interface!  : )06:31
matsubaraploum: I believe, bughelper is probably the best candidate to be the client side application for that.06:31
=== FunnyLookinHat [n=funnyloo@] has left #launchpad ["Leaving"]
ploummatsubara: AFAIK, bughelper is read-only06:34
LarstiQhmm, I can't seem to find the bug about the bug details not being expanded by default06:34
ploumI hope that the specification implies the ability to modify bugs06:34
LaserJockploum: I would think the idea would be that bughelper would grow bug writing via xml-rpc06:35
ploumAh, ok06:36
ploumThen it's fine06:36
ploumI would really like to see that06:36
=== flacoste is now known as flacoste_lunch
LaserJockploum: were you thinking GUI? like consiele or whatever your app is named? :-)06:36
ploumbecause the upgrade today just broke my application to handle bug in launchpad06:36
=== pochu [n=emilio@ubuntu/member/pochu] has joined #launchpad
ploumLaserJock: yes :-)06:36
ploumof course06:36
LaserJockI wonder if a GUI frontend to bughelper would be easy to do06:37
ploumbut if nobody want to do it, in the meanwhile, I can also do the command-line-tool06:38
ploumLaserJock: the goal is not to do another gui06:38
ploumis to add features to conseil so conseil is equivalent to bughelper06:38
ploum(but in GUI)06:38
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=== somerville32 [n=ubuntu@ubuntu/member/somerville32] has joined #launchpad
=== matsubara is now known as matsubara-lunch
pochuLaserJock, ploum: you can file a bug ;)06:41
=== jkakar__ [n=jkakar@204-174-36-228.unknown-dhcp802.dsl.ucc-net.ca] has joined #launchpad
ploumpochu: I will do that immediatly06:42
pochuploum: cool06:42
somerville32salgado, ping06:42
salgadosomerville32, pong06:42
somerville32salgado, I was just wondering if the voting infrastructure was in place.06:43
=== sm [n=sm@pool-71-104-89-6.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #launchpad
smgood morning all06:45
smcongrats on the new launchpad ui, it's beautiful06:45
salgadosomerville32, it's been in place for a long time... we just need to check whether it has everything the CC needs or not06:45
sma question: how do I close a bug ? eg https://bugs.launchpad.net/zwiki/+bug/192806:45
somerville32salgado, Are there any efforts in that regard?06:45
salgadosomerville32, I guess the poll for this CC voting has to be a preferential one, right?06:45
LarstiQsm: set it to fix released06:46
smLarstiQ: how ?06:46
LarstiQsm: click on the zwiki (upstream) part in the Affects table06:47
salgadosomerville32, first we need to figure out what are the requirements06:47
smthank you06:47
smwhy is all that stuff in there ?06:47
smnm, I'm sure it will make sense in a moment06:48
somerville32salgado: Very true.06:48
LarstiQsm: in this case you need the status dropdown06:48
ploumpochu: bug #10196906:48
salgadosomerville32, do you know all the requirements?06:49
somerville32salgado, I would assume that members would be able to vote for 3 out of the 5 candidates.06:49
ploums/website is update/website is updated06:49
LarstiQis anyone working on https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/83615 ?06:50
LarstiQbug 8361506:52
LarstiQhmm, Ubugtu is no longer with us?06:52
somerville32Guess not06:52
pochuwe have ubotu, instead06:52
LarstiQpochu: it's not doing it's job though :)06:53
pochubut it's broken because of the new UI06:53
pochuLarstiQ: ^ :)06:53
=== Kuhrscher [n=jannick@] has joined #launchpad
=== LarstiQ didn't think it employed screenscraping
pochuoh, no06:53
pochuoh, yes :)06:53
salgadosomerville32, maybe you can collect all the requirements so that we can sort out what needs to be done in launchpad to support the CC voting?06:54
pochusurely Seveas will now better, though :)06:54
Seveasno, new ui didn't break it06:54
pochuSeveas: ubotu broken, due to LP new UI?06:54
SeveasI broke it :)06:54
Seveasit's just fixed06:54
Seveasbug 8361506:54
pochuyou're bad! :)06:54
somerville32salgado, Certainly.06:54
ubotuMalone bug 83615 in launchpad "Remember expanded/collapsed portlet states with cookies" [Undecided,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8361506:55
pochucool :)06:55
Kuhrschercarlos: Do you know why the translations of the program quanta are not included in the Langpacks?06:56
Seveas!info quanta06:56
=== Gwaihir [n=Gwaihir@ubuntu/member/gwaihir] has joined #launchpad
KuhrscherIt's an already known issue: Bug #4615606:56
ubotuquanta: web development environment for KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 4:3.5.5-0ubuntu1 (edgy), package size 2361 kB, installed size 5700 kB06:57
