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beunoBurgundavia: ping01:27
beunoUWN is far from "acceptable"01:29
beunono LoCo news01:29
beunoand no "Community Spotlight"01:29
boredandblogginganything I can do?01:30
beunoI don't have time to get those together now01:30
beunoboredandblogging: I'm not sure, both those items are tricky01:30
beunothe "Community Spotlight" would be writing a paragraph on some new Ubuntu feature01:31
beunocan you think of one you can write about?01:31
boredandblogginghold on01:31
boredandbloggingsomething like codec grabbing or migration assistant?01:32
beunoboredandblogging: yeap, exactly01:32
boredandbloggingI think I can come up with something01:32
beunothat would be great, I'm digging for LoCo news, but I guess that item can be scratched out01:33
boredandbloggingok, let me find some stuff on codec grabbing01:34
boredandbloggingbeuno, added the blurb, but I can't find a good link to use02:00
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Admiral_Chicagobeuno: are we going with accessibility team for team of the week02:31
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Burgundaviabeuno: what is needed on teh UWN?04:05
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Burgundaviabeuno: ping: re: should I send the UWN?04:48
boredandbloggingBurgundavia, looks like it still needs LoCo news and an In This Issue 04:53
Burgundavialoco news is spotty04:53
Burgundaviaif we have no news, we cannot write anything04:53
boredandbloggingi can add to In This Issue real quick04:54
boredandbloggingonce you are done editing it04:55
Burgundaviayep, all yours04:55
BurgundaviaI added a plea to the loco news bit04:55
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BurgundaviaI think we are looking pretty good05:00
BurgundaviaI will set my gf lose on teh editing05:00
MadpilotBurgundavia, you've sucked A into editing UWN? Neatly done.05:02
Burgundaviahi Brian05:09
Burgundaviayeah, he got me05:09
Burgundaviabut I'm unemployed anyway, and I'm gonna get stupid if I don't keep writing and editing.05:09
BurgundaviaIt's this or WoW.05:09
boredandbloggingam I the only one who has never played WoW?05:12
Burgundaviaheh. Actually, I haven't either.05:12
lotusleafI've never played WoW05:12
BurgundaviaBut I was heavily involved with Guild Wars, so I'm still a nerd.05:12
lotusleafWarCraft2 was pretty cool though05:12
Burgundaviaer, this is Burg's gf, not Burgundavia.05:12
boredandbloggingwhat is guild wars? I am so not a gamer05:13
Burgundaviait's kind of like Diablo with more depth and strategy, plus PvP tournaments.05:14
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Burgundaviaok, I think we are ready05:29
MadpilotBurgundavia, having A hijack your IRC client is confusing... I know she's got her own ;)05:31
Burgundaviait was more that she would need an LP account, etc05:31
Burgundaviaso I sat her down at my laptop05:31
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=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-marketing:beuno] : Welcome to the Ubuntu Marketing Team's IRC channel | We're here to fix Bug #1 | Keep in mind that whatever your LoCo does, any other LoCo can benefit from your work or experience! | Please sign up to the mailing list, ubuntu-marketing at lists.ubuntu.com | Beuno is doing UWN | UWN #34 is out, UWN #35 is in progress to be released Sunday April 8th | #1 Bugfix Committed Today! Great work, Ubuntu!
=== mode/#ubuntu-marketing [-o beuno] by beuno
beunoUWN #34 is release, and I'm going to bet11:14
beunoeeerrr, bed11:14
beunoboredandblogging, GREAT job on it11:14
beunoponingru: maybe you can digg/reddit it?11:21
beunoI'm really off to bed though11:21
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boredandbloggingbeuno, no problem02:07
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poningruanyone have anything wrong with me registring as Ubuntu-marketing03:00
lotusleafon lp?03:01
lotusleafit's an open team if I recall :)03:01
poningruno dude on digg03:03
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jendaponingru: go right ahead.03:04
poningruwhat email should I give?03:04
poningruor do we have an ubuntu.com email addy?03:04
jendagive the ML03:06
jendaponingru: if anything comes, one of us will catch it and either let it through or leave it ;)03:06
lotusleafponingru, that's an interesting idea, so would suggestions trickle into digg submissions under ubuntumarketing?03:23
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lotusleafponingru, you win!03:23
=== lotusleaf deploys a marching band to celebrate poningru's revelation
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lotusleaflot of zerberos06:10
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Burgworkbeuno: passed through07:03
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myriam_rsjoin #kubuntu-fr07:05
myriam_rssorry, mistype07:06
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Burgworkbeuno: fridge up08:14
beunoBurgwork: great!  sorry for the delay in the release08:15
Burgworkno worries08:15
Burgworkit is out08:15
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adamant1988Anyone here right now?08:17
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adamant1988Burgwork: Well, I asked in that forum thread for contributers 08:24
adamant1988and I definitely did not get the response I was expecting08:24
