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Admiral_ChicagoAlexLatchford: haven't seen you around in a while09:08
Admiral_Chicagobeen busy?09:08
AlexLatchfordwell, yes and no09:08
AlexLatchfordmy email has been having issues09:08
AlexLatchfordhost blocked most of my mailing lists09:08
Admiral_Chicagooh yes, I saw that09:09
AlexLatchfordand have been working on school too09:09
AlexLatchfordthink I may have them sorted and ill be at the meeting tomorrow09:09
AlexLatchforddo we have an agenda yet?09:09
Admiral_Chicagoyes, i'll be at the meeting as well09:09
Admiral_Chicagogood question09:09
AlexLatchfordhmm, no09:09
Admiral_Chicagono we don't...okay that is a problem09:10
Admiral_Chicagoi emailed the list09:12
AlexLatchfordme too lol09:13
AlexLatchfordwhat code are you working on?09:13
Admiral_Chicagoa GUI in Java to handle a grid. very basic right now but it needs to do some interesting things like 3D rotation etc eventually09:13
Admiral_Chicagoits a pain, I forget how to do all the canvas stuff in java09:14
AlexLatchfordive never programmed in java, however i may be having to learn it for a job I may work at in the summer09:15
Admiral_Chicagowhat have you worked in?09:19
AlexLatchfordPython mainly on the desktop, but I do most of my code in PHP/AJAX09:21
AlexLatchfordI produce web objects and AJAX interfaces09:22
Admiral_Chicagooh ya you told me that once iirc09:22
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asachi all10:51
asacany urgent businees?10:51
ajmitchthanks for raising the issue about separate libnss/nspr with debian10:52
asacajmitch: sure ... in feisty+1 we hopefully will have it10:52
ajmitchgood, I've got FDS built against the current libnss & libnspr, but that may need to change in future10:53
asacactually i am pretty sure about libnss/nspr ... not yet so sure if we use system-xul (e.g. xulrunner) for ffox & friends10:53
asacwhats that?10:53
ajmitchfedora directory server10:53
asacah :)10:53
ajmitchbut I had to package svrcore & mozldap, which I'll try & push into debian as well :)10:54
ajmitchthunderbird uses its own mozldap, the previous API10:54
ajmitchnot sure if it'll work with 6.x10:54
asacmozldap? is that the ldap lib used by tbird?10:54
asacmozldap you use ships from trunk ?10:54
ajmitchit'd be nice to get ffox & tbird working without bundling 101 libs10:54
ajmitchprobably, it's on ftp.m.o as a separate tarball10:55
asachmm ... maybe its from 2.0 branch, which thunderbird has not yet released from10:55
ajmitchftp://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/directory/c-sdk/releases/v6.0.2/src if you're interested10:55
ajmitchI still have to do some cleanups in the packages before they can go anywhere10:56
asacwhat is fds? something like MS-AD ?10:58
ajmitchit's an LDAP server10:58
asacor just a plain ldap?10:58
ajmitchAD is LDAP with plenty of bits bolted on & tied together10:59
ajmitchwhich is being replicated by samba410:59
ajmitchall those windows specific bits & schemas, etc10:59
asacwhat i referred to is that AD is used for network/system administration10:59
asacjust wondered if FDS is used for the same :)11:00
ajmitchyes, and FDS can be used for that11:00
ajmitchwe're working to make the integration a whole lot better :)11:00
asacand fds uses mozldap? ... interesting.11:01
ajmitchfds used to be netscape directory server11:02
asacah ... that makes sense then.11:03
asacis it even free?11:03
ajmitchredhat bought it, freed the code11:04
asacgreat ;)11:05
ajmitchthe main server core is gpl+linking exception11:05
asacyou filed an ITP @debian ?11:06
asacfor mozldap?11:06
asaccool bugs became 6-digits in the night11:07
asacbug 10000711:07
ubotuMalone bug 100007 in firefox "firefox crashed " [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10000711:07
asacso what is bug 10000011:07
ubotuMalone bug 100000 in malone "There are still too many bug reports" [Undecided,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10000011:07