ubotuMalone bug 46156 in kdewebdev "Quanta with wrong language (English)" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/4615606:57
=== Toma- [n=e17@124-168-67-107.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #launchpad
LarstiQoh darn it06:57
=== LarstiQ commented on the wrong bug
somerville32Is stage live?06:58
somerville32I get 50006:58
=== cprov-lunch is now known as cprov
carlosKuhrscher: everything looks correct07:00
carlosKuhrscher: the only explanation I can give you is that the translationdomain changed and we didn't see it07:00
LarstiQso, is anyone doing work on bug 88342 ?07:01
ubotuMalone bug 88342 in launchpad "portlets should be expanded by default" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8834207:01
carlosKuhrscher: I'm going to assign me that bug so I investigate it tomorrow07:01
Kuhrschercarlos: That's nice. Thank you.07:02
=== paulproteus [n=paulprot@pool-141-157-21-143.balt.east.verizon.net] has joined #launchpad
paulproteusI just wanted to say that Launchpad looks really really nice now. (-:07:05
mitsuhikoyeah. much better07:08
mitsuhikobut it's awfully slow :(07:09
LarstiQmpt: ping07:10
mpt(LarstiQ: In case I'm not here right now, tell me about what you want, and I'll reply when I'm available.)07:10
LarstiQmpt: ironic that you're using a Mithrandir based script. Pinging about 8834207:12
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=== superm1 [n=superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1] has joined #launchpad
ubotuNew bug: #100046 in launchpad "ID OOPS-457B251" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10004607:15
somerville32In the old interface, there was a way to see all the packages a team was a bug contact for and the number of bugs for each package.07:16
somerville32How do I do that in the new interface? It was rather important to me as a "roadmap" for bug triage07:16
somerville32oh,figure it out07:17
somerville32I can't type today :)07:18
ubotuNew bug: #101902 in blueprint "Misplaced instruction in register new blueprint form" [Undecided,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10190207:21
=== idnar [i=mithrand@unaffiliated/idnar] has joined #launchpad
idnarhi, hope I'm in the right place; I'm trying to figure out how I can subscribe to see bug reports against an Ubuntu package in Launchpad07:22
idnarah nm, "Bugmail Settings" is what I wanted07:23
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=== _StefanS_ [n=sfs@cpe.atm2-0-77156.0x5734b54a.naenxx12.customer.tele.dk] has joined #launchpad
_StefanS_hi there07:30
_StefanS_I was wondering about the new launchpad..07:30
_StefanS_what if I want to find all bugs related to kubuntu ?07:31
ubotuNew bug: #48735 in soyuz "changelog histories for packages are not viewable/searchable" [Medium,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/4873507:32
=== _StefanS_ [n=sfs@cpe.atm2-0-77156.0x5734b54a.naenxx12.customer.tele.dk] has left #launchpad ["Konversation]
ubotuNew bug: #101917 in launchpad "Membership status page showing no title header" [Undecided,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10191707:40
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=== kiko-fud is now known as kiko
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topopardoHi, I just logged in to sat that the new Launchpad is really awesome07:45
topopardokeep up the great work :)07:45
kikothanks topopardo 07:46
topopardothat's the least I can do07:46
topopardook, I go back to work07:47
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ubotuNew bug: #101935 in launchpad "Broken tab navigation in project overview page" [Undecided,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10193507:51
ubotuNew bug: #101945 in launchpad "14x14 icon sizes for Launchpad are too small" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10194507:53
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welterdecan an umbrella project have branches?07:59
carloswelterde: not directly08:00
=== alex-weej [n=alex@halls-129-31-82-59.hor.ic.ac.uk] has joined #launchpad
alex-weejnew lp rocks, well done08:01
=== aussieman [n=bobo@75.Red-88-26-111.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #launchpad
welterdecan an already existing project with no branches be an umbrella project?08:06
carloswelterde: as far as I know, that's not handled in Launchpad08:07
carloscould you explain what's your use case?08:07
