CIA-16ubiquity: cjwatson * r2001 ubiquity/ (d-i/manifest debian/changelog):03:02
CIA-16ubiquity: * Automatic update of included source packages: console-setup03:02
CIA-16ubiquity:  1.13ubuntu10.03:02
CIA-16ubiquity: cjwatson * r2002 ubiquity/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.4.603:12
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jetsaredimevand: pign05:00
jetsaredimcan't seem to get a new hbox into the notebook that has all of the steps in it05:16
evandjetsaredim: what Ubuntu release's Ubiquity are you working with?  Edgy? Feisty?06:04
evandcjwatson: is #100013 something you'd like to see in Feisty+1?  If so I'll assign it to myself and take care of it.06:11
evandI believe it was mentioned by you previously as part of the m-a defaults preseeing at UDSMTV06:11
evandjetsaredim: what I usually do is open up the glade xml file in an editor, copy the page I want from id="stepWhatever" on to its closing tag (vim's % key press is good for this) and paste it above the id="stepWhatever" or above the next id="stepSomething"06:16
evandthen you can open the file back up in glade and modify from there06:17
evandthe benefit of doing it this way is that you stay consistent with the spacing between elements used in the rest of the installer.06:18
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jetsaredimevand: sry I missed ya09:48
jetsaredimwhen I dupe the page, I can't seem to bring it up in glade to be able to add new components09:50
jetsaredimlike if I click on the various different step h/vboxes that have different layouts the layout in glade doesn't change10:12
cjwatsonjetsaredim: go to the 'steps' element (the notebook) and edit the Page number there10:22
cjwatsonI have a bug open in glade asking for this to be easier, iirc10:22
jetsaredimso how do I add elements to the step "page"10:22
cjwatsondelete all the existing ones and then use glade as normal ... I don't think this is the best place for glade user help :)10:23
jetsaredimgood point10:23
jetsaredimnot exactly the most straightforward10:27
jetsaredimwhere would one go for that?10:31
jetsaredimis this just because of the way the glade is structured10:36
cjwatsonthere's #glade3 on irc.gnome.org although I'm not sure whether it's a user channel or not10:36
jetsaredimi mean - like why can't I see the differences between the various step pages in glade?10:36
cjwatsonyou know the absolute basics, that you add elements by clicking on them in the palette and then clicking on an empty space in the page, right?10:37
cjwatsoner, what are you doing to change page?10:38
jetsaredimjust select it, I suppose10:38
jetsaredimi mean - i can see the default page, but it just has 2 little pages with red "X"s on them10:38
jetsaredimlike I can get the window component to show up with the three buttons10:42
jetsaredimbut the contents of that window never change10:42
cjwatsonlive_installer -> wizard -> hbox36 -> vbox50 -> steps in the inspector10:44
cjwatsonchange the "Page" attribute10:45
cjwatsoncrap UI, but it works10:45
cjwatsonremember to change it back to 0 before saving (or just revert that bit of the diff later)10:45
cjwatsonthe glade guys have bugs about all this10:45
jetsaredimdidn't even notice that field10:46
CIA-16ubiquity: cjwatson * r2003 ubiquity/ (configure configure.ac): bump to 1.4.711:11
cjwatsonevand: if it's reasonably easy and non-intrusive ...11:12
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evandOk, I'll just write it down as something to investigate for discussion at UDS.01:12
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