Burgworkwhich thread?08:24
adamant1988The author of the thread basically told me "sod off, this was my idea"08:24
adamant1988I'm trying to figure out a diplomatic way to responde08:29
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Burgworkbasically, they already have a project going, which is cool08:32
adamant1988I'm trying to think out a way to respond08:35
adamant1988I'm considering linking to the old wiki pages and posting a "pot meet kettle" response08:35
Burgworkno, don't do that08:41
Burgworkwe want to encourage these people to work with us08:41
adamant1988it seems that they're opposed to doing that08:42
adamant1988Query: don't we have superior channels for distributing this magazine as an Ubuntu team?08:42
Burgworkno, they are opposed to us taking over their project08:43
Burgworkwhat I said was, come work with us08:43
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adamant1988Uh huh.08:45
=== Ukubuntu is now known as ookooboontoo
Burgworkwelcome, ookooboontoo08:46
BurgworkI assume you are the ookooboontoo of the forums?08:46
ookooboontooooh recognised for once :D08:46
ookooboontooyes I am08:46
Burgworkyep, saw you on the magazine thread08:46
Burgworkmy other nick is Burgundavia08:46
ookooboontooI just saw the post on discussions here08:47
ookooboontoodid I miss anything?08:47
Burgworkit is cool that somebody has actually run with the magazine idea08:47
Burgworkthere has been a lot of talk but not much else08:47
ookooboontooI think it has great potential, as probably many do, but I do feel it needs a fair level of commitment08:47
adamant1988It doesn't seem like they've really garnered a lot of the support they act like though.  I looked on the forums, there, the discussions are very limited out of the 8 or so threads started by "admin"08:48
Burgworkyes, magazines do08:48
Burgworkadamant1988: please, be positive08:48
BurgworkI know you guys are looking to be "more official", if that means anything08:48
adamant1988Sorry, just an observation. 08:48
ookooboontooYes, I agree Adam initially however, the original thread is up to 15 pages aready08:49
Burgworkevery single otehr magazine idea has been lost in too much talk08:49
ookooboontooI have originally offered proofreading work but I am desribed as an editor already! :)08:49
adamant1988ookooboontoo: These ideas do get talked up a lot, but in all that talk talk the idea gets too big and then everyone decides they don't have the time to commit08:50
ookooboontooI think a bit of careful planning is required or it will be blown out quickly08:50
Burgworkwhere have the completed articles gone?08:50
adamant1988Well, I have a thread on the mailing list right now just trying to gather info on specific requirements to get this mag off the ground08:50
Burgworkbasically, we need about 5 articles and a layout08:51
ookooboontooWell, the Idea arose 48 hours ago as far as I know. I have only seen one article and that was not sufficient as a great article08:51
adamant1988with links to content from the marketing team's previous attempts to do this. 08:51
ookooboontooI have not seen the teams previous, apart from behind ubuntu08:52
Burgworkthere was a strong effort about 6 months ago08:52
adamant1988ookooboontoo: there was an attempt to start this before.  I saw the thread and I hoped perhaps the interest in the community was there to revive it. 08:52
=== mdke [n=matt@ubuntu/member/mdke] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
Burgworkthe biggest piece that I haven't seen is a layout08:52
Burgworkmorning mdke08:52
ookooboontooSo I beleive, I think again that careful planning is needed08:53
mdkeBurgwork: hiya. Been a long time since I was in here. 08:53
mdkegood job on the newsletters everyone08:53
ookooboontooI would suggest a monthly issue but I am not in charge and it all depends on content08:53
adamant1988Burgwork: I'm kicking around some ideas in TomBoy for a layout, I keep coming back to the same conclusion: Base it off the site.08:53
ookooboontooIndeed we must not detract, but enhance the likes of UWN08:53
Burgworkbasically, it needs to be done in scribus, if we are doing pdf08:54
adamant1988Burgwork: yeah, have you read my mail to the list?08:54
adamant1988I thought I got the discussion starter organized fairly well.08:54
=== mykalReborn [n=mykal@] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
adamant1988But that's me.08:54
Burgworkyep, that is pretty good08:54
adamant1988Anything obvious that I missed?08:54
Burgworknow produce some scribus :)08:54
adamant1988Burgwork: I'm not familiar with scribus but I'll see what I can do08:55
Burgworkthere in we fall down08:55
Burgworkwe have nobody with dp experience08:55
ookooboontooI think a bit of care needs to be considered. ronniet made the post and initially came as editor, now it appears this group is taking over, unless ronnie is in the building?08:55
adamant1988Burgwork: Well, I'm familiar with design, but not scribus.  I'm used to doing this stuff in Photoshop08:55
adamant1988Design wise. 08:56
Burgworkookooboontoo: no, we are not taking over08:56
Burgworkvery much not so08:56
Burgworkwe would rather have ronnie do it, as I simply don't have the time08:56
BurgworkI can, however, point out common pitfalls of organizing these things08:56
adamant1988I think it would be great if we merged efforts. 08:56