welterdei have an project called xia, which is kinda a meta-project, because it consists of plugins08:08
lionelIs there a way to get a commit mail for a bzr branch hosted on LP ?08:08
carloslionel: I know there is something being worked, but I don't know its status, you will need to check with thumper or ddaa08:09
LarstiQlionel: hopefully that is rolled out within the next two weeks08:09
carlosor LarstiQ ;-)08:10
lionelOk, *really* cool :)08:10
lionelyou're too fast guys !08:10
carloswelterde: doesn't it have some code to use those plugins?08:10
welterdeit has, which is the code that is currently in that xia project08:11
welterdeit's the core of the system08:11
=== danilos [n=danilo@adsl-236-193.eunet.yu] has joined #launchpad
radixwelterde: yeah, you still need to have the project separate from the umbrella project08:12
welterdelike xia-core...08:12
radixor "xia" and "xia-project", or something08:13
radixeven ignoring launchpad it makes sense to distinguish the two concepts08:13
carlosthat's what I was going to suggest08:13
LarstiQor bzr and bazaar08:13
radixLarstiQ: that one's weird, IMO :P08:13
LarstiQradix: awww, I like it :)08:14
radixand I bet you give kittens the middle finger08:14
=== LarstiQ blinks
radixLarstiQ: it's a less violent version of "kicking puppies"08:16
ubotuNew bug: #46156 in kdewebdev "Quanta with wrong language (English)" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/4615608:17
LarstiQradix: ah, no, I don't enjoy doing that.08:18
radixlarstiq: http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2003/12/0308:20
=== radix wanders off, mumbling
LarstiQI do enjoy penny arcade, but I'm not a regular reader08:21
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=== sean [n=sean@83-70-241-121.b-ras1.prp.dublin.eircom.net] has joined #launchpad
ubotuNew bug: #101982 in launchpad "No way to consolidate different bug trackers for projects hosted at launchpad" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10198208:30
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seanI just imported my pgp key. As part of the process I recieved an encrypted e-mail with a confirmation link. As I'm sure everyone else did.08:32
seanNow I'm not crypto king or anything but I would have thought sending everyone identical messages would make it easier to crack the encryption.08:33
seanWouldn't it be a good idea to include some kind of random spam in the e-mail?08:33
paulproteussean, It turns out that GPG/PGP already includes random data as part of the encryption process.08:34
ubotuNew bug: #101987 in launchpad "+tour and help.lp.net main templates need updating" [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10198708:34
paulproteusIt's just not visible to the end user; it's part of the encrypted message not the decrypted message.08:34
paulproteussean, Also, if the math behind PGP is correct, then even sending the same message to many different people wouldn't decrease security.08:34
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=== stub [n=stub@ppp-] has joined #launchpad
welterdeso how do i create an umbrella project?08:35
seanSurely knowing what a good percentage of the decrypted message is in advance narrows the odds considerably08:35
seanI'm just playing devils advocate here08:36
=== danirus [n=danirus@p5B0D615F.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #launchpad
danirusI've just created a new project in Bazaar08:37
danirusI mean, registered under launchpad08:38
danirusBut I commit a mistake with the name08:38
danirusI write my user name instead of the project name, and now, the url of the project uses my user name, what is wrong08:38
paulproteussean, #gpg would be more informative probably for you.08:39
danirusCould any administrator repair it, please?08:39
paulproteussean, But anyway, lp.net does include random junk as part of the GPG encryption process anyway. (-:08:40
=== effie_jayx [n=valles@] has joined #launchpad
matsubaradanirus: please file a ticket here https://launchpad.net/launchpad/+addticket with the URL of the project you want renamed08:42
danirusthanks matsubara! Chao!08:42
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seanpaulproteus, Yeah but if you have 70 or 80% of the plaintext before you begin cracking you're shortening the odds.08:50
seanWell whatever08:50
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welterdecan someone make xia an umbrella project? would be quite useful, for handling all the parts08:52