ajmitchnot yet, I really should file those ITPs11:08
=== ajmitch hasn't been expelled/suspended yet, so can still upload them ;)
asacyeah :)11:12
=== asac heading for lunch
gnomefreakdont kill me but im testing this.12:18
ubotuHelp! dfarning, hjmf, Yawner, asac, Admiral_Chicago, or gnomefreak12:18
gnomefreakgoodie :)12:18
hjmfwhat are we going to talk about in the meeting?12:43
hjmfthere aren't any points in the agenda12:43
gnomefreakmost likely nothing :(12:47
gnomefreakeveryone wanted meeting 1 time a month so i set it up12:47
gnomefreaksent 4 or so emails to list and never got a reply12:48
hjmfquite weird :(12:49
gnomefreaki sent one out yesterday or sat. about it i havent checked mail since than though12:50
hjmfThu, 29 Mar 2007 is the last one I've received12:52
=== hjmf confess that all he wants to talk is talked at #ubuntu-mozillateam
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asacgnomefreak: you ever succeeded with iceape?01:46
asace.g. with disabling patch we talked about?01:46
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gnomefreakit wont build in sid or feisty :( same errors01:50
gnomefreakim thinking its a problem with the make file but i dont know where to begin to look at debugging builds. it fails during "make" i get past configure with no issues01:52
gnomefreakasac: have you tried to build it yet?01:52
gnomefreakwas thinking rules file but that just pretty much gives "make" command with parameters/flags afaik01:54
asaci will try01:54
asacyou have url to .dsc and .diff.gz ? (me is lazy :))01:54
gnomefreakyeah let me get it01:55
asacand .orig.tar.gz of course :)01:55
gnomefreakits all at bottom assuming thats .orig.tar01:56
gnomefreakwell nvm it says it is :(01:56
gnomefreaki want to say its failing at around "make" for iceape-calendar but hard to say01:57
hjmfasac: bug 85020 maybe related to https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=345309 ; not the same stacktrace but quite similar02:02
ubotuMalone bug 85020 in firefox "[edgy]  Firefox Crashed [@CNSAdapter_NSPR::JDFileDesc_To_FD]  [@JavaPluginFactory5::CreateSecureEnv] " [Medium,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8502002:02
ubotuMozilla bug 345309 in Java: OJI "java crashes on opensolaris [@ PR _Close - CNSAdapter_NSPR::JD_Close] " [Critical,New] 02:02
asacgnomefreak: ty02:06
asachjmf: looking02:06
gnomefreakasac: yw let me know what you come up with please.02:06
asachmmm bugzilla bot should include url as well02:06
gnomefreakit doesnt build on sid and i found that strange02:07
asacho can take care?02:07
gnomefreakasac: it will if he didnt use the URL02:07
asacblind me02:07
gnomefreakmozilla 34530902:07
asacgnomefreak: yeah its strange02:07
ubotuMozilla bug 345309 in Java: OJI "java crashes on opensolaris [@ PR _Close - CNSAdapter_NSPR::JD_Close] " [Critical,New]  http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34530902:07
asaci try02:07
gnomefreaksee :)02:07
asachjmf: we already have duplicates?02:08
asaciirc, there has been at least one :)02:08
gnomefreaki figured id let you get intouch with the maintainers since you know them if it is indeed thier issue. i havent tried building seamonkey from mozilla but that was another thought i had02:08
asacbut its not marked02:08
asacgnomefreak: probably it needs some build depends from experimental as well02:09
asacbut lets see :)02:09
=== asac is pulling the monkey :)
hjmfright bug 8600202:11
ubotuMalone bug 86002 in firefox "MASTER firefox crash in java [@JavaPluginFactory5::CreateSecureEnv]  [@ProxyJNIEnv] " [High,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8600202:11
hjmfmy fault and malone searching tool :)02:11
asacis upstream already marked properly?02:13
asacactually i have two topics now for agenda :) -> bughelper + apport hooks for feisty02:13
hjmfBug #86002 has no upstream mark if that is what you asked02:15