ookooboontooI hear you Burgwork but how do others see it08:56
adamant1988ookooboontoo: I think the situation going on right now is kind of a pride one, "we started it!" 08:57
BurgworkI agree, it can look like takeover08:57
ookooboontooI think merged efforts are best, but it will need good management08:57
adamant1988However, I think if we merged efforts we could get this off the ground. 08:57
ookooboontooI must fly but bbl08:57
Burgworkwe need to get ronnie here to chat08:57
mykalRebornwell ronnie started it so he felt a little sad of course08:57
adamant1988It's going to take a lot of work, and refusing help/cooperation based on pride is a bad idea. 08:58
mykalRebornand i thing we need ronnie here08:58
adamant1988mykalReborn: The marketing team had an effort 6 months ago to do the exact same thing.08:58
BurgworkI have to grab lunch08:58
mykalRebornwell... even better08:58
mykalReborni guess it's a little about pride08:58
adamant1988Burgwork: Ok, I'll wait up for ronniet. 08:58
mykalRebornbut we're only human you know08:58
adamant1988mykalReborn: I completely understand08:59
adamant1988but there are benefits to merging efforts with the marketing team.  Mostly that we're more official and we have some extra resources to distribute the magazine.08:59
mykalRebornyeah that's true08:59
mykalRebornand i'm sure ronnie will agree with the help from the marketing team09:00
adamant1988mykalReborn: Also, like I said, the marketing team tried to do this 6 months ago and failed because it is a massive effort.  I don't feel that either of us can afford to refuse assisting each other based on pride.09:00
mykalRebornbut what's important to note is that no one said "no"... or at least just yet :P09:01
adamant1988mykalReborn: I think that ronniet is feeling a bit defensive right now.09:01
mykalRebornit was the way you said it on the forums that made it sound a bit like you were taking over... 09:01
mykalRebornwell... we'll know when he gets in won't we ? :P09:01
adamant1988mykalReborn: admittedly I didn't read the thread all the way through, I just caught the gist that there was a demand for the magazine.  The marketing team actually brought this idea back up independently 09:02
adamant1988I was the one who noted the forum thread.09:02
mykalRebornthanks a lot for that09:02
lotusleaf"there's no I in team"09:02
mykalRebornthat is true09:02
adamant1988lotusleaf: I'm taking blame for my comments :P 09:02
lotusleafadamant1988, I'm drinking coffee09:03
=== thezenmaster [n=mariachi@] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
adamant1988lotusleaf: Nice to meet you then :)09:03
adamant1988I'm Adam.09:03
lotusleafadamant1988, I'm leaf09:03
adamant1988is drinking-coffee your indian name?09:03
mykalRebornadam, you should read the thread, if you have the patience. you'd be surprised how fast this has grown. it's not just a little forum ideas like the commercial idea. this is pretty serious09:03
mykalRebornbtw... coffee's not goo for your health09:04
thezenmasteroh adam you're the commercial guy?09:04
lotusleafmykalReborn, life is a terminal disease09:04
thezenmasteri actually been thinking about that for a while but lost track of the thread09:04
lotusleafmykalReborn, when you find the cure so we can all live forever, let me know, meanwhile, more coffee is required ;)09:04
thezenmasteris that still active?09:04
adamant1988mykalReborn: All of these efforts 'grow' fast.  I looked at the forums and the site, I think the project is getting way ahead of itself and it's not as 'grown up' as it appears.  Again, if we collaborate we've got the marketing team's experience with this, channels of distribution, and the extra warm bodies coupled with ronniet's people's activity. 09:05
mykalRebornfirst of all i have a question. a technical one09:05
adamant1988mykalReborn: a 15 page thread about the Ubuntu mag is not unexpected, but a lot of it is the same people responding to virtually every post to give the appearance of activity. 09:05
lotusleafmykalReborn, my smoking jacket says "the tree of life is self pruning"09:05
mykalRebornhow do you make this quote thing on x-chat?09:05
adamant1988mykalReborn: hrmm? you mean the logs?09:06
mykalRebornwhen you reply to me your nickname becomes yellow you know09:06
mykalRebornso i know your talking to me09:06
adamant1988mykalReborn: Oh, that's something in your client.09:06
adamant1988Most clients have that.09:06
lotusleafmykalReborn, what brand of coffee are YOU drinking?09:06
mykalRebornlotusleaf:i don't drink coffee09:06
mykalReborni only drink water and wine once in a while09:07
adamant1988thezenmaster: What are you talking about exactly?09:07
thezenmasteran ubuntu ad 09:07
thezenmasterlike a movie or something09:07
adamant1988thezenmaster: Oh, I'm against YouTube ads and such.09:07
thezenmasteri dunno if it was for yt09:07
thezenmasteri just read a thread about making a video ad about ubuntu09:08
adamant1988I think that's wasted resources, yes a lot of people would view those, but using any more "web 2.0" channels just exposes us to the same audience again.09:08
mykalRebornadamant1998:oh i get it. thanks. and again i must say no one is talking about not cooperating... the thing is... you have this way of being a little negative about things. no offence.09:08
thezenmasteradamant1988 right09:08