matsubarawelterde: file a ticket  https://launchpad.net/launchpad/+addticket requesting the creation of a xia-project group. mention in the ticket all the projects you want under that umbrella project.08:55
welterdecould be the project xia reused?08:55
=== Gwaihir [n=Gwaihir@ubuntu/member/gwaihir] has joined #launchpad
matsubarawelterde: something like have the project group named xia, and the current xia project called xia-core?08:57
welterdethat xia project is already empty08:57
welterdei have moved those two branches to the xia-core project08:57
mptGoooooooooooooooooooood morning Launchpadders!09:00
matsubarawelterde: no, it can't be reused. internally they're two different things.09:00
ubotuNew bug: #102015 in launchpad "Notifications messages are cropped on home page" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10201509:01
ajmitchmorning mpt 09:03
=== samurai [n=sam@] has joined #launchpad
samuraihi everyone09:18
samuraithe Launcpad beta kicks butt!!!! Nice job09:19
kikohey sam09:19
kikothanks for saying that09:19
samuraihey kiko09:19
mptLarstiQ, it's a variation of an X-Chat port of the Mithrandir script09:19
kikoit has been long coming along09:19
samuraiI forgot it was happening today and when I logged I was stunned at how much more functional it was, at least to me09:19
kikosamurai, you can blame mpt for the good parts :)09:19
kikoheh, great that it had that impact09:20
samuraivery nicely done, nevertheless... everything is there without having to spend time searching for it09:20
samuraiI'm sure more so as I use it09:20
samuraitruly a nice piece of work Congratulations to the team09:20
samuraiur welcome09:21
mptLarstiQ, 88342 is probably not for me to decide09:21
welterdeis it possible to delete an project?09:22
kikowelterde, kinda.09:23
welterdekiko: what do you mean?09:23
kikowelterde, it depends on what /you/ mean :)09:23
mdkethere is a "move to wastebasket" feature :)09:24
mdkebut no "empty wastebasket"09:24
welterdeso it can be replaced by an umbrealla project09:24
welterdewould that be possible?09:25
=== kiko is now known as kiko-afk
welterdeor can someone send the xia project to the wastebasket?09:51
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carloswelterde: please, for those admin request, use our ticket system: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addticket10:11
carlosthat way all admins will see it, you will see its status and it's hard that we forget it10:12
=== Wicks [n=jhooker@] has joined #launchpad
LarstiQmpt: I thought you filed it, but that's 83615 *got totally lost*10:18
mikebroAll of the sites under https://help.launchpad.net/ have the "This is a private beta. Please do not post screenshots publicly. Bug reports and feedback welcome." message along the top, should I file a bug against this?10:19
ubotuNew bug: #102055 in launchpad "[ui regression]  relevant build information not visible" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10205510:21
ubotuNew bug: #102058 in malone "malone suffers from the plone desease (too small font sizes)" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10205810:21
mptmikebro, yes please10:22
mikebrompt: alright, thanks10:22
mptLarstiQ, I may have reported it based on someone else's complaint, but that doesn't necessarily mean I agree with it :-)10:23
LarstiQmpt: do you? :)10:23
ubotuNew bug: #102064 in launchpad "[ui regression]  contrast of font color and background" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10206410:26
mptLarstiQ, since you ask, no, I think we should have fewer boxes and they should be always visible :-)10:26
LarstiQmpt: either a statement would be nice, based on that I can decide if it's worth it to invest time in GreaseMonkey10:26
LarstiQmpt: ah yeah, that would be good too10:26
=== LarstiQ just wants the information there
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=== _neversfelde [n=chrman@nrbg-4db44588.pool.einsundeins.de] has joined #launchpad
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=== jwendell [n=wendell@ubuntu/member/wendell] has joined #launchpad
jwendellmatsubara, can you help me on LP?10:45
ubotuNew bug: #102075 in launchpad "Private beta screenshot policy message during public beta" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10207510:45
matsubarajwendell: sure, what do you need?10:46
=== Admiral_Chicago [n=freddy@ubuntu/member/admiral-chicago] has left #launchpad ["Real]
jwendellmatsubara, it's about bug 84183. I want to reject 'grep-dctrl' affects but LP says there is an error10:47