hjmf... I'm reviewing those 28x mt-confirm tagged bugs to find dups02:16
=== hjmf is afk for 15min
asaconly 28 mt-confirm in need info ... great ... thought my backlog was much more :)02:19
gnomefreakme be back in an hour or so.02:19
asacgnomefreak: spinning ape now02:19
gnomefreakok cool02:20
gnomefreakabout 10-20 minutes in give or take is when it fails02:20
asacin which module did it fail?02:22
asacyou remember?02:22
asacanyway, lets see, so nevermind02:22
hjmfasac 28x = 289 :)02:22
asacthats more what i expected02:24
asac289 out of 700 + something02:24
asacall crashes that have at least one dupe need a master :)02:24
asacgnomefreak: does it fail in the same way in debian?02:25
asachonestly, i have to admit that i should try to find a regular timeslot to do mt-confirm bugs02:37
asacgnomefreak: interesting thing is that iceape fails differently in feisty, than in sid02:39
asacfor sid its all clear02:39
asacapparenlty the orig.tar.bz2 has been stripped down too much02:39
asacin the procedure of freeing the sources02:39
asacfor feisty we have a compiler bug (at least it looks like)02:40
asacwhich might have a workaround02:40
asacbut i don't get why we see this bug02:40
asacgnomefreak: in edgy it should build02:41
asac(well will fail the same way as sid)02:41
=== hjmf out for lunch
gnomefreakedgy will fail as sid did or it should build?03:09
asacgnomefreak: you have to fix tarball i guess03:21
asacwait a second03:21
asacgnomefreak: remove everything from iceape and do this03:22
asacin edgy03:23
asacthen sqlite3.h should be available and build should succeed03:23
gnomefreakdefine everything03:26
gnomefreakall patches?03:26
gnomefreakor do you mean remove EVERYTHING and use the commands/script on the pastebin?03:27
asacyeah ... the latter ... however it still fails. sqlite3.h is somehow removed during build03:33
gnomefreakthat was the error i was getting i think on feisty after removing that one xpcom patch03:37
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asacthen the patch is probably indeed the problem :)03:38
gnomefreakyeah im pretty sure it was feisty03:38
asacsame should end up in sid afaik03:38
asacso what did you remove from xpcom patch ... complete disable?03:38
gnomefreakdisable. just added the # to it in the 00list03:39
gnomefreakmake[4] : *** No rule to make target `sqlite3.h', needed by `export'.  Stop.03:39
gnomefreakthat might have been sid chroot03:40
asacyeah thats the same for unmodified sid03:40
=== gnomefreak wonders how they got it to build on experimental
asacno problem :)03:41
asacit builds ... you upload :)03:42
gnomefreaksid should build fine if experimental did i assume03:42
asacsomehow you didn't upload the right sources for the binaries you send up03:42
asacno you ... as in they03:42
asachowever i have no idea why sqlite3.h is wiped during build03:44
asacmust be something obvious :)03:44
asachere it is03:45
asacdebian/patches/60_distclean.dpatch:+GARBAGE += sqlite3.h03:45
asacwtf is going on?03:45
asaci guess this should be (if at all) DIST_GARBAGE03:46
gnomefreaklol its not gonna be a right in your face thing (im going to assume that)03:46
gnomefreakwhy isnt mysql a build dep if it needs sqlite3 for build03:47
asacgood question ... I guess storage supports two backends03:47
asacmysql support is probably a proof of concept only03:48
asacanyway, it allows you to store your calendar in mysql03:48
asacwhich is not that bad imo03:48
gnomefreaki dont see how it is imporant to the build at all03:48
asacespecially in corporate environments03:48
gnomefreakah nvm i see03:48
asacyou can choose mysql to store things :) ... yes.03:48
asacok redoing with new patch ... lets see03:49
gnomefreaktrying on feisty?03:49
asacwill build i guess :)03:50
asac1. disable xpcom03:50
asacthen fix patch03:50
asacactually i think it will build for the first time you run the build after checkout03:51
asacbecause sqlite3.h is only wiped before next build03:51
