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lapohi there11:35
andreasn_hi lapo11:43
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lapoyo kwwii, andreasn11:44
kwwiilapo: great work on the stock icons, btw11:50
lapokwwii: thanks, I didn't do very much, you should thank andreasn for the effort who did a lot of icons and hyped the event in every possible way, yay andreasn! :-)11:51
andreasnwell, I just blogged about it a bit11:52
kwwiiandreasn: they really are a big improvement on the stock icons :-)11:52
kwwiiwe're putting them in feisty :-)11:53
kwwiivery nice indeed :-)11:53
lapokwwii: I was talking with dholach and seb about shipping them11:53
kwwiilapo: yeah, he pinged me about it11:53
lapokwwii: the best approach imho is to have the icons shipped in hicolor11:53
lapowhat do you think about it?11:53
kwwiilapo: exactly what we are doing11:53
lapotango-common then?11:54
andreasnhopefully they can go into gtk+ upstream so that people on windows and osx can enjoy them, ported apps often look like total crap on those platforms right now11:54
lapoI think either tango-common or ubuntu-artwork will do the trick11:54
kwwiiandreasn: yes, definitely :-)11:54
kwwiilapo: I am guessing ubuntu-artwork11:55
lapoandreasn: yeah, but I'd like to have them shipped before the flamewar..erhm discussion on gtk+ list ends positivelly :-)11:55
lapokwwii: ok11:55
kwwiilapo: erm, tango-common, I meant11:55
kwwiimy brain is not in sync with my fingers today11:56
lapoeheh, kwwii, well it's always like that for me :-)11:56
andreasnlapo: I'm not sure if there really was a big flamewar, it was mostly one dude saying "hey, what's this stuff, don't we break something now?!" and someone else saying "I kind of like the current ones because they are kind of cute, or whatever"11:57
andreasnand the rest of the devs didn't say anything at all, as usual :)11:57
kwwiisounds like artwork fud to me11:58
=== kwwii gets lunch...bbl
lapoandreasn: yeah12:00
lapoandreasn: the same "don't brake old" stuff argument12:01
andreasnwe made sure we're only used the same metaphors, so it don't "break" apps that misuses the stock icons12:02
andreasnso it shouldn't really be any trouble12:02
andreasntime will tell12:02
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bersacetroy_s: hi bro06:22
bersacei send you update icons for ubuntu-art team branding at lp06:22
bersacetroy_s: could also update chan topic ?06:23
kwwiibersace: what should the topic be?06:31
bersacekwwii: "Ubuntu gets it right"06:31
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bersacewell, i have a bug for people using fingerprint reader06:32
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-artwork:kwwii] : Welcome to #ubuntu-artwork. Ubuntu gets it right
=== bersace checks gnome-looks.org
kwwiibersace: does the fingerprint reader work in linux now?06:33
=== kwwii has one on this laptop
kwwiithe only reason I boot windows is to impress my friends06:33
bersaceat least thinkpad and thinkpad based laptop06:33
kwwiikiller :-)06:33
kwwiican you point me to a package or such?06:33
bersacekwwii: you could add http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/HumanList?content=54505 to topic06:35
bersacekwwii: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ThinkFinger06:35
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-artwork:kwwii] : Welcome to #ubuntu-artwork. Ubuntu gets it right; http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/HumanList?content=54505
kwwiisure :-)06:36
bersacethe bug is that "Password or swipe your finger" is show instead of Password:"06:36
bersaceuser only see "Password or s"06:36
bersacethen the entry is displayed :x06:36
bersacei wonder how to try that06:36
bersacei may just commit fixes and ask ploum to test my bzr branch06:37
bersacehow can i merge my branch and your ?06:37
bersacei mean, getting back your changes in my branch06:37
kwwiihehe, and it doesn't work with kde at all06:38
kwwiibersace: good question about merging...I'll try to figure that out06:38
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bersacemy branch is not a fork ;)06:42
kwwiiI think you enter your local branch and then "bzr merge url-from-the-branch-to-merge"06:43
kwwiidepending on how far apart they are, you might have to manually add things06:43
kwwiithe thinkfinger stuff would be best with the list theme, as then one would not have to type in the user name06:50
kwwiiif I didn't need to use kde anymore I would try it :-)06:51
kwwiitime for dinner, bbl06:52
bersacehave to go, see you later07:10
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kwwiilapo: why is the svg of the applications-graphics icon different from the png version in tangerine?10:41
lapokwwii: I'm not on a feisty machine, can you post a screenshot?10:42