adamant1988mykalReborn: Well, my initial post wasn't negative at all.  however ronniet's post was completely defensive and almost insulting to a degree, I understand that it's "his project" but I think they should play Beryl/Compiz with us for right now and see if we can't work on a singular effort and combine what we have.09:09
adamant1988Ronniet has the argument: "this is my project!" and the marketing team has the argument "We're more official, and we have experience with this!".  Both arguments are equally valid which is why we can't expect to meet in the middle.09:10
thezenmasteroh..talking about Full circe?09:10
beunoadamant1988: maybe "we might be able to" is better then "they should"09:10
lotusleafcat soapopera | grep credits09:11
=== lotusleaf [n=munch@kernel-panic/member/carne.asada.burrito] has left #ubuntu-marketing ["trombone"]
adamant1988beuno: perhaps.09:11
=== rexbron [n=rexbron@keele1-88.airyork.yorku.ca] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
beunosince that is the spirit behind this09:12
beunogetting out the best as possible09:12
mykalRebornadamant1988: i was talking in general. never mind. i have this habit of playing the shrink. sorry. i'm repeating myself here, but i'm sure there won't be any problems in colaborating. unofrtunately ronnie can't get on irc right now09:12
beuno*it out09:12
adamant1988I'm still a little taken by the "hell no, this is our project!" response I got. So perhaps I should take a breather. 09:12
adamant1988I think meeting in the middle for a singular effort will be a much better use of all of our resources rather than saying "come work with us!"09:13
beunoadamant1988: yeap, it's not always easy for other people to come in to a project, but I'm sure you can all colaborate09:13
=== m2 [n=fake@adsl-147-136-165.sdf.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
mykalRebornadamant1988:good point, but you must agree that neither you suggested meeting in the middle ;)09:13
beunomykalReborn: maybe you can take these discussions into the marketing mailing list to find more volunteers and resources?09:13
adamant1988mykalReborn: I didn't SUGGEST anything. I asked for people to contact me or get on the marketing team mailing list.09:14
adamant1988You inferred that I was suggesting an absorption of the project.09:14
mariachiyeah... it was the MT that aproached us first09:14
mariachiwe didn't say that..09:14
mykalRebornbeuno:well... i'm not the one calling the shots here. i'm talking here because i just like to help a bit. but i just want to write articles, that's all09:14
m2good, we need more articles09:15
m2i think we have 4 or 5 committed..09:15
beunoaaah, right, just a suggestion  :D09:15
mykalRebornadamant1988:calm down just a little bit. i wasn't trying to get on your nerves or anything like that09:15
adamant1988m2 are you ronniet?09:15
mykalRebornbeuno: thanks anyways :D09:15
mariachihe's at work09:15
m2no, i'm mateo09:15
adamant1988mariachi: Oh I see, how long until he'll be available.09:16
mariachibut he will come here09:16
mariachithat's for sure09:16
adamant1988Well, there's a discussion on the mailing list right now concerning the Magazine09:16
m2what are other ubuntu-related channels?09:16
mariachiguess ill register then09:16
=== myriam_rs [n=myriam@156-233.cable.senselan.ch] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
=== myriam_rs_ [n=myriam@156-233.cable.senselan.ch] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
m2im not a mailing list fan09:17
mykalRebornadam::">what's the email for the mailing lists? sorry for the dumb question09:17
adamant1988I'm engaging in an email conversation with ronniet09:17
adamant1988excuse me for a moment09:17
mariachimykalreborn https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-marketing09:18
mykalReborni'm suscribing as we speak09:19
m2april 2007 isn't viewable yet :(09:19
beunoanyway, just so you know, the marketing team is very interested in getting this done, so whatever resources we can help you with, we'll be glad to09:19
mykalRebornm2:yeah i so that. too bad09:20
mykalRebornbeuno: are you in the marketing team too? :-/09:20
mariachibeuno i don't think any of us mind the marketing team helping09:20
beunomykalReborn: yeap09:20
beunoalmost all of us in here are  :D09:20
mariachithe only weird thing is the way we were contacted09:20
mykalRebornmariachi:i agree. it was just a misunderstanding09:20
mariachimaybe were being overzealous...09:21
m2seems like no big deal to me09:21
m2anyways, how can the marketing team help09:21
beunomariachi: absolutely, that's why I wanted to stress the idea that we're here to help09:21
mykalRebornbeuno: yeah LOL that's why they call it the ubuntu-marketing channel09:21
mariachilol in the end it isnt09:21
beunowe had a meeting yesterday, and severel members where interested in getting that project back on track, and it didn't seem anyone was pushing it forward09:21
m2if the marketing team has a webpage you can post a link to the magazine's webpage so people will try and contribute09:22
beunobut now that we know there is, the outlook is much better09:22
mariachiit would be kinda dumb to start a meaningless "war" 09:22
mariachisince we state the ubuntu community is a friendly one lol09:22
beunom2, yes, we have several ways of getting users to contribute, see the UWN for example09:22
mariachiit's one of the best arguments we got to encourage people09:23