ubotuMalone bug 84183 in sbuild "sbuild depends on grep-dctrl, which is a transition package" [Medium,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/84183 - Assigned to Jonh Wendell (wendell)10:47
matsubarajwendell: what's the error message? any oops code?10:48
jwendellmatsubara, There is a problem with the information you entered. Please fix it and try again.10:49
jwendellmatsubara, under package name field:10:49
jwendellThis bug has already been reported on dctrl-tools (ubuntu).10:49
jwendellmatsubara, in red10:49
jwendellmatsubara, if you go to bug page, i'll see that there are 3 packages affected. The first one i managed to reject, but the second one no10:51
matsubarajwendell: i was able to reproduce it here. I think it's a known bug. let me look for it. hang on10:52
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=== LaserJock hugs kiko for bugmail footer
sm-workin Add distribution packaging record, Packing field, is SourcePackageIncludes Product the correct option for a python app ?11:12
=== mdke [n=matt@ubuntu/member/mdke] has joined #launchpad
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=== mindspin [n=mindspin@p54b272c6.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #launchpad
mindspinhi, can anybody tell me where the "find a team/project/people" part of launchpad or has this feature gone?11:15
LarstiQmindspin: https://launchpad.net/people11:16
LaserJockhttps://launchpad.net/people/ ?11:16
LaserJockbah, LarstiQ was too fast for me :-)11:16
mindspinok thanks I#m just to stupid for the new look ;-)11:17
mindspinits alittle slow, the link needs about two seconds of keeping the mouse on "home" before showing up11:19
mindspincould be a little faster11:20
ryanakcais there a way to delete/remove a project?11:20
=== ryanakca created vareac... but... my teacher changed his mind, and I'm not going to be able to do it as a school project... and I won't have time to work on it untill the summer
mdke /people?11:21
mindspinall the links beneath "home"11:21
mindspinoops mdke is already gone11:22
ryanakcahmm... beta.launchpad.com == launchpad.com now? or will there still be updates to beta.lp.com?11:22
=== mdke [n=matt@ubuntu/member/mdke] has joined #launchpad
ryanakcawb mdke11:22
LaserJockryanakca: I think Beta has been released11:22
ryanakcaLaserJock: 1.0 has, yes11:22
=== ryanakca wonders if there'll be 1.1 or 1.2, etc
LaserJockso updates will go to launchpad.net11:23
mindspinmdke :all the links beneath "home"11:23
mitsuhikohmm. the popup menus are damn slow11:23
mindspinare very slow here11:23
mitsuhikoprojects takes 10 seconds to load11:23
LaserJockryanakca: well, there will probably be a beta for 2.011:23
ryanakcawhich happens... in a year? two?11:23
=== ryanakca googles
LaserJockI have no idea11:23
LaserJockI'm just an ordinary LP user ;-)11:23
ryanakcame too11:24
mindspinso am I11:24
ryanakcawell, beta user. Nothing special... just someone who likes the pretty colours11:24
ryanakcaanywais, how do I remove a project?11:25
mitsuhikoryanakca: you can't :)11:25
LarstiQryanakca: you can leave it in place till you get to work on it?11:25
ryanakcawell, as long as it isn't in the way, :)11:26
LarstiQryanakca: that should be fine11:26
mindspinany chance to get the popups a bit quicker?11:27
mindspinthe menu11:30
LaserJockthe drop down menu in the green bar at the top11:30
ubotuNew bug: #99674 in language-pack-kde-pl (main) "Broken polish translation in Adept Notifier (dup-of: 46982)" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9967411:30
LaserJockHome -> etc.11:31
LarstiQoh hey, I hadn't seen that yet11:31
mindspinyup the drop down menu is extremely slow11:31
mitsuhikomindspin: #10210211:31
LaserJockLarstiQ: lol, really?11:31
LarstiQmindspin: what's your ping to launchpad?11:31
LarstiQLaserJock: really11:31
mindspinthats why I asked where the "people" section has gone11:31
mitsuhiko(oh. that's a schnapszahl)11:32
=== LarstiQ can say the menu is fast for him, but he lives reasonably close to the data center
mindspinabout 67 ms11:32
LarstiQmindspin: hmm, not too bad11:32
mindspinI#m in germany11:32
=== LarstiQ is in the Netherlands
mindspinit took about more than ten seconds for the realeases to show up11:33
LaserJockI think it's a programmed thing, not a connection issue11:33
mindspinand nobody keeps the mouse pointer for so long on a menu item11:34
mitsuhikoLaserJock: i uses XmlHTTPRequest to get the data11:34
mitsuhikothat can be slow11:34
LaserJockbut the submenus are fast11:34
mindspinLaserJock: jupp 11:34
