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CIA-12Ubuntu Documentation: mantha feisty * r4022 /edubuntu/ (5 files in 2 dirs):04:52
CIA-12Ubuntu Documentation: * update changelog to 0.6-104:52
CIA-12Ubuntu Documentation: * install images04:52
CIA-12Ubuntu Documentation: * take out Build-Depends-Indep as we aren't building anything04:52
CIA-12Ubuntu Documentation: * updated image links to the right path04:52
CIA-12Ubuntu Documentation: * updated Student Control Panel to Thin Client Manager04:52
CIA-12Ubuntu Documentation: mantha * r4023 edubuntu/ (7 files in 3 dirs): * sync from Feisty branch r402205:13
nixternalgo LaserJock go!05:15
LaserJockwahoo ;-)05:20
nixternalyes, I wrote 2 more handbooks for KDE today ;)05:20
nixternal<revision>1.00</revision> :)05:20
nixternaland my code for the "new" khelpcenter of course broke it ;p05:21
LaserJockI can't figure out where these update*.png files are from05:21
LaserJockwell, I mean, I don't have them05:21
LaserJockand I don't know where the references came from05:21
nixternalthere is no telling. I can't believe they would wipe the old svn server before checking though05:21
nixternalYOU KNOW WHAT!!!05:22
nixternalthose images are from the old Cookbook that got nuked I bet05:22
LaserJockthat's really really old though for screenshots05:24
nixternalya, they didn't create the handbook from scratch, they copied in all of the old cookbook stuff05:26
nixternalI went through about 90% of it updating it, that I do remember05:26
nixternaland removing :) and :( from every other paragraph05:26
LaserJockwell, I see a lot of ''' for bolds05:27
nixternalya, the handbook never stood a chance 6 months to a year ago for sure05:27
nixternalthat is the cookbook pull in from the wiki05:27
nixternalI thought I got all of those05:27
LaserJockyou know, I sort of wonder if we had so many copies of this stuff running around that maybe some of your stuff got reverted :(05:29
nixternalvery well could have been, but here is the thing, it would have been me reverting it unless someone else had svn access to our server05:30
LaserJocki.e. me05:30
LaserJockI uploaded some stuff from sbalneav05:30
LaserJockI wonder if it was based on older stuff05:31
LaserJockI *thought* it was from the doc team svn05:31
nixternalwell, sbalneav's stuff would have been all LTSP I would think05:31
nixternalI didn't touch any of the LTSP stuff except to clean it up so that it would at least validate05:32
LaserJockok, that's where the problems I'm seeing are from05:33
nixternalheh, he must have been working from a wiki then05:34
LaserJockI think maybe he just hasn't gotten to that section05:34
LaserJockit's the last in the LTSP chapter05:34
LaserJockanyway, I sooo don't have time for it all :-)05:35
nixternalvery well could have been05:35
LaserJockI think I'll get some new stuff from sbalneav05:35
LaserJockcbx33 is doing TCM screenshots05:35
LaserJockand ogra is proofreading05:35
nixternalthere was a lot of bad original docs to begin with, that is why I never really pressed for SVN accounts05:35
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nixternalstop with the New bugs already you stinkin' bot!07:48
LaserJockwe just need it to automatically close all new bugs ;-)07:55
nixternaldude, look at the bugs chan07:56
nixternalhe is constantly spitting out new bugs07:56
nixternalsumpin' tells me they are either working on the bot, or the bot is broke07:56
LaserJockSeveas said a little while ago that he broke it07:57
nixternalI need to figure out how to setup a custom highlight for ubugtu so I can see his messages over everyone elses07:58
nixternalheh, go figure, he is constantly breakin' his puppets07:58
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CIA-12Ubuntu Documentation: mdke feisty * r4024 /ubuntu/ (19 files in 18 dirs): tweaks to translate script, trying to get it to work; unnecessary pot rebuild.08:52
=== mdke high gives the bot
mdkeand now the high five08:52
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nixternalhiya mdke! getting the bot high isn't recommended ;)09:13
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mdkenixternal: hiya09:16
mdketranslations this cycle are going to be a challenge09:17
nixternalso it seems09:17
nixternalthey started late for one, and it seems they aren't being translated as quickly09:17
nixternalI think that if/when the community switches to the repo setup for development purposes, or the one source thing, that it might make it easier09:18
mdkewell, the translations are going pretty fast actually09:19
nixternalit seems that KDE and GNOME have no problems with it, and their process seems larger than ours when it comes to translations09:19
mdkeI mean, importing them will be a challenge09:19
nixternalwe can't use the old scripts, or at least tweak them a bit?09:19
mdkeyeah, we have an improved script :)09:20
nixternalwell that is good at least09:21
mdkeand I'm going to work on danilo to do one which can regenerate fixed translations for upload to launchpad so our changes are not lost09:21
nixternalahh, now that would be awesome09:21
mdkethe improved script will allow translators to do their own testing too, so hopefully that will help lessen the burden a bit09:21
nixternalwith Edgy the burden wasn't as bad as it was with Dapper, and I am hoping the trend continues09:22
mdkewe'll see!09:22
nixternalerr, hehe rather09:23
Gwaihirmdke: I wanted to test in these days the italian translations...09:23
mdkeGwaihir: I'll try and post about how to do it soon. I need to make sure things are working09:23
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Admiral_Chicagodoes someone have a link to the trunk of the docs11:02
Admiral_Chicagoah wait nvm11:03
Admiral_Chicagofound it...topics are good.11:04
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mdkewait for it...11:21
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CIA-12Ubuntu Documentation: mdke feisty * r4025 /ubuntu/ (902 files in 17 dirs): adding initial po files download, for testing11:31
mdkephew, that's a lot of dots11:31
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