m2what is a uwn?09:23
beunomariachi: it's not a war until someone fires something  :p09:23
mykalRebornbeuno: cybernetic bomb shells:P09:23
beunom2: Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/09:23
mariachilol no one will =p09:24
beunocheck out the archive09:24
Burgworkthe uwn is mostly inward facing09:24
beunoyes, exactly09:24
Burgworkthe magazine is more aimed at newer users and potential users09:24
m2ok, so put a blurb about the magazine in the next newsletter.09:24
mykalRebornburgwork:what do you mean inward?09:24
Burgworkit is more informatiion about the project, for existing members of the projoect09:24
mykalRebornBurgwork: oh, i see09:25
mariachiubuntu needs to open up09:26
mykalRebornmariachi:ubuntu is pretty opened up anyways ;)09:26
mariachilol open source, open community09:27
mariachijust needs an open magazine09:27
adamant1988Ok, I'm proof-reading my response to him now09:27
mykalRebornand open people with open minds :P09:27
mykalRebornadamant1988:can we see the email here too?09:27
adamant1988I basically clarified my stance, explained that the marketing team has experience with this, and more resources for distribution, and encouraged him to join us in forging an agreement that both camps can be happy with.09:27
mariachinicely done ^^09:28
beunomykalReborn: give me your addy, I'll resend it09:28
adamant1988beuno: it's not going to the ML09:28
adamant1988mykalReborn: I'll CC you a copy if you like09:28
mykalRebornyeah sure09:28
adamant1988just give me your email address.09:28
beunoI meant the first one you sent, and the meeting summary/log09:29
mykalReborni hope i won't get spammed09:29
mariachisend me a copy will ya?09:29
adamant1988PM me your email if you would like me to CC a copy to you09:29
BurgworkmykalReborn: working on an open sourc eproject means your email is out there and spam is basically part of life09:29
=== beuno hugs his gmail spam filter
mariachixD it has't been very efective lately tho09:30
mariachii still get a lot of messages from the "Africa central bank"09:30
adamant1988beuno: tell me about it, I would be lost without Gmail09:30
adamant1988it makes active participation in the MLs I'm on a LOT easier09:30
beunomariachi: after I marked those as "Phishing", a couple of times never got em again09:30
=== adamant1988 hugs mail threading
mariachisend me a CC ;) i'll go eat something lol brb09:31
mykalRebornburgwork:of course. that is a risk i'm willng to take [salutes like in the military]  :P09:31
adamant1988i'm editing it right now, just making sure there aren't any portions he could misunderstand again09:33
beunoadamant1988: I'm sure it's an effort on both parts09:33
adamant1988mykalReborn: what is your email address?09:38
adamant1988beuno: would you like to proof read it first just to make sure there's no mix ups?09:41
beunoadamant1988: sure, I'll take a peak09:42
adamant1988ok. 09:42
beunoBurgwork is much more of a diplomat though09:42
adamant1988beuno: email?09:42
adamant1988beuno: I think it's written well09:42
Burgworkbeuno: being paid to market makes you one very quickly09:42
mykalRebornBurgwork:being paid?09:43
beunoBurgwork, heh, I'm sure!09:43
BurgworkmykalReborn: I work for a desktop linux company, as marketing and pr09:43
adamant1988beuno: you have mail09:43
beunoadamant1988: I think you should stress that he doesn't have to give up anything, that we're going to help him, not the other way around09:44
beunospecially since he's got this going already09:45
beunoI understand you are eager to make this a reality, but you wanted more help, you got it  :D09:45
beunoI'm sure Burgwork will kick me if I'm wrong, but that's probably the best approach09:46
Burgworkyep, that makes sens09:46
Burgworksense, even09:46
=== mgalvin [n=mgalvin@ubuntu/member/mgalvin] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
Burgworkhey mgalvin09:47
Burgworkhow goes your busy life?09:48
mgalvinBurgwork: hey dude, pretty good... how have you been?09:48
Burgworkbusy, as per usual09:48
Burgworkbeuno: I am going to be out of town for the 10th through 15th09:48
=== mykalReborn [n=mykal@] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
adamant1988beuno: My concern is more a quality issue I suppose.  However, I've read some of the discussion on the mailing list and I'm more inclined to follow Richard's point of view.09:49
beunoBurgwork,  or pleasure?09:50
Burgworkbeuno: work09:50
beunoBurgwork: business or pleasure?09:50
adamant1988He makes some very valid points concerning the UWN/Fridge/Magazine09:50
=== Admiral_Chicago [n=freddy@ubuntu/member/admiral-chicago] has left #ubuntu-marketing ["Real]
beunoright, who else can push the UWN through the filter?09:50
Burgworkbeuno: which filter?09:51
Burgworkit shoudl have gone through all ready09:51
Burgworkoh, I know why09:51
Burgworkmail archiving is reallyl really slow right now09:51
adamant1988beuno: Well his basic argument is that the news sections will be redundant.  09:51
beunoadamant1988: just get the project rolling, you can always discuss different points of vew later on09:51
Burgworkbeuno: it has gone through, it is just that mail archiving is currently 3 days behind09:52
beunoBurgwork: I meant for the one to be released on the 15th09:52
Burgworkah, that09:52
BurgworkI can send you the password09:52