gnomefreakfix patch doesnt tell me anything :) i didnt use checkout03:51
asacyou have patch03:51
asacsee above03:51
asacdebian/patches/60_distclean.dpatch:+GARBAGE += sqlite3.h03:51
asacdebian/patches/60_distclean.dpatch:+DIST_GARBAGE += sqlite3.h03:52
asacok spinning03:52
asaci let you know03:52
asacdid fail pretty fast03:52
asaclast time03:52
gnomefreakok i have 60_distclean.dpatch03:52
asacyes ... there is the line above03:53
asacyou have to change03:53
asacsearch for sqlite3.h03:53
asacmaybe that is not even garbage at all ... if it is it can only be DIST_GARBAGE as source files cannot be GARBAGE in general03:54
gnomefreakdiff -ruN iceape-1.0.5.orig/db/sqlite3/src/Makefile.in iceape-1.0.5/db/sqlite3/src/Makefile.in03:55
asacmight be ... the line should look like that03:55
asaci pasted above03:55
gnomefreakah hers +GARBAGE += sqlite303:56
gnomefreak+GARBAGE += sqlite3.h03:56
asacthat must be DIST_GARBAGE03:56
asac(if at all)03:56
asacbut DIST_GARBAGE should do no harm03:56
gnomefreakok so +DIST_GARBAGE += sqlite3.h?03:57
gnomefreakchange it to that?03:57
asacbad news03:57
asacin feisty dropping xpcom_hack03:57
gnomefreakstill fails03:57
asacdoes not fix the compiler error03:57
asacin sid it should build03:57
asacwill try03:57
gnomefreaki know03:57
gnomefreakok i should still change that line in patch03:57
gnomefreakok added DIST_ to it now save and try to build?03:58
asacstill wonder, why are getting compile error ... afaik firefox builds the same code03:58
asacif you did clean before03:58
asacotherwise you have to revert patch, run fakeroot ./debian/rules clean ... then change patch again and build03:59
gnomefreaki did that a while ago this morning and didnt try building after that yet03:59
gnomefreakill run it to be on sfe side :)03:59
gnomefreaksafe even04:00
gnomefreakdo you remember what xpcom patch it was?04:00
gnomefreakthat we disabled?04:00
gnomefreakok found it04:01
asacgnomefreak: you have to start from fresh sources ... as sqlite3.h is already removed for you04:01
gnomefreaki have to regrab source?04:02
asacreextract tarball04:02
gnomefreakok i will use the thing you wrote and start fresh :)04:02
gnomefreakoh ok04:02
asacat best don't use export04:02
asacbut checkoiut04:02
asacin svn04:02
asacthen you can svn update04:02
asacwhen fixes land in repository04:02
asacyou need svn installed04:03
asac^^ package svn04:03
gnomefreaksvn checkout ......?04:03
asacyou have to start from seamonkey...tar.gz04:04
asacthats the final version :)04:05
gnomefreakreinstalling subversion :(04:05
asacok ... here the post-final one: http://pastebin.mozilla.org/564704:05
gnomefreakok goes to get seamonkey source04:06
gnomefreakhttp://www.mozilla.org/projects/seamonkey/  <<< that tar?04:07
gnomefreakthats where im heading04:10
gnomefreakah ty04:10
gnomefreakbz2 or gz or does it matter?04:10
gnomefreakok grabbing it. its gonna be a while since connection is already working its butt off on another download04:12
asacdoesn't matter04:13
asacas long as you pull sources :)04:13
gnomefreakok bbl im going for my daily walk with gf and baby ;)04:14
asachave fun04:17
asaci think thats the bug we are hit when building iceape in feisty04:33
asachowever there is a patch for that bug included .. maybe i should see if there is a newer version in bugzilla04:34
asacok iceape built in sid04:38
asacah ... i think i know the problem04:45
asacgnomefreak: i think iceape builds now here for me04:54
asacgnomefreak: http://people.ubuntu.com/~asac/20_visibility.dpatch04:58
asacreplace the one currently in04:58
asaci will check it into svn04:58
asacwhen you can confirm that it fixes things for you in feisty as well04:59
asac(e.g. i386) ... i just tested x86_6404:59
asacgnomefreak: iceape built successfully ... let me know if it works for you as well05:21
asacgood ape works like a charm05:33
asachave fun05:33
asachjmf: for me dbgsym appear to work05:35
asace.g. by just adding -g05:35