LaserJockdoes it grab all the submenus at the same time11:34
LarstiQmindspin: releases of what? Could be we have different data in there11:34
LarstiQLaserJock: no11:34
mitsuhikoLaserJock: open firebug and investigate :D11:34
mindspinprojects->ubuntu->Releases needed about ten seconds to show up at all11:35
ubotuNew bug: #102102 in launchpad "Launchpad awfully slow" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10210211:35
LarstiQmindspin: sub second for me11:35
mitsuhikoubotu: you are slow too :)11:35
LaserJockthe submenus are way faster11:35
LarstiQon first load even11:35
LarstiQso why is that different for us?11:36
mindspinLarstiQ: I'm not cheating11:36
LarstiQmindspin: nor am I11:36
mindspina firefox issue?11:37
mindspinI#ll have a try with konqueror11:37
LarstiQMozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20070309 Firefox/ fwiw11:37
mitsuhikoLarstiQ: ubuntu here11:37
LarstiQuntill I fix my bios, no linux here :(11:37
mindspin10 seconds to load the page11:38
mitsuhikomindspin: then add a comment to my bug report. maybe someone fixes it then :)11:38
mindspinthe submenu of distributions doesn'teven show up in Konqueror11:38
LaserJockfor me it takes like 1.5-2 seconds to get the inital menu11:40
LaserJockthen the submenus are almost instantaneous11:40
mitsuhikoLaserJock: which browser?11:41
LaserJockFirefox on OS X11:41
=== Seveaz [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has joined #launchpad
mindspincomment to bug added11:42
=== sm-work is now known as sm
LaserJockdoh, sorry. It's actually camino on OS X11:42
mindspinseems to be a javascript issue imho11:42
mindspinweird thing is, taht the submenus do not even show up in konqueror11:43
mitsuhikoso if it's only an issue for ubuntu users something is wrong ^^11:43
LaserJockNo menu shows up in safari11:44
LaserJockFirefox for me is the same as camino11:44
LaserJockdo the submenus have context?11:45
LaserJockif I'm not logged in I don't get any submenus11:45
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mindspinand IE6 in kubuntu doesn't load the site at all11:46
LarstiQLaserJock: well, the projects listed are ones I'm involved in, lower than that I don't think there is context11:46
LaserJockthat's really cool11:47
mindspinmaybe it hates germans ;-)11:48
mitsuhikomindspin: Austrian too11:48
mindspinor german speakers;-)11:48
mitsuhikomindspin: well. German != Austrian German :D11:49
mindspini know11:49
mitsuhikoyesterday there was a discussion on the german python channel about "schiarch / schirch / schiach"11:49
LarstiQor people between .nl and .au ;)11:49
mindspinschiach and leiwand are pure austrian words11:49
ajmitchLarstiQ: .au?11:50
mitsuhikoau would be australia11:50
LarstiQajmitch: iirc that is where LaserJock is from11:50
ajmitchLarstiQ: ah, no ;)11:51
LarstiQ.nz then?11:51
mindspinok, time to fetch some sleep11:51
mindspinnight folks11:51
mitsuhikomindspin: gn811:51
=== ajmitch is in .nz, LaserJock is in the US :)
LarstiQoh bah11:51
mitsuhikohave i already noted that the new design kicks-ass?11:51
=== LarstiQ wonders why he thought that
LaserJockLarstiQ: although the state I'm in is Nevada, abbreviated NV11:52
LaserJockso NV ~ NZ and poof, I'm a kiwi11:52
LarstiQajmitch: that's a good reason to confuse others, not myself ;)11:52
LarstiQLaserJock: heh :)11:53
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ajmitchhey thumper 11:57
thumperhi ajmitch11:57
ajmitchLarstiQ: now thumper is from .nz, I know that much :)11:57
thumperit doesn't look like I'll be at UDS11:57
ajmitchah, a shame11:57
LaserJockhmm, ok I found this.TOP_MENU_DELAY = 0.9; and this.MENU_DELAY = 0.1;11:57
=== ajmitch is still waiting to get info from the travel agent on tickets
LaserJockoh, that reminds me11:57
LarstiQwhere is UDS?11:57
ajmitchthumper: you probably do enough travelling11:57
ajmitchLarstiQ: sevilla11:58
LarstiQok, too far out for me11:58
thumperajmitch: I'm off to London on Saturday, heading to do some work in Paris with ddaa and ACCU conference11:58
ajmitchthumper: we should just catch up for lunch sometime11:58
thumperajmitch: yeah, Thursday?11:58
LarstiQthumper: does it make sense for you to attend the bzr sprint?11:59
ajmitchthursday could work11:59
thumperLarstiQ: maybe, I need to talk to poolie11:59
ajmitchthumper: 12 on thurs?12:00
thumperajmitch: sure12:01
thumperajmitch: robbie statue?12:01
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ajmitchthumper: works for me12:13
thumperajmitch: good12:14

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