adamant1988beuno: at this point if I "get the project rolling" it will be ronnie's project and any attempts on my part to 'make it more official' would probably fall on deaf ears.09:53
beunooh, that would be great, so someone can back you up  :D09:53
beunoadamant1988: I'm sure we can find a way, but I don't think "taking it from them" is the best approach09:53
beunoif they want "official" support, I'm sure they'll be more then happy to work with the marketing team09:54
beunothe project should be as open as possible, like all the rest09:55
beunobut of course, that's their call right now}09:55
adamant1988Yeah, if they don't want to work with us I'll search other channels. 09:55
beunoadamant1988: I'm not sure that should be the approach right now, and I'm not even sure it *has* to be *our* project09:56
mykalReborni'm sorry to butt in again. one idea would be to let "us" get this thing started a little and then let "us" help with the marketing of it... the thing is that it would be pretty hard for us to integrate into this whole marketing thing, with mailing lists and all09:56
beunoI'm fine with someone else doing it as long as they do a good job09:56
adamant1988beuno: that's my concern, we can't put make something "more official" if they're hacking up the ubuntu article, posting FUD, etc.09:57
beunomykalReborn: absolutely, as I said before, anything we can do to help, we'll be glad to09:57
BurgworkmykalReborn: the problem with that is that if all the currently people drop off, you can kind of out of luck09:57
Burgworkthis has happened twice with the UWN already09:57
Burgworkwell, three times, mgalvin, myself and then cody09:57
mykalRebornBurgwork:i see your point09:57
Burgworkthankfully, because it was an open project run by the marketing team, somebody could step up each time09:57
mykalRebornand that is a bit of an issue with open-source in general09:58
Burgworknon-official projects tend to just die, like the ubuntuvideo09:58
adamant1988I remember Ubuntu video09:58
beunomykalReborn: maybe you should take a look at how the UWN is structured, check out how well it's documented09:58
adamant1988that was a good project.09:58
beunoand https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/EditingPolicies09:59
Burgworkit also takes a long time to get that kind of information and documentation in place09:59
mykalRebornBurgwork: i'll take a look at UWN. maybe some other day because it's getting late and i have school tommorow:P10:00
Burgworkok, sounds good10:00
mykalReborni got the email and i see you say you don't have much time at your disposal10:00
mykalRebornto care for the magazine i  mean10:01
mykalRebornanother way of doing this is to let us take care of the content, then give it to you for final suggestions and leave it up to you to distribute it since i'm sure you're pretty good at that10:01
adamant1988mykalReborn: I'm open to suggestions, but as it stands it's ronnie's call.  10:02
beunomykalReborn: that actually sounds pretty good10:02
mykalRebornyes it is10:02
BurgworkI say go and play and create content, but do it in a place that allows us to pick it up if people drop off10:02
mykalRebornBurgwork:that's a good idea10:02
Burgworkbasically, that means putting content ont he wiki10:03
mykalRebornand i thing linuxgeeky, the one who's in charge of the website can do that10:03
adamant1988I suppose my concern is keeping the quality up.10:04
mykalRebornBurgwork:it's not a wiki, it's a drupal website, but i'm sure that giving our articles to you won't be any problem10:04
mykalRebornadam:that's why i said that you should be the last ones reviewing the mag... so we'll make sure it's good for the public10:05
Burgworkwho hosts the drupal?10:05
mykalRebornthe url is here:http://www.openfish.info/drupal/10:05
adamant1988mykalReborn: I somehow think Ronnie will not be as welcoming to the idea.10:05
mykalRebornbut it's going to change tomorrow or pretty soon; freecirclemagazine.org i thing. but i'm not sure10:05
=== samiam [n=samurai@74-134-139-205.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
mykalRebornadamant1988: we will see when he'll get a chance to talk10:06
mykalReborni'll send him an email with all the ideas that appeared here10:06
adamant1988mykalReborn: Yeah, just the vibe I'm getting from him is he would like marketing team member help but he wants absolute control of the project and so on. 10:06
adamant1988I would much rather help them set up, get good quality control methods in place, and help them set standards on the quality of the magazine and then let them play10:07
mykalRebornadam:one way of getting ronnie not to be uset about this is if you would not use the word "play" anymore ;)10:08
=== myriam_rs [n=myriam@156-233.cable.senselan.ch] has left #ubuntu-marketing ["need]
adamant1988mykalReborn: It's just an expression.10:10
mykalRebornadam:yes. i was making a joke :P10:11
=== Wicks [n=jhooker@] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
adamant1988I've received a reply from Ronnie he seems more chilled out now10:15
mariachilol *back*10:19
mariachidamn what's the past simple of the verb "to read" xD10:20
mariachiread ou readed?10:20
mykalRebornmariachi:lol. read10:21
mykalRebornto read, read, read10:21
=== ookooboontoo [n=chatzill@84-12-80-5.dyn.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
mariachilol ok thanks!10:21
mariachiheya ook10:21
=== adamant1988 shops for a computer for his fiancee.