asacand generating without noopt05:36
asaclets see i will try with noopt; maybe this causes the problems05:36
asachjmf: if i don't use noopt, dbgsym works fine06:13
asacmaybe you need to force install because you had not right versions?06:13
gnomefreakasac: what about the 80_libxpcom_hack patch? disable it remove it leave it enabled?06:37
asaccan be reenabled i guess06:40
asace.g. should be :)06:40
gnomefreakk ill try it :)06:42
gnomefreakok here we go :/06:46
gnomefreakill let you know what happens than i will build it for ubuntu ;)06:47
asacyeah great06:52
gnomefreakthere are 2 libs that are build depends for iceape we dont have in repos but it automaticly switches to our version when you try to install them. im thinking of changing them in control to use our libs06:55
gnomefreaki would have to look at them again since i dont remember off hand what ones they are06:56
asaci had non of these problems06:57
gnomefreakthey are not a problem. but when you install them sudo apt-get install lib.... it will tell you it used libx instead and is newest version06:58
gnomefreakbut just to keep it ubuntu i was gonna change it06:58
gnomefreakit failed06:58
gnomefreakhave to disable the libxpcom patch06:59
asaci don't think so07:00
asacwhere did it fail?07:00
gnomefreakit failed with the xpcom failure07:00
asacwhich one?07:01
gnomefreaki dont have it atm i ran fakeroot clean and lost it since i didnt pipe build.log07:01
asacif it builds without that patch let me know07:02
gnomefreakwill do07:02
gnomefreakthis time im piping the output07:02
gnomefreakhmmmmm lots of javascript parameters not used07:10
gnomefreakwhy would they be there if they are not used?07:10
asacif you talk about compiler warnings, nevermind :)07:11
gnomefreakjsxml has unsed parameters and a bunch of others07:11
asacif those are just warnings its not a problem ... assume authors know what they are doing07:12
gnomefreakreally need to set my scrollback higher when this is done07:12
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gnomefreakxpt_arena.c:184: warning: unused parameter arena07:14
gnomefreakis one example that one isnt js though07:14
gnomefreakjsxml.c:5344: warning: unused parameter cx07:15
gnomefreakthose type of warnings07:15
gnomefreakstill failed damnit07:15
gnomefreakmake[3] : *** [libxpcom_compat.so]  Error 107:16
gnomefreakthats what made me disable the hack patch but still fails07:16
gnomefreakasac: this might be more informative:07:17
gnomefreakSystemDirectoriesKey] +0x1c): undefined reference to `nsHashKey::Write(nsIObjectOutputStream*) const'07:17
gnomefreak/usr/bin/ld: libxpcom_compat.so: hidden symbol `nsHashtable::Get(nsHashKey*)' isn't defined07:17
asacyou have log?07:17
asaccan you paste the "configure" part?07:17
asacso just the first hundred lines or so :)07:17
gnomefreaki think i got a few make lines in there07:20
gnomefreakit created a bunch of libxpcom things07:21
gnomefreaksomewhere around line 118007:22
gnomefreakre-enabled xpcom_hack patch but i will wait a bit before rebuilding07:24
gnomefreakasac: is that enough of the log to tell?07:33
asacthe visibility hidden bug checks in configure are broken07:34
asacsorry i forgot :)07:34
asacyou need another patch to make the 20_visibility patch active07:34
gnomefreakits all good ;)07:34
asacreplace the currently existing as wenn07:35
asacok ... got to go ... be back later07:35
gnomefreakk ill let you know :)07:36
gnomefreakasac: lol applying patch 80_libxpcom_hack to ./ ... failed.07:45
gnomefreakim gonna try with it disabled :(07:45
gnomefreakasac: with both of your patches and xpcom commented out again here is the full log. http://gnomefreak.pastebin.ca/42119708:10
hjmfasac: obviously I'm doing something wrong because the -dbgsym package is too small09:39
hjmfout for a while09:50
asacgnomefreak: you did not fix the sqlite patch10:07
asace.g. GARBAGE -> DIST_GARBAGE10:08
asaclibxpcom should apply10:08