kwwiilapo: I was just looking through the package itself (the svg has a paint tube in it, the png does not)10:42
kwwiialthough perhaps you have already changed that10:43
lapolemme check10:43
lapoit's probably my fault, I added all the "sources" laying around my discs back to the repository, so it's possible I got the wrong file in10:44
lapokwwii: which size are you referring though?10:44
kwwiiI've removed that icon from the Human theme so that it defaults back to the tangerine theme10:44
kwwiifor the icons that are shown in the Applications menu10:45
lapokwwii: I see no tube there10:45
lapoit's only a brush here10:45
kwwiiin both the png and the svg?10:45
kwwiihrm, then I must have an old version10:45
kwwiithe svg in my system has a tube in it (looks pretty nice too)10:46
lapoI think it has always been like that though10:46
kwwiiI like it a bit better than the brush alone10:46
lapoyou are probably getting the 48x48 icon scaled down then10:46
lapoor the 32x32 one10:46
kwwiino, the 24x24 pixmap dir has one with only a brush and the scalable dir has one with brush and tube10:47
laposo why are you getting the tube? :-)10:47
lapowhile the 22x22 is a brush10:47
kwwiiI am not seeing the tube being used, but I want to see it :-)10:48
kwwiiI was thinking about rendering the svg to pngs so that it is used :-)10:48
lapokwwii: naaah, you should scale it down nicelly10:50
kwwiithe svg I found seems to be made at 48x4810:51
lapoyep, as all the svg we have in scalable10:51
laposcalable as the dir10:51
kwwiiahaaa, didn't know that10:52
kwwiiI have so much to learn about gnome icons :-)10:52
lapos/gnome/tango/ eventually :-)10:52
kwwiiwe put the new icons in tango-common for feisty, btw10:53
andreasnthe gtk ones?10:53
kwwiithey look *so* much better than the old ones10:53
lapokwwii: I'm putting them in tangerine, seems better10:53
lapokwwii: I think I have something buildable even10:53
andreasnyeah, they seems popular, wonder who to bug to get them into gtk upstream10:54
lapoandreasn: I think jimmac written a new mail to the gtk list10:55
lapokwwii: if you feel like trying tangerine with new gtk stock: https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~calamandrei/tangerine-icon-theme/ubuntu/10:56
andreasnlapo: ah, just found it10:56
lapoehm well, in a minute, It's still uploading10:56
kwwiilapo: cool...although feisty will use them without having to put them in tangerine10:56
lapoandreasn: since you're at it, have you got a link? :-)10:57
kwwiimight be better to keep them seperated for the future10:57
kwwiiI feel sorry for jimmac having to convince devs to use those beautifull icons10:57
lapokwwii: speaking with dholbach we concluded it would be better to have them in tangerine then in hicolor10:57
lapoandreasn: thanks10:58
kwwiilapo: that sounds like more work in the future though10:58
lapokwwii: naah, it's pretty easy all the icons are named gtk-*10:58
kwwiibe sure to keep a list so that when they are included in gtk we don't ship icons twice10:58
kwwiiahaaa, cool10:59
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laposee above :-)10:59
lapoandreasn: eheh, jimmac didn't used the @novell address :-)11:00
kwwiilol, probably better that way (less politics)11:00
lapoyeah, really too much politics involved latelly11:01
kwwiioh, I think it has been that way for a long time11:01
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andreasnkwwii: how's the fiesty release looking, getting all the stuff ready in time?11:02
kwwiithe funniest thing is that the exact opposite situation is going on in kde11:02
kwwiiandreasn: yeah, looking pretty good11:02
kwwiialthough I am spending days on end trying to sort out icons11:02
lapokwwii: the cool part of doing something else then working for <insert a linux firm here> is that you can fsck up about the politics part :-)11:02
kwwiiI mean, I only had 2.5 months to do all the art for edubuntu, kubuntu and ubuntu, so it is still somewhat rushed11:02
lapoand being an ass with everybody eventually :-)11:02
kwwiilapo: very true11:03
kwwiifeisty+1 should be much better because of the time factor11:03
kwwiiandreasn: who is taking care of the icon-naming tools?11:04
andreasndobey I think11:04
kwwiiandreasn: dholbach has changed some of that in the ubuntu version and I am going to take it over11:04
kwwiiso I wanted to talk to upstream about our changes11:04
andreasnah, ok11:04
kwwiigreat, dobey and I get along *really* well11:04
andreasnnot hard to figure ;)11:04
kwwiinow I know why daniel wanted to hand it over to me11:05
lapokwwii: cool, I just need some missing mappings, can you help me then?11:05
kwwiilapo: well, I can try...but I am not to good at python yet11:05
kwwiilapo: in any case, I can make sure that it gets done with daniels help :-)11:06
kwwiibeware that thursday is release freeze11:06
lapokwwii: anyway IIRC it should be some xml files hacking11:06