mariachii need a thinkpad if you find one tell me lol10:24
adamant1988mariachi: that's what I'm looking at right now10:24
adamant1988she wants a new one though10:24
adamant1988not a used machine, her mother bought her a used one and it JUST died10:25
adamant1988can't even boot from a CD anymore10:25
mariachitoo bad I want an old one.. PIII or something like that10:26
mariachijust need to code html (learn it lol) and do some school works@school10:26
adamant1988mariachi: ebay is your best shot10:27
mariachibecause those school computers are full of spy/adware and virues and whatsoever10:27
adamant1988Although you can really learn on anything.10:27
mariachiyeah but i dont have a lappy10:27
mariachiand that really helps10:27
mariachi@ the school breaks 10:27
adamant1988I think my next machine is going to be a Lenovo10:27
mariachiwhen we don't have enything to do10:27
adamant1988they seem to be one of the best to buy from for Linux compatibility10:28
mariachithey are so expensive xD10:28
mariachithey are Vista ready designed though10:28
mariachi(don't forget to put your Powered by ubuntu badge next to the Vista one lol love that)10:28
adamant1988mariachi: My systems are powered by more than just Ubuntu :P10:28
adamant1988I'm currently running Fedora as I speak.10:28
mariachii never tried anything else10:30
mariachijust xu and ubuntu10:30
mariachiand of course all the incarnations of windows10:30
mariachifrom 3.11 onwards10:31
mariachiexcept pretty polly vista10:31
adamant1988I refuse to use Vista10:31
adamant1988I'm using this as my opportunity to rip myself from the last remnants of windows in my life10:31
mariachiall my friends think it's weird. Vista comes out, I go Ubuntu10:31
adamant1988she wants to keep it under $700, my thing is I'm looking for the most Intel parts I can find.10:32
adamant1988Eh. Ubuntu's safer and easier, why not?10:32
mariachibecause they are stupid lol i showed them a couple of videos from YouTube about Beryl and they went wooooow... they just see the appearances of things10:32
mariachithey thought it was Vista btw10:33
mariachi"you wish"10:33
adamant1988The ThinkPads are the best to configure10:33
adamant1988but I can't get her a decent system without jacking the price up10:33
mariachithere is a Lenovo for 650$ @ their website10:33
mariachifrom the R line10:34
adamant1988Well, yeah, I saw that10:34
mariachiit's the "poor" part of the family sort of speak10:34
adamant1988with 512 megs of ram and a single core processor10:34
=== adamant1988 [n=adam@doc-24-206-202-2.el.wv.cebridge.net] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
mariachiwhat is she going to use anyway? 3d modelling or something? 684K should be enough for everyone10:39
adamant1988it's 604k10:39
mykalRebornthe hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy is on hbo right now. in romania anyways :D cheers everyone10:40
mariachilol that :P10:40
adamant1988Well he seems a lot more interested after the email10:43
mariachithings just needed to be cleared out10:45
jenda684K should be enough for everyone?10:46
jendaDevelopers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers....10:46
jendaDevelopers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers...10:46
jendaDevelopers... :)10:46
mariachiquite xD i can't live with less than 128Mb10:47
mariachiand that's already hard enough10:47
adamant1988jenda: hello :P10:47
adamant1988I wonder if Wine can run J00st10:48
Burgworkbeuno: you rock10:50
adamant1988beuno: what did you do now?10:50
jendaBurgwork: what did he do now? :)10:51
Burgworksee the latest post about the diy website10:52
jendagot it10:52
jendafinally :)10:52
jendaooh, that needs a lot of work yet.10:53
jendahere we areee :)10:56
jendabeuno: are you in a rush? :)10:56
beunojenda: not really now, it's a holiday today here10:57
beunoso basically I'm still in my undies10:57
jendaI was just gonna email respond - I wrote this far: "Thank you! :)"10:57
jendabeuno: great, that's the time when I do most work for Ubuntu ;)10:57
beunohehe, yeah, me too10:57
beunothought I'd catch up a bit10:58
jendaIf you have a few minutes to go over the site with me now or later, it'd be great... ;)10:58
jendanot sure which parts I should talk to you and which parts to Dan about...10:58
beunojenda: I'm free, so whenever you want10:59
jendaah, great :)10:59
jendabeuno: one thing is just screaming to be changed...10:59
jendaand that is... that it should be easier to see that what you're looking at is a list of items, and each of these items has a set of properties (Name, Producer, Price, etc)11:00
jendaI'm not sure how to achieve that particularly....11:01
beunojenda: maybe a background color for each one?11:01
jendabut looking at it now...11:01
beunoI'll change it and we can see11:01