asacbetter start from clean iceape ... e.g. checkout from svn10:09
asacthen overwrite patches I gave you10:09
asacfix the garbage thing10:09
asacand rebuild10:09
asaci guess you started from experimental iceape tar.gz10:09
asacwhich is already broken10:09
asacso you need the svn way to get a good orig.tar.gz that contains sqlite3.h10:10
hjmfasac: absolute weird, if I run directly: ~$ pkg_create_dbgsym mozilla-thunderbird /path-to-mozilla-thunderbird/sources/10:33
hjmfthen the size is OK :10:33
hjmfls -l mozilla-thunderbird-dbgsym_1.5.0.10-0ubuntu1_i386.ddeb10:33
hjmf-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 50377098 Mar  7 14:09 mozilla-thunderbird-dbgsym_1.5.0.10-0ubuntu1_i386.ddeb10:33
hjmfThough I'm still getting the (no debugging symbols found) warning in gdb10:34
hjmf... and of course the backtrace is useless10:35
=== hjmf is too tired: Forget the above stuff, my fault
asacwierd thing10:39
hjmfI think I'm messing too much things at this late our :)10:40
asacso you cannot build automgically?10:40
asacyeah, like s/our/hour/ :-D10:40
hjmfI've built today with same results I got yesterday10:40
hjmfthe dbgsym package is too small10:41
asaci really can't tell ... probably you should retry :) with clean thing10:41
asaci successfully did it10:41
asacboth with DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=noopt10:41
asacand without10:41
asacwith that option: no debugging symbols found10:41
asacwithout that option: fine!10:41
asaci just added to -g to the no noopt case in debian/rules10:41
hjmfI'm too newbie at it and I cant tell you what I'm doing wrong, the last test I did (desperate) was with...10:42
hjmfDEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="debug nostrip noopt"10:42
hjmffrom a howto :)10:43
hjmfofcourse always adding the -g option as you told me10:43
asacwhich howto?10:44
asacyeah ... thats wrong10:44
asacif you build thunderbird with noopt10:44
asacit is build without optimization10:44
asacresult: debug symbols will not match those of released binaries10:44
asacso -> no debugging symbols10:44
hjmfnot sure, which howto, I think was some about building dbg packages :/10:44
asacif that is really the standard way to do, we would need to do optimization even for noopt10:44
asacok ... i told you before :) ... so not my fault ... spinning just plain without any option is your friend10:45
hjmfI'm going to leave it building with your hints and see how it looks tomorrow10:46
asacyeah :)10:46
hjmfgood night :)10:46
asachjmf: good night10:46
gnomefreakthought i did11:13
gnomefreakreverting patch 60_distclean from ./ ... failed.11:17
gnomefreak LOCAL_INCLUDES += -I$(srcdir)11:18
gnomefreak+DIST_GARBAGE += sqlite3.h11:18
gnomefreakasac: that is the change right?11:18
gnomefreakits failing during fakeroot clean after changing11:19
asacyeah your patch state is messed up (e.g. if failed) ... you have to start from beginning11:19
asacyou probably changed patch without clean first11:19
gnomefreaki can get rid of debbian and go with svn again11:20
gnomefreakok re did it all step by step and change the patch and replaced the 2 now i run fakeroot clean than build :)11:53
=== gnomefreak crosses fingers and preys this works :(
asacgnomefreak: did you fix the sqlite patch?12:04
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gnomefreakBug 10010012:07
ubotuMalone bug 100100 in firefox "www.helsingborg.se looks strange in firefox, looks good in windows with same ff-version" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10010012:07
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gnomefreakoh wtf12:07
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gnomefreakasac: when you get a minute can you look at bug 10010012:08
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gnomefreakam i here12:08
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gnomefreakyay its still building :)12:24

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