kwwiilapo: that should be doable :-)11:06
lapoit's just something like 6 entries11:07
lapocan I paste them here, mail or what?11:07
kwwiimail would be best...kinda late here (and stargate is running in the background)11:07
kwwiikwwii at ubuntu dot com11:07
lapothanks a lot11:08
kwwiiI should be thanking you :-)11:08
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lapoyo bersace11:10
bersacelapo: yep11:10
lapohow is your scanner magic going?11:10
kwwiilapo: mail received...I'll add that tomorrow11:10
lapokwwii: thanks11:10
bersacei migrate homepage to gnome.org :  http://www.gnome.org/projects/gnome-scan/index11:11
lapobersace: cool, have you seen the device naming spec extension?11:11
kwwiilapo: np11:11
bersacealso, gnome-scan now use gnome svn11:11
bersacelapo: nop, but i launch discussion between HAL and SANe11:11
bersacei also ask some API publication from Gegl in order to implement post processing on top o Gegl11:11
bersacei rewrote gnome-scan11:12
laposo I can push scanner buttons?11:12
bersaceit's now full threaded :D11:12
bersaceand dynamically builded UI11:12
lapofor your quad processor pleasure :-)11:12
bersacelapo: not yet, this is part of the SANE/HAL stuff11:12
andreasngnome scan seems really nice11:12
bersacehowever, gnome-scan 0.5 is designed to handle hotplug11:12
kwwiibersace: that looks like an awesome idea11:13
lapobersace: make it use device icon naming ext and you almost done then :-)11:13
bersacei already wrote documentation11:13
bersaceand an automated widget screenshot generator11:13
laposounds really cool11:13
bersacethe scrot util : http://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=441229158&size=o11:14
bersaceresults : http://svn.gnome.org/viewcvs/gnome-scan/trunk/doc/ref/images/11:14
bersacethere is ton of work to be done11:14
bersaceespecially in the processing part11:14
bersacei wrote a plugin system (very easy using GLib)11:15
bersacebut i might just use Gegl one11:15
bersacethis will avoid code duplication11:15
bersacebut i have to ensure their plugin system is adapted for gnome-csan11:15
bersacefor example, i do OCR, deskew, not only rotation and dropdown shadow11:15
bersacenote that the utility use Gelg to add dropdown shadow ;)11:16
bersacealso, the nice black border around GSParamSpec*.png are added using Gegl11:16
laponice, I need to buy a scanner once again :-)11:16
bersacethat's an idea11:16
bersaceif i work hard enough, i can get it in Gnome 2.2011:16
bersacehowever, i highly depend on Gegl11:16
lapoI'm looking forward for it11:17
bersacegnome-scan SVN already implement basic acquisition from files11:17
bersace(yes, i have a "scan from files" backend)11:17
lapoit is really one of the missing bits from the gnome platform11:17
laposane ui is the house of horror11:17
bersacexsane is really powerfull, but very ugly for user11:17
bersacedare writing an abiword plugin using xsane !11:18
lapoyeah, try to explain you girlfriend how to scan something and you'l see :-)11:18
bersaceyeh, my primary motivation was to let my mother do its scan by herself11:18
bersacefor now, i'm bound to do it myself for her ;)11:18
kwwiithat is true motivation11:19
lapodid you started from google soc?11:19
lapokwwii: what do you have in mind for feisty+1?11:21
kwwiilapo: absolutely no idea yet...I'll start the planning sometime soon11:21
kwwiiie as soon as feisty is done :-)11:22
lapokwwii: kill the splashes where possible! :-)11:22
kwwiiyeah, they are a remnant from the days when apps took forever to start11:22
kwwiiand the desktop splash is simply silly in the meantime11:23
kwwiiwhen making the feisty version the biggest problem was that I only see it for like a microsecond - kinda hard to test11:23
lapomake it burn slowly then! :-)11:24
lapokwwii: some kind of unification in the look of the various buntus would be nice11:26
lapokwwii: I mean same or similar style for bootsplashes, logos and *dm screens11:27
lapowallpapers eventually11:27
kwwiilapo: yeah, that is one reason I tried to make the kubuntu/edubuntu/ubuntu usplash similar this time aroudn11:28
kwwiibut many people think that this is a bad idea (sabdfl for one)11:29
lapothere's the need of something in common to make evident that all the buntus are sons of the same mother11:29
kwwiiI agree completely11:30
kwwiione interesting factor that comes into play is that for kde, kubuntu has become somewhat of a reference distro11:31
lapothat's cool11:31
kwwiiwell, time for me to get some sleep - tomorrow will be another long day11:32
lapoI still hope in an icon unification between the g and k worlds11:32
laponite nite11:32
kwwiisee you soon, I hope11:32
kwwiiI'll let you know once I've added those mappings so you can test it11:33
lapocool, thanks11:33
kwwiiglad I can help :-)11:33
kwwiinight all11:33
bersacegood night11:34
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