jendafor example the first item.11:01
jendaI look at it and I'm not sure what the title is... not sure if "Julius Bloch (Germany)" is a title or if "how to order" is, and which one is the highest level, etc.11:02
jendaPerhaps something as simple as indentation and increasing some of the contrast could fix that...11:02
jendabeuno: would it be possible to have the name of the producer in the top right corner of each box, without a label (no "Author:")11:04
beunojenda, sure11:04
jendathat would remove one confusing line from each one...11:04
beunolemme play around with it for a bit11:04
jendaand wtf is "feedback" supposed to mean at the bottom? :)11:04
jenda(should be 'shipping notes' or something to the effect)11:05
beunojenda: probably, I guess you only see these things when the actual content is on there11:05
jenda(this particular page will probably not have much more content in the near future)11:06
jendabeuno: also, the top level title for each item is too low contrast...11:08
jendaI know these are tiny tech details, but they're the first things that hit my eye ;)11:08
beunowell, this isn't my expertise area, but I'll do my best11:12
beunoaaah, as expected, I broke everyhting11:12
jendarevert, undo, rescue, salvage!11:12
jendabeuno: ok, i'll keep these things for dan ;)11:12
=== mdke [n=matt@ubuntu/member/mdke] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
beunojenda: I'll give it a few tries anyway11:13
beunobut I'm going to blame you no matter the outcome  :D11:13
beunojenda: better?11:14
jendaalmost ;)11:15
beunojust fixed the URL floating around11:15
jendaexcept, the person in the top right corner should be the one shipping, as it is more relevant to the buyer than the author.11:15
jendaThere should be a note like "Artwork by ..."11:16
jendain the cases where that applies (posters)11:16
jendabeuno: how about the font saying "Blue Ubuntu Polo Shirt" is dark and bold, while the fort saying Julius Bloch is brown and thin? :)11:18
jendaI'ts the title, it sohuld stand out.11:18
beunojenda: uploaded the changes11:18
beunonot sure if you want me to play around with colors11:19
beunoeverythin might end up black and white11:19
beunoDan que play around with it all he wants though  ;)11:19
jendabeuno: I honestly have no idea. If that means, bug meatballhat about the visuals, good.11:20
jendahehe :)11:20
beunonow what we need is more content for the other sections, and polish it a bit11:20
beunojenda: yes, exactly that! 11:20
jendait does look like a mess, honestly ;)11:20
=== jenda hides
beunoyes, I agree11:20
jendathat'll be solved by shuffling the individual pieces of info around a bit.11:21
jendaminor concern.11:21
beunobut as any good programer, I just type code and make things go where they're suppose to11:21
jendabeuno: would it/will it ever be possible to order/sort/filter by the various fields?11:21
beunoso I'm passing the ball to dan11:21
jendaok, cool11:21
beunojenda: absolutely11:21
jendaI'll scream if he says you need to do more ;)11:22
beunobeing able to do those things is the main idea that pushed us to do a custom development11:22
=== mdke [n=matt@ubuntu/member/mdke] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
beunojenda: heh, I'm sure he will  :p11:22
=== jenda suspects so too ;)
jendaok, cool...11:23
beunobut at least we've move forward a few inches11:23
jendabeuno: so it would also be possible to have a submission form asking for Title, Author, Description, Price, etc?11:23
beunojenda: yeap, np11:24
jendabeuno: oh, don't get me wrong, you did great work :)11:24
beunothat would go to a "needs approval" queue11:24
beunojenda: nothing gotten wrong (?)11:24
beunothe final product has to be good no matter what, so let the critisism fly11:25
jendaI was thinking starting by an admin-only form.11:25
beunojenda: the admin only forum is what I call the "backend"11:25
beunowhich is what I've gotten half through doing11:25
beunoand I'm avoiding11:25
jendamake it a backend even jenda can use ;)11:25
=== jenda hides
jendanah, I can learn pretty much anything you throw at me, if necessary ;)11:25
beunolol, that's what's making me avoid it, heheh11:26
beunoI want it to be fail-proof11:26
beunoso it can easily be passed on11:26
jendahehe :)11:27
beunoand that means I have to resize and convert any time of image you throw at me, take care of any wierd caracters (like your last name)11:27
beunoetc etc etc11:27
jendaWell, stop avoiding it, and get to work :)11:27
jendaThere's nothing weird with my last name :)11:27
beunotheres an accent on a consonant, that's pretty weird where I come from"11:28
beunoalthough I lived in Poland for 5 years, so it's not that new to me :p11:28
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